Review Ascendo Academy Mountbatten, 231 Mountbatten Road Block B, Singapore

Review Ascendo Academy  Mountbatten - Singapore 231 Mountbatten Road Block B

“HSM 28/11. this course excellent for me. I have learnt alot from teacher Suzi. She explained clearly and patience teach in class.” or “CCHEM 20)11 teacher Suzi teach us. Her teaching very excellent to me.We want her to teach us full module.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Ascendo Academy Mountbatten. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Ascendo Academy Mountbatten is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Ascendo Academy Mountbatten. In terms of School center, it is generally believed that Ascendo Academy Mountbattenis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 231 Mountbatten Road Block B, #02-01, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to School center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 83831896 (+65 83831896)
  • Website:
  • Address: 231 Mountbatten Road Block B, #02-01, Singapore
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You can directly come to 231 Mountbatten Road Block B, #02-01, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Ascendo Academy Mountbatten reviews

Ascendo Academy Mountbatten is among the best destinations of School center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Ascendo Academy Mountbatten is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“HSM 28/11. this course excellent for me. I have learnt alot from teacher Suzi. She explained clearly and patience teach in class.”

“CCHEM 20)11 teacher Suzi teach us. Her teaching very excellent to me.We want her to teach us full module.”

“Sunny Tam is a fun and impressive course trainer to us. Thumbs up dedicated trainer. Thanks a bunch! ”

“FFM 22/11 useful to me. Trainer Suzi teach in class. She is perfect trainer. We all like teacher.”

“CCHEM 20/11/2022 Teacher Suzi is very excellent on teaching, as behalf of the class, we could like her to teach us the full module”

“HSM 22/9 Suzi tan is a very experienced and full of knowledge teacher . highly recommended to all ages and races who are keen in learning HSM lessons .”

“CCHEM 20/11very good. Trainer Suzi teaching in class explained clearly and understanding . We like teacher Suzi.”

“It was a great learning about food safety,hygiene and environment… A special thanks to instructor Mr.HASSAN SIR .. for sharing his knowledge and experience with all of us…. Thanks to SG.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 260 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Ascendo Academy Mountbatten, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Ascendo Academy Mountbatten, 231 Mountbatten Road Block B, Singapore

There is a total 260 reviews

5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    kalvidhasan KLK

    I attended Ms Joni David’s today. It was very fun and enriching. Thank you ms Joni. She’s a fantastic speaker and very engaging. She knows how to set objectives clearly and reached the objective with the class. She knows when to break up terms for student who are older and need help in the language this shows her high level of intelligence and passion for the learners. So impressed and amaze.
    This course is so important for all. Well done.

  2. Avatar photo
    Yap Sor Beng

    Trainersuzi teach us…very good and awer some.

  3. Avatar photo
    lyn sg1168

    He is a great trainer I meet .within this 3 days CCHM….clear and understanding
    All off us feel good

  4. Avatar photo
    Koh Beng Choo

    HSM 28/11. this course excellent for me. I have learnt alot from teacher Suzi. She explained clearly and patience teach in class.

  5. Avatar photo

    Mr David Ng was our teacher. He had great patience and kindness when teaching us. The lessons were taught thoroughly

  6. Avatar photo
    Yit Chen Jie

    Hygiene Course/Joni Class
    Energetic instructor that put the subjects and topics across in a well organized, efficient manner. Incorporating story-telling/scenarios as well as illustrations for aiding the different types of learners in a classroom.

    Overall a wonderful and engaging learning experience, with a dash of good humour as well.

  7. Avatar photo
    Shirokuma Sakai

    I attended Food Hygiene Course by Miss Joni David.

    It’s worth attending the class despite the reluctance at the beginning. Miss Joni was fun and interesting. Above all, she is engaging and creative. She managed to convey all important information within several hours, with greatly contributed to the class.

  8. Avatar photo
    Mervis Yeo

    Hygiene Class taught by Joni David.
    Ms Joni carried out her class very well, with the right amount of fun and case studies she ensured that her students understood the various scenarios and the policies and procedures and why we should follow them. I enjoyed the class greatly and understood the course material and content well!

  9. Avatar photo
    Junaina Shariff

    Attended the food safety and hygiene level class with instructor Mr Hassan. It was very informative and useful for anyone who wants to work in F&B industry. Mr Hassan is very knowledgeable and is generous with his sharing which I appreciate. Definitely a recommended class! …

  10. Avatar photo
    Venessa Low

    Mr Samuel Song was a very knowledgeable and fun teacher! He gave us detailed examples and real life case studies of every do(s) and don’t(s) to enhance our learning experience. The most important thing was he ensured we have fun throughout the one day course!

  11. Avatar photo

    Has a wonderful lesson with trainer Joni David. One of the best trainer who can conduct the class in a lively and interesting way despite the lesson being conducted via online platform. See you when I see you again! Thumbs up Joni! (^-^) b

  12. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Mat

    CCHEM and SSO learnt from treacher Suzi. She give us secure feeling and patience teach in class.

  13. Avatar photo
    Karen Ling

    The instructor Jawk Aw has been excellent! She is so knowledgeable and experienced. She conducted the class in an awesome lively manner! Made the course so interesting! I would love to attend more course conducted by her! Well done!)

  14. Avatar photo
    zetti ali

    The course conducted by trainer Mr David Ng was very easy to understand. His humorous deliverance of the course made the lessons fun. I will highly recommend my family and frens to attend the basic food n hygiene course at Ascendo Academy.

  15. Avatar photo
    Kimberly Kung

    Grateful to have this opportunity to attend the Basic Food & Hygiene course facilitated by Mr David Ng. I definitely learnt valuable skills that are applicable to my current job scope. Thank you so much Mr David for sharing your knowledge with us. Classes were about 16 pax which is a good size for effective learning. All safe management measures are taken in place during this COVID-19 period. Kudos to the Ascendo Team!!

  16. Avatar photo
    Jme Lim

    Hassan was a great instructor. Very needful course for all individuals intending to work in the F&B industry

  17. Avatar photo
    Lyna Tan

    I have attended DSV Course – Virtual Learning and Ms Joni was my trainer for the day, and she was fantastic. She kept things light throughout the course and made the information easy to understand through both slides and videos. She smiles and presents a happy, positive attitude to learners and I do really enjoy the course. Thanks Joni️

  18. Avatar photo
    puteri nursabrina

    FSC level 1, in JONI class. At first i thought that the class will be boring. but fortunately i got the best teacher. the class so much fun and i love it.

  19. Avatar photo

    FSC (Level 1) in Joni’s class: I was expecting a dry and boring class like the usual food safety courses but pleasantly surprised to find a fun and engaging learning experience. Thank you Teacher Joni!

  20. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Irfanullah

    The teacher Mr.Hassan was very good with his teaching and made us understand the importance of food hygiene.

  21. Avatar photo
    Polong New

    Attended Service Challenge course.. very interesting and engaging.
    Trainer Mr Sunny Tam is very friendly and approachable and makes learning a breeze..
    Highly recommended..

  22. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Kang

    Mr Hassan good lecture easy to understand his teaching. He make sure all the students able to understand his teaching. He is so patience when we ask him questions. Good job sir. I will introduce my friends to this center again to look for u. Thanks again.

  23. Avatar photo
    kwee hong

    HSM 9/12 excellent course. Trai net Suzi teach in class very knowledge skill a d experience teacher.

  24. Avatar photo
    amree ansyahree

    Grateful to be in Mr Jerry Lee training course today. An excellent trainer with wide experience. His very professional in doing and completing his training. Overall the class was lively and i am enjoying every bit of it. Highly recommend to hv Mr Jerry as a trainer. …

  25. Avatar photo
    samantha tan

    Cant stop thinking about the Food Hygiene Course I attended even though it was yesterday! My trainer was Jerry and even though it was early in the morning, he made the effort to lift up our spirits by sharing his own unique and interesting experiences/stories. He made the course really engaging and memorable! Thank you so much! Grateful to have him as my trainer!!

  26. Avatar photo
    Gilbert Sasmita

    FSC (Level 1)
    Instructor: In Joni’s class
    I have to say that the instructor is undoubtedly one of the most engaging instructors I have ever been under. Fast-paced yet clear; Engaging yet succinct. Overall, a good experience.

