Review Bedok Bus Interchange, 12 Bedok N Dr, Singapore

Review Bedok Bus Interchange - Singapore 12 Bedok N Dr

“Well maintained interchange. Many shops and kiosk inside the interchange. Good done” or “Been here through my childhood, they change from an normal bus interchange to air conditioned one. Not forgetting integrating the mall with it” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Bedok Bus Interchange. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Bedok Bus Interchange is quality.

Introduction about Bedok Bus Interchange

Here are some fundamental details regarding Bedok Bus Interchange. In terms of Transportation service, it is generally believed that Bedok Bus Interchangeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 12 Bedok N Dr, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Transportation service, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Address: 12 Bedok N Dr, Singapore
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Detailed information of Bedok Bus Interchange

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Here are the operating hours of Bedok Bus Interchange.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 5 AM to 1 AM.


Please check the information below to find out the distance and travel time from the center of Singapore to your destination.

14.25 km14 minute17 minute12 minute

How to contact Bedok Bus Interchange?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Bedok Bus Interchange via:


You can directly come to 12 Bedok N Dr, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Bedok Bus Interchange reviews

Bedok Bus Interchange is among the best destinations of Transportation service in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Bedok Bus Interchange good?

To determine whether Bedok Bus Interchange is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“This is a very convenient place. Alot of sign notification so we won't lost our way. There r DBS,OCBC,POSB ATM withdrawal machines + foods shops around the places. Good to eat. …”

“Been here through my childhood, they change from an normal bus interchange to air conditioned one. Not forgetting integrating the mall with it”

“You can get public rail and bus here. There's a huge shoppinh mall connected to this place.”

“Very efficient and well laid out like most modern bus interchanges. Connects directly to Bedok Mall. No worries about getting wet in the rain. Very clear directional signs.”

“This place has become an integrated hub for transportation, housing, shopping and good food. The MRT is nearby, the food centre is nearby and the shopping is spread within the vicinity.”

“Busy place with lots of people. Halal food is available.”

“Right next and smack in the middle of Bedok Central, usually bustling with office workers and families likewise, very interconnected with the rest of SG and buses get you to different corners of the island.”

“As a bus interchange, the zones are nicely well distanced with small shops to cater who needs snacks or occasional drink while waiting for the bus. Schedule was accurate.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 325 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 84% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Bedok Bus Interchange, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Bedok Bus Interchange, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

Furthermore, here are additional feedbacks from other customers that we have gathered. Hopefully, these reviews will serve as a reliable resource to provide an overview.

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Review Review Bedok Bus Interchange, 12 Bedok N Dr, Singapore

There is a total 325 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    yeow huang loh sihai

    There are many buses to all parts of the island. There are several good and economical restaurants. Next to it are shopping centers, supermarkets and hawker centers, and Bedok MRT station.

  2. Avatar photo
    Raymond Chan

    Bought nasi lemak from a stall in interchange at about 7 pm for $2.50. Be warned ️ when i reached home i found the foods cold and hard. The chicken is so dry and hard i threw the food away. I believe the food has been there since morning because the seller took a packet from behind the counter for me. I didn’t realise at that time. Be careful folks.

  3. Avatar photo
    Joseph Tan

    Another air-conditioning bus interchange with large spaces.

  4. Avatar photo
    Sangeetha Loretta

    Nice friendly buzy environment

  5. Avatar photo
    Ash Ley

    Clean and spacious

  6. Avatar photo
    Amit Kay

    One stop shop

  7. Avatar photo

    An airconditiined interchange, very much better than the old one. It is well connected to Bedok Mall, Bedok MRT, and Bedok hawker centre. The interchange itself has a few coffee shops, eating houses.
    There is a convenience store, a dress shop, an accessory shop, ATMs. Just outside the interchange there is a bakery.
    Overall, a convenient, well maintained interchange.

  8. Avatar photo
    JiangXia Huang Hulk

    Awesome Amazing Accessible Incredible Excellent

  9. Avatar photo
    hezrique harun

    It’s normal. What’s up?

  10. Avatar photo
    JoJo Online

    Its integrated with Bedok Interchange hawker Centre, Bedok MRT and Bedok Mall. One stop place for all your daily necessities

  11. Avatar photo
    Sri Teja Amam


  12. Avatar photo
    Neo Noel

    Very crowded all the time. Good food and reasonable price at the Bus Interchange. Next to MRT. Sheng Shiong, NTUC, clinic, Watson and many shops.

  13. Avatar photo
    Loh Bee Lian

    Went i go home take 854 go interchange not walk so

  14. Avatar photo
    ridz dr

    The Bedok transport hub with attached Bedok Mall

  15. Avatar photo
    M Kraft

    Next to Bedok mall!

