Review Belief Advisors Financial Consultants, 2 Tanjong Katong Road #11-28, Singapore

Review Belief Advisors Financial Consultants - Singapore 2 Tanjong Katong Road #11-28

“I met Ethelyn at a roadshow and what made her stand out from other agents was the genuine conversation we had towards life, work and studies. …” or “The experience with Deddy and Eric was insightful on the theory behind investments, would recommend for beginners.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Belief Advisors Financial Consultants. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Belief Advisors Financial Consultants is quality.

Introduction about Belief Advisors Financial Consultants

Here are some fundamental details regarding Belief Advisors Financial Consultants. In terms of Financial consultant, it is generally believed that Belief Advisors Financial Consultantsis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 2 Tanjong Katong Road #11-28, Mailbox 63 PLQ 3, Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Financial consultant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 89264931 (+65 89264931)
  • Website:
  • Address: 2 Tanjong Katong Road #11-28, Mailbox 63 PLQ 3, Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 9:45 AM to 6 PM.

Saturday, Sunday: Closed.


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How to contact Belief Advisors Financial Consultants?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Belief Advisors Financial Consultants via:

Phone number

You can reach Belief Advisors Financial Consultants at 89264931(+65 89264931). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Belief Advisors Financial Consultants via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 2 Tanjong Katong Road #11-28, Mailbox 63 PLQ 3, Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Belief Advisors Financial Consultants reviews

Belief Advisors Financial Consultants is among the best destinations of Financial consultant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Belief Advisors Financial Consultants good?

To determine whether Belief Advisors Financial Consultants is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“I met Ethelyn at a roadshow and what made her stand out from other agents was the genuine conversation we had towards life, work and studies. …”

“Had a chat with Xinyi who explained to me the details that I was unsure of. This allowed me to make informed decisions. She is approachable and could answer all my queries. Alls good.”

“The experience with Deddy and Eric was insightful on the theory behind investments, would recommend for beginners.”

“Meet up with Jun Wei, he explained and reviewed to me my existing plans and was very knowledgeable in his work.”

“Insightful sharing by Deddy and Yu xian, really helpful in terms of understanding more about financial planning & investment plans”

“It was a good sharing with Dedy and Desmond, helping me to understand financial planning for the future”

“The interview session was really smooth and nice. Explanation by Wee Chung was clear and excellent. Looking forward next.”

“Jia Ying is very friendly and patient, she gives a clear introduction about investing and she doesn't mind to keep repeating and explaining things again until I understand. Looking forward to the next session!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 243 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.9 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Belief Advisors Financial Consultants, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Belief Advisors Financial Consultants, 2 Tanjong Katong Road #11-28, Singapore

There is a total 243 reviews

4.9 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Angelyn Tan

    Met with Wally, did a personality test which was interesting and surprisingly accurate about myself helping him to understand my personality better. In addition, he makes the effort to understand more about my needs and patiently explains what the different investments are about and the risks. Because of the session I had with him, I’m able to feel less anxious and insecure about investing. And that he would be there to help whenever there are any problems. Would recommend people to look for him especially if they’re new and anxious about investing!

  2. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chang Li Wei

    I did the career profiling with David at NTU.
    He helped me to analyse my own potential, possible pitfalls and discover myself better.
    David is very genuine and he motivated me during the conversation as well. He hosted me well during the meeting well in meeting my needs and exceeding my expectations greatly.

    Riley is very amicable & approachable person whom is keen to know her client’s needs. During the sharing, Riley helped me to see a bigger picture in terms of the different types of investment & provided me with some resources to understand about investments. She is a genuine person whom wants to help her client to be made an informed decision. Really felt comfortable sharing during the meet-up. Good work Riley!

  3. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Zong

    Richmond has been very helpful and approachable. While he is generous in sharing his thoughts and advice, he would also listen intently to my concerns and address them thoroughly. Definitely will engage his service again.

  4. Avatar photo
    Chng Joon Boon

    I met Eric after I submit my interest on the book he is promoting. He took the time and came to my convince location and talk about investing. Throughtout the short sessions, he share a lot of knowledge and explain patiently on every question I asked. Thank you!

  5. Avatar photo
    Ray Yong

    I met David many years back and I have started a simple plan with him. Since then, he has always check in with me and services my plans whenever I need help or clearer understanding. Recently, he has taught me how I am able to grow my wealth without affecting my lifestyle and it have been working out tremendously in my favour. With him, at any moment I know that he will make time to meet me and plan for my financial changes. What stands out most is this service and his willingness to share his knowledge. Most appreciative to have met a wonderful, kind and knowledgeable person!

  6. Avatar photo
    Harini Madasamy

    I enjoyed this sharing session and was glad to be able to learn more about myself as well as gain some knowledge. The first segment was a psychological test where I got to learn more about myself as a person and I enjoyed this segment as it was fun, light-hearted and interesting. The second segment was about a financial planning model to achieve passive income. As someone who is quite unfamiliar with all these, this was a good platform for me to gain more knowledge and expose myself to the various concepts. Thank you!

  7. Avatar photo
    Lim Xuan Ren

    Had a short but fruitful and informative Zoom session with Lex last Sunday. He really opened my eyes into the world of financial planning and how much it takes to achieve a stable financial status in the future. The session also gave me a brief introduction into investments as well as how can i achieve my future goals and milestones.

  8. Avatar photo
    Yasmin Ong

    David and Edmund were friendly and eager to get to know us more. The skills profiling aspect was engaging and interesting as well. Sharing about investment broadened my knowledge about it as I had no prior knowledge about investments. Purely educational sharing

  9. Avatar photo
    chubby bunny

    Ethelyn has always been a good friend even before she joined Belief. She was very professional in her sharing and did not shortchanged me even knowing I’m her close friend. She taught me how to manage my expenses and I choose a plan that’s best suits me. She told me honestly the pros and cons. I’ve gained a good 20% since I started in June. I have met so many consultants and she’s the only one I trust. I will recommend her to anyone who needs an honest consultant.

  10. Avatar photo
    Gavin “Meowgic”

    The experience with Deddy and Eric was insightful on the theory behind investments, would recommend for beginners.

  11. Avatar photo
    tan meihui

    Met up with Rong Xing through my friend, it was our first time meeting and he made our interaction very comfortable and genuine. I was very surprised to hear that he has only started his career in this industry for 1 month as he is so professional and genuine. His candidness to share is truly valuable, look forward to our next meet up.

  12. Avatar photo
    Parthi Chan

    The session was very informative and value added. Did profiling test where my financial advisor, Daphne understood my characteristics through a serious of questions. After which she went through Art of investing. Super informative and eye opening. Daphne was clear when she speaks and is engaging. She answers all my queries with patience.

  13. Avatar photo
    Harris Iskandar

    Just met Ethelyn through my friend. She is very friendly and outgoing person. She did a personality test on me and boy have to say that it is super accurate that it is legitimately scary. She then taught me on the basics of investments. As a person with zero background knowledge in business/investments, i find it very fascinating that i felt motivated to try out with investment one day.

  14. Avatar photo
    Sadhish Devan

    opened up with a psychology test, very accurate results about my personality. Gave me more insights about my personality. After the personality test there was a PowerPoint presentation about investing was presented to me. Presentation was done in a good manner.did not just read from slides. used a lot of real life examples to explain the benefits of investing and the different types of investments methods available. Job well done Sharen

  15. Avatar photo
    Pyu Thit

    Had an insightful sharing session by Melody today! I am usually skeptical of financial advisors hard-selling their services but there was no such mention of it and the sharing was purely beneficial for insightful resources and knowledge! I got to learn more about myself with the phycological test as well as to certain extend of investments I want to start. Not to mention the friendliness of Melody makes me feel comfortable to converse. Thankful for this wonderful sharing.

  16. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheung

    Having known Desmond for quite some time, I shared with him my recent dilemma regarding my career path as I felt I was in a standstill in my progression. Desmond recommended me to come up for a career profiling session, which basically was an extremely in-depth psychological test along with some advice from the team.

    The test was really insightful and accurate. It reflects some personality traits that one is probably aware of but am unable to fully grasp. Desmond and David explained really precisely, and I was able to open up on some of my inner concerns. It was great to get some sort of direction that I was otherwise unable to on my own, and I really appreciate the advice given by the team.

  17. Avatar photo

    I met Ethelyn via a recommendation from a Friend and we had our session through zoom due to tight schedules on my end. The session lasted for about an hour and has actually enlightened me a lot on options I can look forward to. It has also gave me a lot to think about in making sure I progress myself in terms of my financial capability. I find it very beneficial and would definitely recommend her to my friends who will gain the same benefit from this!

  18. Avatar photo

    Met Ethelyn, she has always been a friendly and approachable person. When she approached me, she promised no products selling on first session and only educating concept. I’ve benefited from the session.

    So in the second session when I showed interest, she showed me many different options for me to take a look which made me feel comfortable because i wasn’t forced into any products and she was neutral, informative about the pros and cons of each products.

    I started investing with her end of Dec and grew 15% from my portfolio. I would recommend anyone who is seeking an honest and neutral consultant to look for Ethelyn.

  19. Avatar photo
    Edric Khiew

    Ethelyn was very helpful in making sure that I can understand every bit of the process and was not lost at any point in time. She was able to break down confusing concepts into simple terms to make sure I can understand it too! Would recommend to friends

  20. Avatar photo
    Gwyn Nobleza

    Had a session with Ethelyn. As someone who is new to the investing, she was helpfugiving bvung very clear and concise with guiding me through the different investments plan.

    She was also honest with her advice and I will be recommending her to my other friends who is looking into investing.

  21. Avatar photo
    Xin Ting Yap

    Had a session with Rong Xing and it was very insightful. Rong Xing was professional and knowledgeable. He was patient in understanding my investment preferences before advising me on what to proceed on with my investment portfolio. He also shared many investment insights with me that I’m not knowledgeable about. The session was fruitful and I learnt plentiful from the short session.

  22. Avatar photo
    Seint San

    I met with Debby and Yu Xian and their excellent explanation helps me to understand about basic investment knowledge and different types of investment, pros and cons And how important it is to invest . It was great experience

  23. Avatar photo
    Pravin Samuel

    Pretty interesting to come cross investments talks as I never trusted them.
    Profiling test and the investments share talks were really good and inspiring. If you are looking for trusted investment companies, this is the real deal. Job greatly done by Vin. Appreciate your great gestures and inspirational shares. Thank you so much. Looking forward to engage with you again for investments advices. Once thank you Mr Vin.