  27. Avatar photo
    cara loh yue xiu

    FSC Course (level 1)
    Attended joni’s class

    Really enjoyed my food safety and hygiene course with joni. She took the effort in ensuring that the class was engaged and not painful. Overall, the course was well taught and the timeline was just nice.

  28. Avatar photo
    Keith Ng

    Course: FSC (level 1)
    Instructor: JONI
    10/10 the teacher was very pro active, engaging, interactive and professional in helping the students achieve a deeper understanding. Would recommend anyone who is looking to get their food hygiene cert to get your lesson and assessment done here ) it was not stressful at all and highly manageable

  29. Avatar photo
    Wency Landicho

    Had fun with my course training with Teacher Joni! Love her sense of humor and very informative way of teaching! Very passionate and helpful. God bless you Teacher Joni! I’m sure many of your students loves you and i am one of them see you soon Teacher …

  30. Avatar photo
    Kalai Selvi

    FFM very good. Trainer Suzi teach me alot of things. She explained clearly in clasdm

  31. Avatar photo
    Hermione Chew

    Mr Jerry Lee taught the class with experienced ease and the training went by efficiently. He was jovial and fun, cracking jokes to lift the weariness of the students taking the class so early in the morning. Additionally, he shared food hygiene anecdotes and tips that could be used both at work and in life. The training was made enjoyable because of him.

  32. Avatar photo

    Went for a course here for work and was taught well and was taken well care of. The course duration was just right and the trainer, Mr Hassan, was very knowledgeable and friendly. His instructions were clear and concise.

  33. Avatar photo
    Liang Shih Kean

    Food hygiene course provided by Ms Joni was informative and relevant, providing much applicable knowledge and information that was easily understood by all students, even with the large range of ages in my class. Teacher was fun and friendly, able to crack jokes and provide a light and inclusive atmosphere in the class, which helped time to pass and for students to absorb information more readily. All in all, well done class and I would recommend this class to others

  34. Avatar photo
    Ongjia Xuan

    Course : FSC Level 1
    Instructor : Joni
    The lesson was interesting , entertaining and funny. I had a fun time learning new things about food hygiene and hope that I will apply them in work .

  35. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Foong

    Hygiene Course was conducted in a relaxed manner and weren’t stressful even though there are few test to be tested. Lecturer Joni was very cheerful and knowledgeable. Would strongly recommend her to continue with conducting all related classes.

  36. Avatar photo
    xin yoo

    Implement Operations for Service Excellence
    Trainer: Ms Joni

    Had an excellent experience in today’s course! Ms Joni made the lesson fun and engaging and kept us entertained throughout the long session. She demonstrates enthusiasm in her teaching.

  37. Avatar photo
    Heymanth Ram

    I attended the Food Hygiene Course on 3/06/2019, with the instructor being Mr Samuel Song and I’ve got to say, this is one of the most enjoyable lessons I’ve went for. He was wise in the area of F&B and made the lesson easier to understand and get through with his personality and quirks, with funny jokes. I thought I would easily get bored since it’s from 9 am to 5 30 pm but never once was I not engaged in his lesson.
    The room can get a bit cold, especially since it was raining outside but that was all. Overall, I loved it.

  38. Avatar photo

    Hasan is the best food hygiene instructor

  39. Avatar photo
    Lynn Lee

    Trainer Jerry was awesome and a great teacher! The way he taught the class quite humorous!! Time passed very quickly and i enjoyed my time learning the basic hygiene for food. Thumbs up !!

  40. Avatar photo
    Gek Kim Tan

    FFM excellent course. I learnt alot from teacher Suzi. She is patience teacher.

  41. Avatar photo
    ChoonHoe Ong

    CCHEM 20/11very good. Trainet Suzi good teacher. She teach in class clearly and understanding in class. We like teacher Suzi.

  42. Avatar photo
    Hay Chan

    CCHEM & SSO teach by teacher Suzi. She is excellence teacher.

  43. Avatar photo

    EIM 19/12
    Course was awesome. Very informative and trainer Suzi was very clear and helpful.

  44. Avatar photo
    Low Leonard

    Very professional, practical, enjoyable, extremely well organized, friendly lecturer, up to date lecture, good facilities etc. Highly recommended. Her name Leqi, the best. I will recommend this Chinese version of the basic food and hygiene course to any beginners.

  45. Avatar photo
    karam chawla

    Mr Hassan, instructor for Basic Food Safety and Hygiene (Lvl1) (English) was very engaging and led the lesson well. He shared many of his personal experience which made the class more interesting. He is a good speaker and good mentor . Highly recommend this course to anyone in the F&B industry who understand basic English . Thank you Mr. Hassan the today lesson .

  46. Avatar photo
    Choon Ngan Fong

    FFM 22/11very useful for me. Trainer Suzi is helpful and responsibilities teacher. We like teacher.

  47. Avatar photo
    Donov Zeek

    I had my food hygiene there, it was strangely fun for me. The instructor was nice and vocal. She allowed us to understand better with easy words, life examples, and ensuring each of us had a chance to take part.

  48. Avatar photo
    Vivian Au

    FFM 22/11 very good trainer Suzi teacher Was very responsible n explained very clearly

  49. Avatar photo
    Cindy Toh

    Attended the Basic Food Hygiene Course on 11/3/19. Mr Jerry Lee the course instructor is very clear in his teaching and explanation. He is also very humorous which make the lesson very lively and enjoyable. Thumbs up.

  50. Avatar photo

    16/09/2020, Basic Food Hygiene course, trainer David Ng. The course is fantastic and professional, providing learners with good knowledge about food in all ways. Trainer is also very humourous to keep learners engaged in class. Since covid-19 is still on going, please wash hand frequently and wear a mask at all times when going out. Do not take off mask unnecessarily.

  51. Avatar photo
    Noor Aisha Sukor

    CCHEM 20/11. Very excellent course to me. Ours class want trainer suzi . She is patience and excellence teacher me

  52. Avatar photo
    Loges Warri

    Food Safety & Hygiene Course
    In Miss Joni David class.
    Pay attention to her class and for sure can pass the test. She was very cheerful and patience while teaching all of us.
    Thanks so much.

  53. Avatar photo
    Tony Goh

    CCHEM 20)11 teacher Suzi teach us. Her teaching very excellent to me.We want her to teach us full module.

  54. Avatar photo
    Dorcas Chia

    FSC (Level 1) in Joni’s Class is enjoyable. She’s enthusiastic and teaches well. Managed to finish the course before the announced time! Thank you for your time )

  55. Avatar photo
    Ho poh suan

    FSC (Level 1)
    In Joni Class

    I really enjoyed my course by trainer Ms Joni
    today. She has conducted this course in a very lively and interesting manner and keep us all very alert and cheerful.
    God bless her.

  56. Avatar photo
    Ai QuartetNight Mikaze

    CCHEM 20/11/2022
    Teacher Suzi is very excellent on teaching, as behalf of the class, we could like her to teach us the full module

  57. Avatar photo
    Alicia Phee

    FSC(Level 1):
    Instructor: Joni

    Ms Joni kept the atmosphere lively and fun throughout. She presented the information in a way that helps me to understand and remember the information well Class was well-paced!
    Really enjoyed the class today, thank you!

  58. Avatar photo
    Radiyati Abd Rahman

    really recommend this course even basic public health of food handling. Thank you Mr Hassan for the the whole day sharing with a very simple example with the cause of bad food handling.

  59. Avatar photo
    CP Ho

    Attended the WM Course in Madeline’s class and she speaks Mandarin very well.She is a good lecturer.She conduct her lessons professionally.

  60. Avatar photo
    Reeny Kosman

    Trainer Jawk Aw makes the session exciting with her easy clear cut illustrations with her cute drawings that made lessons simpler and easier to remember. I like how she warms up the class and I love her interactive approach. She gets everyone to participate which makes learning more enjoyable. I really enjoyed my class. Thank you trainer Jawk!!

  61. Avatar photo
    aliman vespa

    passed my BFH course, thankful for Hassan for wonderful time and teaching important items.

  62. Avatar photo

    Course : FSC (Level 1)
    Instructor : Joni
    Instructor Joni’s lessons are really fun to be in, 8 hours of lesson just went by in a blink of an eye. Thank you Instructor Joni! I had a great time.

