Review Ballroom By Barbary Coast, 16 N Canal Rd, Singapore

Review Ballroom by Barbary Coast - Singapore 16 N Canal Rd

“Fun place to be! Great drinks as well We had more than a few shots.. Wednesday whiskey is the day to be there.” or “Great drinks and atmosphere. Cocktail menu is relatively extensive with great creative twists.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Ballroom By Barbary Coast. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Ballroom By Barbary Coast is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Ballroom By Barbary Coast. In terms of Bar, it is generally believed that Ballroom By Barbary Coastis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 16 N Canal Rd, #02-01, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Bar, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 88694798 (+65 88694798)
  • Website:
  • Address: 16 N Canal Rd, #02-01, Singapore
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Monday, Sunday: Closed.

Tuesday: 7 PM to 1 AM.

Wednesday: 7 PM to 2 AM.

Thursday, Friday: 7 PM to 3 AM.

Saturday: 7:30 PM to 3 AM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Ballroom By Barbary Coast via:

Phone number

You can reach Ballroom By Barbary Coast at 88694798(+65 88694798). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Ballroom By Barbary Coast via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 16 N Canal Rd, #02-01, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Ballroom By Barbary Coast reviews

Ballroom By Barbary Coast is among the best destinations of Bar in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Ballroom By Barbary Coast is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Haven't enjoyed a speakeasy in a while. Loved their lobster mac and cheese. Went really well with Stay Puff. Three Drunk Uncles is a good ending, but be warned, it's quite a heavyweight.”

“Great experience. Drink prices were definitely steep but no complaints for a late night place. Service was great too, and the esquites were really generous for $8.”

“Comfortable ambience, eclectic decor and funky music selection, i liked it all. And the staff has great recommendations for cocktails and every drink was very delicious.”

“Fun place to be! Great drinks as well We had more than a few shots.. Wednesday whiskey is the day to be there.”

“new gem in town! love their energy and sweet service. Darren was a great host at the bar thank you! Highly recommend the Stir for anyone extending Dry January ”

“Almost an expats exclusive bar. A true gem among bars. Drinks are good and food are superb. Spend a good time mingling with all your expats connections. The manager is a Caucasian as well ”

“Great drinks and atmosphere. Cocktail menu is relatively extensive with great creative twists.”

“Still superb place. Depends on your vibe , deadfall is more chill but buzzing. Ball room is a classier affair”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 186 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.7 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 91% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Ballroom By Barbary Coast, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Ballroom By Barbary Coast, 16 N Canal Rd, Singapore

There is a total 186 reviews

4.7 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    For a cocktail bar I would say I am impressed by the food quality! Every dish in the pictures hit the mark, but probably not the fish however it is true that our cocktails orders were missed and we had to follow up with the servers. That being said, the service was great and welcoming so it kinda cancelled off that shortcoming. Celebrated my birthday & the cookies were impeccable! Goey melty chocolate chips raisins served with milk

    I’ve had an amazing night, ThankYou.

  2. Avatar photo
    Shrasti OMAR

    I reserved the ballroom. The drinks are okay, ambience is great but I booked at 4pm and they told us to leave at 6pm while entering. Not only that, they told us 6-7 times that we have to leave at 6. This felt really impolite and unprofessional since our bill was 250++. I brought my friends and was let down by the service. The whole ballroom seemed to be empty. We did not see any one on our way out and even after giving the feedback to the lady at reception, she ignored us. Its a disappointment that such a beautiful place does not deserve the unwelcoming staff.

  3. Avatar photo
    Kheng Ming Tan

    Great drinks and atmosphere. Cocktail menu is relatively extensive with great creative twists.

  4. Avatar photo
    Jessie Kestevans

    Easily one of the best bars I have ever visited in my life!

    I am from NYC originally and this is on level if not higher than anywhere back home.

    The drinks, the food, the team. Amazing every step of the way.

  5. Avatar photo
    Lorène Dawance

    Beautiful bar, exceptional drinks and friendly employees. Couldn’t recommend this place enough. The Buttered Paloma was mind blowing, food is also spot on!

  6. Avatar photo
    E S

    The cocktails menu is limited not in terms of numbers but in terms of types. Cocktails ingredients are also limited, so bartenders can’t do something aside if the menu. Service is a little bit passive aggressive. Food is very very simple, smth you prepare for quick breakfast or frozen and microwaved. OK for one time though

  7. Avatar photo
    Mr. Night

    Love this place.

  8. Avatar photo
    Jenny Dew

    Had a lovely evening at Barbary Coast Ballroom! Food was fantastic, service was top notched. From entry (which I was approached as it was my first time there and I held my mobile with Google Maps opened. There was no signs of Barbary Coast or Deadfall at all, just 2 gorgeous men at the door). As one of them confirmed my reservations, he nicely introduced me to both Deadfall and Barbary Coast Ballroom. Both have their own appeal and I was very tempted by Deadfall’s R&B vibe. I will definitely be back!

  9. Avatar photo
    Gina Walker

    Gorgeous venue, fantastic bar team, delicious drinks and the best cheeseboard

  10. Avatar photo
    Gerald Lee

    Cocktails are really good here
    Staff are very knowledgeable about the flavor profiles of the drinks
    Ambience was good.
    Very well furnished place
    Music was way too loud for the empty crowd. Even though there was nobody around I still had to scream for my friends to hear me

  11. Avatar photo
    Ville Kulmala

    Always pleasant

  12. Avatar photo
    Kevin Wang

    One ofy favourite cocktails in town with fantastic service and reasonable price for the quality. 100% recommend

  13. Avatar photo
    Bishan Chew

    The place is quite cosy to chill.

  14. Avatar photo
    alex dc

    Super service, mains menu slightly short for a late diner like me. Original drinks, perfect location for weekdays and weekend.

    Ballroom table for 4-5 pax is quite intimate (speakeasies style). Ballroom for 2pax still on point if you re on a first date. I will try downstairs room next time. Good vibes 5 stars.

  15. Avatar photo
    Yulong Lin

    The drinks were good, the food was ok, the music was overwhelmingly loud (we had to raise our voices when talking). We spent most of our time at Deadfall downstairs (run by the same people, sharing the same tab) which was still loud but a little quieter

  16. Avatar photo
    Sonia Pasupathy

    Amazing service and some of the best cocktails I’ve had

  17. Avatar photo
    Eevon Hon

    Love the posh but intimate vibes here, and the fact our reservation is for 3 hours instead of the usual 1.5 or 2 hours. Food wise, I thought the steak was a little dry but enjoyed the lobster mac and cheese and sunchoke dip. Really good service too.

