Review Beaudery, 10 Anson Rd, Singapore

Review Beaudery - Singapore 10 Anson Rd

“Highly recommend Beaudery for ur brow embroidery!!!! I’m very satisfied with my brows done by Chief artist! Will surely come back again!” or “Great service and my embroidery turn out well! The artist was very patient with me & ensures that I’m satisfied with the result. Highly recommend! ” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Beaudery. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Beaudery is quality.

Introduction about Beaudery

Here are some fundamental details regarding Beaudery. In terms of Beauty salon, it is generally believed that Beauderyis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 10 Anson Rd, #02-79, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Beauty salon, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Address: 10 Anson Rd, #02-79, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 11 AM to 8 PM.


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How to contact Beaudery?

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You can directly come to 10 Anson Rd, #02-79, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Beaudery reviews

Beaudery is among the best destinations of Beauty salon in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Beaudery good?

To determine whether Beaudery is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Pleasant first time experience with Beaudery! Spent a bit of time drawing the shape I want for my brows. However Silvia was very patient and understanding in ensuring my brows was perfect. Highly recommend!!”

“Did my eyebrow embroidery with them and it turned out amazing! It was the best decision I ever made. I did the Microshading style, it’s super natural. Highly recommend …”

“thanks to Beaudery, i love my eyebrows even more!! will be saving so much time to do my makeup in the future! very nice & kind artists, love the shop as well! very cozy …”

“I absolutely love how my brows turned out after doing the microshading! Very natural looking and perfect for days when I do not want any makeup on. Thumbs up for their excellent work!”

“Highly recommend Beaudery for ur brow embroidery!!!! I’m very satisfied with my brows done by Chief artist! Will surely come back again!”

“did my eyebrow embroidery with Xiao Hui, she was really meticulous throughout the whole process. i didn’t feel any discomfort / pain during the whole session!! …”

“Done my eyebrow embroidery with Beaudery and I really love the end result. Xiao Hui had did a great job in shaping an eyebrow with a previous embroidery done. Very meticulous.”

“Great service and my embroidery turn out well! The artist was very patient with me & ensures that I’m satisfied with the result. Highly recommend! ”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 233 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Beaudery, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Beaudery, 10 Anson Rd, Singapore

There is a total 233 reviews

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  1. Avatar photo
    J H

    My best investment of 2021. Did microshading with Chief Artist! Love the service, ambience of the place, and most importantly, v happy with the results.

  2. Avatar photo
    Yap Kailin

    Came here to leave a review 3 weeks after the eyebrow embroidery session. I must say for a first timer I am so impressed with the results that I wanted! The session was most painless, ambience is quiet and soothing, and the aftercare products given were effective! Looking forward to my touch up session soon!

  3. Avatar photo
    Gene Sia

    Im very scared of pain and even brought my own emla cream along. But the numbing cream they use is very strong so is really totally painless! I even fell asleep while doing halfway!

    I did microshading and Silvia the chief artist was the one who help me do. She ask me if i have any preference but i said no. So i just let her do cos i know nothing about brows and she’s the expert! My brows have a huge transformation in a good way of cos! Im gonna bring my sisters and mum here to do next time!

  4. Avatar photo

    Very clean environment nice ambiance, did my brows with chief artist and it was awesome! Thank you for giving me pretty brows to go out with!!

  5. Avatar photo
    xt teo

    I did ombré brows and was very happy with the results. Silvia was very experienced and the whole process was very fast and smooth. No pain

  6. Avatar photo
    Melissa Wee

    Super happy with the Microshading done by Chief Artist Silvia! She even showed that all needles used were new and unopened before starting. Prices are affordable too. Definitely would recommend

  7. Avatar photo
    Xuan Yun Mong

    Silvia was really patient and professional! I did my brow embroidery (ombre brows) with her and she was always checking in with me to make sure that I was comfortable and not in any pain. Loved how my brows turned out and will definitely recommend to friends and family!

  8. Avatar photo

    Beaudery’s got to be the best place to do your brows. Service is excellent, the owner is ever patient with any queries you may have, puts you at ease, making the entire process super pleasant with zero pain at all, totally worth it.

  9. Avatar photo
    Camilla Kang

    First time doing eyebrow embroidery and the place was really nice & clean! The whole process was painless. Silvia was very professional when drawing my brows to show the shape that I’ve chosen! Overall a wonderful experience here!

  10. Avatar photo
    Toh Yun Qian

    I’m here doing my first eyebrow embroidery and Beaudery did a very good job. Is painless and the whole session is super comfortable. The place is also very chill and comfortable. The boss there is very kind and nice. Affordable price. Thank you so much for a very nice brows.

  11. Avatar photo
    Birgitta Natasya Hardianto

    I had my eyebrow done in beaudery. I really love the result. The owner is very attentive, patient and can give recommendation / direction which brow shape suit me best, and also what look that i will have after the process. I highly recommend this place. My brow has never been better …

  12. Avatar photo
    Yiping Yeo

    Silvia gave me such amazing brows today, and my session with her was very comfortable. She reapplied numbing cream multiple times throughout, and she really took her time to design my brows perfectly and asked for my opinion before proceeding. She is attentive to my preferences (even adjusting by 1mm length for me) and comfort, and I’m so glad I found Beaudery. I can’t wait to see my healed results. Thank you very much Silvia!

  13. Avatar photo
    Doph Goh

    Had a great time experience at Beaudery for my brows, looks super natural after the session so I had no issues going out or back to office after. Customisation was done according to my needs when I mentioned that I want to focus on my brow ends. 10/10 recommend.

  14. Avatar photo
    Xinyi Cai

    Went for my first eyebrow embroidery experience with Beaudery. Really happy to have found this place after researching for quite awhile. Numbing cream was applied and it’s almost a painless experience. Lady Boss Silvia was really nice and patient, she makes sure you’re happy with the brow shape before she starts the embroidery. She’s really detailed with her work and brow looks natural! Price is really affordable and comes with free touch up and after care kit. Thank you Silvia for the beautiful work. Highly recommend!

  15. Avatar photo
    Agnes Goh

    Did Brow Ombre with Beaudery and it’s a life changer! Awesome brows on fleek and service was top-notch. Painless experience too. Highly recommend!

  16. Avatar photo
    Firdayu Ayu

    The experience was very hassle free and easy(that I manage to nap while she doing my brow) . And i love it how my brows was done – so natural , doesnt look harsh on me, I did brow henna anw . Def will come back !

  17. Avatar photo
    Huiyi Lee

    Truly enjoyed my experience at Beaudery! The place was clean and spacious, accompanied with calming music. Artist was polite, patient and gentle throughout the process I even fell asleep! Highly recommended for the professionalism and service. Thank you! ️

  18. Avatar photo
    Angel -

    The skill by the chief artist is really impressive. She is very kind, does not over sell and does amazing work. After one year, brows still managed to retain its color.

  19. Avatar photo
    Alicia Tan

    My very first embroidery experience and i rly love it. silvia is very patient and nice, she ensures that you don’t feel any pain throughout the session if the numbing cream were to wear out. It’s been almost a year and my brows still looks dam good. It rly saves you a lot of time!! Highly recommend!!

  20. Avatar photo
    Corey C

    Highly recommend cos:
    1. Their numbing cream is effective, and they reapply the numbing cream after/while working on it. I’ve been to others that don’t work at all, or are semi-effective.

    2. My artist (Sylvia) tells me what she’s doing – applying numbing cream now, wait x mins, new needle, starting now, etc. Ive been to others that just don’t say anything at all.

    3. When I went back for touch up, Sylvia asked me if I wanted to make it darker cos she noticed also it was too light. I wanted to ask anyway but before I could, she was alrd analysing it and had the initiative to ask cos some places don’t do that.

    4. Scabbing? What scabbing??? Can’t say I take care of mine so no scabbing, cos it did get a bit wet with chlorine/pool water and sea water on Saturday (day 3). (Not supposed to do these things but I had commitments ) but anyway it’s day 6 now and it’s still good!!)

  21. Avatar photo
    Calista Oh

    Beaudery staff were friendly and professional. Really loved the brows I got from them here. Definitely would recommend to friends and family.

  22. Avatar photo
    Jan Neo

    Came across Beaudery when I was scrolling through Instagram. There were many good reviews and they’re true! It was my first time getting my brows done and Xiaohui, the pro artist, was very friendly and professional. She ensured that the whole process was comfortable for me by applying the numbing cream before and during the process. Initially I thought that it might be painful but I fell asleep for a short while! Haha it was a very relaxing environment with calming music Xiaohui is also very attentive and has advised me on which colour for my ombré brows and when to come back for touch up etc. She also made sure that the brow shape was satisfactory before she proceeded. I’m very pleased with my brows and will definitely recommend Beaudery to my friends and family! No regrets Thank you Xiaohui!

  23. Avatar photo
    Pamela Lai

    Did eyebrow embroidery with Pro artist, Xiao hui. She was very meticulous and skilled in her work! Very satisfied with the outcome and would strongly recommend to those who are still considering.

  24. Avatar photo
    Jia Qi

    Did my brow henna over there. She was so detailed and the whole process felt so comfortable I actually fell asleep! and honestly the brow henna looks so good initially I thought it was gonna be really dark and different but it came out really nicely for the next 2 weeks I don’t have to draw my brows !! Super happy with my experience 10/10 would go back again!

  25. Avatar photo
    Hanny Winata

    I did brow&lips embroidery with Silvia. The session was very comfortable and Silvia was very professional. She took time to draw my brows and make sure it looks like what I want, even for the lips. Received many compliment, shorten makeup time by skipping the brows and lipstick. My face always look fresh and it lighten up my mood everyday. Highly recommend Beaudery!