  16. Avatar photo
    Cathy Chang

    Easy to access n good food.

  17. Avatar photo
    Rodney Tey

    Very Good and Clean Bus Interchange

  18. Avatar photo
    George Tan

    Great set up.

  19. Avatar photo
    Aaron Derrick

    Never gets old

  20. Avatar photo
    Tiong Dominic

    Just in Bedok Mall

  21. Avatar photo
    anis ahamed

    nice place

  22. Avatar photo
    Rayne Peh

    Good food, snacks and good place to hangout

  23. Avatar photo
    Bey Cheng Kee


  24. Avatar photo
    Farit Ismeth

    Interchange is fully-airconditioned. Seamless access to Bedok Mall and MRT.

  25. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Rathbone

    Great Aircon convenience

  26. Avatar photo

    Nice place

  27. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Chue

    Very cosy n comfortable bus interchange

  28. Avatar photo

    Nice service

  29. Avatar photo
    Low BeeTiang

    Very convenient

  30. Avatar photo
    Nick Peh

    Another indoor bus terminal with aircon, lighting was dim. Lighting can be improved.

  31. Avatar photo
    jason chew

    Always so busy

  32. Avatar photo
    Suvega S

    Bus interchange within/around shopping mall. It is sheltered/aircon and gives a good waiting environment. Small shops with snacks and drinks around the interchange. Connected to MRT/shops/mall and to hawker center

  33. Avatar photo
    Spino Frost

    Very convenient

  34. Avatar photo
    David Chan


  35. Avatar photo
    Teh Hoon

    Convenient place.. Near bedok MRT.

  36. Avatar photo
    Yaz Ast

    What a transfomation this place has become

  37. Avatar photo
    justtt oof


  38. Avatar photo
    Jessie Kor

    No comments Thank you.

  39. Avatar photo

    Take bus from here ,with shopping Mall also under their interchange

  40. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yew

    Good old bus interchange, crowded all the time

  41. Avatar photo
    jereld kua

    There are buses here

  42. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    Spacious. Informative signage and directions. Sufficient exits and entrances.

  43. Avatar photo

    Easy access to buses to eastern sector of Singapore…

  44. Avatar photo
    Robin Varghese

    Big interchange

  45. Avatar photo
    Alvinne Rex Abaricia

    Well design integrated with a mall.

  46. Avatar photo
    Steve Seah


  47. Avatar photo
    Acai Is Back

    It’s Aircon!

  48. Avatar photo
    J Khiro

    Easy access to Bedok Mall and Bedok mrt Station

  49. Avatar photo

    Relatively Clean and the toilets too.

  50. Avatar photo
    Phoenix Tan

    The location is very good, but I am not very familiar with the area there,

  51. Avatar photo
    Osman Ariffin

    Easy to go place from Bedok to changing airport

  52. Avatar photo

    Bedok Bus Interchange is one of the newer bus interchanges, so it is protected from the elements and has air-conditioning. I also like that the berth systems for the buses are much clearer and more distinct than the older ones. Within the bus interchange there are also some shops and a small hawker centre. The bus interchange is also near Bedok MRT Station, Bedok Mall, and Bedok Hawker Centre. Note that outside of the bus interchange, along the external shops of Bedok Mall, is another bus stop, so Bedok Bus Interchange doesn’t just have 10 berths worth of buses that come and go.

  53. Avatar photo


  54. Avatar photo
    Junaina Jimin


  55. Avatar photo

    Bus Service 66 no longer terminate at Bedok Bus Interchange from Sunday, 12 December 2021.

  56. Avatar photo
    John Walker

    Very nice place …

  57. Avatar photo
    Mohd Reza Iskandar Ahmad

  58. Avatar photo
    Thammathorn Promchan

    Near to hawker centre, has some random food stalls in it too

  59. Avatar photo
    Benny Super Shiok Food

    Best Connection

  60. Avatar photo
    Henry Gan

    This is a big hawker center, it caters mainly for locals. Crowded most of the time.

  61. Avatar photo
    Low Chee Fai

    Near to bedok mall there also have food court for bust captain and there food is cheap

  62. Avatar photo
    Faridah Ninam Sahib

    Free n easy going

  63. Avatar photo
    Chwee Koon Koh

    A new bus interchange

  64. Avatar photo

    Smooth n Comfortable.️ …

  65. Avatar photo
    Lee Steven


  66. Avatar photo
    michael vincent gaytano (gmvincent)

    Went to this mall for 4 consecutive days to get a bus way back to the place we stay in marine drive. The whole place is well maintained and kept clean. Love the orderly upon queuing which allows you to sit while waiting for the bus.

  67. Avatar photo
    Hui 2

    Air conditioned !

