Review Bayfront Event Space, 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore

Review Bayfront Event Space - Singapore 12A Bayfront Ave

“From my son: The circus is very big and nice. I love the circus. (The Great Cirque des Cascadesl” or “Was there for the ice magic event. Easy access from bayfront MRT exit E. Down side is no shelter walkway as it is raining.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Bayfront Event Space. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Bayfront Event Space is quality.

Introduction about Bayfront Event Space

Here are some fundamental details regarding Bayfront Event Space. In terms of Event venue, it is generally believed that Bayfront Event Spaceis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Event venue, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Address: 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore
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Detailed information of Bayfront Event Space

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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7.02 km7 minute8 minute6 minute

How to contact Bayfront Event Space?

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You can directly come to 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Bayfront Event Space reviews

Bayfront Event Space is among the best destinations of Event venue in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Bayfront Event Space good?

To determine whether Bayfront Event Space is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“It's a large space where a carnival was held when I was in the area. Spacious and easily accessible.”

“Every major events are mostly held here. Ultra music festival, F1 party, Artbox, Carnival etc. Conveniently next to MBS.”

“Loved the Carvnival that was here. So conveniently located right next to Marina Shoppes. Easy to get a Taxi and grab food if needed.”

“Great night view, a great spot for night landscape photography.”

“Came here for kurios cabinet of curiosities! The performance from cirque du Soleil was great! Really captured our attention!”

“Kids love this place, games are too expensive. Prudential Insurance should give some discount vouchers for their clients.”

“Fun and more fun...spend time strolling down the place to click instagrammable photographs”

“Super place entertainment..many rides..just near to Bayfront MRT”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 155 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 92% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Bayfront Event Space, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Bayfront Event Space, 12A Bayfront Ave, Singapore

There is a total 155 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    Named after Sir Adam Cole Bayfront, this waterfront venue is best known for hosting circus acts and the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, where people pay money to play impossible games and be thrown in the air by machines.

  2. Avatar photo
    Salman khan

    Very good place

  3. Avatar photo
    Caleb R

    A good location to hold large scale events. Starting Point for Star Wars Run.

  4. Avatar photo
    vijaylakshmi subramani

    Fun and more fun…spend time strolling down the place to click instagrammable photographs

  5. Avatar photo
    Badits Marcell

    There are not many luxury global brands that are not represented here. It’s both fascinating and terribly sad.

    Nem nagyon van olyan luxus villágmárka amit itt ne képviseltetné magát. Egyszerre lenyűgöző és borzasztóan szomorú is.

  6. Avatar photo
    Hafiz Waleed Hussain

    Amazing space. Now, there is carnival and it’s amazing.

  7. Avatar photo
    Pdt Porisman Lubis

    A place that truly provides entertainment

    Tempat yang Benar-benar memberikan hiburan

  8. Avatar photo
    Magdalena Szkrawan

  9. Avatar photo
    pulkit bansal



  10. Avatar photo
    Chris SWC

    Good place to bring your date here I managed to win something for my date so I’m a happy boy and happy bf ^^ However, games are not cheap. 1 game ranges $5-$8. And I wished there could be more game stalls in the future Cheers!

  11. Avatar photo
    Saravanan Marimuthu

    Soon to perform there I wish

  12. Avatar photo
    Anuj AG

    Excellent public event space with all amenities

  13. Avatar photo
    darren yeap

    Was there for the ice magic event. Easy access from bayfront MRT exit E. Down side is no shelter walkway as it is raining.

  14. Avatar photo
    kitten me

    This area is easily accessible through the bayfront mrt, exit through Marina Bay Sands Shoppes

    Often rented out for events, this area may at one time be a carnival ground and an art exhibition at another time of the year.

    It can get really hot and sunny during the day, so lather up your sunscreen and bring sunglasses and enjoy the event!

  15. Avatar photo
    Tripta Mittal

    Beautiful place to enjoy all the time

  16. Avatar photo
    Nadtella Nafri

    Too expensive for a family event especially if you a huge family.

  17. Avatar photo
    vangelis vidiadakis

    very good but expensive

  18. Avatar photo
    Abhijeet Gite (Abhi)

    Wow Laser water show

  19. Avatar photo
    Shi Zheng Kang

    Went there for the prudential carnival. Spacious event space!

  20. Avatar photo
    Silky Jain

    It was carnival there… Njoyed a lot

  21. Avatar photo
    Victor Yeo

    Something different from the normal. Brought kids there to play. Need to spend $$ to enjoy the various games.

  22. Avatar photo
    Adrian Jonatan

    Huge space, access to location.