  26. Avatar photo
    Steffi Ang

    Was recommended Beaudery by my friend, and really indeed did not fail to disappoint!! Process was painless since numbing cream was applied, and beautician was also really friendly, constantly checking throughout the process if it was painful! Loving my new brows, thank you! …

  27. Avatar photo
    maria irene evangelista

    Silvias hands were magicVery professional too.
    She do my eyebrows in a really natural looking way’ not so thin and not so thick as well.Its super worth it!Well recommendedThe place is clean and nice too..Very in pink️ …

  28. Avatar photo
    Tan Kellyn

    Two words to describe the whole experience – No Regrets! I had my virgin brows + free touch up embroidered by Silvia. She is very gentle, attentive and professional. She did Ombre brows for me and it turned out exactly how I want it to look. The shade and shape is on point. I received many compliments (for my eyebrows) from friends and even strangers. I guess a good pair of eyebrow really do make a difference in the way you look (people will start noticing you, in a good way!).

  29. Avatar photo
    Jolene kwok

    service provided was 10/10, friendly and very patient. she helped me achieved my dream brows and it has been so convenient as i don’t have to spend extra time in the morning to draw my brows! the place is nicely decorated and clean as well

  30. Avatar photo
    Jody Lim

    Did eyebrow embroidery with the chief artist, was skeptical at first because few years back, did a bad one somewhere else but beaudery did not disappoint, they were detailed & make sure I understand everything before proceeding. After the process, it was itchy at first because the brows are peeling but after about 2 weeks, the brows became nicer, and you get a free touch up after 3/4 months! You can now wake up to drawn brows & even go into zoom calls with your bare face because of these embroidery brows! Love it! Highly recommend

  31. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Ong Shi Yun

    I did my eyebrow embroidery- ombré and it was perfect. I do not have to worry about my brows anymore and I received a lot of compliments about my brows. Some even do it with you guys! Definitely the best …

  32. Avatar photo
    xin li

    Best Eyebrow embroidery place I ever been to, environment is clean and neat, my beautician is Super patient and professional. Would introduce my friend here. Definitely a worthy experience …

  33. Avatar photo
    Yeeling toh

    Came across Beaudery on Instagram, looked through their amazing work for quite awhile before i decided to book an appointment with them in October. As they’re really fully packed with bookings, I finally managed to get a slot in December, the 2 months of waiting was worth it! I had my old embroidery covered up using Ombre in Dark brown, the work was amazing and they really use their heart to work on it. The whole process was excellent, she will occasionally put more numbing cream on between the session to make sure I was comfortable, There’s will be a slight pain when the numbing cream wears off but definitely bearable! Their service is friendly and good! was given mentos and asked if I needed water. Once we’re done and we left the studio, we were caught in the rain, the staff came to find my friend and I to pass us umbrealla to cross over to bugis junction otherwise we’ll be stucked or even drench! Will definitely recommend my friends to Beaudery! So in love with my brows.

  34. Avatar photo
    Leong jia min

    very detailed oriented brow artist! brow artist is very careful and meticulous when drawing my brow shape and also kept on checking with me whether i am happy with the shape!

    very friendly and had a nice chat with her throughout the session!

    highly recommended!

  35. Avatar photo
    Isabel Chung

    Really love the results of their brows service (Ombre Brows)! They are really professional such as being on time and ensuring that they are using a new needles etc Definitely coming back again for touch up<3

  36. Avatar photo
    Kelsey Chew

    Place is comfortable, cosy, and really relaxing and the people there are very nice n friendly! Did eyebrow embroidery and the process was mostly painless and aftercare kit was provided!

  37. Avatar photo
    Bibi Goh

    really love the full experience hosted by her and the whole ambience of the store is just super good! she’s so meticulous in doing my brows and, attentively doing it – making sure everything is fine. really super glad that i’ve ran into her page on IG! my brows is rly so lasting and i’ve received a lot of compliments regarding it ️

  38. Avatar photo
    Joyce Chiong

    I took up the Beaudery Circuit Breaker promotion and it was among the most affordable brow embroidery services around! She’s experienced, friendly and skilled in her work, and the salon is clean and comfortable. I enjoyed the treatment too, she was really friendly and we chatted throughout. With the numbing cream, the embroidery process was completely painless. I love the brows and got lots of compliments on them

  39. Avatar photo
    xiaowee loh

    Many thanks to Xiao Hui in providing me a pair of natural and beautiful eyebrows. She is experienced and professional in mapping the brows to fit my face shape. The whole process was very relaxed and pleasant. No more eyebrows pencil in my life!! …

  40. Avatar photo
    Veronne Seoh

    The place is really clean and neat, very comfortable and bright. The boss is the one who did my brows embroidery. As this is mg virgin brow embroidery i am very particular and decided to do it at Beaudery cause of the reviews and pictures i saw on instagram. Slyvia is very professional and gave me advice on the type of embroidery that suit me. She is patient and answered to all of my questions to clear my doubts. It was a good experience with beaudery and i cant wait for my brows to fade off and go for touch up. Overall i am pleased with my embroidery and i would recommend it to my family and friends as the price is reasonable as well. Thank you for giving me a nice embroidery and i could save at least 15 mins of my time without having to draw brows which i am bad at.

  41. Avatar photo
    Coraline B

    My microshading was just finished here. And I greatly appreciate the Chief Artist’s careful and sensitive work on my brows. Her hands were delicate. They are knowledgeable, and the store is tidy. For those who have virgin brows like mine, I wholeheartedly recommend Beaudery. My brows took on a more lovely shape.

  42. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Neo

    Eyebrow embroidery service – Ombré Brows by Pro Artist
    Xiao Hu was very attentive and friendly! she did a perfect job for my brows and I am very very satisfied with the end results!! have been getting praises from people around me!

  43. Avatar photo
    Kelly Chong

    Excellent maiden embroidery experience with Beaudery.

    A big thank you to Sylvia (Chief Artist), for being gentle and patient & explained the entire process. The entire session is painless & I actually fell asleep.

    Complimentary aftercare kit is provided & Sylvia explained the after care steps.

    Highly recommended to all girls whom wants perfect brows!

  44. Avatar photo

    Wonderful experience! Getting my brows done here was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Xiao hui is very professional and meticulous; I loved how my brows turned out. Even retouching was done with great care. The ambience was also wonderful, clean and relaxing.

  45. Avatar photo
    Doreen See

    My first eyebrow embroidery. Took a leap of faith & went ahead with ombre misty brows!

    I like how Silvia will explain to me what she was doing such as putting on the numbing cream, showing me that she was using a sterile needle (which is super important).

    It was so nicely done which looks so natural + painless!!! Thank you Silvia for the amazing work! Now I don’t have to worry about uneven eyebrows

    Will definitely recommend my loved ones & me myself will definitely be back again

  46. Avatar photo
    Jenn Lim

    The location is convenient. The parlour was simple but clean. I did microshading brows by Chief Artist Silvia. She has helped me to apply numbing cream prior and the session was totally painless. My brows appeared slightly darker than usual at first which is normal and it slowly scab off over the next two weeks. Just have to follow aftercare as instructed. Its super natural now and I dont have to draw my brows anymore! Im definitely going back to do retouch.

  47. Avatar photo
    Lan Chi Pham

    Just did my eyebrow embroidery – brown ombré and it was so nice!
    I am very satisfied with my new eyebrow. Xiao Hui was very gentle, friendly and detailed. She explained to me and made sure that I was comfortable with the shape and colour before starting the brown embroidery procedure. Highly recommend for their services!

  48. Avatar photo

    This is my 2nd time doing eyebrow embroidery and I decided to go with Beaudery after reading all the good reviews. The whole process of Ombré brows took about 1.5 hours and it was totally painless for me. Silvia was gentle and definitely skilled in doing the embroidery. I love the end results of my brows and how natural it looks after the session. You don’t have to worry looking fierce with your fresh brows as it was really natural and defined!
    I went for my touch up session recently and the process was quicker, it took about an hour only. The session by Silvia was so comfortable that I fell asleep haha I will definitely stick to them for my future brows touch up and I highly recommend anyone to go!

  49. Avatar photo
    Azelle Tiang

    1st time doing eyebrow embroidery and I went to the Beaudery after seeing all the beautiful results on their Instagram. I did mine with Chief Artist, Silvia and love how natural it looks. Many commented that it’s nice too. Highly recommend!

  50. Avatar photo
    J K

    Very glad I went with Sylvia for my brows! Just did my touch-up and gotta say I’m loving the results. She’d ensure that you’re happy with the shape and thickness of the brows before adding the ink. Needless to say, the entire process was pain-free and very comfortable. Highly recommend to go with Beaudery for your brow embroidery!

  51. Avatar photo
    Regine Tan

    Thanks for making my brows pretty! I love how it turns out the beautician is professional and make sure that I don’t feel pain throughout the whole process. It’s def the place where I would intro my friends to get their brows done! …

  52. Avatar photo
    Jo Jo

    The chief artist was soo nice. I was really scared of pain and needles but I was so surprised I couldn’t even feel anything throughout the whole session lolz. I scared myself for nothing haha. Super happy with my new eyebrows. I did microshading and will definitely be back Thank u!

  53. Avatar photo
    Angel Loisa

    If you ever want to get your brows professionally done, look no further! Beaudery is definitely the go-to place. Got my brows done here and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. The parlour was really well decorated with natural light, the beds comfortable enough to lay through the entire process of microblading. The beauty technician attending to me was friendly, guided the process of microblading with me thoroughly, ensuring the procedure to be pain-free and a lovely experience. Thank you once again!

  54. Avatar photo
    Ruth Ann Pedro

    Im so happy about my eyebrows looks like. I made NO mistake of choosing BEAUDERY since i have read a lot of reliable and awesome feedbacks about their services. I sent a photo of my bare eyebrows to see what kind of embroidery i could get and they will help you, what looks best on your eyebrows. Also, you can suggest of what you want and they’ll follow. The staff are nice very accommodating. Thank You beaudery! Highly Recommended.

  55. Avatar photo
    Regine Tay

    This is my first eyebrow embroidery and I did microshading here at Beaudery by Chief Artist, Silvia and I must say I love it!
    The whole process is painless and really comfortable. Eyebrow shape and colour can be done according to your preferences too.
    Highly recommend this place if you are looking to do eyebrow embroidery!

