Review Autobacs Bukit Batok, 30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6, Singapore

Review AUTOBACS Bukit Batok - Singapore 30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6

“Lots of variety for auto products. And staff are nice and friendly. Otherwise, it’s “dangerous” place for the wallet.” or “Opens everyday which is good for battery or tyre replacements.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Autobacs Bukit Batok. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Autobacs Bukit Batok is quality.

Introduction about Autobacs Bukit Batok

Here are some fundamental details regarding Autobacs Bukit Batok. In terms of Car repair and maintenance service, it is generally believed that Autobacs Bukit Batokis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Car repair and maintenance service, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 67495600 (+65 67495600)
  • Website:
  • Address: 30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6, Singapore

Detailed information of Autobacs Bukit Batok

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Here are the operating hours of Autobacs Bukit Batok.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 10 AM to 8 PM.

Saturday, Sunday: 8:30 AM to 8 PM.


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5.82 km6 minute7 minute5 minute

How to contact Autobacs Bukit Batok?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Autobacs Bukit Batok via:

Phone number

You can reach Autobacs Bukit Batok at 67495600(+65 67495600). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Autobacs Bukit Batok via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Autobacs Bukit Batok reviews

Autobacs Bukit Batok is among the best destinations of Car repair and maintenance service in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Autobacs Bukit Batok good?

To determine whether Autobacs Bukit Batok is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Bought Shopee voucher for engine oil servicing. Easy to book appointment online. Did servicing during weekday afternoon. Servicing was done in less than 45 mins. Good value and good servicing”

“Open 7 days a week. So great if you need something done on a Sunday or public holiday. Shopping for car accessories while waiting for your car to be done is a dangerous thing! Keep buying stuff!!”

“1 convenience store for all your car items or accessories. They also do car repairs, tyre changes etc. Friendly staff as well. Very convenient in the West.”

“Lots of variety for auto products. And staff are nice and friendly. Otherwise, it's "dangerous" place for the wallet.”

“Opens everyday which is good for battery or tyre replacements.”

“Totally impressed by the customer service personnel handling phone-in snd service email. Their response is really quick and info provided very accurate. Very prompt service indeed. Keep up the good work..”

“Amazingly wide range of car floor mats available for your choosing. Different sizes, material, and colour. Great when I needed a replacement!”

“Up trend customer service, professional advice and on time service but lack of free car wash service...”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 226 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 78% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Autobacs Bukit Batok, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

If you feel services provided by Autobacs Bukit Batok are not good quality, what should you do?

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Autobacs Bukit Batok, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

Furthermore, here are additional feedbacks from other customers that we have gathered. Hopefully, these reviews will serve as a reliable resource to provide an overview.

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Review Review Autobacs Bukit Batok, 30 Bukit Batok East Ave 6, Singapore

There is a total 226 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    William Win

    First time visit to this popular shop of car parts and car-grooming accessories, it matches its well-earn popularity with car-lovers. The shop is packed with car accessories of Japanese-made and whatever you name it, it is there. Might be there will be other comparable shops, but this one is quite recommendable.

  2. Avatar photo
    Felix Ker

    Largest range of automotive related items at fair prices.

  3. Avatar photo
    kit wong

    Many car accessories available within a one stop shop.

  4. Avatar photo

    Good place for price reference

  5. Avatar photo
    Aaron Tan

    Great place for car accessories

  6. Avatar photo
    Irvin Immanuel

    This outlet isn’t as big as the one in Ubi. However, there’s still a good variety of automotive accessories to choose from.

  7. Avatar photo
    Teck Wee “NorthernHardcoreFisherman” Ang

    Was going to give 5 star but due to the poor quality of the “Free Car Wash”, decided to give 4 1996 when I got my 1st car I went to the store for some accessories…. time flies and 26 years later it still here

  8. Avatar photo
    Dave Chew

    Everything about cars you need.. you can find them here.

  9. Avatar photo
    James Ho

    I visited Autobacs Bukit Batok on 29 Feb 2020 to get my car battery issue solved. They tested my battery and informed me that it needed to be replaced. All in all, the process was a quick and professional one and I was in and out in less than 2 hours.

  10. Avatar photo
    gogo AWAY

    Helpful, pleasant staff , both in the retail section and workshop. A trusted place to leave my car, for servicing and repair work.
    Well done, team Autobacs- Bt Batok …

  11. Avatar photo
    Jianzhi Yu

    Only been to the accessories shop beside its workshop, have a wide variety of auto related accessories and products like car wash

    Carpark is friendly for High roof vehicles as its open space

  12. Avatar photo
    Keng Hian Lim

    Good place for car tyres, batteries and accessories; wide selection at reasonable prices. Not in the town area or near public transport makes it difficult to get to or out from.

