Review Bishan Community Club, 51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore

Review Bishan Community Club - Singapore 51 Bishan Street 13

“Bishan post office is located inside the cc, at the section next to the traffic lights of the side road. Easy access with ramps available.” or “Convenient as it is near Junction 8 and Bishan MRT and interchange. Plenty of parking spaces around as well. Well maintained in spite of age.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Bishan Community Club. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Bishan Community Club is quality.

Introduction about Bishan Community Club

Here are some fundamental details regarding Bishan Community Club. In terms of Community center, it is generally believed that Bishan Community Clubis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Community center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62594720 (+65 62594720)
  • Address: 51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM.


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Phone number

You can reach Bishan Community Club at 62594720(+65 62594720). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can directly come to 51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Bishan Community Club reviews

Bishan Community Club is among the best destinations of Community center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Bishan Community Club good?

To determine whether Bishan Community Club is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Bishan post office is located inside the cc, at the section next to the traffic lights of the side road. Easy access with ramps available.”

“Singpost and Starbucks are available here. There are lots of parking and very accessible from bishan mrt Station and bus interchange. Toilets are clean too.”

“Convenient as it is near Junction 8 and Bishan MRT and interchange. Plenty of parking spaces around as well. Well maintained in spite of age.”

“Nice location. Very convenient as its adjacent to the MRT station and Bus terminus. There is a small Starbucks and the local Post Office in the same building”

“Badminton court at level 3 on top of Giant. There is net although OnePA booking receipt says no net provided.”

“Located opposite Bishan Bus Interchange. There is shelter along the walkway from Bus interchange all the way to the Community Club. At the top level of CC has a fitness center. Starbucks located beside the CC.”

“Went there for a Diwali event organised by the Bishan PA. Loved the community spirit and the celebration of diversity.”

“Went there for 3rd booster shot. Very clean place and easily accessible. Staff is helpful …”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 278 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 87% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Bishan Community Club, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Bishan Community Club, 51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore

There is a total 278 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Yu Nang Zai

    Went there for covid 19 vaccine. Fast and efficient.

  2. Avatar photo
    Ethan Ong

    Rather large community clubs with lots of facilities and amenities. Activities are also regularly conducted here, be it for entertainment or official purposes. One of the main community clubs in the area.

  3. Avatar photo
    Edmund Ang

    Nice place , tons of quiet place to study

  4. Avatar photo
    Shyue Chou Chuang

    A nice community club with its very own Starbucks!

  5. Avatar photo
    Jude Dr Cruz

    Enjoyed the free screening of the movie, Star Wars Episode 8= The Last Jedi!!!!

  6. Avatar photo
    Wong Hong Lee

    Very nice place to read n relax. There are places for students to study

  7. Avatar photo
    Stan Cheung

    Lots of events and activities, but a bit small which limits facilities.
    The just showed many of the World Cup matches at 11pm or 3am.

  8. Avatar photo
    AwokenTwiceGaming YT

    There r chess clubs and a ballae lesson.

  9. Avatar photo
    Albert Tan

    Very spacious and well ventilated.

  10. Avatar photo
    Magdalene Lee

    No safe distancing in lift. A group of about 6 young adults wanting to board the lift from the second floor after their session at around 2pm. Had I not stood there waiting for the lift they would have all gone in. Is they setting an example since they are all educated adults. What is the CC going to do about this.

  11. Avatar photo
    Dong Hui Kim

    I only go here for Gymmboxx and the Starbucks. Gave it four stars since there’s nothing else for me to do here, and the bathrooms could use an upgrade.

  12. Avatar photo
    Stanley Ng

    I went there for my third jab. Very fast not much queue. I also buy stamps at the post office there to post letters. There is a machine to exchange token and Starbucks to relax for ice coffee. The neon lights design very nice at night.

  13. Avatar photo
    SL L

    First time there for covid-19 vaccination. Centre manned by Thomson Medical Centre. Good customer service, patient and attentive

  14. Avatar photo
    Suppiah Veerasingam

    Vaccination centre operated by Thomson Medical Centre. Efficiently managed.

  15. Avatar photo
    Moi Moi

    got nice starbuck . nearby also got small giant and other shop. beside is bus interchange ald. nice design.

  16. Avatar photo
    wei ming

    Study Area at Level 2 is good place to study with aircon

  17. Avatar photo
    ng ronnie

    Well organize for the Covid-19 vaccination by Thomson medical.

  18. Avatar photo
    Ivan Gay

    Spacious community club with tenant Starbucks right at the ground floor.

  19. Avatar photo
    Moushumi Ghosh

    Love the Starbucks! A huge one right in front and the ambience is cosy and welcoming …

  20. Avatar photo
    davidking sg

    Temperature taking. The CC has lost the old charm for local residents.

  21. Avatar photo
    yoon thawtar

    Good place to meet all activities..

  22. Avatar photo
    Wong Hanny

    Well sheltered and easily accessible. Friendly staff. Used to have lots of activities and vibrant programmes. These have been toned down due to covid-19.

  23. Avatar photo
    Mark Liong

    The CC have invited gymbox, International Chess academy and even Starbucks too.

    Cons: don’t expect to find a seat at Starbucks. The tables are reserved by students studying with a cup of “unfinishable” coffee. Cold coffee is really bad for the stomach!!

  24. Avatar photo
    Thiruvengadam Ponnurangam

    Community centre. Currently used for Covid injection. Starbucks at BNCC..

  25. Avatar photo
    Rekha Krishnan

    It looks like a popular community centre. We went for our vaccination. It was a very easy and smooth process.
    There are many activities here- for both children and adults.