  24. Avatar photo
    Alexander Lim

    Ruican is a very responsive and responsible FA. I have both iFast and GE ILP investment with him and he updates me twice a month and constantly helps me to rebalance my investment portfolio.

    The best part is he helped me make 50% return in less than a year which is above my expectation as it was above what he promised.

    Will highly recommend him to my family and friends especially in areas of investment and wealth accumulation.

  25. Avatar photo
    Gopal sathees

    Had a zoom meeting with Rong Xing who explained to me about the basics of investment. Was very insightful. He guided me well and I gained a good understanding about investment. He was also very patient with me although I had no background knowledge about this topic. He will be sending me a free book which I am looking forward to reading.

  26. Avatar photo

    Had my second meet up with Jun Wei today. Very helpful and answered the questions I had during his explanations of the different plans. I have good clarity of the plans offered when the meet up ended. Thank you for the meet up, looking forward to the next sharing on more things.

  27. Avatar photo
    Regine Ang

    I had a one hour tele consultation with Isaiah and he was more than willing to share additional content tailored to my needs. The session was very insightful and pleasant as everything was clearly explained and Isaiah addressed my questions genuinely and sincerely. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks Isaiah for enlightening me with your knowledge!

  28. Avatar photo
    Ong lay oon

    Met Ethelyn and was greeted with a friendly and presentable person. Started off with a personality psychological test which was amazingly accurate. Went on into educating me on basics of investment which was very interesting as I got no knowledge on that. She did not hard sell or push any plans schemes or products at all thus is a very different approach from many other Consultants.

  29. Avatar photo
    Chi Chong

    It was a nice and comfortable meeting with Ethelyn at harbourfront roadshow. She started off with a profiling test to further understand about me as a person. She then proceed with concept sharing about GE investment. She wasn’t pushy about the product throughout the sharing session instead she is very friendly and patient towards every question from me.

  30. Avatar photo
    Kylie Qx

    I met Jun Wei and he did a psychology test and investment sharing! The test was pretty interesting and unique as I have never came across this type of psychology test, it allows me to know myself a little more and great way to break the ice. Jun Wei was really patient and very detailed in explaining which makes it easy for me to understand!

  31. Avatar photo
    nihaomao woaini

    I met Ethelyn on zoom to get to know more about a investment plan. The zoom session was great and very informative.

    Being new and clueless to investment, Ethelyn was patient enough to kindly breakdown all the information i needed to know to be easily understandable. She even sent me a book titled “lepak investors” to help broaden my knowledge !

    The zoom session with Ethelyn truly benefited me and I would definitely mention her to my friends !

  32. Avatar photo
    Chearmin L

    I’ve met Riley and David for sessions, and Riley have conducted a profiling test with me, while David gave me an Investment seminar sharing. I have thoroughly enjoyed both sessions – Riley have been very sweet, and shared accurate insights about my personality and life, while David have been very objective and realistic with his sharing of investment – he did not sugar coat or paint a rosy picture of investments which I truly appreciate! High recommended for people who would want to have a better idea of themselves and investment

  33. Avatar photo
    Dineru Premasinghe

    Met Ethelyn through a friend and found her extremely engaging and well-versed in the subject matter. She started off by conducting a simple profiling test on me which turned out to be surprisingly accurate. Subsequently she proceeded to share more about the investment concept with me. Despite my lack of prior knowledge, I found her delivery style very comprehensive and well backed up with evidence. Ethelyn has also sparked an interest in me for future investment!

  34. Avatar photo
    Ooi Kheng

    I met up with Yun Er. I felt that the psychology part was accurate and it was a good opportunity for me to explore on my personality.
    For the next section, I felt that the financial philosophy explained to me is very interesting and every concept was provided with clear evidence and example for easy understanding. I am glad of having this opportunity to go through such wonderful experience. Highly recommended.

  35. Avatar photo
    TN Boey

    I recently met with one of the associates from this team, Miss Ethelyn at a roadshow by Great Eastern at Kovan. She was extremely informative and lively in her explanation of the intricacies tied to investing, being open and clear about the risks and dangers linked to investing, while providing me with a sound understanding of the benefits of investing.

    She also will provide you with profound insights to investing your assets if you ever do lack the information to proceed on foreign or local investments.

    I would highly recommend entrusting your wealth to her, and her financially sound, long term plans for you to grow your wealth.

  36. Avatar photo
    Carol Gan

    Jia Ying was very helpful in letting me know more about investment and financial planning.

    I have recently taken up an investment plan with her and the growth is now at 19% over 3 months. This actually exceeded my expectations.

    Besides that, she has also been kind enough to help me review and educate me the policy I bought from another agent about 5 years ago.

  37. Avatar photo
    Shankari Danakodi

    The sharing was very informative and eye opening. Sharen and David was very understanding and patient to explain. It was a great session as I wanted to know and needed some guidance on investments. What was even great was that, there was no hard selling and both of them were really genuine and sincere .

  38. Avatar photo
    Ting Joe Li Zhou

    Wee Chung gave us a very good sharing about investment. He went thru a book summary on ‘The Lepak Investor’ and shared many insightful thoughts on investment. Thank you for your time and advice Wee Chung!

  39. Avatar photo
    Tianyi Yao

    Richmond is a childhood friend I knew for two decades now. Putting aside our friendship, he has been very professional and always providing genuine advice towards my insurance and financial plans. He is never pushy nor suggesting me to sign up for plans that don’t suit my needs. I’m just glad that I have him as my agent although there’s a saying to look for ‘stranger’ rather than friends as things might turn out sour if it didn’t work well. I often recommend my friends to Richmond too because I see his Real intent in helping us achieve a suitable insurance. THANK YOU for your strong and warm support all these years!

  40. Avatar photo

    Isaiah is very genuine and sincere in helping me to understand about planning with my current situation. He didn’t jump straight introducing product like many Financial planner I met. But he started we a personality test and some sharing of his own, which I felt very informative and interesting.

    Through the whole session, he is very patient in guiding me and telling me the difference in investment.

    He might be new in this industry but his sincerity and willingness to understand me better and assistance do assured me he will be the right guy to look for. Because of his earnest and commitment I would definitely intro my Friends and family.

  41. Avatar photo
    Marcus Chua

    I met up with Isaiah and we went through both the psychological test and concept sharing of shares and bonds. To be very honest, I would say he is very knowledgeable and professional in his presentation. He knows what he is doing and you can trust him with financial planning. You all should give him a chance to talk to you. The session was enlightening and interesting to people who are new to investments. Keep up the good work!

  42. Avatar photo
    KuanYi Lee

    Had a fun & engaging session with Isaiah who is knowledgeable, and shared with each other our experiences in investment. Good to speak to if you’re new to investing or even if you’re experienced and keen to discuss investing strategies.

  43. Avatar photo
    Daphne Oh

    Was invited by Wally Ho and Desmond Soh to have a personality test and sharing to understand more about various types of investments. Did learn a lot of things and gained new insights into how shares and bonds work and some tips for smarter investments. They were very approachable and accommodating.

  44. Avatar photo

    Just had met up with Riley and David and had a fun experience getting my profile test done and a clear and simple, easy-going investment sharing. Very comfortable session. It changed my perspective of how investments are. Thank you!

  45. Avatar photo
    felicia choo

    I had a chat with Meilan and she shared valuable knowledge about investing and dollar cost averaging concepts through the book “The Lepak investor”. She is very sincere in helping customers to chart financial journey . …

  46. Avatar photo
    Calvin Teng

    I met up with Meilan and her sharing was very insightful and relevant to me. She manages to point out the differences in investing shares, bonds etc and that It can bring more benefits for my retirement when I start earlier as well.

  47. Avatar photo
    shazy weezy

    It was a productive meeting with Rong Xing since I came away with a much clearer understanding of active and passive investing. His explanation made it clear which investment types best fit my degree of risk. I also had the chance to gain some knowledge about the S&P 500 market and dig deep into several examples of companies that start particular investment classes, like bonds or shares.

  48. Avatar photo
    Kz Wong

    Had a nice zoom meeting with Yun Er where she shared with me basic but important knowledge about investing. The presentation was beginner-friendly and easy to understand. There was no mention of purchasing any financial products or advertising, so the meeting felt natural and genuine. Received the book in good condition shortly after

  49. Avatar photo
    My omyyy

    Vin & Desmond was very engaging and insightful with the way he presented his works. He was able identify and make sense of my strength, worries, struggles and goals through the psychology tests.

    When explaining the pyramid, Vin was capable of visually showing the flow and interacted fantastically with a tint of humour making me feel warmth, curious and not fearful to stop to ask questions or clarify my doubts.

    After today, for someone who is confused and usually overly worried about where i am in life and how to achieve them regardless of the shortcomings, i am not only clear but ive gained more knowledge and assurance.

    I did not regret my sharing session with my partner thanks to Vin!

  50. Avatar photo
    Nicholas lee

    Had a Zoom Meet with Rong Xing and we did a personality test that was good. We also had some initial discussions on some basic investment advice and ideas. He was very professional andunderstanding. Looking forward to work him in future for my investment prospects.

  51. Avatar photo
    Yee Zhi Ngiam

    Met Rongxing and it was a good meet up session. He explain to me very detailed on all different types of investment. Especially, when he pass me a book and it can allow me to recap whatever he said. It was a good experience compared to any other FA.

  52. Avatar photo
    Isaac Chain

    I liked how Junwei used the profiling test to break the ice and start our conversation going and it also allows him to have a better understanding of my needs and tailor his sharing better for him. He’s also very professional and I have gained many insights about investments from him.

  53. Avatar photo
    Stella Goh

    Ethelyn is very professional and patience with me. She answered my countless questions and showed me different options to achieve my goals – leaving a growing inheritance for my daughter.

    I started investing with her in Aug 2020. Since then, despite the economic difficulties bought on by COVID 19, my portfolio have grown by an impressive 17%.

    I would strongly recommend anyone (especially if you are a new investor), seeking for a professional and patience consultant to look for Ethelyn.