  13. Avatar photo
    Caleb Remy Ma (Fat)

    Good place to buy Auto stuffs

  14. Avatar photo
    Ng Khek Yew

    Few days ago I visited autobacs bukit Batok, when I was there I expected the showroom to be air- conded, to my surprise it wasn’t. It was horribly warn like oven. Please do something… At least upgrade the air cond.

  15. Avatar photo
    Dennis Ng

    Has good range of products from many reputable brands and also car maintenance services

  16. Avatar photo
    Ad Cruz

    So far got all my polishing stuff, and brands i normally use. They almost got everything there. Its a shopping centre for ur vehicle.
    Note: only referring on products. No idea on service and maintenance.

  17. Avatar photo
    nancy chua

    Very warm reception. Helpful & courteous staff. Proud of their jobs. Prompt to assist.
    Thank you!

  18. Avatar photo
    lau kim lon

    Auto parts n accessories shop.
    Occasionally having offer but do take note that stocks are often very limited. So disappointment is likely

  19. Avatar photo

    Changed my wiper here, guy was friendly and helpful with recommendation. Very quick too. Thank you!

  20. Avatar photo

    Got my fix here : power steering fluid.

  21. Avatar photo
    Josephine Tey

    There are many variety of car accessories available. Spacious space and staff are friendly and ready to help.

  22. Avatar photo
    Emperor King

    Amazing service

  23. Avatar photo
    Kevin Kwan

    You can find almost all accessories required for your car and decent prices. Lots of parking as well.

  24. Avatar photo
    Ant Tan (Ant)

    Garage from Japan tucked in west side of SG. You can get your daily vehicle needs from maintenance, cosmetic, floor mats, lightings and etc. For vehicle repairthere have a garage too.

  25. Avatar photo
    SH Lay

    Good professional impression of staff on my first visit with my 4 tyres changed to new one though not cheap. Hope it lasts and drive well.

  26. Avatar photo
    helen tan

    Excellent, thorough & efficient service by Calvin from the Tyre department.

  27. Avatar photo
    Nawaz Dhanji

    Best one stop shop in SG

  28. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Chow

    Had a flat battery changed, professional service, even alert me to my pump leak, sure enough, went back to the agent to rectify since covered by warranty.

  29. Avatar photo
    Eric Siew

    Good car accessories and Tyre outlet

  30. Avatar photo
    Tricia Foo

    One stop shop to buy DIY repair goods for automobile. Thanks to Autobacs we can do some DIY by ourselves

  31. Avatar photo
    Shavoski 63

    if you can source the stuff you’re looking for elsewhere,
    please proceed.
    certain stuffs,
    yes you may not be able to find elsewhere other than ordering online.
    be it their shop or vehicle servicing and repairs.
    if you got money to spend,
    why not.
    you wont be treated like a VIP anw..

  32. Avatar photo
    Murgesh Pillay

    Pricey. Got money? go ahead. No issues

  33. Avatar photo
    Don Saw

    This is always the place for me to go when need to buy car care stuffs, from washing to shining of the car, they have everything.

  34. Avatar photo
    stanley kwok

    I went to Autobacs to pick up some touch up paint for my bicycle. Even though I didn’t have the proper colour codes, the crew member Calvin volunteered to help me match the colours of my bicycle to the touch up paint available.

    His emphathy with the customer’s predicament is much appreciated and his effort to go out of the way to help a customer should be commended by the management.

  35. Avatar photo
    Nien Eugene

    Staff was not too helpful. Couldn’t find the part that I needed and simply said they do not carry and had to order in.. walked away hereafter without giving advice on how long would order take..

    Was a much better place with better staff before the renovation.. very disappointed..

  36. Avatar photo
    How KM Alex

    On 27/01/19, I had changed new car rims and tyres at one time. Bukit Batok branch had completed the workmanship. This had deadly my confidence toward your company professionalllysim. I had past my CNY with terriblely day by day, untiled 07/02/19 I visited Ubi branch workshop Mr. Cherng and his staff Andy had sloved my problem. I my greatful for Mr. Cherng had let me feeling back the confidence. Here thank you once again and wish you all time.

  37. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lee

    Good range of accessories, limited parking.

  38. Avatar photo
    Sham Yana

    Very Efficient & Reliable..staff very friendly in explaining the problem need to rectify..will definitely come back & recomend others..

  39. Avatar photo
    ShahAry Hassan

    Comfortable waiting area and good customer sercive

  40. Avatar photo
    Soh Xuan Yi

    Car shop for accessories. A large size car workshop for servicing. Item sold here quite ex… Maybe because I can get it cheaper online.

  41. Avatar photo
    Jin Xi Lim

    One stop service for all car’s needs

  42. Avatar photo
    Fauziah Zie

    Nice mall for car parts. Gd service

  43. Avatar photo
    Eng Joo Tan

    Good shop

  44. Avatar photo
    Descendant of Tamin

    Amending my earlier rating due to typo error.
    Autobacs is the place to go for your car accessories & servicing.

