Review Aylwin Sports Therapy, 20 Kramat Lane #04-04 United House, Singapore

Review Aylwin Sports Therapy - Singapore 20 Kramat Lane #04-04 United House

“Had a good experience with Alywin! He was friendly and very easy going. Body feels loose and light after the full session. Will definitely come back.” or “Aylwin was great. Had some muscle tightness loosened during the session! Wish he opens up in Thailand so I can get the treatment during my time home!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Aylwin Sports Therapy. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Aylwin Sports Therapy is quality.

Introduction about Aylwin Sports Therapy

Here are some fundamental details regarding Aylwin Sports Therapy. In terms of Sports massage therapist, it is generally believed that Aylwin Sports Therapyis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 20 Kramat Lane #04-04 United House, #04-04, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Sports massage therapist, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 93801268 (+65 93801268)
  • Website:
  • Address: 20 Kramat Lane #04-04 United House, #04-04, Singapore
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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Aylwin Sports Therapy via:

Phone number

You can reach Aylwin Sports Therapy at 93801268(+65 93801268). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Aylwin Sports Therapy via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 20 Kramat Lane #04-04 United House, #04-04, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Aylwin Sports Therapy reviews

Aylwin Sports Therapy is among the best destinations of Sports massage therapist in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Aylwin Sports Therapy good?

To determine whether Aylwin Sports Therapy is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Great experience with Aylwin! The tightness on my shoulder have loosen up and feels more relaxed after all the tensions and knots have been removed. Very professional and highly recommended.”

“Aylwin was very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to listen to my concerns and tailored the massage to my specific needs. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a great sports massage.”

“Aylwin is a nice friendly dude with amazing skills. Body really loosened up after the session. He also provided complimentary compression therapy which was awesome! Reviews are legit. Give it a go!”

“was able to make a rather last minute appointment with Aylwin. He is good with his hands and a very patient therapist. Helped to loosen tight muscle knots. Positive experience.”

“Great sport massage. Aylwin is very experienced in this profession. I would recommend to come here if you want to get your body fixed with excellent sport massage.”

“Had a good experience with Alywin! He was friendly and very easy going. Body feels loose and light after the full session. Will definitely come back.”

“Super friendly and welcoming fella. His services are top notch and he knows his stuff! He helped to relief my entire body and I am feeling much looser now. Thanks Aylwin!”

“Aylwin is very nice and accommodating to clients. He explains what he is doing and why he is doing it. Very cheerful masseuse and would strongly recommend to anyone who would like to give sports therapy a try”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 263 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Aylwin Sports Therapy, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Aylwin Sports Therapy, 20 Kramat Lane #04-04 United House, Singapore

There is a total 263 reviews

5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    stefon henry

    Jason is a superb addition to the team at Aylwin Sport Therapy.
    He’s my “go to” therapist for myofascial treatments.
    His treatments supplement my regular weight training sessions.
    Jason takes the time to understand my gym routine, he expertly releases the tension in those problem areas and advises on both proactive and remedial stretching techniques.
    He’s extremely knowledgeable in this space.

  2. Avatar photo
    Iman Hashim

    Aylwin’s sports therapy methods (inclusive of IASTM, clinical dry cupping and recovery systems compression + qi-bio mat) are one-of-a-kind in Singapore, and highly recommended for athletes with chronic tightness and want to boost performance in competitions. After only one visit, I immediately felt reduced tightness in my hamstrings and hip flexors, and much greater range of motion. Will visit again

  3. Avatar photo
    Gerald Tan

    Book my first ever appointment with Aylwin few days back, signed up for his dry cupping, IASTM & sports massage. I address some of my main concerns with him, immediately he figure out the targeted area to work on which previously i too suspected.

    And i must say the sports massage makes all the difference, in terms of muscle recovery, releasing of muscle tension and general comfort level in terms of range of motions. As we know how muscle tightness and stiffness can easily lead to injuries which can further delay progression in whatever sports or fitness you’re currently participating in.

    With that being said, i believed anyone be it a regular gym goer like me, or an office worker to sports athlete that’s suffering from tight muscles or
    muscle soreness in general should definitely book an appointment with Aylwin. He knows his work and of course this isn’t a one time fix, regular stretching have to be done on your part for the entire recovery process to work.

    Lastly i would highly recommended him to anyone, just try 1 session and let his performance do the talking.

  4. Avatar photo
    Boxun Chew

    Had a full body deep tissue massage with Aylwin a month back. Have nagging issues with my upper and lower back, neck and knees due to my regular sports. The one hour session benefitted me greatly! Felt increased mobility in my joints and a lot of relief in my muscles thereafter! Will be back soon for my second treatment. Highly recommended for any body seeking help with such chronic pains!

  5. Avatar photo
    dicky rahardja

    Had a great experience with Aylwin Sports Therapy!
    I went here with lower back problem I had for almost 3 years. With one session, he helped me relieve the pain I had. Still have to go for few sessions, but i believe in his skills!
    He’s friendly, very professional with good skills and knowledge. Highly recommended! Thank you, Aylwin!

  6. Avatar photo
    R S

    After stepping up my workout frequency and intensity recently, I felt the need for a good sports massage therapist. So glad I found Aylwin (and his elbows). Looks like I’ll become a regular.

  7. Avatar photo
    Oh Wei Loong, Alvin

    One of my friend, recommended Jason Lee from Aylwin Sports Therapy to me.

    Due to my past experiences with sports massage, TCM and other different type of massage. I would definitely recommend Jason Lee.

    I mentioned my past experiences with Jason, he was patient and caring enough to listen to my rant and my fear of getting a massage even though i really needed a release of my knots and tightness in the muscle as i exercise daily.

    He explain his thoughts process on what i have done that cause the issues or pain.
    He patiently release my tension, part by part, so i can feel the released in the tension. He definitely know what he was doing, i felt immediate release in whatever that was pulling my muscles and joints.

    I would definitely return to find him regularly for my body maintenance

  8. Avatar photo
    Nur Atiqa Aden

    Excellent service! Great pressure & great technique. Felt soo much lighter and less tense the next day! Recommended!

  9. Avatar photo
    Sid Sharma

    Very professional, driven, and knowledgeable. Super passionate about his work which shows in the treatment. Highly recommend

  10. Avatar photo

    was able to make a rather last minute appointment with Aylwin. He is good with his hands and a very patient therapist. Helped to loosen tight muscle knots. Positive experience.

  11. Avatar photo
    Danial A.

    Aylwin is approachable, and able to give advice and treatment according to your needs and pain. Felt lighter and instant relief after the full body session! Pricing are also transparent and clear, and affordable for students as well!

  12. Avatar photo
    Gabriel E

    Aylwin is a friendly a skillfull guy. The deep tissue massage helped my hip mobility in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Highly recommend booking a session.

  13. Avatar photo
    Cazanne Lee

    The persistent tension in my hamstring and glute area was instantly relieved after one session of sports massage and compression therapy from Aylwin! That was the main reason why I visited him and surprisingly I also managed to relieve the tension in other muscle groups. Aylwin is indeed professional, knowledgeable and passionate in what he does! And, he listens to my issue and customises his treatment accordingly

  14. Avatar photo
    Angela Ng

    Aylwin was very professional and catered to my pain tolerance level . He managed to loosen a lot of my sore muscles and gave good advices.

  15. Avatar photo
    Martin Chua

    I have a very bad issue with my left shoulder. Found Jason Lee here and he did a great job helping me using Myofascial Therapy. Very happy to recommend him to anyone.

  16. Avatar photo
    Nicole Iman

    I have been struggling with calf tightness and lower back pain for years and I was recommend Aylwin Sports Therapy by a friend. It was good I have been back 3 times now and I’m running much better. I recommend his sports massage, IATSM and clinical dry cupping to anyone experiencing any muscle tightness. The pricing is affordable too!

  17. Avatar photo
    Cinnamon Stix8

    We engage Aylwin to sort out our teenage daughter’s stiff & tight muscles from her regular boulder sessions. He is such a friendly & experienced guy, providing great, genuine sports massage service! Thumbs up, Aylwin!!

  18. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Taufiq

    Came here to work on tightness in my upper and lower body. Muscle was very tender but overall after the massage, body feels much more better. Will recommend him to anyone trying out a sports massage. Affordable pricing too!

  19. Avatar photo

    Super Effective! My pain has almost instant gone! Been struggling with lower back pain for long time. Aylwin is right man for sport therapy! No doubt about it!

  20. Avatar photo

    Aylwin is an excellent and professional massage therapist. The knots in my upper body have been bothering me for months and feel much better post-massage. He’s also a very genial man, which makes it comfortable to relay any concerns at any point. The waiting area is also very comfy fell asleep waiting for my partner to be done.

  21. Avatar photo
    Raj M

    Had a great experience at Aylwin Sports Therapy.
    Aylwin was easy to talk to about the muscle issues I was having and was very thorough with the treatment; removing the knots and reducing the muscle tightness as well.
    Clean environment and Professional service. Would definitely recommend Aylwin, regardless if it’s your first time for a sports massage or if you are a veteran.

  22. Avatar photo

    Jason Lee is one of the best myofascial sport massage therapists in Singapore. Every time I have tight muscles after my usual workouts, he never fails to solve my problems. He has been my therapist for close to 7 years by now.

  23. Avatar photo
    Lorens Panizales

    Aylwin used to be an athlete so he understands the complications of body maintenance. He is a reliable source of information about the anatomy of the human body and can address the causes and effects of certain issues pertaining to muscle injuries/tightness. His sessions were enjoyable and my lower body has never felt any better! Highly recommend!

  24. Avatar photo
    Sarah, TeenLee Yeo

    If you are a person who enjoys doing sports (not necessary an athletic) and feeling tight muscle (despite doing stretching), Aylwin Sports Therapy is the place to go. Aylwin understands the agony and patient enough to listen. Aylwin magical elbow can release the tension in your muscle and allow you to workout with lightness. Aylwin Sports Therapy carries the place with excellent hygiene and accompanies with lovely music. Value for money.

  25. Avatar photo
    chris d

    Therapist: Jason Lee

    I went to see Jason due to a persistent back injury that was limiting my daily activities and range of movement. Jason did a terrific job and the pain subsided considerably after the session. I would say at least 70% less pain and discomfort immediately after, and by the following morning I was able to carry on normal activities with minimal/close to no discomfort. At night, I was even able to go to the gym and do some light weights and simple stretching. Jason was very professional and friendly throughout, and made sure I understood what he was doing including explaining how all the muscles are interconnected. I am usually very ticklish and avoid back massages as most therapists are insensitive to such clients. However, this was not the case with Jason. He is certainly very experienced and I would highly recommend his myofascial release technique for those with persistent aches/sprains or simply for muscle ‘maintenance’ to avoid injuries. This is my own honest opinion and as a former skeptic of massages in general, I am now a convinced as to its efficacy, and would highly recommend Jason for acute/chronic muscular issues.

  26. Avatar photo
    Gokulan Ganeshan

    After years of not looking after myself after exercise, my recent ict broke me. I was really tight and needed some relief. I booked a myofascial therapy appointment with Jason Lee and headed down. Jason had an immense amount of knowledge and was more than happy to teach me how my body works (who knew a sore back might be because of tight quads and lats). Jason was very skilled and honed in on all my trouble areas. His technique was slow but consistent and with a lot of pressure. This meant that while he was doing his thing, I was in some discomfort (don’t worry, Jason knows how to adapt accordingly) but after the therapy I have never felt so loose and limber. A good massage is meant to hurt anyway right? I’m not kidding when I say my body feels 5 years younger after one session. 10/10 would recommend.