  68. Avatar photo
    Aze Lim 1M

    Grown up here, feel close to my heart. It will always be in my

  69. Avatar photo
    Kim Elldee

    Bus interchange

  70. Avatar photo
    Isyanah Damiri

    Ok thank’s

  71. Avatar photo
    Rushyy Lopez

    My home and my favourite bus is there too, my memorable bus, SG1138T

  72. Avatar photo
    Azam Khan

    Good place

  73. Avatar photo
    dEtRoiX 86

    got air con.

  74. Avatar photo
    Desmond Kok

    Aircon, well managed interchange.

  75. Avatar photo
    Daneal Adam

    Organized and spacious. A couple of nice eateries and a bakery housed within the complex too.

  76. Avatar photo
    Zalinah Jamil

  77. Avatar photo
    Musthapa Yusufali Basrai

    Nice bus interchange

  78. Avatar photo
    Benji Lim

    Air conditioned. Much better upgrade from the old interchange.

  79. Avatar photo
    Zena Givan

    Hao Kai Ke is not really tasted like Din Dai Feng foods, but is one of the Chinese foods store u would want to visit.

  80. Avatar photo
    Harry Das

    Good n clean plase n bus are fast arriving

  81. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ismail Hensem

    Cozy bus interchange

  82. Avatar photo
    Singapore PROPERTY Update


  83. Avatar photo
    Clement Wong

    Nicely arranged and very comfortable

  84. Avatar photo
    Art Dhamar

    Wish there are more alighting berths here. Too much time wasted to wait for bus to enter the terminal just for alighting.

  85. Avatar photo
    Ling Kay Chin

    Great interchange

  86. Avatar photo
    Ioo Lol

    Easy to get on the bus

  87. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Xu

    Got some nice food stores around while waiting for bus.

  88. Avatar photo
    Guan Shen Tan

    Just beside a hawker with amazing foods. Everyone should come down to try.

  89. Avatar photo
    swee geok neo

    Bedok Bus Interchange is located in the heart of Bedok North. On the ground floor of high-rise residential housing as a bus transfer center. The ground floor is full of Bedok Mall. There are many shops and eateries and deli centres nearby. SUBWAY STATION. Entertainment place. There are many delicious foods in the transfer station. Dessert. A popular place to visit for dining and relaxation. There are many bus routes at the interchange. Short and long distance routes. Xingchuan all over the country. Convenient transportation. If not because of the virus. Most of the people come here to shop and enjoy different food and dishes. Plus the crowds coming out of the subway station. Create crowded. Because there are many unique cuisines and dishes here. Prices are reasonable.

  90. Avatar photo
    Shah Johar


  91. Avatar photo
    Port Captain Burn Manado

    A normal heartland bus interchange! Very well connected to Bedok Mall. Simply, love the place!

  92. Avatar photo
    Tan Alex

    Had a nice malay store right at the back selling nice and inexpensive cookies there

  93. Avatar photo
    Shazaz alattas

    Well… as you noe is interchange and there is alotz of shops and nice foods and shopping Mall… Luv tis area …

  94. Avatar photo
    Haifa Johan

    Convenience area for transit

  95. Avatar photo
    Nick Doggett

    Very efficient and well laid out like most modern bus interchanges. Connects directly to Bedok Mall. No worries about getting wet in the rain. Very clear directional signs.

  96. Avatar photo
    FAY yah

    Can be better if more mini shops selling necessity will be better

  97. Avatar photo

    One or the best bus interchange I have seen. Great as its connected to Bedok Mall and its air-conditioned.

  98. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ibrahim

    As a bus interchange, the zones are nicely well distanced with small shops to cater who needs snacks or occasional drink while waiting for the bus. Schedule was accurate.

  99. Avatar photo
    Denise Lee Wei Lin

    Good place

  100. Avatar photo
    Hwee Kuan Tan

    Wow!fantastic interchange I love to visit the toilets at Bedok interchange super clean a loud applause for the cleaners there .they are super hardworking cleaners

  101. Avatar photo
    kushal tandon


  102. Avatar photo
    Metallian Kental

    Toilet very far..

  103. Avatar photo
    Lohan 8189

    No dustbinns

  104. Avatar photo

    Very convenient for shopping nearby

  105. Avatar photo
    Ian Bligh

    Clean and well maintained

  106. Avatar photo
    Anjat Boboi

    The best interchange with lots of shopping area..

  107. Avatar photo
    Dr Yang Ing Hong Joseph

    Clean n spacious

  108. Avatar photo
    Maszarina Awang

    Exact timing

  109. Avatar photo
    LM Lim

    Ok big air-conditioned bus interchange

  110. Avatar photo
    Esther Lim

    In the same building as Bedok mall. Air-conditioned interchange.