  45. Avatar photo
    Tyson Wang

    The 1 stop shop for all your car needs. Today I bought a power window seal treatment to stop the squeak sound when I wind up or down my power window. Great.

  46. Avatar photo
    Catherine Ong

    Good place to look for car grooming items.

  47. Avatar photo

    A pity that the carpark is small & squeezy.

  48. Avatar photo
    Stanley Loh

    15-Jul-19 : Went in to fix a punctured tyre @ 1min to closing. Despite telling me that they had just closed for the day, they still took a look @ my tyre & quickly fix it for me while seated on the floor.. Thanks to the guys’ help from the workshop..

  49. Avatar photo
    Ng Wei Liang

    All sorts of car accessories are available in 1 location! One stop service with occasional offers and discount

  50. Avatar photo
    B. S. Kappen

    I went to Autobacs Bukit Batok for servicing my car. Professional service, energetic team of people. However, I waited and waited, but nobody called my name or called me on my phone until I went to the counter and asked them what happened to my car. This is after waiting for almost 3 hours. They said it’s ready, just wasted my time making me wait. The lady at the counter shows no remorse and looked as if it’s all normal.

  51. Avatar photo
    Paul Rose

    If stuck, it’s the place to go. If can wait then wait. Very expensive will not be going bk

  52. Avatar photo
    Eng Kiat Poh

    The crew are professional and follow proper inspection procedure but price is bit high

  53. Avatar photo
    vivien lim

    I would like to compliment Mr. Jimmy for his excellent service. He was so patient with me and did well in explaining the types and brands of different tyres, including the pros and cons. This helped me decide which types of tyres is most suitable for my use. The package he gave me was also reasonable. Thanks Jimmy!

  54. Avatar photo
    yuen py

    Wide selection of car accessories. However, prices are in the high side.

  55. Avatar photo
    See G Tan

    Japanese franchise auto accessories super market. It offers many other services from engine service to tyre change. This is the larger of the two outlet in Singapore. Love auto? You have to check it out!

  56. Avatar photo
    nick yee

    Good service. Friendly staffs and mechanics.

  57. Avatar photo
    Anthony Wong

    They open at 8:30 am on Sunday! and I arrived 10 mins later. They have one of the widest selection of accessories for cars. They even offer discounts when you sign in your tel no. Very polite and helpful staff. Patronizing this place for last 5 years. Service still excellent.

    Besides they provide car repairs etc

  58. Avatar photo
    James Chan

    Lots of car care products to choose from

  59. Avatar photo

    Very convenient when there is problem with your car. From 8am to 8pm daily. Easy to look for carpark. Only problem is that the waiting area is not convenient for elderly and disabled

  60. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Tan

    Bad customer service. Feeling Totally helpless in there. In the End, need to travel all the way to Bukit Timah branch and even way up to Ubi branch.

  61. Avatar photo
    Johnathan Yew

    Nice big car accessories and service outlet but a bit on the expensive side

  62. Avatar photo

    Autobacs at Bukit Batok is located beside a shell petrol station. There’s only an entrance so don’t miss it else you have to make a U-turn.

    The shop is stock with all kind of stuff. Smaller than the Ubi outlet but has everything you need. Very friendly stuff and have great promo.

    Highly recommended place.

  63. Avatar photo
    Alan Ng

    A great place to shop for car accessories and car servicing too.

  64. Avatar photo

    Great Auto accessories shop at a convenient location in the West with ample parking! Highly recommended for your car accessories’ need only!

    For simple Japanese car regular servicing, it is likely to be ok. For continental cars, I suggest going to a regular car workshop or specialists. Don’t bother to do major repair works here as they are not specialists and you will likely will end up with a bigger bill compared to other workshops.

  65. Avatar photo
    A. Y.

    Thanks to the kind service person who recommended me the PIAA wiper blades comparing to Bosch. It’s really better albeit a little more expensive but lasts longer. Solved my streaky problem completely. Helped to measure and fix as well. Thank you for the great customer service.

  66. Avatar photo
    Justin Soon

    Bought Shopee voucher for engine oil servicing. Easy to book appointment online. Did servicing during weekday afternoon. Servicing was done in less than 45 mins. Good value and good servicing

  67. Avatar photo
    Tan Wilson

    Good place to get tires and car accessories

  68. Avatar photo

    Autobac a place for motor vehicle servicing and sell for automobile accessories.
    After reading so many comments, it worry me. I decided to give up my – free redemption for car aircon recycle service (actual do not know what that but it’s worth >$100). To be safe than sorry.
    Hoping there are tremendously change to their customer service, reliability services and competivity pricing.
    It is not easy to live up with reputable name. It takes years to achieve it and it takes once to destroy. Good luck.

