Review Beyond Looks By Brow Bar, 61 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore

Review Beyond Looks by Brow Bar - Singapore 61 Kampong Bahru Rd

“Sally did my eyebrow embroidery! So happy with my brows, they are so neat now. Will be coming back to do my eyeliner too!” or “Coey was very patient to explain to me the different types of embroideries and it was done pretty well, i like how the end results turned out to be! ” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Beyond Looks By Brow Bar. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Beyond Looks By Brow Bar is quality.

Introduction about Beyond Looks By Brow Bar

Here are some fundamental details regarding Beyond Looks By Brow Bar. In terms of Beauty salon, it is generally believed that Beyond Looks By Brow Baris one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 61 Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-01/02, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Beauty salon, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 93843477 (+65 93843477)
  • Website:
  • Address: 61 Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-01/02, Singapore
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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Beyond Looks By Brow Bar via:

Phone number

You can reach Beyond Looks By Brow Bar at 93843477(+65 93843477). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Beyond Looks By Brow Bar via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 61 Kampong Bahru Rd, #02-01/02, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Beyond Looks By Brow Bar reviews

Beyond Looks By Brow Bar is among the best destinations of Beauty salon in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Beyond Looks By Brow Bar good?

To determine whether Beyond Looks By Brow Bar is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Sally did my eyebrow embroidery! So happy with my brows, they are so neat now. Will be coming back to do my eyeliner too!”

“Coey was very patient to explain to me the different types of embroideries and it was done pretty well, i like how the end results turned out to be! ”

“My second time back here for a brow refresh after a year because they did a good job the first time this time serviced by Coey.”

“Great service and the beautician who helped me do my embroidery was super patient and detailed!”

“Was serviced by Jacelynn First time getting my eyebrow embroidered, the result was fantastic”

“Friendly and helpful artist. She tried to answer all of my questions before procedure. The process was quick and straightforward. Today I have done my eyeliner embroidery. Will come back to do lip blushing”

“Thank you to my stylist Sally who was super meticulous and detailed about my golden ratio, while catering to my preferences. First time here for eyebrow embroidery and would totally recommend them.”

“Sally is a professional eyebrow embroidery staff! She will recommend the best needs of yours and service to her max! This is the best visit ever! Will return again for my touch-up!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 189 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 97% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Beyond Looks By Brow Bar, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Beyond Looks By Brow Bar, 61 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore

There is a total 189 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Jace C

    Recently went to Beyond Looks for my ombré touch up, my brow technician (Sally) recommended me Ombré as I have lesser brow hair on my tail. Sally uses the Golden Ratio method to map out the brow shape that fits my facial shape. Result and retention turned out great!! Thank you Beyond Looks! …

  2. Avatar photo
    sin ying lim

    I have been following Sgbeyondlooks on Instagram for many years now, since 2017/2018, but had never gone to do my eyebrows with them before.
    When I finally decided to, Charlene, the lady who entertained my late night questions, was very friendly and helpful, providing me with many photo samples. She also shared photos of the work done by the person who will be doing my brows to ease my doubts.

    Upon arrival, Vincy was professional, friendly, detailed and efficient. She ensured that my brows would look as natural as possible and did her best to even them out. The whole process was faster than I had expected as well. My brows are really pretty now and it saves me some time in the morning too. I’m actually really glad I chose to do my brows here rather than the other places I was considering. No regrets!

  3. Avatar photo
    Berenise Lee

    Went for the Hybrid Brow embroidery and I’m very satisfied with my brows. My brow artist Jacelynn was very through with her mapping and the overall experience was very positive. I chose this studio over others cause I liked the fact that they are certified with q a few academies that are q well known. Their prices are also quite reasonable for the quality of brows that i walked out with.

    Im a first timer so she managed to make me feel more assured about the process. She managed to correct my brows which were quite uneven before and balance them out. Will recommend my friends to come here for their brows!

  4. Avatar photo
    Olivia W.

    First ever brow embroidery in my life and I’m glad I chose them ! Throughout the session, my brow artist, Sally, was very skilled, professional and managed to do it very well for me. It looks very natural and I’m happy with the results ! Thank you ! they look super real! Pain free experience

  5. Avatar photo
    Herni Syazwani

    Love my brows! it’s perfectly done, just how I wanted it to be. Thank you! ️

  6. Avatar photo
    Pamela Tan

    I did hybrid brows with Sgbeyondlooks last Thursday. I was so afraid of my brows looking too dark, thick and unnatural after its freshly done. I’ve seen my friends’ brows right after getting their brows done and it just looks embarrassing. Mine look great from Day 1 and before it’s even fully healed I’ve had friends praising my brows already. Can’t wait till they’re fully healed. Will update once it’s healed!

  7. Avatar photo

    Got to know of Beyond looks thru their IG ads after considering brow embroidery. The booking process was very smooth and the contact person did a great job at explaining & assuring me thru my list of qns. I booked an appointment with Jacelynn and did the powder omre brow. This is my first time doing my brows but I had accompanied my friends to some of their appointments before and there’s a stark contrast in service standards and overall vibes as some of my friends did their brows in ridiculously cramped shops with little to no privacy or social distancing.

    I was very happy that the shop is spacious, appt areas are quite private with curtains drawn between each customer and most importantly the cleanliness is good! The only downside is that the pain is a little more than I expected, my friend who booked with me slept thru her appointment but for me there was a stingy sensation at the end of the brow and I had to ask for extra numbing cream.

    That aside, it has been approx 4plus weeks since my appt and my brows have never looked so good in my life before. I hope they last long

  8. Avatar photo
    Chua Luck

    Good service and professional the beautician who did my micro blading was polite and very gentle, and would check me occasionally throughout. She understood the shape of my eyebrows and curated it specially for my face shape + bone alignment above my eyes. Satisfied!

  9. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth K

    I did my brows with them when they were known as sgbrowbar in the Ombre style 1++ years back and recently went back for a touchup.

    I’m very satisfied with hw long they’ve lasted thus far and the job they did balancing my asymmetrical brows was good. Compared to my previous experiences with other brow embroidery places, I felt like they were very hygienic and took the time to show me that each blade and needle used is brand new in packaging.

    I also think their new place @ Outram is so much more convenient compared to the prev one. And as always the appointment process was very smooth and I always feel like my brows are in good hands with them! (I did my brows with Jacelynn first but decided to switch brow technician cus she wasn’t avail, was abit apprehensive but Sally was great also!)

  10. Avatar photo
    Phoon Natalie

    Artist Sally did a beautiful job on my brows and explained all parts of the procedure thoroughly before starting the appointment. Professional work!

  11. Avatar photo
    jasmine lew

    I can always count on Brow Bar to provide a great time and great service! From their professional and highly skilled artists to just having fun chit chatting with their friendly staff. I have been to their establishment a few times for eyebrow embroidery and facials, and always come out looking great!

    As I am highly phobic of needles, they are so reassuring and always make sure that my experience was as pain free as possible. Probably the only thing I do not like will be the schedules as they are always so packed! So making appointments will have to be done 1-2 months in advance.