  54. Avatar photo
    Lorena Tanque

    I meet Meilan today and she introduce me about investment. She was very helpful in making sure that I can understand every part of the details. Highly recommend to my friends

  55. Avatar photo
    Mark T

    Met with Wally for a sharing on the different kinds of investments, and went through a short psychology test as well. The sharing was quick, informative and concise, focused on just the important parts and was very clearly explained. Wally was very open and laid back, and was flexible in adjusting his sharing based on what I already knew to focus on what I wanted to know. it was an easy going and pleasant meeting!

  56. Avatar photo
    Jacey Rebeka Leong

    I like how Jun Wei does a lot of the interactions and talks that he goes about. He is very friendly and easy to go to and gives advice about how i can go about with even though im just a beginner! Super friendly guy and not like the other financial consultants ive met!

  57. Avatar photo

    Met Rong Xing and he was very clear & concise in sharing about the different investment strategies. Though I have little prior knowledge about investing, he explained things in bite-sized portions to ensure that I could understand easily and not get overwhelmed; and also gave suggestions on how I can start investing.

    Thanks for the insightful session! Definitely highly recommended

  58. Avatar photo
    Rudran Rudi

    Had the opportunity sit and discuss about financial planning with Aravind. He did a small psychological test to understand my personality in depth and explained to me the future steps ahead for my life and goals. I would highly recommend as it was an eye opener for me!

  59. Avatar photo
    Wei Jie Tang

    I had a zoom meeting with Anthony due to COVID-19 period, he did a sharing with me regarding investment planning.

    I quite impressed by the sharing and It gave me a second thoughts on how to manage my finances.

    Anthony share it in a way that make it easier for me to understand the current market trends, the safer and more secure ways of doing investment.

    Overall the sharing was a very positive experience for me as I get to know more about investment and financial planning.

  60. Avatar photo
    Clarice Wong

    Sharen and Desmond started the session with an interesting insight about our personalities and then proceed with their sharing. It was unlike other sharing session we’ve been to. Instead of trying to hard sell their policies, they focus on educating about investments (the ups and downs) of it. It was a great session with them! 🙂

  61. Avatar photo
    Lusiana Elisabeth Lee

    Met with Melody, starting off with a personality test which I found quite accurate and interesting and also the knowledge sharing session which was extremely informative. There were no hard-selling of products or any mention of product selling, no strings attached session. Making the session more appealing for me.

  62. Avatar photo
    Renaldo Evan

    Met up with Rongxing and had an informative discussion on ETFs, Unit Trusts and all other questions I had on finances. Although he was relatively new, he held his ground and maintained professionalism throughout the entire discussion. I’ve arranged to meet him again soon so as to explore my options to see what approach could best-fit my financial situation. He was also really earnest and pleasant to just sit down with and converse with

  63. Avatar photo
    Ho Xuan

    A great pleasure to have sharing with Wally! Starting with the psychology test which is quite fun, and the following sharing, passive income, gives me a general idea of passive income and saving. I feel benefit to have a basic mindset of my future financial planning. Thank you so much!

  64. Avatar photo
    Clarisa Lee

    Met Yun Er via Zoom where she provides insightful information regarding the various types of investments especially in bond and stock. Highly recommended Yun Er along with your financial planning and I can’t wait for the next session with her!

  65. Avatar photo
    Barney Christmas

    I met Anthony on Zoom and overall the sharing session was great and informative! Would definitely recommend him to my friends who wants to understand more on financial planning.

  66. Avatar photo

    I met Ethelyn through my close friend and I am pleasantly surprised that she was not what I had initially expected. I felt that the profiling was scarily accurate and it was a great way for me to understand myself more. It was a very fun and interesting foresight into my future. I felt that the investment concepts explained to me were very well put together and every concept was backed with information and evidence. The concepts were easy to understand as someone who does not really know much about investing and has indeed sparked my curiosity on investing for my future. I am glad to have gone through this simple experience as I feel that my understanding on what I can do for my future is much better than before.

  67. Avatar photo
    ng kim seng

    I know Eric about 3 years plus , he is a nice , friendly and responsible person . He is very nice and he will plan for our own good and will give us a lots of advice

    He is very knowledgeable, recently i join investment journey with Eric . I trust him a lots . So I just leave the part for him to settle . So far my portfolio had yield 10 % in a few months!!!

    Overall . He is best agent and friend that I ever meet . Thanks to him

  68. Avatar photo
    Filzah Aslan

    I met Eric at a roadshow and was skeptical at first about yet another insurance agent selling me insurance products. However I was pleasantly surprised with his approach in getting to know me better first to understand my current knowledge level and needs. Since then I have met with him a few times a year and every single time it was focused on educating me rather than selling me products! He comes off very sincere and honest which made me trust him. Definitely recommend him if you need a trusted financial advisor!

  69. Avatar photo
    Cris Tan

    I met up with Mei Lan recently for a chat. Though she has joined the financial planning sector not long, i was impressed with her knowledge and professionalism as she explained key concepts when walking me through the book, The Lepak (relaxed) Investor. She patiently explained and gave analogies to help me along. I also found her sharing about how she herself has realised the importance of making prudent investments valuable, and how it has become her passion to help others so that we sieze the opportunities and make the right decisions for our long term financial planning. Kudos to you, Mei Lan!

  70. Avatar photo
    Andre Wong

    I met Ethelyn at a roadshow and what made her stand out from other agents was the genuine conversation we had towards life, work and studies.

    Our meeting ended up gearing more towards Ethelyn sharing her knowledge and less selling. Very different from my prior experience which was geared towards selling a financial product.

    What I had benefited most from the meeting was a better understanding of the gap with all my financial policies that I have under me.

    Would encourage anyone to have a meeting with her based on her knowledge and experience.

  71. Avatar photo
    Baby Monkey

    Just had a Zoom meet up with Melody and I’ve learnt a lot from her on the different investment types and strategies! As a beginner in investment, I’ve heard from a few about investment but have always been quite confused. Melody explains then very well and clear, which makes it easy for beginners to understand, she is also very friendly and patient. Highly recommend for beginners who are looking to investing!

  72. Avatar photo
    Lim Zane

    Eric was very patient and informative in his sharing. Not pushy at all and can be trusted to give you advice for your financial planning, investment etc. Highly recommend if you want to learn more about investments without feeling pressured to buy anything.

  73. Avatar photo
    NengJIe LEW

    Eric is very helpful and willing to share more than investment advice, he will treat you as a friend and give wise recommendations to make sure that you are in the right track. I really enjoy having a conversation with him!
    Would recommend a starter like me to find him to investment advice!

  74. Avatar photo
    Jun Jie Ho

    Isaiah has an interesting approach towards his sharing. His sharing are unique and well thought of. His presentation are sequential and well executed, hence minimizing the risk of getting confused. Hit him up for investment plan, any queries will be easily answered upon with his professional advice …

  75. Avatar photo
    Wen Yan

    The career profiling with Anthony was accurate and beneficial for me. He was able to analyse on how i am now and in the past can benefit/affect me in my career choices in terms of personality. Indeed I am more clearer on what I want to achieve in life and what is my drive to do well for my future.

  76. Avatar photo
    Rain ven

    I met up with Eric, for a preview for the book “The Lepak Investor”, he was very friendly as well as knowledgeable regarding investing. I went to the preview without any expectations, thinking that it would be very quick.

    But after talking for a while I realised that I was wrong, his enthusiasm and knowledge when talking about finances was an eye opening experience for me, from this session I got to learn the basics about investing as well as clarify doubts I had previously when I did my own research at home.

    Overall I would recommend the book to anyone who just started or have no knowledge in investing as it will shorten the learning curve. I would also highly recommend going for the book preview as you will be able to learn and clarify any doubts you have regarding finance as a whole.

  77. Avatar photo
    Ronald Giam

    In the past, I was very skeptical about insurance policies, finally met Mr Richmond Yow BW (GE) who was very professional and amiable. He presented and prepared the facts superbly for any layman like me to understand better and clearly about my needs.

    He was also a very caring agent and what make him more awesome was his superb followup, insights and patience in answering queries which kept me well protected and financially safe for the future.

    Great Job!

  78. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Fauzy

    Met Ethelyn and did a personality test on me and taught me the basics of investment. She explained well in layman’s term because I do not have any background knowledge of such term. Overall, the sharing session experience was positive and would love to meet Ethelyn again.

  79. Avatar photo
    Rifqa Nabilla

    I met Farah on zoom for a career profiling! She was very professional and gave in-depth explanations. From our meeting, I discovered new strengths that I didn’t know I had. She also gave me advices for my career based on the test results. I’m glad I had this meeting with her!

  80. Avatar photo
    Joanna Tan

    Met with Mel and Desmond yesterday. Was originally a bit more wary of agents pushing packages to me but they were far from it. The session helped me have a frame to think about my financial planning and actively manage my finances considering different aspects of life. In fact it was so educational that I shared what I learnt with my husband who himself is trained in econs and familiar in investment.

    Both Mel and Desmond were patient and clear in explaining the insightful psychological test and the financial concepts to me. Their approach really helps you to build trust with them that they know their stuff well. It also gives you confidence that they have a holistic approach to equipping you and not just selling things. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

  81. Avatar photo
    Daniel Teo

    junwei is very a patient and not aggressive financial advisor, he would recommend investment advise based on the client’s profile and can see that he has done a lot of homework on his own. I am happy with the investment advise he has given me and it has really helped on my investment portfolio.

  82. Avatar photo

    Eric is very knowledgeable and friendly. The sharing session was smooth and it did help to improve my basic understanding on investments and cleared all my doubts on investments as a newbie. Hope to learn more from him and looking forward to have more meet ups.

  83. Avatar photo

    Had a meeting with Rong Xing yesterday, the focus of the meet up was to provide me with insights and valuable knowledge on investments. He patiently spent a substantial amount of time understanding and clarifying what i already knew and further educated me on what I didnt. It became apparent that the session was solely for financial education purposes and it did helped me grasp a better understanding of my own financial planning.

  84. Avatar photo
    Emmanuel Ang

    I met Jun Wei for a 2 part session consisting of a psychology test and a sharing on investment.

    The psychology test was quite interesting. By using questions that were unrelated from its actual intent, the test was able to give a fairly accurate assessment of my profile. It was a good chance to know myself better and served as a good ice breaker for the both of us.