  63. Avatar photo
    nr vqielv

    Mr David Ng had given a very thorough lesson with very detailed information to help me improve my knowledge on food safety and the importance of preventing contamination. He is very engaging and goes to the extend of explaining everything in detail when his students are unsure. I manage to clear my level 1 FSC thanks to Mr David Ng!

  64. Avatar photo
    Wenxin Huangfu

    I had my food hygiene course here and Andy was a really good trainer and was able to teach the materials clearly. He also made the lesson engaging and fun to learn

  65. Avatar photo
    Awin Ghani

    The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content was extremely informative and incredibly useful.

    Joni have done a wonderful job and I appreciate her efforts.
    I will surely recommend this training to all my colleagues and friends.

  66. Avatar photo
    Peter Peter

    Attended the Food & Safety Course with instructor Hassan. Enjoyed his class and learn a lot from his experiences.

  67. Avatar photo
    chia maychen

    The instructor Jawk Aw has been excellent! She is so knowledgeable and experienced. She conducted the class in an awesome lively manner which make the class very interesting. …

  68. Avatar photo
    Moe Win

    Thank you teachet suzi. She is patience and helpful teacher. We love teacher.

  69. Avatar photo
    Norman Lim

    Nice ambience to hold tutorial/courses.
    Easy access by taxi & bus. Mountbatten Mrt is nearby. Go out by exit A and walk straight below the sheltered coverings; 5 mins walk to ‘A’ Academy. Is at Blk B.
    Plenty of carpark space and clean toilets. Old Airport Food Centre is nearby.
    Many courses are conducted here. Food hygiene and security courses are popular ones.
    I’m here for my WSQ AASR (Access & Address Security Risks Module). Look out for ‘A’ Trainer Mr Krishore specialised in security -WSQ Modules. Never a boring moment inside his class. He uses simple english; making easy to understand complex security words and terms. A very patient man.
    My accolades to Ascendo Academy for having many other good trainers there.
    I will highly recommend this place.

  70. Avatar photo

    Sunny Tam is a fun and impressive course trainer to us. Thumbs up dedicated trainer.
    Thanks a bunch! ️

  71. Avatar photo

    FSC (Level 1)
    In Joni Class
    Was a thorough, engaging and fun class! Definitely enjoyed the full day course with her, would recommend others to come as she made learning enjoyable with lots of laughter …

  72. Avatar photo
    Tan Yingxuan

    4/1/22,food and hygiene course level one.
    Trainer: David Ng
    Went to the course due to work. Was taught well by Mr Ng. The class was enjoyable.

  73. Avatar photo
    Naveen Nashier

    I went to Ascendo for my Refresher course . Trainer Mr Hassan is very knowledgeable and friendly. Really like his way of teaching . Thank u so much Hassan

  74. Avatar photo
    Angela Chua

    Mr Leonard Tan is very friendly. He teaches very well. And he makes the lesson very interesting. He make sure we understand all the topics.

    I attended the People and Relationship Management Course on 12th – 13 Nov 20 at Ascendo. The trainer Mr Jackson Low is very knowledgeable and he is very patient towards us. He make sure everyone of us understand all the topics. He speaks with confident and explains the lessons very clearly. I had benefit and learnt a lot after attending his class. Thank you Mr Jackson.

  75. Avatar photo
    Ng Poh Keng

    FFM 12/10 excellent class. Trainer Suzi explaining clearly and patience teach us.excellent teacher.

  76. Avatar photo

    Fsc( Level 1)
    Instructor Joni class
    I took the food safety and hygiene course and instructor Joni was amazing she was funny and used many ways to make the lesson very interesting. 10/10 will come again

  77. Avatar photo
    Prive Group

    – Refresher Class
    – Joni

    Very nice experienced and one the best classes I attended in my entire life. Joni gave us funny class and yet we understand and learned a lot of things. Please get more instructor like her. Not boring, even I slept only 3hrs last night but I didn’t feel sleepy because a she was very funny. Keep it up my dear teacher Joni

  78. Avatar photo
    Ashkn I.

    I really love how lively the instructor, Jawk Aw, conducted the class. She is very knowledgeable, experienced and easily make all of us understand the course purpose. She made the class so interesting! I would definitely attend more courses if conducted by her. Well done! )

  79. Avatar photo
    faith lai

    BFH -Mounbatten in Joni Class
    I thorough enjoy her class. Fun
    Enjotable. Easy to understand. Entertaining. Excellent Trainer. Impressive . Her Drawing and case studies so helpful to remember easily. Would love to attend classes taught by her. From Candy Ham Hwee Choo.

  80. Avatar photo
    Ranette Chin

    Ms Joni David made a mandatory food hygiene & safety class feel like a voluntary one. She is articulate and engaging, using relevant case studies and humour to keep the class attentive and to help us remember all the information. Thank you Ms Joni!

  81. Avatar photo

    I attended the food hygiene course here. The trainer (Jawk) is a very experienced and engaging individual. Despite the dry topics covered, the entire session was engaging and concise. Would definitely recommend this place and trainer!

  82. Avatar photo
    Kelan Zhou

    Did the F&B safety and Hygiene Policies & Procedure course here for my job. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the exams are on very practical content as well.

    Shikin is such a fun and vibrant person! Her personality definitely helped with the learning!

  83. Avatar photo
    Loie Marcus

    Trainer David Ng is a friendly people and he’s very nicely also very funny so in the class we’ll not boring and will not fell like wanna to sleep, he is a very expert person in this industry …

  84. Avatar photo
    Alyssa Lim En You

    The best lesson I had in years!! Filled with fun, laughters and encouragement. The teacher uses real case studies to make us learn and understand things without even having to flip our paper book. The environment was very pleasant and modern. It has a very calming and clean environment. I am quickly comfortable in this place, I do not feel awkward or anything. This is a truly good experience.

  85. Avatar photo
    Emily Sim

    Attended the FSC Level 1 in Joni’s class and there wasn’t a single dull moment. Joni imparts her wealth of knowledge to the class in lively and engaging ways and that made learning so fun. I would highly recommend Joni’s training to any organisation and hope to work with her again soon!

  86. Avatar photo

    Attended the basic food hygiene refresher course conducted by Jawk Aw. Where trainers like her make such great different . She manage to keep it interactive and interesting. Not like some trainings where half way thru you fall asleep due to the “dryness” of the course.
    Truly a great trainer to have

  87. Avatar photo
    Chris Tan

    Attended my FHC level 1 by trainer Jawk Aw. Felt that her teaching is very easy to understand and her class is not boring cos she will try to make us participate in a fun, happy and easygoing way.

  88. Avatar photo
    roobann gallardo

    Trainer Jawk was extremely informative and entertaining in her teaching methods. 100% recommend anyone to be trained under her and leave with so much of knowledge and memories. Thank you for the experience!

  89. Avatar photo
    Vanessa Jo'Anne

    FSC(level 1), Joni’s class
    Learn a lot about how to handle food while working in f&b industry. The teacher was also very good at teaching and made a lot of jokes, making the class not boring. Got tests in the end : practical and theory.

  90. Avatar photo
    Low Leonard

    Very professional, practical, enjoyable, extremely well organized, friendly lecturer, up to date lecture, good facilities etc. Highly recommended. Her name Leqi, the best. I will recommend this Chinese version of the basic food and hygiene course to any beginners.

  91. Avatar photo
    Jywen Justcantgetenough

    Food Hygiene Course (Refresher)
    Trainer : Joni

    Attended Joni’s class. Very easily understandable. She is patient and funny so studying in her class was so much more enjoyable. Highly recommended!!

  92. Avatar photo
    Nancy Koo

    WRM very good. Thank you teacher Suzi. This course useful for me.

  93. Avatar photo
    Sally Lim

    FFM22/11 The teacher suzi trainer explained very clearly.And very responsible.