    Tldr: awesome, friendly and knowledgeable staff (I saw Jason Lee) who are more than happy to help target your trouble areas and share tips with you.

  27. Avatar photo
    kaarthik vinz

    The best sport massage i had. Aylwin managed to fix my back pain and loosen up all my tight muscle in a single session which really helped for my bodybuilding training. I’m a Malaysian and i can say his fee is really much worth it for his excellence service. Would recommended to attend if you any pain or would like to have a sport massage!

  28. Avatar photo
    tirta mulia djaja putra

    Aylwin is a top notch sports therapist , clearly one of the best in his field and has shown great compassion for his patients. I was limping around for months and was able to jog out of his clinic after only one session. Highly effective treatment and reasonably priced as well. Without a doubt , I highly recommend to anybody suffering from muscle tightness and lack of mobility due to injury.

  29. Avatar photo
    Para Arasu

    One of the best sports therapy massages I have had. Felt immediate relief in my lower body after Aylwin finished the massage. Will definitely be heading back for more sessions and I strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking to get a good quality sports therapy treatment.

  30. Avatar photo
    Kisho Abdul Khaliq

    My wife signed me up for a session with Aylwin after I have been complaining to her about months of pain on my legs (hamstring, quads, and ankles). I was having very bad straining pain everyday.

    Not gonna lie. The massage was not those spa kind of massage where it will be a gentle touch. Aylwin was really able to spot where exactly I was having tight spots and really worked his magic. After an hour of grunts and scream, I felt so relieved that very night itself and had a good night sleep.

    Highly recommended for those in the sports and labour intensive industry and I will be going there monthly to get myself fixed!

  31. Avatar photo
    dazri hanif

    Hands down the best in town!! Always feeling rejuvenated after my visits with Aylwin, clock in your session for both upper and lower body sessions, you won’t regret it :,)

    P.s. if you’re visiting come mentally prepared – he’s always hitting all the sweet spots on your muscle fibres , might just cry a little during the session itself

  32. Avatar photo
    Aidan S0H

    I visited Aylwin with the intention of getting ready for an upcoming track and field competition. He managed to help me recover from previous races and got rid of muscle soreness. He also checked in with me the next day to see how I felt. Would definitely recommend to all athletes.

  33. Avatar photo
    Phil S

    Aylwin is a consummate professional & genuine human being. I tried the Royale treatment & it was worth every penny.

    At the beginning of the treatment, he takes the time to listen & explore more about your trouble areas. Throughout the treatment, he constantly checks in with you to adjust his treatment as needed.

    He went above & beyond by complimentarily extending my treatment past the allocated time so that we could resolve my muscle issues.

    If you’re looking for an experienced & talented sports massage specialist (especially if you have dense muscle mass), Aylwin is your man!

  34. Avatar photo
    Irfan Arif

    Jason’s myofascial release has helped me tremendously with my muscle aches and in achieving better range of motion during my exercise. The short and intense pain is absolutely worth being pain free afterwards

  35. Avatar photo
    Lyla Sulaiman

    i have a chronic shoulder blade pain for many years. aylwin really fixed my upper back. i was so happy when i left the studio. aylwin is also very warm, friendly and respectful. i did not feel uncomfortable although it was a one-on-one session on a sunday. definitely recommended and returning when i am in town next.

  36. Avatar photo

    I’ve been to various massage parlours and did not get any relief as they were not thorough enough. Found out about Aylwin through a simple Google search and decided to give it a try and I was impressed with the massage and dry cupping as it helped with the muscle tightness and made my back feel less tensed. I immediately felt “lighter” after the session and would definitely go back for more sessions.

  37. Avatar photo
    Kenny Chew

    I had been receiving sports massage with Jason Lee that focuses on myofascial release which helps to treat my muscle pain and immobility at my shoulders and lower back areas. Jason is an expert at what he does and have an in depth knowledge of the human anatomy to target the exact pain points that his clients are experiencing. As a trainer himself, he would also give constructive advise to me on which muscle groups I need to strengthen and how I can release muscle tensions using a foam roller. In summary, he never fails to make me feel physically more alive after each session I had with him. I would strongly recommend Jason to anyone who needs an effective sports massage to increase their quality of life.

  38. Avatar photo
    Zhao Yang

    Aylwin was very friendly and would always follow up with me to check how I am feeling after the treatment. His sport massage is legit and it definitely helped me with my lower back tightness. Would definitely recommend his services to my friends and family!

  39. Avatar photo
    Kevin Wang

    Aylwin did a really fantastic job in quickly resolving the pain issues that I have been dealing with over the past 2 months. Upper body also felt a lot more mobile after the sports massage, IASTM and clinical dry cupping. My lower back did not feel as locked up anymore. Definitely recommend his services!

  40. Avatar photo
    Hady A. Hamid

    Just came back from a session at Aylwin Sports Therapy.

    After more than 2 weeks of feeling tightness and spasms in my shoulders, neck and upper back, and after multiple patches and doses of painkillers/muscle relaxants, I decided to go for alternative treatment at the suggestion of my wife.

    Alhamdulillah, I could feel the different in my blood flow (my hands are warm instead of cold), the tension has been reduced, and my body feels looser and lighter overall.

    The session includes an intense (and directed) massage and dry cupping, and it only costs $110.

    I highly recommend this for anybody above 30.

    Give it a try, and see the difference.

  41. Avatar photo
    Wafiqo Aqilo

    You’ve never had a sports massage until you’ve been in the hands of Aylwin. Took the Royal Package and was literally a life changer. Such a humble and down-to-earth human being who is incredible in his craft. Should be more renowned especially with the clients he’s had!

  42. Avatar photo
    Alvin Teo Xi Hao

    I’ve tried out the “The Complete” package at Aylwin Sports Therapy. Aylwin was very professional and friendly towards his customers!

    I’ve also managed to seek advice from him regarding my shoulder injuries and he was very helpful on that!

    I will definitely and STRONGLY recommend to all potential customers out there who wish to try out his sports therapy services.

  43. Avatar photo
    May Heng

    Great experience with Aylwin! The tightness on my shoulder have loosen up and feels more relaxed after all the tensions and knots have been removed. Very professional and highly recommended.

  44. Avatar photo
    Nicolas Olvera

    I’ve been going to see Aylwin for almost 4 months now and I only have amazing things to say about his service. I workout around 4-6 times per week and by the end of the month, my body is just extremely tight- especially my lower back/legs. After the painful knot-focused session, my body feels like new and ready to tackle my next month of intensive workouts.

  45. Avatar photo
    Farhan Shah

    I was struggling with back spasms after overestimating my ability to deadlift heavy weights (thanks phase 2 heightened alert!). It was so bad that I couldn’t sleep through the night. I kept waking up in pain because my back muscles were tightening and refused to relax. Desperate, I went to Aylwin because he was open on a Sunday. Immediately after I lied down on my stomach, he saw the problem and proceeded to massage it before scraping my entire back. After he was done, my back muscles had considerably loosened and I could finally sleep again. Aylwin is excellent with sports massages, so if you’re a serious athlete or a wannabe weekend warrior, I highly recommend that you go for regular sessions with Aylwin.

  46. Avatar photo
    Sockalingam Tamilselvam

    it was a big pleasure getting the chance to meet Aylwin. I was looking for a sport massage therapy to ease my hamstring pain. Upon meeting him it gave me huge satisfaction. He explained to me about the importance of the sports massage. Why its very essential to athletes in order to condition their muscles and prevent any injuries. I had a good session with him. He was very professional with good skills. After the massage i can really feel my legs were very relaxing and the muscles being loosened. Dry cupping and compression therapy was exceptional. Being an avid runner, I believe I’ve found the right professional to attend to me when needed. I would definitely recommend him for his professionalism.

  47. Avatar photo
    Wendy Ho

    Funny and passionate Therapist. My child felt muscles loosening after session. Clean place. Will recommend

  48. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Bay

    Been with Alywin for the last 4 years. I always go back to him because he does excellent sports massage. Extremely professional and cares about the wellbeing of his customers! Will always come back to him for any knots and muscle tightness.

  49. Avatar photo
    Pinaki Ray

    Nice to meet again after 3 years. Therapy is great always, relaxing, stiffness & pain is gone. Cupping helped me a lot for blood circulation. Will start my workout soon. Thank you Aylwin. Take care.

  50. Avatar photo
    Luca Moraca

    Great sport massage. Aylwin is very experienced in this profession. I would recommend to come here if you want to get your body fixed with excellent sport massage.

  51. Avatar photo
    Bilav Patel

    Aylwin was great. Had some muscle tightness loosened during the session! Wish he opens up in Thailand so I can get the treatment during my time home!

  52. Avatar photo
    Vicknesh Mccall

    I went there for the first time recently. I was having alot of tightness on my shoulders and calves.After my session, i could feel that the stiffness on my body had reduced. The range of motion has improved and tightness has reduced. Really thankful. …

  53. Avatar photo
    Lim Shien Yew

    Amazing and superb massage. Had back and neck/shoulder problems, and Aylwin worked his magic.. instantly felt much better. Highly recommended for athletes and people who work out regularly. Let him work his magic like how he has helped me and others! Looking forward to my next session and highly recommended to go.

    Apart from Aylwin’s superb skills, he is a very friendly, professional and honest guy that cares for your long term well-being in sports and gives real expectations on what he is able to do.

  54. Avatar photo
    sonia kurniawan

    Alywin is wonderful and truly cares for his clients. He even stayed overtime to make sure my shoulders are fixed and I really appreciated that. I was also late bc of last minute work meetings but he also accommodated. Truly a gem and highly recommend.

  55. Avatar photo
    Javier Ong

    new to sports massage and decided to give this place a shot!!

    and it did not disappoint! the specific areas that i mentioned were tight definitely feel much more relieved after the session

    recc for students as well as it is relatively affordable!

  56. Avatar photo
    Faheem Gani

    Had a really bad strain of my neck and rhomboids after carrying some stuff at work. Can’t move my neck and right arm much without being in pain. Googled for a sports massage place and came across Aylwin’s. After reading the reviews I decided to try for him. He was really friendly and professional in his treatments. After working on the affected area, he’ll ask whether do i still feel pain or any discomfort and he’ll work in it again till its gone. A really humble guy too! Thanks Aylwin for the treatment and will see you soon!

  57. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Tan

    I love Aylwin’s sports therapy! He helps me relieve my muscles tightness in my legs every time i go. Will recommend to friends …

  58. Avatar photo
    Ming zhu Wang

    Pleased with the results and had a great night sleep afterwards! Range of motions improved immediately and my shoulders felt more loose after the massage. Appreciate the complimentary compression + infrared treatment after ‘The Complete’ session for my first session. Aylwin is a sincere therapist.

  59. Avatar photo
    Joey Soh

    For the past 4 years, I’ve strained the entire left side of my body and it affects my neck and ears most of the time. I’ve already lost count of how many different type of methods that can ease my pain, but none help. I took a leap of faith to try aylwin and this was legit the most painful but effective massage I ever had. Clean and neat place. The most worthy massage.

  60. Avatar photo
    Esther Goh

    Had a great first session at Aylwin Sports Therapy, he was really friendly and experienced. The sports massage + IASTM was really helpful and effective, it managed to relieve the tightness in my shoulders and upper back, and increased my range of motion as well. Thank you!