  111. Avatar photo
    Thaqif Zainol

    Very good

  112. Avatar photo
    Avika Bajaj

    Bus is always late and the screen never shows the right timings

  113. Avatar photo
    ide noriko


  114. Avatar photo
    Singh Rajratna

    Very convenient, neat and clean bus interchange.

  115. Avatar photo
    Low Giap Peng

    Got fast food

  116. Avatar photo
    Venkat Chandramoleshwar

    A major and modern bus interchange located right next to the Bedok Mall. Contains a few budget eateries, convenience store.

  117. Avatar photo

    Seldom visit this area,will get confused which level to go.. Walk outside of mall easier..

  118. Avatar photo
    Tan Saigek

    Bedok Bus Interchange good interchangable of buses leading to all any destinations..

  119. Avatar photo
    Tan Lily


  120. Avatar photo
    aini rosli


  121. Avatar photo

    The prawn noodles and lor mee here is excellent! Be sure to visit the right stall, which is called Mei Xiang Prawn Noodle/Lor Mee.

  122. Avatar photo
    Hamzah Hassan


  123. Avatar photo
    Jonet Ibrahim

    Taking feeder bus 229.

  124. Avatar photo

    Now it’s changed very well

  125. Avatar photo
    Psvita Goh

    Very clean

  126. Avatar photo
    Md Hafidz Bin Osman

    Just beside bedok food centre and bedok mall shopping glorious food supermarket etc etc

  127. Avatar photo
    Ridzuan Md Nazir

    My neighborhood with lotsa BBWs!

  128. Avatar photo
    Fendi Alias

    Efficient bus services … shopping all kinds

  129. Avatar photo
    Ai Heang Yoo

    Well designed bus interchange

  130. Avatar photo

    buses are slow

  131. Avatar photo
    Sallim Hashim


  132. Avatar photo
    Ho Mirai

    Overall bus comes regularly on time and the environment very spacious and clean

  133. Avatar photo
    Tan Shiow Pyng

    Comfortable and clean , have a good service …

  134. Avatar photo
    Elizabeth Ee-Adesanya

    A nice gateway to places.

  135. Avatar photo
    rasi mayuni

    Very good and convenient for people to alight and drop-off to their destination to work and get home sweet home… …

  136. Avatar photo

    2 September 2020 after Ten.This bus Interchange is conveniently located near a Hawker Centre and a mini mall like Toa Payoh Bus Interchange.The food stalls closes early but there are several other options like restaurants and fast food joints.Don’t be afraid to explore the nearby shops full of surprises.Like all new air conditioned,bus Interchanges,it’s small and sometimes passengers may get lost.Look out for passing buses like Service 28,137 and many more,near the main road that don’t stop at the bus interchange.

  137. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chou

    Lots of buses

  138. Avatar photo
    Alvin Ng

    Has bus service to almost every part of singapore. Good bus interchange.

  139. Avatar photo
    XYI Ng

    Very convenient

  140. Avatar photo
    Arlina Ahmad Lim

    They have a new beauty shop selling Asian products from Malaysia, Thailand etc.
    Convenient, has a mini mart, a shop that sells Asian snacks, a shop that sells economical noodles and rice and a bakery at the far end of the interchange.

  141. Avatar photo

    the toilets can be cleaner

  142. Avatar photo
    Foo Sia Yong

    very cool

  143. Avatar photo

    I love bedok interchange because It is air conditioned and has some food stalls there but the toilets are very wet and dirty but still usable

  144. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Adib

    It’s a bus interchange

  145. Avatar photo
    rupesh bhavsar


  146. Avatar photo
    Shahul Hameed B Shariff

    Hi my friend, I was just walking accross the the Shopping centre. No purchase done.
    May be next time.

  147. Avatar photo
    christal wee

    Easy to navigate, and many food shops for a quick snack.

  148. Avatar photo
    Melvin Lee

    Nicely air-conditioned …

  149. Avatar photo
    Christian Ang

    Well connected. Right on top of Bedok Mall.

  150. Avatar photo
    alexkoh joo keng

    Fully air-con bus interchange will be a normal thing that all future Singaporeans will see. As for the bus interchange, perhaps to relocate the restroom if possible.. its too far from the point when one alight from buses.

  151. Avatar photo

    Well organised

  152. Avatar photo
    Ray Kong

    Air conditioned, efficient interchange.

  153. Avatar photo
    Mun Long Lai

    It is so convenient! Everything is just there.

  154. Avatar photo
    Saadon Selamat

    Aircond. Clean surroundings and environment. Commuters queue in orderly manner. Various food available, especially at close by Hawker Centre. Convenient Banking services and other daily facilities.