    Definitely will be back again!

  12. Avatar photo
    Jia Yi Lee

    Customized eyebrows for me, Vincy is very professional, can look for her if you want customized eyebrow!

  13. Avatar photo
    Sydney K

    First time here for the eyebrow embroidery and got the hybrid brow done by Jaclynn. Simply amazing, no other words needed. Just get your brows done here everyone …

  14. Avatar photo
    Bernice Choo

    I did my embroidery with Master Artist Jacelynn and the entire 9D Brow experience took about 1hr+. Quick, easy and most importantly PAINLESS! Booking admin guided me thru the experience and was patient in answering my thousand and one questions and gave me clear instructions on how to take care of my new brows. Thanks ladies, I am happy with my new brows

  15. Avatar photo
    Christina Tan

    I was extremely hesitant to do anything with my eyebrows. Upon arrival Friday, Jan 13, 2023, my shoes were to be put away so you walk in barefootClean, quiet & peaceful facility⭐️
    Messaging via WhatsApp only.

    Sally did a fantastic job with my jitters and I must say I would recommend this place to anyone. Read & understand the before and after care instructions so you know what you are dealing with. This includes putting your signature to the forms. It has been a good experience, and Sally “enhanced” my already full brows. I will update since I have no recourse about “touch ups”

  16. Avatar photo
    Shijia Koh

    Thank you to my stylist Sally who was super meticulous and detailed about my golden ratio, while catering to my preferences. First time here for eyebrow embroidery and would totally recommend them.

  17. Avatar photo
    Wailin Tan

    Very professional service with good artistry and quality. I did my brows with Sally and she did a great job in making me feel more assured and comfortable with the embroidery. Thank you for the good work, my 9d brows look exactly how i wanted it to be

  18. Avatar photo
    green penguin

    Disclaimer: honest, unfiltered, unpaid review (I understand that they may provide a $10 discount to customers if they leave a review but not sure why this wasn’t offered to me)
    – opted for the 9D brow microblading by master artist
    – arrived on time, had to sign indemnity forms before proceeding
    – an assistant lays you down on a bed and applies numbing cream on your brows and covers it with cling wrap
    – waited about 30 mins before the master artist started work on my brows (her schedule is packed; clients are served back-to-back without her taking any rest period during each time I was there)
    – microblading process wasn’t painful but you can hear the blade scratching on your skin, took about 2 hours
    – purchased the ‘after-care gel’ for about 30 bucks and diligently applied 2x daily. FYI the gel is not sealed, has no details of expiry/ ingredients/ place of production etc.
    – after 1-2 months of healing/flaking/colour ‘resurfacing’, the strokes are barely visible/ not defined on my brows. An empty patch that I originally had (and was ‘filled’) is still pretty obvious
    – returned for a colour ‘correction’ about 2+ months after my initial session, went through the same process outlined above, except that this time the ‘numbing cream wait’ was almost 1 hour
    – 1 month since the ‘correction’ and almost 4 months since my first session, poor colour retention results are pretty upsetting considering (i) the price, (ii) I followed the after-care instructions to a T and that (iii) I don’t have particularly oily skin
    – to date I still find the need to fill in my brows with a brow pencil
    – I would say that the company has a very strong social media game (almost 20k followers on IG at time of writing albeit 10-40 likes on inidividual posts only); will definitely not return for future eyebrow embroidery

  19. Avatar photo
    Joan Er

    Great brow embroidery!

    I want to commend the marketing director for immense patience and detailed explanation of the different types of brows and procedure!

  20. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Ang Yap

    Got my brows and baby liner done and I’m impressed with the service provided by the team! They are patient in attending to my queries and I appreciate it.

    Thank you Sally for re-working on my brows! I’ve had really sensitive skin hence it does take slightly longer to work on my brows. I’m thankful that Sally patiently advise the style of brow and colour that suits me and also meticulously worked on my brows.

    Thank you too to Vinci for patiently working on my baby liner! Again, I’ve had really sensitive skin hence the slight discomfort. I would say that it’s worth it because my eyes do look brighten up without make-up now.

  21. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Tan

    My therapist Sally was gentle and professional. She listened to my preferences and was careful and thorough in explaining the procedure. I’m satisfied with the outcome.

  22. Avatar photo

    The staff (Vincy) is very helpful, as I have done it before, she would recommend the best suited type for me although it might not be what I want. I like that they did the mapping and include my eye shape and bone structure to draw the best Brow for me, not just what is in style now.

  23. Avatar photo
    Maxine Lee

    At time of writing this, I am on Day 20 of my hybrid eyebrow embroidery treatment and can I just boast how much I LOVE them!! I have done eyebrow embroidery twice in the past at another studio, but the whole treatment process and after-results I experienced at Beyond Looks was indeed…beyond my expectations. The new studio is firstly very clean, neat, welcoming, spacious and very comfortable. When the artist assessed my brows, she understood clearly what I was hoping to achieve. What surprised me was that they actually used a certain tool to measure and map the shape of my brows that would be suitable for my face shape (something that I don’t hear friends who did embroidery before have talked about). The whole actually process was also comfortable, although I asked for a second application of numbing cream (cause gu niang hahahah). All in all, I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a perfect eyebrows on fleet to check out this studio!

  24. Avatar photo
    V T

    Had a great experience and I am very satisfied by my brows! I like how they really map out the shape of your brows during the consultation before they begin the process. It’s very detailed and doing your brows here won’t go wrong!

  25. Avatar photo
    YUKI S

    First time did my eye brown.
    Very natural and professional. Like it.

  26. Avatar photo

    jacelynn was amazing!! rlly patient with me changing the design and very accommodating excellent work thank u so much!!!

  27. Avatar photo
    Juntian Chin

    The entire experience was great and professional. Location is easy to find and studio is clean and pleasant.

  28. Avatar photo
    Aaron Lim

    Was serviced by Jacelynn
    First time getting my eyebrow embroidered, the result was fantastic

  29. Avatar photo
    Jonah Kirei

    The brown not bad for 9D Ultrarealistic as looks natural and not dark. Artist by Jacelyn was patient to help me adjust my brows as my Eyebrows muscles both are not even. Next, not to worry about the hidden cost or pushy sales! Overall, I’m very comfortable as they do their work to fix your Eyebrows and not forcing you for others products/services! Thank You BL!

  30. Avatar photo
    Sona Zhang

    Wanted a post breakup glow up and decided to have my brows and eyeliner done after some friends shared their good experiences here. Glad I made the right decision to come here instead of the other salon I was also considering after seeing the results.

    My previous brows had turned quite red, I think the prev salon I went to cut corners on the inks (my brow artist mentioned that the prev inks used on me could have been from China). BL uses inks from Europe & the States and it was pleasant to hear that they invest in good materials. After all these are going to be in our skin for almost 2 years. The staff attending to me were patient with my requests and professional, Jacelynn did a good job in salvaging the trainwreck that was my brows and Vincy did amazing liner embroidery, they were highly skilled with their work and I left feeling 10x better than when I walked in.