  61. Avatar photo
    Sam Dennis

    I’ve been training for an Ironman event and have been really sore. Aylwin did a fantastic job of helping me recover. I highly recommend coming if you want to increase performance and recovery. Apart from the actual sports massage, Aylwin is just a good genuine person!

  62. Avatar photo
    Karma Namgyal

    I’ve been to various myotherapy, massages you name it, back in Melbourne but never experienced this much relief after the massage.
    Professional, clean and knew exactly what he was doing. Definetly coming back again and recommend to everyone.

  63. Avatar photo
    joachim satish

    Came in with a really bad back injury and right from Aylwin first press I knew I was in safe hands. He walked me through what he was doing and answered all my queries. After my session with Aylwin he even provided me guided videos of stretches I could do to aid my injury. I have always been sceptical about paying for sports therapies as I felt it was a steal and in the past I would rather just do my own stretching to sort my injuries. However, having gone to Aylwin’s I’m certain I’ll be a regular from here on!

  64. Avatar photo
    Eswaran M

    I rarely would recommend or post a review unless it has made a significant impact on me. Aylwin was someone i chanced upon randomly and decided to try his sports massage. I had a sciatica issue for about 8 years now and tried many TCMs, Chiro, massages spending lots of money. I went for one session and it was a painful session but it sure did address my pain almost instantly. I did a run immediately outside his office as instructed and i could sprint fast. I tried few days a long jog and short burst of sprints and i could do it. I wouldnt say i am cured completely as this is an injury from a long time but i can safely say i will be returning to him for more sessions to ensure my lower body pains are reduced and im able to resume to running fully. Thank you for making me fly again Aylwin.

  65. Avatar photo
    Bernadette Goh

    very comprehensive full body sports massage, IASTM Clinical Dry Cupping and recovery system.
    loosened my tight knots on my shoulders and back from long hours in front of computer and phone.
    love the final infra-red bed and compression recovery system that helped me relax and put me to sleep even.
    definitely a must-visit if you are having tight shoulders, stiff neck, tight hips that restrict your mobility.

  66. Avatar photo
    Kaixin Tok

    I came across a blog post & found this place & decided to try it out! I had problems with my back & the sports massage really helped me alleviate the pain & the tightness of my muscles was also released! Alywin is really very friendly & experienced! Overall, it was a really great session & I will definitely go back again & recommend it to my friends!

  67. Avatar photo
    Tek Min Tan

    This has been my regular sport therapist. Alywin is more versatile in fixing lower body, especially quads. Tried his new leg compression and felt like never so relaxed than before!

  68. Avatar photo
    ang sophie

    i’ve always had shoulder and lower back issues from dragonboating but the sports massage treatment was really helpful. i went back to the gym today and everything felt so much better. better positioning, didn’t get the pains i would usually get, and i also felt stronger I gained more mobility in my shoulders than before, and it allowed me to perform my exercises better in the gym. shoulders and lower back feel so much better. thank you Aylwin

  69. Avatar photo
    lionel pang

    As a cyclist that just started cycling last year, after the IASTM CLINICAL dry cupping and sports massage And recovery system that Aylwin had provided I had felt less soreness and it helped lots. Back to cycling for 2022. Highly recommended if anyone seeks a sports massage do visit Aylwin Sports Therapy.

  70. Avatar photo
    Arman Shah

    Tried Aylwin’s sports massage for the first time today and I left his room feeling so much better. My shoulders and lower back were tense and aching before the session but I feel so much lighter and mobile now. My neck was in a bad shape too but now the pain is gone. Aylwin is professional, friendly and comes highly recommended.

  71. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Cheang

    Jason is remarkable with his skill. He is able to release the difficult “stuck” knots that others cannot. He makes use Myofascial Therapy which is very effective. Thumbs up! …

  72. Avatar photo
    Alfie D'Silva

    Having muscle aches and pains are part of being a bodybuilder. When that happens, there is only 1 person that I trust and go to, to sooth away the aches and pain. And that guy is Alywin. Coupled with the opening of his new clinic, it offers clients more space as well as more services such as his Muscle Compression machine which also works wonders. He is a consummate professional that knows his stuff and his clientele boasts a healthy mix of sport celebrities and your working professional as well as your everyday Joe or Jane. Very friendly and amicable chap and his fees are reasonable as well. That is why I have been going to him for 5 years. Thanks Alywin.

  73. Avatar photo
    zack zack

    Alywin is very knowledgeable and professional. Have back ache problems before I came to him. After one session , I can feel drastic improvement . I can actually bend my back easily without feeling pain now .

  74. Avatar photo
    Audre Ang

    Went for the sports massage + dry cupping + IASTM package and I’d have to say Aylwin is a miracle worker. I just told him generally where the pain was and he intuitively targeted the right areas with great efficiency and precision. I’ve been having chronic pain in my right rhomboid area for the past seven years and I’ve tried various treatments – physiotherapy, massages, chiro – but yesterday was the first night I slept without any pain/ stiffness in the area. I would highly recommend his services if you’re looking for longer relief from chronic pain.

  75. Avatar photo
    Gin Desmond

    I “totally enjoyed” the myofascial therapy massage provided by Jason. As a normal guy who does sports, there is a need to make sure you release the tension between your muscles, joints & all. So why the “ “ is because the session are never fun because its painful & intense but the relief that comes after will remind you to do your warm up & cool down regularly and that’s what Jason will always share.

    Totally recommend!

  76. Avatar photo
    Gan Ling Tan

    First time trying sports massage. Aylwin is professional, knowlegable and very polite. After the session my the tightness at my left back was much relief. Room is clean too. Highly recommended

  77. Avatar photo
    Ivan Abisha

    Thoroughly impressed with Aylwin’s meticulousness and skill. As an athlete, I have specific demands on what I want from a sports massage and Aylwin managed to exceed those demands by carefully listening to my requests and skilfully resolving any problematic areas. To round it off, he is very amicable and checks up on you frequently during the session to ensure that things are going smoothly. Recommended!

  78. Avatar photo
    rezki fahrullah

    I am a trainee Prison Officer, so currently I am training at Home Team Academy. So before this, I’ve been doing Taekwondo and playing football and just walking off injuries. Only during my current course that I was recommended to go for sports massages to boost my recuperation. I’ve felt tightness for quite some time, especially my lower back; so I decided to look up sports massages and through word of mouth, I came across Aylwin’s Sports Therapy. When I went over, I feel super relieved and I can immediately feel an improvement to my performance during training; super energized and everything seems to flow right. Have recommended to a few friends and waiting for them to discuss about their experiences.

  79. Avatar photo

    How I wished my bf could have brought me to Aylwin earlier. The tension on my lower back has been effectively relieved from 80% down to single digit. I also enjoyed his compression session very much. I can’t imagine how amazing his magic works, and now I managed to stretch further and perform my Cobra pose easily.

  80. Avatar photo

    Aylwin is really passionate, knowledgeable and well skilled in his craft!

    Having been through mobility issues with my lower body, he really helped to improve my ROM through various method he uses together during the session.

    Unlike your typical sport massages where they grind into your muscles, he adopts and uses modern techniques during the session which produced more ‘results’.

    The price point of the service is also great! Would highly recommend him!

  81. Avatar photo
    Pabs 07

    My first ever proper sports massage and Alywin sports therapy never failed! Was throughly impressed by the knowledge and expertise of Alywin! Really pleasant experience and would definitely make this a monthly visit to aid in my recovery! Cannot recommend this enough! Every sports enthusiast should definitely give this a go!

  82. Avatar photo
    Andrea Seet

    Aylwin is very meticulous and careful. He listens to your issues and problems, then zeroes in on them.

    I’ve been experiencing hips and glutes issues due to a desk-bound job, so much so that whenever I sit, the pain is affecting my nerves. I’ve been to a handful of massage places where they only alleviate the pain momentarily and not address it.

    But with Aylwin’s The Complete Package, I’m slowly seeing the progress and the pain being relieved. Thank you so much Aylwin, I’m hopeful about being able to sit without experiencing any pain in my lower-half once again

  83. Avatar photo
    Sujathe Samarakkody

    Absolute 5 star service here. Aylwin’s customer service is amazing, clean environment and most importantly, very effective in the treatment.
    I came to the session battered and broken after weeks of intense training and after 45 mins of treatment, I walked out a different man!

    Absolutely recommend this place and his services to my fellow team members

  84. Avatar photo
    Gwen L

    I was recommended by a friend and have been to Aylwin’s a couple times now. My muscles get really tight easily due to some old sports injuries on my shoulder and elbow. He is super knowledgeable and helpful, and I always feel better after the session. Highly recommend

  85. Avatar photo
    Saharol Rahman

    A great experience from the first time entering the nice place and meeting Aylwin himself a very helpful, understanding and skillful guy. He will listen to you and will try to help you as much as he can. He will even go extra mile to help and giving me complimentary compression treatment to relax my body further. He really serve you with his heart.

  86. Avatar photo
    Howard Lam

    very friendly guy and he knows his stuff. Had a wonderful experience when I last visited, did sports message and cupping. Highly recommended

  87. Avatar photo
    nikos chia

    I had a good first experience at Aylwin Sports Therapy. My range of motion significantly increased after the session and Aylwin also follows up with the clients after the session. Will recommend it to anyone who is looking for Sports massage !

  88. Avatar photo
    Loke Chun Kit

    Alywin is a very good therapist. He did a great help to my shoulder stiffness.
    Now i can lift without much pain and i can see great improvement in every aspect of my shoulder! Will always come back to him and recommend him to everyone!

  89. Avatar photo
    Arjun Rajendran

    Aylwin was extremely professional and helped me overcome the tightness i was feeling in my body. Would definitely recommend if you’re looking to release tension and aches in your body!

  90. Avatar photo
    troy han

    Aylwin is very friendly and provides a great service. For context, I have been diagnosed with tendonitis for more than a year. Recently I’ve been experiencing tightness in my hamstring and glutes, so I had been researching for sports massage to relieve the tightness. Prior and during the treatment, Aylwin explained everything and always checked in whether I was responding well to his treatment, very professional! I will admit, during the treatment itself, I was questioning it. However after the entire session, I felt my muscles loosen up already. My calves were sore from the massage, and I woke up the next day feeling fresh with much less tightness. Highly recommended!

  91. Avatar photo
    Abhishek Jagwani

    Highly recommend for sports therapy. The session really helped me in recovery, Aylwin is a very knowledgable therapist who is very skilled.

  92. Avatar photo
    Suresh Sasidaran

    I have been suffering from shoulder pains from working on the computer. I had to get this fixed cause I was miserable. I came to Singapore to visit my family and I googled deep tissue massage to get the knots off my shoulder. I read reviews of a few companies and chafed upon Aylwin’s clinic and thought of giving it a try.

    Aylwin is a true professional to his trade and dedicated therapist. Treated me with care and made sure he answered all my questions. After 1/2 hour the pain subsided and today it’s gone. He gave me advise on strength training.

    I will definitely visit Aylwin everytime I am down in Singapore. I have been to a lot of therapist and is one of the few who shows a lot of dedication to his trade.

    Thanks Aylwin, continue doing what you’re doing and success will be yours.

  93. Avatar photo
    Sherman Lim

    Super friendly and welcoming fella. His services are top notch and he knows his stuff! He helped to relief my entire body and I am feeling much looser now. Thanks Aylwin!

  94. Avatar photo
    Rachael Yow

    Searched online for a sports therapist and I chanced upon Aylwin’s website. Contacted him and he managed to slot me in on the very same day during his break as my injury needed immediate treatment.