  69. Avatar photo
    Leonard Thangavelu, PBM

    Located in the Upper Bukit Timah and Bukit Batik enclave, this place is a magnet for petrolheads.

    It’s a good place to browse for automotive products as it sells everything from car fuses to air fresheners.

    This outlet also has a full service centre for motor vehicle repairs and tyres. I cannot attest for the workmanship and prices as I have never used these services. As always, it’s best to shop around before committing to any major purchase or repairs.

    BTW, plentiful free parking; however, do note that it can get very crowded during weekends.

  70. Avatar photo
    Teddy Lee

    provide professional service most of the time.

  71. Avatar photo
    Darren Ang

    Responsive and helpful staff onsite and on FB for my enquiry. thumb up

  72. Avatar photo
    Haron Silap

    Multi car accessories you can get.

  73. Avatar photo
    Emmanuel Goh

    Was helped by Benjamin when shopping for PIAA wipers which were unfortunately out of stock. Really appreciated his effort to find an alternative

  74. Avatar photo
    leslie goh

    Open 7 days a week. So great if you need something done on a Sunday or public holiday. Shopping for car accessories while waiting for your car to be done is a dangerous thing! Keep buying stuff!!

  75. Avatar photo
    lim andrew

    Great service, friendly staff and a cozy viewing gallery while you wait for your car to be ready.

  76. Avatar photo

    one stop for car servicing and purchase of part and accessories …

  77. Avatar photo
    Chew's Legacy

    Overpriced products, variety lacks badly compared to years ago. Lost the oomph to make me visit again.

  78. Avatar photo
    Philip Ang

    Location is inaccessible. Price not so competitive. Good to go back to your personal prefer workshops if you have any.. Nevertheless, one stop station for your convenient car servicing.

  79. Avatar photo
    DFW Nick

    Almost anything you want for your car , you can find here.

  80. Avatar photo
    Lester Neo

    good service. friendly staffs, prices are abit higher but not as bad as last time.. now getting competitive

  81. Avatar photo
    jeremy koh

    Really thankful to staff eugene very patient, helpful and explain everything to me clearly in steps and provided me the best solution to settle my car issues 10/10 customer service from him

  82. Avatar photo
    ZW Huang

    Good service.

  83. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Hussain Syed

    All stop automobile acessaries and services station.

  84. Avatar photo
    Ken Choo

    Workshop is clean and tidy. Great house keeping.

  85. Avatar photo
    Darryl Teo

    Things are getting more expensive but basically you can find all you need on car accessories

  86. Avatar photo
    M Dali

    Great place for car matters – servicing, accessories, etc. Prices are competitively reasonable and good services judging by the numbers of customers present.

  87. Avatar photo
    check woei foo

    Japanese standards and value for money

  88. Avatar photo
    John Tang

    Totally impressed by the customer service personnel handling phone-in snd service email. Their response is really quick and info provided very accurate. Very prompt service indeed. Keep up the good work..

  89. Avatar photo
    David Koh

    Lots of varieties of car products but dun expect too great customer service.

  90. Avatar photo
    Low Kang Hua

    Small but quite equipped

  91. Avatar photo

    Good and fast service.

  92. Avatar photo
    C A

    Items are not as much as in the past, but still its the place for you to go if are crazy with cars!

  93. Avatar photo
    Norizan Bin Rasidi

    Great place but not cheap

  94. Avatar photo
    Mia Jing Goh

    A well stocked auto shop. Price is reasonable.

  95. Avatar photo
    Hang Cheng Chua

    It a One stop car shopping place. You can get many things for your car here but it a little small.

  96. Avatar photo
    Daniel HB Wong

    Another day of good service. Went to the Bukit Batok to buy car mats. Female staff was helpful to point out the different options and things to take account. Also suggested me to try in the car. I have visited this branch since it opened. Many years of tires changes, brake disc replacement, buy accessories, upgrade car fittings, change parts and car servicing. All good services, please keep it up. Hope others do give the positive feedbacks too as mostly only negative ones get sent.

  97. Avatar photo

    They saved my life fir the second time a few days ago.

    The first time was more than two years ago at the height of the Covid-19 circuit breaker. My car remote had jammed. Drove there as Toyota workshop was closed. They identified the problem (defective duplicate remote) and replaced it on the spot with a new system for $190.

    A few days ago, I had just filled up at SPC nearby when the alarm rang non-stop. Previous remedies didn’t worked. So I drove over with horn blaring and other drivers glaring. They took one look and a Tang guy calmly solved it – without charge!

    Now, this is one driver’s dream workshop. Have been buying polishes, tyres and gadget from this outlet since 2006. Yeah, they are good – if you have reasonable expectations and speaks their language

  98. Avatar photo
    Tat Meng Wong

    One stop for all your vehicle needs. Helpful and experienced mechanics to tend to your car servicing and repairs.