    I was afraid of extra charges as some of the reviews mentioned but during booking, any additional costs told to me and I appreciated the transparency. Thanks for improving based off prev customer feedback I guess. Overall a good experience and I can see why I had to book so long in advance.

  31. Avatar photo
    Cherlynn Lian

    Sally was an amazing and knowledgeable technician that kindly guided me throughout the entire process with patience as I was a first-timer! Result was super natural and will revisit her services in the future

  32. Avatar photo
    Fiona Ng

    Love the brows I did with them! For a person with oily skin brow embroidery doesn’t really last one me but this is the only place that I’ve gotten good results from so far. Thanks for the brows! …

  33. Avatar photo
    Anitha Pillai

    Micro bladed my brows with Sally who understood south Asian features. Was very afraid but she drew it all out and explained colours and the thickness. Got the hybrid coz I’ve oily skin. Turned out very dark the first week (see pic) and then simmered down into perfection. Don’t think I’ll go back to threading. I’ll stick with this from now on. Love it!

  34. Avatar photo
    Michelle Hong

    Awesome experience! Jacelynn explains every step and ensure I am comfortable before performing any of the procedure! I am so pleased with the result! Strongly recommend you look for her

  35. Avatar photo
    Linsay Tan

    Service from the start were pleasant and Charlene never fails to response s quickly as she can. Jacelynn was my artist & she kept me comfortable throughout. Her skills were commendable and I’m loving the new brows now!

  36. Avatar photo
    Jeannie Fong

    Service is always impeccable and professional. Most of all, I love the fibroblast sessions as it is really effective. I recent did Ombre brows and I am very satisfied as they use the Golden Ratio to structure the brows to precision!

  37. Avatar photo
    Samantha Cher

    Hybrid brows done by Jace! Very meticulous in mapping your brows making sure its perfect. Recommended!

  38. Avatar photo
    Megan Tan

    My second time back here for a brow refresh after a year because they did a good job the first time this time serviced by Coey.

  39. Avatar photo
    Emily Koh

    Professional, meticulous and friendly service by Vincy. Thumbs up!

  40. Avatar photo
    LiangTong Lau

    Been looking around for a new brow place and chanced upon Beyond Looks! Responses were prompt and brow was beautifully done, love their dedication and time taken to design brows that are customised! Note that after care gel cost another $35 and any colour correction is another $100+

  41. Avatar photo
    Ah Chai Pang

    Very professional service, we love the results!

  42. Avatar photo
    Xenia Tay

    Did Lip Blush for the first time ever with Sally. Incredible job! Sally drew out a great lip shape that complimented my natural lips very swiftly. Then, she listened to my requests for a natural lip color that would 显白 (reflect the fairness of my skin). Note there isn’t a preview of the color but having gone through this experience I trust Sally 100% in finding the best color for me. She’s truly a lip maestro with 8 years of experience as I was informed on ig.

    The actual lip embroidery part took 2 hours during which she first meticulously layered on pigment to cancel out any darkness in my original lip color, to let the base natural pale pink come through. Then she let me take a look and proceeded to layer on the blush part with incredible patience and detail. She saw that a small variation in pigment towards orange or red would be immediately less flattering so she painstakingly mixed a perfect color right in the middle of the spectrum. When she showed me the mirror at the end I burst into a smile because it looked so good, better than any lip color I’ve ever tried. Truly MLBB color.

    Tips from my experience:
    Pain: The process was not pain free for me because I’m very sensitive. It’s a similar pain to eyebrow embroidery, and make sure to ask for more numbing cream if you need it. I powered through the pain for the first hour but reapplying numbing cream made the second hour go so much more easily.

    Before and after: Make sure you aren’t using retinol for 2 weeks before and no Botox for 3 months prior. Aftercare is pretty involved with a long list of foods to avoid for two weeks: seafood, spicy, hot soups, egg, chicken, beef, dark sauces. The healing gel for aftercare is also sold separately at $35.

    Any questions: talk to the ig contact thoroughly to get all your questions answered prior to committing. That’s what I did and the thorough responses and honesty was what made me feel reassured here.

    After this experience I’m definitely coming back to do my brows with Sally once my current embroidery job fades!

    Edit: Uploaded a pic showing the results 2 weeks later. I’m told that the color is actually still expected to be duller during the first 30 days so it’ll fully “bloom” in two months, which is when I plan to do my touch up.

    1 month later review: I’m VERY happy with the faded color, it’s exactly what I was looking for. The only issue is that the inner middle lip both top and bottom has less color due to the first session focusing on neutralizing the dark outer lips, causing a mild two-tone effect when my lips are pale. I’m planning to touch up to fix this and also to extend the longevity of this blush since I love it so much

  43. Avatar photo

    So glad I found this place! Definitely the right place if you need pretty brows. Very professional and friendly service, no hard sell which is very important as well. My artist is Coey and she did a great job for my brows. Highly recommended

  44. Avatar photo
    Tira Tran

    Friendly and helpful artist. She tried to answer all of my questions before procedure. The process was quick and straightforward. Today I have done my eyeliner embroidery. Will come back to do lip blushing

  45. Avatar photo
    Min Jeong Kim

    Did eyeliner embroidery and eyebrow embroidery today!!!! Vincy did such a great job. Im loving my eyeliner sooooo much!!!!!! Highly recommended!

  46. Avatar photo
    Syafia Naniesya

    Really impressed and pleased with service and quality!! Chloe was really patient and talented ️

  47. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Ang Yap

    Got my brows and baby liner done and I’m impressed with the service provided by the team! They are patient in attending to my queries and I appreciate it.

    Thank you Sally for re-working on my brows! I’ve had really sensitive skin hence it does take slightly longer to work on my brows. I’m thankful that Sally patiently advise the style of brow and colour that suits me and also meticulously worked on my brows.

    Thank you too to Vinci for patiently working on my baby liner! Again, I’ve had really sensitive skin hence the slight discomfort. I would say that it’s worth it because my eyes do look brighten up without make-up now.

  48. Avatar photo
    Elisabeth Ong

    Had my brows done my Sally, she is professional and took notes of what i want my brows to look like at the end. And she manage to make that happen. Really happy with my new brows!

  49. Avatar photo
    Adeline Long

    Have been thinking of doing brow embroidery and glad I finally did it! Jacelynn was very patient in explaining everything and made sure I was comfortable. Highly recommend her!

  50. Avatar photo

    My partner and I did our brows in January 2021. Did with Jessica and Jacelynn. As first timers, we feel that they’re very patient, and answered all our questions before proceeding. Place is clean, comfortable and well maintained. We’re both satisfied and like the outcome! Thank you!

  51. Avatar photo
    Natasha Low

    Wonderful service. Am very satisfied with my brows and will recommend others to do their embroidery here!

