Review Bedok Activesg Stadium, 1 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore

Review Bedok ActiveSG Stadium - Singapore 1 Bedok North Street 2

“Been 20yrs since my last glory here….very nice place to jog on weekends” or “A nice track with a good tarmac. Great for serious sprints. Note that it gets crowded on weeknight evenings with walkers. No shower facilities” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Bedok Activesg Stadium. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Bedok Activesg Stadium is quality.

Introduction about Bedok Activesg Stadium

Here are some fundamental details regarding Bedok Activesg Stadium. In terms of Sports complex, it is generally believed that Bedok Activesg Stadiumis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Sports complex, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 64434846 (+65 64434846)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 4:30 AM to 9:30 PM.


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You can reach Bedok Activesg Stadium at 64434846(+65 64434846). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Bedok Activesg Stadium via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 1 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Bedok Activesg Stadium reviews

Bedok Activesg Stadium is among the best destinations of Sports complex in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Bedok Activesg Stadium good?

To determine whether Bedok Activesg Stadium is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“theres a nice ol cat here apparently it comes out sometimes and wanders around the stands for a few minutes also the birds unfortunately live in the roof of the spectator stands sooo …”

“A nice track with a good tarmac. Great for serious sprints. Note that it gets crowded on weeknight evenings with walkers. No shower facilities”

“Great for morning runs or jogs! Weekdays not crowded despite near neighbourhood. However can be crowded on weekends in the morning.”

“They have all the facilities for a quick workout or a heavy bodybuilding session. Everything is free but be sure to book slots (etc. Badminton courts)”

“Convenient location to do exercise & have sport activities.”

“What a beautiful stadium with a perfect running track and exercise area... Besides it also have a big grass field and goal post and others sports arena..”

“Nice place for a slow jog. Jogging track was well maintained”

“very well maintained sports facility for your fitness and training.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 242 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 80% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Bedok Activesg Stadium, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Bedok Activesg Stadium, 1 Bedok North Street 2, Singapore

There is a total 242 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Zulfadli Abdul Wahab

    This is where my kids train under the ActiveSG Football Academy (Bedok). Superb atmosphere.

  2. Avatar photo
    alyssa danielle

    toilet no paper

  3. Avatar photo
    Kamaru Zaman

    Good place the people are very worker and manemen club are so understanding I like this place tks

  4. Avatar photo
    Dalston Koh

    Singapore wrestling federation + Singapore boxing federation+Singapore weightlifting federation.

  5. Avatar photo
    Siegmund Deutschmann

    I visited the stadium many for practising Chikung and TaiChi

  6. Avatar photo
    Cherubin Nzingoula

    Very cool

    Trop cool

  7. Avatar photo
    Thomas Hoon

    The new track rocks

  8. Avatar photo
    Andrew Poh

    Old stadium. Could do with some renovation.

  9. Avatar photo
    Power of Lights

    Popular sports hall in the olden days reasonable space with normal fans and no aircon very economical to hold sports events etc.

  10. Avatar photo
    Kabir S (The Fan Rockers Admin)

    Very big stadium

  11. Avatar photo
    Kim Yin Lee

    food variety


  12. Avatar photo
    Joan Carles Granell

    If you’re runner, and you’re afraid for the traffic you can run for free and feel easy.

  13. Avatar photo
    Arun Raju

    It was good

  14. Avatar photo
    Winsome Goh

    Wonderful to run in the lovely sunset view!

  15. Avatar photo
    Loo Enghuay

    Good place to walk or run.

  16. Avatar photo
    Haindu _murthy

    Nice place ,has vending machine for drinks for slight refreshments

  17. Avatar photo
    hairul nezwan

    A little update here. There’s already a parking gantry

  18. Avatar photo
    Elmo See Yap Yuong

    Very will maintain and clean stadium. Will need to check in with then front desk for crowd monitoring. I had a BodyCombat class today. Was well managed by the organiser.

  19. Avatar photo
    Christopher Wong


  20. Avatar photo
    Andrew Cheng

    Nice with many people using it.