  99. Avatar photo
    Azrul Hisyam

    Lots of variety for auto products. And staff are nice and friendly. Otherwise, it’s “dangerous” place for the wallet.

  100. Avatar photo
    Danny Ng

    I felt this is better than the ubi outlet as it has more special price items.

  101. Avatar photo
    Mahendran Raju

    Automobile services under one Roof

  102. Avatar photo
    Zulkeflee Abdul Aziz

    Gd place to buy ur tyres n themes,cleaning kits n accessories for vehicles etc,cars, motors,vans,bus

  103. Avatar photo
    Peter Kroll

    More for car cosmetic products than serious work

  104. Avatar photo
    Kevin Tan

    Great place to find automobile services & accessories

  105. Avatar photo
    Kit Mun

    Very patient and responsible technician. Not pushy at all. Tumbs up for today.

  106. Avatar photo
    Or chee koon

    Alot varieties but really expensive, buy if you really need it.

  107. Avatar photo
    Lim Puay Sia

    Friendly and helpful staff. Good place to shop for car accessories. The mechanics here are knowledgeable and displayed professionalism. Able to service and repair cars of different brands with customer’s satisfaction.

  108. Avatar photo
    Alvin Goh

    Opens everyday which is good for battery or tyre replacements.

  109. Avatar photo
    Fatimah Mahani Sinwan

    car wash great service well done! Keep it up !

  110. Avatar photo
    HG Tan

    Good one stop solution for your automobile needs. Especially their operating hours that includes evenings, weekends and public holidays

  111. Avatar photo
    Low Ko Wee

    It’s more affordable to engage a private car installer to fix a dashcam than engage autobac service.

  112. Avatar photo
    Raphael John Yeong

    Great variety of products and services.

  113. Avatar photo

    Autobacs at Bukit Batok is located beside a shell petrol station. There’s only an entrance so don’t miss it else you have to make a U-turn.

    The shop is stock with all kind of stuff. Smaller than the Ubi outlet but has everything you need. Very friendly stuff and have great promo.

    Highly recommended place.

  114. Avatar photo
    Azman Hassan

    Blinded by the vast range of goodies. Had to keep itchy hands controlled. …

  115. Avatar photo
    Zit Seng Lai

    Newly renovated place is much neater, brighter, better shopping experience.

  116. Avatar photo
    choon kiat Low

    Good selection of car items, prices can be high.

  117. Avatar photo
    Henry Ng

    The parking here is too small during peak time. The staff here can be rude so must be prepare.

  118. Avatar photo
    Sherlyn Wong

    Great service and they open on weekend making it so convenient to service the car …

  119. Avatar photo
    Moz Zie

    Went in to replace my burst tyre. Service was prompt. But the upsell tactics was quite a turn off. Advising your customers is a good practice but to upsell is a turn off. Told me that my AMG Rims are damaged and needed replacement as its a safety issue while infact it was a little off balance. Anyways, went over to another reputable tyre shop, had it balanced and checked out properly. Save me few thousand $ to replace my amg rims. Lol

  120. Avatar photo
    Azmee Mohamed

    Spacious and clean outlet. Almost everything car related is available here. However some items the pricing are little too expensive compared to other places.

  121. Avatar photo
    Josh Ang

    I’m one of their customer too.
    Went to have my car service at this branch a month ago. Also the same scenario ,the staff told me the tyres is not in good condition,advised me to get it change.Unfortunately i did not take their advice but I take note of it. Then a week later, my tyre bursted and I have to get a tow car to tow it back to Bukit Batok autobacs to get it change.Maybe the light is with you, that you are able to drive for 50,000km without any problems. I’m still have trust in them as they are doing their job professionally.

  122. Avatar photo
    Rosman RA

    Wide range of product selection for auto owners.

  123. Avatar photo
    Kevin Tan

    Good for Volkswagen & Audio car owners

  124. Avatar photo
    HK Wong

    Great place for auto accessories

  125. Avatar photo
    Christina “Rawwfoodies” Chan

    Clean and well maintained place. Got my car serviced well.

  126. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Faizal

    Many choices of accessories. No fuss

  127. Avatar photo

    Must come…

  128. Avatar photo
    rosli ahmad

    Quite ez to find things that you need for your veh but i think its abit pricey.

  129. Avatar photo
    Angeline Shan

    Good! They did our car battery and fixed it.

  130. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lai

    look out for their promotion items. usually a big mark down from usual prices.

  131. Avatar photo
    waytochrist Faith

    Great and professional servicing workshop. Have car accessories shop a lot of choices. Thumbs up …

  132. Avatar photo
    EK S

    Nice and clean but only if you are ok to pay.

  133. Avatar photo
    Salim Gnote Aman

    Charges a bit on high side but services is good, repair work done is excellent and proper.