  56. Avatar photo
    Lina Lim

    I just did my eyebrows embroidery with Silvia. The whole experience was painless and Silvia was very meticulous. She check in often to make sure that the process was comfortable throughout the whole session. Thank you so much! …

  57. Avatar photo
    Nicole Kimberly

    It was my first time getting my brows embroidered and of course I was nervous because I didn’t know much. However, Silvia was patient and kind enough to let me know the procedure throughout the whole experience.
    It was relaxing and pain-free, so you don’t have to worry about having low-tolerance for pain like me.My brows have received MANY compliments and my friends have been asking where I got them done. I’m very happy with the results because my brows are at their best! Thank you!

  58. Avatar photo
    Jing Ying

    I got my brows done by Xiaohui, she was very professional and patient although I was indecisive about the eyebrow shape and length I want to go for. She was also very detailed and careful which made the whole procedure almost painless ! I really love my eyebrows now, would definitely recommend my friends and family to Beaudery ! thankyou so much!

  59. Avatar photo
    Rachelyn Chua

    Enjoyed my brow embroidery session at Beaudery! Silvia was very professional and the process was so comfortable, very very minimal pain because she reapplied the numbing cream multiple times during the process. Can’t stop looking at my eyebrows ever since I got them done.

  60. Avatar photo
    Wai Yin

    From enquiring to booking an appointment and to the actual session, staff were swift, efficient and accommodating. Xiao Hui did an amazing job with my brows and I can’t wait to be back again soon for my lash lift! Highly recommended!

  61. Avatar photo

    Highly recommended the wonderful and professional service! It’s my first time doing an eyebrow embroidery and I’m super glad that I decided to do them at Beaudery. The results are great and the process is comfortable as always. ️

  62. Avatar photo
    WanJing Loh

    Did my eyebrow embroidery with Beaudery and I have to say I love it! My brow artist, Xiao Hui had did a great job in shaping an eyebrow with a previous embroidery done. Very meticulous and constantly making sure that my brows were done evenly. Glad that I made the choice to come here for my eyebrow embroidery

  63. Avatar photo
    Viona Angeline

    I did microshading to my virgin brow and super love the result! Pain was 1/10 and service was 1.5hr only. Highly recommend to do your eyebrow embroidery here if it’s your first time!

  64. Avatar photo
    Lim Yiru

    Did microshading in beaudery. Owner is friendly, professional & patient. She really ensured that the brows shape was to my liking before proceeding & the healed result was exactly what I wanted. (natural looking) There was close to 0 pain felt during the process & that says alot as I have very low pain tolerance. If youre looking for reasonably priced & high quality results, do check her out! Also, the process is under 2 hours, efficient as well.

  65. Avatar photo
    Luwalhati Damian

    Great service and my embroidery turn out well! The artist was very patient with me & ensures that I’m satisfied with the result. Highly recommend!

  66. Avatar photo
    Jieling Tan

    I did my first eyebrow embroidery here, overall experience is good, just slight discomfort on my skin when applying ink but Xiaohui was very patient and kept asking if I was feeling ok, applying numbing cream for me when needed. Service here is very good and detailed. Thanks xiaohui!

  67. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Pei

    Did an ombré brows by Pro artist. She was so patient and professional. Whole process took about 2hrs, and it was comfortable and I could just relax and let her handle my eyebrow! & Yes it came out awesome & perfectly done! Thank you so much!

  68. Avatar photo
    Beverlove xoxo

    Did my brow embroidery w them. Silver was attentive to the style I want for my brows. And also checked if I feel any pain..
    Got a lot of compliments from ppl saying it looks v natural. Alr recommended to quite a few ppl
    Keep up the gd work!

  69. Avatar photo

    was my first time doing a eyebrow embroidery, really loved how professional & patient the person was with me! took a long time to draw my eyebrows but it all worked out in the end, awesome experience! it was painless to the point where i fell asleep …

  70. Avatar photo
    Amanda Tay

    Did ombre brow embroidery with Beaudery. It was my first time trying embroidery and it turned out fantastic, beyond my expectations. Silvia is really friendly and provides information before, during and after my brow embroidery – even before I decide to book an appt with her. I’m really satisfied with my natural looking brows and I don’t have to draw my brows anymore to look sharp and bright everyday! Thanks Silvia!

  71. Avatar photo

    It’s my first experience doing eyebrow embroidery and I’m loving it! Initially I was quite worried, so I came down a day earlier to take a look and asked some questions. The guy answered all my queries and explained in detail, putting my mind at ease. On appointment date, the chief artist, Sylvia was ready to serve me on time. She let me know what she’s doing at every step. She is gentle and have keen eye for details. I never liked anyone who drew my eyebrows previously but Sylvia drew it perfectly the first time. We did some minor edits and she proceed to do her magic. I had received alot of compliments from colleagues and friends about my beaudery brows. Im so happy, thank you

  72. Avatar photo
    35EA Wong Sin Yi Violet

    Beaudery is super clean and pretty. The owner is very friendly and professional. It was my first time doing it, she made the experience very comfortable. She would brief me on whats going on before proceeding with anything. I took a long time to decide which eyebrow place i should do mine at but among all, her instagram page shows how to do aftercare for brows and what to expect while its still healing so i felt like i was really in safe hands, her prices are reasonable too. The end result of my brows are perfect. I’m definitely coming back here if i need a touch up in future. You can trust her to do your embroidery.

  73. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    Just gifted my virgin brows a microshading treatment by the Chief Artist – Sylvia from Beaudery!

    Beaudery has been friendly and helpful right from my enquiry dm to them in IG till the service was consumed. Fixing an appointment, note on pre treatment advice and payment were a breeze.
    I rarely draw my brows and my brows were a little imbalanced so microshading which fills the gaps and balanced up the shape is most optimal.

    Started with leaving numbing cream on for 20mins, Sylvia then drew the outline of the brow design and after a short exchange, we fixed on the final design.
    Sylvia showed that she used a new needle from a sealed package then started on the procedure, asking me time to time if I felt any pain. Numbing cream was applied at intervals, it stung a little but otherwise, it was a painless procedure. Could hear a bit of scraping sound and the churning sound of the equipment while korean songs played in the environment

    Overall, it took about 1.5hr from the min I stepped into the shop till I exited.
    An aftercare advice and essential pack was given for the 7-14days aftercare

    Other details to share…
    Deposit of $100 was required to secure the appointment, balanced payment to make on day of appointment after service either via Paynow or cash.
    Through a gf’s extensive research and own experience, I opted for Beaudery and Sylvia. Very happy with the immediate result, will observe further in next 2 weeks.

  74. Avatar photo
    Geraldine Lam

    My first experience with eyebrow embroidery went very smoothly under Silvia’s good hands in January. She was professional and told me what she was going to do at each step. The pain factor was minimal, my brows look very natural and has made a difference in my makeup routine. Looking forward to my touch up session soon!

  75. Avatar photo
    Nur Afiqah Syazana

    So inlove with the outcome of my ombré brows, Glad I went and trusted my brows with Beaudery. The environment of the shop was sooo beautiful and comfortable! She ensure my brows was drawn perfectly to my liking before starting the process and the numbing cream works wonders making it almost painless ! Can’t wait to be back for touch up , DEFINITELY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for first timers like me

  76. Avatar photo
    Jialin Chong

    Glad that i had a good experience for my first eyebrow embroidery. It was painless experience and Silvia drew out her recommended shape for me, which i review and let her know my preference of thickness. She’s also very friendly and let me know step and step on what she is going to do for my microshading. What’s more, she has a free touch up!! So happy with my eyebrows now and the quality she used is good! Brow colour only fade naturally but NOT turn into red colour. Highly recommended!

  77. Avatar photo
    Lin Lin

    Highly recommend Beaudery for ur brow embroidery!!!! I’m very satisfied with my brows done by Chief artist! Will surely come back again!

  78. Avatar photo
    Sophiya Suhanah

    the service is amazing! love my eyebrows! 10/10 would recommend to anyone who wants to get the brows done. no pain at all

  79. Avatar photo
    Cassandra sim

    I did microshading here at Beaudery for the first time ever and I am so so happy with the results! I chanced upon their page on Instagram and I saw such great reviews so I felt confident to try this place. I’m very happy I did so as Silvia was very professional in her work making sure everything was good and that I felt no pain – and I really wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I will definitely recommend her services to my family and friends.

  80. Avatar photo
    treniece lee

    Highly recommend Silvia, the artist also the lady boss for eyebrow embroidery if you are looking for a natural look. A pretty and awesome place to be at Beaudery. With her hospitality and the supreme hand works, I had a wonderful experience at the cosy parlour. A place that I would definitely recommend and revisit.

  81. Avatar photo
    Richelle Phua

    A very pleasant experience microshading with Silvia! She replies really quickly on IG and during the process, she was very friendly and gentle with me. She made sure that I was really certain with the golden ratio of my brows before starting the embroidery itself. The entire embroidery process was painless, i even dozed off midway. The healing process was not problematic as well as she gave very clear after-care instructions and followed up with me throughout. It has been over 3 months now and my brows still look so great, i’ve been getting so many compliments on how natural-looking they are. Highly recommend anyone who wants to wake up with picture-perfect brows~

  82. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Tho

    I’m sure all girls know the importance of our eyebrows – well-defined brows help shape the face and can most definitely improve your appearance. After doing extensive research, I decided to trust Silvia (Chief Artist) with my brows and I now have amazing brows all thanks to her!

    Extremely satisfied with the service provided throughout the whole process. Booking an appointment was fuss-free and the place is conveniently located and well kept. Silvia is very professional and will ensure that you are informed of what is going to happen at every step of the embroidery process. She even goes the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable at all times. Most importantly, the brows that she did looks really natural and I’ve gotten several compliments since then!

    To conclude, Beaudery and Silvia definitely deserves their 5 star rating and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to their brows to book an appointment with Beaudery.