  155. Avatar photo

    Air conditioning int good

  156. Avatar photo
    Choo Genzy

    Bad toilet

  157. Avatar photo
    Lew Zong Cheng

    Good interchange

  158. Avatar photo
    calvin Tan tan


  159. Avatar photo
    Nurul Syuhada

    Is great there so many places I could experience and feel comfortable there the food is amazing great staff members,All of the place has the things I wanted and is also best to spend time with the family and friends! Thank you so much.

  160. Avatar photo
    brandon lee

    Clean and new.

  161. Avatar photo
    Paul Cheng

    Air con transport hub

  162. Avatar photo
    Tong Louis

    Goes everyday

  163. Avatar photo
    Alfred Loh

    Full facilities hub

  164. Avatar photo
    Zhuang Jinkang

    Best bus interchange for me so far

  165. Avatar photo
    Joanne Catalina


  166. Avatar photo
    Aileen Lim

    Next to Bedok Interchange Food Centre with many types of yummy Singapore food.

  167. Avatar photo
    Chris Anthony

    Nice place . Got plenty of food outlet. Restn to hawker stall to fast food. ATM & bsnks too. NTUC Finest.

  168. Avatar photo
    Turmodi Sarkan


  169. Avatar photo

    Always clean and efficient)

  170. Avatar photo
    Jaden James

    Fast easy and clean

  171. Avatar photo
    John Tan

    Inside Bedok Mall

  172. Avatar photo
    Kumar rajaram

    Good place with wide variety of Shops …

  173. Avatar photo
    chin xin hui

    Free wifi

  174. Avatar photo
    Ankara Bai


  175. Avatar photo
    Mike Ng

    Well located convenient bus interchange next to Bedok Shopping Mall within Central North Bedok shops & food outlets… Uncle Mike.

  176. Avatar photo
    Dada Sani

    Air-conditioned bus interchange. What’s not to love

  177. Avatar photo
    Haram Babi

    Very good place to start problem

  178. Avatar photo
    Death Awakes you

    Bus too early by 1~2 minutes go off or late by 4~10 minutes can’t be exactly. But the food not bad, price good …

  179. Avatar photo
    Vinitha Chandran

    Aircon interchange with food outlets within the interchange .nice food outside the interchange with well known Inspirasi malay stall that sells mee soto.mee rebus.and food for all races and at affordable prices.
    Alot of shops at Bedok Mall with NTUC as anchor tenant.People in Bedok are gifted with everything under one roof in aircon envoirment.

  180. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    A good, reliable and friendly east landers bus inter section. …

  181. Avatar photo
    Janelle Wong

    I have no idea why recent bus 60 has been taking so long to arrive, it results in long queues and when the bus finally arrives, it’s a single decked bus. It can be quite frustratingly

  182. Avatar photo
    Sazaly Elendrus

    A lot of makan stalls nesrby…..

  183. Avatar photo
    Thomas & Karan WANG

    A lot of connections, aircon, but could do with better organization of bus bays to group similar routes

  184. Avatar photo
    Kane Han

    Standard interchange. Quite clean

  185. Avatar photo
    jokekiak tan

    Bedok Bus Interchange Station is a very busy interchange station with well-developed traffic. There are buses to Tampines, Simei, Pasir Ris, Eunos, King Bengan, Aljunied, Siu Po, Tai Slope and other buses as far as Toa Payoh, Jurong, etc., there are some small gourmet shops in the corridor of the bus interchange, which is a good place to go.

  186. Avatar photo
    Francis Ng

    Ticketing office start at 10 am. Younger lady so machine didn’t breakdown.

    Nice place, quite connected except the ticketing office. Machine always break down so technologically quite backwards, my presumption.

  187. Avatar photo


  188. Avatar photo
    Andrei Boey

    Market at bedok interchange

  189. Avatar photo
    Albert Yap

    Crowded most of the time, lots of senior citizen hanging out, used to have cheap eateries, but now many are no more due to pandemic. It’s one of the best bus terminal which is fully air-conditioned and generally very clean.

  190. Avatar photo
    Siva Kumar

    Good place

  191. Avatar photo


  192. Avatar photo
    Welles Tan

    Neat and clean bus interchange, some eatery stalls n shops around

  193. Avatar photo
    Eric Ho

    Interchange in a mall is great!

  194. Avatar photo
    Sam Lim

    A great bus interchange where a lot ofbuses to brng you all around Singapore.

  195. Avatar photo
    Cherry Chacko

    Bedok bus interchange.

  196. Avatar photo
    Lee Wilson

    #HaoLaiKe Fried rice with pork ribs was good. You can taste egg with every bite! The pork ribs were tender and juicy

  197. Avatar photo
    Julia Ng

    It Clean …

  198. Avatar photo
    Herman Chia

    Air conditioning and many bus route to other location

  199. Avatar photo
    Fhfg Fjv

    very good

  200. Avatar photo
    jonet ibrahim

    Crowded with peoples shopping.