  26. Avatar photo
    Lenovo K3

    Old but still well maintain

  27. Avatar photo
    John Trew

    Only issue here is no adjacent parking which means you have to go to the bus station parking block opposite plus if you miss your turn there are no convenient U-turn spots nearby.
    The club itself typical of neighborhood clubs,spacious,well located albeit like so many in need of an upgrade e.g wifi. Even seniors need wifi these days!

  28. Avatar photo
    Joc Wong

    Bishan post office is located inside the cc, at the section next to the traffic lights of the side road. Easy access with ramps available.

  29. Avatar photo
    Richard Chan

    Nice community club located right at the centre of transportation hub and estate with amenities so conveniently sited too.

  30. Avatar photo
    Rav (Beowulfff)

    Interesting place. Has a large Starbucks in the middle. No other food/drinks around. Has a Singpost Outlet as well. Coffee shop and 2 supermarkets are opposite it, and within walking distance.

    It also has a large number of activities occurring in the open area, dancing, cheer leading practice, generic exercise.

  31. Avatar photo
    Centrepiece furnishing

    This is at the heart of Bishan and has a great vibe where you can see many young people gather.

  32. Avatar photo
    Tay Ya Yun

    Best community club ever where one can find most of the enrichment schools located all under one roof! Like Tien Hsia Language School/ Dancepointe Academy/ Singapore Xiangqi General Association/ Singapore Weiqi Association/ Singapore Chess Federation. There is even a 24 hour gym at the CC! Best of all… Starbucks is there too!

  33. Avatar photo
    Denise Chan

    A four storey club, quite big with most CC facilities, gym, dancing room, conference rooms, Auditorium etc

  34. Avatar photo
    A G

    3.5 Star. Nice location very near to Bishan MRT. Starbucks next door

  35. Avatar photo

    Got air conditioner

  36. Avatar photo
    MC Liu

    I was here for vaccination, well organized and uses Pfizer vaccine.

  37. Avatar photo
    Al-Qadri Hamir (Qad)

    Not really much to share about this place. I only frequent here for the gym.The gymboxx is great. Starbucks at level 1. Easy to get parking space.

  38. Avatar photo
    Rory Murphy

    Convenient, efficient and well designed!

  39. Avatar photo
    Kyle Ng Heng Khai

    Near to Bishan MRT Exit D. Occasionally has activities at the entrance area.

  40. Avatar photo
    o_0 0_0

    Toilets are clean. Starbucks is always crowded. Beware of part time CC staff; they don’t know anything.

  41. Avatar photo
    Philip Choo (PC)

    Good location. Was here with wife for her booster jab. Super efficient and fast and choice of Pfizer or Mordena.
    Starbucks looks cool and few people at about 1.45pm.

  42. Avatar photo
    Patrick Law

    Visited Starbucks there which gives a cozy feeling

  43. Avatar photo
    Rell C

    Very nice community club. There is a post office here. Starbucks cafe is located right in the middle. Good place to chill. Gym is located on upper floor. There is an English chess club and other intellectual game clubs as well.

  44. Avatar photo
    KR Liew

    Huge community club. Was here for blood donation.

  45. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Leong

    Accessible and with a great starbucks outlet!

  46. Avatar photo
    Sheriff Khalid

    Nice place to relax in Starbuck

  47. Avatar photo
    Sweetz Lyn

    Not much activities here compared to other cc.

  48. Avatar photo
    Yan Naing Aye

    A convenient place where there are coffee shop, post office, etc.

  49. Avatar photo
    Joseph Ong

    Went for my Covid 19 1st injection, staffs of Thomson medical are well organise & polite

  50. Avatar photo
    WindowsLover 124

    The accomdations there are great. There is f&b like starbucks, a singpost branch there to post your mail and other stuff.

  51. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Jeremiah

    An active community center for sport, dance, language and arts, where it also housed Aikido Kenshinkai for Tuesday training

  52. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Chua

    With a Starbucks, Post office and a 24hr Gym. What more to expect of a community club. Daily morning exercises are available. Hall and rooms for rent depending on the purposes of usage. Free TCM consultations on certain mornings.

  53. Avatar photo
    Tick Cheong Foo

    Like and enjoy the fun

  54. Avatar photo
    Thila Rajini

    Clean, accessible as it’s near to Bishan interchange and mrt

  55. Avatar photo
    Ridzuan Ashim

    I like this place because it has a post office and a Starbucks

  56. Avatar photo
    Chia Jeremy

    Nice community centre with a star bucks. Small though

  57. Avatar photo
    Michael Poh

    Clean and pleasant atmosphere. Lift is a little slow…

  58. Avatar photo
    CW K

    Very spacious and large community club with 24 hours gym and a popular Starbucks at ground level. Tuition centers at level 3, Chess Association, Dancepointe and many activities for the local community. Popular with young adults. Parking is limited during evenings and weekends.

  59. Avatar photo
    Ezahan Hanafi

    Cozy place. I’m here for the Gymmboxx and the nice coffee bean and tea leaf cafe.

  60. Avatar photo
    candice c

    Very nice community club with a Starbucks located there.

  61. Avatar photo
    Daniel Purnomo

    They just done with their renovating, and I’m simply amazed how the government really take good care of their society. CC has given much benefit and easy access through their facility to empower and encourage people to be an active learner, to never stop learning, and to share your knowledge to others. It’s totally from society to society.