  52. Avatar photo
    Golden Heart Alchemy with Pam Healer, Guide, Oracle

    Loved the whole process of eyebrow embroidery with them! Charlene was super supportive in IG DMs, patiently answering my queries as it was my first time. Sally was professional & had a wonderful, nurturing energy that was reassuring and we had a wonderful chat during the process as well! Happy with the shape and colour, thank you!

  53. Avatar photo
    Erica Lam

    Service was done so professional. It was painless and done real quick. Good service.

  54. Avatar photo
    Amelia Lim

    Had my brows done for the first time here by Jacelynn and she was very reassuring and friendly.

    Would recommend to anyone who are planning to do their brows.

  55. Avatar photo
    Skylar Ong

    I had a terrible experience at Sgbeyondlooks. Firstly, the artist was rough when she handled my brows. Even when I said it was painful, she rubbed the ink into my brows, rather mindlessly (you can tell if someone touches you with care and that wasn’t what I experienced at all). Worst thing was, my brows were drawn asymmetrically, with the front too close too far in, making me look very fierce. Further, one side was farther in. When I asked for rectification, the company first sent photos or other girls whom they drew on, saying that they drew according to my ‘golden ratio’. But the pictures were all drawn from their nose, and my artist did not pull down my mask at all. Clearly, my artist did not draw according to any ratio.

    Fortunately, the company decided to give me a free touch up using phi removal, to remove the excess ink. But when I asked if anyone complained about pain before, the artist immediately said, “if you think it is painful, it will be.” I was shocked to experience this lack of care and empathy twice from this shop. I also suffered an allergic reaction for the next 2 weeks (though it was fine the first time I did it) and the excess ink did not go away. I am utterly disappointed in the standard of skill and service.

  56. Avatar photo
    Krystle Ng

    Opted for the signature hybrid brow and I really love the outcome! Had my brows done by Sally who was really patient and meticulous about the final look I was going for. Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to get their eyebrows done!

  57. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Koh (Kohette)

    Did lip blushing with them. 1/10 on the pain scale, there was a slight sting not going to lie, but its manageable. 10/10 for the gorgeous results. Overall good experience. Will wait and see for healed results and update my review then. Thank you sally for the beautiful lip blush work!!

  58. Avatar photo
    Charlotte Yong

    My brows are still so beautiful even after a year! My brow technician (Sally) is extremely meticulous and professional. It’s not the cheapest but you get what you pay for and it’s worth every cent highly recommended!!

  59. Avatar photo
    Crystal Yeow

    Jacelynn took her time to ensure that the shape of my brows were just right before proceeding with the embroidery. She also helped me to reapply the numbing gel.

  60. Avatar photo
    Lidya Salim

    Very professional service, place is clean and comfortable. Did my brows with Master artist Jacelynn, she recommended the most appropriate style that’s suitable for my face shape. Price is reasonable too. Would recommend to others!

  61. Avatar photo
    C Y

    Jacelynn is very nice and patient – was a great process. Thank you!

  62. Avatar photo
    hwee li Tan

    Professional in their job, the whole process was pain free! Will recommend!

  63. Avatar photo
    Amanda Tan

    I chanced upon their profile while scrolling through IG. I went to check out the works that they have done and chatted up with them. The staff was very patient in explaining and answering all the questions which I had. On the day of the appointment, Jacelynn (my brow artist) came to do my embroidery. She was very professional with 6 years of experience. She made sure that my brows were even before proceeding on with the procedure. Even the after customer support is superb! If the retention is good (can last me for 2 years ) I will definitely go back to find Jacelynn to redo my brows again!

  64. Avatar photo
    Durga Devi

    Was awesome experience

  65. Avatar photo
    Dewi Ongkowidjaja

    My friend recommended this place, because she read that a lot of others go here, and we really liked the 9D micro blading samples they showed on their Instagram page.

    It was great choice, just had myself a very pleasant experience here. The place is very clean, and the Beautician was really knowledgable, and I felt like I had a better experience here than Browhaus! My Beautician’s name was Vincy, and she really explained my eyebrows to me and was extremely meticulous when “drawing” the template of my soon-to-brows.

    Also used a BFF package that they have which made it very affordable. If my brows continue to look good after 1 months (apparently the time it takes to fully fully heal) and if it really does last for 1 to 2 years, I’ll definitely be back again!! Thanks a lot

  66. Avatar photo
    Steffi T

    Sally was v professional during and meticulous in explaining aftercare

  67. Avatar photo
    Jiayu Chia

    This is my first brow embroidery experience and I have no regrets doing it with Beyond Looks! Sally is very friendly and professional, and I’m very pleased with the end result. Recommended Note that the prices do not include touch up and healing gel.

  68. Avatar photo
    Charis Lim

    Had an great experience with them .. Sally was very assuring on my worries … love my newly done eyebrows .. very natural looking..

  69. Avatar photo
    Jewellcy Tan

    First time visit to SG BL. Charlene was super on the ball & would always reply to all my questions as soonest as she can. Jacelynn was my therapist & I felt super comfortable and looking The Eye brows with the natural look! She provides information and ensuring that I was satisfied with my brows throughout. Thank you ladies!!

  70. Avatar photo
    Subin Hong

    Really enjoyed the service, very clean and restful environment. I would recommend

  71. Avatar photo
    Su D

    I did embroidery there and the whole process take 1hour. My choice is 9D. 30 mins for numbing cream and 30 mins to do the work. Not painful at all. Only sting feeling when applying numbing cream. Staff don’t speak a lot and ask you to follow on IG for after care. They said they follow my brow bone structure so end up it does not look identically alike. But it look natural and expected. Dont know how my eyebrow will end up like.

  72. Avatar photo
    Sharon Perera

    Wanted to have my eyebrow embroidery done for the longest time. Did lots of research and found Sg beyond. I had old tattoo done and most brow salon says cannot do hair stokes only can do shading. I am not a fan of just shading. Wanted a more natural realistic brows I massage SG beyond and as advised by them to go for a consult first. I was so nervous as botched eyebrows will ruin my life! My artist was Jacelynn. She is funny, made me feel at ease. She gave me good advice and did the 9D ultrarealistic brows!! I am so happy with my brows.thank you Jacelynn

  73. Avatar photo
    Gabrielle Liew

    My first time doing brow embroidery but Coey was super patient and accommodating! I’m very detailed and fussy with my brow shape but she patiently listened and advised me accordingly without compromising what I wanted. They do apply numbing cream but it wears off after awhile and it was super painful for me but I think it’s worth it 🙂

  74. Avatar photo
    Jeriline Gatchalian

    Very professional and no pain at all. Recommended

  75. Avatar photo

    Service was professional, hygienic and fast!
    Highly recommend!

  76. Avatar photo
    Vivian L.

    Great service!

  77. Avatar photo

    I’ve been coming here back when the store was located at the promenade @ pelikat. Because I had a really bad brow job done which basically and quite literally made me shin chan for 2-3 years. I saw that sgbrowbar had a phiremoval package and decided to try it out.