  23. Avatar photo
    Malcolm Kee

    Well organised for Kurios

  24. Avatar photo

    Spacious plaza for jogs or walk a dog.

  25. Avatar photo
    paweena namprasert


  26. Avatar photo
    Chandran Gopalan

    Big area to hold events.

  27. Avatar photo
    Susan Russell

    Cirque de Soleil Kurios Show amazing

  28. Avatar photo

    So many places and things to see many gardens many foods they have a carnival not-to-be-missed with fun rides they have the Mach 5 that spins you around and around so much fun you need to try it post a picture for you

  29. Avatar photo
    Rachana Tembhare

    It’s was an AIA carnival

  30. Avatar photo
    Siti Umairah

    Carnival place

  31. Avatar photo
    Mark Alven Azana


  32. Avatar photo
    Sergey Matveev

  33. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Given the fact that they are located right by MBS, and also a small public carpark, this is a good enough event space for whatever you’re thinking of building. Convenient spot. The only likely problem is raining contingency plans, as you’d need to think about how to shelter people from either the train stations, or MBS, over to this area, if any at all.

  34. Avatar photo
    Mal N

    Pretty good. We ate at the bistro. Food was good but expensive as a non-member. Ambience and service was pretty good and it is nice to be able to walk along the front and look at the boats.

    We won’t go back though because it was too expensive for a normal menu of dishes.

  35. Avatar photo
    Gnana Siva Kumar Kathir

    Nice place on tourist

  36. Avatar photo
    Shaik Dawood

    It’s a large space where a carnival was held when I was in the area. Spacious and easily accessible.

  37. Avatar photo
    Hansraj Ojha

    Excellent place for enjoyment… A place full of fun filled activities…

  38. Avatar photo
    Alireza Sanaee

    Reminds me the operahouse landscapes in Sydney but in a different weather way more humid ‍️ …

  39. Avatar photo
    Henry Ting

    Have beer drink leh

  40. Avatar photo
    Soton Lau

    a place for game rides, enter the door for free

    tempat wahana permainan,masuk pintu gratia

  41. Avatar photo
    Philipp K

    Great fair. Since the middle of 3.19 but dismantled again. Let’s see, hopefully they’ll come back soon.

    Tolle Kirmes. Seit mitte 3.19 aber wieder abgebaut. Mal sehen, hoffentlich kommen sie bald wieder.

  42. Avatar photo
    Revanth Kumar

    Loved it

  43. Avatar photo
    John Thomas

    A lot of events happens here.

  44. Avatar photo

    Nice place

  45. Avatar photo
    Neha Ahuja Nagpal

    Great place to be for the fun lovers! Located near Bayfront MRT exit E, this place is bustling with people of all ages having a great time. Consists of many rides and games ranging mostly under $10 which is great as it’s not very expensive and totally worth the fun and the prizes you get after winning the games! There are many photo ops and a photo booth as well. A huge F and B area where I tried ice lemon tea and tofu fries, very yummy and economical. Must try the rides, specially the one named remix is crazy!! No rides for kids under 0.9 m height so the infants and toddlers can only roam about but plenty of options for older kids and parents. A great family day out! Opening hours from 4-11 pm all days till 24 march..have fun!!

  46. Avatar photo
    D.K. C.Y

    Most of the big event held there

  47. Avatar photo
    - Su

    From my son: The circus is very big and nice. I love the circus.
    (The Great Cirque des Cascadesl

  48. Avatar photo
    Vin Shin Goh

    CMYK – Different Sunday Experience
    #randomnoobmobilephotographer #cmykevent

  49. Avatar photo
    AIDIL Johari

    Its a big space to create an event, but if theres any accident happens theres only 2 exit point which will lead to more injuries. Safety cant be compromised!!!

  50. Avatar photo
    Kent Hong


  51. Avatar photo
    David Yuen

    2nd year visiting the carnival… bringing back memories …

  52. Avatar photo
    Nurrahmat Khaeroni

    Clean and fresh air

  53. Avatar photo
    劉權義Jerry Low

    Best fun fair experience for the kids

  54. Avatar photo

    went for their ice magic event! it’s at a very convenient location, very close proximity to bayfront mrt.

    went on morning wed session, and it wasn’t that crowded. my friends and I managed to play each station/slide multiple times. bowling ball disappeared halfway through our session but itsfine. staffs were all friendly and helpful. thankyou!

    a bit disappointed that they no longer rent gloves and had to spend $20 on a pair of gloves as the temperature is no joke.

    food prices are on the higher side but that’s expected. paid $39 for a set with 3 drinks of our choice, cake of choice and 4 chocolate tarts. I think it’s pretty decent value!

    overall, I had a really cold and extremely fun experience with my friends! for 4hrs, I think $40 is a good price!