  83. Avatar photo
    Karen Chew

    Thanks Beaudery for the awesome job on my brows.. it’s on fleek and I love it!!

    Special thanks to Silvia who was very patient with me and applied the numbing cream more than once so that I don’t feel the pain! She also adjusted a few times to suit to my liking and also gave me honest opinions as how it should be and I trusted her.

    Great service and cant wait to see them again to get the touch up in two years time

    So ladies, honestly their services can be trusted and you can go ahead with no worries!

  84. Avatar photo
    Natalie Soo

    Very satisfied with my first-time my brow embroidery (ombre brows) and lash lift + tint services at this place with pro artist! Definitely found my new go-to for beauty services. Very professional service done by Pro Artist, she is very gentle and meticulous with her work. Venue is super pretty in pink and well kept. Definitely in good hands with Beaudery!

  85. Avatar photo

    Had my eyebrow embroidery done today with them & the place is so clean!! The pain level for me is zero cuz there’s numbing cream added on during the process. Highly recommend as they rly put in 100% effort to make sure ur brows turns out to be balance or exactly how u wanted it to be like. Will consider doing my eyeliner & lip embroidery with them too

  86. Avatar photo
    Qian Wei Goh

    Had my brows done by Sylvia at Beaudery, and am really satisfied with it. The experience was positive and comfortable. Would highly recommend their services! …

  87. Avatar photo
    Gina Quek

    Did the brow embroidery service with Silvia and it was done beautifully! Received many compliments for it. Personally i like the brow shape and the colour intensity is just right. Highly recommend this service for girls who want brows on fleek everydayyyy.

  88. Avatar photo
    Lim Yok Yen

    I did my ombré eyebrow on Oct 2020 ever since covid because can’t go JB ady. It’s my first eyebrow embroidery in Singapore and just feel very amazing about their work even until now I still received compliments about my eyebrows was well done. The cutest things is my boyfriend’s mom and aunty also went there after seeing my eyebrow.
    Thank youuu!

  89. Avatar photo
    ruiqi chin

    The place is very pretty and clean! The beautician will show you that they use new needles etc before starting the service! She will also constantly check in to make sure you don’t feel any pain and clarify any doubts!

  90. Avatar photo
    Eileen Ho

    Was recommended by a friend for eyebrow embroidery with Beaudery and was convinced after I saw her brows which was done by them. Just did my touch up (foc within 3 months) today and as usual, very pleased with the results. Nice place, ambience and staff Can’t wait to visit them again for future touch up …

  91. Avatar photo
    alicia ang

    Really like the experience here! At first i was hesitating to do it and i thought i would regret it, but the outcome was more pretty than i expected ! She is really professional as she will show me that she is using a new needle and keep checking if its painful for me, if its painful she would apply more numbing cream without hesitation. Afterall the experience is really great and isnt painful as she will put more numbing cream if you feels painful! Really love my brows now as i can save more time preparing for work or going out.

  92. Avatar photo
    Marinah Adani Pinto

    I did brow henna with xiao hui and i love it so much because now i can save time without having to do my brows, she’s really detailed and she did it really fast. My brows are so neat! Thank you so much I’ll definitely visit again

  93. Avatar photo
    beey ooi

    Very glad that I made a right choice by choosing beaudery for eyebrow embroidery! Love the fantastic work so much. I would say no downtime at all by following their aftercare instruction Definitely will recommend it to my friends! …

  94. Avatar photo
    HUI SHEAN Siow

    I did my eyebrow embroidery with the Chief Artist two months back and she did a very great job on my brows. She’s very nice, friendly and professional as well.
    Highly recommend this place if you want to have a pretty brow

  95. Avatar photo
    Jiamin Q

    Chief artist was very thorough and detailed in her work. Very assuring as well and kept checking if I felt any pain. Work was very well done too! Overall very happy for my first time!

  96. Avatar photo
    Valerie Gui

    Lovely experience at Beaudery! I opted for microshading by chief artist she was very patient with my requests and did a wonderful job for my eyebrows! Really happy with the result and would definitely recommend them to my peers ️ …

  97. Avatar photo
    Daphne T

    First time doing my brows with Beaudery. Thanks to Silvia who did my brows, from shaping till done making sure no discomfort or pain throughout the entire process. Very patient n detailed. Received many compliment, shorten makeup time by skipping the brows. No more bad brows day Highly recommended!

  98. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Tan

    Silvia was very patient and gentle throughout the entire embroidery process. Constantly checking if there was any discomfort or if I needed more numbing cream. Result was super natural and soft! Now I have more time to sleep in as I do not have to draw my brows anymore. Highly recommend Beaudery!

  99. Avatar photo

    Did my brows and lashes with her and the experience was the best I’ve experienced! She was meticulous with her work and I left the studio feeling satisfied! Really really thankful to have come across her account! Thank you for making me look beautiful every day when I wake up! …

  100. Avatar photo
    Jody Ho

    Really professional service done by beaudery. The beautician was excellent and careful while doing my eyebrow embroidery. The whole process was painless! thank you so much for the nice brows

  101. Avatar photo
    Chloe Chan

    my very first time getting my eyebrows done & i 100% don’t regret going to beaudery to have them microshaded! the results after healing is super natural and long lasting!! the overall experience from the very start was super pleasant, beaudery replies my queries on instagram really quickly and super thoroughly. i brought my mom to get her brows done too & we both agree that the process was painless & very comfortable! highly highly recommend beaudery for their services!!

  102. Avatar photo

    Silvia did the Ombré brow embroidery service for me, I really love my new brows! She was very meticulous in designing my brow shape based on my facial features and now my brows are no longer tail-less. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I definitely see myself coming back here for touch-ups. I will recommend Beaudery to my friends & my mum. Thank you for the excellent service!

  103. Avatar photo
    Jessie Tang

    I love the place!!! Clean and quiet. She is SUPER professional!!! she design and do my brows according to my personal preference which i really appreciate. The whole process was really enjoyable. Recommended to some of my friends too and will recommend it to everyone if you’re looking to do your brows!

  104. Avatar photo
    Jess C

    In love with my new brows done by Chief Artist, and thankful to have found this salon ️ What I loved about this place vs another salon that I went to previously, is that the artist will let you choose the colour of your brows. She will professionally measure your features and draw the brow shape according to your facial ratio. When I had certain requests, she was also very nice and patient with it, very good service! They even provide an aftercare kit including a plastic eye shield, sponge, and aftercare cream. Detailed instructions are also provided in pamphlet and in text. Bonus points that she shop is very pretty Highly recommend!

  105. Avatar photo
    Pei Yi Koh

    The lady boss doing the embroidery was very nice and did a very good job too! I was given an aftercare kit like every other, but knowing I would be out for a while before heading home, she gave me a few cotton pads to clean my brows every hour for the first 4 hours post-embroidery! Very considerate of her!️

  106. Avatar photo
    Lim Carol

    super happy & satisfied with the results! my past experiences is horrible, went to 2 technicians in the past & the whole process was super painful, colour became red after awhile & was uneven. i gave up finding solutions to solve my brows but came across Beaudery during the circuit breaker. I’m so happy with the results, the entire process was LITTLE TO NO PAIN even i myself was surprised. My brows is in the ideal colour & shape just like the way i would draw it everyday. 100% RECOMMEND BEAUDERY, trust me for the skills & professionalisms + cozy environment the price is really super affordable. HEALED OMBRE BROWS ( NO DRAWING ) 100% true to real life.

  107. Avatar photo
    Yi Jun Ng

    Had a great experience with Beaudery from start to finish! Their service was great and the chief artist took time to make sure that the brows turn out well …

  108. Avatar photo
    Vendella Aurine

    I did my eyelash several times and it came out super pretty. Literally always. Love the ambience of the store, super clean and neat. The owner, silvia is very kind and friendly. You go girl ‍️ …

  109. Avatar photo
    Emerlynn Wee

    Decided to give beaudery a shot after seeing many good testimonials online accompanied with nice before & after shots on their ig. I went for the chief artist microshading and I love the results – it looks so natural once it’s healed (with minimal scabbing, almost not noticeable). Also, the entire process was almost painless that I fell asleep during the procedure. Love how they will show you before starting that they are using brand new needles too. The staff handling the communications aspect is very responsive, and the chief artist is professional. Would definitely recommend this to friends who are interested but don’t know which shop to go to.

  110. Avatar photo
    Jia Yi Lee

    I just did my ombre touch up with Silvia today.
    I really like my brow shape so much and I’m so thankful i found her! She did an amazing job on my brows!

  111. Avatar photo
    Janica Sim

    A very pleasant first experience at Beaudery where i got my brows done using the ombré technique by the Chief Artist ️ She was very friendly and very detailed in explaining to me the procedures! She was also very meticulous in mapping out my brows shapes using the golden ration. She was also very patient in answering my queries and kept checking on me during the process to see if it was painful for me
    The whole process was fast and there was very minimal pain (3/10)!

    Super love how the end results turn out and highly recommended for everybody that is looking to get their brows done! ️

  112. Avatar photo
    Alicia Lee

    Did lash lift at Beaudery and was really impressed with the results!! The whole process was really great, no discomfort, no stinging, just beautiful lifted lashes. My lashes stay lifted for almost 2 months. Will definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to get their lashes lifted

  113. Avatar photo
    Shannon Lee

    Really love the full experience I received when I first enter the shop, till the end of the service!!! She was really outgoing and I love how she’s always trying to build up conversation which makes the eyebrow embroidery process a little less boring and painful. Thanks for making my eyebrow look fuller so I can sleep in and I really really love the end product, can’t emphasise how much I really love it :”)

  114. Avatar photo
    Goh Jia Ying Christina

    Had microshading done by Sylvia and i really loved it. The studio was very clean and comfortable to be in. Staffs were friendly and easy to talk to. Session completed quickly. Will go back again.