    Thus began the year long journey of me going for a phi removal every 2 months (also because of recovery). Up till today when my brows were finally light enough to be covered up and replaced with new ones. The whole process was really quick and I learned alot coming back here multiple times. Even though it took a year, it is VERY worth it. So if you have had a bad brow job done before, please consider this place because they will really guide you through the process and help you get your new brows.

    Sidenote: I even got to know the brow technicians and the people there and they are honestly super nice and funny, great to talk to also pls, considering the fact that I’m an introvert.

  78. Avatar photo
    Sammi Zhang

    I’ve recently attended the Eyebrow Embroidery course with Beyond Looks about three months ago.
    I started with scrolling through their IG and was very impressed with the works that they have done on different customers.
    I was amazed with the level of detailed teaching, a lot of time were given to us to practice on the latex skin. The materials given by the studio were of good quality and also enough for me to start my own business at home

    The studio also provided models for us, which was a breeze for me as I was actually worried about finding my own models.

    As it was my first time learning on eyebrows, I was also clueless and asked the trainer many questions. My trainer was very patient and answered each and every of my question. She also corrected me on my mistakes during class and after class (through our WhatsApp group) when I took photos of my homework.

    We were also given a 6 months guidance after the course if we encounter any problems on our own. Which is also a plus point for me!

    I have since started my home business now and I’m really glad to have taken this course with them. Thank you Beyond Looks

  79. Avatar photo
    Tang HuiLing

    This is my 1st session with them and it was phenomenal! The brow artist Sally was meticulous, skillful, friendly and patient. To be honest, my brows aren’t the easier to do cause there were red pigments and patches from the previous place I did. Thank you Sally and Beyond Looks by Brow Bar for the fantastic job!

  80. Avatar photo
    Isabelle Toh

    my brow artist was friendly and conscientious and the experience was so comfortable i fell asleep.

  81. Avatar photo
    Shi En Koo

    Very professional services and my mom and I love the results!

  82. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Voon

    Sally is a professional eyebrow embroidery staff! She will recommend the best needs of yours and service to her max! This is the best visit ever! Will return again for my touch-up!

  83. Avatar photo
    Ysa Lasabac

    Beyond looks by brow bar has been my go-to brow embroidery because of their good service. My brows have never been so good and always on flick for almost 3 years! Im glad I’ve met Jacelyn who did an absolutely great job on my brows! She’s very knowledgeable and kind! Always go above and beyond my expectations! I’ll definitely recommend her. She’s a brow fairy!

  84. Avatar photo
    SB Lee

    Very professional and experienced staff. Can advise me well on my expectations of my brows and what is best for me. Satisfied with the service.

  85. Avatar photo
    Lee Eugene

    Visites beyond looks and did the brows by Sally. She was very patient and explain the whole process and informed me what is good or bad. Staff and team were very responsive and friendly too. Thanks.

  86. Avatar photo
    Grace Tan

    Thank You Sally for her professional service! Place clean and not pushy.

  87. Avatar photo
    Michelle Hehe

    It’s been 2 weeks since I did 9D brows with Vincy! It’s my first time doing brow embroidery so I have no points of comparison but super happy with the result so far! Looks so natural and healing process was very manageable Vincy understood I was afraid of the pain and gave 2 applications of numbing cream, almost didn’t feel a thing, defo recommend!

  88. Avatar photo

    Quite fast, i quite like my brows

  89. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Tan

    This is my first time doing eyebrow embroidery and the process from start to end was extremely smooth. Charlene was super helpful providing me clear information I needed to know prior to the session. Jacelynn, who did my eyebrows displayed so much experienced and skills too. She’s also super sweet. Thanks!

  90. Avatar photo

    I came across their eyebrow embroidery services via Instagram and decided to make an appointment with them after looking through their IG page.

    My eyebrow embroidery therapist, Sally, took time to map out the brow shape on my face till she was satisfied and checked with me if I was ok to proceed. She assured me that my brows will turn out to be natural.

    The whole process was bearable and took about 1.5hours.

    After the session, Sally went through with me the aftercare guide to make sure that I was well informed.

    I would say that sgbeyondlooks customer service is good and they are super responsive. Few occasions I dm-ed them on IG with regards to some of the aftercare questions and they replied me almost instantly.

    I am really pleased and satisfied with their service! Highly recommend anyone who is looking to do a natural looking eyebrow embroidery to look for Sally. Her charges are slightly more expensive but definitely worth the top up.

    Thanks again Sally and team!

  91. Avatar photo
    Carolyn Ang

    I went to Beyond Looks with absolutely zero idea of what I wanted, other than perfect eyebrows. I left after Vincy worked her magic on me with – you guessed it – perfect eyebrows. Everyone knows the perfect set of brows are mythical especially if, like in my case, you have asymmetrical brow bones, patchy hairs and a mole right smack in your right brow. Vincy managed to give me brows that were neither too thick nor too thin and PERFECTLY ARCHED.

    She achieved this herculean task with great warmth and a fantastic sense of humour – I left having laughed through half the session

    Ladies, if you (like me) constantly look half surprised or angry with the world due to your brows, I highly recommend Vincy. Fantastic work and I will miss you guys when I head back to the Middle East where their brow aesthetic is quite quite different. Wish me luck ladies, I will need it.

  92. Avatar photo
    Kwa Chamsaeng

    Mixed feedback for me – I am writing this review as an honest feedback and perhaps Beyondlooks can use it to improve their service. I am confident to say that I am not a fussy customer but when it comes to eyebrow embroidery, I have certain standard and expectation. I chose to do my brows with master artist, Jacelyn. She was nice and friendly. Her session was painless and didn’t take long. Once it was done and after a few mins wait for the color to sink in, the person who wipe off my brows and check the end result was not Jacelyn who did my brows. I was abit surprised because I was expecting Jacelyn to check her work after the color is wiped off. When I went home and checked my brows properly, it was very obvious that the tails of both side were not similarly done. One side the strokes were obvious and defined. The other side the strokes were much lighter. It was almost like it just put brow powder on and was not defined. I don’t expect my brows to look perfectly alike but it should not be too different either. I pinged them to let them know on the same day. A week after, my brows are healed. They look nice and natural just like how I wanted but as expected one side of the tail was very faded. I’ve let them know. They agree to fix it up for me without any cost (thank you) though they were not as responsive compared to when I first contacted them. When I went back to have one of my brows fixed, I was surprised again that the artist who fixed my brow was not Jacelyn. The lady seemed to be less experienced. The sesh was more painful compared to the 1sesh but it didn’t bother me much as I have quite high pain intolerance. After having my other brow fixed, they both look much nicer and more alike compared to the ones that Jacelyn fist did for me. I rated this 3/5 because I do like how they look now and they are very natural the missing 2 points are for the road bumps I’ve experienced and the drop of the standard towards the end. I’ve for a “master” service, I was expecting some sort of mastery work. It was good but I wouldn’t say it was mastery. I would still go back for yearly touch ups and everything but I hope you find my review more or less helpful

  93. Avatar photo
    Chooi Lin Koh

    Lindsey is very professional and knowledgeable in recommending the best eyebrow tailored for my lifestyle and facial feature. I am very happy with her choice of eyebrow colour and skills too. No fuss and no hard-selling. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find this place sooner haha. This is an unpaid review though. I look forward to see coming changes on my new brows next few weeks.