  18. Avatar photo
    K W

    Love the decor at Barbary coast. We reserved the booth which was cosy and comfortable. Was served a cocktail sampler when we arrived. The drink was a basil gin cocktail and was very easy on the palate so I ordered another.We had the lobster mac and cheese, cheese platter, lamb (was served in a cottage pie style), artichoke dip. The lobster mac and cheese and artichoke was a clear winner.

  19. Avatar photo
    Anh Doan

    Very nice vibe with cool decor

  20. Avatar photo
    Sachin Rajput

    Nice ambiance nice food and drink
    For me best cocktails bar in singapore , 100 out of 10

  21. Avatar photo
    Ajitpal Singh

    Best Service, gorgeous décor and atmosphere, drinks selection and food, all in making a perfect place to party and chill. Highly recommended. Super nice staff. very helpful with menu if ur not sure with the food. Perfect drinks by the bartenders. …

  22. Avatar photo
    Rohit Nanwani

    Great vibe and cocktails. A hidden gem in Boat Quay.

    Staff are awesome as well.

    Press the button for more champagne.

  23. Avatar photo
    david richardson

    Good atmosphere but bar understaffed

  24. Avatar photo
    Oscar The grouch

    Its jus ok

  25. Avatar photo
    Meg L

    Great experience. Drink prices were definitely steep but no complaints for a late night place. Service was great too, and the esquites were really generous for $8.

  26. Avatar photo
    Olivia Phua

    Nice cosy place. Probably because we got a good seat. Service was really good. Great lobster and love the cocktails too.

  27. Avatar photo
    Aaron Y

    What a gem. It’s like being in a Victorian style mansion. Started off at the downstairs open air bar where they played some great punk and ska songs that I haven’t heard in years. The upstairs lounge is much more mellow and classy. Take your date here.

  28. Avatar photo
    Kess Lim

    Went over to Ballroom and grabbed seats at the bar for the wife’s birthday.

    Loved the new menu by the way, although I kinda miss the cute bottled cocktail from the first menu. Tea and scones? Pleaseee bring that back 😀

    Jay waited on us the entire night, and he was a superstar. Knowledgable, humorous and very hospitable. Kept our drinks in the fridge whenever we went for smoke breaks, and brought them out as soon as he saw us walking back in. Made us his take on the Grasshopper, and it was absolutely bomb.

    Haran and the team upstairs were a very cheerful and lovely bunch as well, really kept the energy up, especially when they surprised the wifey with a cake.

    Thanks team!

  29. Avatar photo
    Yana kam

    Fantastic place, amazing atmosphere and excellent service. Really go out of their way to make it a fun experience, especially in Covid times. Highly recommend!

  30. Avatar photo
    Helga Loriot

    Such an amazing place! 3 distinct areas: open bar, 1st floor somewhat casual space and more elegant 2nd floor. Both floors have great cocktails and food options. Service was impeccable, we had a lovely dirty thirty celebration with same name cocktail Thanks guys, you are great!!

  31. Avatar photo
    Dennis N

    Simply one of the best sangria is served here! The “lobster” which is a lobster Mac and cheese is also a good dish to savour over the cocktails here.

    Overall I would say that the food, drinks and atmosphere is well above average. Would love to come back again for more!

  32. Avatar photo
    Sunny Banerjee

    very intimate place with a great vibe to chill. lovely service as well. bring your date here, she or he would love the ambience

  33. Avatar photo
    Dean Rolfe

    great place, it’s all about the vibe. service standards are excellent. worth seeking out.

  34. Avatar photo
    Hanna Sundahl

    Awesome ambience, super friendly staff, even got an amazingly delicious welcome drink.

  35. Avatar photo
    Cindy Yeo

    love the service and the ambience. it’s cosy and it just takes you out of singapore to another part of the world. would love to go there again

  36. Avatar photo
    Viraj Datar

    Absolutely fabulous place. An almost hidden bar on Level 2 behind a non-descript door on Canal Road. This place is a hidden gem. Delicious cocktails and some fabulous food !

    For a bar to have such great food is rare. A must try!

  37. Avatar photo
    Ankush Sinhmar

    Amazing drinks also food is so delicious.

  38. Avatar photo
    Jason Oh

    A bar with potential, great interior, framed prints, seating and ambience. Cocktails are abit lacking, stirred for too long or left sitting for sometime before it’s served. But to be fair to the bar, I am a cocktail enthusiast so I am very particular. For the average drinker, it is good. Service could be better. Took forever to get a staff’s attention, did not appreciate the cranky replies. Dont tell me its peak hour, thats part of running an F&B. A suggestion would be to lower the music volume by a wee bit, its difficult to speak.

  39. Avatar photo
    David Daniels

    We went to the Ballroom. It was excellent. The food is shockingly good. The drinks are great (but I expected that).

  40. Avatar photo

    Went there with my girlfriend and another friend to catch up! Extremely professional and friendly staff and amazing drinks! Especially enjoyed the butterd paloma, tommy tomate and the strawberries and cream cocktails. The cheese platter was excellent as well!

    An amazing bar with two completely different vibes, really relaxed and chill downstairs for having a few beers and nachos, and a more fancy and luxurious feel just up the stairs with the decor taking you back years into the past!

    10/10 would recommend

  41. Avatar photo
    Ruiqi Zhou

    The place is beautiful and charming but we couldn’t order food after 9 because the kitchen was “overwhelmed” apparently so basically we couldn’t have dinner…when a place like this has to close their kitchen at that time…when the bar closing time is at 10:30 it’s really disappointing, drinks were fast and staff very nice.

  42. Avatar photo
    Darryl Chan

    Amazing. Top notch service and great atmosphere. Can’t recommend this place enough!

  43. Avatar photo
    Mark Stoop

    Great concept, great interior, great cocktail menu and good food, all for a really good and competing price. Super friendly staff who explain everything when you order or when the order is being served. Would definitely go again!

  44. Avatar photo
    Nigel Soon

    Great ambience

  45. Avatar photo
    Anuj Chopra

    Hands down the best bar in Singapore!