  115. Avatar photo
    Bubbles Choi

    Friendly chief artist provided advice for my Ombré brows embroidery accordingly. She is gentle and patient while explaining the procedure. Barely feel any pain during the procedre. Overall is a good experience …

  116. Avatar photo
    Pakboong Ypzii

    I did my ombré eyebrows it was done perfectly. The place location is great , customer service excellent. They were very understanding of my needs. Thank you so much for the perfect eyebrows …

  117. Avatar photo
    Bernice Lai

    My first ever brow embroidery experience was very pleasant at Beaudery! And I am glad that I decided on them. Silvia was my artist and she gave me such beautiful brows, something that I can never acheive myself even after so many years of drawing brows. I like it that they were very accomodating to my changes in appointment. They were also prompt in replying dms. The process overall was 2/10 pain scale for me, and silvia made sure I am comfortable by applying numbing cream during the process as well. She ensured that I liked my brows design before starting on embroidery. She was also clear with her instructions as to what she is going to do next etc. Highly recommend!!!

  118. Avatar photo
    Xiao Yin

    Did microshading at Beaudery! Silvia was very professional and precise, because it was my first time doing an eyebrow embroidery i was quite nervous about it but she was really nice about it and answered my questions with assurance. She provides an aftercare kit and a free touch up as well which is great! Love my brows now!

  119. Avatar photo
    Jolene Ng

    I loved the shape of my brows and its natural strokes that lasted well throughout the months. The colour pigmentation was good and faded naturally. Silvia is very professional and skilled! …

  120. Avatar photo
    Sylvia Huang

    Visited Beaudery for 2 sessions of eyebrow embroidery and both experiences are delightful and pleasurable. My brow artist Silvia is very accommodating and skillful. They are thoughtful to provide post-treatment and aftercare advices and cream. Overall the treatment process is very delicate and safe! I didn’t experience any scabbing, redness or pain for both sessions, but it differs for each person. With my new pair of ombré eyebrows I feel more confident and lesser time is needed for my daily make up routine.

  121. Avatar photo
    Shayne Kok

    Highly recommend Beaudery for ur brow embroidery!!!! Booking was done via WhatsApp swiftly.. the place was so clean and thoroughly sanitised Xiao Hui explained the steps to me and was detailed and gentle! I love my new brows so much~ will come back again!

  122. Avatar photo
    Lee Meijin

    Answers to all of my enquiries very promptly on Instagram, great service during the appointment, explain step by step what they gonna do and recommended me base on my preferences. Overall a great experience and would totally recommend it to those who are new to eyebrow embroidery.

  123. Avatar photo
    Tok Fong Lin

    Saw the good reviews of this place and decided to do my eyebrow embroidery here!! My friend also did her eyebrow here!! Making of appointment was fast and the person was v nice answering my questions and even when I had to change the date of the appointment. The place was cozy and comfortable and overall was a great experience!!. The whole process was personalized from consulting the color that I prefer, to the brows shape and making adjustments till I am satisfied before proceeding.They also use new needles so you don’t have to worry about hygiene and all!! The aftercare kit was also thoughtful w instructions manual and the process of healing. Price is reasonable and would recommend anyone that is looking to do eyebrow embroidery. Now I dont even have to draw my eyebrows anymore!! I am really satisfied w the service.

  124. Avatar photo
    Frances Hong

    Amazing service, I did the Ombré Brows by Chief Artist Silva. She was very gentle and friendly and constantly checked with me if i felt any pain. Entire process was painless i fell asleep a few times! Will definitely come back to do my brows again! …

  125. Avatar photo
    Sheryn Sim

    The shop space is so clean, pretty and zen. I did microshading for my eyebrows and the shape is exactly what I wanted. Process throughout was relaxing and painless. My brow artist Sylvia is great!

  126. Avatar photo
    regina tan

    After researching for many shops which do eyebrow embroidery, I have decided to go for Beaudery. It was such a pleasant experience!

    I did Ombre brows, done by Chief Artist. She was meticulous and ensured that I was satisfied with the shape before proceeding the embroidery. Aftercare pack and instructions were given after the session which I think it’s a plus point for me!

    Overall, I would recommend Beaudery for their professional, quality and good value service! (=

  127. Avatar photo
    Angela Chew

    Silvia is very professional and friendly. Love my ombré brows done by her. It’s a painless procedure as they would put on numbing cream before they begin.
    I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get their brows done! They even provided an aftercare kit!

  128. Avatar photo
    Jane Chan

    It’s hard to find a good eyebrow beautician. Glad that I’ve found Beaudery. Lasting eyebrow embroidery done by Silvia. Painless and only less than 2 hrs! Love the brows shape too! Definitely back for touch up when needed! …

  129. Avatar photo
    Adriana Asteria

    Had my brows embroidered by Silvia as recommended by a family member. No regrets going ahead with her as I made prior arrangement to have it embroidered at another place. She made sure of the outline was what I wanted before proceeding even if it was just minor adjustments, she was so accommodating.

    Place was clean and properly sanitized. I’m surprised she can still remember our prior conversations months back when I returned for my touch up. Silvia is a skilled technician who has given me beautiful brows. Would definitely recommend anyone to go to her to fix your brows! Thank you Beaudery for giving my brows life!

  130. Avatar photo
    Cassie Goh

    I was very satisfied with the service provided by the chief artist who did the microshading for my brows. She was delicate and gentle. I also felt that she gave me the perfect shaped brows that suited my face. They look really natural. Highly recommend Silvia! (:

  131. Avatar photo
    Pauline Lee

    Love my brows so much
    Save my time for make up,
    Especially when u have kids, time r so precious.

    So wat you’ll are waiting for book ur brows now with them.

  132. Avatar photo
    karen goh

    It’s my second time doing my lash lift at Beaudery. Service was amazing, they are super gentle as well and always end the session off with satisfactory result. Definitely going to patronize them again! Hoping that they will do a loyalty card or some sort in the future for lash lift!

  133. Avatar photo
    Claudia Chu

    I did my brow embroidery (microshading) with chief artist at Beaudery! Silvia was very patient, professional with delivering her service. The entire process was painless and smooth. Will highly recommend to people who have not done their brows before!

  134. Avatar photo
    Jana Jusman

    Did my first eyebrow embroidery with Beaudery. Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. The brow artist took the time to carefully draw my brows and making sure that I am okay with the shape before proceeding. The session does not feel rushed at all and the artist makes sure that I was not feeling painful at all! Highly recommended

  135. Avatar photo
    teng t

    I had a great experience with Beaudery. They were prompt and polite in their replies for booking of appointment, and the studio was really clean. The pro artist who did my brows was patient and meticulous. She made sure the markings/drawing on my brows were balanced and I was satisfied before proceeding with the embroidery. She also checked and did touch ups to make sure there were no gaps in the embroidery before I left the studio.

  136. Avatar photo
    Mavis Chee

    Silvia is a very professional brow artist who did my eyebrow embroidery. The whole experience was very calming and peaceful; vibrant lights and soothing music while she does your brows. She never hesitated to top up more numbing cream to ensure that i won’t feel any pain during the whole procedure. Thank you for the pleasant experience! ️

  137. Avatar photo
    Pei Lin Teiw

    Did my eyebrow embroidery at Beaudery today! Managed to secure a last minute slot a couple of days ago and was lucky to get chief artist Sylvia to do my brows. Booking of appointment was a breeze and their insta is very informative! Staffs are friendly and patient. Thank you Sylvia for being so professional and taking time to measure and design my brows just to ensure that they are nice and equal! Will definitely go back again

  138. Avatar photo
    Isabel Ong

    Beaudery provides excellent service from start to end – patient and careful design of eyebrow shape, efficient and painless process, embroidered eyebrows turned out perfect, no swelling or redness, shade was exactly how i wanted it as well – chief artist is very skilled and provided clear post embroidery care instructions as well – first time trying microshading and the experience was great, highly recommend

  139. Avatar photo
    nerissa tan

    Microshading with chief artist, Silvia. She starts off by applying a numbing cream. Then Silvia took her time to draw up a precise outline of my brows before starting the procedure. She was patient and redid the outline to ensure I was happy with the shape. The procedure itself was very comfortable and relaxing and I was able to doze off. I like that she shared exactly what she was doing before each step to prep me. After the microshading, there were comprehensive aftercare instructions along with a mini kit. Overall pleased with the service and the brows.

  140. Avatar photo
    Jeanie Chia

    I’m very satisfied with my ombré brows done by Chief artist! The service was great! she had been very patient to design the brows shape according to my preference. The whole process was painless. Would definitely come back again for my touch-ups in the future

  141. Avatar photo
    Adeline Tay

    i got my eyebrows microshaded by the chief artist, and she made the entire process so comfortable. she was very meticulous, especially when creating the eyebrow golden ratio. she will make sure everything is perfect before proceeding to the embroidery process. this is my first time doing eyebrow embroidery and its a one solid experience!!

  142. Avatar photo
    Eunice Yong

    Done my eyebrow embroidery with Beaudery and I really love the end result. Xiao Hui had did a great job in shaping an eyebrow with a previous embroidery done. Very meticulous.

  143. Avatar photo
    Tricia Woon

    did my eyebrow embroidery with Xiao Hui, she was really meticulous throughout the whole process. i didn’t feel any discomfort / pain during the whole session!! …

  144. Avatar photo
    Jonelle Heng

    I did my brows (microshading) with Beaudery today. Prior to the appointment, they did a simple evaluation and recommended on which suits me better.

    The staffs were very friendly especially the chief artist who did my brows. She made sure I was comfortable and inform me of her next step each time.

    I am very pleased with the outcome of the brows and I love it so much! Thank you for the service and I would 100% recommend Beaudery to all my friends. ️

  145. Avatar photo
    zoe poh

    the pro artist was very meticulous and made sure i was satisfied with the shape, she was v patient and had good professional insights as to what wld fit me best. prior to even booking my appointment, the staff were quick and thorough in responding to my enquiries. it turned out well and im happy w it! def recommend beaudery!