  94. Avatar photo
    Christa Kwok

    I’d gotten my brows embroidered before but Master Jacelynn’s skills and aesthetics are on a whole new level! The way she mapped each brow meticulously was so different from my previous experiences at other places in the most positive way. Plus she was a joy to talk to and made me feel so at ease. The entire process from start to finish was fantastic and I love how my brows turned out. It’s only been a day but I’m getting loads of compliments from my coworkers and friends!

  95. Avatar photo
    Carmel Soon

    Brows was done by Vincy. She was very attentive, detailed and patient. Great service

  96. Avatar photo
    Brenda Lim

    First time doing brow embroidery and wanted it to be natural looking. Very satisfied with the results! Highly recommended …

  97. Avatar photo
    Jing ying Yip

    The whole experience was great! Pain was minimal and my brow artist, Vincy, was very meticulous and patient during the procedure will definitely be back again!

  98. Avatar photo
    Fiona Goh

    Good experience! Vincy patiently explained the steps and options available, no hard selling but solely based on whatever that is suitable for an individual. Highly recommend.

  99. Avatar photo
    Rachel Chng

    Very meticulous and beautiful brow work by Coey! Really love the service and skill, thank you for a wonderful experience )

  100. Avatar photo

    Beyond Looks is by a pretty professional business with transaparent pricing. The price breakdown was explained so there is no price shock. I got my brows done by Sally and the design is really pretty. I like how they sketch lines on the brow area to indicate how the brow shape will be like before starting on the brow work. Sally was also very patient and guided me through the aftercare process.

  101. Avatar photo
    Aska Naito

    The consultation with the staffs went great – very kind and knowledgable and helped me navigate through a lot of initial questions I had about eyebrow embroidery. I trusted them so much I added the lip blush! Both master artists were very professional and I would highly recommend to come here if you’re looking to get beautified!

  102. Avatar photo
    philena tan

    pleasant experience, good service

  103. Avatar photo
    Joanny Ok

    First time doing my brows and definitely would recommend coming here to do it!! Great service and consultation.

    Would definitely come back again in the future!

  104. Avatar photo
    Amanda Lee

    Met with Sally and did my brows here. She was super professional and helpful in sharing what worked for me. Extremely pleased with my brows!

  105. Avatar photo
    Amanda Chew

    Artist took the time to very carefully map out eyebrows before the actual microblading process took place, no hard selling at all which was a relief. Hope the color lasts as advertised.

  106. Avatar photo
    Flora Kang

    Had a very good experience at Beyond Looks Yesterday. I have greyish old eyebrows done 5 years ago and Sally did a wonderful job color correcting it before doing Hybrid brows for me . Loving my new pair of eyebrows and the color she chose for me. I did lip blushing too and throughout both procedures Sally was very meticulous and patiently addressed all the issues and concerns raised .

  107. Avatar photo
    Yan XiaoMeng

    Professional service, felt very assured with the consultation and brow mapping before the actual microblading!

  108. Avatar photo
    K T

    I am actually pretty scared initially about going for the microblading service as I’ve only did eyebrows trimming and threading before. A friend of mine did hers here and introduced to me citing they did a wonderful job for her. As it’s my first time doing (I’m a male customer btw), I’ve tons of questions and to my surprise, during the pre appt convo I had with them and with only pics of my current brows, they’re able to assess & advice on the shape and service that’s best suited for my brows. They’re very patient in explaining how’s the whole procedure gonna be like from pre to post procedures. Just WOW!! With that, I proceed with the appointment setup and paid the deposit required.
    Did microblading on my brows and I could not be more pleased with the final delivery. I have already received a ton of compliments from my friends (both males and females) The artist did an amazing job (sorry I didn’t get your name as I’m kinda nervous throughout the procedure but think I heard her colleague calling her Jessica). Not only she is patient and also been keeping me calm by talking to me. Before I realised, “and yups, you’re all done” she said… Totally fulfilled my kinda dream brows for me as she kept my brows clean and looking natural. She is quick but, thorough. She gives my brows all the attention they require and never makes me feel like she is rushing to get through them.
    Definitely recommending them to my family and friends who are looking to get their brows done!
    Thank you @sgbeyondlooks and Jessica (hope I got your name right haha)
    I’m really pleased and happy with my set of brows )

  109. Avatar photo

    Wonderful experience and great advice by Sally who is very skillful in giving the desired outcome. Loving my new brows!

  110. Avatar photo
    Mei Foo

    Clean environment. I think the mapping is important to get a pair of balance brows.

  111. Avatar photo

    Coey (senior artist) has done an excellent job (hybrid eyebrow). She is very assuring, knowing that I was initially scared of pain (the procedure was painless after the numbing cream was applied). In the 2 visits i had (initial + touchup), she displayed great patience, as my eyebrow bones are not symmetrical. She corrected the eyebrow design quite a few times in order to accommodate to my uneven bone structure. I’m really thankful to her painstaking work. Tk u so much Coey! Appreciate your effort

  112. Avatar photo
    Michelle Leong

    Had a wonderful session at Brow Bar! Beautiful hybrid brows done for me! The Brow Artist is so professional and will constantly provide advices and work together with me to customise my preferred brow shape.

    And I had so much praises for my brows! It’s so perfectly and naturally done!

    It’s my first time and definitely won’t be the last! Already looking forward in a year or 2 years to look for them to touch up! Thank You so Much!️

  113. Avatar photo
    Leonard Yap

    Amazing experience, very detailed mapping and the results is all too natural!

  114. Avatar photo
    Bichael Chan

    Great experience

  115. Avatar photo
    Melissa Chan

    Enjoyed the session at Brow Bar! Very professional and comfortable experience . Thank you!

  116. Avatar photo
    Megan Low

    professional and was very patient with the whole process

  117. Avatar photo
    Joseph C

    Great service!

  118. Avatar photo
    Michelle Liang

    Sally is very professional. With the 9D looks I can wake up looking good every morning.

  119. Avatar photo
    Karynn Francis

    Chanced upon this parlour on an Instagram advert and was impressed with their eyebrow microblading portfolio (upon inquiry, most of their IG post are done by Master artist – which cost an extra $50). Appointment arrangement was seamless and they provided commendable level of customer service in responding to all my queries. Clean and comfortable environment, paired with courteous and professional service made this a comforting experience. They are highly popular and I can see why.

    Do note that they “encourage” the use of machine as opposed to manual shading for better results at a $50 top up, only informed on arrival and will recommend purchasing an optional after-care kit post treatment for $35. I wish all pricing and recommended top up were clearly listed on their profile or upon first contact.

  120. Avatar photo
    Elaine Lin

    Jacelynn was very patient and professional. Treatment was done fast & well too!