  46. Avatar photo
    tainted Muse

    We made reservations to this place for my bday and I must say…it was the best night and experience ever. The food was incredible and the drinks were just as amazing. The customer service was phenomenal and they really made us feel comfortable.
    I will definitely be coming back.

  47. Avatar photo
    Jean-Paul GUIGUI

    A nice bar for late drinks.

  48. Avatar photo
    Dannii Francis

    The most swanky f&b in Singapore. The bar experience was just Devine. You’re transformed into a new world the second you step in. All details of this place are just so so stunning. The staff was so friendly and adding me to their Spotify playlist because they kept seeing me Shazam all the music. The food was also to DIE for! We had the devilled eggs and it was the best one I’ve ever had ever!

    Lobster mac was also to die for!

  49. Avatar photo
    Adeel Farhan

    Great cocktails and a very friendly service!

  50. Avatar photo
    kristine ten

    Atmosphere is amazing

  51. Avatar photo
    Mingxun Tay

    Drinks are pretty great. Didn’t really have a good look at the interior but the toilet had nice soap and nice towels.

  52. Avatar photo
    Archit Sharma

    Barbary coast has an amazing ambience, especially upstairs. Good selection of cocktails and a very friendly staff.
    One of my new favourite places in SG to get a drink

  53. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Wong

    Well decorated speakeasy bar with a nice ambiance.

  54. Avatar photo
    Amander Liew

    Didn’t manage to take a photo but to sum it up, food is great, vibes are amazing, the staff are so hospitable, they made me feel like a regular though it was my first time there.

    Just overall a great dining is great. And their new drink menu is really good as well! As someone who doesn’t really drink, their cocktails were amazingggg and OMG milk and cookies, if the milk was in a bottle, I would buy it and bring it home.

  55. Avatar photo
    Kenryk Abraham Chacko

    Great people, Great ambience and Great drinks!

  56. Avatar photo
    J T

    Loved the ambience. The decor, lighting and choice of furnishing are elegant and sophisticated. Service was wonderful. The drinks and food were average though. The drinks are pricey. Music was getting uncomfortably louder and I had to shout a conversation across.

  57. Avatar photo
    S Ambers

    Interesting deco, food is not bad. Then ambience looks better on their insta rather than reality.

  58. Avatar photo
    Sharon Li

    Vibe is good for dating even though I was dumped here

    Vibe蛮好的 适合约会 虽然我是在这里被男人甩了

  59. Avatar photo

    So fantastic! The korean bartender was amazing!

  60. Avatar photo
    YJ Lu

    Food takes forever to be served. Service is good tho. Didn’t really like the atmosphere

  61. Avatar photo
    Josh Ho

    Great atmosphere in the bar, could tell
    That they put effort with the decor and layout. interesting cocktails, service was great too

  62. Avatar photo
    Paridhi Agrawal

    Loved the Christmas decor and the margaritas! Bar Seating wasn’t the most comfortable therefore 4/5

  63. Avatar photo
    Ryan Unsworth

    Deadfall downstairs was great, had a good chat with the friendly bar tenders over some excellent cocktails (try the Frozen Banana Daiquiri). Very well priced too! Then went upstairs to Barbary Coast which has been done beautifully. Very elegant and the cocktails were some of the best I’ve had. Food was also incredible. We will be back. Often.

  64. Avatar photo
    Bhavesh Nanwani

    Very well thought out concepts throughout the establishment. Relaxed and sophisticated ambience, with tastefully crafted cocktails! Big congrats to the team!

  65. Avatar photo
    Jacqui Windebank

    @barbarycoastsg is perfection! The venue has two areas, Deadfall and The Ballroom. We visited the Ballroom last night and it’s definitely a new favourite cocktail bar. The venue is beautifully put together, the service is fast, friendly and with a cheeky sense of humour. The cocktail list is extensive and we loved every drink we had. The bar opened just as COViD hit and thankfully with some hard work they have kept it alive for re-opening of venues. We will definitely be heading back to support them, and in fact booked already to return within a month. Drink highlights for us were the Stay Puft, Pea-ness, Three Graces, 3 Drunk Uncles and ‘A ’A Waiu. You can follow our food and drink journey @i_ovefood on Instagram.

  66. Avatar photo
    Mavis Chuah

    Impeccable service and cocktails, one of the more peculiar drinks menu I’ve seen in Singapore. The drinks menu caught our attention and it was a good table topic. There’s a drink with “clarified milk” I thought it’s pretty interested. Vibes was great, bringing back the vintage classic bars ambience. Drinks were a little pricey.

    Drinks – great
    Ambiance- great
    Price – okay, a little overpriced
    Location – good
    Service – good

  67. Avatar photo

    One of the best bars in Singapore! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable and the cocktails are potent! For something more interactive, sit at the bar and enjoy good banter with the staff.

  68. Avatar photo
    Steffie Marshalina Halim

    Unlike any other bars in Singapore, Barbary is a breath of fresh air. The decor is a combination of gothic, class, and glam.

    Deadfall on the first floor is nice for a casual catch up with friends while the Ballroom on the second floor is where you take people you want to impress.

    The place transports you back to the 80s, where castles and vampires were a thing.

    Huge selection of cocktails and liquor with interesting names. Current favorites so far are The Weird one and Stay Puft.

    Also shout out to their amazing staffs: Haran, Dave, and Stefano who gave on point recommendations!

  69. Avatar photo
    Natasha Kennedy

    Experienced the superior end of customer service at this beautiful and decadent venue. Cannot recommend highly enough, a must on your Singapore journey.

  70. Avatar photo
    Maung Lay (Lee)

    Great place for a night out. Good food, nice cocktails. Super fun hosts!

  71. Avatar photo
    Privinnath Pillai

    Special shoutout to Jazz for entertaining us throughout the night.

  72. Avatar photo
    Karin Barry

    Wow! Amazing food and attentive staff. Loved the NYC bar feel and cocktails.

    Recommend the tuna ceviche and the lobster pasta! Will absolutely be back again.

  73. Avatar photo
    Leonard Chow

    Good execution, good customer service.