    Met him and told him my areas of concern before he began his treatment. He was detailed and patient in treating the injured areas. After the 1st round of treatment, I felt my injured leg less tight. He spent a few more rounds to treat the leg and proceeded to address other areas of injury as well.

    Very grateful to have receive treatment and advice from him. Definitely recommending this to everyone.

  95. Avatar photo
    Jeannie Su

    I had a good first experience at Aylwin Sports Therapy! He was very friendly yet professional, and was very thorough with the treatment. The tightness in my muscles was relieved after the session, and I noticed an increased range of motion as well. Will recommend to friends who are looking for Sports massage as well!

  96. Avatar photo
    Azri Mohd Suris

    I went to see Aylwin about my calf injury as it was still bothering me even after a month. With his God sent elbows, he rubbed the knots out and my calf felt new again! It was awesome. I am so happy to be returning back to running again. Thank you Aylwin!

  97. Avatar photo
    Hansel Wong

    It was my first sports massage session and had a very good session with Alywin. Did a full body session and immediately felt my back loosen up and increased mobility in my hips. Will be back for more sessions in the future.

  98. Avatar photo

    I had a great experience with Aylwin.
    He was very professional, knowledgable and friendly. Was having accumulation of tension, feeling locked up in my shoulders & neck regions. Aylwin approach was skillful, short & sweet.

    Felt better immediately, range of motion got better, freeing my shoulders and neck. Do try out the compression therapy too.
    My whole body felt light and spacious.
    Highly recommended!

  99. Avatar photo
    benjamin chia

    Aylwin is the by far the best massage therapist in Singapore. Very knowledgeable and down to earth man. Definitely worth visiting to treat your injuries.

  100. Avatar photo
    WeeRong Ang

    I have been having really bad migraines and headache before seeing Aylwin. I have sort many other treatments that included chiropractor and TCM but to no avail. After going for Aylwin sports massage twice a month as recommended by him, I stopped getting these migraines and my muscles were much more relaxed as compared to before. I will still go back to him every now and then to get my stiff muscles fixed. Highly recommended

  101. Avatar photo
    Farreez Rosman

    Was recommended by two of my clients. Came in totally tight and feeling broken. I can definitely feel so relieved just after the session and definitely will recommend anyone who needs a release on their tight muscles. Will be seeing him each week or twice each mth now!

  102. Avatar photo
    Tetsutaro Morizumi

    Significant improvement after a single session. My left shoulder blade isn’t stiff and aching anymore and my glutes are a lot more mobile than before. Aylwin is also highly professional, skilled and approachable. Will be back for further treatment to improve my mobility.

  103. Avatar photo
    Tryphena Tan

    Had a back injury for a few years and there was nothing I can do to let it fully heal except to let it rest but it’s hard to do so as an athlete. Aylwin managed to find the tension (for other parts of my body as well) and I always end the session feeling less tightness. He will even do a check after massaging each part of the body to see if there’s any difference, and if there’s still discomfort he will revisit the area. Really professional and dedicated service

  104. Avatar photo
    Ali Azhari

    Was suffering from lower back pain but after the session that I had, I feel so so much better. Aylwin is a genuine & knowledgeable person and I highly recommend people seeking sports massage to pay him a visit.

  105. Avatar photo
    Darren Sim

    Alywin is a man with passion and drive. He helped me with my shoulder pain and tight hips. I felt much better after the massage and definitely recommend this.

  106. Avatar photo
    Dinesh Kumar

    Legit therapy and advise provided by Aylwin.
    Went in for a lower back muscle knot issue which has been annoying me for some time. Aylwin’s sports massage coupled with IASTM clinical dry cupping helped provide a big relief from the pain I was suffering. Also advised and guided what the follow up should be. Highly recommended!

  107. Avatar photo
    Sean Neo

    Visited Aylwin for the first time after a few friends recommended me. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by his massage because it was by far the best I’ve ever encountered. Aylwin was professional and gave me advice on how I could further do my own stretching before and after sports. I’d definitely recommend people who are in need of a sports therapy. Look no further than Aylwin Sports Therapy.

  108. Avatar photo
    Sutrisno Suryajaya

    Had tight shoulders for quite a while. Tried a lot of things but none help. After having a session with Aylwin, my should feel much lighter. Highly recommend and definitely coming back more sessions

  109. Avatar photo
    Rona Eng

    First time trying sports massage.Made the right choice by going to Aylwin. He is very professional and will massage parts of your body based on what’s needed and in a way that can actually help your pain points feel better.

  110. Avatar photo
    Serene Eng-Yeo

    Both my swimmer son and I went to see Alywin for our muscle tightness and ailments.
    The old adage that says no pain no gain is indeed true.

    I felt much better after his Jesus elbow worked on my sore muscles and was able to squat at least 40 percent more than I could . Previously, my IT bands on my left and Hamstrings on my right were in so much pain that I could not even do the simplest of things such as bending down without feeling pain. Immediately after his treatment , I could and with lesser pain. This morning, when bending down to brush my teeth, I could do it with ease. I could also picked up things on the floor without much pain.

    As for my son, he definitely feels more flexible on his legs and shoulders. He feels more confident as well and able to move better . Previously, he pulled a muscle while diving off the blocks and felt a lot of tightness on his shoulders .

    All of these gains only after 1 session.

    Alywin is also matter of fact, allowing his actions to do the talking and doesn’t hard sell. He is focused at what he needs to do and is professional as he knows what to target at to hit the problem areas .

    We are thankful and will definitely be going back to Alywin for more treatment.

  111. Avatar photo
    Brendan Leon

    I have lower back pain and would always experience discomfort when bending forward. Aylwin helped to loosen the target muscles which allowed me to carry out my daily activities with no discomfort. He even did cupping on me even though it was not included in the service I opted for.

  112. Avatar photo
    Amanda Tay

    Aylwin is your guy to go to for sports therapy as he is able to accurately point out the main cause of your problems and will use different methods to target these issues. He was very sincere in helping me relieve tightness in my glutes from spin classes and also followed up with my condition after the session. Can foresee myself going back for biweekly maintenances, thanks Aylwin! And yes I did sleep like a baby at night after my appointment HAHA.

  113. Avatar photo
    Calvin Wong

    Highly recommended! Aylwin was very friendly and knowledgeable. He could tell from the start where my problem area was and informed me that my neck and shoulders looked very tight. He was very professional and my muscles felt much better after the session.

  114. Avatar photo

    Aylwin is really good! Solved the muscle tightness issues i have been experiencing!

  115. Avatar photo
    Devaraj Suresh

    Excellent service. I had a sharp pain from my leg to my lower back for a good 4 months. After a session with Aylwin, I was able to find out my problem. Most importantly my pain has been greatly reduced. I am really grateful for the work he has done to loosen up my muscles and am really grateful! Would definitely recommend him to anybody.

  116. Avatar photo
    Reena Wong

    Went to Aylwin Sports Therapy for Sports massage, IASTM clinical dry cupping and recovery system. The sports massage helped to elevate various pains in the body I had, such as back pain and muscle ache. Aylwin applies good pressure! After the sports massage and IASTM clinical dry cupping, my body felt looser and lighter almost immediately. The recovery system helped to relieve soreness in my leg muscles.

    Aylwin also provides extremely good customer service. He was very caring, friendly and made me felt comfortable because this is my first time getting a sports massage. Kept me entertained throughout the processes.

    I truly enjoyed my time at Aylwin Sports Therapy. I would definitely come to him with future injuries or if I just need help feeling more relaxed. 11/10 experience

  117. Avatar photo
    nina chua

    Aylwin knew how to tackle the knots built up in my shoulders and back with instant relief. He’s experienced fixing sports-related aches, if you’re looking for good recovery therapy, would recommend you pay him a visit

  118. Avatar photo
    Kugapriya Chandran

    Excellent sports massage service from Aylwin. He’s very professional & I highly recommend his service to anyone who’s dealing with tight muscles or mobility issues.
    My hamstrings were giving me problem due to tightness but after seeing Aylwin my flexibility has improved and my legs felt so much lighter after the session. All Thanks to his “elbow of Jesus”.

  119. Avatar photo
    Fariq Said

    The sports therapy provided by Aylwin is great and really helped me to relieve a lot of the tightness that had built up in my body. Aylwin is very professional and knowledgeable when carrying out the sports massage, and works to get all the knots and tightness out of the muscles. The compression therapy machine that he uses after the sports massage compliments the massage provides for even better recovery.

  120. Avatar photo
    Nadiah Sapuan

    my first time ever doing cupping! aylwin was so professional and assuring during the session. i felt so relax and trust his work. i can see he is very passionate with his work and goes extra miles for his clients. he managed to lengthen my imbalances! to more session with you, aylwin!

  121. Avatar photo
    Andre G

    Had a session with Aylwin for first time and felt immediate relief. Movement felt noticeably looser. Will definitely return when coming to town

  122. Avatar photo
    Brad M

    I kept being told from various trainers that my ROM was very limited from extreme tightness all over. Having had a slip disc recently it was time to try something and in all honesty I didn’t really know what to expect. Alwyn worked his magic with various techniques and i felt instantly a lightness to my body. One appointment isn’t obviously going to fix the issues, but I’m prepared for a bit more pain over the coming weeks to get it sorted. Highly recommend, even for everyday office workers like myself!

  123. Avatar photo
    Sherwin Tay

    Aylwin has been always my number one go to man to helped me Rebuild, Revive & Restore my body. Being active and exercising 5 days a week there is very little time for body recovery. As a sport therapies Aylwin is knowledgeable in his field and ensure that I will walk out from his clinic feeling renewed. Beside doing general sport massages, Aylwin is always there to help me with targeted areas such as stiff necks to lower back or IT band tightness.

  124. Avatar photo
    R J

    Aylwin is a nice friendly dude with amazing skills. Body really loosened up after the session. He also provided complimentary compression therapy which was awesome! Reviews are legit. Give it a go!

  125. Avatar photo
    Li Yuan Quek

    one of the best massage in Singapore, apt pressure for release of tight muscles incl hip flexor

  126. Avatar photo
    Yvelyn Seow

    Brought my husband to Aylwin as he had severe pains in his lower back caused by injuries in the past. Within one session, his pain level went down by 90%. From not being able to walk or get out of bed to being able to walk down flights of stairs. Aylwin is really friendly, knowledgeable and not pushy when it comes to sales at all. We highly recommend him to everyone and will definitely be back.

  127. Avatar photo
    Ec Ong

    Very impressed with Aylwin’s skills! Was pretty amazed with how quickly my arms and neck regained their full range of motion

  128. Avatar photo
    jake ng

    Jason is very knowledgeable and was able to identify the root of my issues. The Myofascial therapy was very targeted to the issue and I felt much better right after the first session. Would definitely recommend.

  129. Avatar photo
    Rie Shaw

    Great technique, execution and service! Went for “The Complete” and my body feels much lighter and less tense as compared to before. Aylwin is very dedicated, explaining thoroughly as to how and why the exercises work. Would highly recommend for those who also have muscle tension and inflexibility!

  130. Avatar photo
    Haikal Zulkafli

    Came here to get treated for a stiff neck. Walked out pain free. Aylwin was a very friendly and warm person. Would definitely recommend to my friends and also will come again soon!

  131. Avatar photo
    Ben Koh

    I’ve been dealing with a recurring elbow injury for several years now due to my lifestyle and training. I found out about Aylwin after doing some research online on reliable sports therapists and decided to give his clinic a try. Though I was a little skeptical over the dry cupping treatment initially. My first session has already made me a believer.