    I believe most bad reviews are for Fridays + weekends and afternoon sesh during those days but based on my research thru reviews on tiktok + IG and on my own experience, going for a weekday morning/night sesh would be the best.

    hope everyone gets to enjoy the event as much as my friends and I had before it ends

  55. Avatar photo
    Darryl Wong

    Every major events are mostly held here.
    Ultra music festival, F1 party, Artbox, Carnival etc.

    Conveniently next to MBS.

  56. Avatar photo
    Weng Kwan Tham

    Easily accessible. Great surrounding atmosphere.

  57. Avatar photo
    Ashrin Saputra Hasni


  58. Avatar photo
    Coolsky 999

    Always has good events with fun activities for everyone

  59. Avatar photo
    ပိုးပိုးရဲ့ပါပါး Yan Naing

    Open space, hot until 3 to 4pm, then shade come from west side tall building

  60. Avatar photo
    pek tong Tan

    Good performance. Which!

    Good performance. Kurios!

  61. Avatar photo
    Al Sa

    Chilling place

  62. Avatar photo
    Ng Idah

    Kids love this place, games are too expensive. Prudential Insurance should give some discount vouchers for their clients.

  63. Avatar photo
    Ngoại ngữ Sao Biển

    Khu vực rộng rãi và ngắm cảnh tuyệt vời!

    Spacious area and great view!

  64. Avatar photo

    Great place for performing

  65. Avatar photo
    Mara Ruzena Banson-Reyes

    Loved the Carvnival that was here. So conveniently located right next to Marina Shoppes. Easy to get a Taxi and grab food if needed.

  66. Avatar photo
    Yang Ao Wei

    Fantastic place to have a great and exciting time! It’s until 24th March 2019. Don’t miss it!!

  67. Avatar photo
    Ashaari Halim

    Packed with lots of fun rides and games. And a little pricey too

  68. Avatar photo
    Y Lai

    This review is for Cirque Du Soleil Kurios

    First, the best parking is at marina Bay open car park, its cheaper than MBS and much less of a walk. Even the Mrt is super inconvenient.

    The seats. When you book, please fully utilise the 360 view. They do not indicate to you that there is a pillar. Overseas, there is no pillar. The people making the tentage did not think thru properly. As a result the only view that is unblocked, is straight centre facing the stage. Singapore charges too much money for bad views.

    The acts. What’s with the yoyo, hands acting and invisible circus? I would agree that the mime was done well, but the acts just don’t work for me. Let’s not forget I paid to watch some sort of a circus, to see humans push some sort of physical boundary.

    The acts were not in English and the speakers were horrid. As a result the acts were incoherent to me. My family who loves performances did get it probably because they were used to the flow of things.

    The acrobats were good. The fish were memorable so much that I forgot to snap some pics. The two brothers were great too. (photography without flash is OK, video is not- stated on the poster)

    Would I go again? If its at $50 again, I would. Its not bad for an evening of novel entertainment. At least my companions felt it was fun.

  69. Avatar photo
    Bowling Ball

    Very fun had a nice time with my family

  70. Avatar photo
    Barry Ann

    ILight lights up my life

  71. Avatar photo
    Nurcahaya Putri


  72. Avatar photo
    Meharuban Mahadeva

    Wonderful place and went to Prudential Carnival

  73. Avatar photo
    Arvin Wu

    Very entertaining place

  74. Avatar photo
    Sharvesh Niranjan

    Hugh space for big events like prudential marina bay carnival to be held

  75. Avatar photo
    Pramod Kalashetti

    Nice place to enjoy with family

  76. Avatar photo
    Wael Elrafih

    The most amazing place ever. Disbelief!

  77. Avatar photo
    Anoop P Thomas

  78. Avatar photo
    Doreen Singapore

    Absolutely breathtaking

  79. Avatar photo
    pongsak suvanpong

    It was nice in the evening with cool breeze. However I really hate the freaking smokers, and worse they dumped the butts in the lake. The fruit cake carnies from Marina bay canival.

  80. Avatar photo

    It’s been a while since I saw a live circus performance in a foreign country.

    오랫만에 외국에서 서커스 공연 실황을 보았네요

  81. Avatar photo
    Arunsankar R

    Very luxurious

  82. Avatar photo
    Sean teo

    Great night view, a great spot for night landscape photography.

  83. Avatar photo
    Federica Nanetti

    The cirque du soleil is amazing

  84. Avatar photo
    gonta lee

    Awesome laser show.