  74. Avatar photo

    Finally visited here! It was much prettier than I expected and the atmosphere was really good. However, it was so dark that it hurt my eyes a little, and I was impressed as soon as I sat down by the kindness of the staff. Thanks to you, I drank a lot of beer haha. The food was also very delicious. I was surprised that he was so kind to me when he asked me in detail what the ingredients were and whether it was good to give the sauce separately for each menu I ordered. Needless to say the food was satisfying! I need to visit often. I think this is the first time I’ve been satisfied with the service since I came to Singapore. The best

    드디어 이곳에 방문했어요! 기대했던것보다 훨씬더 이쁘고 분위가 너무 좋았어요 다만 너무 어두워서 조금 눈이 아팠어요 , 직원분들의 친절함에 자리에 앉자마자 감동했어요 메뉴 추천과 친절한 설명 너무 좋았고 저희가 뭐가 필요한지 중간중간 확인하고 타이밍 좋게 와서 물어봐주곤 했어요 덕분에 맥주를 많이 마셨네요 하하 음식 또한 너무 맛있었어요 주문 하는 메뉴마다 재료가 무엇인지 소스를 따로 주는것이 좋은지 세세하게 괜찮냐물어봐주시고 너무 친절해서 놀랬습니다 . 음식은 말할것도 없이 만족 스러웠습니다 ! 자주 방문해야겠어요 싱가폴와서 이렇게 만족스러웠던 서비스는 여기가 처음인것같습니다 최고

  75. Avatar photo
    Andrew Pang

    100% coming back for the great atmosphere, drinks and outstanding hospitality!

  76. Avatar photo
    Swati Nikam

    Great ambience. Staff and interactions with them were fun, yes fun. Drinks A+

  77. Avatar photo
    Carlos Mann


  78. Avatar photo
    Joanna O

    OK place but definitely my expectations were too high since it’s on the 51-100 list for World’s Best Bars. Drinks took a long time, they gave me the wrong drink, I ordered food and it never came, staff didn’t know what was in their menu offerings. A shot the server described as an “aperitif” and “herbal” tasted like cinnamon Schnapps. Service was friendly and if I were just going into this place I would say it’s above average for the Boat Quay area. The Christmas decorations and menu were fun. But I wouldn’t put it in the top bars in Singapore much less the world. No idea how they got on that list, unless they just had a really, really, really off day when I visited.

  79. Avatar photo
    Richard Pasquier

    This used to be a great place to go for cocktail and food, but it changed quite a bit. When we arrived, the place was half empty (weird for a Saturday night), but we quickly understood why.
    The service today was really bad: the waiter was barely speaking English and he had to call his colleague few time to take the order. The advice for cocktail was really limited and they had to come back to us because it wasn’t even available.
    We wanted a cheese platter, but they said it’s only after 11pm, before this, they can only do charcuterie and cheese. That’s quite unbelievable knowing how easy it is to do a cheese platter.

    Anyway, we used to like this place, but it seems like the management changed and the quality isn’t there anymore. So we will not come back anymore. Sad

  80. Avatar photo
    Claire Thomsen

    I am changing my review to 5 stars. great bar and cilia and her team are fabulous. 10/10

  81. Avatar photo

    The ground floor is an open air seating with a wrap around bar. Their upstairs is the cocktail lounge. Nice decor, staff is friendly. The cocktails were ok, not strong enough for my taste, and were significantly more expensive running somewhere between $21-$25.

  82. Avatar photo
    Maria Jimena Cardona

    Very cool place for a drink ( ballroom-2nd floor) such a nice service! Food is ok but good for some bites…artichoke/spinach deep is quite good

  83. Avatar photo
    Arnab Ghosh

    An unexpectedly cool vintage bar with a posh decor inside and truly warm staff. Tried the Josephine Baker drink and it was quite a riot indeed!

    All this does come at a price though.. Cocktails are around $22-25 range.
    All in all, I’d come back here in future for sure

  84. Avatar photo
    Swathi V

    The ambience of the Ballroom with it nooks and corners to create private spaces with elegance was thoroughly enjoyable. No music due to covid restrictions though. The casual banter with the staff and onpoint hospitality was in abundance. Looking forward to visiting them again. Oh and yes the food and drinks were great too!

  85. Avatar photo
    Joseph Ryan

    Classy bar with the cocktails to match

  86. Avatar photo
    Rovik Robert

    Drinks ate immaculate and service is simultaneously classy yet refreshingly bold. Food is inventive and tasty (definitely do the artichokes) but unfortunately the lighting doesn’t make for good pictures. During peak hours, be mindful that you’re only allowed for a limited time which was unfortunate for us because we were just getting comfortable.

  87. Avatar photo
    Randal Foo

    Top notch service

  88. Avatar photo
    Seline Lm

    The atmosphere here is very good, the environment is comfortable and relaxing. Very suitable for a good place to release stressThe waiters are also very nice and friendly️I like it


  89. Avatar photo
    Lainy Chua

    Dimly lit, cozy yet classy ambience. Delicious cocktails and amazing lobster mac & cheese! Excellent service crew too, thank you

  90. Avatar photo

    Comfortable ambience, eclectic decor and funky music selection, i liked it all. And the staff has great recommendations for cocktails and every drink was very delicious.

  91. Avatar photo
    helen s.

    new gem in town! love their energy and sweet service. Darren was a great host at the bar thank you! Highly recommend the Stir for anyone extending Dry January

  92. Avatar photo
    Kintu Annie Joseph

    One of our new favourite places to grab cocktails! Went on a Saturday, the ambience is good, the service staff were friendly and helpful. We loved the choice of cocktails, we will return to try the ones we didn’t have. Definitely recommend and worth a visit.

  93. Avatar photo
    Bhavya Tripathi

    If you want a vibe outta the roaring 20s, I recommend this place. Great food and fantastic cocktails.

  94. Avatar photo
    Nilesh Banerjee

    A rare gem tucked away a lane away from the Boat Quay crowd. Our table was served by a very polite lady who was attentive, knowledgeable and flexible with off-menu cocktail orders. The quant, opulent vibe in the Ballroom will transport you to a bygone era when life was simpler, unrushed and attention to detail was synonymous with luxury.

  95. Avatar photo
    Dien Wong

    Nice ambience. Nice crowd. Nice drinks. Good food.

  96. Avatar photo
    Vivian Ng

    Mr Black – awesome espresso martini served with a Pocky stick! 🙂

  97. Avatar photo
    Edoardo Lissoni

    One of the best hidden gems in Singapore!