  21. Avatar photo
    Simon Tan

    Nice place to go for a run in the evenings, can get abit crowded on certain days

  22. Avatar photo

    Nice place

  23. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Faizal

    They’ve changed the track!!

  24. Avatar photo
    Xyco X (L1nuxDud3)

    Nice neighborhood stadium in bedok.

  25. Avatar photo
    Ibnu Sirr

    old school stadium.. needs upgrading to match the ever changing surrounding..

  26. Avatar photo
    Davis Gay

    Decent track. There’s also half court basketball with synthetic mats. The downside is the $0.40 cents locker and small toilets. It is also not very accessible

  27. Avatar photo

    Bedok stadium

  28. Avatar photo
    Kennerve Tan

    Old school place, a bit rundown, the toilets need to improve.

  29. Avatar photo
    Isz Ism

    Many people immersed in active lifestyle

  30. Avatar photo
    Mandan Misra

    Good place to run and badminton

  31. Avatar photo
    Syamil Shahul

    Great for morning runs or jogs! Weekdays not crowded despite near neighbourhood. However can be crowded on weekends in the morning.

  32. Avatar photo
    Leong Feh Tuck

    Clean stadium for exercises

  33. Avatar photo
    Simon Heng (Simon)

    Square Games


  34. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Bala

    nicely refurbished.

  35. Avatar photo
    Zaliha Abdullah

    Good job Bedoks…for staying healthy even in the evenings.

  36. Avatar photo
    iw yang

    Hard seats !!! bring own cushion.

  37. Avatar photo
    Jason Tan

    Good place to go for all your active activities

  38. Avatar photo
    George Mui

    Good jogging/running track

  39. Avatar photo
    Peter Teoh

    almost every day!!!

  40. Avatar photo

    Lovely place to enhance your energy

  41. Avatar photo
    Bobbi Wing

    Nice environment.

  42. Avatar photo
    Gary KOH

    Nice place for a slow jog. Jogging track was well maintained

  43. Avatar photo

    theres a nice ol cat here apparently
    it comes out sometimes and wanders around the stands for a few minutes
    also the birds unfortunately live in the roof of the spectator stands sooo …

  44. Avatar photo
    Marky815 YY

    Since refurbished last Sept 2017, the stadium is a great place for a workout. Attracting all age groups, mostly elderly in the mornings, and working adults and school children in the evenings. Training ground for football teams too.

  45. Avatar photo
    Tan Marc

    Where I workout

  46. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Ho

    Great Ultimate Frisbee session with kaki sports

  47. Avatar photo

    Nice place for you to go jogging

  48. Avatar photo
    Jeffrey Chen


  49. Avatar photo
    Wee Soon Ng

    Please keep this Bedok Stadium in the future .

  50. Avatar photo
    kweh kiah meng


  51. Avatar photo
    Shiwei Huang

    Weekday mornings not crowded.

  52. Avatar photo
    Alfred L

    The track was really worn and coming apart in the earlier part of this year, but it has since been repaired to a fair degree. I enjoy a run there at least 2-3 times a week. The sun can get into your eye after 8am or so, so 7am is the best time, at least to me. You can get a drink of water at the central gate’s water cooler, or buy some drinks from the vending machine. Can be an interesting place to people watch as well – children half your height that have boundless energy running circles around you, the elderly man who is always in a white singlet and walking there just about every day, the man who prefers to jog backwards, the lady who runs with her feet bare.

  53. Avatar photo
    Luc Charpentier

    Love it, brand new track, not too crowded in the morning and except few exception no wheel chair on the inner lane 🙂

  54. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Abdul Khaleeq ul Zaman

    Good place to train

  55. Avatar photo
    raj deva

    stadium in bedok.

  56. Avatar photo
    Arpabe Embik

    Big parking space

  57. Avatar photo
    Prashant Singh

    Good place for all open activity, foot ball ground is well maintained

  58. Avatar photo
    Amrit Verma

    Good place for jogging.