  94. Avatar photo
    Chushy Ee

    Attended the food hygiene (refresher) course at Mountbatten. Teacher Joni was great. Her teaching style make the class even more fun. She really give us lot of knowledge and we have lots of laughter in her class. Thank you! …

  95. Avatar photo
    Albert Ler

    Wrm 15 Dec 2022, Good lecturer when teaching, explaining during most of the Environmental Services courses.
    Thank you

  96. Avatar photo
    Laura bella Thng

    I find the course more interesting and knowledgeable and most important to our daily lives. The environment is good I strongly agree. Our trainer teach us more valuable how to handle good hygiene for personal and food hygiene. I strongly recommend to others

  97. Avatar photo
    Agnes Lee

    My instructor was Jawk Aw

    She was extremely entertaining and good at explaining the important points of Food Hygiene. She ensured everyone was keeping up by asking us many questions, and wasn’t boring at all. She really made the course extra great and wouldn’t have had such a good experience without her guidance.

  98. Avatar photo
    Nor Nabilah Norhisham

    Attended BFH course under Joni. She was really entertaining and knew how to engage the class. Her interesting methods of teaching made it very easy to remember relevant information for the tests. Overall a really great experience. Cannot believe I attended a full day course and wasn’t bored even once!

  99. Avatar photo
    Chris Tong

    WRM course is very useful for my job related. Instructor Suzi is very cheerful, understanding, knowledgeable, give detailed information .an.explanation explexplanation

  100. Avatar photo

    BFH Course in Joni class
    Ella’s message!!

    The course was super easy to learn especially being mentored under Ms. Joni David. I was able to learn everything so well and successfully with no struggles at all. I’d recommend my friends to take the course and for the instructor to be Ms. Joni David becaue I think her way of teaching is really easy to pick up on when it comes to learning things more easily. It was a great day being mentored by Ms Joni. If you see this, thank you, Ms Joni !! <3 😀

  101. Avatar photo
    Claris Kay Dela Cruz

    They definitely offered a high quality hygiene training session. I would like to commend Mr. Samuel Song for making the session lively and interesting. He shared lots of his past experiences to incorporate with the discussion. Highly recommended for those who have not attended this class yet. Thumbs up!

  102. Avatar photo
    paulin E

    Course : ISF F&B Guest
    Instructor : Joni David
    Joni is a great trainer. Her class is fun and enjoyable. Great learning under her teaching.

    Enjoyed David Ng’s lesson as his explaination and example is good. Fun learning.

  103. Avatar photo
    Vivian Lum

    Attended the Basic Food Hygiene course on 11 July, Thursday. I would like to emphasize on how great the trainer, Joni David is on delivering the slides of the course, good product knowledge. Very nice, humorous and helpful trainer.

    Not just the trainer, other staffs in the reception were very nice and friendly as well when I ask for some recommendations for lunch. Would highly recommend here to attend courses. Thank you.

  104. Avatar photo
    Gavin Tan

    School conducts many courses that are beneficial and fun.

    Sunny Tam is a very committed and patient teacher. In addition he always conduct his lessons with many funny jokes and expressions to make the learning process more enjoyable.

    Thumbs up!

  105. Avatar photo
    Wang Jun Chun

    Mr. Leonard was my trainer. He is funny and interacts with the class to keep our attention focused. He infused the lesson within real life example to help us understand about the Food Hygiene Course. Great class.

  106. Avatar photo
    Li Jie Foong

    Mr Hassan is a very fun and engaging instructor for Foood Safety and Hygiene (lvl1) course. He shares all his past experiences and it is recommend that all food servers come and register for this course!

  107. Avatar photo
    roxanne eng

    Food and hygiene course

    Mdm Joni was incredibly patient and made the lesson entertaining as well. I learnt a lot of new things that are useful and applicable in my daily life.

  108. Avatar photo
    Qi You

    Trainer: Joni
    This was one of the most engaging lessons i ever had, i never give much praise to people but tutor joni, was one of the best tutors i have ever had, she made classes very engagin and funny to learn. Time went really fast and she taught us all well about food hygiene.

  109. Avatar photo
    James Madrigal

    Thank you to Trainer Mr Hassan!
    Excellent teaching, guiding and share his knowledge to ensure in his class everyone understand and listens. It was lively and fun.

    Thank you. cheers~

  110. Avatar photo
    hui ying tan

    thanks Miss Leqi for providing the (chinese version) food hygiene course in a fun environment.

  111. Avatar photo
    Joyce Randee

    The class was interesting as the lecturer, Mr. Hassan, added up some ‘real life’ story to make the class interesting. Kudos!

  112. Avatar photo
    Charmian Oh

    Trainer Jerry Lee was really a positive and friendly trainer. He made the lesson fun and enjoyable. He makes sure that the class understands the topic fully and often gives examples which helps us to understand.

  113. Avatar photo
    Ansel Ong

    It was a great experience with Mr. Hassan. And yes, I think food handlers should attend this course for good.

  114. Avatar photo
    Ruth Chan

    WRM 6/12 very good. Teacher Suzi excellent teaching in class. Thank you teachef.

  115. Avatar photo
    Jorinn Chee

    Jawk is an amazing trainer, made the whole class very lively and easy to absorbed all the syllabus.

    Enjoyed every bit of it! Definitely recommend this place everyone here was really helpful and polite

    Thanks for the amazing time

  116. Avatar photo

    I attend the Food Hygiene Course, trainer Mr Jerry Lee was outstanding and very knowledgeable. During his lesson, he shared a lot of his personal experience that he gathered from his time in operation which is very useful for students that may be new to the industry or those who had being in the industry for many years. I am honored to attended his class and have him as my trainer. One of the best trainers one can ask for. Mr Jerry should be the benchmark for all trainers. Thank you!

  117. Avatar photo
    Tay Choon Neo

    FFM 22/11 very good. Trainer Suzi explained very clearly . She perfect teacher.

  118. Avatar photo

    it was an entirely new experience for me, and i really enjoyed every bit of it and instructor jawk is a very interactive teacher who made my day by doing her best to make her lesson fun and funny at the same time ^_^

  119. Avatar photo

    Trainer : David Ng

    Went to hygiene course and taught by David. He was very helpful and kept the class interesting.

  120. Avatar photo
    ZWakAzhar Tamp

    CCHEM and SSO LVL3 very good and useful to me. Trainer Suzi explained in class excellent and patience.

  121. Avatar photo
    royal cruise on a sunny day fancs

    HSM 22/9
    Suzi tan is a very experienced and full of knowledge teacher . highly recommended to all ages and races who are keen in learning HSM lessons .

  122. Avatar photo
    ang kt

    i have attended project a positive and professional image course and the trainer was Joni. She was a very nice trainer, really able to relate to us while she was teaching the course. Her class was fun and able to keep my attention through out the whole lesson.

  123. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Kassim

    Went for the Hawker Food & Hygiene Refresher course with my daughter on 28 March. Instructor Jawk was very efficient and professional. She was clear with her teaching and understanding of the different people’s pace of learning. She made the lesson fun and interesting. Very good.

  124. Avatar photo
    Janet Wong

    Mr. Leonard Tan.. Trainer

    I hv my service excellence course in class at ascendo school under Mr Leonard Tan. He is a very lively, hilarious and patient trainer. He explained his lessons very well to our class and made our lessons very interesting. He is a good trainer

    Mr.Jackson Low…. Trainer

    I have my People and Relationship Management at Ascendo school under Mr. Jackson Low.
    He is a very patient trainer.I understand well during his class.
    We had some games that Mr. Jackson given.Igiven.I love it so much because is very interesting and knowledgable.

  125. Avatar photo
    Tay Ding yuan

    Attended FSC( Level 1 ) in Joni class, her lessons were fun and engaging as she taught us by telling us stories and making jokes thus we were able to understand and remember the concepts taught vividly.

  126. Avatar photo
    Ngey Geok Choo

    Wrm18.11.2022.Very good. Trainer Suzuki excellent teaching in class.

  127. Avatar photo
    fazli rina

    Today, i underwent the Food Hygiene Course conducted by Mr Jerry Lee. Mr Lee was very knowledgeable and wise with the information and experience he has gained over his years of living. With his jokes, activities planned for us, his motivation, outgoing personality and high energy level, there was never a restless moment with him. I am glad to have attended his class and call him my trainer! One of the best trainers! Worth every minute, every second and every hour, to attend this course by Jerry Lee!

  128. Avatar photo
    Tan Bao Yi Megafortunata

    FSC (level 1)
    In Joni class
    Honestly from what I expected, it’s quite engaging. This is because I was given a lecturer who manages to engage the class in funny ways. She is really a fun lecturer that manages to bring the point across while being someone who is funny and lovable would recommend for others especially if u get this lecturer.