  98. Avatar photo
    Melissa Eisner

    Came here for the holiday cocktail popup and it was great. I loved the special menu, the room decorations, it was all great. Yummy eggnog, mulled wine, and other themed drinks. Can’t wait for next year!

    Update – came here for the 3rd year for the festive cocktails. It did not disappoint. Stayed for dinner and everything was awesome. Loved the beef Wellington and the turducken. Drinks great as well!

  99. Avatar photo
    Mary Tan

    Hands down one of my FAVOURITE spots in Singapore for good times! Deadfall (casual dining downstairs) for delicious spinach artichoke dip, jalapeño poppers, poppers and friendly bar service (if you sit at the counters). Or head upstairs to the Ballroom if you’re feeling fancy. Cheese platters, delicious cocktails and a completely different menu so let yourself be surprised! The staff are always lovely, lovely and entertaining so enjoy your experience and go with the flow!

  100. Avatar photo
    Leon Lynn

    I HATE cocktail bars but this place is absolutely amazing, engage with the staff and you will get the drink you want!

  101. Avatar photo
    Jeff Middleton

    Amazing cocktails.

  102. Avatar photo
    Shannon Tan

    Only came here for cocktails but everything from the ambience to the service to the drinks were fantastic. Would highly recommend allowing the bartender to make an omakase drink for you. Just tell them your preferred poison and they will sort you out.

  103. Avatar photo
    Abigail Teh

    Was there for dinner and drinks with friends. Reservation was extremely easy through their website. The bar is nicely spaced out with lounge chairs and the deco/ambience was superb, however, we find the music is a little too loud for conversations. Food wise is lousy and pricey. Ordered Leek and Smorrebrod, and our orders took so long to come. Suspected the waiter forgotten our orders but they said kitchen was too busy when the fact that our food really super easy to prepare. The Leek was oxtail on bread and Smorrebrod was raw Salmon slices with olives on bread. Both were honestly lousy, too salty and the bread wasn’t even fresh and to pay the price of that for few pieces of bread is just really disappointing. Drinks were also expensive compared to the bars in Singapore. Overall, nice place to hang out but just don’t expect anything from the food.

  104. Avatar photo
    Eldad Askof

    Great to see places like this in Singapore, one of the best …

  105. Avatar photo
    jill alphonso

    Excellent service. Super accomodating, fun service staff. Reservations crew is on the ball, helping as much as they can. We will be back! P.s. the unlimited queso on nachos helps too!

  106. Avatar photo
    K M

    Great place for drinks and dinner. Doesn’t look much from outside but don’t be fooled! Great food and incredible service

  107. Avatar photo
    Keith Lam

    Only had the food. Pretty hearty fare; comfort food. Nothing wow but its tasty and the price is reasonable. Also opens quite late.

  108. Avatar photo
    Praveen Boppana

    Great food, drinks and prompt service. Decor is really cool as well

  109. Avatar photo
    Omar Farooq

    Just loved e feels thr

  110. Avatar photo
    Evgenia K

    The most welcoming, chic and beautiful bar I’ve been to. Ever. The staff is so kind and amazing, I can’t even put it in words. Delicious unique drinks, unbelievably good service, wonderful atmosphere. Really appreciated music choice as well. I would love to go back every weekend, if I didn’t live on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean, but I gladly visit Singapore again just to have a drink at Barbary Coast!

  111. Avatar photo

    First time here last night and it was amazing. We booked seats at both deadfall and the ballroom. Deadfall was decked out in Christmas decor with a bomb playlist to go with it. Ambience was perfect in both though I wish the ballroom had more Christmas vibes too!

    Service staff was great but kinda understaffed for deadfall, was really hard to get a server’s attention and I kept being told to wait 2 mins LOL. Takes a few tries but wasn’t anything too bad.

    Santa’s helper – the beef Wellington was amazing and great value! Highly highly recommend it ️ Don’t recommend the poutine though, portion was small, the gravy was just a drizzle and there was just a 4 cubes of cheese, like really hahaha it was really sad.

    I won’t have enough space for the drinks because everything was good! Had 2 Xmas drinks, really liked the hot mulled wine, had the shots which were not bad, cocktails at ballroom were another level though. Pea-ness and A A Waiu were the best! Thank you to the bartender for the birthday shots too

    Can’t wait to be back to try more drinks!

  112. Avatar photo
    Michael Foong

    Great drinks, great ambience, great service !

  113. Avatar photo
    Prin Gles

    Love the cocktails and service here. Keep it up guys

  114. Avatar photo

    Great service and nice decor.

  115. Avatar photo
    Marliany Mar

    Had an awesome night last night with good music, crowds & ambience! Been awhile since we found a decent place to party and I think we just got one!

  116. Avatar photo
    Edwin Kiew

    Love the warm hospitality from the staff, not forgetting the awesome ambience the place radiates. Looking forward to our next visit

  117. Avatar photo
    Ari Fadyl

    Good service, comfy place

  118. Avatar photo
    Cooper Xu

    Good vibe, good drink, good music. The waitress can share the story behind each cocktail fluently.

  119. Avatar photo
    Meryn Kim

    Love the food. Vibe. Service

  120. Avatar photo
    Varun Soni

    Great concept bar, with some very well-crafted cocktails. They’ve put in a lot of effort to create the right vibe here, and it pays off by transporting you to an elegant, plush lounge that takes you by surprise the moment you enter from a narrow staircase. Their centrepiece bar is beautifully designed, and holds a good selection.

  121. Avatar photo
    Timo Scott

    You will know why this place has an almost perfect score as soon as you arrive. From the doorman, to greeters, and bartenders, you will find that everyone is pleasant and welcoming- not a common thing to find in Singapore bars. The bartenders are masters at their trade and the drink options are second to none. At the downstairs bar, you will find a very laidback environment, with incredible food and drink options(all of which are available upstairs as well!). An absolute five star experience from start to finish, making this my new favorite bar in Singapore!

  122. Avatar photo
    radim englicky

    I visited Barbary Coast now few times and absolutely love this place. It’s a beautifully designed bar with fantastic service and world class cocktails. The atmosphere the guys created at this establishment is incredible, it was so busy and and yet everyone made us feel very comfortable with their professionalism and hospitality. Drinks were coming out to us fast and quality of the cocktails were really really great. Thank you and see you soon again

  123. Avatar photo
    P Kang

    updated review:

    The service, food, and drink quality have gone down.
    For example, it seems most of the servers cannot describe the food or drinks… so there’s a high likelihood you will not get what you think you’re ordering – even if you ask in advance…

    old review:
    This place is awesome – most of the drinks are strong. The food is good – especially for a bar.