    I’ve been teaching ukulele ensemble for beginner for around a year (and still counting, amen for that) at Bishan CC and will open new class for ukulele ensemble for intermediate soon early next year 2018.

    Feel free to check the class situation and the ukulele ensemble class on Youtube, just key in “bishan cc ukulele ensemble”

    Keep up the good work, Bishan CC! All the best for you!

  62. Avatar photo
    Indriani A

    Efficient handling of vaccination process

  63. Avatar photo
    Kah Meng Ong

    Place to go for all the mind sports – Weiqi, Xiang Qi and International Chess!!

  64. Avatar photo
    kali arasie

    Nice place. I went there for my friend’ daughters wedding

  65. Avatar photo
    Dorothy Lim

    I was there for Covid-19 jab!

  66. Avatar photo
    Philip Tiong

    Nice modern community centre with extended facilities for the neighborhood.

  67. Avatar photo
    chew ming

    At about 4.40pm the place was Very busy today. A group of Malays have just finished their silat training I think.
    The Starbuck was crowlded.
    I went there to inquire about gym training in the admin office but what a disappointment when an Indian lady with a file in her hand was telling an extraordinary long story with another Indian counter worker for about 10 minutes!
    I was standing all the while until a young courteous Chinese lady came to serve me.
    She invited me to sit first before ensuring me that although the course is full she will ask the person in charge to contact me on Monday.A real first class service!
    I hope the Bishan Club admin will see to it all counter clerks, whether volunteered or salaried staff should keep their personal stories at home!

  68. Avatar photo
    ayoob ajmal

    Fully vaccinated …

  69. Avatar photo
    John a

    Nice community club, classes like dance and education, near to food court, Starbucks and other conveniences while enjoying your day.

  70. Avatar photo
    Ewen Chee

    Career fair by e2i but not all suitable for physical single person and still unemployment almost three months

  71. Avatar photo
    Keith Hong

    The free WiFi Starbucks, the cheap $7 bucks gym, and the cool community events. What not good about it? Consider it for your next community event

  72. Avatar photo
    khushi malani

    good service

  73. Avatar photo
    Yushan deng

    Starbucks here is pretty good but with limited plugs and charging points

  74. Avatar photo
    Mei K

    Busy place for taking vaccine booster shots. Convenient location opposite Bishan MRT station and bus interchange.

  75. Avatar photo
    Vasantha Devi

    Great place to go to relax too.
    Especially the Starbucks..hving a cuppa of coffee. Feels good on raining days.

  76. Avatar photo
    Lucia Deng

    Conveniently located near bishan MRT. Breezy and comfortable space.

  77. Avatar photo
    Karna Moorthy

    Very nice place, was there for vaccination, good service

  78. Avatar photo
    Edwin Chok

    small but very active cc.

  79. Avatar photo
    Faye Chen

    Booked my booster shot here and the experience is good. It was swift.

  80. Avatar photo
    Norman Teh

    Regular CC. Only one food outlet though (Starbucks).

  81. Avatar photo
    Daniel Tan

    Easy accessible and done my with no issues …

  82. Avatar photo
    Mel Nguyen

    This place houses a lot of useful services and F&B. It has a 24 hour gym on the top floor, post office, cafes and restaurants.

  83. Avatar photo
    steven peh

    Nicely decorated during festive season.

  84. Avatar photo
    Siang Hock Kia

    First visit to the Bishan CC to collect a fitness tracker for the Steps Challenge. My first impression when I stepped into the compound was a big WOW! Very spacious at the entrance area with canopy that will provide good cover for both rain and shine.

  85. Avatar photo
    Jan Kok

    WiFi abit weak around the gym. Lol

  86. Avatar photo

    Nice place with Starbucks coffee. Near by Bishan MRT and Junction 8.

  87. Avatar photo
    Lee Foon Leow

    Well located community club near public transportation

  88. Avatar photo
    Bobby Wan

    Constantly having upgrades to premises. Hence noisy and dusty. Also construction of overhead covered pedestrian crossing for another 6 months. If going to Starbucks, sit inside aircon area to avoid construction noise.

  89. Avatar photo
    Heng Li Wei

    Has a 24hr gym
    Post office
    Study area
    Located ooposite the bus station and opposite a Hawker with good food – Kim San leng

    Provides weiqi and ballet lessons
    Has Martial arts lessons too

  90. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Ee-Adesanya

    No queue for booster vaccination.

  91. Avatar photo
    Sing Chong Toh

    A place for people to gather, communicate, eat and exercise. …

  92. Avatar photo
    Mohammed Mudassir

    Very assessable location. Nice to sit down and study with friends or even for uncles and aunties to meet. But at the moment is a vaccination centre so can’t do much

  93. Avatar photo
    Catherine Lian

    Have my vaccination here, big and spacious

  94. Avatar photo
    Jahans Batcha

    A community centre with its own Starbucks

  95. Avatar photo
    swapnil janorkar

    Gym is better than other community clubs but crowded in the evening

  96. Avatar photo
    Cid yuu

    There are quite a lot of activities going around this place. Thirsty? Why not just head down to Starbucks. Feeling fat? There is a gym on the 4th floor. Bored? Go to the cc and ask for the list of activities they have.

  97. Avatar photo
    Paul Ling

    There is a Starbucks outlet located here. The place is also a vaccination centre for COVID-19. I love the vibes around here as Bishan always a popular Heartland area. With the Jin Shan Leng coffee shop nearby, and Junction 8, it is a community centre well loved and you are near to good food and great shopping. The Singapore Chess Federation and Weiqi Association is also located within the CC.

