Review Battlebox, 2 Cox Terrace, Singapore

Review Battlebox - Singapore 2 Cox Terrace

“Very interesting museum focused on the days leasing to the surrender of Singapore.” or “Very fascinating and Nancy made an excellent tour guide! The equipment was preserved very well and the bunker itself was very clean (thanks Paul!)” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Battlebox. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Battlebox is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Battlebox. In terms of War museum, it is generally believed that Battleboxis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 2 Cox Terrace, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to War museum, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 2 Cox Terrace, Singapore
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“Very interesting museum focused on the days leasing to the surrender of Singapore.”

“Very fascinating and Nancy made an excellent tour guide! The equipment was preserved very well and the bunker itself was very clean (thanks Paul!)”

“Pre book your tour for $20pp. Ticket includes a 30min guided tour in the bunker. Check out the history of British surrender during WWII occupation.”

“Superb look into the past. Short videos and illustrated scenes and history facts, with manequins to demonstrate how the work stations were laid out Sadly, no photos were allowed inside the battlebox.”

“Brilliant tour from Chris, a natural at guiding. The place is very well kept, Paul is doing an excellent job!”

“A fantastic tour at a very reasonable price. Many interesting stories regarding Singapores 1942 surrender to the Japanese. The tour guide was fantastic and you could tell he was very knowledgeable! Awesome!”

“A must-visit place. It was like stepping into another world. Our guide explained everything very well. After the tour, we spend around an hour more exploring the place.”

“Best tour / museum / histórica site I've been to yet in Singapore. The guide was fantastic, and the historical significance was impactful. Loads of multimedia and well signed rooms. Worth a visit!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 211 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.8 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 96% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Battlebox, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Battlebox, 2 Cox Terrace, Singapore

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  1. Avatar photo
    Ellie Berry

    We did the first walking tour of the day, it did cost which we were unaware of but was well worth it. Took just over an hour and we got to go down into the compound with a fantastic guide. No photos once down there. The information, signs, videos and rooms of props etc was the, well laid out and interesting. Would highly recommend

    The park around the battlebox was lovely, well signed with info about the past and about the flowers etc around the area. It was a lovely experience and walk. Highly recommend.

  2. Avatar photo
    Gwyneth Long

    Met friendly Paul & nice fragrance when entering battle box. He is a superb cleaner, taking good care to keep the battle box bunker clean!

  3. Avatar photo
    Venkat Chandramoleshwar

    The Battlebox is a bunker from WW 2 times in Fort Canning Hill. This was the center of operations for the British Army that was ruling and defending Malaya and Singapore. It was here that the generals made the difficult decision to surrender to the invading Japanese army. One can only access the bunker via a guided tour ($20 adult, $10 child). The tour is detailed, rich in history and interesting. The bunker itself is quite something to experience. One downside was that there was no photography allowed but really weird that even note taking was not allowed, which is ridiculous. Seems like the historical consulting firm is unnecessarily concerned about the facts leaking out!!!

  4. Avatar photo
    Dayrius Tay Jiale

    Well-executed tour and easily digestible information boards. Plenty of the exhibits harkens back to the original function of each room

  5. Avatar photo
    Rein Shien

    The tour was interesting; the tour guide threw in some interesting titbits about the war. Unknowingly, spent 2 hours in the bunker, going through the write up and videos. Worth visiting, if you enjoy history.

  6. Avatar photo
    Md Fauzy bin Mos

    Nice option for spending your Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers. Need to book at least one day in advance though. Informative and interesting guided tour through a preserved WW2 Bunker, with life-sized exhibits depicting scenes of the crucial moments.

  7. Avatar photo
    Sherman TBH

    Only a few hill in town. This one is historical.

  8. Avatar photo

    There is this beautiful park, well maintained (as all parks in Singapore) in the heart of the city. And there is a museum in the park: The battle box museum. Recommend the the guided tour! Don’t do it on your own, you will miss a lot of interesting features of history! The tour itself last around an hour and is amazing! You will know a lot about the history of the British and Japan fight against each other in world war 2.

  9. Avatar photo
    Philip Ng

    Nature in the city. Just right by Dolby ghaut station and place used as a fort during world war two. Battlebox is situated at fort canning. Easy walk from dolbu ghaut station and you’re walk past the instagramlicious spiral staircase enroute to the battlebox.

  10. Avatar photo
    Gen Vor

    Well maintained and restored. Definitely worth a visit and easy to get to with free elevator

  11. Avatar photo
    Fred Hui

    A great look into Singapore’s surrender during WW2. Get there at least 15 minutes before to book a spot. Our guide Matthew was knowledgeable and entertaining over the 1hr 15min tour. Would recommend.

  12. Avatar photo
    Karel Nijs

    Got the 1,5 hour tour and can advise it. The guide really knows the story, the details and masters her English. One minor point: it’s mostly an empty bunker. Autjentic artifacts from WW II are missing a bit. I’m used to the European WW II museums and this one doesn’t come close.

  13. Avatar photo
    Marcel Jünemann

    Very interesting place to visit! However, I don’t believe it’s the best museum in Singapore, unless you’re super into WW2 stuff. Only four stars as tour guide wasn’t really able to answer any questions off the script. There’s no online booking and very limited number of tours and slots, so I recommend calling them up.

  14. Avatar photo
    Graeme Brown

    What an outstanding and well presented slice of very important history.
    Excellent detail conveyed by the tour guide.
    Highly recommend you make this a must see when in Singapore

  15. Avatar photo
    Adam H

    A fantastic tour at a very reasonable price. Many interesting stories regarding Singapores 1942 surrender to the Japanese. The tour guide was fantastic and you could tell he was very knowledgeable! Awesome!

  16. Avatar photo
    Randy Chandra

    Intriguing history around the surrender of British Army to Japan in Singapore on 1942. This attraction is relatively unknown and new. We have to join the guided tour in order to access the Battlebox, which is the underground command center during Britain’s rule in Singapore, especially before and during WW2. It is buried around 9 meter underground, but the whole facility is air conditioned, therefore not stuffy. A shame that we could not take pictures inside. Recommended for history lovers.

  17. Avatar photo
    Cactus Flower

    Obviously 5 stars. For Malaysian Secondary Student who don’t like History, must come! You will be enlightened. A very good tour guide that give very details explanations. Photo is not allow in there but if you are already here don’t hesitate to buy a ticket and follow the tour. It is 20 Singapore Dollar, 100% go to upkeeping this historical site.
    A place that British made the decision to surrender to Japanese Army on 15th February 1942. Personally i like this place so much.

  18. Avatar photo
    Abigail Browne

    Great place, Paul is doing a great job of keeping the place very clean, and great with directions to!

  19. Avatar photo
    Shafiq “Blake” Saini

    It was informative and helped me deepen my knowledge on the fall of Singapore. It also cleared up misconceptions of the naval guns for example.

  20. Avatar photo
    Carolyn Nissen

    what an amazing tour this is in everyway. heart-wrenching, outstanding, moving, informative and first class guide. Think his name was Matt but not sure. We did the 4pm tour Tuesday 12th June 2018. Please pass on our sincere thanks to him for not only the story he created but also for his understanding and passion ..and respect. We have recommended to our travel agent, Steph from Flight Centre Collins St Hobart Tasmania Australia, that she includes this with all Singapore tours. She is a first class consultant and therefore was pleased to add Battlebox to her clients must do’s. thank you all at the information centre also for directions and help. first class visitors centre also.