  129. Avatar photo
    malcolm chung

    Attended Joni class at FSC (level 1) . The instructor was very helpful and gave many drawings to help understand the course easier . Definitely will recommend her !

  130. Avatar photo
    Flo Gim

    Our trainer, Mr Elden Kua, is humorous, engaging and entertaining while conducting the lessons. The content was explicitly put across and well covered. His sharing is informative, useful and practical by quoting real scenarios. With his vast knowledge and expertise, I have gained relevant insight from this training. I have indeed enjoyed the day too. Thank you.

  131. Avatar photo
    Jiawei Xiao

    -BFH Mountbatten
    -Joni class
    -I love the teacher, she made the lesson engaging and I believe that everyone enjoyed it. I am able to remember all the information thanks to her storytelling. She tell us real life example to make the lesson more relatable. Thank you!

  132. Avatar photo
    Sharil Haron

    It’s a great condensed version of a huge food safety topic that pertains well to food service workers. David
    Ng is a great trainer as he brought his previous experiences that enriches our learning experience.

    Ascendo staffs took the Covid-19 prevention seriously by adhering to the 1 metre social distancing, taking our temperature twice a day, and also providing hand sanitisers everywhere

    Always remember to do proper personal hygiene to protect yourself and others from contracting any bacteria or viruses!

  133. Avatar photo
    Toh Bee Suan


  134. Avatar photo
    Jessie Siew

    Trainer Anthony Sam, PQS, 27Jul21. Today our trainer I’m very happy satisfied about his lesson A very patience and helpful trainer. Well Done Mr Sam! and Sunny Tam Thank you! 5th 10th, 12th August 2021. Good Job Mr. Sunny Tam

    Andy SIM, Leonard Tan, Henry Khoo and Jawk Aw good trainer he conduct our class very well spoken sharp and clear .Today lesson I enjoyed his class.

  135. Avatar photo
    Joshua Lim

    Mr Hassan, instructor for Food Safety and Hygiene (Lvl1) (English) was very engaging and led the lesson well. He shared many of his personal stories which made the class more interesting. Highly recommend this course to anyone in the F&B industry or with interest in F&B

  136. Avatar photo
    Tanzima RR

    I went for the food hygiene course and my trainer was Samuel Song. He was really friendly and funny, provided demonstrations and made it a very cozy environment for all of us. He taught us really well, too. I learnt a lot of things I didn’t know before.

  137. Avatar photo
    Ryan moi xuan

    Class was awesome and I learn many things. Mr hassan was the man for today and everything was superb

  138. Avatar photo
    Aliff Chillos

    Did my Food Hygiene Course. Mr Hassan is awesome! His past experience as Environment staff is vast and alot of interesting insights so as we wont repeat. Ascendo processing is very smooth right from the moment we arrived. The staffs are helpful and friendly. Kudos for the awesome experience!

  139. Avatar photo
    Meow Ping

    Place: Mountbatten
    Trainer: Joni
    This is my first experience in attending hygience course. Lesson turns out different as thought. Joni really lifts up the mood in class by citing real life examples as well as giving out quizzes for better understanding by the student. Very impressive with her teaching. Highly recommended.

  140. Avatar photo
    Siti Nursarah Buang

    My instructor, Trainer David Ng, was amazing. I took the Food Safety and Hygiene (Level 1) course as a requirement for my job. The course is detailed and it is useful for us to handle the food properly without imposing any danger to others. My instructor did a good job, keeping us entertained and constantly talked to us rather than just lecturing and going through the slides.

  141. Avatar photo
    Cherb Balatero

    Went for the food safety and hygiene course.
    Everything was done orderly and in a timely fashion.
    Trainer Jawk was friendly, knowledgeable and engaging.
    I learned a lot and would definitely recommend this trainer to others.

  142. Avatar photo
    Fiesta Tristan

    Hassan is a very great instructor! made the course really engaging, interesting n fruitful

  143. Avatar photo
    Kanageswary Paramasivam

    It was a great pleasure to join Mr Hassan class for hygienic course.Full of new information and great knowledge…will definitely practice this in my workplace.tq

  144. Avatar photo
    Willy Kong

    Interesting learning journey to Food and Hygiene courses armed with the knowledge of keeping everybody safe and healthy in food preparation imparted from trainer Mr. Hassan.

  145. Avatar photo
    Jitha Gal9293

    Attended with Miss Joni Class I learned a lot of things. Excellent Instructor I hope I had this teacher last time. I SHOULD have studied very well in school. Since young I am very nervous type but Miss Joni can make us feel comfortable.

  146. Avatar photo
    Dalinah Sulaiman

    EIM excellent teach by Trainer Suzi. i learnt alot from teacher

  147. Avatar photo

    4/03/2019: Today, i underwent the Food Hygiene Course conducted by Mr Jerry Lee. Mr Lee was very knowledgeable and wise with the information and experience he has gained over his years of living. With his jokes, activities planned for us, his motivation, outgoing personality and high energy level, there was never a restless moment with him. I am glad to have attended his class and call him my trainer! After his course, I am confident that i am skilled enough with the knowledge and expertise to carry out the proper steps to personal hygiene, food hygiene, handling and preparing food safely. One of the best trainers! Worth every minute, every second and every hour, to attend this course by Jerry Lee!

  148. Avatar photo
    Olem Colyer

    The location is very easy to find, and facilities are very clean. Ms. JONI is a very effective instructor. She tackled all the lessons in a light and efficient way. I never thought that attending this training would be this fun. Thank you Ms Joni. Keep it up!

  149. Avatar photo
    Eric Chew

    I attended the Food Safety and Hygiene Level-1 class on 3rd Feb 2021. Jawk is a very entertaining and engaging lecturer. She makes the class interesting, enjoyable and easy to absorb the information, and most importantly passed the examination. Well done, Jawk!

  150. Avatar photo
    Study Milk

    Lecturer Mr David Ng was really funny and engaging. His use of simple analogy helped us to remember the correct steps to washing hands, cutlery etc

  151. Avatar photo
    ivis chua

    on 9 sep 2021 , i attended my food hygiene course with my trainer shikin . she made the lesson a fun and interesting one ! i learn many different kinds of stuff from attending this course ! would definitely recommend this to others (:

  152. Avatar photo
    michelle koh

    Trainer: Jerry Lee

    He has shared a lot of stories and experiences, elaborate details and demonstrate with many useful examples to make sure everybody understands before he moves on the next chapter. Humorous and experienced trainer whom makes the session interesting. Highly recommended!

  153. Avatar photo
    nor mohd noor

    Trainer Sunny Tam
    Thank you so much, you’re seriously an amazing trainer. Your FFM COURSE has really kept me full of knowledge. …

  154. Avatar photo
    kaye villaverde

    Anyone who wants to work in f&b line should attend the Food Safety and Hygiene course. It was very helpful for professional and even for personal use. Mr. Hassan was an excellent instructor. He was very knowledgeable about the topic and he shared important topics about food hygiene and safety.

  155. Avatar photo
    Yong En Chia

    FSC level 1
    In Joni’s Class
    The course is very informative and clear about how to manage food hygiene properly. The instructor is very fun, helpful and makes the class easy to understand.

  156. Avatar photo
    M K Kesavann

    BFH= Joni class. Miss Joni is a very enthusiastic teacher who makes her lesson fun and understandable. To be honest i i would she would be the best teacher to teach anyone. I didnt have teachers this engaging really. Happy to attend this course, its worth your while.

  157. Avatar photo
    Ho CP

    Attended the FFM & HSM Course in Sunny’s class and has really kept me full of knowledge.Had fun FFM & HSM Course with Trainer Sunny ! The lectures are lively.He is a good lecturer.He conduct his lessons professionally. Awesome & Excellent trainer.

  158. Avatar photo

    I attended a food hygiene course conducted by Mr. Jerry Lee. I enjoyed the training its not boring unlike what others told me before I attend this training. Mr. Jerry Lee is very specific and knowledgeable with the topics which helps us to understand the lessons faster and easier. I learnt lots of things from this training.
    Keep up the good work!

  159. Avatar photo
    Rachel Chen

    Attended FSC (Refresher) course on 15 April 2021. Instructor Joni was very professional and have good knowledge on the content. She delivered the lesson very well and also she makes the lesson more engaging and interesting.