    The sharing on investment was great as well. It offered a concise explanation on the different kinds of investments and how we can invest to gain a better yield. It was informative, and helped to change my mindset regarding investment.

    Jun Wei was really helpful and patient. I was held back by work on the day we arranged for the meet up and he waited for quite a while just to meet up with me. He did so even though it was getting quite late at night. I really appreciate what he has done.

  85. Avatar photo
    Ai Ming Tay

    I met with Meilan to hear her share about investment. She helped me learn about the fundamentals of bonds and shares. She is clear in her explanations and not pushy. …

  86. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Al-Afiq

    I met Melody and she brief me specifically about investments and how it works. She went to the extent describing about the details and it increase my knowledge in the investment world. Glad to meet her and it clear my doubts about it! …

  87. Avatar photo
    Jing Wen

    Jia Ying is very friendly and patient, she gives a clear introduction about investing and she doesn’t mind to keep repeating and explaining things again until I understand. Looking forward to the next session!

  88. Avatar photo

    Had a really good zoom session with Yun Er! She has shared with me a lot of info about investment, and she was able to answer all my queries.

    No hard sales from her, it was more like a infomation sharing session.
    Appreciate and many thanks for her time and effort!

  89. Avatar photo
    Havenesh Balakrishnan

    Recently I had a 1h 30min session over Zoom with Wally and Desmond about Passive Income. The first half of the session involved doing an individuality test, followed by the Passive Income session. I found the Passive Income session to be very meaningful, especially at times like this when income is unstable. The planning models were explained step by step, and I enjoyed having to discuss about topics related to the current economical situation as the session was ongoing. I recommend attending a session if you are interested in learning how to have a reliable source of income while not having to give up on your life goals and dreams.

  90. Avatar photo
    Peggy Ching

    Met with Riley who took the time to understand me and my goals. Her presentation on investment came at an opportune timing and helped me understand it better in an easy to get way. She came off as genuine and acknowledged my own opinions while delivering acute advice.

  91. Avatar photo

    I met Ethelyn and I really enjoy the session. The profiling test was a nice ice breaker and the concept sharing was actually informative as compare to what I have heard before. I really recommend others to try checking it out if you are genuine interested in investment and want to learn the specifics behind how investment works.

  92. Avatar photo
    Gwyn Nobleza

    Had a session with Ethelyn. As someone who is new to the investing, she was helpfugiving bvung very clear and concise with guiding me through the different investments plan.

    She was also honest with her advice and I will be recommending her to my other friends who is looking into investing.

  93. Avatar photo
    Fafa away

    Recently had a zoom meeting with Rong Xing and I have learnt a lot from him about different types of investment. It was really insightful and beneficial for me in the future. For someone, who is clueless about investment, the zoom meeting make me understand better and now i have a clearer concept of what is investment.

  94. Avatar photo
    Li Tong Hon

    Wee Chung has a very friendly & professional nature, who works with integrity to provide his clients with sound financial advice & investment guidance from different perspectives to suit individual finance capability. I am greatly appreciate his patient engagement & effort to ensure the investment & insurance are on track with my needs and never forcing unto us. It is a pleasure by having him as my financial planner & would definitely recommend his service to everyone in need.

  95. Avatar photo
    Chee Soon Song

    Ethelyn is a very meticulous person, she ensures that my coverage is complete together with my medical. In addition, she helped me do some cpf investments in Dec and gained 8% in one month! I am very glad that she is my consultant and i completely trust her. She is not only a consultant to me, but we became good friends.

    I will recommend anyone who needs a meticulous consultant to look her up.

  96. Avatar photo
    Christopher Heng

    Have been with David for more than 10 years can it has been a pleasant journey. He has been down-to-earth, sincere and has definitely grown in the investment field. My portfolio in iFAST has grown 15% in just 5 months.

    Coupled with the extremely speedy and painless insurance claiming process when i was hospitalized last year, i am glad i have made the right decision to stick with him all through the years.

    Looking forward to next the 10,20,30 years with David as we continue to build our wealth and relationship to the next level.

  97. Avatar photo
    Goh Li Herng

    I met Ethelyn through zoom. I felt that the session was beneficial as i was new to investing. I learnt about my risk profile and how i should plan my goals and what i should do to hit that goal.

  98. Avatar photo
    Akari E

    Met up with Rongxing today, and I’d say that was a really eye opening meetup.
    I was able to learn a fair amount of knowledge with regards to investing, Unit trust, shares bonds and so on
    He was also patient with me as someone who has barely any in depth knowledge on this topic, and I really appreciate that.
    His explanation was clear and concise, thus it was easy to absorb the information that he has shared with me
    Last but not least he’s very professional in his approach and I feel that is a really good trait!

  99. Avatar photo
    Sopianti Abdullah

    I met Meilan. She explained the basic fundamentals of investment. Her explanation was really simple and clear. I fully understand the difference between the investment types.

    What I like about the sharing is, it gave me a better understanding of investment as a whole and how important it is to invest. I used to be sceptical about investment but her explanation and assurance changed my mindset.

    One important learning point is starting investment early and to educate my children about starting investment early.

    Thank You Meilan.

  100. Avatar photo
    yichien loh

    I know Eric through my friend , who know Eric a few years and he recommended Eric to me
    He is a friendly and helpful consultant and very different with those consultants I meet before . The sharing section about the knowledge about investing and the psychology test was benefit to me. No hard selling , comfortable meet up and sharing , just to let me know about the concept and can feel the way how great he service his client

  101. Avatar photo
    Raymond Chua

    Met Mei Lan and she was very clear & concise in sharing about the various investment strategies. She was sincere and explained things in bite-sized to ensure clarity.

    Based on individual investment portfolio and knowledge, she catered her sharing to ensure I benefited from the session. Definitely an insightful session and highly recommended!

    Never too late to start investing now and diversifying your portfolio!!!

  102. Avatar photo
    Alex W

    I met up with David and Xinyi and they presented the lepak investor book to me. The sharing is detail is enough very good top form and they were very friendly towards me And were very nice make me understand what are the good about investing early , I want to thank them for using their busy schedule just to meet me for this talk section

  103. Avatar photo
    joshua lim

    The sharing was very informative. With the personality test, i got to know more what i really want to emphasise in my life, as well as, what decisions I should take to achieve the end goal. Jun wei, the financial consultant, shared many financial concepts and gave some really good advice. It was really an great experience for me and i would recommend the general public to give it a try. CHEERS

  104. Avatar photo
    Syed Ali

    Professional staff i met Ethelyn on zoom and i was very interested in the session and she explained many things on investing and how saving works. I learn the difference on unittrust and efs, it was very educational as it helps me to make a better decision as a young one planning to increase my savings and future plans. I will totally recommend Ethelyn to my friends she was able to explain things to be well and also advise me on what i can do and also expect to see. Totally a very competent person who is very friendly and nice.

  105. Avatar photo
    Jerry Pang

    I had very detailed help from Jia Ying~ She helped me so much in learning more in this filed and giving me a clearer direction on how to manage my funds. It was a very meaningful session and I really benefitted and appreciated it. Much appreciate to Jia Ying!

  106. Avatar photo

    Got to know Ethelyn through a close friend. Had great insight to investments and was keen on setting open and realistic goals and standards.

  107. Avatar photo
    Rokmea SJ (RokmEA)

    5/5 stars to sushi for being a sincere and genuine financial advisor.
    Sushi was informative and taught me how to apply the concepts of proper financial planning . The Lepak investor book is a good introduction to different investment tools that I can use. Thank you for the book!

  108. Avatar photo
    Jovel Wong

    Had a really good zoom session with Jun Wei! Throughout the session of him sharing with me more about investment, he was constantly checking on me if I could understand, whenever I had any queries he did not hesitate to answer them. Without having much prior knowledge on investment, Jun Wei made it easy to understand and that allow me to take away many learning points. Thank you for the information you’ve shared! Extremely professional!

  109. Avatar photo
    Zuo Jie Ping

    Met Ethelyn for a session at Pasir Ris. Ethelyn was very patient in explaining and shared her knowledge and experience in investments. Through her session, I learned to plan for my money better and set goals for my future. Will definitely intro her to my friends.

  110. Avatar photo
    MinJun Lee

    The sharing session was very interesting. Never knew anything about investments before but now i learned something new. The profiling session was quite interesting but the real interesting part was the part where they shared about investment. It change my point of view about investment. It was totally different from what i thought it was.

  111. Avatar photo
    Wally Ho

    Met Sharen previously. He did a profiling test on me which accurately predicted my personality and needs. He is a very friendly and humble guy who did not force me to buy anything until he explained every plan which suited my current needs. The whole session was educational and really engaging. He was different from every consultant i met and bought a plan as it suited my needs. I have recommended 2 of my friends so far. Thank you sharen for the amazing experience.

  112. Avatar photo
    M_r_jay Jagathish

    I met Loke Jun wei and his a very dedicated to work also very humble, friendly…I choosed him as my finance consultant because he shared with me more info about investments and also how we can invest in a shares and also different kind of investments for my better future. It was very much informative and I gained more interest about investments.

    And than one day he requested me to try a psychology test.

    I was amazed by the results because the test literally reflects to who I am now…the test was pretty accurate and i have so much fun doing that, and knowing me better. He explained to me more about how the test works and I finally decided which working field suits me more . Thanks Loke Jun wei for all the info you have shared to me ..I appreciate it .

  113. Avatar photo
    Praveen Naidu

    I took a career profiling test with them and the results were surprisingly accurate! David and Jun Wei was very professional and were able to clearly explain the results of the test.The test made me learn more on myself and insights on the crossroads I’m facing in my life.
    Appreciate the value I got out from the meeting.

  114. Avatar photo
    goh jia wei

    Deddy and Desmond are passionate about what they do, and the knowledge and resources that they share is insightful. While Im still new to many of the concepts they have shared, I look forward to how things turn out

  115. Avatar photo
    Ang Jia Yu (BloodTune)

    I met Ethelyn through a close friend of mine. Firstly, she started off with a profiling test as which is super on point. That was an excellent icebreaker before she get to the concept sharing. She was very patient and nice throughout and would always encourage us to ask her questions. Would definitely recommend her to those who are interested in investment.