  134. Avatar photo
    Justin Pritchard

    Things are very expensive but offers lots of selections

  135. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Dzariif Mohammad Hakim

    Pleased with the service and friendliness of the staff. They have a very systematic way of doing things. I didn’t service my car there, just visiting to repair a punctured tyre.

  136. Avatar photo
    Simon Tian

    Up trend customer service, professional advice and on time service but lack of free car wash service…

  137. Avatar photo
    Gee Cheong Ong

    It’s a nice place, free parking and variety of car accessories to choose from.

  138. Avatar photo
    Munir Hussain

    One stop shop for car fixes but the wait and no space to rest while waiting. Poor service

  139. Avatar photo
    Patrick Lai

    large range of stuffs, both big and small. enough to make new car owners go crazy going thru the rows and rows of things.

    been to Bt Batok many times to find things suitable for my vehicles and sometimes can find items on discount too.

  140. Avatar photo
    Haidi Rynz

    Good place to find car accessories

  141. Avatar photo

    Friendly and knowledgable staff, and they always go the extra mile to help out!

  142. Avatar photo
    L YL

    Friendly and helpful mechanic. Expect to pay a bit premium price as they open during weekends and some PH

  143. Avatar photo
    David Wong

    Find all things easily relating to automobiles here

  144. Avatar photo
    Willennium 2k

    Good process and procedure following Japanese Kaisen methodologies. When on sales, promotions are genuine. Being members not costly but benefits are valued.

  145. Avatar photo
    Daniel Cheoh

    Usual.. Got everything you need for your car

  146. Avatar photo
    Michael Lai

    For all your car needs, reliable and reasonably priced.

  147. Avatar photo
    Clement You

    Wide range of car accessories. Car servicing and consultantation

  148. Avatar photo
    R K

    Lots of automobile after- market accessories and knick knacks including a Carwash &Tyre service to name a few.

  149. Avatar photo
    Zainuden Kosnan

    You can get anything for your car needs.

  150. Avatar photo
    Peter Koh

    Does not live up to it’s hype

  151. Avatar photo
    Robert Ho

    car accessories and vehicle maintenance

  152. Avatar photo
    Edgar Sow

    Proactive and helpful staffs!

  153. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Lim

    The newly renovated shop is great. I think it’s the best auto retail shop in Singapore.

  154. Avatar photo
    Osmond Husain

    Great service, friendly n very helpful personnel

  155. Avatar photo
    Winston Goh

    Comprehensive stock of most kind of car accessories and offer of car maintenance packages

  156. Avatar photo
    Alwyn C

    Sells silicon PIAA wipers

  157. Avatar photo
    SP K

    Many car accessories. But price not cheap.

  158. Avatar photo
    Victor Huang

    Convenient and reliable, but high prices. At every servicing, I was recommended discretionary work at high price (e.g. change rim because “unbalanced”, change battery because meter says change, and change serpentine belt because a few ribs had deteriorated). The rim was perfectly fine, the battery was OK, and the serpentine belt was in good condition. In the end, I was persuaded for the two latter changes and was charged $180 for a $120 battery, and $165 for a $8 belt. Now I do my servicing and repair elsewhere — even at the Shell Autoserv next door. Nevertheless, Autobacs is quite crowded, so it must be doing something right.

  159. Avatar photo
    ps loh

    Friendly & helpful sales on recommendation fir product’s introduction!

  160. Avatar photo

    This place is expensive! Very limited items. Parking your car here is a challenge as the driveway is so cramp!

  161. Avatar photo
    Han Seah Sim

    1 convenience store for all your car items or accessories. They also do car repairs, tyre changes etc. Friendly staff as well. Very convenient in the West.

  162. Avatar photo
    Poh Keam Tan

    Leave your car here and servicing and have a stroll at the park.

  163. Avatar photo
    Chong Hoi Wai

    The car wash here is a more detail washing than the Ubi branch.

  164. Avatar photo
    SeowChow See

    Friendly and helpful Customer service.

  165. Avatar photo
    Sky Hawk

    I’m now like a regular here. Good and professional service. Technicians are knowledgeable and friendly. Will def come back again.

  166. Avatar photo
    Nikola Ger

    good place to buy stuff

  167. Avatar photo
    Gold Eagle

    Mr. Hui gave me false info of the prices of the turning light indicator bulbs. However the mechanic Mr. Nick Tan was patient and willing to help me with the bulb replacement.

  168. Avatar photo
    D L

    Has plenty of stuff for automotive

  169. Avatar photo
    Hung Peng Lee

    Fantastic store for car owners

  170. Avatar photo

    Good one stop option of car accessories , consumables and services.

  171. Avatar photo
    Timothy Lin

    Awesome place. Stocked with all the accessories you need. Easy accessibility and displays.

  172. Avatar photo
    James Lee

    Give me a Thumbs up if you find it useful!