  160. Avatar photo
    Shane Lee

    I took the Basic Food Safety Course on the 6th of August 2021. Trainer Jawk was able to teach theory and practical skills at a relatively steady rate ensuring that the class was up to pace and prepared for the said exams. From time to time Jawk would test us to ensure that the material has been engrained into our memory to pass our exams. Jawk also was not too serious and was able to encorporate some light humour in between the lessons to ease the tension and to make everyone relaxed. Highly recommend.

  161. Avatar photo
    Lee thian chian Lee

    CCHEM 20/11very good. Trainer Suzi teaching in class explained clearly and understanding . We like teacher Suzi.

  162. Avatar photo

    the lecturer Leqi is good. He speaks nicely and beautifully. I recommend their Chinese courses.

  163. Avatar photo
    cookie mom

    FFM 22/11 useful to me. Trainer Suzi teach in class. She is perfect trainer. We all like teacher.

  164. Avatar photo
    nabila hafiza

    Attended the BFH Course under Joni’s class. She was very entertaining during the class and caught the attention of the students really well with her great sense of humour. She was also very well spoken and had a interesting way of delivering the dull content of the course in a fun way. Very well informative and captivating. Overall, i had a great experience and would not mind coming here again.

  165. Avatar photo
    ranae chin

    Joni is a very good instructor/teacher. She is very patient, enriching and engaging. She is excellent in keeping everyone’s morale up throughout the course while helping us stay focused. Her positive attitude and humour encouraged me to stay attentive and distracted me from realising how lethargic I felt.

  166. Avatar photo
    Alice Lee

    Andy Sim is a very detailed and experience trainer. He is very patient with the class and also give many examples to demonstrate the topics.
    Andy, keep up the good works.

  167. Avatar photo
    Fan shujin

    sunny is the funny trainer he try to make all off us understand what we’a here for CCHM in this 3days over here all off us have to thank you him

  168. Avatar photo
    Abdul Latif

    I am very interested to study on 27,28/4/2021.I took my Furniture and Furnishing Maintainance, Trainer Mr David Ng. He teach us in a simple English and east to understand. Trainer is very patient and helpful, he used to give some examples to make me more understand. With this type of trainer, l will look forward for more courses to attend.

  169. Avatar photo
    S. Soong

    Attended the Basic Food Hygiene course by Mr Hassan and I must say I really enjoyed the class! Kudos to Mr Hassan for making the class more enjoyable and fun with his jokes and insightful sharing from past experiences Thank you Mr Hassan and Ascendo!

    Shoutout to Jessica from the team as well who helped facilitate the booking of the class!

  170. Avatar photo
    Jing Wen Ng

    I attended the BFH course in Joni’s class Highly recommend them! The trainer is extremely experienced and enthusiastic and can teach very well. Really enjoyed myself and the class demographic was very wide (there were people of different ages), really like it.

  171. Avatar photo

    The course is interesting and informative as i have no fnb experience so i get to know more about the fnb industry. The precautions taken to prevent the spread of covid 19 is well taken care of. The trainer is fun and engaging and understands the course really well and i have learnt a lot from him

  172. Avatar photo
    Rishwin P B

    FSC(Level 1)
    In Joni class
    The training was really interesting and interactive. I was able to learn a lot of new things about food and safety and it was really enlightening.

  173. Avatar photo
    Lalitha Maniam

    Im from malaysia who attend Food Hygiene & safety Course in SINGAPORE, I really enjoy with the course I learn today, thank you so much for a wonderful day, Ms.Joni David a wonderful conducter I ever met before, she so friendly & explain well …

  174. Avatar photo


  175. Avatar photo
    2 things in life BY PM

    It was a great learning about food safety,hygiene and environment… A special thanks to instructor Mr.HASSAN SIR .. for sharing his knowledge and experience with all of us…. Thanks to SG.

  176. Avatar photo
    Koh Beng Choo

    HSM 28/11. this course excellent for me. I have learnt alot from teacher Suzi. She explained clearly and patience teach in class.

  177. Avatar photo
    Sau ching Kong

    Sunny Tam is an excellent trainer. Keep up the good job.

  178. Avatar photo
    Kamalaveni Gopal

    Food Safety course
    Instructor: In Joni class

    The class was very interesting. Teacher Joni kept all the class very entertained while educating all of us. Made the 9 to 5 so engaging and lively. Thank you so much.

  179. Avatar photo
    Ningning Li

    I attended Joni’s class. Enjoyed so much so helpful and patient Instructor. She can connect older generations and young together. The whole class was so happy and had so much laughter. We many times attended training but this is the best. Thanks. I pass the exam. Please let me attend other class like tourism if Joni conduct the class.

  180. Avatar photo
    Jeet Jin Fong

    Thank you teacher Suzi. Very patience.heartly teach us. Friendly and cheerful teacher.

  181. Avatar photo
    Zhu Yezi

    Attended Samuel’s class and it was really informative. He had a great sense of humour and made the lesson really interesting. Although at times he digressed into other topics that I felt weren’t quite as relevant to the course, I was still able to learn a lot from the course. The assessment was done efficiently as well.

  182. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lim

    Attended the Food Hygiene Course today conducted by Trainer Mr Samuel Song. Teaching and coaching methods are interesting and not monotonous which helps fellow course attendees to maintain focus and attention. New and additional knowledge about handling and managing gained! Thank you!

  183. Avatar photo

    Leonard Tan is a great lecturer. He is very interesting. He make the class very fun and which make me enjoyed it alot. I would prefer him to teach the next time I come back again.

  184. Avatar photo
    Chu Pika

    teachers very nice,the class available chinese and English language

  185. Avatar photo
    Lau Kum Yoke


  186. Avatar photo
    Eric P.

    Ms Joni training style was never boring. All information was conveyed to us clearly and explained in the most simplest form. Her students could understand even the most complex jargons mentioned during the discussion. She used visual drawings and sketches for better understanding. Thanks a lot for a fruitful day at Ascend Academy!

  187. Avatar photo
    Chris Chen

    FSC (level 1)
    Instructor : Ms Joni
    Thank you Ms Joni, attending her class was extremely engaging, there were no boring moments and it was fun and enjoyable. Time management was great, and overall would strongly recommend.

  188. Avatar photo
    shubham vichare

    A big Thanks to Ms. Karen.
    For her innovative teaching methods. Every details were taken care of and lengthy syllabus was broken down to a simpler form for all to understand well from the core.
    We had a great time doing all nicely planned activities.
    Thank you teacher.

  189. Avatar photo
    Jadon Hong

    Mr. David Ng is a great teacher and is very entertaining. He went above and beyond to educate us and ensure that we pass the hygiene course with flying colours. He was very kind and understanding 10/10 MAN

  190. Avatar photo
    Maxi Yap

    This morning I attended the basic food hygiene course expecting it to be boring. However, my trainer Jawk is very engaging and make lessons very interesting by sharing some scenarios and participating in discussions. This helps us to remember all the details and allow us to know all the basic food hygienes. I will definitely recommend anyone to attend this course especially those who wants to work at an f&b outlet.

  191. Avatar photo
    Rachel Oon

    Took my course at BFH Mountbatten with Joni David and she’s by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my life. Her made her lessons interesting and fun with her different antics and thus led to an engaging learning experience that I’m sure everyone from the class will agree. I had initially came to class thinking it would be dry and boring but I actually learnt some things I thought I had already known about.

  192. Avatar photo
    Rajeshwari Raman

    My special salutation for Mr Hassan for his excellent training for us. No words to describe. AMAZING TUTOR!

  193. Avatar photo
    Adrian Raj Pereira

    Today I attended my Food Hygiene Course at Mountbatten which was handled by Joni David.
    The whole experience was fun and was very good learning experience. The entire class excelled under her teachings and guidance. Well done Joni.

  194. Avatar photo
    Emelyn Cacho

    The trainer keeps the class lively. She makes it fun and make sure the participants understand the agenda of the meeting. Thanks trainer Jawk, it was wonderful to be in your class session.

  195. Avatar photo
    Jun Han

    Went for a course here for work, the food safety hygiene course and was taught well and was taken well care of. The course duration was just right and the trainer, Mr David Ng, was very knowledgeable and friendly. His instructions were clear and concise :DDD

  196. Avatar photo
    Joyce Ngo

    Sunny Tam ‘s teaching is full of fun and interesting .
    I gained knowledge and benefits from the lessons.