  98. Avatar photo
    Kelly Kelly

    Big place. Went there for my booster jab. There is Starbucks there too.

  99. Avatar photo
    Paul L.

    My idea was to take more fotos over the other covered carpark. But then due to celebration I changed my rating

  100. Avatar photo

    The “rooftop running track” is hilarious. You guys gotta take the lift to level five to see for yourselves. Comedy gold.

  101. Avatar photo
    Ashim Ahmad

    Convenient plc to go to for enquiries, attend trg courses, etc.

  102. Avatar photo

    Amazing race at bishan

  103. Avatar photo
    Stephen Lee Kok Wah

    A very pleasant place to visit.

  104. Avatar photo

    Well kept place with many activities. The 24 hr gym is very popular n is crowded even very early in the morning. Always decorated with festive themes, the counter is also well manned.
    It’s one of the few vax centre that offers 2 types of vaccine. And BTW, Thomson medical managed the vax centre very well. Short queue n no queue at times. All my jabs, includibg 2nd booster didnt take more than 40 minutes including minitoring time.
    Starbucks is also always well patronised.
    Wonderful, well managed CC.

  105. Avatar photo
    James Tan

    Good place to chill at the starbucks.

  106. Avatar photo
    Ritchie Li

    Bishan Community Club currently functions as a vaccination centre. The community club is airy and spacious, with an air-conditioned hall. Before registration, the outdoor seating may get a bit warm due to the heat from the sun radiating through the roof. Thankfully, the wait here is not long and we get registered fairly quickly.

    After registration, we will be directed to vaccination booths to receive our jabs in air-conditioned comfort, before being asked to sit in chairs that have been placed with at least 1m distance from one another. This will take another 15mins for adults, before being diacharged and completing the necessary.

    The Bishan Community Club is also home to many chess federatioms, which organises courses for learners. On addition, there is a Starbucks outlet that is relatively large.

  107. Avatar photo
    Siew Kum Hoong

    Nurses ate skilful and friendly.

  108. Avatar photo
    AIDIL Johari

    Best thing is there is Starbucks and singpost, and gym as well. Apart from that just a normal CC. Where certain night have cheerleading practice and weekend aunties and uncle dancing lesson.

  109. Avatar photo
    Srinivasan V

  110. Avatar photo
    Lim Roger

    Easy access even when heavy rain given shelter provides all the way there from Bishan bus terminals.

  111. Avatar photo
    Leng Siong Pua

    There’s a post office and Starbuck as well

  112. Avatar photo
    Gilbert Ornedo

    Place truly clean and good for elderly.

  113. Avatar photo
    Maung Win Soe

    Hall is wide but the elevator is the only one and small

  114. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Lie

    Love the gymboxx here.

  115. Avatar photo
    Amos Soh

    Cosy Hall n ambient CC w Starbucks coffee available

  116. Avatar photo
    Joyce Phang

    Everything was okay near to the mrt maybe just a slight bit more clear with the signage?

  117. Avatar photo

    Convenient but not well kept

  118. Avatar photo
    Goo Ho Peng

    Very convenient location as shops, MRT Station, bus Interchange, library, CPF Branch etc are all nearby.

  119. Avatar photo
    FW Foo

    1st visit to their study room. Not sound proof, a bit noisy if there are class conducted next door. Have not visited other parts of the centre. Got lift n water dispenser. There are also fitness gym, dance acdemy n tien sia in the same block. There are also wei zi n chess class.

  120. Avatar photo
    tariq Akrum

    Very empty , not many activities happening there

  121. Avatar photo
    Thaddeus Heng


  122. Avatar photo
    Joe Tu

    Very clean and organized Gym. Staff very nice and helpful. It is very packed though but only during the rush hours. Has all the important equipment.

  123. Avatar photo
    Seven Oceans

    Spacious front hosting multiple business including Starbucks, dancing school., etc Easy access, just across the Bishan bus interchange.
    Look out for decorative lights fronting it’s front during festive seasons, such as Christmas & Chinese New Year. Creative and colourful.

  124. Avatar photo
    Kwee Boon Yeo

    Located near the Bishan bus interchange and mrt train station, it’s safe to say that the Bishan Community Centre (or CC for short) is at the centre of Bishan itself.

    Like the name implies, this is a centre with the neighborhood comes together for courses, recreational activities, sports, events and even just as a familiar meeting point.

    It’s surrounded also by ample parking lots if you choose to drive so accessibility isn’t a problem. Just remember to top up your cash card before you come. There’s a top up kiosk but the terminal hasn’t been working for my multiple previous visits. Not sure if it’s just me…

    There’s also a Starbucks cafe, as of 25 Nov 2019, which has been there for a few years. You definitely won’t miss that!

    There’s a big indoor hall and another equally spacious outdoor sheltered space for events. The CC is usually packed with activities or courses in the evening. Take your pick of martial arts classes and occasionally there are cheer leading trainings. I believe that there are also classroom lessons, like cooking or other interest groups. I haven’t attended those though.

    The local team has done a great job in keeping the surroundings and place clean, even with the heavy human footfall around the area, so well done!

  125. Avatar photo

    Under going renovation. It has a nice courtyard and is generally well utilized. Starbucks adds a little glamour to it. Nice study room. Can get crowded.

  126. Avatar photo
    David Chan

    Well organized covit vaccination huge place with star bark coffee

  127. Avatar photo
    Alvin Chen

    Not sure about the CC itself, but the starbucks is in a prime location. There’s plenty of al fresco seats which is under shelter. The inside is quite packed but there are a few electrical points. Ideal for reading/chillax.