    After some deliberation, I decided on the complete treatment including the compress & relax sports recovery system. Aylwin comes across as someone both friendly and professional. He explained each phase of the treatment very thoroughly and was able to target the areas that contributed to the pain I was having very effectively. I felt an immediate relief after the treatment but I was even more astounded by the results the day after. I woke up with much more mobility in my injured arm and the pain was almost fully gone. All this in just one treatment.

    I’m truly glad that I made the decision to give Aylwin Sports Therapy a go. Truly money well spent and highly recommended! One of the best sports therapists that I’ve known of to date.

  132. Avatar photo
    Asok Kurup

    I am a regular with Jason who is an absolute gem of a find! I tend to constantly get strains and aches with intense physical activities and Jason is consistently spot on in detecting these sores and fixing them! I get such a light feeling everytime after any session! For sports massage therapy Jason’s the man! He is absolutely amazing, patient and methodical in his work until he gets it right!

  133. Avatar photo
    Junyi Yu

    Would highly recommend Aylwin. He helped to fixed my shoulder and I’m able to train pain free now. Thanks!!

  134. Avatar photo
    Sylvia Payne

    I would like to thank Aylwin Sports Therapy for treating the issues I was having with stiff muscles in my legs and thighs making jogging very difficult for me. His IASTM treatments were amazing and quickly took care of my problems. I was jogging a week later with no pain or stiffness. As an American, I also appreciate having the opportunity to undergo unique therapeutic techniques that I have not experienced back at home.

  135. Avatar photo
    Teo Zhi Wei

    Aylwin did a wonderful job in loosening up my super tight muscles (shoulder and back)!!! He added a complimentary cupping session as well. Felt so light and good after it. Will definitely be back! Thank you Aylwin …

  136. Avatar photo
    Mohammed Adib Abdullah

    This is my second visit to Aylwin and it has been excellent both times. His sports massage is legit and the best I had. He managed to work my tight neck and shoulder muscles and release the tension. I highly recommend to everyone whether you do sports or sitting at a desk all day. He can relief all your pain. You should definitely give the compression therapy a try as well. Really relaxing and loosen up you body. Looking forward to my next visit!

  137. Avatar photo
    Mark Koh

    Been to a couple of sports massages and Aylwin was different from the rest. He was very targeted and precise in his treatment, using a slower and deeper massage technique. My lower back feels much better after the treatment.

  138. Avatar photo
    Johannes S

    I first learned about myofascial release from Jason, and he has been my go-to therapist whenever I have muscle or mobility issues.

    What I like about each session is that Jason doesn’t only consider the immediate painful / sore areas, but he actually takes time to observe my posture and movements to identify the root cause – which can sometime be far from the seemingly problematic spot. Results often can be felt immediately – though I did have quite restricted range of motions (due to tightness in different muscle groups) that I had several follow-up sessions, but each is always progressive, ie solving different problems, instead of just a feel-good therapy session.

    Jason is also generous in providing advise on how I could do my own release in between treatments using some mobility and foam rolling exercises which have become an integral part of my daily routines.

  139. Avatar photo
    Kshitij Godbole

    I went to Aylwin’s seeing his google reviews, and I have not been disappointed. I had a year old adductor strain and a hamstring niggle, which he was able to improve in the first session itself. The treatment was painful, but he did what had to be done. Will certainly be coming back for followup sessions. I highly recommend Aylwin’s

  140. Avatar photo
    susanto ng

    I have been suffering from tight back and neck issue and have a couple of knots for the past years. I have tried different remedies like using massage gun or foam roller, but the knots still wouldn’t go away and progressively got worse over the year. A session with Aylwin yesterday is all it takes to significantly reduce the knots and tightness. I felt so much better after the session and am planning for my next visit. Aylwin is super knowledgeable and get to the root problem right away. He also made the conscious effort to check on me the next day. Overall, it was a really pleasant experience. Good job Aylwin.

  141. Avatar photo
    Nathen Tan

    I stumbled upon Aylwin sports therapy and I gotta say he is one of the best masseuse I’ve been to. He managed to release all my trigger points, leaving me feeling very relaxed and flexible afterward. All at a lower price, part of the student perks. Highly recommended!

  142. Avatar photo
    Carmen Low

    As a scoliosis patient with an S-curve, I experienced a great relieve in muscle tension – especially on the concave curve on the upper back – will definitely be thinking of how this can be a recurring practice with Aylwin, to manage back pain!

  143. Avatar photo
    Nasri Mahmud

    Great experience with Aylwin Sports Therapy! Felt so much better after visiting him for a session. He managed to work on my sore muscles and tight shoulders. The compression managed to loosen up my glutes! Alywin is very friendly, attentive, open to sharing and a genuine guy. He willing to go the extra mile to make you feel better. Do try it out!

  144. Avatar photo
    Hodoko Fumiakira

    I learnt about Jason’s sports myofascial therapy through google search. I am rather active in sports & physical activities (e.g. running, weight training, dragonboat, bouldering), so it is common for me to have sore and aching muscles at various part of my body. Being a physical trainer himself, Jason knows the human anatomy well and he is able to release the tension through his myofascial therapy. In addition, Jason is very friendly and approachable; after his sports massage service, Jason will offer stretching tips, which is an extra mile service that I greatly appreciate.

  145. Avatar photo
    Zahra K

    I had a really good experience here. I am a dancer and my back was in pain. Aylwin did a fantastic job. I did a sports massage and cupping- both were new to me, but I thoroughly do not have any regrets. I had to get used to the pain but my body was thankful for it. I loosened up and felt great after the therapy.

  146. Avatar photo
    Abby Lim

    I suffer from chronic tightness especially in my hips and shoulders area, which affects my performance in the gym. I’ve been seeking help from various professionals over the years without any results. I was introduced to Aylwin by a friend and I’ve been going back to him for treatment since then. He helped me achieve better ROM using advanced methods like IASTM and dry cupping together with sports massage.
    I highly recommend Aylwin to everyone who is facing the same issues

  147. Avatar photo
    Wei Guan Chong

    National Hurdler here! i had a really awesome experience, Aylwin was really nice and he really does his job really well! my muscles are generally really tight and Aylwin has managed to somehow make me feel light after just 1 session. I’ll definitely come back whenever i need some help with recovery!

  148. Avatar photo
    Paul Yap

    I lift 4x a week, heavy compound exercises for powerlifting and am in a constant state of muscle tightness. A sports massage session with Aylwin greatly helped relieve some of the tautness and I immediately felt limber across my glutes, hips and lumbar. Highly recommend the Royal as it was fairly priced and encompassed the key muscle groups, and Aylwin was strong enough to apply sufficient pressure for the massage to ease a lot of muscle knots. Great work!

  149. Avatar photo
    Choon Yan Chew

    Excellent sports massage – Aylwin knew exactly where my trigger points were and the appropriate level of pressure to use. in particular i had a stubborn knot in my left trap that he got rid of using his elbows (he is not called elbow jesus for nothing!) Almost immediately after the sports massage and the IASTM scraping, could feel real improvement in mobility and less restriction of the arms.
    Next day at the gym – felt more mobile and had more range of motion for pistol squats and pullups.
    Looking forward to the next appointment!

  150. Avatar photo
    jaren yap

    Very friendly, service was very good. I was preparing for track and field competitions and suffered from shin splints. Aylwin was able to ease the pain in my calves in just one session! He also checked up on me the next day to see my recovery process. Would recommend to professional and recreational athletes

  151. Avatar photo
    Fenghang Lei

    Was recommended to go to Aylwin by a colleague, as I had been dealing with foot pain from running and training. Aylwin was very attentive during the consultation, and very detailed in the treatment. It was definitely very painful during some parts of the sports massage but that had to do with my really stiff and sore muscles. The dry cupping and compression boots therapy after the massage really helped to loosen my tight legs! I’ll definitely be coming back again!

  152. Avatar photo
    lau yong xuan

    Went there for the first time upon a friend’s recommendation. The results was superb! Highly recommend to athletes who needs professional massages for their sore muscles.

  153. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Chiang

    I am visiting Singapore and I did one session with Aylwin— I had a great experience overall. The muscles in my lower body were very tight, and Aylwin did a great job with the massage and pressure using a variety of tools. The cupping experience was new to me and I really enjoyed it. Overall I’d really recommend this place for a sports massage!

  154. Avatar photo
    Kelly Akl

    One of the best sports massage that I have been to! The place was clean and comfortable and Aylwin was incredibly personable and knowledgable. The therapy removed all the knots and tension that I had and Aylwin also recommended some exercises that I could do on my own to improve my condition. Will highly recommend this to anyone looking for an effective sports massage that is also very reasonably priced!

  155. Avatar photo
    Jaehee Koo

    I was desperately in need of sports massage due to recurring leg muscles cramps and i found Aylwin on google. He had good reviews and his booking website was very efficient. He worked on my legs and glutes for an hour and i felt so much lighter on my feet. He is very professional, friendly and passionate about his healing techniques.

  156. Avatar photo
    Qi Xun Yeo

    Aylwin is very professional and knowledgeable,

    After seeking treatment (Sports Massage, IASTM, Dry Cupping) for my left shoulder. I felt a wider and free range of movement with reduced pain and strain. Very satisfied with the results. Highly recommend!

  157. Avatar photo
    Steven Pulman

    I have been looking for a good sports massage and I found Aylwin Sports, I booked in and had my 1st sessions. My body feels a lot more relaxed, the tension and improved range of motion and mobility was noticeable, and the next day woke up feeling great.

  158. Avatar photo

    I’m a goalkeeper in soccer hence i strain my shoulder alot but after the sports massage it has helped me feel relief on my shoulders. i feel much more lighter and can jump with much more ease. feel much more flexible as well. would recommend going

  159. Avatar photo
    Jason Lim

    I have been experiencing aches and stiffness around the neck, shoulders and back muscles due to long hours of sitting when working and after physical training without proper stretching. I then decided to search for some form of therapy that could relieve the pains, and I am glad to have found Aylwin Sports Therapy.

    Aylwin is friendly but also professional and skillful in the craft. He is able to effectively target and manipulate the muscles, which resulted improvements in my range of motion, flexibility, as well as loosen muscle tightness and relieve muscle pain. It is very much worth it!

    Overall, he provides a range of great value therapy services. Check it out and take action!

  160. Avatar photo
    Stella Oon

    Always have a very good time going to aylwin for my injury. He always solve my shoulder tightness and now i can lift without any restriction or pain. Would high recommend Aylwin Sports Therapy if you need a good sports massage as well as fixing all your tight knots.

  161. Avatar photo
    Marie-Claire Delorme

    I highly recommend this sports massage. Deep tissue massage that allows a muscle release like no other. This is hands down the best message for athletes. Aylwin is very skilled and makes sure to ask questions that help him guide his practice. He’s always inquiring about “how do you feel now” which is awesome as he is always willing to go back for more if I feel the need.

    I have been going to him on a regular basis for trigger areas and have felt a big difference. I am more then pleased with the results and look forward to my time with him.

  162. Avatar photo
    Charles Cabungcal

    Had tight leg muscle and quads for quite some time.Tried a lot of things but none help. After having a session with Aylwin, my legs feel much more lose and light .Highly recommend and definitely coming back more sessions

  163. Avatar photo
    Syamil Shahul

    Awesome experience! Passionate guy who knows his stuff and helps me to release the tensions on my lower body. The process was painful because my lower body was tight but after that , I felt like I could fly! Thanks bro! Will definitely return for more.