  146. Avatar photo
    marilynn koh

    Before booking an appointment the staff is very kind and response very fast to enquiries when I drop them a message. They are very patient in answering all my questions and they will advice me which technique is more suitable for me. They are very professional when doing the embroidery. They use new needles and make sure everything is clean. The whole process is relatively painless and it takes less than 2hrs. Overall I am satisfied with the outcome of my brows and would highly recommend!

  147. Avatar photo
    ts lee

    Got my eyebrows done at Beaudery by Silvia and I’m so pleased with the results! The service was really good and hygienic and she made sure that I was comfortable throughout the session. This is my first time doing eyebrow embroidery, and I chose the microshading technique. It frames my face nicely and looks really natural and is perfect for makeup-free days! Thank you for the pleasant experience 🙂

  148. Avatar photo
    Coraline B

    My microshading was just finished here. And I greatly appreciate the Chief Artist’s careful and sensitive work on my brows. Her hands were delicate. They are knowledgeable, and the store is tidy. For those who have virgin brows like mine, I wholeheartedly recommend Beaudery. My brows took on a more lovely shape.

  149. Avatar photo
    Tini TinTin

    Did my brows with Silvia. The place is so nice, clean and sanitary. Before beginning, Silvia informed that she’s be using new tools. Would recommend this place to others!

  150. Avatar photo
    Hui Shin Lee

    Highly recommend here if you want to have a fuss free morning and say “No” to eyebrow pencil anymore. I went for microshading with chief artist Sylvia and she patiently explain to me how the whole process and which are the one that suit me. I love the results so much!!!

  151. Avatar photo

    Decided to do microshading at Beaudery after comparing various eyebrow embroidery places and getting feedback from various beauty chats. The process of booking appointment slots and going for the appointment was really quick. They would inform you what to do and what to not do before and after your session so as to let your brows heal better. There was a tiny bit of pain but it was bearable, Silvia made sure to make the whole process as calming as possible for you she was also very meticulous in shaping and filling in your brows, and her soft voice made me relax better as well! My friends and family all said that my eyebrows look natural, which is what I’m really happy about. More time to sleep since I get to skip drawing my brows now

    As it was raining heavily, they even offered a plastic bag for me to store my umbrella when I headed out. Really thoughtful of them!

  152. Avatar photo
    Audrey Chee

    Did microshading.. process is quick and painless. Sylvia is a joy to chat with too! I have awesome brows now and recommended beaudery to my family and friends! …

  153. Avatar photo
    Steffany Ong

    Did ombre eyebrow embroidery w Silvia, and I love my brows now! Silvia was professional, patience, really glad that I chose to do my brows with Beaudery. The whole process was fast and nearly painless, prob 2/10, this is coming from someone w really low tolerance of pain. Looking forward to the brows after healing and the touchup session

  154. Avatar photo
    Cheyenne Tay

    It was my first time doing eyebrow embroidery and I was super nervous however technician did a GREAT JOB. I have a scar on one of my brows and my other brow muscle is more active, hence it is really difficult to make my brows even. However, she did an amazing job! I haven’t seen my brows looked so good before and I cannot stop looking at it. If u have low pain tolerance like me, you definitely do not have to worry because the pain level is at most up to 3/10! I SUPER HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND BEAUDERY TO EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO GET THEIR BROWS DONE.

  155. Avatar photo
    Jessica Tan

    I first did my eyebrows with them last year and have been going back since! Price is very reasonable and they do such a high quality job it really puts your mind at ease. The studio is cozy and clean with nice music so you can relax during your session. The stylist is very caring and professional, she will check with you on the shape and design of the brow before starting. There is a free aftercare kit as well! After a few days, the eyebrow is no longer too dark and you don’t have to worry about not being able to leave the house Will surely visit again when I need it.

  156. Avatar photo
    Shermaine Dragon

    i am very pleased with the skills and professionalism of beaudery. The boss, Silvia was very welcoming, friendly and warm. I’m glad i was able to entrust my brows with her as i had a terrible experience with microblading in the past from a different beautician! Her effort, meticulousness and cleanliness were 10/10. I’ll definitely recommend her and her team to my friends and relatives for any beauty services they desire. I will be back for sure! thank you again!

  157. Avatar photo

    Silvia was fantastic at her craft. First time trying out w her and I must say I enjoyed the exp. Very clean and comfy place do do my brows and the results of my brows was amazing. I personally love how she took pains to explain after care and share w me what to expect! Defintely ecommended place for your brows!

  158. Avatar photo
    Xin Yin Lim

    It was my first brow embroidery and my friend recommended me – Beaudery. The lady boss was really patient with me and listens to my preference when I told her the shape of the brows i want and she drew it out for me. She gave me suggestion on the type of brows i should get and she also chose the colour for me, which really matches with my hair colour. The session was really much close to painless because she would apply numbing cream before that. After the session, she will also explain the Do’s and Don’ts to ensure proper healing. Overall it was a really pleasant and great experience because she’s really friendly and professional.

    Thank you so much Beaudery and can’t wait to get my touch up soon!

  159. Avatar photo
    Pamela Ng

    I did my eyebrow embroidery last March 2020. Touch up in June 2020. Eyebrow still looks fantastic now, May 2021. Very natural. Went back to do eyelash extensions today. Have been doing extensions since 2018 with others and this was pleasantly surprised with their classic lash. I prefer the natural strand by strand lash and Beaudery delivered the right service! Great service, worth the time and money!

  160. Avatar photo
    Katelyn Serrano

    thanks to Beaudery, i love my eyebrows even more!! will be saving so much time to do my makeup in the future! very nice & kind artists, love the shop as well! very cozy …

  161. Avatar photo
    Kerene Kho

    Highly recommend to do your eyebrow embroidery with Beaudrey! I don’t do feedbacks on Google platform but I really want to express how great of a shop Beaudrey is.

    The lady boss was really patient, nice and she’s very detailed in her work. I feel that she understand what her customer wants and do a wonderful job in it. The ink they uses is really of great quality because the embroidery did not drop or faded even before touch up! I received a lot of praises and compliments from the people around me. Definitely will only visit this beauty salon for my eyebrow embroidery or eyelash extension because I only trust them.

    Thank you for providing such an excellent customer service and professionalism! ️

  162. Avatar photo
    Fantasia Wong

    I just had my brows done by the chief artist, Silvia at Beaudery and I love it so much! Silvia was really nice and detailed and she’s also a really sweet lady! I highly recommend this place!

  163. Avatar photo
    Yongen Tan

    The service given by xiao hui is amazing. I have been to Beaudery twice where i did a lash lift last August , and lash extension this week. Xiao hui was my beautician both times. Both experiences were absolutely therapeutic and heavenly.

    Initially when I first went for my lash lift, I was quite nervous as I didn’t know what to expect but xiao hui was so gentle that I found myself relaxing almost instantly under her touch. The entire process was also pain free.

    When I went for my lash extensions this week, Xiao hui was very gentle with my lashes and I experienced minimal pain when she was fixing my eyelash extensions.

    I have been to other beauty salons before and in comparison, I can say that beaudery’s service is top tier. Not to mention, I find their services quite affordable as well.

    The receptionist is also very polite and friendly, and the entire experience was very pleasant. ️

    It really deserves its 5 star rating without doubt ️

  164. Avatar photo

    first time at beaudery, it’s a super clean, pretty and comfortable place! she was really patient shaping my brows that will suit me best. not to forget, the immediate after result wasn’t super dark/ugly kind. (it won’t leave the 蜡笔小新 effect). no regrets coming here! …

  165. Avatar photo

    Really great place to do your brows in Singapore! No, this is not a paid or requested review. Everything in this review is 100% honest from my side. The studio was spacious and clean. I did my henna brows here, and was very satisfied with the result!

  166. Avatar photo
    Deniece Low

    I did volume eyelash extension at Beaudery and the results were absolutely lovely! The service was impeccable and the place is really beautiful, spacious and clean – they even have a beautiful pretty in pink backdrop for photo taking! The lady boss is friendly and down-to-earth and she makes sure you feel comfortable throughout the entire experience

  167. Avatar photo
    Deborah Tang

    Pleasant first time experience with Beaudery! Spent a bit of time drawing the shape I want for my brows. However Silvia was very patient and understanding in ensuring my brows was perfect. Highly recommend!!

  168. Avatar photo
    Amanda Ow

    Very friendly staff! I did microshading and Silvia is very patient and the process is not pain at all. The front desk is also very considerate! I went with my friend so I had to wait for her. While I was waiting for her, he offered me wifi and sweets. He even turned on the air cooler will recommend others to come down to beaudery to do their brows.

  169. Avatar photo
    Jing Liou

    The place is central (right beside Bugis) and cozy. Environment is clean and it’s playing soothing music. Love that! I was initially worried that it was going to be painful, but the whole process was not painful at all! Pain level 1 out of 10. I actually fell asleep haha.. I feel the beautician maybe could have given more advice – e.g. what brow shape suits your face and why, what brow color suits your hair color, experiment and explain different brow shapes when drawing the sketch etc. It will certainly help a completely clueless customer like me! Overall I am still happy with the result. Can’t wait for it to fully heal and see the final color! Service was great too – she was being really polite and friendly. All in all, will recommend it to family and friends.

  170. Avatar photo
    Nurul Ain Ong

    First time doing eyebrow embroidery. The artist will make sure you are satisfied with the brow shape and thickness before proceeding to put ink. The environment is neat and tidy with calming songs being played. Overall, will really recommend!