    The toilets are generally clean.

  128. Avatar photo
    MARI Del

    Im.from this a support 5 stars 😉

  129. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Beside activities, classes with minimal fee, cheap hawker centre & market opp the CC offer local delights.Friendly cosy comfy ambience for romantic intimates students groups & families.

  130. Avatar photo
    anthony wong

    There is a Starbucks there. nice place for a cuppa

  131. Avatar photo

    Like here especially there is Starbucks it’s good, service and manners is there nice place to chill and relax. Singpost also have pay bills, buy stamp, sending parcel overseas and etc……like the service warm welcome greetings. Have gym, class going on and lesson as well.

  132. Avatar photo
    Robert Jedrek

    Visited for my vivid jab..very well managed and smoothly operated.

  133. Avatar photo
    Christine Toh

    Edit and update: Nets are now being provided.

    Important: Note that their badminton court is not at the main building, but across the road, on top of Giant supermarket. Most importantly, you have to bring your own net, else you risk playing without one.

    OnePA booking does not share with you these details. So hopefully this review will help any first-timers, instead of being like us running around and getting really confused and frustrated.

  134. Avatar photo
    CW Chan

    Went for vaccination. Very spacious and easily accessible.

  135. Avatar photo
    Scottie S

    has a Starbucks and post office on the premises so it’s convenient

  136. Avatar photo
    Ritz Bitz

    Huge community center. Very clean and well maintained. Good facility for the ongoing covid19 vaccinations.

  137. Avatar photo
    Clifton Cinematics

    Been here for a school assignment. The place looks okay. Though it seems old and the basement is very dark and quiet.

  138. Avatar photo
    C C

    Went there for 3rd booster shot. Very clean place and easily accessible. Staff is helpful …

  139. Avatar photo
    Umesh Phadke

    Went there for a Diwali event organised by the Bishan PA. Loved the community spirit and the celebration of diversity.

  140. Avatar photo
    Richard Chiam

    A nice neighborhood community centre nestled snugly in the most central location in Singapore.

    Boasts of the usual community centre facilities.

    It also includes a comfortably designed Starbucks Cafe which is a favourite hideout to chill for many residents.

    Students often congregate there to do their homework and study for their examinations and tests.

  141. Avatar photo

    Well organized and easily accessible community center. It’s very convenient for resident of the neighborhood.

  142. Avatar photo
    Yau May Cheng

    Excellent convenient place to visit. But the staff at the CC should be trained in computer literacy in order to assist those who need help in computer

  143. Avatar photo
    Lim Lam Sin (Keston)

    No more outdoors table, limited indoor seats

  144. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    A very well used community centre that is very accessible to the residence with multiple functions. It has a corner dedicated to food stall that serve street food, but do check the price before consuming the Chinese speaking lady likes to markup prices. Otherwise the coffee, and the place is well ventilated naturally. A slow walk of 10 minutes from the MRT can easily reach here.

  145. Avatar photo
    Niaaz Wahab

    Comprehensive CC with many facilities and function room, also huge modern gym, which can get pricey

  146. Avatar photo
    Mohd Roslan Mohd Nusi

    My mother in-law took a 3rd jab , easy n fast …

  147. Avatar photo
    Isay Dulnuan

    It’s a cool place to hangout or wait for a friend to meetup. It’s covered so no issues during rain. There is free water refilling, toilet, and Starbucks too if you need coffee. There’s a lot of exercise activities in the morning for seniors, some activities during the day, and cheering squads use it for practice in the evenings. It’s a bustling place and I am glad to be living nearby and can go there anytime.

  148. Avatar photo
    조혜연「Hyeyeon Cho」

    The foods are awesome!

  149. Avatar photo
    Jayden Chua

    Very clean and has many education centers like to learn Chinese, weiqi and chess!

  150. Avatar photo
    Jackson Tan

    Very nice and beautiful

  151. Avatar photo
    Sumi Pillay

    I love their starbucks here

  152. Avatar photo
    Tan Kian Hong

    I Super like the community club , l think Thier Staff put in the effort

  153. Avatar photo
    Glen Francis

    A place for kids to learn chess and weiqi

  154. Avatar photo
    K T

    Quite well managed, although the toilets could use some work. Gymmboxx is great!

  155. Avatar photo
    Ms. Suchi

    Great place. I conducted a talk on Stress Management and Laughter Therapy

  156. Avatar photo
    Subbhikshan Venkatraman

    I went there for covid vaccine

  157. Avatar photo
    Ow Yong Yoke Chan Wendy

    Very clean and orderly. Came for covid-19 vaccination. Staff and doctors are very efficient.

  158. Avatar photo
    Elsie Tan

    Went to Bishan CC for my booster jab. First time visiting the place. Easy to access, lots of space and booster service was really fast and efficient.

  159. Avatar photo
    Carl Medriano

    Always stay here for starbucks coffee… cozy place and just across the street to bus interchange, junction8 mall, and other hawker centers.

  160. Avatar photo
    Chris W

    Having a Starbucks in the cc is one great addition!

  161. Avatar photo

    Good and clean with a variety of facilities. Currently parts being used as a centre for vaccination.

  162. Avatar photo
    Tom Lee

    Has post office opens office hours, gymboxx 24hours, tuition centre starbucks and community club.

  163. Avatar photo
    Dayang Hamidah

    Oh i go here to send my parcel at singpost and meet my frens at starbuck. U know what the starbuck is more seater than northpoint, i dont want to go there, jialat ley stand inside the starbuck.. i pay expensive drink, stand for what… here better u can enjoy meet ur frens!! Get seat everywhere..