    멋진 레이저 공연..

  85. Avatar photo
    Lynn Rosaupan

    Very intertaining and exciting… Enjoy much the carnival…️ …

  86. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lim

    No events today but nonetheless today’s weather was good for a stroll

  87. Avatar photo
    Some Chip

    So much games so much prizes I recommend u to go there

  88. Avatar photo
    Boon Lim Gun

    Small fun fair

  89. Avatar photo
    Kamal Khairi


  90. Avatar photo
    aneeqa a

    Its nicr

  91. Avatar photo
    Reza Rauf

    Bayfront Event Space is fun area. Close to Marina Bay Sands and other transportation types. You can find another kind of event in their website, time limited event. You can also get a nice discount for online purchases. Parking spaces is huge in Marina Bay Sands.

  92. Avatar photo
    Chua Maurice

    Nice place

  93. Avatar photo
    Ben Mohd

    Great place to held up events

  94. Avatar photo
    Randy Ngatimin

    GastroBeats 2022 is quite good, well controlled crowd with spacious areas to walk about. Big boy frank chicky big boy hot dog is drenched with cheese and beef sauce! It’s impossible not to eat cleanly with that amount of sauce! Lucky they do provide gloves to eat the messy dog. Yuzu kabayaki with bonito flakes from Tasty Chics is also a good choice. Nicely fried fries with apetizing yuzu sauce and crispy chicken. Great place, great music.

  95. Avatar photo

    Marvellous place to have Fun!

  96. Avatar photo
    Arun Maharaj

    Cirque du Soleli- Kurios touring show with its most acclaimed show at Singapore.Thus show is premiered in April 2014 in Montreal.Directef byMichel Laprise.
    Superb and excellent.Very well presented and most enjoyable.

  97. Avatar photo
    Laura Marcela

    Singapur is probably one of the most amazing cities that you can visit, is safe, is extremely clean and so many different thing to do free or a good prices. The view in this place is fantastic. You can have a great photos, great shows at night around 6 pm and amazing options to eat. Don’t worry about to eat on the street with the local venders. The regulations are so strict that government make sure everything is clean specially the food. Do not dream about to smoke in this area the penalty is so hi . Cigarets are very expensive in Singapur and you only can do it in a designated areas.

  98. Avatar photo
    Nadine K

    Great promenade to stroll … to be seen and seen.

    Tolle Promenade zum flanieren…gesehen u.D gesehen werden.

  99. Avatar photo
    Wilson Leung

    Special cloud for fun sharing

  100. Avatar photo
    Randy Ngatimin

    GastroBeats 2022 is quite good, well controlled crowd with spacious areas to walk about. Big boy frank chicky big boy hot dog is drenched with cheese and beef sauce! It’s impossible not to eat cleanly with that amount of sauce! Lucky they do provide gloves to eat the messy dog. Yuzu kabayaki with bonito flakes from Tasty Chics is also a good choice. Nicely fried fries with apetizing yuzu sauce and crispy chicken. Great place, great music.

  101. Avatar photo
    Dora Chan

    Kurios was so creative!

  102. Avatar photo
    Joeho Kimhoe

    Need more shelters

  103. Avatar photo
    eng eipeng

    Prudential carnival

  104. Avatar photo

    Super place entertainment..many rides..just near to Bayfront MRT

  105. Avatar photo
    C Ps

    Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is the place to have fun! Located on the Bayfront Event Space, just 450m from Singapore’s iconic architecture – the Marina Bay Sands.

    Free admission

    22 December 2018 to 24 March 2019

    4pm to 11pm daily (Last entry at 10:30pm)
    (Extended hours for New Year’s Eve, 4pm to 2am)

    18th January 2019
    24th January 2019, 4-7pm
    15th February 2019, 4-7pm

  106. Avatar photo
    jismon joseph

    Great place for amusement activities……

  107. Avatar photo
    Christopher G

    Great location to host an event. Its right on the water, next to a major hotel and mall. He’s a large parking garage next door, lots of taxi and grab access points. Is a secure area with lots of tourists and foot traffic.

  108. Avatar photo
    Tang Stephanie

    Had a good time with my family, love how organised the carnival is, and the staffs are friendly and helpful. But the toilet is really bad, it’s so smelly. This is my first time encounter a smelly toilet in Singapore. Hope the organiser can improve it.

  109. Avatar photo
    Xander Chan

    Too crowded

  110. Avatar photo
    Angelica Jain

    very unique experience!! must visit

  111. Avatar photo

    Nice day out with family and the kids. Some rides were a bit extreme so wait and look before getting on them with kids.