  164. Avatar photo

    Came here for the first time to try out new places for sports massage. Jason was meticulous in identifying the root issues of my “tightness” in some parts; I was unable to clearly articulate my concerns as I was not educated in this field. He also addressed my questions clearly and shared his own experience, which demonstrated command in the subject matter.

    PS: for the ladies, please bring your own sports bra and shorts

  165. Avatar photo

    First time to go therapy at Aylwin Sports and it was a good-relaxing-healing experience cause my frozen left shoulder just got fixed! I can raise my arms fully without shaking anymore and my right shoulder pain is gone.
    Aylwin knows really well how to help his patients – always checking if I feel okay and explaining what cupping, recovery systems are for. Will definitely go for a session again!!!

  166. Avatar photo
    Karie Pour

    Aylwin helped me with my pain and decreased range of motion in my left shoulder which was injured in my work as a nurse. He is friendly and professional and is very thorough with the treatment (using IASTM, manual therapy, cupping and compression therapy + infrared heat therapy), targeting different muscle groups to help release tension, and then improving blood flow to aid recovery.

    During the session Aylwin checked my range of motion and pain levels multiple times, and he basically ensured that I had my full range of motion back before ending the session, which is fantastic! I went from only being able to raise my L) arm 50% to being able to completely straighten it over my head in 1 session.

    Definitely will recommend to those seeking sports therapy for both chronic and acute pain. His no nonsense approach is excellent and rare in a field where other companies and corporations may ask you to purchase “treatment packages” and/or ask you to repeatedly make appointments to return for further treatment. There is no hardsell with Aylwin, he just wants you to be as close to 100% as possible before you leave.

    Thanks so much! I will visit again!

  167. Avatar photo
    Herbert Ho

    Hands down one of the best therapists ever. I saw Alywin in his previous location for a frozen shoulder issue which he cured… I messed it up again and so I googled and am glad the practice has expanded

  168. Avatar photo
    Geoff tan

    Jason Lee is an excellent
    therapist. I had lower back and shoulder work related injuries and he has helped me in my recovery. Highly recommended!

  169. Avatar photo
    Brenda Khoo

    Stumbled across Aylwin Sports Therapy on Google and decided to give the sports massage a try after seeing so many good reviews. And the reviews definitely lived up to expectations! My tight shoulders and neck immediately felt lighter and less stiff after the first session, will definitely go back again! There was no hard selling as well

  170. Avatar photo
    Suzanne Lilley

    I have been visiting Aylwin for several months now having been recommended to him by multiple friends across Singapore when I relocated. I train regularly and have for a long time also suffered ongoing back problems. Aylwin has really helped to improve my back issues to the point of no longer experiencing pain! Equally my training has vastly improved as a result of the regular therapy. I’m much more flexible and recover post training far quicker. I’m thoroughly impressed with his attitude to customer service also and find him most accommodating should I have to adjust timings due to a hectic worn schedule. Lastly I can honestly say the best night sleep I have each fortnight is the night after I have had a sports therapy! Thanks so much Aylwin!!!

  171. Avatar photo
    L i n d a S o h

    Had muscle strain on my right lower back from deadlifting and thought i should go for a sports massage. Saw Aylwin’s and gave it a try. Making an appointment for lower body massage was easy and communications was prompt with Aylwin himself to make sure i knew what to wear and all. Location was easy to find. i came from Plaza Singapura and walked to the back of Conrad Hotel. Less than 5minutes from Plaza Singapura. Aylwin’s place was clean and neat. Aylwin sat me down to talk about what happened and providing some sports tips about dynamic warm ups and muscle engagement and strengthening ankle muscles (tore my ankle ligament before). The massage effects could be felt immediately, my range of motion for my back were better without stiffness and i felt lighter instantly. There were also other parts of my legs that i neglected which were stiff and the massage helped relieved. I went home feeling a lot better and lighter than i first saw him. The next 2 days felt even much better that the lower back strain was completely gone. The cost of his treatment is reasonable and i would say realistically affordable (if you think about him also treating our local UFC fighters) and of course, like what he mentioned, the sports therapy is a form of maintenance and i am sure i will go back to him again. I have recommended him to my friends and husband and will recommend him on the social media as well.

  172. Avatar photo
    ZY Ang

    Aylwin really helped with my shoulder issues – noticeable improvement in mobility! Will recommend

  173. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Wong

    10/10 would recommend for recovery and pain. I came in with intense lower back pain which made it hurt to even breathe or walk but one session with Aylwin made it so much better. I didn’t expect such amazing results but I would definitely come back for future treatments.

    Aylwin was also super patient and checked in with me at every stage to see how I felt and to gauge the treatment. You’re in capable hands with him!

  174. Avatar photo
    Anthony Waugh Koh

    I recommend Alywin Sports Therapy to anyone who are new to massage. Because Alywin is the only masseur, I felt less intimidating and more welcoming when I entered the clinic. I had been sleeping poorly as a result of my neck issue. I tried so many pillows and still couldn’t sleep well. After the massage and cupping, I slept well that night. Maybe I had wasted money in buying so many different pillows when in fact it could be due to the tightness of my muscles. So if you are suffering from pillow problem like me, you might want to try out one session and feel for yourself the improvement in your sleep.

  175. Avatar photo
    Bani Hilman

    Had a good experience with Alywin! He was friendly and very easy going. Body feels loose and light after the full session. Will definitely come back.

  176. Avatar photo
    Don Richmond

    Aylwin came highly recommended by my wife, and upon meeting him and experiencing my first “Elbow Of Jesus” session it’s pretty obvious he has a gift for working out whatever problematic aches, injuries and range of motion you may be suffering at that moment in time. But on top of the fact that he is a muscle and joint whisperer, you’ll meet a very passionate man who invests in his business as much as he invests in the well being of his clients including follow up texts the next day to check up on you. My body is always in better shape after my sessions with him.

  177. Avatar photo
    Samuel Ng

    Highly recommend! Did a sport massage (lower body), IASTM and clinical dry cupping and I can already feel my legs lighter the next day.

  178. Avatar photo
    Mabel Chung

    I had treatment from aylwin more than a week ago and went about my regular regime of weight training n spin. The results was still good. My muscles do not hurt and importantly the problem ATPC ITB issues is gone! I’m happy to return to him.

  179. Avatar photo
    Mukun Maran

    Aylwin, is a friendly and knowledgeable sports message therapist! High quality service that made me feel much more mobile and ready for my sports activities! Would highly recommend

  180. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Siah

    Best ever sports massage ! Suffered from a nagging shoulder and neck issue for quite awhile. Aylwin not only managed to release and remove the knots but also explained the relationship btw the aches and mus holes involved. Many thanks! Amazing guy

  181. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Tan

    I had a positive experience at aylwin sports therapy. My muscles felt looser after the massage and my range of mobility has increased after the session. He is professional and friendly, will recommend to friends!

  182. Avatar photo
    Erianna Haris

    My bestie and I had my first session with Jason and it was amazing! I have been sufferring from piriform syndrome for the longest time and Jason helped to relief some of my tightness within that one session Overall very happy with their team’s professionalism and friendly service. Thumbs up! We need more of such therapists in SG!

  183. Avatar photo
    Vaishnavi Vaishu

    I’ve had chronic pain and so many minor injuries during my many years of training.. I just had to explain to Alywin once and he helped to remove 90% of my pain in just a single session!! He understands our body so well and puts in so much effort and passion in understanding his clients body. Also, advices what we should do to maintain our body care on ourselves… Now I regularly go to him to take proper care of my body.. I’ve recommended him to many friends and all of them are now happy clients

  184. Avatar photo
    Jason Han

    Always awesome to meet Aylwin to help sort out any tense muscles and speed up recovery. It’s great that any muscle groups that you are feeling more trouble with (Lower back/Neck/hamstrings etc.), he will ensure that he gives more attention to and checks in if it is better after every session.

    I feel much better after the session and strongly recommend Aylwin! Thanks bro!

  185. Avatar photo
    Fairul Edros

    I’ve had done multiple sport massage sessions with Jason and he has never failed to help relieve my aches and muscle tensions! He’s very knowledgeable and highly skilled in myofascial therapy – strongly recommend!

  186. Avatar photo
    Shi Jun Neo

    This guy clearly knows what he’s doing! Magical hands

    I had another ClassPass sports massage ytd and this massage is truly a cut above that – he managed to clear out most of my tightness, knots and discomfort.

    I had a lingering soreness in my right shoulder for 2.5months and he managed to clear it out in a session, I had issues placing my right arm to my back and after the session, I’m “healed”. I have way more mobility post the session.

    Highly recommend. Trust the reviews. It’s true!

  187. Avatar photo
    lester lee

    back for a second time, good session as always. aylwin did a good job in loosening tight muscles, allowing greater range of motion.

  188. Avatar photo
    JayPee Tee

    For so many years, I have been experiencing tightness and lack of mobility around my neck, shoulder and lower back area leaving me feeling tired always. I already tried a lot of medical practitioners but it only helps a few days after treatment then comes back again. Then I learned about Aylwin through my triathlon teammates, and only after my first visit with Aylwin, I felt good and really felt relieved from the condition I have been experiencing for long. Big difference indeed. Now I go to him once in a while for maintenance. Thanks bro for your help fixing my upper body issues.

  189. Avatar photo
    Fakhruddin Razi

    Great experience. Aylwin is very knowledgeable and highly recommended for sports massage. Definitely will return for his treatment.

  190. Avatar photo
    sweet_honey _kae

    Thank you so much. When we met in Thailand. Aywin is very helpful in solving my shoulder tightness. I can now lift without any pain . And I hope he will open a clinic in Thailand. Please

  191. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Rogerson

    I had my first Sports Massage with Aylwin around November last year. It was that good – I immediately took up a pack of 4 sessions. Those 4 sessions come to an next week and I am signing up for another pack for sure. Whether you are a pro athlete (he has many such customers) or an amateur everyday sports/fitness enthusiast like myself – Aylwin will make a HUGE difference to your recovery, release of tension and comfort overall. I have noticed a massive improvement in my weights training at the gym now that I regularly come to him. Aylwin is clearly a Pro at what he does and knows exactly how to give you great results, whilst making you feel comfortable. Highly Highly recommend you try him for just 1 session – I guarantee like me you will sign up for more!

  192. Avatar photo
    Daniel Schäpper

    Aylwin managed to relieve much of the tension in my back and shoulders in just one session. The massage is at times painful but the loosening effects are very obvious. Will definitely go again, highly recommended!

  193. Avatar photo
    Robin Louis

    Would like to sincerely thank Aylwin for the care shown throughout the session and also sharing his skill and knowledge. My shoulder tightness from bench press was significantly relieved, and now I am back to exercise with no pain. Would highly recommend, especially for athletes!

  194. Avatar photo
    Thomas Ong

    wife bought me a session since I have been suffering from chronic lower back and shoulder pain. After only 1 session, my back is fine! The results are amazing. Shoulders have loosen up too. Definitely worth a try if you are considering and I am already planning my next session.

  195. Avatar photo
    Lim H

    I have been patronising Aylwin since November 2017 and he has been a great help to my tight muscle issues on my lower back. I still continue to visit him regularly for my “body maintenance” session.

    Aylwin is really friendly, easy going and a professional who constantly upgrades his skills by attending courses. Over the course of almost 3 years, I have experienced from the usual sports massage, IASTM and now dry cupping.