  164. Avatar photo
    Lloyd Lim

    The only place with The Intelligence Game education centre, consisting of bridge, Chinese chess, international chess and Weiqi

  165. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Tan

    Dissapointd with the Gado2, but his mee rebus is still A1at Affendi fmly stall.

  166. Avatar photo
    Joc Wong

    Bishan post office is located inside the cc, at the section next to the traffic lights of the side road. Easy access with ramps available.

  167. Avatar photo

    Bishan Community Ctr is being used as a vaccination ctr currently. Had my first jab there this week, the whole ground floor outdoor courtyard n the aircon indoor hall is very spacious. It was well organized and the workflow was smooth inspite of delays.
    All staff on hand were very helpful n diligent. After the jab, you will sit in an aircon observation area for half hour before being released. All very cautious, greatly appreciated their efforts.

  168. Avatar photo
    Aung Ye Htut

    big space. visited for vaccination

  169. Avatar photo
    Catherine Sudarshan

    Very clean. Very nice site for the lovely wedding.

  170. Avatar photo
    Arjun Trivedi

    Nice location. Very convenient as its adjacent to the MRT station and Bus terminus. There is a small Starbucks and the local Post Office in the same building

  171. Avatar photo
    Will Tan

    Pleasant surroundings and Nearby good eateries and popular ones too.

  172. Avatar photo

    Nice place with Starbucks, and tuition/enrichment centres.

  173. Avatar photo
    Ricardo Ricafort Jr II

    If you want to relax, meet and greet without friends try it starbucks, gym and many more enjoy….

  174. Avatar photo
    Maurice Wong

    Morning excerise at Bishan CC

  175. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chua

    Good place but toilet must upgrade to old

  176. Avatar photo
    Bum Hong

    Good location near MRT station and bus interchange

  177. Avatar photo
    jack lim

    Best designed CC ever! Especially in the rain. Lots of activities. Its clean, airy, brightly lit. At the moment serving as a vaccination ctr. With Starbucks as a tenant, its a perfect venue for meet ups. Ample car parks. Or if you prefer, the bus Interchange and MRT a short distance away

  178. Avatar photo
    S. Sulianah

    Singpost and Starbucks are available here. There are lots of parking and very accessible from bishan mrt Station and bus interchange. Toilets are clean too.

  179. Avatar photo
    Kunal Bhatia

    Always some social activity in at this place, esp over the weekends.

  180. Avatar photo
    JJ Low

    I’m here for the TienHsia chinese tuition classes for my kid. This place has been upgraded and has a better feel than the normal neighborhood cc. It looks cooler and upmarket with the Starbucks outlet strategically placed at the ground floor, that you don’t even know where the lifts, admin office or toilets are! Hahaha! It’s has a great atrium, well fanned by the now must have helicopter ceiling fan. Nice place to chill. Out.

  181. Avatar photo
    Siang Hock Kia

    First visit to the Bishan CC to collect a fitness tracker for the Steps Challenge. My first impression when I stepped into the compound was a big WOW! Very spacious at the entrance area with canopy that will provide good cover for both rain and shine.

  182. Avatar photo
    Kun Xiang Chia (Charles)

    Dining, events, gathering, mail box, socialising all in one location. How good is that? Its just a stone throw away from Junction 8, Giant, Kopitiam, Kim San Leng!

  183. Avatar photo
    Ng Mei Leng

    Convenient, easy access with short distance walk from Bishan Bus Terminal to Bishan CC. Also accessible from Bishan North South Line and Circle Line MRT stations .

  184. Avatar photo
    Karthik Perla

    Very nice and everything is well organised

  185. Avatar photo
    Paul WA Chin (David Azreal)

    Lots of events from this CC.

  186. Avatar photo
    Hasnawati Atan

    Come join us for percussion music

  187. Avatar photo
    leong ann-naina

    The staff is not the most helpful to elderly.

  188. Avatar photo

    Always spacious and modern. Love the clean feel of the space.

  189. Avatar photo
    Vikhram R

    Lots of wonderful events every week. So it’s important to just do a casual visit and have some random event blow your mind

  190. Avatar photo
    Winston Jun

    Has a 24 hr gym, a Starbucks and many activities for the community.

  191. Avatar photo
    xuan zi

    Clean and green

  192. Avatar photo
    Tamil Sweet

    Very good thanks for community club

  193. Avatar photo
    YN Seah

    Took my mother for her second booster shot. She is 86 years old. Walk-in at 1030h. No crowd. Just 15mins wait for shot. All staff are polite, friendly and professional. Run by Thomson Medical. Highly recommended. Pfizer and Mordena.

  194. Avatar photo
    Mr Wee

    Great Sanda training class here!

  195. Avatar photo
    Abhijeet Gite (Abhi)

    Great events throughout the year with availability of gym, coffee shop, and other activities makes this community place worth visiting if you are a bishan resident

  196. Avatar photo
    Tim Wong

    Nice conference room for booking and nearby cafe.

  197. Avatar photo
    K C

    Great place for nearby residents to hang out

  198. Avatar photo

    Good place to chill over at Starbucks

  199. Avatar photo
    Joe Vu

    Spacious not fully utilized, used mainly for profit orientated purpose! Shd use some of the empty spaces for oldies to while around, start a cheap cafeteria for them, subsidize their food n drinks so that they don’t loiter around private food court?