  21. Avatar photo
    Rebecca Kershaw

    Really excellent tour. We have previously been to the national museum and changi, but this was a very engaging and detailed explanation of the days leading up to the surrender, as well as good overview and context of the Pacific War.

  22. Avatar photo
    Lukas L

    Must see attraction of Singapore to learn the history of WW2. Great tour with super interesting facts. Then also to explore the rooms and video displays on your own afterwards. Plan at least 2 hours. AC inside, which is also good to escape the heat.

  23. Avatar photo
    Rachelle C Foo

    What a fascinating tour. Our guide (& educator) was Sean (apologies if the spelling is incorrect). He was enthusiastic in the delivery of his information and very engaging. The Battlebox itself was incredible and rich with history. Highly recommend this in your itinerary when visiting Singapore.

  24. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Ong

    The guided portion was too brief. The guide seemed to be in a hurry. I was brought to the air force room, and then to the surrender meeting room for quick briefing. She then left us to roam by ourselves and read the stories on the walls. Shortly after I saw her leading another group. The story of Battlebox would be more complete if told about the HQ relocation from Adam Park to Fort Canning during the Battle of Bt Timah . Should explain why Singapore had no air cover by the time Percival moved to Fort Canning as shown by the static exhibits in air force room.

  25. Avatar photo
    Brianna Hoang

    Very fascinating and Nancy made an excellent tour guide! The equipment was preserved very well and the bunker itself was very clean (thanks Paul!)

  26. Avatar photo
    Madison Moore

    Paul!!! Omg Paul is amazing the floors were so clean I could eat off them! He is the absolute! This man is gold!

  27. Avatar photo
    M&S Low

    Such an experience- our guide Rodney was a fountain of information, had a great sense of humour and history. The tour is a must. We will return to explore more including Fort Canning Hill and its historical gardens

  28. Avatar photo
    Callum Sherwood

    Tour is super interesting. Good value for money, best place to learn about Singapore’s war history.

  29. Avatar photo

    Was an interesting experience. However the guide did not share much beyond what is written on the exhibits. Not much more content than what was taught in school. However it is an unique experience to get close and interact with real WW2 relics and facilities. Great for kids.

  30. Avatar photo
    Mike Wild

    Very interesting and a must for anyone with an interest in the history of Singapore in WW2. Start here, then try and take in the Ford factory in Bukit Timah and then, when it reopens later this year the Changi museum & chapel. That will provide a full insight into why the decision to surrender was made, where it took place and the consequences for both troops and civilians

  31. Avatar photo
    Julian Rawle

    Stunning piece of history that I knew nothing about!

  32. Avatar photo
    Deb M

    Highly recommend a visit here if you are interested in Singapore’s past -especially around WWII. Located centrally this is an easy attraction to take overseas visitors to

  33. Avatar photo
    Gilbert Tseng

    The tour and story got a bit repetitive about the woes of the defense of Singapore. The refurbishment of the Battlebox was nicely done but the tour itself could have been a little shorter. A lot of the exhibits were replicas in the museum and as a result, there was limited real history in the Box.

  34. Avatar photo
    Key Rose

    One of the best places in Sg that you can visit.
    We can pay first before go inside.

  35. Avatar photo
    Jalaj Khanna

    If you go on your own, its just a bunker. But the way they tell you the story is terrific. Its like watching a movie. Must do when in Singapore.

  36. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Lee

    Superb tour with an excellent guide. Makes history interesting with focus on specific prominent individuals, highlighting the human element in what was a dark time. Brilliant!

  37. Avatar photo
    Claudia C.

    Went for their guided tour and was absolutely impressed by our guide’s (Joanne) knowledge. Her enthusiasm and friendliness makes the tour extremely worth it. Good segmentation of time spent at each station too. Highly recommended! Thanks Joanne

  38. Avatar photo
    Ocean L

    Came across this Uncle Paul who was mopping the floor. I agreed with him that the floor really shined like diamonds. Instead of the usual muddy smell for some cave, it smelled quite nice. A job well done

  39. Avatar photo
    Chris DV

    A really interesting (approx 40min) tour about Singapore during WW2, well worth making a visit to.

  40. Avatar photo
    Hemant Achrekar

    A must visit place when in Singapore. Loved the way it was maintained. The guide was well versed with the history and explained every details of the British army surrender in details. Loved the experience.

  41. Avatar photo

    To learn a little more about WWII in Singapore and experience the box that is not really a box but a planned space that was constructed for the safety of the military people and their operations planning during wartime. It’s more a hole in a hill.

  42. Avatar photo
    Andrew Tan

    The ticket cost is $20, get to see the bunker and some equipment where you can also hear some stories to let you know what happen during World War II

  43. Avatar photo

    Very interesting museum on World War II in Singapore, all inside the British central military command bunker. Great combination of wax figures, actual equipments, battle maps, photos, videos… It’s great to learn how British airforce, navy were destroyed first; then how Japan used small tanks & bicycles for a surprise and speedy invasion through Malaya jungles. Highly recommended.

  44. Avatar photo
    Evan Lau

    Pre book your tour for $20pp. Ticket includes a 30min guided tour in the bunker. Check out the history of British surrender during WWII occupation.

  45. Avatar photo
    Matthew McKay

    Interesting historical visit. We came here years ago when the mannequins moved in a rather ghastly way. Theses days it’s run by the nearby hotel and is a guided group tour and a fascinating inside into a dark event of the British empire. We had Nancy as a guide and she was wonderfully enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

  46. Avatar photo
    Jo Bensemann

    Battlebox was fantastic. To see inside the bunkers at Fort Canning, so well preserved was great. Our tour guide, Chris, was knowledgeable and informative. And Paul – he cleaned the floors! Floors were perfect. Go SG clean and thank you Paul.

  47. Avatar photo
    Agustin Dal Lago

    Absolutely unexpected (didn’t see it on any itinerary or guide), this museum is a gem. I was lucky to be guided by the museum director who was extremely passionate and knowledgeable.

    Essential visit for any WWII tourist, everything is curated with detail and care. So grateful I did this.

    The guided tour (mandatory way to enter) is 40 mins. I spent like 30 mins more reading and exploring more. Totally worth it

  48. Avatar photo
    Mark Windsor

    This museum is totally worth the time and cost. The guides are excellent. After about half an hour of being shown the history, visitors can wander about for as long as they want. The ticket even allows you to come back later in the day. It’s a great place to visit during the heat of the day.

  49. Avatar photo
    Richard Hughes

    Longer Thursday tour a fantastic insight into Singapore, it’s history and development. Our guide Sharul (call me She) gave his all to provide an informative, funny, poignant and balanced view of the sad and tragic events caused by the fall of Singapore to all parties.

    The early history was extremely interesting and provided some very interesting facts, the most alarming being the challenging environment Singapore provided to it’s european early settlers and almost likely all other dwellers: malaria, typhoid, cholera basically any insects or water borne disease seemed pretty likely to get you.

    Thanks again Sha hopefully they will retain all the guides, people are what make places and experiences come to life and be forever memorable. Your passion and commitment never lose it thanks Ric and Patti

  50. Avatar photo
    Tyson Skriver

    This was a great way to spend an hour or so in Singapore. I am very interested in WWII history, and I think local tours can be a great way to see it from a new perspective. Our guide was very informative and entertaining. Our group was small so we had plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Our guide mentioned that they were preparing for the upcoming anniversary, so the tour was in a state of transition. Despite that, it was still excellent. I highly recommend adding this to your list of things to do when visiting Singapore. It’s also a nice way to escape the heat since it’s all underground. 😉

  51. Avatar photo
    Jacob Groen

    Great little museum, good tour. Anywone who wants to know something about the surrender of Singapore to the Japanese this place is not to be missed.