  116. Avatar photo
    Wilson Au (Wilson Park)

    Met up with Ethelyn for the first time. Knowledgeable and well versed. The mini psychological game was something new and refreshing. Looked at things at a different perspective. Overall concept sharing was very informative. Out of the norm meet up and it was all good. Ehtelyn’s services is highly recommended!

  117. Avatar photo
    Ying Lieh Chai

    Eric has been my consultant for the past 2 years. He is easy to approach and willing to spend time to explain any plan and also clarify any queries. Please approach him if you need a person to help you with any financial or insurance plan.

  118. Avatar photo
    Eunice Tan

    Had an investment talk with Rong Xing. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his sharing. Furthermore, the presentation was well prepared with facts and figures. The presentation allows me to understand the outcome and the difference between a unit trust and an ETF. All in all, it was an insightful talk. I would recommend it to peers who need investment consultation.

  119. Avatar photo
    Cheah Yi Ying

    Had a zoom call with Rong Xing with regards to investment, session was very informative and he knows how to explain in layman terms for someone like me who have close to zero knowledge on investment. He also went the extra mile to explain more of what is on the slides, and him tailoring his advice based on my life goals is helpful as well.

  120. Avatar photo
    Genewin Ng

    Met up with David and Edmund and the profile sharing was interesting. A simple activity allows me to understand myself better. The introduction to investing was very interesting too and I gain a lot of insights from it. Purely educational and no hard selling!

  121. Avatar photo
    A.C.H.A Pey

    Would like thank Sim Rong Xing for his time in sharing the difference investment strategies. The way he explain was very clear, as he took his time and make it easier for people like me that who have no prior knowledge in investing. everytime during the explaination he will always check with me to make sure I will not get overwhelmed and lost during the session. Thank you for that!!

    Also I enjoy the personality test, it was fun and creative. Really enjoy that part

    Thank you Rong xing for his time and his insightful knowledge will definitely meet up again and recommend.

  122. Avatar photo
    Spencer Chua Wei Ye

    Met Wally Ho on 5th September 2020 for investment sharing. He was very patient with me and answered all the questions I had in a meticulous fashion. He taught me about investments so well I feel a sense of trust to put my investments in his hands when Im ready. He was also not pushy considering he gave me the freedom and the breathing space to decide for myself if I wanted to do it or not. I highly recommend more people to come and listen to his sharing, for it is very educational for any forthcoming investor.

  123. Avatar photo
    Duddle Crusi

    Today, i met up with Rong Xing. Apart from all the different financial advisers i met with, Rong Xing was clear about the way he want to help us clients – empowering us with the knowledge and the basic foundation of investing to achieve our own goals. I value the service as there was no intent to sell any policy but to share and allow me to learn about the fundamentals of investments, the risks involved and more. It was a great sessions with him and i look forward to network with him more in the future.

  124. Avatar photo
    Mynt Leong

    I’ve met Ethelyn through zoom and a mini pyschology game, she also did concept sharing with me. Most importantly, there was no hard selling or any product pushing during the whole session! Highly recommended if you want to know more about what you are paying for and want to invest in rather than someone selling me products or plans which I don’t even know if I want it at the later part. Really appreciate Ethelyn for her sharing with me today! I love the overall positive energy that she has!

  125. Avatar photo
    Mei tong Lew

    I got a lot of essential information about investment from Wally! Quite useful for me to start my investment journey in the future. Besides, the personality test is quite fun and did provide me a closer look of myself. Thanks for the time to share this knowledge to me!!!

  126. Avatar photo
    Bala Murugan

    I met Eric for hand overring the Relaxed Investor book to me where we had discussion an hour and he has explained the important of the investment in the long term vision and pick the value stock based on Strategies which is mentioned the method in this book. He is very polite and cool person with smiley always.

  127. Avatar photo

    I met up with Vin and his investment sharing was very insightful and eye opening . He manages to convince me that investing in shares was better than investing in bonds etc and that it there is more dividends when I start earlier as well.

    He is very patient and did not hesitate to ask if I had any doubts about investments and the presentation as a whole. I would recommend him to my colleagues.

  128. Avatar photo
    Yi Hao Kang

    A eye opening experience! During the career profiling session, Desmond (Soh Yu Xian) has been patient to lead me through my career profiling assessment. I will say much of his analysis is on point and affirms some of the suspicions I have over the years on my strengths and weaknesses. He has also recommended clear directions for me to work on to have a more fulfilling career. Also, kudos to Fiona for being such a sweet host and putting up this session for me.

  129. Avatar photo
    B T

    Met with David and Melody, the session on profiling is quite accurate and interesting and also the knowledge sharing session which was extremely informative. There were no hard-selling of products or any mention of product selling, no strings attached session. Making the session more appealing for me.

  130. Avatar photo
    Sone Aye

    I met Melody today for an investment sharing and I must say it was very interesting as well as informative. The profiling test was fun and made me feel like I could trust melody more. The investment sharing was very informative and made me feel like I should start investing immediately. It was a very enlightening experience!

  131. Avatar photo
    Jann Ng

    Jun Wei is an amiable person. He did profiling test and seminar sharing with me on different occasions. I like his way of presenting information as it is not aggressive. It is also the first time that I have come across an unique way of introducing different plans. I find them educative and informative. Definitely a good adviser to look for and I am sure that he will address any queries.

  132. Avatar photo
    Celene Goh Jia Lin

    Insightful sharing by Deddy and Yu xian, really helpful in terms of understanding more about financial planning & investment plans

  133. Avatar photo
    shazy weezy

    It was a productive meeting with Rong Xing since I came away with a much clearer understanding of active and passive investing. His explanation made it clear which investment types best fit my degree of risk. I also had the chance to gain some knowledge about the S&P 500 market and dig deep into several examples of companies that start particular investment classes, like bonds or shares.

  134. Avatar photo
    Fiona Chua

    Met up with JunWei, experienced and knowledgeable! Had a great time learning about retirement and taking personality test. Learn more about myself and what I should do in the future. Didn’t know much about Great Eastern and had a great misconception about insurance and all but now am clear about the purpose of Insurance and the theories behind it

  135. Avatar photo
    Lee Yi Qi

    Met up with Eric and he shared his knowledge about investment with me. Through him, I understand how much I would need to prepare to be financially independent. He is patient and the things he explained are also easy to understand. Would recommend him to my friend if they are interested to know about investments.

  136. Avatar photo
    Fabian lim

    I had an exceptionally insightful session with consultant Yun Er who has been very helpful in further building my investing knowledge. Lump sum vs dollar cost averaging (dca) is only one of the many fundamentals she has imparted in me and i am deeply grateful for her guidance. I earnestly look forward to working with her and her company in the near future.

  137. Avatar photo
    Ruven Esdh

    A very intuitive sharing from Arvin and Desmond. Planning model and investment sharing were well articulated and as straightforward as possible.

    I would urge anyone who is looking into learning/planning for their financial future to meet up with this guys. A very beneficial meet up even if you’ve prior knowledge in this sector!

  138. Avatar photo
    Alex lee

    I’ve known Isaiah for a few years now.

    The session opened with a personality test which he managed to explain about in detail. I must say the test outcome is fairly accurate. Afterwards he shared some interesting insights about investments and the importance of it. All of which were explained to me clearly and allowed me to understand with ease.

    The whole session was a comfortable and pleasant experience and I would recommend his services to my friends in the future.

  139. Avatar photo
    de louzed

    Sushi was informative and taught me how to apply the concepts to my own investing. the lepak investor book is a good introduction to different investment tools that I can use. Thank you for the book!

  140. Avatar photo
    Nelson Neo

    I met up with Isaiah and Jun Wei. During the profiling test they did for me, I get to understand myself better. Next, they shared with me the knowledge on why people lose during investments. I like the way they presenting information as it is hearting warming and patient to explain and answer my questions. I find them informative.

  141. Avatar photo
    Chen Estine

    I met Wee Chung 4 years ago (if not remember wrongly) when he just started his career in this industry. Although I already have all the necessary insurance covered for myself by the time we first met, I decided to heed his advices and sign another investment plan with him because everything turned out very well after our 1st meeting session, with the professionality and the confidence that he had demonstrated.

    Till date, I never regret of such decision that I made 4 years ago. Wee Chung follow up with our financial and insurance review yearly, providing his professional advice to help us achieve our long-term investment goal, not to mention his regular update to us whenever there is any changes to the policy term in our contract and he will always takes extra time to patiently answer all our queries. I would definitely introduce him to all my friends!

  142. Avatar photo
    Sally Tan (TA Infant School)

    I enjoyed a fruitful session with Meilan and David. Did an interesting psychological test and they share lots of information on some saving and investment plans with me. Thank you!

  143. Avatar photo
    aeton lim

    I met Wally and he did a psychology test and investment sharing! The test was pretty interesting and serves as a good quick read. Wally was really patient and very detailed in explaining concepts which makes it insightful for me to absorb, as a business analyst. Would recommend this guy to anyone with the need for service and care.

  144. Avatar photo
    Amali Rahmat

    Had a chat with Xinyi who explained to me the details that I was unsure of. This allowed me to make informed decisions. She is approachable and could answer all my queries. Alls good.

  145. Avatar photo
    Lynette Low

    Managed to have a short meet up with Rong Xing and he shared his knowledgeable experiences of investment with me. His explanations are very straightforward but he captured the importance of investment very well. He also shared with me how important investments are and how it will benefits me in the long run. …

  146. Avatar photo
    James Lim

    Have a two hour session with wally and david, the personality test was good to know more about yourself. Overall the sharing session with them was enriching and giving helpful tips for newcomer that want to know more about investment. One of the bad thing is the lesson might be abit draggy for summary.

  147. Avatar photo
    Wei Xuan Cheung

    Met Jun Wei through a referral. As i myself am interested in growing my wealth through long term investment, so i thought why not sit down and have a chat about it. First impression of him was about 6/10 because in all honesty, he seemed a little too young for someone whom i trust my money and potentially my wealth with. Session started off with a simple sharing on the concept of investment. Instantly I was blown away by the vast knowledge on investment that Jun Wei has. I was so engaged and engrossed in the conversation and sharing as it felt as if he literally became my mentor in investment. He was able convince me and give me a strong reason on why I should save even up to the smallest penny and move it to investment as he emphasised that investment evolves around wealth accumulation for our future. In a nutshell, the meet up was educating and engaging. Glad that i made time to meet Jun Wei

  148. Avatar photo
    Shirley Tan

    After meeting up with Meilan and David, I have a better understanding about different aspects of investment. Even though the book is simple, the content is informative and easy understanding for everyone. It teaches the basic knowledge before investing. Great for beginners!