  59. Avatar photo
    Bryant Cho

    Great place for the local community to keep fit.

  60. Avatar photo
    Vevek Selvam

    Good place to jog

  61. Avatar photo
    Nan Said Nan Said

    Loved the place

  62. Avatar photo
    Parameswaran K.H.

    Well maintained… !!

  63. Avatar photo
    Augustine Yee

    spent a good 2 hours cleaning the bleachers. I am a changed man

  64. Avatar photo
    Janet Tong

    Good place to jog but the downside it that it closed early- too early from my point of view!

    A place where rally happened when there is election

  65. Avatar photo
    Ambat Ramesh Menon

    My son does his athletics training there.

  66. Avatar photo
    Aryan Patil

    It’s pretty decent.

  67. Avatar photo
    Adrian Teo


  68. Avatar photo
    Gilbert Thomas

    Old , tracks are a bit worn out so you got to be careful when jogging.

  69. Avatar photo
    Brian Tee

    The new track is nice

  70. Avatar photo
    Humliodas :D

    Just renovated so it not bad

  71. Avatar photo
    Michael Sia

    Anyone missing at here.
    Pls ask abang kasim. …

  72. Avatar photo

    Huge field

  73. Avatar photo
    Nikki Lee

    Fun activities.

  74. Avatar photo
    Tuandat Nguyen

    Nơi chạy bộ tuyệt vời

    Great place to run

  75. Avatar photo

    Fitness station at the corner

  76. Avatar photo

    Good place for sports, running and fitness


  77. Avatar photo
    Darshana Welivita

    Posting on the rating

  78. Avatar photo

    Public Gym n swimming pool facilities.Cheap n Good

  79. Avatar photo
    R M

    Enjoyed the atmosphere

  80. Avatar photo
    Si-En Tan

    Good running track with other exercise areas as well.

  81. Avatar photo
    Victor Koh

    Love the well maintained red rubber running tracks.

  82. Avatar photo
    Lena Ong

    Didn’t really know that the bedok stadium is opened for public use till recently. Had 2 HPB workout sessions there recently and love the vibrant & energetic atmosphere!

  83. Avatar photo
    Kausik Ramanathan

    Great place

  84. Avatar photo

    Great for jogging

  85. Avatar photo

    This stadium allows public to train and helps to build a healthy community.

  86. Avatar photo
    Mafizul Islam

    my home

  87. Avatar photo
    Randall Neo Jinteck

    Adequate running space, spacious grandstand!

  88. Avatar photo
    Sashayna Channel

    Toilet is bad. No ammenities

  89. Avatar photo
    mohsin ahmed

    Running track and soccer is field is very nice here. Good for running, and there are poles on one corner for stretching and other excercises. Open from approx 5:00 am till 8:30 pm

  90. Avatar photo
    Annie Lim

    Any clue why they put a standing sign board saying ‘No Jogging’ at the side of the track? What do we do in stadium if we are not allowed to jog here?

  91. Avatar photo
    J T

    Nice to see training slowly getting back to pre-Covid normal

  92. Avatar photo
    WC Joshua

    Nice and enjoyable place to relax or refresh

  93. Avatar photo
    Apweit Apweit

    Nice place to workout!. Staffs there are friendly!

  94. Avatar photo
    amit khandelwal

    Nice place for a run

  95. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hisham Bin Abdul Majid

    Sports facility

  96. Avatar photo
    Norbishah Sharif

    Strategic location in Bedok central area

  97. Avatar photo
    Leonard Chong

    Recent retracked. Very nice.

  98. Avatar photo
    Li Sim



  99. Avatar photo
    Jared Beins

    Track is newly paved last month. Much better than before. No more warped lanes or rubber that melts into your hands every time you try to do push-ups on.

  100. Avatar photo
    Terence Lee

    New community centre. Nice place

  101. Avatar photo
    Kevin Lune

    It is home to not 1 but 3 sports federations. Wrestling, Weightlifting and Boxing. Rustic feel inside the venue. Must have a look of you drop by.