  52. Avatar photo
    James H

    Pros: Interesting insight into life in the bunker. Good effort gone into what you see inside. Also guide correctly points out that Percival whilst CO of the allied forces, wasn’t pro-surrender; others were.

    Cons: Guide spoke rather fast and was tricky to understand. Last part of tour covered other WW2 events; I was more interested in Singapore during occupation but little was mentioned of that or the 45000 Indian POWs who subsequently joined the Japanese army and fought against the allies in Burma et al.

    Lastly if you visit the bunker be sure to see all of the Fort Canning park, it’s worth your time.

  53. Avatar photo
    Mitchelle Lee

    This is a MUST GO. Been to nearly all the museums in Singapore and this one is by far the most exciting and interesting. It’s stepping into a piece of history. The bunker which is 9m deep is dark and deeply lit giving off eerie vibes. This coupled with life size wax figurines artistically placed added to the experience.

    The blue zones contain preserved work spaces of the soldiers. You can even see century old graffiti in the toilets, how cool is that! The posters on the wall, the relics, the day to day items they used all preserved and displayed in such a manner that gives the illusion that the soldiers had merely just gone for a break and will be coming back soon.

    Usually for other museums the relics are typically under glass cabinets, carefully labelled with artificial lighting and this way of displaying really loses the immersive quality of the experience of reimagining the history, when it’s obvious that the relics are being treated as relics. The battlebox museum did an amazingly thoughtful job in creating that immersive experience through thoughtful display of artefacts.

    Exploring the bunkers and its winding convoluted alleyways was such an experience, I really, really enjoyed it.

  54. Avatar photo
    Seth Buckley

    Really interesting place to visit. We had a private tour because nobody else showed up for the time slot. Tour guide was great and answered all of our questions. Definitely visit if you are in the area.

  55. Avatar photo
    Shaun Lim

    My partner and I visited BattleBox on 18th April 2022. We joined the tour at about 3.30pm that day with our tour guide named Tiffany (or is it Kimberly . so sorry, both of us heard 2 different names).
    She made the experience fun for us, making sure that we were comfortable and that we were like friends going on a tour guide together. She made small talks and made sure that we understood what was happening before moving on to the next checkpoint.
    It was supposed to be a 30 minutes guide but it lasted around an hour because she took the extra effort to explain those details in depth, as well as waiting for us to complete our “free and easy” tour before going off – just in case we have questions to ask her (plus we were her last group)
    Hands down one of the most polite and nicest guide we have been with. Keep up the good work

    P.S – bad English

  56. Avatar photo
    JD Teitelman

    A tour of the underground bunker of WW2 site. Tour guide does a good job explaining some of the rooms and answering questions. After the tour, you are given free time to visit the entire bunker and watch movies. The place has air conditioning. Very educational tour.

  57. Avatar photo
    Tai Li

    If only any of my history lessons were this interesting. Fascinating experience with great insight into the British and life in the 1940’s. No photos permitted but the presenter was excellent and explained everything and answered lots of random questions.

  58. Avatar photo
    Luke Boschert

    The tour was excellent, we did the extended tour which covered the history of Fort Canning Hill as well. Highly recommended when you visit Singapore …

  59. Avatar photo
    Surash Kumar

    An icon that I never knew that existed. With the guide it just made the journey wholesome. Only drawback is that if you are late then u gotta wait pretty long for the next session

  60. Avatar photo
    Jolyne Chen

    Intresting place to learn about the history of singapore. the guide was very friendly during the trip in the museum. i only gave 4 stars as i think that place is abit scary and not very suitable for kids. The battlebox is also not very stuffy when there is alot of people around. overall, i really enjoyed the trip

  61. Avatar photo
    Mark S

    This place is thoroughly fascinating. The guide was knowledgeable and told the story in a very captivating manner. The Battlebox has some great artefacts and there was plenty of time to look at them.

  62. Avatar photo

    The battlebox was a great experience packed with interesting information on Singapore and the war. Tour was exceptional.

  63. Avatar photo
    Samarth Rajeev

    Absolutely brilliant, you can only go through a guided tour and it’s absolutely worth it!

  64. Avatar photo
    David Bundy

    Great place to visit. Historic significance is huge. Tour is well worthwhile.

  65. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Ngui

    Very fascinating and interesting. You can only visit as part of a tour. You can buy tickets on the day usually. Tour guides help you understand the story and history behind the fall of Singapore. It is air conditioned. There is a bathroom nearby. You can dress casual according to the weather. A moderate walk from the MRT.

  66. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Buhaddoud

    Very informative place . You pay for the tour at the place. Price of tour is very good. Check online for the times and days. Be their 20 minutes or 15 minutes before the tour starts. It takes around 1 hour to complete

  67. Avatar photo
    Wai Kit Choo

    Built in 1936, the Battlebox is a former WWII British underground command centre inside Fort Canning Hill in the heart of Singapore City. It was part of the headquarters of Malaya Command, the army which defended Malaya and Singapore in WWII. It was inside the Battlebox that the British made the decision to surrender Singapore to the invading Japanese on 15 February 1942.

    Today, the Battlebox is a museum that unveils the true causes behind “the worst disaster and largest capitulation in British history”.

    The Battlebox Tour, A STORY OF STRATEGY & SURRENDER™, tells two stories – the fall of Malaya and Singapore in WWII, and how an underground command centre functioned during the war.

    Your visit contributes entirely to the costs of running and maintaining this priceless historical monument.


    – A Story of Strategy & Surrender ™ (1 hour 15 minutes)
    ADULT: S$18
    CHILD (7 – 12 years): S$9

    1.30pm, 2.45pm, 4.00pm

    (Tuesdays to Sundays, and Mondays which are public holidays):
    9.45am, 11.00am,
    1.30pm, 2.45pm, 4.00pm

    – A Tour of Battlebox & Fort Canning Hill ™ (2 ½ hours)
    ADULT: S$32
    CHILD (7 – 12 years): S$15

    (Every Monday and Thursday, no tours on public holidays):


    Get your tickets at the Battlebox Visitor Centre 15 minutes before your tour timing. Limited tour slots are available. The centre reserves the right to cap tour numbers to maintain safety and quality of the tour experience.

  68. Avatar photo
    Gard Karlsen

    I have been looking at this tour for a few years and I finally got around to joining in on the tour. I like history and it was interesting to learn more about war history seen from the Singapore and Asia point of view. In Europe we tend to focus a lot on the European part of world war 2 but it was interesting to learn more about the events that took place before World war 2 and during the war. The tour takes you through the various rooms in the bunker and there is a mix of photos, texts, models, movies etc to give information and the tour guide was also knowledgeable, informative and funny. The only thing I can’t really understand is why it is not allowed to take photos during the tour. If you like history, I can highly recommend taking this tour to learn more about the events that took place in Malaysia and Singapore during World war 2.

  69. Avatar photo
    Alan Humphries

    The tour is excellent and is a nice mix of lecture, walking around and sitting down and watching short clips. Our guide Matthew was knowledgeable and his enthusiasm added an element of drama and a sense of what it was like down there and the decisions made in 1942. As a bonus it’s nice and cool down there as well.