  149. Avatar photo
    Shakthi Ganesh

    Met Sharen for a sharing session, I was very interested in the investment aspect of the sharing! He was very well-versed and had great knowledge and understanding of investments in general. It’s great to finally meet someone who wants to understand my current standings and limitations and me as a person rather than sell and push a product! As a current investor he shed light and explained certain aspects that I wasn’t fully aware of. It was an enlightening session and would like to encourage others to meet up with him to learn more.

  150. Avatar photo
    DingMing Tan

    When I first talked to Ethelyn, she patiently explained the policies that I got from other insurers, she gave her honest views which was very neutral. Her first session has totally no products involved, she educated me with concepts on how to maximise my money. She doesn’t push sales, instead she gave me different options that I can consider and explained detailedly. She reassured me when I had my concerns.

    Overall I feel that she is professional and I will recommend her to anyone who needs an honest consultant.

  151. Avatar photo
    khor bing

    Met Mr Lex on a rainy Thursday afternoon. The psychology test was a great ice breaker and allowed me to discover more about certain aspects of life. The lecture was interactive and interesting and had allowed me to understand concepts and ideas effectively. Great time investment to learn about money investment!

  152. Avatar photo

    Had a zoom session with Rong Xing where he introduced some investment fundamentals and knowledge. The sharing was very informative, especially to individuals like myself who doesn’t know much about investment. Additionally, Rong Xing is very engaging and patient in explaining certain terminologies. Definitely looking forward to embark my investment journey !

  153. Avatar photo
    Yuehting Yen

    I had a session with Melody and Desmond for personality test and concept sharing. The session allow me to better understand myself and the concept of financial planning. It was a great sharing session for me to better understand my current situation and what direction should I be looking out for.

  154. Avatar photo
    Jun Rong Lau

    Jun Wei has been patient and articulate on his sharing and services. Not pushy at all and I got some good learning points even though we did not agree on anything yet, he was positive and made the effort to make a genuine connection and understand my goals/situation. Extremely professional, thanks Jun Wei!

  155. Avatar photo
    Dickson Chan

    Through the book I’ve learnt many different assent classes of investment and risk management. It is insightful and helpful for new investors. Sushi guided me through it and I gain greater clarity after his sharing

  156. Avatar photo
    S A

    I met melody for a talk was very informative and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The profiling test and the investment sharing was especially enjoyable.
    I have learnt so much in just 1 1/2 hours and I’d really recommend it to other people

  157. Avatar photo
    shazzuan sabrian

    Got to know Isaiah through the The Lepak Investor giveaway and was genuinely impressed at how professional he was. Isaiah was very patient in explaining how to go about or start planning for future investments, and he made a cashflow guide for me to further take a look at how I was managing my finances and how it could be done better. Really appreciate how willing he was to help me out!

  158. Avatar photo
    Dhanush Bhoominathan

    Recently attended a talk on the book ” the lepak investor” was a great insight to investing and very informative. Anthony is a great FA. very clear in delivering the information. Even though the talk was done online it was seemless and learnt a valuable insight ! will highly recommend Belief Advisors !

  159. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Quek

    I have known David for a very long time (10 years?!) He is very patient and knowledgeable and not pushy.

    So far my 10 years investment plan with him has exceeded the projection of 8% per annum and the new recent monthly investment I did has made 24% in just 8 months!

    I like that his team has interesting personality and profiling tests to understand more about myself. Pretty accurate I would say. Keep up the good work!

  160. Avatar photo
    Leona Yeap

    Had a very informative session with Loke Jun Wei recently. He is very professional and explained everything very clearly and systematically. He also carried out the meeting in a very light hearted manner which made me feel comfortable. He is also very sincere and genuine!

  161. Avatar photo
    Wan Teng

    Received my first ever investment sharing session from Rong Xing and it was honestly a very interesting and insightful experience! I am someone who has close to zero knowledge in investment and Rong Xing made the explanation clear and easy for a beginner like me to understand. Appreciate that there wasn’t any hard sell as well which is a very important thing to me. Overall, it was a very informative and enjoyable conversation!

  162. Avatar photo

    Had a 2 hour conversation with Jun Wei a month ago, where he shared with me some foundational investment knowledge. He was very engaging, using all sorts of current affairs and examples to keep the concepts relevant. Additionally, he was able to answer all my questions and doubts confidently. It was a productive and informative session, would definitely recommend his service to my friends and family

  163. Avatar photo
    Donovan Tan

    Advisor Jun Wei delivered on the book as promised without going into a product sales pitch. Instead came prepared to understand my situation and educate me on the gaps in my planning.

  164. Avatar photo
    Sharenya Devarajan

    The session started with a profiling test which I think was rather engaging and interactive! I managed to learn more about myself which is greatly useful for me presently and for the future. Also, having requested for a summary session for the investment session was very insightful. I managed to learn the importance of investments and it’s usefulness in simple terms. It was a great session with Sharen!

  165. Avatar photo
    Rachel Liew

    Eric is a very sincere consultant. Totally different from all the other regular financial Consultants outside! I usually don’t like recommending things online unless I truly personally believe in them.

    The first meet up was 100% totally no selling at all. It was just a sharing session, and we even did a fun personality test! Even After that, there was totally no obligation to buy anything and he isn’t pushy at all, which made me even more comfortable to trust him.

    He is also very knowledgeable and honest in sharing financial facts, and always has my best interests in mind. I totally recommend Eric to manage your finances and your future !

  166. Avatar photo
    arvind pushpanathan

    Sushi shared with me the book lepak investors detailing important knowledge about investing. The book is easy to understand. There was no mention of purchasing any financial products or advertising, so the meeting felt natural and genuine.

  167. Avatar photo
    Jerry Joel

    Have known Isaiah for several years now. Opened very well with a psychology profile which was quite accurate about myself and helped to ease into the sharing.

    Very informative and clear about the savings principle which is really helpful for a layman to not feel lost and get a general idea on where to start investing.

    A really good job done and keep it up!

  168. Avatar photo
    Jjinda Lsx

    Was recently gifted their #thelepakinvestor book from my FA Daphne. I liked it that I can use like a reference book, especially with all the different terms and meaning. Its something I can use reliably, to reread when I might forget what certain things mean. The examples are helpful too, I definitely needed the scenarios for further explanation. Its awesome and a fun read!

  169. Avatar photo
    Oliver Poh

    The Iepak Investor is a great book for beginners. It’s considered a must-have for new investors who are trying to figure out the basics of how the market works. The book is written with long-term investors in mind. There are many relevant concepts in the book that lead to easy application in daily investing. Sushi explained the book in great detail and I understood it much better. Thabks for the book!

  170. Avatar photo
    raja Ko

    I met Ms.Jia Ying at yew tee point and talked about investment. I’m a complete beginner when coming to investment and she gave me a brief idea of how it works and cleared my doubts about it which is quite helpful. I may consider investing for my future. Thank you, Ms.Jia Ying.

  171. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Chia

    Xinyi is a sincere FA who provides honest advice and recommends only suitable options based on my needs.

    She created portfolio summary for my entire portfolio and she ensures to meet me every year to keep me updated.

    She is very dedicated in her work and she always does her best to service her clients. Especially now she is a FA, I did not hesitate to introduce her to my family and friends.

    1 of the highlight is the ease and speed of claim she helped me with my father’s claim. I am very lucky to have her as both my friend and FA!

  172. Avatar photo
    YJ S

    YunEr shared with us about Lepak Investor, providing with examples that are relatable. The information provided was simple to understand, even for someone new to the financial literacy. After the session, I grew to understand the basics and asked to further understand what I can do with my current financial situation. Looking forward to the next session!

  173. Avatar photo
    Wenhui Wu

    Met up Isaiah and David for the session and did a profiling test through several questions. The test was engaging and accurate to an extend which makes it interesting to know. Moving on to topic sharing session, it was informative and it definitely made me understand the theory of investment more than what I used to know.

    Would also like to mention that I like how the team uses different approach to understand their clients rather than the norms.

  174. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Zul Fakhar

    Had a Zoom Meet with Rong Xing and we did a personality test that was pretty good. We also had some initial discussions on some basic investment advice and ideas. He was very professional, understanding and empathetic. Looking forward to work him in future for my investment prospects.

  175. Avatar photo
    Brenda Tung

    Recently had a session with Rong Xing, really appreciate his patience and effort to go the extra mile to teach me all the financial instruments so clearly and he very sincere to find out my need, genuinely wanted to help me. Although I was meeting someone new over zoom, it felt like I was speaking to a friend! Thank you for making me feel comfortable! Not pushy at all, love the process!

  176. Avatar photo
    Kurniawan Tjandra

    Informative presentation by Deddy and Desmond, informative and not pushy unlike certain salespeople.

  177. Avatar photo
    Nicole Tan

    I had a chat with Farah and really enjoyed my time talking to her! She was clear and concise and also really nice. The whole session felt very relaxed.

  178. Avatar photo

    I got approached at a roadshow near Kovan MRT and felt a little skeptical at first. However, Anthony changed my impression during our light-hearted session where he went more in-depth about financial planning. He was really friendly and I gained many useful financial insights!

  179. Avatar photo
    Sherilyn Lee

    Met up with Yun Er from David’s team. We have gone through the simple psychological test and she has explained to me the concept based on the chosen topic. She has given me the clear and detailed explanation about the test result and concept, made me have a clearer and deeper understanding about myself and the importance of investment. With her, I have more confidence in having an investment decision or plan. She has done a great job.

  180. Avatar photo
    Hamdan Hamid

    Met up with Isaiah few days ago and he provided a detailed explanation on the concept of investment which gave me a clearer picture about it. He was very knowledgeable and professional in dealing the questions i had during the session. After the session, i understand how investment works and i am quite keen to it. Awesome work!

  181. Avatar photo
    Serena Yang

    I know Eric for many years, he has always been friendly, knowledgable, patient and professional. I can feel that he is very passionate towards financial planning and client service, the advice given was client oriented and that made me entrusting my financial plan to him.