  201. Avatar photo
    rich 8jobs


  202. Avatar photo
    Reenan Bernabe


  203. Avatar photo
    Game or Zacky Zack

    Been here through my childhood, they change from an normal bus interchange to air conditioned one. Not forgetting integrating the mall with it

  204. Avatar photo
    Priya Ranjan Sinha

    Very convenient to find buses to any location islandwide

  205. Avatar photo
    Jyeo Teow Hee

    Bedok bus interchange is at Bedok Central. Its an air-conditioned facility with coffee shops, small eateries, a bakery,

  206. Avatar photo
    Jonny Whelan

    A fine establishment. It captures that delicate tension between prefunctury dreariness and pernicious officiousness that all decent bus interchanges must have. Sometimes if you’ve been waiting for your bus for a while you wonder if you’ve drifted into purgatory. A masterfully dreadful place.

  207. Avatar photo
    Jesus is Lord

    Lots of food, so spoilt of choices of food at the hawker center

  208. Avatar photo
    Noran Abdullah

    Mall in d same building as interchange

  209. Avatar photo
    Norbishah Sharif

    Busy place with lots of people. Halal food is available.

  210. Avatar photo
    Santhosh Saravanan

    Interchange for all
    Work for many
    Home for some
    Life for a few

  211. Avatar photo
    1128 loi

    Bus interchange, with subway connection, next door is the food center.

  212. Avatar photo
    Richard Zhou

    Good. Food price fair. Not too crowded.

  213. Avatar photo
    yusof azhar

    I love buses so I love this place yo

  214. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Irshad

    No need to wait for long time

  215. Avatar photo
    Kamal Atan


  216. Avatar photo
    Keith Jeremiah

    Big and spacious

  217. Avatar photo

    Place where all buses at a start point journey and with a hawker centre nearby to fill your hungry tummy

  218. Avatar photo
    Ben Sng

    It’s a bus Interchange.

  219. Avatar photo
    Ivonny Liemantika

    As efficient as other public transport arrangements in Singapore

  220. Avatar photo
    Carl Nunes (Carlos)

    Can get some nice food on the way home…

  221. Avatar photo
    john tan

    Public transport facilities. convenience

  222. Avatar photo
    SH Wong

    New generation air con bus terminal.

  223. Avatar photo
    evee_ gachawolf


  224. Avatar photo
    Mageshwari Pannerselvam

    All at one stop.. Try those food stalls, bakers while you wait. Tickets counters are reachable where we can awail children’s bus card too. Restroom s also available and quite clean. Easy access to bedok mall by taking lift, elevator or stair case.

  225. Avatar photo
    Haziq Suip

    cleanliness and aircon could be improve

  226. Avatar photo
    Aidil Amran

    Nice interchange

  227. Avatar photo
    KingKong 99

    This place has become an integrated hub for transportation, housing, shopping and good food.

    The MRT is nearby, the food centre is nearby and the shopping is spread within the vicinity.

  228. Avatar photo
    Jackie Koh

    This is a very convenient place. Alot of sign notification so we won’t lost our way. There r DBS,OCBC,POSB ATM withdrawal machines + foods shops around the places. Good to eat. …

  229. Avatar photo
    Charles Lau

    Good: It’s air-conditioned and convenient.
    Bad: (1) Sometimes it takes a long time for my bus to reach the alighting berth, due to a multiple traffic lights outside the interchange and long lines of buses waiting to enter the interchange at peak hour. (2) The berth arrangement doesn’t make sense for some bus services. For example, 66 and 228 are a few berths apart even though their routes overlaps for 5km. Similarly for 60 and 87. 35/35M usually has no queues or short queues as passengers can board it at the stop along the main road, but it occupies a berth near the entrance.

  230. Avatar photo
    KL Tan

    hawker and mall are near-by.

  231. Avatar photo
    Chew WL

    Very useful

  232. Avatar photo
    Kee Hui Seng

    Sometime bus not on time

  233. Avatar photo
    Koh Joo Keng

    Daily routine for me to be there except my off day from work. Ha.ha. clean and spacious…

  234. Avatar photo
    Aison George

    Good maintained interchange.

  235. Avatar photo
    Anjanav 'Archie' Dhar

    Neat and orderly

  236. Avatar photo
    Chong Jackson

    Busy bus interchange around eastern part of he island..

  237. Avatar photo
    Liz D.


  238. Avatar photo
    Sadeli Hussien

    Fast and smooth bus services to ride for your journey

  239. Avatar photo
    Introvert With A Backpack

    Just above Bedok Mall. Convenient. Got eating places for makan or to-go around the area before you take your bus.