    The guy who runs this place is awesome. He’s funny as hel*.

    *This review is for the ballroom, not deadfall. ALTHOUGH deadfall was popping as well.

  124. Avatar photo
    priya patel

    Great bar. Tm try out their Pea Ness …

  125. Avatar photo
    J T

    Loved the ambience. The decor, lighting and choice of furnishing are elegant and sophisticated. Service was wonderful. The drinks and food were average though. The drinks are pricey. Music was getting uncomfortably louder and I had to shout a conversation across.

  126. Avatar photo
    S M (Suzan Miqdadi)

    Amazing place, went there so many times. Staff are so friendly and drinks are so tasty. You’re also in for a treat experience wise. Will surely keep going back

  127. Avatar photo
    Wendell Shirley

    This place is fantastic. Upstairs, downstairs, different theme, doesn’t matter just go. Amazing service (which is notably rare in this country). Cocktails are inspired. Food is rare and exceptional.

  128. Avatar photo
    Nishant Nair

    Nice cocktails with good snacks to go along. They have different themes on different floors.

  129. Avatar photo
    swee sung loh

    love the cocktail

  130. Avatar photo

    Fantastic speakeasy with dual concepts. We always start with a drink or two at DeadFall and move to the classier setting at Ballroom where our favourite friend- Jay is often spotted there. Try the weird one and get ready to be impressed!

  131. Avatar photo
    Amsd98 El

    Haven’t enjoyed a speakeasy in a while. Loved their lobster mac and cheese. Went really well with Stay Puff. Three Drunk Uncles is a good ending, but be warned, it’s quite a heavyweight.

  132. Avatar photo
    South Park

    It is a BAR newly opened in the boat key. It seems that the store name is derived from the San Francisco location name.

    It is a two-story structure, the first floor is an open-air BAR with relatively reasonable drinks, and the second floor is a bar with a name of Barbary Coast Ballroom, which is mainly a champagne and original cocktail .

    If you are a bartender who can speak Japanese and tell your favorite taste, they will make cocktails other than the menu. It’s just opened, so it’s quite crowded on weekends, but if you like the hottest shops, I definitely recommend going there once ^^


    2階建ての構造になっており、1階はオープンエアーのBARで比較的リーズナブルなドリンクが中心で、2階はBarbary Coast Ballroomという名称でシャンパンやオリジナルカクテルが中心のお洒落なBARになっています。


  133. Avatar photo
    Jerry Soer

    Cool bar!

  134. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Everson-Greenwald

    What an exceptional cocktail bar. The ballroom which is upstairs is a visual feast with all of the patterns and fabrics and textures. What a design! The drinks are exceptional and the service was just right. Adore this spot!

  135. Avatar photo
    Ray Rhodes

    Nice and cosy bar. Had a great experience here – the staff here are pretty attentive and give good drink recommendations. Overall, it was a great experience.

  136. Avatar photo
    Jin-Ah Yang (양진아)

    Lovely new bar with nibbles

  137. Avatar photo
    Sukhvinder Koushik

    Great drinks and lots of enjoy really love this place from heart

  138. Avatar photo
    Tiffany Phu

    Loved the Christmas pop up with the festive decorations, drinks, and happy faces all around. The vibe in this bar reminded me of SF and the music was hip hop, r&b which I enjoyed. They welcomed us with bubbly and ended the night with free shots. What else can you ask for? Would definitely be returning.

  139. Avatar photo
    Mavis Chuah

    Impeccable service and cocktails, one of the more peculiar drinks menu I’ve seen in Singapore. The drinks menu caught our attention and it was a good table topic. There’s a drink with “clarified milk” I thought it’s pretty interested. Vibes was great, bringing back the vintage classic bars ambience. Drinks were a little pricey.

    Drinks – great
    Ambiance- great
    Price – okay, a little overpriced
    Location – good
    Service – good

  140. Avatar photo
    Gaurav Narwani

    I don’t normally post reviews too much but I had an amazing night thanks to Darren and eugene. They helped me celebrate a friends birthday and it was really memorable.

  141. Avatar photo
    Amy Cai

    Coming to this bar made our entire trip in Singapore! If I could give this place 6 stars, I would.
    The waiter Matteo was so friendly and accomodating to our group – he served us at Deadfall, then continued to serve us when we went upstairs. He set us up in a very cozy section of the Ballroom, and gave us some complimentary welcome drinks. He spoke to each person to understand their tastes and recommend them the best drink.
    Near the end of the night, he also gave us complimentary shots – which really made our night.
    Michael the bar owner also made a quick appearance around 10pm, hyping up the floor with a funny speech (apparently he usually does them on Friday nights, but we got lucky on Saturday).
    After 10.30pm, as the drinks were closing, we were allowed to hang around a bit longer and ended up having a great chat with Michael the owner, who shared his story with us on the bar’s beginnings – made us really respect his efforts to revitalise the Boat Quay area.
    Overall, we found the service absolutely gold standard – so friendly, such a fantastic and dedicated team, drinks with unique flavours and excellent attention to detail. I highly recommend if you’re after a good time.

  142. Avatar photo
    Charlene Kua

    Came here last night, decor’s on point, service was great, all the staff made it a point to ensure the guests felt welcomed, also wanna give a shout out to staff by the name of Ann (or Anne) , she was very polite and friendly , kudos to her

  143. Avatar photo
    Sandy S.

    Impeccable service. We took photos all over the space and the staffs are really friendly to allow us to snap a pic everywhere . A place with great ambience but music was a tad too loud that we can’t really talk properly. Ordered 4 Cocktails in total. Even the highly recommended cocktail by their staffs are really bad . Saving grace was their Lobster Mac & cheese! Cheese platter wasn’t too bad either.

  144. Avatar photo
    Vivek Aswani

    Amazing, best bar in Singapore hands down. Michael, Celia and team are all top professionals. Plus you gotta Love a bar with a “push for champagne” button

  145. Avatar photo
    John Casey

    Almost an expats exclusive bar. A true gem among bars.
    Drinks are good and food are superb.
    Spend a good time mingling with all your expats connections.