  112. Avatar photo
    Edwin Low

    Very exciting and adrenaline soared experience

  113. Avatar photo
    William Cheung

    New year’s fireworks

  114. Avatar photo
    Gurmeet Singh

    Nicely organised new Chinese year festival worth to see in Singapore.

  115. Avatar photo

    fun spot with various activities!

  116. Avatar photo
    Bernard Chin

    Ice magic festival. Too crowded

  117. Avatar photo
    Play Store

    The great bay fiesta was a disappointing experience . No details on the tickets and only one top up station. Waste of time and money

  118. Avatar photo
    Patrick Yonghui “Patman” Chen

    Always good to view the Circus

  119. Avatar photo
    Chahel Media

    Very nice place for fun

  120. Avatar photo

    Nice place to keep an eye on for carnivals, events. Clise to Marina Bay. Good places in near vicinity to walk, eat , relax and enjoy with family and friends. You can also take the boat cruise from the nearby boarding point.

  121. Avatar photo

    Good place to spend money hahahaha

    돈날리기좋은곳 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

  122. Avatar photo
    Byron Li

    Great for events

  123. Avatar photo

    Expensive snacks. At the same time super long queues

  124. Avatar photo
    Hangi Tavakoli

    Best view in Singapore

  125. Avatar photo
    Muhsin Nuruddin

    Very windy

  126. Avatar photo
    marine maiden

    Came here for kurios cabinet of curiosities! The performance from cirque du Soleil was great! Really captured our attention!

  127. Avatar photo
    Ask Me Anything In Singapore

    Small minions Big Minions all in blue. Very funny

  128. Avatar photo
    Nitin Srinivasa Murthy

    Open ground next to Marina bay sands hotel, which is often rented out to conduct events, exhibition etc… Very well connected by MRT (Bayfront and downtown)

  129. Avatar photo
    Alvin Chu


  130. Avatar photo
    Daniel Davidson

    It’s nice different kind of events all year long carnival is very good for kids

  131. Avatar photo
    Art Goh

    Wonderful Carnival!!! Exciting rides

  132. Avatar photo
    John Davis

    Cirque de soleil was amazing

  133. Avatar photo
    Alin Villano Piano

    Wonderful place to have fun and adventure with family and friends..

  134. Avatar photo
    Dao Phuong

    On this spacious quay, you can witness a spectacular staging of water jets and laser beams that tells the story of Singapore when night falls…

    Sur ce quai spacieux, on peut assister à une mise en scène spectaculaire de jets d’eau et de rayons laser qui raconte l’histoire de Singapour quand la nuit tombe…

  135. Avatar photo
    Adeeb Quader

    Really enjoyable with family

  136. Avatar photo
    Jasper lam

    Is so cool

  137. Avatar photo
    James N

    Kinda over priced for rides. $10 for the bigger roller coaster and $8 for the smaller one. Saw a lot of people walking around but not many going on rides. They had some giant queues setup for rides… But most seemed to run with just 1 or 2 riders.

  138. Avatar photo
    Kok Seng Ng (Paschen)

    Great events

  139. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Ahsanul Haque Chowdhury

    Amazing fun activities.

  140. Avatar photo
    myogyi. gtc

    Great location to chill.

  141. Avatar photo
    Chandru S

    Install and step up more game for kids below 0.9m.

  142. Avatar photo
    neha ankitarora


  143. Avatar photo
    florence lo


  144. Avatar photo

    Now empty space.

  145. Avatar photo
    Anuj Choudhary

    I went here for the Cirque du Soleil event. The Place is easily reachable by MRT. It’s just besides MBS and also walkable from there. As soon as you exit from the MRT, you can see the open ground with event being hosted there..

    One issue during our visit was that entry directions were not marked and hence we have to roam around the ground a lot to find the entry space

  146. Avatar photo
    Bruna Garma



  147. Avatar photo

    Nice but v expensive

  148. Avatar photo
    Ritchie Li

    Large open space, with public open air carpark next to it. Alternatively, expensive parking is available within MBS.

  149. Avatar photo
    Shasha Chayunk

    Cosy and fun place. Easy parking.

  150. Avatar photo
    B W

    Saw Cirque Du Soliel!!!!!

  151. Avatar photo
    Neilson T

    Prudential festival

  152. Avatar photo

    Great event enjoy it!!

  153. Avatar photo
    Ngoc de Tran

    Khu vui chơi giải trí cạnh MARINA BAY

    Entertainment area next to MARINA BAY

  154. Avatar photo

    Lots of place for kids

  155. Avatar photo
    Shaun Yeo

    Large space

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