  197. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Fairuz Andhar Bin Jubri

    Attended BFH course under Ms Shikin, 31/3. Overall great learning points taken from this course that should be applied at work, and a wonderful trainer who gets our attention with her humorous way of teaching.

  198. Avatar photo
    Kiew Wai Kang

    13/11/2021 I have done my hygien course today and the instructor ( David Ng ) was extremely fun and interactive to learn my lesson with. Thx for the amazing experience !

  199. Avatar photo
    Nur Liyana

    Had a good experience in learning here with the trainer Mr Hassan, he is so friendly and knowledgeable and carried out the course with so much energy..

  200. Avatar photo
    Bond Popoye

    I find the place easy to find. This Hygiene Course is very useful. We had an experience trainer Joni who is very professional. She can shake the class and made the whole journey very interesting. Funny at the same time witty in handling the class. They provide refreshment to us.

  201. Avatar photo
    Jiamin Tan

    Joni is a great instructor and delivered the course materials in an engaging and entertaining manner. The class flew by thanks to her! Thankful to have had her teach my class which made the course more fun!

  202. Avatar photo
    A L

    Attended the Food Safety Course (Level 1) conducted by Ms Joni. She is so well prepared for the lesson and taught us in a very lively way. Really enjoy her class. I would highly recommend Ascendos to anyone because this place is so clean and organised.

  203. Avatar photo
    Tan Joey

    WRM 15/12 useful for me. I grain alot knowledge from teacher Suzi. Thank you teacher.

  204. Avatar photo

    I attended the Basic Food Hygiene Course(English) on 5th Dec 2018 and it was very fun and educational thanks to the instructor Joni David and the well produced course material. The course was simple to understand and very useful in a real world setting using not just a theory lesson to teach students but also a practical test to let students try out what they had learned hands on which was very nice. An important part of this all is the instructor Joni David as she made the lesson fun, enjoyable and most importantly taught the lesson in a way that everyone could understand well. It made learning the course material easier and made the lesson overall enjoyable.

  205. Avatar photo
    siew Hong Lim

    Benefitted a lot from this Food & Hygiene course. The instructor Joni is not only very knowledgable and experience but an excellent trainer. She is able to connect with the participants and make a dull subject lively, easy to understand and interesting. The other trainers are also very good.

  206. Avatar photo
    Kiara Ishmael

    The place is easy to find and quite accessible. The classroom is a little bit small though we had to move very carefully & slowly so as not to disturb the other students. The lesson taught by Mr Samuel Song is enjoyable and relatable. It is also easy to understand as he made use of real life situations. All in all a very good experience for me as I get to learn a lot of things. Thank you!

  207. Avatar photo
    Nur Hidayatul Syafiqah Binte Ismadi

    The instructor,Joni was really nice and made my session an enjoyable learning experience, I managed to learn a lot of things on Food & Hygiene and Im very grateful for this experience.

  208. Avatar photo
    Carment Lee

    Thank for the lecturer David Ng. He was nice and funny. He make us to understand better with his life examples. This is a very good experiance for me to attend the class.

  209. Avatar photo
    anh pham

    16/8/2022 David Ng’s teacher is very good and kind

  210. Avatar photo
    Kar Wei Loh

    Place: Mountbatten
    Instructor: Ms. Joni
    Ms Joni is a superb instructor that is able to keep the class engaged and connected whilst being extremely informative and easy to approach. Her explanations are very clear especially through her drawings which gave us a more detailed look into the case studies and the hygiene issues she pointed out. Overall really satisfied with this Food Hygiene course. Thanks Ms Joni!

  211. Avatar photo
    Chevonne Moyrer

    FSC(level 1)
    Joni’s class

    Joni is a very humorous and engaging instructor, making the course a lot less mundane. She also breaks down the concepts in a very relatable and digestible manner. Thus, the information was easy to understand and remember.

  212. Avatar photo
    Sam Varghese Madathil

    I had a good time doing the Food Safety and Hygiene course. Many thanks to my trainer Jawk Aw for the kindness and great support she gave me. I learned much from this course.

  213. Avatar photo
    Manishtpreet Kaur

    I was in Joni’s class and honestly I had a really great experience with the course I took. The trainer made all of us in the class feel comfortable and welcome, was very knowledgeable and creatively taught us all we needed to know to excel in the course. Would definitely recommend checking them out for their way of teaching in an engaging and efficient yet still fun manner! Thanks Joni️

  214. Avatar photo
    Zi Ying Lua

    I had my basic food and hygiene course here, taught by instructor David Ng. He was friendly and engaging, making the lesson more enjoyable

  215. Avatar photo
    Bryan Ong

    Trainer:Joni David

    I attended the food hygiene course yesterday on the 21/02/20 Friday from 9AM-5:30PM

    The class was really fun and engaging, Ms Joni has a sense of humour in class and she is very funny. I thought that the class will be boring but in the end it turned out differently, it’s really engaging and she’s informative and has a way in teaching us

    I really miss her class

  216. Avatar photo
    Yh Hong (Yhh)

    FFM 29/09
    Suzy is a good teacher
    Good experience

  217. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Mudzafar

    Attended Joni class in FCS, good n knowledgeable. Joni is professional in her teaching. Very patience. Thank you.

  218. Avatar photo
    Sherwin Sng

    Mr Jerry Lee is excellent in delivering the course in a fun and enjoyable yet serious manner. The wealth of experience he amassed and shared enthusiastically brings awareness of real life examples of the importance of food hygiene and the dire consequences when it’s not properly observed. Time is very well spent under Mr Jerry’s tutelage and I highly recommend his class. Thank you Mr Lee and Ascendo for this training.

  219. Avatar photo
    nga LK

    FFM 22/11 very good and useful to me. Trainer Suzi teach in class patience and helpful to the class

  220. Avatar photo
    Aziz bro Aziz

    CCHEM and SSO learbt from Teacher Suzi. She is excellent teacher.

  221. Avatar photo
    Charmagne Oba

    Joni Class
    Teacher Joni was fun, creative and very informative that makes the entire class interesting and not boring at all. She has a good sense of humour too!
    Smart and Humour combine is a perfect combo to get the attention of the entire class that makes it easier to understand and remember!Great job!

  222. Avatar photo
    Lim Kai Xuan

    Trainer: Joni David
    Venue: Mountbatten

    The teachings were fun and unique with very amusing and useful analogies used for easy understanding! I definitely enjoyed myself throughout the food hygiene course! If only school teachers taught us the way Joni David taught us, I will definitely be motivated to come to school everyday! Thank you so much!

  223. Avatar photo
    chan serena

    I like the way she warm up our class n her interactive approaches. Sharply defined.. Make my learning enjoyable. Awesome trainer

  224. Avatar photo
    Jaymee Lee

    Thanks Mr Andy for the informative course! He is patient with his students and attentive in remembering every individual’s name. Overall an engaging experience 🙂 thank you

  225. Avatar photo
    Joana Patricia Espinola

    Mr. Jerry Lee was a very efficient speaker. He was able to explain to us the lesson with ease. We do not have any dull time with him all day long. Also, I would like to commend him how eager he is to teach each one of us. He explain everything thoroughly. Thank you so much!

  226. Avatar photo
    Belinda Ho

    Our trainer, Mr Hassan is an excellent and patient trainer. He kept it in time for the course and highlighted the main points with real life illustrations incorporated in the food hygiene course so that we can remember vividly without memorising texts. Certainly recommended for F&B handlers to attend his training course.

    Place – Convenient located near the circle line, sheltered to the institution. Staffs are welcoming to us too to attend the course.

  227. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Siew

    Sunny our trainer is most commendable. He is no doubt serious but at the same time during lesson he let all of us feel comfortable. Thumb up!

  228. Avatar photo
    Salvyx Lee

    Trainer: Jerry Lee

    The lesson was very interesting, enjoyable and entertaining. He includes plenty of jokes, stories about his personal experiences in his long history working in the F&b industry, and extra useful information that could help us. His explanations were also clear and his bountiful experience helped in contributing to a very well conducted class.