  121. Avatar photo
    Ashley Ho

    sally did my brows and she was very professional and patient! would recommend

  122. Avatar photo
    angela wang

    Did my fibroblast treatment with sgskinbar. Whole process was good and staff are friendly.

  123. Avatar photo
    Fiona Loh

    Just did my first ever embroidery with Beyond Looks. Love how beautiful the place was decorated, everything about the place is just so calm and pleasing despite being such a nervous wreck on my first appointment. All the artist were really professional & a huge shoutout to my brow artist (Sally) for the lovely 9D done on me. I told her that I’m not a big fan of make up look, so she suggested 9D for me & inform me about the aftercare especially on how to take care of my brows since I have really oily skin. The entire procedure was really calm, Sally was extremely patient and gentle on my skin and kept checking up on me to see if I’ve felt any discomfort during my procedure (which I didn’t).

    I am extremely glad that I’ve found you guys to do my brows! Such beautiful brows, I can say for the price paid & how internationally qualified these artist are, it is definitely worth it. No regrets at all. Can’t wait to go back for my annual touch up session. Will definitely recommend here to all my families and friends!

  124. Avatar photo
    Eva D

    Did the 9D micro blading and I am so so so pleased with the result! Very natural strokes. Will likely come back for correction as I have very oily skin.

  125. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Martin

    Professional service. I had a pleasant experience and my artist was patient with my questions.

  126. Avatar photo

    So glad I found this place! Definitely the right place if you need pretty brows. Very professional and friendly service, no hard sell which is very important as well. My artist is Coey and she did a great job for my brows. Highly recommended

  127. Avatar photo
    Gillian Lim

    Had a very good experience with Vincy. She was approachable and professional and explained the steps of the process in detail. She also advised me on the best procedure for my skin type and checked in with me each step of the way. The IG team responds almost immediately when I have queries. Thanks for making my experience so smooth and positive!

  128. Avatar photo
    Jessica Huang

    Very detailed and clear pre consultation was given through WhatsApp. No hard selling or trying to close clients as they asked for 3-4 of my Aunt’s photos to clearly understand her situation before offering a most suitable service and solution to correct her old embroidery that was badly done. The artist Sally was very patient and keeps checking on her brows even when it’s halfway done she would sit her up to make sure they are still okay then continue again.

    Would recommend and have recommended some friends. Thank you ladies !

  129. Avatar photo

    They made me feel comfortable throughout the process, I love my eyebrows now

  130. Avatar photo
    Elycia Tan

    Good service and natural look!

  131. Avatar photo
    J L

    Coey was very patient to explain to me the different types of embroideries and it was done pretty well, i like how the end results turned out to be!

  132. Avatar photo
    Sin Yuen See

    Very professional, and my beautician ensures the shape of my brows is perfect before proceeding. She explained the procedures clearly too. This is my first time doing embroidery here, and won’t be the last time!

  133. Avatar photo
    kim hong duong

    Done my nails with Vincy today. She is very professional with her work and gave me the nail art I asked for. Value for money manicures

  134. Avatar photo
    Weihan Goh

    first time doing eyebrow embroidery and I have to say it was a great experience! cosy ambience upon entering and the service staff were very welcoming.

    My consultant Vincy, patiently talked me through the entire process and she had a very easy-going vibe which put me at ease. I must say she has great skills as prior to my appointment I heard eyebrow embroidery may experience slight pain, but I totally didnt at all!

    overall a pleasant experience (:

  135. Avatar photo
    Jessica Jasmine

    Love love love my eyebrows being done by Sally. Can’t wait for them to fully heal.

  136. Avatar photo
    Jixuan Tan

    Great artists here! Experienced and know what they’re doing

  137. Avatar photo
    Joey Cxt

    Did my 9D brows with Sally and walked out a happy and satisfied customer. Even after one month my brows still looked very natural. Recommended my mother to visit and she was also a happy customer. Definitely recommend this place to do your brows. …

  138. Avatar photo
    Andy Wuu

    I was attended by Vincy, she is a very professional and polite artist. Throughout the whole process, she told me the methods on how to take care of my brow after the 9D embroidery, what to avoid etc.

    It was a fun and slight frightening (my 1st eyebrow embriodery) experience but overall I love the final result! It looks natural and thank you again Vincy! ^_^

  139. Avatar photo
    Valerie Lee

    Very professional and friendly master artist! Satisfied with my eyebrows …

  140. Avatar photo
    Bev Tan

    Super professional and high quality brow embroidery services!

  141. Avatar photo
    Zhi Yun Chin

    Went to beyond looks and had brows done by Sally. She was very patient in the entire process and checked at every stage of the process! The staff Was very responsive to queries too!

  142. Avatar photo
    Kerris Ng

    Did my hybrid with Sally. Very professionally done. Spent a long time trying to balance my eyebrows as it was previously done badly by others. She made sure it was okay before proceeding. During the process she helped to apply numbing cream multiple times to reduce the pain for me. I like the final look. Highly recommended to all. …

  143. Avatar photo
    standley djajadi

    Staff was professional in giving advice and very patient. Very cosy environment and overall great service! Thank you to my Master Artist (Sally) for my new eyebrow!

  144. Avatar photo
    Sharon K

    Very natural brows effect. Staff is professional and efficient.

  145. Avatar photo
    Chua Huiyan

    Nice eyebrow shape, but it’s a bit painful

  146. Avatar photo
    SB Woo

    Professional service! Therapist answered all my questions on eyebrow embroidery before carrying out the process..

  147. Avatar photo
    Mochiyama Hoshika

    Good service and very professional. Staff were friendly too

  148. Avatar photo
    D R Taylor

    Sally was professional and knew what she was doing. The right side of my natural eyebrow was higher, and she patiently adjust the ‘drawing’ on my left eyebrow to balance both sides. The environment was air-conditioned, so it was comfortable. The place was easy to find. Pain level is manageable, although I had to request for a second application of numb gel towards the end. I like my new eyebrow. 2+ weeks later, the color started to look more natural. And now I am loving my eyebrows!

  149. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Yeow née Chin

    Sally did my eyebrow embroidery! So happy with my brows, they are so neat now. Will be coming back to do my eyeliner too!

  150. Avatar photo
    Emily Siau

    Good experience! Very nice brows after the appointment. Staff is also quite professional and I’ve been doing my brows with them since they opened back in 2018/2019 and shout out to Jessica for the beautiful brows!!

  151. Avatar photo
    Charlene Koh

    Came here to do a cover up of my old uneven embroidery done at another salon. I liked the fact that they take the time to slowly measure out your face to draw on your shape and use multiple tools for accuracy. The artist helped me to balance my old embroidery out and reduce the look of the high-low brow issue which is quite prominent for me. My old embroidery had a odd shape, too boxy shape and I requested for sleeker, more pointy brows which I felt they really delivered.

    Pictures of new embroidery versus the old one for a better idea of the rescue I needed. Worth the price paid.

  152. Avatar photo
    Lynn Ng

    Very professional in brow advising and I love their 9D embroidery.