  200. Avatar photo
    Ong Jun Hao

    No hand sanitisers given and free masks like Kolam Ayer Community Club

  201. Avatar photo
    Ron Wong

    Pretty modern design compared to other CCs that I’ve visited. The things to do here should suit most community needs for the residents of Bishan, where one could workout anytime at the gym (as it’s 24 hours), relax with a cup of coffee at the Starbucks or even generally participating in community events.

  202. Avatar photo
    Marcus Ng

    Basic facilities there’s a singpost and starbucks.

  203. Avatar photo
    SY L

    Convenient as it is near Junction 8 and Bishan MRT and interchange. Plenty of parking spaces around as well. Well maintained in spite of age.

  204. Avatar photo
    Sky Sky

    Located opposite Bishan Bus Interchange. There is shelter along the walkway from Bus interchange all the way to the Community Club. At the top level of CC has a fitness center. Starbucks located beside the CC.

  205. Avatar photo
    Matthew Tan

    Nice cosy place for your community activities. Thrown in with a classic Starbucks

  206. Avatar photo
    Eunice Loke

    One of the Community Club with most activities. Our CCs should be like this!

  207. Avatar photo
    kai sheann tan

    Very well done as recently there has been upgraded another lift.. there is a Starbucks there as well.

  208. Avatar photo
    daniel Leeteckmeng

    In the midst of the busyness, the cc has a slow and calm feel. Esp the bistro and Cafe, good to relax away from the crowd

  209. Avatar photo
    Teo Chen Wei

    Great place to hang out especially at Starbucks. Has some construction works going on right now but it is still a great place.

  210. Avatar photo
    Joel Kou

    It has a 24hr public gym called gymboxx, Starbucks, and quiet reading room and study room.

  211. Avatar photo
    Adrian Eu

    Came here for the BTPTC. It was massive fun for the kids.

  212. Avatar photo
    Jian Yuan Wong

    Badminton court at level 3 on top of Giant. There is net although OnePA booking receipt says no net provided.

  213. Avatar photo
    Goh Alan

    Nice hall for ping pong. Should make it a weekly activities.

  214. Avatar photo
    Jude De Cruz

    Good space area of the Community Club

  215. Avatar photo
    Soon Woong Kang

    Starbucks on ground floor, dance school, music school in the building, gym on 4th floor

  216. Avatar photo
    Kyaw Zin Oo

    They provide best service to community, well maintain of cleanness and decorations.

  217. Avatar photo
    Masak JeannieeY

    Went there for my booster jab. Huge, clean and nice …

  218. Avatar photo

    It’s more hip now than before. Convenient to get to from the Circle line or North-South line MRTs or Bishan bus interchange. It’s now got two gyms, a Starbucks coffee that’s usually busy, and lots of interesting courses at the C.C. In the neighborhood, there are coffee shops, supermarkets, a shopping mall (Junction 8 or J8), bread shops, Bishan library, and the CPF board. Super Convenient!

  219. Avatar photo
    Ray Phay

    Visited Gym Tonic at Bishan CC. Love the energy the seniors exude as they exercise their way to improve their functional mobility. Thankful for Lien foundation support in this programme as they benefited the seniors in a tangible way.
    Hearsay, this place is currently oversubscribed. Its like an exclusive membership.. psst.. hearsay also they are starting soon in other CCs soon…

  220. Avatar photo
    Luke Chua

    There is some construction going on (Feb 2017)
    Gym is stunning. Starbucks is a good gathering place

  221. Avatar photo
    Alia Alkaff

    Nice place to chill at Starbucks or attend classes of interests.

  222. Avatar photo
    Edric Teo

    Still ok

  223. Avatar photo
    Cos Ta

    I went here from 3 pm to 5 pm. There were very few ppl and if the machine you want to use is being used waiting 5 to 10 min should free it up

  224. Avatar photo
    byr t

    Conveniencely located between 2 mrt stations. Very good facility with a starbucks

  225. Avatar photo
    LM Lim

    Nice and big. Got cafe

  226. Avatar photo
    eric wee

    Visited this place for my vaccination,clean,spacious MN comfortable.staff very friendly n competent

  227. Avatar photo
    Yiping Chen

    Great gym there and Starbucks after that

  228. Avatar photo
    Seth Yong

    Amenities like post office clean toilets etc prresent. Also a starbucks present

  229. Avatar photo
    Stephen Lin

    Well set up for the CoVid vaccinations

  230. Avatar photo
    j wan

    Great place.Always seem to be bustling with activities. Visit the bridge and various chess clubs when they are open.

  231. Avatar photo

    Went to Starbucks to meet my business partner! The staff are friendly.

  232. Avatar photo
    Fatimah Ismail

    The place is very convenient.

  233. Avatar photo

    There is a 24hr gym box located there and convenient selling of protein food.

  234. Avatar photo
    Tact Marine

    Study room badly managed. No reserving and no food n drink policies totally ignored. Statbucks, Koi drinks in abundence. Some even brought bread n snacks to munch …

  235. Avatar photo
    laura chua

    One of the best CCs in Sg! Went there for my COVID19 shots and it’s so spacious and modern

  236. Avatar photo
    Namasivayam Porumal

    There is not much activity. There is a place for Covid 19 injection.

  237. Avatar photo
    bryan shade

    Singapore chess federation and weiqi is there. There’s a starbucks below. Ample parking.

  238. Avatar photo
    Keng Soon (Keng)

    Was there for my covid vaccination. Very organized and comfortable environment. Great.