  229. Avatar photo

    Thank you Mr Hassan for conducting the Food Hygiene Course! It was a pleasent class to attend, gained a lot of new knowledge and will apply it in my current/future F&B jobs. Will recommend to others if you are considering to take this course :DD

  230. Avatar photo

    The class teacher is David Ng, for the food hygiene course is very interesting beside really useful knowledge and the class environment is very nice and friendly. The teacher David Ng was extremely helpful in sense to help us to understand more, and he had teach us the personal hygiene during the COVID-19 and he also a friendly and funny teacher. Thank for David Ng.

  231. Avatar photo
    irene yip

    I enjoyed the lesson with Joni class. It’s very interesting the teaching is enjoy able and very good. The place a little far from Punggol area. But overall everything is fun and . Thankful. …

  232. Avatar photo
    Shreya Suresh

    Mr Lee is a very jovial person. He has his sense of humour that sometimes he can only understand. This full day training has helped my basic knowledge of food and personal hygiene, thanks to Mr Lee. He was very relaxed during the training and only wanted this experience to be a fun one. There was no stress or pressure added during the practical, one on one and mcq tests. Thank you for your time and effort. It is much appreciated.

  233. Avatar photo
    Faty Matulzahara

    -Hygiene course
    -Joni class

    The teacher is so funny, friendly and simple. She made the class so interesting and we understood the lessons easily! I would come to this class again ! =) the practical exam was fun but still need to be very careful,,, =)

  234. Avatar photo
    Grace Chiang

    Implement Operations for Service Excellence
    Trainer Ms Joni made the class so interesting and she has the right tone of voice which keeps us engaged and interested. We had so many fun moments along with serious learning. Thank you for making the day spent meaningfully.

  235. Avatar photo
    chloe keasberry

    FSC (level 1)
    Instructor: Joni’s class
    I attended Joni’s Food Safety and Hygiene class, and it was really informative! I really enjoyed her fun, unique teaching style which helped all of us score a 100% for the course exam She’s very encouraging and fun-loving. Thank you Joni!!

  236. Avatar photo
    Sally Ng

    Sunny Tam is a very good trainer. He keeps the class lively and interesting and conducts his lessons professionally. I have gained a lot of knowledge from his teaching. He also imparts whatever other knowledge he has with the class.

  237. Avatar photo
    Juampito Capistrano

    Nice and clean facilities. Very conducive for learning and training. And the most important thing is the learning which will not be possible without a Great Trainer and speaker Mr. Jerry Lee who shares the fundamentals and importance of Course program. Salute to a great trainer who never gets tired of transferring vital knowledge to every individuals attending the class.. Great Job Mr. Lee

  238. Avatar photo

    Attended food hygiene course on 31/7/2019. Trainer Samuel Song was a fun and interesting guy. He was able to spice up the boring content and make us feel interested in listening. Examples given by him was indeed helpful and help us in better understanding the whole class. Enjoy it alot. Thumbs up to him.

  239. Avatar photo
    Jane Tam

    Completed my Extra Mile course. Special thanks to Samuel Song instructor, who teaches interesting and elaborated examples, as well as fun facts, which complements the important information. The content and flow of the class is good and easy to follow. Really glad to have him as my instructor!

  240. Avatar photo

    Joni’s class

    Excellent trainer Joni who conducted the course in a very entertaining and engaging way, which impressed me a lot as it was far from what my friends, who attended the similar course at other centres, have told me about. The trainer also made sure that we were well prepared for the course test and provided tremendous guidance in helping us pass it.

    p.s. Joni’s hilarious drawings are the best; they contributed very much to my learning and I don’t think I would have aced the test without them:D

  241. Avatar photo
    Sophia Wee

    I attended the Food Hygiene class conducted by Joni David. The class was entertaining and easy to follow thanks to the Joni and her skills in keeping the topic interesting through her unique teaching style and funny illustrations. It made the information easy to absorb and retain. Highly recommend!

  242. Avatar photo
    XiuChun Fan

    PQS14/11 very good. Trainer Suzi. learn alot from Trainer Suzi. This course useful me. Teacher patience and helpful.

  243. Avatar photo
    Fadillah Zakaria

    Mr Hassan made the Basic Food Hygiene Course more interesting and fun to learn. His teaching technique is very interacting and does not bore me during the lesson. Overall, best instructor!!

  244. Avatar photo
    Tong See Yong

    Andy Sim has proven himself to be well equipped as our trainer for Service Challenges module attended by me today. He has livened up the various topics with his past experiences which has enhanced my understanding of the course contents. Thx a lot.

  245. Avatar photo
    Ĺilian Yeow

    Trainer Madeline
    lectures clearly and professionally on her WM course to us.She is also patient as well as a good lecturer. An excellent trainer to have.

  246. Avatar photo
    Mary Angeline

    Mr Hassan was a lovely trainer who taught with such enthusiasm! The course (Basic Food Hygiene) itself was expected to be dry but Mr Hassan managed to deliver it in a very engaging way through his anecdotes and humour. Thank you Mr Hassan

  247. Avatar photo
    Zubeda Sayang

    Jerry Lee is the trainer for this course. I find that he is very knowledgeable and he knows his topic well. His teaching method is very easy to follow and understand. He makes the class very lively. I look forward to have more courses before him.

  248. Avatar photo
    Farash Maleq

    FSC(level 1) in Joni Class
    The trainer conduct the course with much ease and ensure every participant can easily comprehend with the right message send across. Will definitely recommend most F&B chains out there or even any individual to sit for this just to alert awareness of the importance of practice good hygiene anywhere..

  249. Avatar photo
    Cassandra Ii

    It was a good learning experience with my trainer, Shikiq. She is engaging and well verse during the lesson. Her bubbly side make the lesson more interactive for all of us. I am definitely more confident with my food safety practices after taking up this course with her professional teachings.

  250. Avatar photo
    Henrysimkimyong Henrysimkimyong

    thk the intructor for the patience given to us n many thk to

    instructor Miss Leqi

  251. Avatar photo
    Michelle Phang

    Good School, All trainer are Friendly and i learned some thing that I dont know before, Overall Nice School and Recommended to Everyone who want to study or learn something is interesting. Thank you very much …

  252. Avatar photo
    Mo Bingheng

    Food Safety Course (lvl 1)
    In Joni’s class
    It was really fun and engaging even after spending my entire day there it felt as if i only spent less than half day. To those looking for basic food safety courses i really recommend this place

  253. Avatar photo
    noor atika baldav singh

    Mr David Ng, the trainer who facilitated my FSH course was an engaging and detailed trainer. Usually i will feel so sleepy during courses, however he was so engaging and kept me awake and captivated with his teaching style. Thank you Mr David, i really enjoyed your class, on 08/12/2021

  254. Avatar photo
    princess loo loo

    Sunny our SkillsFuture Trainer for the Course Service Excellence is very vibrant and knowledgeable of the subject. He also possess much social skills and experience. I enjoyed attending his training very much.
    Student LLisa Goh Lee San.

  255. Avatar photo
    Thak Chun Ng

    Thank you teacher Suzi. She is cheerful and helpful teacher. Ours class like her.

  256. Avatar photo
    Joshua Chew

    Instructor Joni makes our lesson interesting, enjoyable and fun! I really enjoyed her lessons. Overall, the lesson was well-detailed to let us know how to handle food properly.

  257. Avatar photo
    Abhiram Prathap

    FSC (level 1)
    In Joni’s class
    The class was very interesting as Joni made us all understand whole the topics with simple stories and saying some jokes, so that the class never felt boring. The class was very informative.

  258. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Hoe

    CCHEM20/11. Very good. Trainer Suzi patience and helpful to us. The course I learnt from her alot of knowledge.

  259. Avatar photo
    Insyirah Daniah

    Hellu! I was trained by Jerry Lee and my opinion of him is that he is a very patient and bubbly trainer. Despite having people not giving him the attention that he needs, he was very kind to point them out in a very nice manner. He explained the slides really well and also included some experiences which was very entertaining to listen to. I thought it would be boring but I actually enjoyed the course thanks to Jerry. Thank you Jerry for helping me pass my test! ^^

  260. Avatar photo
    Ryan Fok

    FSC (Level 1) in Joni class, she was super enthusiastic and managed to keep the class engaged and entertaining! Definitely need more passionate teachers like her! Fully enjoyed the class thank you!

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