  171. Avatar photo
    Adeline Tan

    Did ombré brows embroidery by pro artist Xiao Hui at Beaudery and I can say that they really provide a great service. Xiao Hui was really patient when doing my brows and she will constantly check in to ensure that I’m okay with my brows shape/colour. Would recommend it to my friends/family …

  172. Avatar photo
    Elodia Emmanuelle

    I did the ombré brows at Beaudery, and the salon was really clean Was pleasantly surprised when the whole process for the first session only took about 1.5 hours. Silvia was really quick and precise, and she made sure that I liked the eyebrow shape that she has outlined before she started the actual needlework! Her pricing is transparent, and she provides an aftercare kit as well as 1 free touch-up session. Just went for my touch-up session yesterday, and it took an hour (inclusive of the time taken for the numbing cream to set-in). Overall, it was a comfortable experience having my brows done by Silvia ️

  173. Avatar photo
    Serene Yau

    Did my brows thr n it was rlly super relaxing n the air was clean n quiet n the person doing my brows was kind, patient n professional eventho i was late for the original booking time. Shes also patient towards u after asking her to redraw the other side of the brows! Deff recommand this place n i totally liked my brow n the color of it

  174. Avatar photo
    Danielle Tan

    I sought out Beaudery to get my Microblading done for the first time. Sylvia was my technician and she carefully guided me along the process from the first day. Would recommend this service to those who are nervous to get their embroidery done for the first time or looking to get a touch up done. Thank You, Beaudery!

  175. Avatar photo
    Liting Sim

    The place is really clean. Before starting the procedure, the chief artist that is doing my eyebrow shows me a new set of needle she will be using which I think it’s really professional. During the process when I told them I feel a little stingy they immediately help me apply numbing cream again therefore I would say it’s a total painless experience! Really good customer service!

  176. Avatar photo
    Vivian Jee

    Silvia was detailed and constantly making sure that I was comfortable during the nrow embroidery process. Her studio was cozy and pretty, which did really ease my nervousness since it was my first time and I had really low pain tolerance to begin with. The whole process was painless and clean She was skillful and I’m really in love with my new ombre brows!! got recommended from my friend, and will not hesitate to recommend others to support her!

  177. Avatar photo
    annie kee

    Owner is polite and friendly as well as professional. Salon is bright and clean, nicely decorated too. Thank you for giving me a pair of nice brows, it was beautifully done and relatively painless (pain level 2/10). Price is reasonable and most importantly, no hidden cost, no hard sell! My first time trying brow embroidery and I am glad I chose Beaudery.

  178. Avatar photo
    Adabel Toh

    Silvia is meticulous and acquire professional skills in making her clients comfortable. The whole process is painless & clean! Wonderful & cozy place. Will definitely revisit! Thumbs up!!

  179. Avatar photo
    Angela Chew

    Silvia is very professional and friendly. Love my ombré brows done by her. It’s a painless procedure as they would put on numbing cream before they begin.
    I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get their brows done! They even provided an aftercare kit!

  180. Avatar photo
    Cynthia genesia

    I went beaudery for micro shading and it was my first time ever doing something to my brows. The pain was 0/10 and the cleanliness is 10/10. The Chief artist was so friendly and she really explain everything before doing anything! I was looking for a good eyebrow place for a really long time and finally I found the right one …

  181. Avatar photo
    Maxine Quek

    I did eyebrow microshading w them. Very professional and I love my brows. Would definitely go back when I need to touch up again! The place is calm and cosy too. ️

  182. Avatar photo
    Charlene Ng

    Had my ombré brow embroidery done by Silvia! She was very meticulous and constantly checked if I was feeling pain / uncomfortable (more numbing cream was applied when I told her it felt scratchy). Overall it’s a rather painless process (might have accidentally fell asleep) and received many compliments for it! Will definitely recommend (:

  183. Avatar photo
    JD Dylan

    I love how clean and hygienic the place is. It’s fancy and comfortable. The pro artist who handles me was friendly and charming. She did my eyebrows professionally and the outcome is such a beautiful piece of art ( perfect in every angle). Book yours now!

  184. Avatar photo
    Christina Koh

    Had my first virgin experience of brow embroidery at Beaudery and it was a really great one! The whole process was really calming and I could openly discuss with my brow artist, Silvia, on my preferences! 100% recommended for their great service and quality!!

  185. Avatar photo
    Joy Wong

    i’ve done my eyebrows embroidery at beaudery and their services are super good! i really love the outcome of my brows and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do eyebrows embroidery

  186. Avatar photo
    lim yinyee

    Me and my mom decided to entrust beaudery sg to get our eyebrow embroidery done !! and we did not regret at all, the whole procedure was comfortable and we felt minimal pain. They make me feel so comfortable thru the procedure even this being my very first time !! She was very gentle and patient in telling me every step that she is doing !! I highly recommend you to get your embroidery service done here !! you sure wont regret )

  187. Avatar photo
    Maple Goh

    Silvia, my brow technician is delicate and detailed with her brow designs and process.
    She ensures that the brow shape is perfect to the golden ratio of my face before she starts on the shading. The process was pain-free and the end result is exactly what I wanted it to be 🙂

    The place is also quaintly and cleanly decked which gives a very calm and welcoming feel to it.

    Would definitely recommend this place if you’re considering doing your eyebrows!

  188. Avatar photo
    Aileen Chin

    Came across this place on Instagram while searching for places to do brows and I liked the microblading pictures done by their master artist. But 1st, I need to remove my old brows that I did elsewhere.
    Removal is a tedious process that requires multiple sessions. I was serviced by Alfred who was prompt to reply to my WhatsApp qeuries and was gentle when doing phiremoval. Alfred would explain the process and would check in every now and then if I was experiencing pain.
    Thanks again, Alfred.

  189. Avatar photo
    Irish Jessa Simora

    Love the professionalism of the people. They start on time. And they seemed like they have team work. Good service they even offer me water while waiting coz I’m too earlynfor my appointment.
    Love my eyebrows done by their Senior staff. Will definitely come back to them. Highly recommended. And the price is reasonable and really worth it.

  190. Avatar photo
    shuwuen ng

    It was a good and comfortable experience! The place was pretty and cosy, and chief artist was friendly and meticulous too! Have had afew people ask me about where i did my brows after- 10/10 would recommend …

  191. Avatar photo
    Ayleen Lim

    Full of praises for this place and my beauty therapist! I was a little skeptic initially, afraid that my brows would look like Crayon Shin-chan and I’m also one who has low tolerance for pain but Silvia kept reassuring me that all would be fine! She gave me ample suggestions on the shape and colour that would suit my features. The numbing cream works well for me as well so the whole process was almost painless..Highly recommend this place for affordable yet top notch service!

  192. Avatar photo
    Germaine Nye

    Did my eyebrow embroidery with them and it turned out amazing! It was the best decision I ever made. I did the Microshading style, it’s super natural. Highly recommend …

  193. Avatar photo
    penholic yuko

    I saw this shop on Instagram featured services and went to browse through their brows done for clients and saw many raving reviews. After liaising with beaudery i proceeded to the store which was very welcoming and brightly lit. Process was not painful till the end when its felt like tiny ant bites but still very bearable. Brows will look dark initially for 1-2 days but it will fade to a very nice and natural colour. Highly recommended!!

  194. Avatar photo
    Tan Shi Qi

    The service and quality was indeed recommended. Price was reasonable too. Highly recommend Silvia for eyebrow embroidery if you are looking for a natural look. She is very dedicated and diligent to make sure every brow is drew perfectly before the technician starts. . I am so satisfied on how natural my eyebrows look like after the session. Thank You Silvia

  195. Avatar photo
    Pathma KumarMani

    Hi my dear Ladies….

    I have done my ombre eyebrow by Chief Artist….! She was so talented and patience… i love my eyebrow and now no more struggle with drawing my eyebrow…. thanks miss… love your care and work.. keep it up… highly recommended

  196. Avatar photo
    Renny Tan

    Silvia (Microshading) was really understanding and knows what type of shape I want for my brows.

    The procedure was a bit prickly even with numbing cream (the cream just doesn’t work on me), but I still managed to fall asleep Loving how it looks, hopefully it’ll sit well after a month! Thank you!

  197. Avatar photo
    Natalie Faith

    Came here after seeing my sister get beautiful brows! Got my brows done by Sylvia who is very skilled & gentle! Thank you for making me comfortable and doing such a pretty job with my brows! My eyebrows are on fleek! It’s my first time doing eyebrow embroidery, and really glad I chose Beaudery! Highly recommended!

  198. Avatar photo
    Michelle Yap

    really enjoy the service here did my eyebrow embroidery , boss is super detailed in ensuring that the brow outline is equal & there was 0 pain which i didn’t expect! the brows came out super pretty , the touch-up procedure healing was super pleasant & one step lesser for my makeup routine now! price range is super worth it considering the professionalism of the shop!

  199. Avatar photo

    I visited Beaudery for a brow embroidery to cover up my old one which had turned reddish. Silvia was very professional and gave me the shade of colour that I really like. The place was very clean and cosy. The experience was comfortable throughout and I would definately recommend my friends to patronise Beaudery.

  200. Avatar photo
    Regina Tan

    Did microshading with Silvia and it was great! Whole process was smooth, she patiently and meticulously drew out the shape and took in my comments to tweak it according to what’s best suited for me.

    The booking process was smooth as well, she explained patiently the difference in the different embroidery techniques and determined that microshading would be best suited for me. Also answered all my questions very promptly as I was very new to eyebrow embroidery! Highly recommended! Went home and now my grandma wants to book a session as well.

  201. Avatar photo
    Karen Tan

    Thank you Beaudery for the beautiful brows! Love the entire experience, place was pretty and bright. Did ombré brows with the pro artist, kudos to her for patiently drawing and trying her best to cover my old embroidery markings. Even when I told her it looks ok to me, she continued to try to make it even better. Pain was really minimum. Highly recommended!

  202. Avatar photo
    Kimberly Lam

    Did my brows here, it was an amazing experience, especially during this Covid-19 period. Everything is sanitised and clean. Silvia is skilled and professional in what she does, she’s meticulous in getting the brow shape you want and making sure you like it. The process was practically painless and there’s really no redness after the whole process. The place was really clean and comfortable, I felt at ease during the whole process. Finally got to touch up my old eyebrow embroidery after the longest time. 10/10 would recommend anyone contemplating getting your brows done. You won’t regret it!!!