    With other facilities like a stadium track and the Silat Federation just next door.

    Not forgetting the Malay Makan place across the road. Overall a place that offers fitness and food! What more can you ask for?

  102. Avatar photo
    Johnson Ang

    Got a cute cat there

  103. Avatar photo
    T B

    It’s an old sports hall surrounded by numerous parking lots.

  104. Avatar photo
    Manoj singh

    It has Football Ground. Track Events Facilities. Awesome place for keeping yourself fit too.

  105. Avatar photo
    Alexander Matthew

    Nice spot for running, track around 350m all round. Only downside is that the place is usually crowded, especially in the afternoon.

  106. Avatar photo
    Harini Jonnada

    Wonderful for physical activities or just a simple picnic

  107. Avatar photo
    Mani Rethinam


  108. Avatar photo
    Chern Yaw Yee

    Good place to spend your weekend.

  109. Avatar photo
    durian Lee


  110. Avatar photo
    Jingheng Tan

    Great for gatting fit but make sure weather is good and theres no event happening.

  111. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lee


  112. Avatar photo
    Madeline Ho

    There are good walking path along the way.

  113. Avatar photo
    Wong Jacky

    Very nice for running. But it’s better to increase the locker qty.

  114. Avatar photo

    I have been doing my physical training for the past forty years, it’s my second home.

  115. Avatar photo
    SiHao Chong

    Better tracks after renovation. Better when running.

  116. Avatar photo
    Arjun Neralla

    Nice stadium with good and quick access to amenities like toilets and hawker centres

  117. Avatar photo
    Seong Eng Law

    very good


  118. Avatar photo
    eva galih

    Yea nice place

  119. Avatar photo
    suhaw koh

    Accessible and convenient for a variety of physical activities

  120. Avatar photo
    reuben bonaparte

    Complete and windy

  121. Avatar photo
    Brandon McHenry

    Old but nice space

  122. Avatar photo
    Serene Yuin Wei Tang

    I went there yesterday with my friends, we sit in our houses:archer, mitchell, lau and means on sports day we played skip 50 seconds and run 50 metres amd I never participate in any races

  123. Avatar photo
    Roslan Papaganas

    alot of facility that can have at the place

  124. Avatar photo
    Solo FJH

    A Clean and quiet option for jogging on the track

  125. Avatar photo
    Singapore PROPERTY Update

    Chic & tranquil

  126. Avatar photo
    rahim non

    This was where I spent a lot of time exercising, praying, playing, running and enjoying the football matches that was held there in the early years of the S League.
    Exercising when I was waiting for my NS call up
    Praying the Hari Raya prayers held there in the early 80s.
    Playing soccer during my amateur club games
    Running morning and evening daily when being unemployed or in between jobs.
    And watching the SLeague games in the early 90s.
    That was the place for me for almost everything as a Bedok resident in the late 70s till early 90s

  127. Avatar photo
    Indu Mathi

    Vast area .. with good facilities…

  128. Avatar photo
    Chan C.S.

    My first time going into the stadium and walk barefoot on the grass area.
    Looking forward to doing more often. …

  129. Avatar photo
    liau yung bun

    Nice place to visit

  130. Avatar photo
    Mazir 99


  131. Avatar photo
    Inderpal Singh

    open for public runs on weekends

  132. Avatar photo
    Rajeev Amanabrolu

    Amazing place to walk/jog/exercise

  133. Avatar photo
    Yaz Ast

    Been 20yrs since my last glory here….very nice place to jog on weekends

  134. Avatar photo

    Its THE HOTTEST stadium ive trained in n it feels like the sun is directly shining there n plus theres no high jump mat.But other than that the place is okay

  135. Avatar photo
    Sebastian Lange

    Walking by but the buildings looks run down and requires a thorough maintenance.

  136. Avatar photo

    nice new track. old track was in a terrible condition and tripping hazard everywhere. some annoyance as there are frequent track and adults alike and they cone-off sections of the tracks. quite disruptive.