  239. Avatar photo
    Ian Xu

    Great place but only one lift

  240. Avatar photo
    Leong Kwok Hing

    There’s a Starbucks at the CC and it is located right beside the bus interchange

  241. Avatar photo
    Shamir Muhammad

    Good facilities. On site CBTL. Can chill out or study or hold events. Not bad lah. Very well maintained.

  242. Avatar photo
    Kam Wai Leong

    Went to the reception counter to enquire some courses for my girl.. However the receptionist not so welcoming.

  243. Avatar photo
    Lee Lik ngan

    I went there for my booster jab. Very smooth procedure, prompt & fast. The club has a pleasant ambience. Very happening with Starbucks.

  244. Avatar photo
    Red Barker

    Spacious CC with a well-run vaccination centre, opportunities to volunteer, a gym and other amenities.

    Bishan CC organises some great events like Tree Planting Day, Lucky Draws and also decorates the CC nicely around seasonal events.

  245. Avatar photo
    Karna moorthy

    This place is nice, spacious with Starbucks, and just opposite bus terminal, and there’s giant supermarket, food court called S11, J8 just around the corner, thanks

  246. Avatar photo
    Poh Ivy

    Starbucks drink for sis.. jz had my Pfizer booster..

  247. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Ong

    Airy, near MRT, easily accessible

  248. Avatar photo
    Joseph Ganapathy

    They even have a big nice quiet Starbucks Cafe with plenty of space to sit and relax.

  249. Avatar photo
    Stteven Siow

    A community club where many activities are held.

  250. Avatar photo
    Rashid Ismail

    Located near Bishan Bus Interchange, Bishan MRT station, Junction 8 shopping centre, Ntuc mall and Giant Mall. For locals you can collect your trace together token here. Vaccination can also be taken here. Starbuck restaurant is the only restaurant you can get at Bishan Community Club. Various activities are conducted for the communities.

  251. Avatar photo
    Hee Kiang Foo

    Very open to visitors with varied service providers.

  252. Avatar photo
    Mork Heng

    Great variety of courses n interest groups

  253. Avatar photo
    kca kc

    Open concept with a Starbucks beside their open event area, sometimes a little stuffy but generally not a bad location to enjoy coffee and just laze there observing people of all ages roaming pass.

  254. Avatar photo
    Wesley Xu

    Great for Pokemon Go players with 2 gyms side by side plus one at library and two more at mrt. Perfect for the weekly Raid hour.

  255. Avatar photo
    CJ Tune

    Lively place abuzz with club and community activities. Mostly club rooms, tuition centres, a Singpost branch and a Starbucks. Other than that, not much of interest here.

  256. Avatar photo
    Rusdy Muhammad

    Best place in Bishan to chillout for coffee and studies!

  257. Avatar photo
    Ephraim Chua

    Must attend zumba class Monday and Wednesday day classes!! …

  258. Avatar photo

    Alot of stuff, near to a bus interchange and shopping mall

  259. Avatar photo
    Samuel Lai

    They have Starbucks.

  260. Avatar photo
    Isay Dulnuan

    It’s a cool place to hangout or wait for a friend to meetup. It’s covered so no issues during rain. There is free water refilling, toilet, and Starbucks too if you need coffee. There’s a lot of exercise activities in the morning for seniors, some activities during the day, and cheering squads use it for practice in the evenings. It’s a bustling place and I am glad to be living nearby and can go there anytime.

  261. Avatar photo
    April Kwek

    Ease of access. Clean and spacious

  262. Avatar photo
    FT Chen

    Great place to go with family members when there is am event on!

  263. Avatar photo
    Noor Muhammad Haron

    There’s a gym there which is good. And alot of pretentious morons at Starbucks.

  264. Avatar photo
    Gerald Ng

    A community centre that residents can come meet each other and participate in events or lessons. But CC is rather quiet nowadays to the changing times..

  265. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ong

    Easy to access and many great amenities around facility

  266. Avatar photo
    Shirley Leong

    Any function held here are very well organized & systematic. There’s the CC community hall, a restaurant, post office. Upstairs is a Gym & many more.

  267. Avatar photo
    Leslie Lee

    A cozy Starbucks cafe integrate into the community club

  268. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Was here for CNY event and man its awesome with starbucks located near the CC atrium.

  269. Avatar photo
    Hong Mei

    Like this community centre a lot. They organise lots of activities for residents living around the area.

  270. Avatar photo
    Steven Mok

    Caring for the senior like
    me when I took my 2nd covid vaccination

  271. Avatar photo
    Yugene Lee

    If you’re looking for a place to chill, can try the Starbucks.
    There is also a hidden study room 😉

  272. Avatar photo
    Henry Wong

    Many activities going on here. n the modern building

  273. Avatar photo
    L.M. Wong

    A place to meet with friends. A cafe to have coffee and cakes. A post office to meet your postal needs, too. The Bishan bus iñterchange and MRT is opposite to the community club. The nearby Junction 8 shopping mall to do your shopping, too.

  274. Avatar photo
    Sugeng Shi

    Relatively small community club, but it has Starbucks. It used to host headquarters of mental games (chess, Chinese chess, weiqi, etc) at the second floor. Used to visit the place a lot. The place is located behind the Bishan bus interchange. Very convenient located, near to Bishan mrt

  275. Avatar photo
    Johnathan Beh

    Community club with Starbucks. Nice place to chill and relax

  276. Avatar photo
    jeffrey yeo

    Very convenient n easy access

  277. Avatar photo
    Calvin Huang

    Close by to MRT station and to bishan junction 8 and all covered walkway accessible for vaccination whatever weather conditions

  278. Avatar photo
    c p

    I like

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