    I really recommend him!!

  196. Avatar photo
    Katherine Enriquez

    Got a full package at Aylwin’s sports therapy! I had a pleasant experience with Aylwin. The moment I mentioned my sport, he knew exactly what to do and what to work on. After our treatment, he makes the extra effort to check on you the next day. On top of that, he also suggested mobility movements that I can do. It is evident that Aylwin is passionate about what he does and he is also pleasant to talk with. He also doesn’t force anyone to get any packages and just simply suggests how to follow up with the treatment. Definitely recommending this place and can’t wait to get another session in too.

  197. Avatar photo
    Estella Pang

    Aylwin is professional and understanding. He always know what’s best for his clients and would go the extra mile to educate clients post-massage on muscle maintenance before the subsequent visit(s). 10/10 would recommend anyone whom faces muscle tightness and knots for he will meticulously loosen muscle tension every time.

  198. Avatar photo
    eva T

    This was my first sports therapy session ever and it was great! Aylwin is such a professional and works with what you need. The IASTM, dry cupping and sports massage worked wonders and i immediately felt better. The tightness feeling in my hip flexors reduced and lower back pain gone. Slept like a baby that night. Highly recommend for anyone looking to try out sports therapy

  199. Avatar photo
    syed faizal

    The experience was beyond expectations. The massage was very relaxing and worth it. Very satisfied with the service provided and will definitely recommend.

  200. Avatar photo
    Mai Chi Tran

    I went to see Aylwin for treatment of stiff back, hips and legs and received the most intense sports massage. I will admit that it was quite painful but he found all the tight spots and I definitely felt less stiff immediately afterwards. I also suffer from pincer hip / hip impingement which limits my range of motion, however he treated that area, I was able to increase my range of motion by more than 50%! That was pretty impressive as I’ve never had that happen before.I had dry cupping done as well as compression. I would absolutely recommend Aylwin as your go-to person for sports therapy massages!

  201. Avatar photo
    Ken Jin Tan

    Have benefited from Jason’s myofascial therapy to target my asymmetry and I felt appreciated his targeted and yet holistic approach in analysing my pain and identifying the root causes of any discomfort. His study of muscle chains means he doesn’t just work on the spot where one feels the pain, but also along the connected tissues. Thank you Jason!

  202. Avatar photo

    Aylwin is a very nice person, good therapy session with all those equipment that you may not see at your regular sports massage. will recommend and return for more session. Value for money with the equipment used

  203. Avatar photo
    Saiful Yamin

    Aylwin is a professional and an easy going person. He constantly checks up on me during the session with him and he knows exactly what to do for my pains caused by injury. Felt better instantly after the session and I had a good night’s rest. I highly recommend anyone to book a session with him and give it a go. …

  204. Avatar photo

    The RIGHT place to get your body fixed!! Aylwin is an Awesome guy who knows exactly what to do to get your body back in action!! Especially the recovery system, everyone need to try that out!!

    Been there for a session of upper body sports massage and dry cupping, never felt so relieved before after the session!

  205. Avatar photo
    Jay Gee

    Really good sports massage from Alwyn! My lower body felt much looser after the session and it really helped out my lower back issues as well.

    Will be back!

  206. Avatar photo
    Frances Nic Reamoinn

    I received treatment from both Aylwin and Jason and both treatments were very thorough and effective. I was treated with great care, patience and professionalism which I really appreciated. I will definitely be back!

  207. Avatar photo
    Teo Zhi Wei

    Aylwin did a wonderful job in loosening up my super tight muscles (shoulder and back)!!! He added a complimentary cupping session as well. Felt so light and good after it. Will definitely be back! Thank you Aylwin …

  208. Avatar photo
    Shirmin Lim

    I googled for places with sports massages and Aylwin Sports Therapy stood out from the rest with so many good reviews. Hence, I decided to try and it did not disappointment. My body feels a lot more relaxed after all the tensions and knots have been removed. My range of motion and mobility have also improved greatly. Aylwin is friendly & genuine and the whole treatment was really comfortable. The place is clean and smells really great too

  209. Avatar photo
    Tian Chi Png

    My first time trying Sports Massage (With IASTM and Dry Cupping) at Aylwin Sports Therapy. The experience was great and I can really feel the muscle loosen up after the session.

    Aylwin combines Dry Cupping with some mobilisation work that works perfectly to hit those tight spots. I signed up for 4 sessions immediately after that and looking forward to the next lower body treatment.

  210. Avatar photo
    Chia MeiLing

    I was facing with lower back pain for a few weeks and contemplating if I should try out sports massage and cupping. My first ever experience with sports massage and Aylwin Sports Therapy is definitely a good choice to consider!

    Aylwin was kind and helpful in explaining what the different treatments does. I could feel less pain and increase in my range of motion after the treatment.

  211. Avatar photo
    Jun Ming

    Aylwin is friendly and approachable. The sport massage was superb and he was constantly checking up how i was feeling. The result was evident straight as I could the difference in my leg and shoulder mobility on the spot once the treatment was done. Muscle tightness was relieved and would definitely recommend people to try it

  212. Avatar photo
    Rajkirren Rajendran

    Aylwin is amazing at what he does! I have been visiting him for close to three years now and he helps me to release tight muscles (especially at the neck, shoulder, hips and calves for me) each time and I walk away from his sessions feeling so much less tension and tightness in my muscles.

    The benefits of his therapy is evident as it almost always increases my range of movement too, allowing me to perform squats with better form and swim/run with less tightness around my hips.

    It is a testament to his ability, that Mixed Martial Arts athletes go to him for sports massage. His passion to be one of the best is evident as he constantly learns new techniques and has incorporated IASTM and Dry cupping to help his clients!

    Aylwin is truly well versed in sports massage and you should consider giving him a try!

  213. Avatar photo
    D L

    I had issues with my shoulder which was tight and tense from gymming due to insufficient stretching. Jason was astute enough to notice the cause and did a great job in relieving all the tension with his myofascial massage. Strongly recommend trying it out if you have similar issues.

  214. Avatar photo
    Ian Tan

    Was having some tension and tightness in my upper body due to my trainings. It was my first time here and i’m glad I found this place. Aylwin was really professional and kept checking in to see how I was doing. Would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to improve their performance in any sport.

  215. Avatar photo
    sean ong

    Aylwin sports therapy is effective in reducing muscle tightness and also improve recovery through deep tissue massage techniques and cupping. He ensures that you are feeling better in terms mobility and reduce tightness with each of his treatment. Unlikely others, he uses many other techniques to mobilise and reduce my body stiffness. Highly recommended

  216. Avatar photo
    Vicky South

    One of the best massages I’ve ever had. Aylwin was very thorough and released so many tight muscles. The mobility I had after the session was incredible. Highly recommend!

  217. Avatar photo
    Muhd Husnee

    I am happy to come across Aylwin Sports Therapy. I have been suffering from postural problem due to my muscle dysfunction and imbalance. His technique able to treat and reduce muscle pain and fatigue. Also help to improve mobility and range of motion. Which have helped me in someway. It is the kind of treatment I have been looking for so long. Highly recommend for those who are looking for muscle recovery.

  218. Avatar photo
    Melanie Chang

    Aylwin has a keen understanding of the body and can pin point and release areas of tension! The massage + iastm + cupping for upper body and compression for hips and glutes area really helped in relieving back tightness and opened up my hips!

  219. Avatar photo
    louis lau

    A unique and overall satisfying experience! First time doing cupping and the other types of treatment, and I must say it was immediately effective! My right knee pain instantly became better and left shoulder became more flexible. Definitely recommend!

  220. Avatar photo
    bigjetpplane Aqilah

    Aylwin’s massage technique has hugely benefited me in terms of my flexibility and muscle tightness. His treatment has really made a difference to my sports recovery times and well-being. Recommended if you’re looking for a solid sports massage!

  221. Avatar photo
    G Sanghar

    I chanced upon Aylwin upon reading his commendable reviews online, and I have to admit I was not disappointed! He is an exceptional sports massage therapist with a pleasant and compassionate personality. What’s amazing about Aylwin is his knowledge and understanding of the musculoskeletal anatomy. The tension in my leg muscles were intense. His releases into my muscles and joints helped eliminate the tightness significantly. I highly recommend Aylwin for any form of soft and/or deep tissue releases and be rest assured that you are in ‘gifted hands’. Thank you Alywin!

  222. Avatar photo
    Avinash Rao

    Great Experience with Aylwin! He’s able to address my issues on my upper body in just one session. Would recommend everyone to try out

  223. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ismail (MuscBedok)

    Jason Lee is very good and experienced sports therapist. He knows what he is doing and knows how to resolve my issues. Definitely and high recommended.

  224. Avatar photo
    Wui Seng Quah

    Aylwin was fantastic. Super friendly and really open. Helped to free up muscle tension in my shoulder joints and lower back. He even gave me a free trial session of the infrared & compression therapy. Had the best night sleep that night.

  225. Avatar photo
    Shirmin Lim

    I googled for places with sports massages and Aylwin Sports Therapy stood out from the rest with so many good reviews. Hence, I decided to try and it did not disappointment. My body feels a lot more relaxed after all the tensions and knots have been removed. My range of motion and mobility have also improved greatly. Aylwin is friendly & genuine and the whole treatment was really comfortable. The place is clean and smells really great too

  226. Avatar photo
    francis chia

    First time experience at the new clinic. The clinic is bright and cooling. Went to Alwyn for some tightness of muscles in my leg area. He worked on it with both his tools and arm. Iam glad I had the cupping also as it helps in recovery. It felt much better the next day. The piece de resistance was the compression sleeve that I got complimentary. It was 1/2 hr of gentle massage. Overall a positive experience from a genuine guy who wants to do well. With this pandemic if ure looking to relieve muscles aches from working out at home due to exercise and work pay him a visit.

  227. Avatar photo
    Andy Lordianto

    Came to Aylwin cause of tight QL and psoas. He manage to release the tightness on my QL and psoas in 1 session. Will definitely look for him again for sports massage.

  228. Avatar photo
    Vishanth Raj

    Had a great experience with Aylwin.
    He was very professional, knowledgable and friendly. Hips and legs feel soo much more loose and have greater range of movement after just 1 session. Clean and cozy place too!

  229. Avatar photo
    kendrick ramos

    Undoubtedly one of the best sports therapy spot in Singapore! Aylwin did an amazing job walking me through the process prior to the session. Subsequently, upon completing the session, upper body felt significantly looser and the knots on my traps were relieved.

  230. Avatar photo
    Heyang Wu

    Very professional massage and good advice on how to maintain. After 1 or 2 session, I felt my whole body posture was improved and feel less tired after long day of work.

  231. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Mubeen

    Went for 1 session and was surprised to see that he was working even on the New Year’s Eve. Injured left shoulder and knee was my main concern and after his session, I really felt like the shoulder, knee and hip were restored full mobility and flexibility. Really appreciate his hard work and willingness to help. 5 years of pain was taken away with 1 session, definitely would love his help for my recovery from here onwards. Those looking for sports massages, do not hesitate to get his help.

  232. Avatar photo

    I was a client of Aylwin from long ago when I was still in NS almost a decade ago (yes, that long) and had gone once and I remembered feeling better mobility wise but I wasn’t financially stable for follow ups.

    Fast forward to few days ago, I had a shoulder impingement from a workout earlier this week. Coincidentally, I thought about Aylwin and had seen his recent posts about Jason’s myofascial therapy so I booked an appointment.