  70. Avatar photo
    Tom Hlavac

    You can only explore the Battlebox as part of a tour. The tour, however, is very informative and the history shared is not biaised. The WW2 era was crucial to Singapore, as this was when Great Britain began to lose it’s influence here.

  71. Avatar photo
    Gerald Sum

    Nice place to walk and find out about some of Spore’s history and Japanese Occupation in SG. Staff here is very helpful and friendly. Brought my son here for his school project and the staff was very helpful and gave him extra info abt the Battlebox. Parking is free on Sunday n P holidays.

  72. Avatar photo
    Sheena G

    I had the most wonderful time attending the tour led by George. He made it really interesting and definitely drew several giggles beneath our masks. Very informative and worth recommending to visitors whether local or travelers to Singapore. I brought my mom along and I’m really glad she enjoyed it too. Whoever says history is boring should enjoy it like a novel.

  73. Avatar photo
    Rein Shien

    The tour was interesting; the tour guide threw in some interesting titbits about the war. Unknowingly, spent 2 hours in the bunker, going through the write up and videos. Worth visiting, if you enjoy history.

  74. Avatar photo
    Hannah Jane

    A must do experience if you’re interested in history and WW2. The tour goes into good details and I learnt a lot about the Jaoanse invasion and subsequent surrender of the British forces. A side of WW2 I’ve never learnt before. The battle box itself is really well preserved and great fun.

  75. Avatar photo
    YaChi SU

    Paul is doing a super job and the floor is very shinning and nice to me having some helps. Nice experience here.

  76. Avatar photo
    Mark Blackham

    Great effort to retell the infamous fall of Singapore to Japan early in ww2 using the original command bunker in the heart of downturn. Spoilt by currently only doing guided tours, not self-guided. The one hour is not enough to soak it all in, nor even deliver the info posted on the steel and concrete walls. Not enough time at all. So although it was very good, I was very disappointed. Only six months old, so self guided tours could be available when you go.

  77. Avatar photo
    Andrew Skinner

    A fascinating museum telling the fall of Singapore.

  78. Avatar photo
    David G.

    Wanted to visit the Battlebox for a while and finally had the time. I had originally stopped there over a year ago but it was suggested that I visit the Singapore National Museum first as it would put things in a better context, they were right!

    The tour guide seemed genuinely friendly and well educated in the history of the Fall of Singapore. His accent was easy to understand and answered any questions the small (around 8) tour group had.
    However I do wish we could have had more time to view the pictures between us and to take things in at a slower pace, but they do have a business to run…

  79. Avatar photo
    Justin Hurley

    The extended tour is well worth planning your visit to match up with the limited times the long tour is offered. Our guide gave a great insite into the history of the hill well before European influence through to the major event in WWII when the decision was made to surrender Singapore to the Japanese.
    Fly repellent was offered for the participants when the tour went through to lower garden areas, but you may prefer to bring your own favourite type if you’re susceptible to mosquito bites.
    Pictures are not allowed in the bunker, so you will have to do the tour for yourself to the recreations set up in the battlebox. A highly recommended tour if you like understanding history and don’t mind some outdoor hilly walking and walking underground.

  80. Avatar photo
    Daniel Noel

    An enjoyable experience, the guided tour was informative and clear
    Friendly staff and guide! …

  81. Avatar photo
    Frieda Lee

    A great place to go when you want to think about where you’ve come from and how Singapore has changed over the years. Those were claustrophobic might not want to make a visit as these are underground bunkers

  82. Avatar photo
    Callum and Jess

    Must do for WW2 buffs!
    The guide was incredible knowledgeable and informative. The 1.15 hour tour went very quickly. Would definitely recommend!

  83. Avatar photo
    Caiden Howes

    Amazing too see all the places the Singaporean soldiers lived throughout the war was very fascinating with the instructor having extreme knowledge for the subject with a full walk through the actual barracks and little clips to help the younger kids to understand while still showing great detail for older people it was really fascinating and for such a low price it is defiantly a must do for anyone in Singapore even if they are not interested in the wars.

  84. Avatar photo
    Adventure Tim

    Excellent place. I learnt so much about Singapores wae history here .

  85. Avatar photo
    Nick Vargish

    Intense and informative, this museum stands as a testament to the horrors of war, and the resiliency of the Singapore people. In many ways the immensely successful society we know today was forged in the fire of the Japanese occupation. A special note of appreciation for the excellent tour given by Nancy, a wonderful docent.

  86. Avatar photo
    Morgan Merrill

    First thing to note is that you can’t go into the Battle Box without a guided tour! Check tour times before you go. I happened to stumble upon this right before a tour started and it’s 100% worth it. Pay attention too, there’s a quiz at the end. Winner gets a prize (mine is getting framed).

  87. Avatar photo

    A must if you’re a history buff and want to learn about Singaporean WW2 history. You get to learn how the British Empire got stuffed by the Japanese Empire. The surrender of Singapore was a huge turning point in the war for Japan, and helps Americans better understand the context of the Pearl Harbor bombing.

    My tour guide was the man! He was very polite and patient, answered every question I had with enthusiasm and accuracy.

    Highly recommended!

  88. Avatar photo

    Maybe I’m being pessimistic, but I don’t buy the reason for not being allowed to take pictures is ” out of historical respect”. The place is undoubtedly of historicql significance, but the exhibits are old, shabby and generally a let down.

  89. Avatar photo
    Sai Peng Eng

    This is a perfect place to let u get closer to the days of world war II. Well-explained & displayed. I learnt alot here! Since we can’t take video or photos due to copyright, so i can’t add photos here. If u like history of WW II, definitely a MUST to visit this place.

  90. Avatar photo
    Nakkiran Sunassee

    A really great tour which explores the fall of Singapore during WW2. The tour guide is extremely knowledgeable about the island’s history and explains a lot throughout the tour.

    A definite must-see if you like WW2 history, and you can follow this up with a nice walk in the park or a relaxed lunch at Hotel Fort Canning.

  91. Avatar photo
    Andrew Pattenden

    Really enjoyed this tour. Its a must do if you’re interested in British military history. The tour guide was excellent and had a huge wealth of knowledge. She was able to answer every question in great detail.

  92. Avatar photo
    G Santana

    This place only good for the person who love a war and strategy, inside the bunker is not like what I expected. You only can go with the tour.

  93. Avatar photo
    Zhi Yu Teh

    The Battlebox is a historical war museum situated in the old British command centre of World War 2.

    Though the centre may be a noisy, stuffy and smelly mess during the war, it is air-conditioned, organised and peaceful today.

    The Battlebox is only accessible through a $20 tour and it includes a very sentimental free souvenir. The $20 is very well spent as the tour guides are very enthusiatic and informative.

    I was lucky to be the only two people along with my partner to be attached to our tour guide Joanna. She was informative, enthusiatic, and comedic and was able to deepen our interest in history.

    Whether if you are a history fanatic or not, this museum is worth a visit to further your knowledge in history and to show respect to the sacrifices made in the war.

  94. Avatar photo
    Assad A.Mir

    If youre into history, its a must visit! Worth the climb to the top of Fort Canning Park.

  95. Avatar photo

    It is located in the fort canning park.. Battlebox so clean, tidy and no smell.. Tq Mr Paul to help me as long as there..

  96. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Hoyer

    We had a great experience here! JoAnn, our guide, was very knowledgeable and engaging!

  97. Avatar photo
    Almog Ramrajkar

    Great piece of histoy. Great your and your guides that help you understand the surrender of Singapore to Japan during world war 2.