    Autobacs newly renovated at Bukit Batok.
    Looks Clean and Neat. Better than before!

    Although the price is slightly above than average but it’s a ONE STOP Automart and it’s really convenient!

    Keep it Up Autobacs!

    Product range 4 / 5
    Price 3.5 / 5

  173. Avatar photo
    Tan Yeh Hong Joseph

    Most of the items are expensive but expect to find good deals at times!

  174. Avatar photo
    S C

    Staff are helpful.

  175. Avatar photo
    Andy Toh

    Good car servicing centre and car accessories retail store

  176. Avatar photo
    Ida Mariani

    I’m enjoying the benefit of engine oil servicing at Autobacs Bukit Batok, offered by Grab. This is the 2nd time I having the servicing done here. Customer service is good, checks done are reliable and accurate, and I personally find the waiting area very comfortable.

  177. Avatar photo
    Han Fung Victor Tan

    Their service is very fast and feedback is great but price was over 10% more expensive than the authorised dealer here in Singapore. My overlook as I read the reviews that said the charges were reasonable.

  178. Avatar photo
    stormy stormy

    Came here for tyre change. Normally they have promotion for 4 pieces tyre purchase, bundled with foc nitrogen refill, 6 times tyres rotation.
    There are other tyre shop selling cheaper price for the same model, but it’s more convenient for me as it’s near my house.
    You can also find lots of other car accessories and cleaning product as well.
    And they do have car servicing, with quite good standard when compared with other smaller car workshop. Price wise of course it’s a bit more expensive too.

  179. Avatar photo
    Junwen Wang

    The place to go to if you want to get car accessories

  180. Avatar photo
    James EK Ang

    Comprehensive range of car accessories with a workshop that could fix problem rightaway.

  181. Avatar photo
    Bjoern Max Jochmann

    Prices for tires and services seem to differ for customers… Not the best experience.

  182. Avatar photo
    Arthur Ler Chong Hui

    Clean well stocked auto centre. With a few servicing bays. Wide range of stuff. Some prices are ok…not all

  183. Avatar photo
    Justin Soon

    Bought Shopee voucher for engine oil servicing. Easy to book appointment online. Did servicing during weekday afternoon. Servicing was done in less than 45 mins. Good value and good servicing

  184. Avatar photo
    Ian Heng

    Good response to inquiries over the phone, quick confirmation with technical staff.

  185. Avatar photo
    Rahim Md Arshad

    Those guys are friendly n co operatives

  186. Avatar photo

    Service excellence is guaranteed. However, service pricing is too expensive. Perhaps due to high rental costs

  187. Avatar photo
    Binghan Matthew SEET

    Changed my car battery there this morning. Excellent efficient service! Highly recommended!

  188. Avatar photo
    B. S. Kappen

    I went to Autobacs Bukit Batok for servicing my car. Professional service, energetic team of people. However, I waited and waited, but nobody called my name or called me on my phone until I went to the counter and asked them what happened to my car. This is after waiting for almost 3 hours. They said it’s ready, just wasted my time making me wait. The lady at the counter shows no remorse and looked as if it’s all normal.

  189. Avatar photo
    Andy Lee

    Fast and good service!

  190. Avatar photo
    Paul Ng

    There is ample parking, a good variety of auto accessories, good auto service & advice. Quite efficient. Not the cheapest place around but value for money unless you are a motoring DIY enthusiast.

  191. Avatar photo
    A Wong

    Went 12pm to fix Car Alarm system, it was smooth and easy. Registered at the friendly Customer Service Counter, the service person will bring your form to the technician, while customer will wait at the Waiting Room. I was informed about the car alarm issue and changed to a new one. All was done within 1hour! I was very impressed!! Price was reasonable too!

  192. Avatar photo
    Vivian Tay

    I came back to Autobacs Bukit Batok and get my car repaired. The mechanics and the staffs are professional. The price they quoted me was two weeks ago, rumors that Autobacs price was expensive, after I checked around theirs price is reasonable, so I decided to come back and get the job done. They are big workshop I believe in their after service. Is also a awesome place for car accessories.

  193. Avatar photo
    Robin N

    This has a wide range of products such as car accessories like charger, shades, steering wheel cover, car care, performance parts, tyres and many others. It’s almost a one stop shop. Price may be slightly higher but you will be spoilt for choice with products that may not be found else where

  194. Avatar photo
    YapSeng Lim

    Autobac (Bukit Batok) provides a wide range of services from car maintenance to repairs etc etc. It also has a large car accessory shop which has almost everything a car can have. They also carry many brands of tyres. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Of special mention is Mr Lee who attended to me this morning. He helped me top up my radiator coolent and changed my screen wipers. Highly recommended.