    Eric is not pushy at all, in fact, everytime we meetup for reviews, he will selflessly share his experience, stories and investment concepts and tips. The investment porfolio recommended by Eric has performed well and my portfolio has profited at 13% in just a few months, good job Eric!

    I would strongly recommend Eric to anyone anytime.

  182. Avatar photo
    Apro Noob

    As someone new to financial planning and investment, it has opened a whole new world and learnt alot from the sharing sessions with Deddy. Deddy is very patient in explaining the concepts and always help to analyse things from my perspective. I also had better understanding of what i really want financially through the interaction as well. Really enjoyed the sessions

  183. Avatar photo
    Joyce Lim

    I was gifted a book written by the Belief Advisors team, by Jun Wei.
    I’m so glad to have met him while browsing through Instagram.
    He is very knowledgeable and experienced in investments.
    The book has all the tidbits which are easy to read for beginners like myself.
    look him up guys, you won’t regret it.

    Thank you for your time Junwei.

  184. Avatar photo
    Melanie Lai

    Had my session with Jun Wei and found that he is a patient and friendly person. He was generous in sharing his knowledge in investment and able to tailor a holistic investment for me. Appreciate his time and professionalism.

  185. Avatar photo
    Wei Jie

    Had a fruitful zoom session with Rong Xin which he had explained and clarify in detail some of the doubts that I had about investment. Learned new knowledge relating to investment products. Afterall, it is a good investment sharing session for beginners whom want to learn more

  186. Avatar photo

    I finally started my first investment plan with Xinyi last year, and under her careful monitoring and recommendations, my investment reaps a return of 18% within a year.

    All these years, Xinyi is a diligent and committed FA who expresses genuine care for her clients. Though I have little financial knowledge, Xinyi has been patient in explaining complex policies in a way that is simple and easy to understand. She is also very responsive. Whenever I post any queries, she will respond right away.

    Besides that, she also offers me tips along the way to build my understanding of how to manage my wealth. To me, Xinyi is not just a FA, but a friend I can rely on to guide for my holistic financial well-being.

  187. Avatar photo
    ditthania suryani

    I love Eric’s sessions about investments! I can tell from him that he’s very passionate and the experts in what he do. Because of the understanding, he explained clearly with analogy+games that are easy to understand.

    What I love the most is he also told the uncommon fact about investments, which are only 20% people knows. Not all financial advisors able to share these facts.

    It’s a very insightful sharing, highly recommended to call him for people who need guidance about financial & investments!

  188. Avatar photo
    Hwee Yong Ong

    The profiling test was very interesting and was superbly accurate. Gave me more clarity in terms of myself and life in general. The talk about investments was also very insightful as I’m also looking to diversify my own portfolio. David and Daphne are perhaps the most genuine and sincere consultants I’ve met where they’re really focusing on giving value instead of just selling you. Meaningful session and more to come!

  189. Avatar photo
    Muzebur Rahman

    Psychology test was wonderful and the person who interpreted it was very accurate with the results. Concept sharing tapped into my quest for knowledge and was very engaging with the constant questions being asked. Arvind doing a very good job and there was making sure there was never a dull moment. Overall a time well spent with Vin.

  190. Avatar photo
    Shenesse Yeo

    Took the profiling test with David, and its a complete guide to finding out my mental capabilities and behavioral style. It was detailed with questions to analyze and process my personality with accurate data! The results from the analysis helped me build some self-awareness and a deeper understanding of my abilities and what I am suited for. David was very informative as well. Very intriguing and definitely worth a shot!

  191. Avatar photo
    Adam Ang

    I attended an investment and financial planning sharing session by Daphne and David. The explanation and presentation slide was very structured and well presented in a unique and innovative framework that summarises the concepts very well. They are very knowledgeable and open to sharing about various options and perspectives, which are very useful and are a good reminder of what could or should be done.

  192. Avatar photo
    Amanda Tan

    I had my first sharing session with Jun Wei and it was a very informative sharing session. He is very patient and listens intently to my goals and what I would like to achieve. If anyone wants financial help, can go and look for him!

  193. Avatar photo
    Norhasyimah Ahmad

    Eric’s meet up is always interesting as I’d gain new knowledge, in depth about CPF/Insurance and Investment.
    Whenever I receive documents related and I’m unsure, he will explain clearly. He is very compassionate in sharing his knowledge. Also he is very patient and attentive. Very clear and simple.
    I’d recommend him. Just trust Eric ! 😀

  194. Avatar photo
    Samuel Joo

    Had a zoom call with Rong Xing on investment. Rong Xing was very patient in arranging a session with me, being very flexible and accommodated to my schedule. He was very informative and explains the key pointers in layman terms for me who has almost no knowledge on investment. A key component that he did differently from the other advisors that I have interacted with before was the engagement section. That allowed me to have a deeper understanding of the topic compared to just going through the slides. He was very patient in taking time to plan out and give advice based on my life goals and I appreciated that very much. He has a very high level of professionalism.

  195. Avatar photo
    Wiliam Kim

    Jiaying is a patience financial advisor who has given a detailed and decent presentation~

    She has put her best effort to make the presentation fun but in a professional manner~

    Learned a lot from her sharing session and we should be always to have plans during investing~

  196. Avatar photo
    Bernice Lee

    Eric provided a humorous yet information-rich session that helped me enjoy learning about investing. He was patient with my questions and answered all of them clearly. I could feel the enthusiasm and passion he had for teaching others about investing. Would defintely recommend anyone – be it young or old to experience one of these sessions.

  197. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Ng

    David is very detailed and always prepare different proposals for any coverage (insurance/investment) that I requested. He is very patient and make sure I understand all the pros and cons of different proposals. I am especially impressed when he explained to me about the investment portion. As I am not of financial background, he has a lot of slides and data to help me understand what I am getting into. He even has some games that he plays with my children, to let them understand the importance of saving/investing from young. He has always look out for my interest and constantly delivered as promised.

  198. Avatar photo
    Yvonne Sng

    Met up with Meilan for investments sharing. Her presentation was detailed and easy to understand. Overall the session was enjoyable and informative.

  199. Avatar photo
    Hensley Zhang

    I met Eric back when I just started serving National Service. Through the numerous meeting over the years, he has provided me insightful information on what I can do financially despite only receiving allowance from NS which have benefited me in the long run. Eric’s explanations on the details is also very straightforward and can be easily understood. He ensures that I understand what I am getting and not just for the sake of getting it. Overall very good experience and look forward continuing to work with him.

  200. Avatar photo
    Laura Ng

    I’ve met Ethelyn at Kovan roadshow ! She really did a great job in explaining me the concepts! I enjoyed the the session with her. Furthermore , she was very patient with all the questions I have and that she was relatable and understanding! She doesn’t the push products or force sell which is very rare nowadays , moreover, it can be felt that her aim is just to educate peers ! With that, thank you Ethelyn !!

  201. Avatar photo
    Wong Sook Fang

    Did the profiling for client with Ethelyn. Was very fun and enjoy moment with her. Ethelyn also shared a lot of investment knowledge with I think is helpful and useful

    Also did the profiling for the career with David. The test was more detail and helpful from what I expected and it really helped me a lot. Had a nice profiling session with David also

  202. Avatar photo

    I’ve went through a profiling interpretation session with Farah, which is very valuable to me. Farah is very friendly and vividly interpreted my results. The results were amazing and also given me the assurance of what I want and suitable to do next in life. I will strongly recommend anyone who wanted to know themselves better to go through it. Thank you so much to Belief Alliance Organisation for helping me to conduct this profiling test. Greatly appreciated.

  203. Avatar photo

    Had a zoom meeting with Jia Ying where I was able to learn about the different investment types, strategies, ETFs and Unit Trusts. All of these were very educational as I had heard of some the terms used but did not really understood how it worked. Thus Jia Ying made it really easy for a beginner like me to understand all of those terms.

  204. Avatar photo
    Evan Sidhi

    Roy and David warmly did a unique profiling test on us to get to know us better (it was surprisingly accurate). They were very polite and shared some tips with us about investment. I found the sharing was very relevant to youngsters and it managed to debunk some of common stigmas many may have …

  205. Avatar photo
    shereen seah

    Xinyi has helped me grow my cpf investment and the policies have hit at least 7 percent per annum for the last 4 years. My cash investment has grown 30 over percent for the last year. She will advise me when to fund switch and monitored my funds for me. Being a close friend to me, she is always very supportive and I enjoy the times we hang out together chatting about life. I have witnessed her growth over the years, equipping herself with the relevant knowledge and skills to help her clients. She is a diligent, dedicated and patient FA, worth recommending to others.

  206. Avatar photo
    Vivian Lau

    Jun Wei is professional and is also very patient as I was lost at some parts and he does not mind repeating again. Neither once he was pushy or tried to hard sell. Also got some pointers from him as well from our meetup.

  207. Avatar photo
    Xing yi

    Had a short zoom session with Lex Leaw to talk more about the investment book and investment in general. It was a pleasant session as he made sure that the session wasn’t too boring for me and that my questions were answered, and I was comfortable sharing and discussing about investments with him.

  208. Avatar photo
    Andre Wong

    I met Ethelyn at a roadshow and what made her stand out from other agents was the genuine conversation we had towards life, work and studies. …

  209. Avatar photo
    Raihan Kazan

    Amazing vibe with Ethelynn. She shared the different methods of investments and how it’s actually not what I used to think about. She had to liaise with my busy schedule which shows how much she’s into changing our perspectives in investing. Overall the meet up is actually different but I had a great time.

  210. Avatar photo

    I had very detailed help from Farah! She helped me so much in learning more about myself and giving me a clearer direction for my career. It was a very meaningful session and I really benefitted and appreciated it. Thanks Farah!

  211. Avatar photo
    Premikha M

    Had a 1-hour sharing session with Desmond and Vin. There were two segments to the session: individual profiling and financial planning model. The individual profiling was really fun and pretty accurate. The financial planning model was a good way to ascertain if you have gotten all that you need to secure yourself financially in future. The best thing about the session is that there were no strings attached! A good start for those who are sorting out their finances.

  212. Avatar photo
    Ken Yotaru

    Yun Er is willing to know the customer well. Starting with a concept about finance, then up next is a personality test. Out of all the agents I met so far, she is the only one that want to know her customers’ thoughts and feelings. This took me in surprised honestly, but it was very friendly and fun talk to share about. She is definitely someone who I can trust my finance with(since she’s actually willing to speak face-to-face once a while, again only her out of all agents I met, took the initiative to meet up!), and I definitely want to continue to put my finance trust on her!