  98. Avatar photo

    Very intereting and in-depth. Tour guide (Wina) was very knowledgeable and considerate of all tour members’ needs. She even managed to remember everyone’s names.

  99. Avatar photo
    Devin Jimmink

    It was a couple of years ago, but I got a great tour from a new guide who was somewhat lacking in confidence at first but she nailed it! Well-maintained and thoughtfully displayed rooms, some with mannequins dressed as British commanders. A little pricey, and no photographs allowed inside, which was a bummer, but it was a good experience. Nice surroundings in Ft. Canning Park, too.

  100. Avatar photo
    Sachin M

    A must-visit place. It was like stepping into another world. Our guide explained everything very well. After the tour, we spend around an hour more exploring the place.

  101. Avatar photo
    Andrew G

    Incredibly well presented overview of the events leading to the Japanese occupation of Malaya and Singapore during WW2. The “Story of Strategy and Surrender” tour takes you around a former (and fortunately now air conditioned!) command bunker whilst unveiling the causes behind the British surrender in Singapore. A well spent 1.5 hours for anyone interested in wartime history. Make sure you book in advance via email and are there early otherwise your tickets will go!

  102. Avatar photo

    An interesting place to visit. The whole of Fort Canning is a great place to enjoy a stroll and learn a bit about Singapore’s history. Well maintained.

  103. Avatar photo
    Lynda Elliott

    A must for any WW2 enthusiast, very well presented and an extremely moving experience. Shaun, our guide was very knowledgeable and delivered the tour with passion. Highly recommend.

  104. Avatar photo
    Linda Breeze

    Had great visit to the Battlebox. Whilst waiting to join the group, we were early, in the reception, Paul was mopping the floor. On the way up, we’d walked on the grass a bit which was really soaked. Paul kindly mopped my mum’s shoes clean. Tour interesting. Pleased to find our we could return during the day to explore further

  105. Avatar photo
    JP Bautista

    Best tour that you can have in SG. Very informative on country’s WW2 history and it’s underground base in Fort Canning. Good job on the people behind the place’s restoration and tour programme.

  106. Avatar photo
    David Musgrave

    The BattleBox Museum was fascinating with lots of information about the history of Fort Canning and the events of World War II leading up to the Surrender of Singapore. Well worth the visit. Thanks to our guide, Joanne.

  107. Avatar photo
    Andrea Lim

    Really enjoyed my trip here! The general entry tickets gets you a 30min guided tour of the bunker (which is air-conditioned) and gives you unlimited entry to the bunker for the rest of the day. The tour was really informative and interesting. The artefacts and exhibits in the museum were very well curated . Would definitely recommend it to Singaporeans and tourists alike!

  108. Avatar photo
    Kodkod Tango

    It was an eye opener and the guide Nancy described the experience well …if only they off the air con, letting in smoke ,noise to create the realism of war back in Feb 1942.

    Wish we could take pics really of the tunnel network.

  109. Avatar photo
    Alwin van Binsbergen

    Great story told by great guides. More than worth your time. Just a short walk from the metro. If you have to wait for the tour to start, just buy a day pass at the museum which is at a 2 minute walk. It’s worth seeing the historic exhibit in the museum before going to the battlebox, to put the battle in a larger historic context.

  110. Avatar photo
    Lee Hy

    Very informative and interesting tour on WWII in Singapore. If you have elderly with knee problems, suggest that you get transport to the visitor centre directly, otherwise they need to climb at least 3 flights of stairs before reaching the visitor centre…

  111. Avatar photo
    Darrell Goh

    Loved the tour and the guide Helena (hope I got her name right)! It was extremely informative and well paced, even for us a family of four with boys 9 and 4.

  112. Avatar photo
    Todd Osborn

    Our tour guide Sha, did an incredible job educating us about the history of Singapore, specifically the Battlebox. He made history very entertaining, not at all like your boring text books when you were a kid! I would highly recommend this tour, it was worth every penny. 2 1/2 hours zipped by! The tour does not take place every day, so check ahead when it’s available and hopefully you’ll have Sha as your guide!

  113. Avatar photo
    Ady Setyawan

    I love this place, once I visited the battlebox and joined the tour lead by a tour guide named Sharul. This man surely knows what he is telling, he has passion and knowledge, kind of tour guide that I respect. Too bad making photo are not allowed

  114. Avatar photo
    Jordan Wright

    Our tour was informative, interesting and very factual. Our family loved the tour very worth doing in Sinagpore!

  115. Avatar photo
    J wye

    The bunker has much historical value and significance. However, as my friends and I booked the 4:30pm slot, we couldn’t enjoy the area thoroughly. There was a 30mins compulsory guided tour which the guide briefly introduced the various rooms in the bunker and its history. After which, we’d only had 30mins to go through the bunker as they closed at 5:30pm. Which isn’t much time at all!

    We had to prioritise which rooms to go to based on what the guide had told us. It felt like we were on a bus tour that’d made many brief stops to take photos, without going in depth into each attraction.

    The bunker has so much story to tell. If only, we had the time.

    tl;dr Don’t book the 4:30pm slot. Would recommend not going any later than 3:30pm.

  116. Avatar photo
    Serena Inzani

    Historical place explaining the time period just before the British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese. It’s only accessible by tour, but it was a good tour and worth the ticket price. Very informative of a complex event, and engaging throughout. It’s best to buy the tickets in advance, as time slots do sell out.

  117. Avatar photo
    Anikaz Travel

    I really enjoyed this place. There were multiple wax figures depicting a scene in the war and also a lot of unique artefacts. They give us a map to navigate the different places you need to visit. There are old newspapers you can buy. There is a video played in every room for more information.
    However, one thing that can be considered is letting us take pictures in the bunker and of course playing the videos more often.
    Overall, it was an interesting experience and I definitely recommend.

  118. Avatar photo

    Extremely well documented museum I did the guided tour which was great! …

  119. Avatar photo
    Emily Rumble

    Terrific experience, particularly if you have any interest in military history. Fascinating place and great tour guide + well organised tour. Worth a visit!

  120. Avatar photo
    Robert Glennie

    Joanne, our guide was brilliant. She told us all we wanted to know and more with authority, using a superb mix of set displays, historical photos, artefacts and film.

  121. Avatar photo
    Vita Angeli

    When you are a tourist in Singapore and you and your child are interested in history, this is one place you should not miss.

    The Battlebox Museum houses WWII memorabilia. We were made witness to the unfolding of the war in the Southeast Asia Pacific Region and the events leading to its end.

    The bunker was amazing. The docent was very knowledgeable (of course) and witty. He gave us a wonderful tour of the place, one that greatly added to my knowledge of the war in the Pacific Region.

    We were advised to not take photos and videos that is why I only have photos of the tickets.

  122. Avatar photo
    James Bell

    Thoroughly deserving of its excellent reviews, Battlebox is a real highlight of any trip to Singapore. The story of the events leading up to the Battle of Singapore, together with the inevitable surrender to the beastly Japanese, is suspenseful and poignant. Our guide was very knowledgeable and professional and ensured our experience was immersive and informative. Highly recommended.