  195. Avatar photo
    Hagar Risingerar

    Great customer service. The staff that was assigned to us never gets tired of answering our queries about the best motor oil for our car. They have a lot of stocks and on display. A one stop shop for your car and motor repair needs

  196. Avatar photo
    Sydney Ng

    Godsend if you need tyre repairs on a Sunday. 12 bucks was more expensive compared to my regular workshop for puncture repair but it’s only 5mins from my place. In at 1000 out at 1040 with a waiting lounge and coffee machine.

  197. Avatar photo
    Matthew Tan

    Interesting place to shop for car accessories except that I can’t find anything I want! Some items are worth it but many items are mildly overpriced.

  198. Avatar photo
    Rachel Lim

    Great and efficient service. Got my punctured tyre fixed within an hour. Also a place to get car accessories

  199. Avatar photo
    Seng Keat Ooi

    Has most everything you want to find for your auto from parts to cleaning stuff to helpful items like hooks

  200. Avatar photo
    Mu Bum

    In short, just go to them for servicing only.
    I should have read the negative reviews first.

  201. Avatar photo
    beeleng tan

    Helpful service staffs

  202. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Lim

    Expensive servicing.

    Huge range of car accessories.

    Place to go to and get your car accessories if you don’t know any other place.

  203. Avatar photo
    Suez Foo

    It will be good if you can extend the operating hours to make it more convenient.

  204. Avatar photo
    Ricky Chee

    A go-to place for buying car care products and accessories

    Not the lowest price in the market though, but the varieties they carry is definitely worth the purchase as you do not need to visit multiple places to get all you need

  205. Avatar photo
    Tan Weiliang

    They sell car accessories you never knew you needed. Good selection for everything car related. Their prices are abit more expensive than other car shops though

  206. Avatar photo
    Maureen Leong

    Good service at reasonable price

  207. Avatar photo
    Lyndon Terence Kwong

    Anything and almost everything can be found here for your car.

  208. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Kor

    Took advantage of their opening hours until 8pm on weekdays to come and get my car tyres changed. The service person was very knowledgeable and able to advise the tyres that I needed. There is also a customer waiting lounge (air-conditioned) that we could use while waiting for the tyre change to be completed. The age of the tyres was also recent and brand new (not old stock), which is always welcomed. Not the cheapest place to get your tyres changed but for the fast service and new stock, it is worth the added premium.

  209. Avatar photo
    Sushil Chatterji

    Very professional and thorough. Wide range of services. Open till 8pm on weekends!

  210. Avatar photo
    Jon Lau

    Amazingly wide range of car floor mats available for your choosing. Different sizes, material, and colour. Great when I needed a replacement!

  211. Avatar photo
    shafie kamsani

    Wide range…..
    Price abit high….
    Know wat u want choose wisely

  212. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Choo

    This is a place where I send my car for repairs or servicing.

  213. Avatar photo
    Marcos GZA

    Good range of car accessories though it’s over-priced.

  214. Avatar photo
    Derrick Ang

    Store looks great but staffs are not well-versed with product knowledge

  215. Avatar photo
    Ryan H.

    Quite well stocked with all sorts of car accessories you can think of. Prices are a bit on the high side, though when it does have a sale, the sale prices are lower than all others by a good margin.

  216. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    Waiting time was OK and staff were friendly and helpful

  217. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Cheng

    Relatively well stocked with various car accessories. Worth checking out.

  218. Avatar photo
    Quek hong wei

    Expensive ish ah but got literally everything u need to take care of your whip. Car park is slanted one ah so remember check blindspot and mirrors when reversing. Or you can buy the blindspot mirror too.

    Got tire change service also…

  219. Avatar photo
    Suhéb Khawaja

    I expected a lot more variety of products, a little disappointed to say the least.

  220. Avatar photo
    Frank Maergner

    Went for standard oil service and they proposed a quote for SGD4K: tires, shockabsorbers, brakes, drive shaft bearings. Brakes I was expecting but shockers was certainly pushing for it. Brakes front only 500sgd and not even genuine. In the spare part business myself for 15 years and 500sgd for brakes on a Toyota wish is certainly steep. Recommend to compare prices and most likely will not be back. Did pricing comparison after words- all were cheaper. If i had been in SG during the service, would have probably cancelled.

  221. Avatar photo

    Bought a pair of viper. Good service from the staff!

  222. Avatar photo
    Terence P

    Courteous staff who takes the time to explain to customers and at the same time, allows customers to inquire. No hard selling nor pushy staff. Always attentive to customers needs and inquiry.

  223. Avatar photo
    Reed E.C

    Pretty okay but a bit expensive. Some of the male sales staff are a bit rude though

  224. Avatar photo

    Free parking and item not much,ubi outlet is much more better

  225. Avatar photo
    Goh Kek Yeong

    Car accessories shop , price still okay

  226. Avatar photo
    tan yong chye

    Came here for car servicing. Happy with the services provided.

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