  203. Avatar photo
    Zheng Xiaoxiao

    Came back to them for a touch up after doing eyebrow embroidery there last year. The brows lasted really long as someone with oily skin, and the color retention are great Xiao Hui is really skilled, and she always update you on the process. The brows done by her are really nice and is what I exactly wanted. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering to come here for eyebrow embroidery!

  204. Avatar photo
    Jin Yee Tay

    Silvia is very patient, friendly and nice! It was my first time doing eyebrow embroidery and was really nervous. However, she was very nice to explain and recommended me which embroidery suits me. She also assured me that i will feel NO pain at all ~ Had quite a few questions asked but she was really really patient in explaining them to me Very nice and cosy place to get your brows or lashes done ~ Looking forward for my touch up session with her! HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO GET YOUR BROWS OR LASHES DONE BY HER

  205. Avatar photo

    I had microblading done at Beaudery and their work is amazing! My artist was Sylvia, she was very precise and talked me through the process beforehand, and while she was performing the microblading, she voiced out everything she was going to do and even showed me the new equipments they were going to use. The process was painless and the results were very good! My new brows are very natural looking and there is no fading of pigments!!

  206. Avatar photo
    Jieying Chiang

    Silvia is very professional and perfectionist in all her work, she make sure the brows are nicely and suitable to my face feature. She is very outgoing and would try to engage me in conversations, so I won’t feel awkward and bored at all! This is my first brows experience, and it has been a pleasant one! Thank you for giving me a pretty brows, and I’m looking forward to the next session with you, 2 years later!

  207. Avatar photo
    Jay G

    The salon was pretty and well maintained. It had a comfortable ambience. The brow technician was so friendly and professional! It’s been almost 6 months since I did mine and it still looks fabulous! Best decision ever

  208. Avatar photo
    Angeline Li

    I absolutely love how my brows turned out after doing the microshading! Very natural looking and perfect for days when I do not want any makeup on. Thumbs up for their excellent work!

  209. Avatar photo
    Wan Chen Chua

    I really enjoy the service here, the artist is so nice and patience. She do listen to what I concern on.
    And I love what she recommended and the result.

  210. Avatar photo
    Chloe Gan

    Did eyebrow embroidery, microshading here. The environment is really pretty and comfortable. The lady boss who helped me with the embroidery is also very professional and friendly.

  211. Avatar photo
    Khloe Low

    Silvia was very attentive and professional in her eyebrow embroidery service. Initially i was abit hesitant about visiting another eyebrow embroidery shop after one of them did my brows wrongly. But i was glad that i came to her and she nailed my eyebrow perfectly! It was totally what I expected and do visit her if you want to get your brows done!

  212. Avatar photo
    Wang YuQi

    I did my lash lift and tint here and I’m a return customer. Absolutely love their service and how comfortable the entire procedure is. My lash artist (xiao hui) is also very gentle and friendly. Definitely recommend patronising them!

  213. Avatar photo
    Lyn QY

    Overall a good experience. Was really surprised that the whole process only took 1.5 hours. Painless and fuss free, the brow technician is really detailed and professional. Highly recommended to whoever that’s considering to do your brows. 🙂

  214. Avatar photo
    Nur Aini

    Truly enjoyed doing lash lift+tint at beaudery! Xiao Hui is very gentle and ensure that i feel comfortable. Highly recommended! Will definitely go again for other services (:

  215. Avatar photo

    Always trusted Beaudery to do my brows. In fact, I have recommended my friends and family and they have too gotten their brows done here.

    All have positive experience and super satisfied with the beautician dexterous work.

    All work was done by the chief artist and I recommend to anyone that is seriously considering. You have to trust the right hands as it’s quite permanent haha!

  216. Avatar photo
    Lucinda Chew

    Ombre Brows by Xiao Hui

    It was my 1st time doing eyebrow embroidery.
    We discussed my preferred brow shape and colour before she started the embroidery.
    Xiao Hui was very gentle throughout the 2-hour process. With the numbing cream, I did feel very slight pain but it didn’t hurt that much. After done, she explained thoroughly the post-treatment care. Her skill is very good, I really like my brow shape and has been receiving many compliments on my brows.

  217. Avatar photo
    Chun Hui TOH (June)

    Did my eyeline embroidery with Silvia last year and was really happy with the result, so I decided to get my eyebrow covered up by her as well!

    Beaudery is clean and beautiful, and Silvia constantly ensured that there wasn’t any discomfort. Will recommend this place if you’re looking for embroidery service. Thank you again!

  218. Avatar photo
    Georgina Loo

    Just did a ombré brows with beaudery.
    Before I went for my appointment, I had so much queries on my brows but to their kind attention and good service, they answered all my queries and ensure me that all will be good!
    Recommended place to go to and get a new set of brows.

  219. Avatar photo
    Si Hui Toh

    I did my brows with Silvia, the chief artist and she was very patient in explaining the different types of embroidery services available! This was especially informative for a newbie like me who is doing eyebrow embroidery for the first time. She also took the effort to get me the earlier slot available when I asked to do my brows over the weekend and even responded to my queries late on Saturday night!

    During the service, she took care to ensure that I was not in pain and constantly checked on my pain levels. She was also meticulous in her work – from drawing of the shape of my brows for the microshading to actually filling in the colour, she did such a great job with minimal or no pain!

  220. Avatar photo
    Ginger Yap

    Super super super clean and comfortable place to do your brows embroidery! Very nice and warm welcome by Silvia and she is close to perfection. Take her time to make sure your brows are balance and always check on your comfort level.
    Also, she will let you know ever steps she’s about to do so it’s less shocking for you .
    I did ombré and took her about 1 and half hours to be done.
    Would definitely recommend this place as this is the best place so far for eyebrow embroidery. I hope they would have eyelash extensions service soon .

  221. Avatar photo
    Ayako Tanaka

    Sylvia was very good and professional. I truly love my eyebrows now! It’s so nice to wake up with perfect brows everyday and I don’t have to have a ”bad brow day” for the next couple of years. It is so worth the money and I recommend Beaudery to anyone who is looking for a good microblading/microshading salon.

  222. Avatar photo
    Winnie Low

    Did my eyebrow embroidery with Silvia and had a really great experience! I did the ombré brows and it looked super natural afterwards. Had a pretty bad experience previously with other salon, hence i was pretty skeptical and scared but Silvia did a really good job! The price is also one of the more affordable ones out there

  223. Avatar photo
    Unsaid and Done

    Thank you so much for the excellent service and for always taking such good care of my brows! I have saved so much time now that my brows are always ready. Pain is only 1/10 as numbing cream is applied before and even during the session to ensure the session is as comfortable as possible! Worth every penny!

  224. Avatar photo
    Rayne Phang

    It was a good experience at Beaudery! Appointment booking was easy and fuss free. Artist was very professional throughout both my first and touch up session. Even the aftercare kit like a shield mask and face sponge were provided. Most importantly, I really love the brows! Will come back again for future touch ups and definitely recommend to all!

  225. Avatar photo

    I got my brows done by XiaoHui at Beaudery. She is very professional and detailed. She is also very friendly and patient with all my questions. I love the eyebrows shape she drew for me! Will definitely recommend all my friends to look for her professional skill

  226. Avatar photo
    Rachel Ho

    I love my brows, the chief artist did such a wonderful job! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my brows. Highly recommended

  227. Avatar photo
    Shihui Tan

    Had my brows done by the Chief Artist using the Microshading method and I must say that I had a really great experience with them!! The Chief Artist is really gentle and professional, making the whole process a comfortable and painless one for me. The staffs are all very friendly and the place is clean as well. Thank you Beaudery for the amazing service!! Highly recommend

  228. Avatar photo

    Am really glad that i found Beaudery.Sg . Been doing quite a lot of survey before approaching them. Before doing anything will ask for consent before proceed. Environment with music makes you feel very relax . Throughout the process was pain free Silvia who’s doing my brow will top up the numbing gel from time to time. Am really satisfy with the design will definitely recommend to others . Thumbs up for the good work !

  229. Avatar photo
    jocelyn ng

    Friendly staff with amazing service! I’m very pleased with my microshading embroidery. Chief artist was very gentle and made this whole experience a painless one. Would highly recommend Beaudery to my family and peers …

  230. Avatar photo
    Abigail Lim

    Did ombré embroidery and I’m totally loving the look! Silvia, who did my eyebrow was so patient throughout the entire process in getting the ideal shape for me. She kept checking with me if I felt any pain during the process but it was actually quite comfortable till I almost fell asleep! So happy to have my eyebrow on point now! Yay!

  231. Avatar photo
    Neo Kym

    Chance upon on IG, wanted to do my brows and the reply from here is super prompt. They accommodate to my timing. When I reached, they started on time. Place isn’t too big but good enough and it’s clean and cosy. Mine was done by Pro Artist Xiao Hui. Kudos to her. She is very patient and advised based on her professionalism. Additionally, I would say she is a perfectionist. Even on places, I can’t tell the difference, she is able to see it immediately and touched up quickly for me. The process is also painless, she will make effort to ask if I’m feeling the pain and will add numbing cream to ensure Im not feeling pain at all. Amazing effort!! Highly recommend!

  232. Avatar photo
    Claire chen

    Loving my brows so much . Will recommend this place if you’re looking for any embroidery service. Customer service was good too (:

  233. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Tho

    I’m sure all girls know the importance of our eyebrows – well-defined brows help shape the face and can most definitely improve your appearance. After doing extensive research, I decided to trust Silvia (Chief Artist) with my brows and I now have amazing brows all thanks to her!

    Extremely satisfied with the service provided throughout the whole process. Booking an appointment was fuss-free and the place is conveniently located and well kept. Silvia is very professional and will ensure that you are informed of what is going to happen at every step of the embroidery process. She even goes the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable at all times. Most importantly, the brows that she did looks really natural and I’ve gotten several compliments since then!

    To conclude, Beaudery and Silvia definitely deserves their 5 star rating and I would highly recommend anyone who is looking to their brows to book an appointment with Beaudery.

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