  123. Avatar photo
    Wen Wen

    They are having the Bicentennial event for this coming month or so! Fantastic acts – 7 in total. Got to visit Fort Canning! I would not mind going there again. …

  124. Avatar photo
    B C

    The battle box is a must do place to visit if you’re interested in Singapore history and World War Two. I found it absolutely fascinating and they have great a job with the story telling and exhibits. The only downside is photography is not permitted

  125. Avatar photo
    Danny Koh

    Good tour. Lasted about 1-1.5 hrs. Please reserve online in advance before going. Highly recommended

  126. Avatar photo
    Donald Clark

    An instructive and intriguing horrific tour under the hill in Fort Canning Park. You aren’t allowed to take photos in the bunker and so the only one I have is of the front door.

    The tour leaves the nearby visitor center a few times a day and took around 1 hour.

    There isn’t much original left, but the exhibits are interesting and tell a sensitive but real story of retreat and occupation during WWII.

  127. Avatar photo
    Wai Chak Tse

    The location itself offers rich history but the guide took the experience to another level. It was amazing that their knowledge of the area and the energetic introductions that she gives to us. Definitely worth a visit in the location but book make sure you yourself the short tour here.

  128. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheng

    Less we forget! The sacrifices made for peace and freedom must not be forgotten. A nations defence cannot be outsourced. It remains a citizens responsibility. The price of peace is constant readiness, preparedness and alertness. It must not be taken for granted. Really appreciate the little touches such as Japanese writings, toilet graffiti and well put together videos. The Battlebox tour must be a core national education visit for all students.

  129. Avatar photo
    Richard Webster

    Fascinating place & well worth a visit to learn more about Singapore’s involvement in WW2. Well laid out with a lot of information & knowledgeable staff.

  130. Avatar photo
    Lim Kelvin

    I must comment on the cleanliness and fragrance that emits out every time during my walk at the vicinity… Just wonder what detergent you guys use… Haha. Great job!!

  131. Avatar photo
    Aman Singh

    Amazing place and a well kept piece of Singaporean history. I happened to reach right at the time when a free tour was starting and the tour guide was absolutely amazing. Great place to pick souvenirs too. A must see WW2 site.

  132. Avatar photo
    Joseph Shanks

    Even if you are not a history buff this is a very interesting place to visit please please contact first to arrange your tour as can be fully booked. A guide will explain the history of the battle box and be happy to answer any questions a great way to spend a couple of hours.

  133. Avatar photo

    Very cool tour for foreigners and locals alike. Many facts that I didn’t know of even though I studied SG history. Highly recommended!

  134. Avatar photo
    Eva Perendreu Mata

    A very interesting place in Singapore. We did a guide tour in English and was great. I did not know too much about this part of the Singapore past and was great. The bunker is very well conserved and you can feel and imagine the “atmosphere” of past times. Our guide was great, she was very good explaining. It was no crowded, so perfect.

  135. Avatar photo
    Carsten Kreuzer

    Nicely prepared and consumable piece of history. After 1h you know why Singapore surrendered to the Japanese.

  136. Avatar photo
    Zakary Doherty

    Excellent tour. Extremely clean! Thanks to Paul the cleaner

  137. Avatar photo
    Sharon Hanlon

    A truly remarkable place to visit and a highly informative tour was provided by our lively and engaging guide, Joanne. Definitely one to put on your ‘must-do’ list if visiting Singapore. Sorry … no photos were allowed!

  138. Avatar photo

    Really informative on the fall of Singapore. This place brought out details never previously mentioned or read in school textbooks.

    Fun fact: they actually have some myth busting facts on what actually contributed to the British defeat.

    Price is slightly steep in my opinion. Would have reconsidered if not for “Rediscover Singapore”. Vouchers.

    Overall, great place to visit.

  139. Avatar photo
    Gavin Plunkett

    Well worth a visit to gain a better understanding of the fall of Singapore. They only offer guided tours, book early. The guide is very knowledgeable.

  140. Avatar photo
    Steve Mecredy

    A really interesting place to learn about the fall of Singapore in WW2. It has a nice little store as well. The only problem is that you can only see it if you go on a 90 minute guided tour.

  141. Avatar photo
    John Smart

    Interesting detailed history. Well presented. Limited numbers so not crowded.

  142. Avatar photo
    Sherwin Loo

    Walks you thru several hundred years of Fort Canning Hill’s history, with emphasis on the Japanese conquest of SG in 1942 and key events that led to the British surrender. Can’t add pics as photography isn’t allowed in the museum.

  143. Avatar photo
    Ocean L

    Came across this Uncle Paul who was mopping the floor. I agreed with him that the floor really shined like diamonds. Instead of the usual muddy smell for some cave, it smelled quite nice. A job well done

  144. Avatar photo
    Carson Lee

    To enter the bunker you need to get a guided tour and the tour was informative and interesting but it felt rushed as we did not get any time allotted to check out most of the artifacts and posters inside the bunker

  145. Avatar photo
    Luke H

    Really fascinating. Chris was out guide and was excellent. His passion and knowledge really shone through. Would highly recommend for anybody interested in WW2 history, and even those who are not interested this might be the spark you need.

  146. Avatar photo
    Melissa Eisner

    Best tour / museum / histórica site I’ve been to yet in Singapore. The guide was fantastic, and the historical significance was impactful. Loads of multimedia and well signed rooms. Worth a visit!

  147. Avatar photo
    Bram Stoker

    Good tour, but maybe allow customers some more time to wander around the bunker as there is way more information on the exhibits. I would focus in more detail on the British mistakes and consequences due to bad intelligence and communication. Also I was missing something about the aftermath of the war and independence of Singapore Too bad no photo’s are allowed. Bit pricey at S$20 too.

  148. Avatar photo
    Pat Poulter

    Superb look into the past. Short videos and illustrated scenes and history facts, with manequins to demonstrate how the work stations were laid out Sadly, no photos were allowed inside the battlebox.

  149. Avatar photo
    ATL T

    We did the tour by getting our tickets from the visitor centre. Please get them early as slots gets filled out pretty quickly. A bottle of water is provided with the ticket price of $30.

    The 2.5hr tour started off at the visitor centre with a 3 minute walk to the entrance of the bunker. Its a very informative tour and the guide is friendly and knowledgable. The bunker is sufficiently lit with air conditioning.

    nearest carpark is carpark b

  150. Avatar photo
    L Smith

    Fantastic! They have a brilliant team working here. I wanted to buy a gift for my Dad while I am stuck in HCM, Vietnam. The team were brilliant to help set up 2 tickets for me which I could pay online. Thank you so so much!

  151. Avatar photo
    NZTami R

    A fortunate booking for an historic day. Photos inside not allowed

  152. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Wade

    This was a fantastic 1 hour overview of the 1942 invasion of Singapore and the war in the Pacific. The tour was conducted in the old British underground command center in Fort Canning Park. Definitely worth the visit.

  153. Avatar photo
    P Strekky

    This can only be visited as a guided tour. There are several each day. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Tour takes an hour and a quarter, starting and finishing from the ticket office. Good value for money and very interesting.

  154. Avatar photo
    Kylie Chee

    One of the best historical tours in Singapore!
    It’s very focused ie only on WW2 in SEA and thus, not a drag to fully immerse yourself in it.
    Tour guides are amazing – very knowledgeable and interactive (ask for George!).

    All in all, a great 2 hour activity for all ages.

  155. Avatar photo
    Cooper Ke

    If you are interested in history, take a visit to this bunker. The ticket is SGD18, around 90 min guide tour. You will know the history of Singapore under the WW2. The guide is knowledgeable.

  156. Avatar photo
    David Musgrave

    The BattleBox Museum was fascinating with lots of information about the history of Fort Canning and the events of World War II leading up to the Surrender of Singapore. Well worth the visit. Thanks to our guide, Joanne.