  240. Avatar photo
    Mui MUI Chew


  241. Avatar photo
    Yan Ni

    A place for bus to travel around

  242. Avatar photo
    kevin beitler

    Nice indoors bus interchange

  243. Avatar photo


  244. Avatar photo
    Christine Chua

    Lor mee, wan tan mee,mee by Inspirasi also sold here

  245. Avatar photo
    Salleh Wee

    Missed The Old Bedok Bus Interchange

  246. Avatar photo
    Blue J

    Plenty of stores here! Very affordable traditional kuehs stall, lao ban bean curd stall, a few quick and heavy-meal stalls (i.e. chicken rice, chinese foods), a bakery.. Few places I always managed to drop by before my trip home.

  247. Avatar photo
    Siew Lee Cheng

    Cool here waiting for the bus. Shop alongside and grab your food before you go up the bus.

  248. Avatar photo
    Daniel Chua

    Clean, well-laid-out bus interchange, gets a ding for having their buses spread out way too far and not displaying the bus departures adequately. By the time the display shows the bus I need to take, the bus has already departed, ‘cos the bus is on the other side of the interchange!

  249. Avatar photo
    pkc Harry


  250. Avatar photo
    Jason Chan

    Cooling. Some eateries. Easy to find your way around.

  251. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Ho

    So far so good
    Can be improved

  252. Avatar photo
    Henry L

    Air-conditioned interchange just on top of shopping centre and beside all cook food centre.

  253. Avatar photo
    Merlin Y

    Bus interchange located in bedok mall. Passenger services, machine for lost concession cards and top up kiosk available here.

  254. Avatar photo
    reguram balachandran


  255. Avatar photo
    syed Ibrahim yusoff

    Well maintained interchange. Many shops and kiosk inside the interchange. Good done

  256. Avatar photo
    Kim Yong Chong

    It is spacious and complete, with food, clothing and everything in use

  257. Avatar photo
    Mohd Noor Rizan M.P

    Can be very crowded at certain time of the day.

  258. Avatar photo
    Khai Gaffor

    For a heartlander mall, bedok is just an average mall nothing exciting or nice.

  259. Avatar photo
    Riyaz John

    Busy interchange.

  260. Avatar photo
    Hoshimiya Ichigo

    Good but the bus need to wait 10-12mins

  261. Avatar photo
    Chin Kok Tng

    Very good.

  262. Avatar photo
    Choon Huat Tan

    Some of the famous foods stalls are found here like Bedok Chwee Kueh, Curry chicken noodle, chicken Rice with archar, porridge and one Malay stall

  263. Avatar photo
    syed Ibrahim yusoff

    Well maintained interchange. Many shops and kiosk inside the interchange. Good done

  264. Avatar photo
    Asoka T

    Another bustling hub for SG public transport

  265. Avatar photo
    Peacemaker Official

    General clean, Air con & well lit…TT..

  266. Avatar photo
    E L

    Love the air con here at the bus station. If only all bus interchanges have air con

  267. Avatar photo
    Bernard TeoYC

    ” Obian” idea to have aluminum cover seats for SMM.
    Layout simple & nice to find bus needed …

  268. Avatar photo
    SH TAN


  269. Avatar photo
    Chang Thiam Seng

    Can try

  270. Avatar photo
    kokliang lee

    You can have your meals here. Not too crowded

  271. Avatar photo
    xiang sheng Teh

    Very big and air con!!

  272. Avatar photo
    Faizal Aziz


  273. Avatar photo
    Khanh Nguyen

    Quite well except toilet

  274. Avatar photo
    titus lee


  275. Avatar photo
    Prakash Kumar Narnolia

    Well maintained

  276. Avatar photo
    Su.Shi G

    Efficient bus hub. If only they can make it a little more humane.

  277. Avatar photo
    Rock Chick

    Hahaha !!! SOOOOO , HUNGRY !!! Went there to buy NASI PADANG , so long never eat

  278. Avatar photo


  279. Avatar photo
    Lee Kimhong

    Clean place

  280. Avatar photo
    Mengkuang Han

    Easy to navigate with lot of signboard

  281. Avatar photo
    Pak Soon Lau

    Modern, air conditioned bus interchange. See photo for the bus services starting from this interchange.

  282. Avatar photo

    Where it is convenient for us living in Bedok Area …

  283. Avatar photo
    Amelia Ching

    Good location, many good and nice food can get from this area.

  284. Avatar photo
    Zai Ayu

    Very crowded n cleaned

  285. Avatar photo
    May Peh

    It is a busy bus interchange station in Bedok. There are always people coming and going, and the buses are constantly flowing. You can go to many areas in Singapore. If you want to know the bus route, there is a bus guide, or you can check it on the Internet. The public transportation system in my country is regarded as a Very complete and convenient.