  153. Avatar photo
    june chen

    Professional, patient, recommended!

  154. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Tan

    Just did my brows and like how they really spend the time to listen to what I wanted and willing to adjust my brows accede to my multiple requests. Ambience is comfortable and quiet and costing is transparent!

  155. Avatar photo
    Mel Loke

    Had a great experience having eyebrow embroidery with Jacelynn!

  156. Avatar photo
    Elle Yang

    Love the turnout of my brows. Took me long while to decide where to do my brows. It came out really natural and alive. Jacquline is also being very patient with my enquiry and questions of the aftercare.
    Can’t wait to get used to this ‘I wakeup like that’ look. I’ve also recommended to my friends!

  157. Avatar photo

    I would definitely recommend Beyond Looks for anyone looking to get their brow embroidery done! I was abit hesitant about doing this considering it was my first time and dm-ed them to ask questions, they made me feel very reassured with their answers and were very honest with me.

    The studio was also very clean and the artists professional and pleasant. My artist was Jacelynn and she made sure that I felt okay and comfortable at every step of the way. The service and results are very worth it for the price paid. I’m very happy with my brows.

    But do note that aftercare is not included in their prices.

  158. Avatar photo
    Christine Ko

    I’m so glad I choose to come here for my first ever brow embroidery experience. From the booking process which was done really fuss free on Instagram, to the overall ambiance, it was a good experience. My artist Vincy was friendly and took the time to explain to me patiently about how she would help to reshape my brows as I have uneven eyebrows. Thank you for being so wonderfully patient and skillful! ️

    Overall, I’m very pleased with the results and how the staff took the time to put me to ease considering how anxious I was about my first time. Do give this place a shot! ️

  159. Avatar photo
    Rydon Tan

    Great service, satisfied results, pleasant experience.

  160. Avatar photo
    Francesca Geary-Stingl

    Fantastic service from Bincy, explained the entire process to me and made me feel comfortable!

  161. Avatar photo
    Shanice Khong

    I had a good experience here and Vincy was professional and I love the brows she did for me. I am so glad that I choose to come here for my brows. Can’t wait for them to heal! …

  162. Avatar photo
    Yuxuan Wang

    Artist was professional in mapping and very happy with results

  163. Avatar photo

    Nice brows and it’s a fast process! The artist is super nice and professional. It’s my second time with them and will definitely come back again!

  164. Avatar photo
    Karen Chia

    Jacelynn helped with my eyebrow embroidery today. She’s very friendly and explained the procedure to me. I paid extra $100 for colour correction as my previous embroidery had turned reddish. She managed to covered my old brows and it’s all good now!

  165. Avatar photo

    lovely studio with great service from my therapist sally. i went for the 9D eyebrows which i thought was a good choice cut it looks really natural, which was my brief to the artist. happy that i made the choice to finally do this.

  166. Avatar photo
    Michelle Lau

    My eyebrows look amazing, clean and hygienic! Thanks a lot!

  167. Avatar photo
    Celine Chong

    Very professional and love the end result! Looks very natural 9D

  168. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Tan

    Good service

  169. Avatar photo
    hengyi sim

    Vincy is a really skillful and friendly artist. Her attention to detail put me at ease given that it’s the first time I’m doing this! This is a Highly recommended place and do ask for her to help you with it!!

  170. Avatar photo
    Inez Sheen

    Super awesome service by Sally!! Did a really good job and took my concerns to heart! Super natural after doing the 9D! Would totally recommend to my other friends ! thank you! <3

  171. Avatar photo
    cheryl chow

    Great service and the beautician who helped me do my embroidery was super patient and detailed!

  172. Avatar photo
    Su D

    I did embroidery there and the whole process take 1hour. My choice is 9D. 30 mins for numbing cream and 30 mins to do the work. Not painful at all. Only sting feeling when applying numbing cream. Staff don’t speak a lot and ask you to follow on IG for after care. They said they follow my brow bone structure so end up it does not look identically alike. But it look natural and expected. Dont know how my eyebrow will end up like.

  173. Avatar photo
    Royston Thong Kheng Siah


  174. Avatar photo
    Angelique Lee

    Did their brow wax & tint today and LOVED IT. I have very full brows that need a little bit of help with shape wise. Felt like their way of waxing is very precise cause they drew a fair bit of guiding lines to come up with the shape. The golden ratio or something, thats what my therapist called it. The tint added some colour which made my eyebrows look so good.

  175. Avatar photo
    Feng Benvenuti-Su

    Friendly staffs and amazing experience …

  176. Avatar photo
    Ann Katelyn Romero

    Just went there to do my brow wax and tint today. Since it was my first time to do it, i felt uncomfortable at first and thought my brows were not even. So i messaged them at instagram to ask a lot of questions regarding my brows. But i was so happy and relieved that they were all patient and answered all of my concerns. All the staff are very professional on handling their customers and the way they respond! Will surely be back to do hybrid or the 9D! Thank you SG and beyond looks! Excited to see what my brows will look like after the colours fade and lighten in a while.

  177. Avatar photo
    Jean Tan

    I did my brows somewhere else before and the discolouring is very very very bad. Redish on my brows make me look damn old. Vincy did a consultation and recommended me to use a machine to to over the colour.

    Overall results is good and she explained that some part unable to save. It is not very obvious for now and it is reasonable.

  178. Avatar photo
    Bim Daryl

    The staffs here at Brow Bar was really accommodating! Ms Sally did my lovely eyebrows and I felt more even beautiful with her embroidery! I do really recommend it! …

  179. Avatar photo
    yihui 05

    Vincy did my brows and was satisfied

  180. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Wun

    Sally was great! The results are amazing and realistic and the procedure was pain free and comfortable!

  181. Avatar photo
    Vion Lee

    My brow looks more even now

  182. Avatar photo
    Weiyi Foo

    I went for the 9D + Advanced option, painless and fuss-free process. It looks great, can’t wait to see them fully healed!

  183. Avatar photo
    vanessa yu

    Did eye brow embroidery and really love their workmanship and it was really quick! …

  184. Avatar photo
    Alessio Koh

    First time at this place, recommended by my wife. Jascelyn was very kind and caring during the process. Will come back again! Thumbs up!

  185. Avatar photo
    Vee Y

    Clean and good.

  186. Avatar photo
    Rachel Lim

    5 stars for my embroidery experience! Master artist Vincy was professional and detailed in understanding my skin type and concerns, and recommended the embroidery accordingly. The discomfort was minimal and results are very promising after a few days. Highly recommend this place!

  187. Avatar photo
    Edwin Lau

    Very professional and eyebrows looked very natural!

  188. Avatar photo
    Amanda Esther Goh

    Easy to access, clean facilities, professional artist and very friendly and helpful service staff at the front desk. Came home to everyone telling me my brows look amazing. Can’t wait for the end result when it is fully healed.

  189. Avatar photo
    Samantha Tan

    The experience has been very great so far! Thanks to Sally’s professionalism, the outcome looks good and natural, just what I’m looking for!

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