  157. Avatar photo
    Aik Koon Wee

    Very educational place for kids to immerse in history of Singapore. This is now a privatised museum where you xan have guides to bring u in and introduced the history with some seemingly “unknown” history info. Like the myth of the southern guns…

  158. Avatar photo
    Andy Goh

    Great tour. Informative and authentic with high quality displays. Immersive and educational. Good for kids to come to learn about Singapore history

  159. Avatar photo
    Shi Yun Ong

    Must visit to know more about the Singapore surrendar. Thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. Tour is only 30 minutes during the Covid period. Will be back again when the longer duration tour resumes

  160. Avatar photo
    Jim Faherty

    Significant historical site, used as a stronghold for British Armed Forces during the Japanese attack on (and subsequent command of) Singapore.
    Of the 29 rooms inside this concrete bunker built into Fort Canning Hill, many original artefacts and relics from 1942 have been preserved, such as the vacuum tube for communication capsules, the original ventilation pipes, and even a commander’s water canister!
    Great place to bring a very significant point in Singapore’s (and Great Britain’s) history to life!

  161. Avatar photo
    Mask Trooper

    If you are ww2 lover then this the BEST place for you.. to entry the former bunker is 18sgd with guide and you can see how there are display during ww2 event before the fall of singapore.. the tour guide is approximately 1hour*

  162. Avatar photo
    Tat S

    Fantastic tour guide & nice to free roam. Highly entertaining and I recommend!!

  163. Avatar photo
    cryssy cheung

    Loved it! Really awesome bunker tour. The tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable! Def recommend if you’re in Singapore!

  164. Avatar photo
    Ankur Jain

    The bunker is good. Paul is doing a good job with good explanation.

  165. Avatar photo
    Dale Calitz

    Loved the tour. Done it twice… really awesome bit of history and well shared by our knowledgeable guide.

  166. Avatar photo
    Justin Colson

    One for serious military history buffs only. The tour takes 1hr15 and talks you through the battle of Singapore step by step in different rooms, only a few of which actually have much relevance

  167. Avatar photo
    Ella Chandra

    If you are going, the tour guide will say it is scary but it’s not really. I have a weak heart and the school made us go for a history learning journey hence I was made to go. Hearing that the trip down into the box was scary, it wasn’t very reassuring and I was thoroughly frightened. Even more so when the guide said that it was very dark and there were very realistic wax figures that we’re injured. My classmate even said that there were intestines flowing from the wax figures. Of course, it was a lie. Though the room was not dark, it was poorly lit still, it was enough light to light the whole room. There were only 2 wax figures with minor injuries and there are no intestines or blood in the battlebox. In the end I had so much fun learning about the history of Singapore and just seeing it come to live is so interesting. Honestly it’s a place worth visiting to know more about what our beautiful city has been through.

  168. Avatar photo

    We took the Battlebox tour and were very happy with it as it was so informative. The guide was excellent and obviously well trained. I came out of there feeling I knew so much more about what happened in Singapore during WW2. It is underground and there are confined spaces so if you’re claustrophobic you may be a bit uncomfortable. The tour deserves 5 stars as being in the bunker really makes you remember the experience.

  169. Avatar photo
    Terry Skeet

    Very enjoyable. Top notch guide. Very knowledgeable and super friendly. Recommended.

  170. Avatar photo
    Ruth Ng

    My family totally enjoyed the 30 mins guided tour on Christmas eve. We went for the 10.15am slot. The whole tour experience was wonderful. For ex, the professional help of staff during safe-entry check in, the immense knowledge shared by the lady tour guide as well as the friendliness of staff stationed at the Battlebox. What more can u ask for Christmas!

  171. Avatar photo
    John Heiney

    Excellent informative tour. Great if you like WWII history.

  172. Avatar photo
    Philip Gregory

    If you have an interest in the Singaporean take on the surrender of British Forces in Singapore in the Pacific War then thus tour of the command bunker is definitely worth while. I liked the references to the more historic pre-British colonial history. The young tour guides really know their stuff and will entertain limited number of questions outside the set speel. There are no photos allowed. The wax models of the brit generals sitting around making the impossiblly obvious decision is a little disturbing but it definitely makes the hustorical events come alive. Tour takes about 80 mins does not involve any ladders, secret passageways or anythig remotely uncomfortable.

  173. Avatar photo
    Anubhuti Agarwal

    Highly recommend. The tour is super informative and gives a great insight into Singapore’s history. You could book through Klook to get a special small gift – i was given a copy of the signed deal between the British and Japanese when Singapore was captured and the army had to surrender. Do spend some time after the tour to see the short videos being played in some of the rooms, as well as some of the memoirs – especially the recommended ones.

  174. Avatar photo
    Mars Doria

    It’s my first time in Singapore and decided to visit this place. I learned a lot. The tour guides did a great job teaching.

  175. Avatar photo

    Went in with a vague idea of British blundering leading to the fall of Singapore. Came out with an appreciation of the dire logistical situation faced by Percival and his men. The tour was very informative and gave the whole situation the context and detail it required, with the balanced view that history requires in order to be accurate.

  176. Avatar photo

    I arrived at 9.45am for the guided tour into the bunker. George was engaging and I learnt a fair bit of new WWII history today. Happy to spend a good 2 hours in the bunker. This was definitely time well-spent on a Saturday morning.

  177. Avatar photo
    Grant 2.0 G

    Excellent tour of just over an hour. Our guide took us over the fall of Singapore in World War 2. The history leading upto and the enf of the war and signing of the surrender in August 1945 as you are led through the battle bunker whuch was the command for the troops in Singapore. If you like war history this is a must. No photos or video are allowed during the tour. I did not see any wheel chair access on the tour and there are stairs at the beginning of the tour leading down to the bunker.

  178. Avatar photo
    Jason Jaslow

    Great insight into an important part of the war. And the space is very cool to check out. My wife (a Singaporean) learnt her history also.

  179. Avatar photo
    Jun Long Lee

    Best $15 you can ever spend if you need to know more about WWII in singapore. Guide will be more than happy to explain and share as much as you need you to know. Best 2hours

  180. Avatar photo
    Seow Kang Ling

    Well worth the time for a riveting account of the fall of Singapore. The guide/docent was very clear and engaging, and made sure we didn’t miss anything. Keep it up! Highly recommended! (Visited on 14 Mar with my wife and kids.)

  181. Avatar photo
    Carina Chong

    Benefited from the 30mins tour by Tiffany who was very professional and friendly. Suggest to go for earlier tour timings so that there will be sufficient free and easy time to roam around the place.

  182. Avatar photo
    Eoin Douglas-Smith

    Very informative tour and the creators have done a good job to make it look as it was when the British used it considering the Japanese were the last ones in there.

  183. Avatar photo
    Annaling Chua

    George was my guide for the day, and as other reviewers have mentioned, he is super engaging and visibly passionate about the history. He cleverly weaves in humour with history to capture the attention of even the little ones.

    Pick an earlier timeslot if you can, so you can more time to explode and take in the history of WW2 and the Battle of Singapore. Bring along a jacket as it can get quite chilly in the bunker.

    Highly recommend this tour and if you get George, you are in for a treat!