    The manager is a Caucasian as well

  146. Avatar photo
    Winter Zhang

    Vibe is good but cocktail can be improved.

  147. Avatar photo

    Great drinks and food. Music can be way softer, I couldn’t hear what my friend was saying and he was less than 1m across me.

  148. Avatar photo
    Benedict Ang

    A Janus-esque bar concept with great drinks!

  149. Avatar photo
    Somesh Dev

    Brilliant stuff, g8 service and bartenders!

  150. Avatar photo

    Food was alright, not my cup of tea. But it’s a cocktail bar.

    Cocktails were really good, and affordable compared to other places I’ve been.

    Enjoyed how cheeky the waiter was when he asked me if I wanted me pea-ness extra large.

    Service was great.

    Wished the music suited the interior more, played remixes of pop music if I recall correctly. Felt like it suited more of a lo fi jazz vibe but that’s a matter of preference.

    There was a lady that kept interrupting the owner/manager when he was shouting out for last call. Unexpectedly enjoyed her getting shut down. That bumped up my rating from a 4 star to a 5.

  151. Avatar photo
    Sebin Sing

    Great vibes in one of the best bars in Singapore! Will be a regular here!

  152. Avatar photo
    Max William

    I stepped out of my taxi, it was just before 6.30pm on a Wednesday evening. As I walked over to Barbary Coast, I was warmly welcomed with a very loud hello and fist bump – greeted as a regular patron, even though it was my first time at the bar.

    Once they confirmed my reservation, I was whisked through what seemed like a Cowboys leather chaps that hid the “Deadfall” dining area away from the bar. I walked into a darkened room, music cranked up high, symbols of a wild west theme decorated aplenty across the dining area. High seats with a long narrow table in the middle of the room, a good place for drinks but difficult to eat anything substantial if you ordered a few main dishes. A great spot to hang out with friends.

    As we had ordered food, we asked to move to a side of the room that had a plush sofa that hugged the wall. The tables are larger and much easier to devour the dishes that were coming. Charlene, *name-drop*, couldn’t have been more friendly to help and was fantastic throughout our stay (more about her later).

    The food arrived, a spinach & artichoke dip, a smoked ham sando, as well as a couple of recommended cocktails, an Old Cuban and a “Chi Chi”. The Old Cuban was a slightly more sour style of Mojito – but generally refreshing and pleasant to drink. Chi Chi, once you were able to get past the ice, was a fruity and smooth mix of coconut and pineapple. However, the food was slightly disappointing. The Sando lacked any real oomph – and the acidity coming from the Sauerkraut almost masked the ham & cheese. The spinach & artichoke dip was the better of the two, with a nicely torched cheese skin on top. Both dishes did seem a little oily and if I was to go back, I would probably stick to the drinks:
    Deadfall Drinks: 8/10
    Deadfall Food: 6/10
    Deadfall Staff: 9/10

    Once we had finished our food and drinks, our second reservation began upstairs at the “Ballroom”. Charlene kindly brought us upstairs into a world completely different to once that we experienced downstairs. Colourful, floral prints on the walls, a warmly lit room with mellow music in the background. The bar staff had swapped their informal t-shirts at Deadfall to ties/bow ties with shirts and cocktail dresses. We knew this was going to be different.

    We sat down at the bar and took in our surroundings. The Ballroom definitely seemed to be the place of choice – almost fully booked throughout our stay. A mix of couples & friends catching up over drinks – an easy place to unwind. The bar staff were as attentive upstairs as they were downstairs and as expected, kindly recommended a selection of cocktails based on your own personal flavour profile to enjoy. We chose 4 cocktails to sample during our time there: Tommy Tomate, Pea-Ness, Earl of Montrose & Stay Puft. Each cocktail was different, crafted expertly and all very enjoyable. Really, you cant go wrong with the drinks here – just pick a base spirit you enjoy and Barbary Coast will slap you across the face with different flavour pairings you didn’t think should work. Great!

    Ballroom Drinks: 9/10
    Ballroom Staff: 9/10

    Overall we spent 4 hours here – and spent our time split over two different worlds. My recommendation: if you are with a group of friends or casual catch up, something less intimate perhaps, choose Deadfall. If you are looking for more of a speakeasy, romantic venue, choose Ballroom. The only downside to me really was the food, but that’s only because of how good everything else was (staff/decor/drinks). Overall I would give it a sold 8/10,

    Cheers guys, to the next time!

  153. Avatar photo
    jeremy ng

    A big shout out to Tiger who made our visit to Barbary Coast such a memorable one. From the quick tour around the ballroom, to explaining the cocktails with such clarity that we could associate with the flavours even before the first sip to recommending cocktails that we really liked.

    She was warm, very friendly, gave us the correct amount of attention without being obtrusive.

    Will definitely be back for more drinks and to try out the cheese and charcuterie board!

  154. Avatar photo
    Lichi Wu

    Visited during side launch. Great decor and ambience and a list of sophisticated cocktails. Will visit again.

  155. Avatar photo
    Anant Tyagi

    There is always a warmth of hospitality here. I greatly enjoy coming here.

  156. Avatar photo

    Still superb place. Depends on your vibe , deadfall is more chill but buzzing. Ball room is a classier affair

  157. Avatar photo
    Saanwari / Saav

    What a classy, lovely place in the middle of the city. Went to the Ballroom this evening (which is on the second floor; the Christmas tree picture is from the first floor which is far more casual) for a quick birthday drink and loved everything – the decor, the warm and attentive service, the super inventive cocktails, the appetisers (we only ordered the artichoke one) and the special birthday service (read free cocktail). I wish they weren’t so particular and almost stingy about their reservations.
    Certainly in our top few bars in SG.

  158. Avatar photo
    Aakash Dhuna

    Absolute favorite bar in singapore – service always on point and the atmosphere is unbeatable

  159. Avatar photo
    D R

    I truly think that this place deserves the 5 stars because the service from the entrance to the end was excellent, kind, respectful and efficient. Try to get a table and pleaseeee have the Negroni! Lovely place with an adorable decoration and a huge table that allows you to order a bottle of champagne with the most fun system! Loved it!

  160. Avatar photo
    David Chin

    Superb meal and very attentive staff. The Beef Wellington was the best.