  213. Avatar photo
    Hammad Hadi Hassan

    Met Rong Xing and shared with me about investments. As i’m not a risk taker, i didn’t dare to throw my money unecessarily. But after Rong Xing shared with me on a few safe ways to invest, it opened up my views on investments would give it a try in the very near future. His sharing was simple and easy to understand …

  214. Avatar photo
    Haiqal Virah

    Met with Riley for a concept sharing session & profiling after 2 years since our last meet up. She’s still as bubbly as ever! She was very organized & very creative with what she did during the profiling. Overall session was great and I learn alot from Riley. Looking forward for our next meetup.

  215. Avatar photo
    eeling ong

    The sharing session with Anthony Lee was quite insightful, interesting and he also share with me on how he invested. Told me not to invest base on emotions have to look into the company’s fundamentals. I also managed to get a “Lepak investor” book in the end which is nice. Thanks alot!

  216. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Issac

    I met Anthony this afternoon for a quick discussion. It was very informative and to the point. The slides he went through were interesting and easy to understand. I will be meeting up with him again soon together with my wife to discuss further our plans.

  217. Avatar photo
    Joel Tan

    The 1hr 30min sharing session with Walfred was good! Did a personality test with him and he shared useful information on investments. Certainly learnt a thing or two and would recommend it to anyone who is keen on finding out more on investments and who does not know where to start.

  218. Avatar photo
    Bee Lan Lim

    Had a session with David and Farah regarding my career profiling. Both explained the results of the test clearly and I have come to understand more about my strengths and weaknesses. I do learnt values out of this session too.
    Thanks a lot David and Farah who are very professional.

  219. Avatar photo
    JunJie Hui

    Eric is very knowledgeable. He is very patience and willing to share all his knowledge and information. The way he sharing his knowledge is very easy for me to absorb. As first impression, he made me feel likes he is my buddy my old friend, not a ‘salesman’. Highly recommended Eric to everyone if you guys want to learn more.

  220. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    Although Ms Ethelyn Goh was heavily engaged between work and studies concurrently, she still strived to make time to meet me at my convenience to talk about insurance and investment plans, which shows alot on her professionalism and good time management. She proved to be very knowledgeable and seasoned when explaining to me about the different types of life insurance plans, proper financing and investment plans. One of which that amazes me the most was the profiling test that she did with me, it was very unique and very different from what other Financial Consultants I encountered have done. She was also extremely patient and confident in clearing all my doubts and skeptical questions (which I have alot). Hence, I would highly recommend her to everyone who wishes to step into financing and investments as well as insurance and saving plans if you wish to get insured and protected as the knowledge I learnt through her sharings benefited and enlightened me greatly. Thank you for your time and the enthralling experience!

  221. Avatar photo
    jonathan heng

    I recently met one of the financial consultants from the team, Ms Ethelyn Goh. She was very knowledgeable and professional when explaining to me about proper financing and investment plans. One thing that stood out was the profiling test, which made it interesting as compared to other sharing form other consultants. She was also patient when it came to listening and clearing my doubts. I would highly recommend her to my friends as the knowledge I gained through her sharing benefited me greatly. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

  222. Avatar photo
    Rivaldo Erawan

    It was a good sharing with Dedy and Desmond, helping me to understand financial planning for the future

  223. Avatar photo
    PhyuPhyu Win

    Have known Eric through my boyfriend recommendation. He is very open, patient, informative and has the integrity to provide client with financial planning to suit individual finance capability.

    Strongly recommend Eric to who has little knowledge in financial planning and investment.

  224. Avatar photo
    Celeste Sin Yee

    Did a psychology test with Wally and it vibes with me. Told him my thoughts about investment, and he shared with me with a very in-depth presentation and how I had a wrong impression of investment! He was patient enough to answer all my doubts about investment. Will definitely recommend him to my friends who are interested in investment!

  225. Avatar photo

    I had a session with Walfred today.
    I really found him to be very informative.
    I also found him to differ from the norm in the sense that he tries his best to not only engage his viewer but also educate them on what they are getting into. He got me to know more about myself
    As a result he has actually opened my eye on certain aspects of investing that i never knew before.
    I would Strongly recommend him to any one that wishes to know how to grow their wealth. or hoping to learn more about themselves.

  226. Avatar photo
    Dillon20 Chan

    I met up with Riley after a friend referred me to her. Didn’t have much expectations about the sharing but it turned out to be really informative (profiling and investment concepts), and I learnt quite a lot of things even though I heard of it before. She also helped me look through what policies I had and helped me understand them better.

  227. Avatar photo
    B HT

    Aurora was very helpful and clear when introducing me, a beginner, to the basics of investment. The session equipped me with several tips to kickstart my investment journey. Apart from providing useful information and answering my queries, Aurora was also very amicable and set a very comfortable tone by bringing up relatable anecdotes. After the presentation, she also proceeded to check my understanding and clarified any doubts I had. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience!

  228. Avatar photo
    Jesper Chu

    David did a short profiling assessment for me and it was really enlightening and enriching! Found out alot about myself and it was all pretty accurate. He shows concern by asking about past negative experiences and tries to help give suggestions to help me in my life. He also offered me an opportunity to learn from him once I’m done with my National Service. Very fun and enriching experience overall!

  229. Avatar photo

    The interview session was really smooth and nice. Explanation by Wee Chung was clear and excellent. Looking forward next.

  230. Avatar photo
    Yuan Qi

    Met Jia Ying on zoom and it was a good meet up session. She explain to me very detailed on all different types of investment and strategies. Overall is great and highly recommended for those who wants to begin investing.

  231. Avatar photo
    Safiuddin Sotong

    Meet up with Jun Wei, he explained and reviewed to me my existing plans and was very knowledgeable in his work.

  232. Avatar photo
    ZhiCheng Liu

    I met David and had an empowering session on awareness of investment-related facts and information… while acknowledging that idealized info in case studies do not always hold true in real-life, investing early definitely helps, no matter small the amount!

  233. Avatar photo
    Jianxing Li

    What stood out from the sharing was Isaiah’s authenticity and his care and concern, on top of being knowledgeable and candid, yet professional, which I think is a must in this industry and Isaiah is definitely meeting these standards.

    We met to discuss about financial planning and investment and I find it like a wake-up call in the sense that I’m like many others who understands the importance of financial planning, yet procrastinate or dismiss it. The sharing brought up many valid points and provided a reality check by looking into the long term. It was then I realise that I has this myopic attitude as I’m quite contented, but not doing much to “protect” myself for rainy days. So, Isaiah shared his approach with me and gave me very good advice to get started.

    TLDR, I have definitely benefitted from it and Isaiah was patient with my questions and answered them well. It wasn’t the hard sell kind I experienced in the past, but more like educating me and providing me with the information I need. With Isaiah’s traits and mindset, I am sure he and his team will be able to impact the lives of many!

  234. Avatar photo
    LR O

    Jia Ying was really patient and friendly. Kind sharing of basic investments tips and time well spent. Have a better understanding of how investments works. Cleared some of my doubts too. Now I could also better understand my risk profile too.

  235. Avatar photo

    I met Yun Er via a friend recommendation. We had a Zoom meeting and she had shared some useful insurance and investment information with me. She explained well and clear. It was a great meet up.

  236. Avatar photo

    Met Eric for two financial planning sessions which were useful, productive, and full of insights. Unlike those financial consultants who just show you their products, Eric tries to help us to dive into the basics and key principles of financial planning, and map out the possible options from there. The two consultation sessions took around 5 hours. There was definitely a lot one can learn from him and I can see his passion for this job. Highly recommend to those who are pretty noob and newbie and trying to navigate your financial life in such expensive countries like Singapore

  237. Avatar photo
    Daniel Ong

    Jun Wei showed me insightful strategies on investment and the importance of it. He is genuine and professional. Ensuring my needs are concerns are well addressed. He understands clearly what I am looking for helped me work towards my goal with realistic expectations. Extremely professional and knowledgeable. Thank you Jun Wei, will definitely recommend.

  238. Avatar photo
    LK Tee

    Had an interesting discussion with Mei Lan today about investments and strategies. Was glad to have some good reminders about investment risks and basic strategies.
    She was helpful in defining many terms and abbreviations, which served as a good refresher course for me. And I think she was able to remain patiently systematic inspite of my occasional interruptions. All in all, it was a beneficial investment presentation for me. Thank you, Mei Lan.

  239. Avatar photo
    Ernest Tock

    I made time today for David and Edmund’s introduction on planning philosophy, and I was pleasantly surprised at how comprehensive the presentation was!

    There was no attempt at hard selling, rather, it was from an educational standpoint, offering the wealth of knowledge that David has to offer.

    I appreciated how David explained segment 3 (planning philosophy) to suit the knowledge of a financial illiterate, with diagrams and analogies to help me better understand.

    While David is a veteran at his craft, Edmund shows the potential to hone his skills further, and I recommend them to anyone who seeks advice for financial planning, the art of investing or planning philosophy.

    Thank you.

  240. Avatar photo
    Eunice Law

    Had a sit down concept sharing and profiling with Riley today and it was enlightening. With zero knowledge of financial planning, I am able to understand and gain interesting facts of how I should spend my money in a wiser manner. Overall, no product-selling. Just a session to learn one of the most important skill in money management in great comfort.

  241. Avatar photo
    Fong Kee Soh

    Ethelyn has been very helpful and clarified all of my doubts in investments! She is genuinely interested in helping to her best of her ability and I would recommend her to my friends as well!

  242. Avatar photo
    Riyas Ahamed

    I met Eric after his call to hand over the Relaxed Investor book and we had our session in person for an hour. He has provided me guidance on the long term retirement plan and also the better options to reach it safer. I found it very beneficial and professional for recommending to everyone who can also gain the esteemed financial planning for their life

  243. Avatar photo
    Sharmaine Peh

    The session I had with Isaiah was very insightful and the experience that I had was very different as compared to my past experiences. He really does care about his clients and gave me a few constructive advices based on my circumstances. He doesnt hard sell and answered all my questions and cleared my doubts. It was a very fun and informative session. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family members.

    Thanks Isaiah!

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