  184. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Datu Hamid

    Great tour conducted by Aishah – the hour long tour zipped past in a flash. Well preserved site & brimming with history, definitely worth a peek

  185. Avatar photo
    Rosemary Tea

    You can only enter through a guided tour. I’d say this is the only sad part. You might want to book in advance as you don’t want to go all the way there to find out that there’s no reservations. My tour was overbooked so we were crammed into a small tiny space. Plus, in any tour of course, you cannot linger to observe and see at your own pace. But other than that, this place is very thrilling and exciting.

  186. Avatar photo
    Tart T

    Got tix on Klook, rly interesting place to learn some Singapore history – see the way the British fought and lived during the war against the Japanese. Bring a jacket as it can get cold inside.

  187. Avatar photo
    Matthew Vaughan

    Exceptionally interesting, largely thanks to the excellent tour guide who added so much to the visit. A wonderful insight into a remarkable period of history. Highly recommended.

  188. Avatar photo
    Amanda Wisener

    Of all the wonderful things to see in Singapore, this has to be one of the best. Simple, compact within a beautiful setting. You really are made to feel you are walking in the footsteps of proud and courageous men. Highly recommended!

  189. Avatar photo
    Regina Lim

    Enjoyed the history of this place. A bit spooky though with the dim lighting and imagining the number of British soldiers who died here in WW2.

  190. Avatar photo
    Chris Chen

    It’s a great way to experience the historical capitulation of Singapore to the Japanese in World War II. The museum guide was fantastic, and the battlebox bunker itself is well-preserved and worthy of touring. They even have a quiz at the end for a small prize for those who pay attention. It’s rated as one of the best museums in Asia, and is worth the hour and fifteen. Moreover, it’s air conditioned, and a great break from seeing the rest of Fort Canning on a hot Singaporean day. Show times are limited on weekdays, so it may require a bit of planning if you’re going to hit two cultural landmarks in one day. I’d post some pictures, but they’re strictly forbidden.

  191. Avatar photo
    2 Little Ong Brothers

    Good understanding of World war 2 with wax soldiers, videos and explanation from the guide!

    Nice trip for school holidays! No photo taking allowed.

    Note: Aircon is freezing for kids and adult like me. Bring a jacket if need be.

  192. Avatar photo
    Paul Anderson

    Very informative and well organised. Guided tours only. Depart throughout the day and last about 75 mins. Tour guide was very clearly spoken. Check website for departure times and book in advance as there could be a chance it will sell out.

    An interesting insight into how it must have felt to be in the ‘battlebox’ on the build-up to surrender. From receiving and decoding messages received from battalions to making the decision to surrender (despite Winston Churchills request) and possibly saving many lives. Up to 500 people were cramped in here within the heat and fumes.

    (Also, check out the National museum only 2 mins walk away)

  193. Avatar photo
    Chuck Oldes

    This was a well presented history lesson regarding the surrender of Singapore. Interesting that I was accompanied by mostly Australians who had a more personal connection to the events from those days.

  194. Avatar photo
    Samantha Chang

    Great tour, interesting guide. Booked it via KLOOK so it was convenient and we even got a free gift.

  195. Avatar photo

    Great place to visit, have to book a ticket online for a guided tour. Then you have the rest of the entire day to slowly walk thru the exhibit rooms… Recommended for those bwho are keen to understand about the war in Singapore and the decision to surrender.

  196. Avatar photo

    Superb tour of this very interesting and well preserved site. Our guide was perfect, incredibly knowledgeable and enthusiastic a must see in Singapore

  197. Avatar photo
    S C

    This only re-opened a few days ago after extensive rennovation. A tour of an actual WWII bunker set up by the British army to defend against the Japanese. We had a nice tour guide who showed us around The tour itself was factual and objectively told. Definitely a must-see in Singapore!

  198. Avatar photo
    haniza rahim Sulaiman

    Great history of singapore to be shared to generations ! You should come here if want to learn about sejarah

  199. Avatar photo
    Vincent Wang

    Amazingly informative and fascinating tour. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to better understand a major chapter in Singapore’s history

  200. Avatar photo
    Xaver Gramkow

    Very interesting museum focused on the days leasing to the surrender of Singapore.

  201. Avatar photo
    Fabian Nonis

    Well presented factual rendition of the Malayan Campaign, based on facts recently made known with the declassification of war time records. A day and money well spent; kudos to Singapore-based private heritage consultancy Singapore History Consultants.

  202. Avatar photo
    Ray Fung

    Fascinating museum that tells a dramatic story. Even without the guided tour, the wax figures/ exhibit explanations/ well narrated videos do a good job at bringing history to life.

    Rather cold air conditioning even on a hot day, so bring a top layer if you want.

  203. Avatar photo
    Shar C

    Interesting bunker museum primarily about the British surrender of Singapore to the Japanese. Our experience was made much better thanks to the tour led by our guide George who was excellent.

  204. Avatar photo
    Sinan Na

    Best place to have fun while learning about the past. If you have interest in history this is the best place to go. Only setback is no photography allowed

  205. Avatar photo
    Wei Yi Tay

    Well curated guided history tour. The underground bunker was well maintained and at a comfortable temperature. Children friendly, even my 5 year old had his concentration glued to the tour guide and exhibits. Recommended!

  206. Avatar photo
    Kevin Butler

    A very good museum, and the only way to visit is during an official tour. These take approx 1hr 15m and are a good length. Enough time to get a good look at the very intact bunker, and hear some of the story off the British defeat on the Malay peninsula and surrender of Singapore. Worth a read of some background info before or after too. The shop is well stocked with books etc and even a few snacks and cool drinks. Great place to visit!

  207. Avatar photo
    Louise Maher

    Brilliant tour from Chris, a natural at guiding. The place is very well kept, Paul is doing an excellent job!

  208. Avatar photo
    g b

    If you enjoy history then it is a must see if in Singapore. Nice tour not to long and well broken up into walking and sitting for short films.

    Down side is there is no toilet had to use a port o loo

    Not strenuous but not handicapped accessible either

    Make online reservations and ticket purchase beforehand

  209. Avatar photo
    Craig Van Der Laan

    Interesting below ground tour of the bunker with tour guide. Good explanation of the use of the bunker as Japan was invading Singapore.

  210. Avatar photo
    Alicia L.

    The Battlebox is a former WWII underground bunker, located in Fort Canning Park. We went on the “A Story of Strategy and Surrender” tour, which lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes. It was an educational experience — the guide explained the lead up to the Battle of Singapore as we visited various rooms and saw how the British military used the bunker as a command centre.

    Entrance into the bunker is by guided tours only. (A pity as I’d have liked to spend more time perusing the displays in each room!) Booking tickets online is recommended as tours tend to fill up quickly.

    The museum website has detailed directions on how to get there from the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Walking there takes 15 minutes at most, but be prepared for several flights of stairs! Visit for a dose of history, and for a stroll around the lovely Fort Canning Park!

  211. Avatar photo
    Sylvia Chia

    10/10 would recommend this tour to fellow Singaporeans to better appreciate our country’s history and why the fall of SG was inevitable (facts they don’t mention in History textbooks). Apart from History students like myself, I reckon this place will certainly appeal to tourists and non-History students alike just from the sheer way the exhibits were presented, from videos to wax replicas of key figures in the war, strategic locations, etc. – definitely well-curated with great narratives.

    Our tour guide, Sean/Shawn, did an excellent job in lightening the atmosphere of the group as well as providing a clear insight into the operations of the battle box. Though the tour was only 30 mins along, I stayed behind to explore the remaining rooms for another 1.5h, Saturday morning well spent indeed!

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