    I know that is gonna be painful and I thought I had a high pain tolerance but I didn’t expect it to be THAT pain. However, Jason really adapt/adjust accordingly to me.

    He will first listen to my issues/limitations before assessing my body/posture and would explain his findings. I had shoulder mobility issues and he went deeper into that which I thought was just shoulder impingement. Now my left shoulder is more mobile than my right but he balanced both sides after. Kinda forgot how my left arm could feel this light . Next, he corrected my knee position. Not sure how to word this, I felt my left knee was internally rotated due to constant popping the joint casually since young and I could see how my left leg was walking differently from my right leg. With one session, my left leg felt better and looks more aligned now and I won’t feel uneasy again.

    I learnt some interesting points about my body which I didn’t know at first. I will definitely follow up with another session next month or sooner to better learn how to treat minor issues by myself and how to use a foam roller effectively.

    Totally worth it (the pain too ) and definitely recommended for your recovery here, both Aylwin and Jason!

  233. Avatar photo
    Goh Glendon

    I had suffered from extreme heel pain for months, and finally decided to seek consultation from Aylwin Sports Therapy recommended by a friend, a fitness trainer. Aylwin gave me the best treatment and helped me ease about 90% of the pain just in one session! I can finally walk with very minimal pain, still a work in progress, but I believe this will be gone in no time with continued care and follow up.

    A big THANK YOU to Aylwin for helping on my recovery as I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis.

  234. Avatar photo
    Hua Yin Liang

    I have been suffering from low back muscle tightness for a long time and decided to try sports massage. Its my first time consulting Alywin, he is very professional and experienced, he targets all the tight muscles in my glutes, hamstring, calfs and low back. The technique he uses helps relieve the muscle tightness especially my low back. It was painful but really worth it! And also the compression suit definitely helps, thanks so much!

  235. Avatar photo
    Jarod Hong

    Alywin is really good at his craft. He understood my back problems and immediately knew what needed to be done. My entire body felt so much better after his treatment and I had a great night rest. Highly recommend if you would like to recover from any sports injury or you felt you have pushed yourself too much. Will go back to him.

  236. Avatar photo
    Nabil Yuza

    I had an amazing experience here, superb service from Aylwin. He is very knowledgable and also a humble dude. Soreness and tensions immediately feel better after just a session. He explains well to my queries and gave ample of advice. Will definitely come back for his service. Highly recommended. Thank you Aylwin!

  237. Avatar photo
    Christin Carolina

    Aylwin is definitely an expert in sports therapy, he clearly knows where to pinpoint my pain areas (muscle tightness in my neck and shoulder) and my mom’s as well. We (my mom and I) are so thankful we met him! He is very compassionate (checks in with us the day after to ask us how we are feeling) and really desires the best treatment for his patients. We were first-timers and decided to opt for the full body Full Body Treatment inclusive of IASTM, Sports Massage & Dry Cupping. After the treatment, we could easily feel our body feels soo much lighter and so more pain no more tightness. I can easily move my shoulder, previously it was so tight and i felt so much pain. I highly recommend anyone suffering from muscle tightness and mobility issues.

    Aylwin Sports Therapy should be everyone’s go-to sports therapist. Can’t recommend anyone better than him.

  238. Avatar photo
    Mochiyama Hoshika

    Aylwin was really meticulous and professional throughout his service. I opted for a 45min lower body massage and improvements were shown immediately aft one session. I’d defo recommend to others

  239. Avatar photo
    Tzi-Yang Seow

    The Great Reset. Aylwin’s sessions are not for the faint hearted. The more intense the pain, the more it proves how much you have been mistreating your body by sitting too long in front of a desk or having poor posture. I was close to tears but he returned my mobility and ROM to me almost instantly. Thanks bro.

  240. Avatar photo
    krystal lee

    Excellent service by Aylwin!
    He shares his experience and makes sure that you are super comfortable while he is helping to tackle the problems that your facing!
    He showed the before n after of the massage and it was really magical!
    Highly Recommend if you’re looking for a Sports Massage

  241. Avatar photo
    Nathaniel Teo

    My wife and I have had back and neck aches for a few months now.
    I have been going to Other sports Therapists and TCM who will massage the ache area.

    But Jason targetted other connecting areas rather than just the problem area and in one session it was well. Pain relief was immediate.

    He also didn’t try to oversell and ask me to come back multiple times a week, but rather once a month or when it was painful.

    Jason is very professional and Extremely experienced in his craft.
    That’s two ppl you’ve helped so much bro ! ‍️

    Shout out to Alywin as well for growing your business so much !

  242. Avatar photo
    Manfred Koh

    I went to aylwin for some hip tightness and he managed to a good 80% of the pain away. Above that, he understands how the body works and what treatment is necessary for you to receive almost full functions of your body. Affordable and yet professionally competent.

  243. Avatar photo
    Robin Louis

    Would like to sincerely thank Aylwin for the care shown throughout the session and also sharing his skill and knowledge. My shoulder tightness from bench press was significantly relieved, and now I am back to exercise with no pain. Would highly recommend, especially for athletes!

  244. Avatar photo
    Luwen Koh

    I visited the clinic with the aim of alleviating a slightly tight left hamstring right before my 2022 Stanchart Half Marathon. Very pleased with the massage by Aylwin which sufficiently loosened my lower body muscles and wasn’t too hard given that I had a major event the next day! Thanks Aylwin!

  245. Avatar photo
    Matin Sufian

    Aylwin was very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to listen to my concerns and tailored the massage to my specific needs. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a great sports massage.

  246. Avatar photo
    ramuk neerus

    Aylwin is very nice and accommodating to clients. He explains what he is doing and why he is doing it. Very cheerful masseuse and would strongly recommend to anyone who would like to give sports therapy a try

  247. Avatar photo
    George Albert

    Aylwin really knows his stuff and he is really passionate about ensuring you come out from the session better than when you walked in. The added compression therapy was something new as well. Would definitely return for future sessions!

  248. Avatar photo
    Velvan Tan

    Was recommended to visit Aylwin Sports Therapy when I am experiencing very bad muscle tightness and I was super impressed by how knowledgeable Aylwin was during our session. I was able to feel the difference after he released the knots in my body and it felt really good to regain back my range of motion without having any restrictions. Definitely worth the price he is charging for if you are looking at someone you can put your trust in and a place to fix your body.

  249. Avatar photo
    Bella Zade

    Aylwin was recommended to me by a friend. As someone who suffers from chronic back pain and also aches from working from a desk often, I thought I’d give this a go! Although it’s called “sports therapy”, I believe this benefits those who don’t do sports even more. After my 1st session with him I felt amazing for the next few weeks – lighter, more energy, less pain, which is why I am here writing this review. Alwyin is good at his job, and deserves the credit where it’s due. I highly recommend ya’ll to try this out!

  250. Avatar photo
    Fadzli Roslan

    Aylwin was amazing in helping me, came in with a stiff neck and within half an hour I could move freely. Always didnt believe in massages until I met him. He totally changed my perception of massages and even offered knowledge as well. Massage wasnt rushed and he took the time to explain as well. Definitely coming coming back for more! Honestly I would give more stars instead of 5

  251. Avatar photo
    Simon Yap

    The journey isn’t always easy but the destination is worth it! I always feel so much better after a session with Aylwin, pains and stiffness are gone and overall feel much looser and more supple. After years of sport at a competitive level, I had let my body grow old and stiff. I went to see Aylwin as I was initially suffering from lower back pain from a football injury, to the extent that I couldn’t exercise and had difficulty in walking at times. My first session with Aylwin was like a miricale cure… pain was considerably less, almost gone and that was just the begining. Every part of my body felt so much better and dare I say it… younger. Thank you mate!

  252. Avatar photo
    Jerome Papalie

    I couldn’t lift my leg up when I walked in.
    Aylwin was super nice and explained what could have been going on with my leg. By the end of the session, I was back up and walking normally. He’s super chill, and definitely knows what he’s doing. 100% would recommend.

  253. Avatar photo
    Sakthivel Ganapathy

    Alwyn was professional and provided instant pain relief through his various techniques. His genuine character is also one of the reasons I will go back there. He incorporates modern techniques such as dry cupping and IASTM to increase the effectiveness of his sports massage!

  254. Avatar photo
    Walid Sukkarieh

    Having arrived in Singapore fresh off an 8 hour flight and carrying a few tight injury related muscles, I found Aylwin nearby and backed it for the great reviews people wrote. Spot on! Jason was fantastic at exploring the root cause of the issues and releasing the areas that make a difference. He also explained what and why each muscle behaved as it did, and gave me some tips to look after my body when back home. It actually went better than I’d even hoped, with more fluidity in my movement and now able to sleep on both sides again! Can’t thank Jason enough, brilliant.

  255. Avatar photo
    Jianing Chen

    Fabulous experience. Aylwin relieved my back pain and found the root cause. Highly recommend!

  256. Avatar photo
    Tony Chen

    Aylwin is friendly and professional at the same time. After the treatment, i experienced improvement in mobility and feel very loosened up. 10/10 would recommend!

  257. Avatar photo
    Vincent Li

    I went to Aylwin Sports Therapy with my wife, who has been dealing with recurring shoulder issues. Aylwin was friendly, attentive and most importantly effective in what he does. His treatment was expertly carried out and my wife’s shoulder issue has not recurred since. On top of this, Aylwin was able to provide suitable treatment for my frozen shoulder from a brief chat I had with him while waiting in the consultation room, so I can vouch first-hand the effectiveness of his treatment.

    Needless to say, we are glad to have found Aylwin. His passion and dedication to his craft is greatly appreciated.

  258. Avatar photo
    Marcus Leong

    Visited Aylwin for the first time and had a memorable experience. He was meticulous and listened to my concerns before giving his advice. Throughout the session, he also constantly check in on how my body is feeling. Left the session feeling rejuvenated.

  259. Avatar photo
    Yew Chuan Ong

    Have stiff neck and visited Alywin, after the massage really feel the relief immediately.

  260. Avatar photo
    Freddy Nam

    Chance upon his shop while searching through google for a sport therapy. Had a chronic shoulder injury due to my stiff body and years of different sports heavily on my shoulder. Decided to go there and try sport massage. This is my 1st time doing it.

    Surprisingly, whole body felt more relax and had a good sleep that night. The shoulder pain was reduced quite significantly and seriously felt better. Recommended if you have stiff body and pain somewhere on your body that is bothering u. Do not treat this as a miracle massage but rather a stress and pain relief.

    Btw Aylwin is really a good sports therapist and he is very helpful in solving my issues when i raised to him. He provided some feedbacks and recommendation to me. He will also take the initiative to follow up on his customer and is not hard selling on his services.

  261. Avatar photo
    Alicia Tan Wei Lee

    I enjoyed my session in Alywin sport therapy. He helps me to relieve my tight calf muscle due to my
    intense dance training. He is easy to work with and listen well to your problems. Highly recommend for dancers and you wont regret it

  262. Avatar photo
    John Chua

    I visited yesterday: sprained my back the day before doing overenthusiastic deadlifts, and I managed to get a next day appointment with Aylwin. He’s magical. By end of the sports massage, my backache was gone. He’s a real pro.

  263. Avatar photo

    Aylwin was extremely knowledgeable having worked with several professional athletes and it shows in his treatment. His therapy and approach was extremely professional and effective, and both the cupping and compression focus did wonders in helping restore flexibility and strength. I will be going back!

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