  137. Avatar photo
    Wee's Gaming

    Many bus routes to Bedok Stadium

  138. Avatar photo
    Linjie Lee

    Not as good as Tampines

  139. Avatar photo
    Yaz Ast

    Been 20yrs since my last glory here….very nice place to jog on weekends

  140. Avatar photo
    gaurav oberai

    Brilliant place for runs.

  141. Avatar photo
    Elmo See Yap Yuong

    Very will maintain and clean stadium. Will need to check in with then front desk for crowd monitoring. I had a BodyCombat class today. Was well managed by the organiser.

  142. Avatar photo
    Johnny Sim

    A place for exercise. Events n watch football match.

  143. Avatar photo
    Christine Lim

    Nice neighbour stadium. However as it is very old, many part of the tracks are worn out and require repair. Stadium will be closed for track repair from April till September 2017

  144. Avatar photo
    Adam M

    high quality, maintained, free, water fountain, vending machine for drinks, wc, what else do you need?

  145. Avatar photo
    Ravi Kanth బచ్చు

    Very convenient place! No issues daylight! Fled lights are provided for night events! Windy! Happening place!

  146. Avatar photo
    Jaya Kesuma


  147. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Nostalgic but closing soon.

  148. Avatar photo
    Augy Productions

    Pool and toilet are clean

  149. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lee

    I like the old school charms

  150. Avatar photo
    Jeff Lee

    crowded during saturday morning with many activities and organisers

  151. Avatar photo
    Rafie Samin

    A lot of parking lots.

  152. Avatar photo
    Marc Lamy

    Great neighborhood facility.

  153. Avatar photo
    Kumar rajaram

    Good place..Easy access…I like it.

  154. Avatar photo
    Kent Toh Kian Hong

    Smaller than usual tracks. But nice to run nonetheless

  155. Avatar photo
    Sri Ning

    Comfortable for sports activities

    Nyaman Utk aktifitas olah raga

  156. Avatar photo
    Artem Kotov


  157. Avatar photo
    Matthew Shia

    Very comfortable running/training ground! Usually crowded with residents that stay nearby but there’s always sufficient space for training.

  158. Avatar photo
    Ngee Liat Ng

    Nice place for brisk walk or run. Sit up benches need to upgrade.

  159. Avatar photo
    John Tan

    Many activities there, plus eating shop

  160. Avatar photo
    Jony Mia

    Amazing place for relaxation

  161. Avatar photo
    Moti Kalam (Bappa)

    Very nice but space small

  162. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim Noor

    Visited Bedok Stadium and do our jogging at exercises. Well manag d and SD staff on duty are friendly and helpful. …

  163. Avatar photo
    vijayashree ak

    Nice place .

  164. Avatar photo
    Abdul Wahab Abdullah

    Every morning there is a tai chee section conducted by RC members.

  165. Avatar photo
    Joseph Tan

    A great place to complete my morning run.

  166. Avatar photo
    Adam Koh

    home sweet home

  167. Avatar photo
    Karim Kamaruddin (Karimatics)

    Place to play ball

    Tempat main bola

  168. Avatar photo
    hafeez ahmad

    Feeling great..

  169. Avatar photo
    Lia Zon

    Fun place for sports. Nothing much.

  170. Avatar photo
    Ritson “Phoenix” Tan

    A quiet stadium arena for u to exercise

  171. Avatar photo

    Very big complex, might be a bit crowded over the weekend though (I went there on a Sunday evening and many people were there).
    Nice running track, big grass football pitch (was empty) and some street workout stations. There are some mini-goals available if you want to play on a small pitch without goalkeeper.

  172. Avatar photo
    Shafiq Dybala

    Not bad the place

  173. Avatar photo
    Prithvi Goel

    Never let you play in the field

  174. Avatar photo
    Rafik Dhara

    An exercise place for everyone

  175. Avatar photo
    Reenan Bernabe

    nice even it rains

  176. Avatar photo
    Noor Ainni Sayang

    I love the place .