  161. Avatar photo
    Sarah C

    Good drinks, music and vibes. I liked the bathroom too.

  162. Avatar photo

    The food was okay but the cocktail is exceptional. Friendly service too.

  163. Avatar photo
    Jack Lin

    Enjoyed the space and drink at the speak-easy lux bar, really nice space to sit and drink. Service was great, even though I was by myself, shout out to Tiger for her attentiveness. Looking forward to going back again soon.

  164. Avatar photo
    Dhivya Rajasekaran

    Such lovely vibes! The ambience is mind blowing..

  165. Avatar photo
    Karan Dhupar

    Amazing ambience , food and drinks!

  166. Avatar photo
    Alexander Krasavin

    The only thing that was better than the food was the hospitality. Kudos to Michael Callahan and team. We will be back!

  167. Avatar photo
    Jamie W

    Barbary Coast is out of this world. From the drinks, food, service, decor to the ambience, get ready to be wowed or bring someone here if you’re trying to impress them! Ballroom (Level 2) is where the real action is. Drinks menu is ingenious and witty, with fun word play like pea-ness, pear of bols, giving me some cheap thrill chuckles. Cocktails were unassumingly potent for some and aesthetically pleasing + superb for all. My favourite was The Weird One. Food stood out for me with Lobster being an absolute hit and Sunchoke a great starter to being with. Lobster was creamed spaetzle mac and cheese with smoked gruyere and butter poached lobster – think this combination is done too many times that it’s getting old? Nope, this here is the real deal. Mac and cheese was flavourful without being overpowering and the lobster was chewy and tender with a bite. Service was fantastic, akin to being pampered in a Michelin star restaurant. My companion and I had a wonderful night, staying for 4 full hours in this gothic and classy little joint. What a great Saturday night. I’ll return here next time just to have the Lobster to myself! :p

  168. Avatar photo
    Annie Kingston

    Barbary Coast can be whatever you want it to be. A Singapore history lesson for visiting friends; a clever cocktail bar cozy enough to live in; an affordable drinking hole with curbside entertainment; or a comfortable spot to come alone, at the end of the work day, and order nachos for one. At Barbary Coast the characters and stories come alive in the people and spaces that make you feel welcome. Come for the waffle sandwich, stay for the boozy banana slushie.

  169. Avatar photo
    Kengmunn Foong

    Very nice ambience and very good service. Drinks are a little pricey. Ballroom is very dark, but honestly, I think it’s just part of the aesthetic.

  170. Avatar photo
    Angel Tan

    Great bar! Nice cocktails, ambiance and vibes.

  171. Avatar photo
    Ting Wei Tan

    Fun place to be! Great drinks as well We had more than a few shots.. Wednesday whiskey is the day to be there.

  172. Avatar photo
    Eevon Hon

    Love the posh but intimate vibes here, and the fact our reservation is for 3 hours instead of the usual 1.5 or 2 hours. Food wise, I thought the steak was a little dry but enjoyed the lobster mac and cheese and sunchoke dip. Really good service too.

  173. Avatar photo
    Shashank Abhisheik

    Great ambience, the food was better than the cocktails honestly.

  174. Avatar photo
    Crystal Koh

    The experience of being in a cosy themed bar unwinding a day with a friend is irreplaceable.

    Satisfy your different moods (or how deep your pockets are on that night) with dual concept bars of Deadfall and Barbary Coast. Inspired by historical San Francisco, the former is true to its all-are-welcomed nature, with cocktails costing only S$14 a pop without sacrificing in quality, whereas the fancier sibling upstairs is decked out with vintage intricate decorations and attentive and knowledgeable hostesses.

    This is one place that you won’t go hungry too – try their Tater tots waffles sando. It’s a guilty pleasure that you won’t regret.

  175. Avatar photo
    Ian Li

    While the menu was on the pricy side, the service was excellent and the ambience relaxing. The food was a good accompaniment to the cocktails which were the highlight. Custom concoctions were even available on request according your taste preferences.

  176. Avatar photo
    Phoebe Ting

    Really enjoyed drinks here! They are strong and delicious. Service was really great, staff are chatty and a good laugh and the tunes are good. Will be back sooon!

  177. Avatar photo
    Adam Penney

    A wonderful experience, run by a charming and professional crew, even before entering the venue, the staff have an amazing way., My wife brought me for my birthday dinner, great tasty food, that is extremely moreish and fun.The nachos, slider, ribeye & Cookies and milk are must tries.
    The staff were all so lovely with brilliant professionalism but completely natural. Special shoutout to Ayden, Charlene and Diljit.
    Barbary Coast is a diamond, looking forward to returning again soon.

  178. Avatar photo

    It was friendly and the food was delicious, especially the cocktails.

  179. Avatar photo
    Sean Cheng

    Lovely atmosphere. Great service

  180. Avatar photo
    Gloria Lee

    Excellent vegetarian starters and very good pork ribs!

  181. Avatar photo
    Derek Mathieson

    We went to the Ballroom of Barbary Coast. There was a power outage at the bar before we arrived and Barbary Coast promptly texted us about the situation and kept us posted until we arrived there. They gave us free drinks as a way to make up for the power being out. The service was really great and they kept us entertained the whole night. The ambience of the bar was intimate and luxurious.

  182. Avatar photo
    Paula Kenneally

    New fav! Honestly think this was the best service we had in Singapore. It’s a simple food menu but done really really well. Staff were helpful & friendly & FUN! We’ve recommended to all our friends & looking forward to coming back. Thanks for making a our night out GREAT!!!

  183. Avatar photo

    Love the ambience and the service.
    Was there enjoying a good me time for the evening.
    At their Ballroom, bartender Jess, Ron and Darren gave me a good evening of smiles and laughs.

    Love their drink recommendations base on my preference of fruity flavours.

  184. Avatar photo
    Sandhya Aswani

    Beautiful interior, great service. Love their cocktail selection!

  185. Avatar photo
    Catarina Chaves

    One of the best bars I have ever been! Excellent cocktails and service, and unique decor.

  186. Avatar photo
    Nefta Chan

    Had drinks on the first floor (Dead Fall) and the service team was superb – they do look out for you although swamped with customers. Cocktails were great and the food was awesome. The food was served pretty timely despite a busy Friday. Really enjoyed our time here! A pity we couldn’t stay beyond our reservation time!

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