  286. Avatar photo
    ASMR Ethan

    good place to wait for bus and eat …

  287. Avatar photo
    Sim Jenny

    Nice air con interchange with buses to all parts of Spore …

  288. Avatar photo
    Cheng Kangwen


  289. Avatar photo
    Allan Quek

    Good transport connectivity.

  290. Avatar photo


  291. Avatar photo
    Chiew Bobby

    Best interchange in singapore

  292. Avatar photo
    Daniel Lai

    Bedok bus interchange. Severice is very good

  293. Avatar photo
    JoyceSB Lim

    Well established public system.

  294. Avatar photo
    Celine Tan

    Clean, organised, confortable. You can do some shopping snf get meals on the go

  295. Avatar photo

    Great place with accessibility to a large number of places with ease such as heartbeat bedok and bedok mall

  296. Avatar photo
    TAY C B

    An air-conditioned transfer station, great!
    But it took me a long way to find it.

  297. Avatar photo
    yongnam lim

    Service is not up to standard because the time of the bus arrival is not allowed

  298. Avatar photo

    Clean but sometimes crowded

  299. Avatar photo
    Damian Pang

    Spacious and well maintained. Information boards sufficient and accurate. There are lots of shops for food and other stuff too

  300. Avatar photo

    Clean, air-conditioned, modern and comfortable. Many busses to choose from that go to almosg anywhere in SG.

  301. Avatar photo
    Mage Lim

    Some Time bus 16. Will Not follow THE apps timing

  302. Avatar photo

    A great upgraded interchange area interchanging all your needs around these vicinity…
    Do Check’em out….

  303. Avatar photo
    Chia Meow Hiang

    Quite a popular place for people to shop and eat. It quite convenience as the mrt, bus and bus interchsnge that bus go around every singapore to airport, to jurong, town area.

  304. Avatar photo
    Gyro Zeppeli

    Excellent bus interchange, it has air conditioning (only a few Bus interchanges has air conditioning as of 2020) which makes a bus wait less draining for your body.There are multiple food shops that sell 2 dollar meals and bread, it even has a famous cold beancurd outlet there. Plus, it is a 1 minute walk from the arrival area to bedok mall (Note:Bedok mall is just below the interchange)

  305. Avatar photo
    Pikyen Chung

    Very convenient, there are many shops for shopping and eating, it’s a very good place

  306. Avatar photo
    Shaikhah Luna Alsagoff


  307. Avatar photo
    Fah Sum


  308. Avatar photo
    bedok man

    The place is spacious and air conditioned. Upstairs are apartments and downstairs is a shopping mall. Next to Bedok MRT station and hawker centre. There are also many neighborhood shops and movie theaters around.

  309. Avatar photo
    Shanying Wang

    Weather proof interchange

  310. Avatar photo
    Rayyan Daniyal

    Nice hawker with affordable food

  311. Avatar photo
    Tim Wong

    Usual transport hub for transportation

  312. Avatar photo
    Arnee Kamlani

    Hassle free!

  313. Avatar photo
    Desirae Chong

    Right next and smack in the middle of Bedok Central, usually bustling with office workers and families likewise, very interconnected with the rest of SG and buses get you to different corners of the island.

  314. Avatar photo

    You can get public rail and bus here. There’s a huge shoppinh mall connected to this place.

  315. Avatar photo
    Evodka Gaban

    Clean, delicious affordable food.

  316. Avatar photo
    michael vincent gaytano (gmvincent)

    Went to this mall for 4 consecutive days to get a bus way back to the place we stay in marine drive. The whole place is well maintained and kept clean. Love the orderly upon queuing which allows you to sit while waiting for the bus.

  317. Avatar photo
    Tee Kai Guat

    Has lots of stores to accommodate travellers

  318. Avatar photo
    Garion Chan

    A big interchange. It is also linked shopping centre and to Bedok Mrt Station without getting wet.

  319. Avatar photo

    Very convenient for getting around.

  320. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Aminuddin Zulkifli

    Good. Good.

  321. Avatar photo
    Jackie Koh

    This is a very convenient place. Alot of sign notification so we won’t lost our way. There r DBS,OCBC,POSB ATM withdrawal machines + foods shops around the places. Good to eat. …

  322. Avatar photo
    Lal Chandiramani

    Has gd small food court type of food joints

  323. Avatar photo
    Bariq Ikram

    Nice Air conditioned bus interchange attached to bedok mall and few food courts and hawker centres around.

  324. Avatar photo
    Suhaimi Zaidi

    Clean and commuters always practising safe distancing.

  325. Avatar photo
    Xavier Raj

    Attached to Bedok mall, a lot of food shop and do shopping also

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