  177. Avatar photo
    Shameer Ahmad

    Nice place to run in the early morning

  178. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Haiqal Bin Razali

    Clean and nice, might have a bit of trouble navigating to a toilet

  179. Avatar photo
    Ethan Dv

    Nice soft grass fields very spacious and not commonly used

  180. Avatar photo
    ateeq ur rehman

    Good for jogging

  181. Avatar photo
    Halim Budianto

    Like other sports venues, the Bedok stadium is pretty good and clean. Every morning there are also many who practice walking, jogging, running, gymnastics and taichi exercises.

    Seperti tempat olahraga lain, stadium Bedok cukup lumayan bagus dan bersih. Tiap pagi banyak juga yang berlatih jalan, jogging, lari, senam dan senam taichi.

  182. Avatar photo
    Dileep Kumar

    Sports place

  183. Avatar photo
    Beh Zhao Hong

    Where I train my IPPT for the last 10 years.

  184. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Ann Kessler

    It’s purpose-built for sporting activities.

  185. Avatar photo
    Mag Mag

    No lighting on the stairs after 7pm

  186. Avatar photo
    rama lingam

    Mega parking space and sport facilities is abundance 5 star rsting

  187. Avatar photo
    Lili Xiao

    Too hot

  188. Avatar photo
    Kaelyn Tan

    The track there is about 400m long and is open to the public. A few schools train there but if you want to keep fit by running then do go there

  189. Avatar photo
    Sean Goh

    Limited shower facilities make working out here more troublesome than it should be.
    There’s a nice set of monkey bars at the far end of the track though.

  190. Avatar photo
    Arman Jay

    Stadium in need of a renovation.. Other than that.. It has running tracks and soccer field

  191. Avatar photo
    Zhang Jiehuang

    Good place to work out, there’s water fountain and free activities to encourage the population to be active

  192. Avatar photo
    Zheng Dong

    very good


  193. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Yam “Prince of TomYam” KH

    Good stadium for residents.

  194. Avatar photo
    rudy arif

    Gonna miss this old stadium as it will make way to the new one which would be ready soon with all the facilities within

  195. Avatar photo

    Great facility by activeSG. Kudos for providing such facility enabling all to adopt a healthy lifestyle

  196. Avatar photo
    Robert Garcia

    very well maintained sports facility for your fitness and training.

  197. Avatar photo
    Prashant Chaudhary

    race track and foot ball ground. near by bus stop

  198. Avatar photo

    theres a nice ol cat here apparently
    it comes out sometimes and wanders around the stands for a few minutes
    also the birds unfortunately live in the roof of the spectator stands sooo
    but nice track, never too crowded theres always one or two lanes free for sprinters to use
    the grass is very green which i like
    and theres good high bars parallel bars and a fitness cornerish with monkey and pullup bars ( i be spittin all these bars )

  199. Avatar photo
    Josh Lee

    Great place to run

    러닝하기 최적화된 좋은 곳

  200. Avatar photo
    Martin Tay

    Seems to be under renovation ?

  201. Avatar photo
    Parveen Begum


  202. Avatar photo
    Lee Soon Guan

    Pretty old stadium in Bedok. Running tracks has been replaced and looking better now. Nice place for morning and evening exercise.

  203. Avatar photo
    Sridhar Ramaswamy

    Good running track, field is often booked for football.

  204. Avatar photo
    chakravarthi thavamani

    A place to jog

  205. Avatar photo
    Devane Sharma

    A nice track with a good tarmac. Great for serious sprints. Note that it gets crowded on weeknight evenings with walkers. No shower facilities

  206. Avatar photo
    sk lim

    very good


  207. Avatar photo

    Bedok stadium near old swimming complex at bedok,great place to do daily running,jogging and physical exercises.nice track ,well maintained.many times the place has been used for family gatherings,school sports day,events like Vivekananda seva samiti programs.every program is unique ,overall great experience.

  208. Avatar photo
    Chai Zhen Hong

    Good environment to exercise

  209. Avatar photo
    Abu Bakar Hussin

    Easy to access n there parking lot available

  210. Avatar photo
    Irfan Jasni

    Great for overweight people to lose weight

  211. Avatar photo
    Sean Chia

    Close too early at 8.30pm

  212. Avatar photo
    nilambari brahma

    Excellent time with vss

  213. Avatar photo
    Nalla S

    Convenient location to do exercise & have sport activities.

  214. Avatar photo
    Leonard Ong

    New running track is great, but locker facility needs to improve

  215. Avatar photo
    Lee Kokliang

    Good place to exercise and sweat out

  216. Avatar photo
    Cornelius Kwok

    Average stadium. Toilet is disgusting. If you wanna do your morning run or exercise, please come here. They have a really big running track and field here.

  217. Avatar photo
    Jin Jia Pang

    After renovations, track is optimal for jogging. Open till quite late at night, no sound and smell from surrounding roads!

  218. Avatar photo

    Crowded after 6 but a great track

  219. Avatar photo
    Vincent Romano


  220. Avatar photo
    Bryan Tan

    Refurbished running tracks. A wonderful sporting experience

  221. Avatar photo
    Charmaine k

    love it there! it is a great place to hold sports events

  222. Avatar photo

    They have all the facilities for a quick workout or a heavy bodybuilding session. Everything is free but be sure to book slots (etc. Badminton courts)

  223. Avatar photo
    God Frey

    Great big place. Shld be gd for exercise. …

  224. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Zulkiffli

    Nice place for relaxation with family and friends

  225. Avatar photo
    Carina Chong

    The running track had just been repaired.

  226. Avatar photo
    Andy Heng

    Good place for exercise

  227. Avatar photo
    Canyu Tan

    Old stadium with many memories

  228. Avatar photo
    BrYan LeE

    The swimming pool/ ActiveSG gym/ tennis courts had moved to heartbeat@Bedok… There are the malay martial arts silat center, indoor/outdoor stadium left there… Few transport buses use the open air carpark to park overnight… can jog round the indoor stadium if the stadium get too crowded during this convi period…

  229. Avatar photo

    Good location for a run. Even though there might be more people in the evening, you can feel life there when you exercise with many people.
    The tracks are in good conditions.

  230. Avatar photo
    Riya Sachan


  231. Avatar photo
    Mahesh Swaminathan

    Very good standard athletics track. …

  232. Avatar photo
    chiefin commander

    Singapore pools is around the corner

  233. Avatar photo
    Meekal Hassan

    This is a natural pitch but it isn’t the highest quality (2 stars dropped). The running track here is decent, there is also a sand pit for practicing other sports. ActivSg also holds a football academy here on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are two vending machines that I know of, you can use an array of cards on the machines and the drink options are good. Lastly, the stands have shade and are a good place to rest.

  234. Avatar photo
    Ismail Ithnin

    I …

  235. Avatar photo
    Bernard Chin

    Stadium is more run down than others.

  236. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Lim

    Simple stadium with watercoolers and toilets. Lack of shower facilities

  237. Avatar photo
    sk yeo

    Quiet place, not much of activities. Very good if you want the space to exercise !

  238. Avatar photo
    Mei QiuSheng, Brandon

    The stadium is open daily until 8:30pm for public use. Many residents nearby run there in the morning as well as evening time. Sometimes it may be closed for soccer games, then only ticket holders are allowed to enter. The stadium was built decades ago. Facilities are bit worn out. Government could upgrade it soon.

  239. Avatar photo
    venkatesh satharu

    Nice Indian event happened..big stadium too…

  240. Avatar photo
    Vee Jay

    Good place for jog and run. Neighbors are usually run here.

  241. Avatar photo
    eric tham

    home local football team

  242. Avatar photo
    Kaiden Teng

    What a beautiful stadium with a perfect running track and exercise area… Besides it also have a big grass field and goal post and others sports arena..

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