Review Art Friend, 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore

Review Art Friend - Singapore 68 Orchard Rd

“Great place. Has lecture pads, notebooks, & a interesting selection of pens. Bought 4 myself… (the pens…)” or “One of my favourite places to go to , though they are expensive they have a wide variety of goods and the staff are quite helpful too!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Art Friend. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Art Friend is quality.

Introduction about Art Friend

Here are some fundamental details regarding Art Friend. In terms of Art supply store, it is generally believed that Art Friendis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 68 Orchard Rd, B1-10/13, Plaza, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Art supply store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63361120 (+65 63361120)
  • Website:
  • Address: 68 Orchard Rd, B1-10/13, Plaza, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10:30 AM to 9 PM.


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How to contact Art Friend?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Art Friend via:

Phone number

You can reach Art Friend at 63361120(+65 63361120). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Art Friend via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 68 Orchard Rd, B1-10/13, Plaza, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Art Friend reviews

Art Friend is among the best destinations of Art supply store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Art Friend good?

To determine whether Art Friend is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Get many items related to arts and crafts here Staff will also help you to find things if you can’t find it . Very helpful and friendly staff.”

“Huge selection of art materials! This is truly the best shop in Singapore to get all kinds of art supplies. The staff are very knowledge and helpful too. Impressive service all around!!”

“Great shop for crafting materials. While smaller than their Clementi store, it still seems to be able to squeeze almost everything and you'd definitely find something interesting during every visit.”

“The service is excellent, from looking for an item to payment. The item is wrapped in such a way to ease my carrying it. It was a Wow experience!”

“Art Friend has changed my life, this it will now be called Art Best friend”

“Art lovers paradise. Very good place for people who want to shop for art work. Huge collections. They also have some sale going on currently”

“its a huge shop with lots of sections, mostly they have everything to start your own business. I found copic markers with great price. its located in basement of the mall.”

“Very friendly staff helped my mom find her paints quickly. Have an excellent collection,a must visit if you are passionate about painting.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 296 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.6 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 94% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Art Friend, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Art Friend, 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore

There is a total 296 reviews

4.6 / 5




  1. Avatar photo

    My favourite store. Big choice of art supplies, papers, goods for children.

  2. Avatar photo
    Nancy Rice

    They have a nice variety of items, but service could be a bit better

  3. Avatar photo
    June Gan

    Can find almost anything crafty you can think of, even niche model painting materials. Stafd are pleasant and helpful, if a bit overworked

  4. Avatar photo
    D Chua

    Lots of variety in terms of art supplies. However the aisle spacings are narrow and cluttered with products in cardboard boxes so I had great difficulty manouvering with a stroller. There were aisles I just couldn’t enter. Not friendly for families with babies or young children in strollers. Mums and dads need art supplies for activities and parties too. Hope there can be some adjustments to facilitate strollers.

  5. Avatar photo
    J Truedin

    Great place. Has lecture pads, notebooks, & a interesting selection of pens. Bought 4 myself… (the pens…)

  6. Avatar photo
    Avacado AW

    I like to visit the PS branch shop since it is centralise location. I like the varieties of arts stuff there that make me want to return to get other stuff too. It would be better if they have promotions more often.

  7. Avatar photo

    Staff are really friendly when asking for items and their availability. They might even go out of their way to help you carry stuff to the counter, really good service too!

  8. Avatar photo
    Arun Maharaj

    All art related items under one roof.You can get almost anything related to this.Good display for finding the materials you want and helpful personal

  9. Avatar photo
    MCM 27

    do you guys find posca markers?

  10. Avatar photo
    Florent Corchia

    Good art shop, has a lot of choice. The only problem is that there is not a lot of staff to help you.

  11. Avatar photo

    Artfriend is a very cozy place where I could buy supplies for my projects.

  12. Avatar photo
    Jason Hang

    One of the biggest art supply stores in Singapore. But it still always out of stock for many of the paint tubes, especially watercolor, acrylic and gouache.
    I wished it stock up adequately on all the colours and also a few more brands.
    But luckily we have another big store Overjoyed to fill the gap.

  13. Avatar photo
    ridz dr

    Plentiful variety of art materials to choose from – mind-boggling

  14. Avatar photo

    A good example of what customer service should be like. Friendly, casual but efficient. This branch’s staff run a tight shop.

  15. Avatar photo
    Andreas Ruland

    Best arts and crafts store in SG. Big store with huge selection. Painting supplies, drawing, crafts, cork boards, white boards, etc.

  16. Avatar photo
    Aashish J

    A must go for every art enthusiast! It is a large store with everything most of us would ever need for art, craft, drawing and painting… and then there’s more to look at and generate creative ideas. Art supplies, instruments, paper, stationary, with lots of variety. But the key aspect for the five star rating is the helpful attitude of thr staff. They will typically ask what you need the items for and accordingly suggest the best options. Thanks guys!

  17. Avatar photo
    Syed Meera LM

    Wide variety of art supplies for creative minds and hands available. Price is okay.

  18. Avatar photo
    Martini Ricki

    Great variety of materials for art and craft diy projects. Besides paints,, brushes, they stock timber and compressed board pieces. Another section displays artificial flower stocks.

  19. Avatar photo
    Jindycindy Tan

    It’s not very cheap but all the staffs there are really most pro & they really know their own products very well! A special thanks to assistant manager Mr Melvin at plaza sing! My big apologises too for my misunderstanding! & Melvin really handle situation well clam steady n most polite attitude! I’m so impressed! Thank u Melvin & art fren! 😀

  20. Avatar photo

    As always, the place was magnificent. Rows of art supplies, a large variety of papers and craft materials, and suited with the most professional of staff members. The member price is decent too, and I’ll definitely be back.

  21. Avatar photo
    S. N

    Amazing range of products, paradise for art lovers. Friendly staff

  22. Avatar photo
    Witchy Babe

    I got lost looking at the various items and almost forgot what I was there for! Great selection for everybody!

  23. Avatar photo

    Me and my friend went there to get some spray paint and we got what we needed. The shop is really big with lots of different stuff. But I gone broke after since very expensive.

  24. Avatar photo
    Carlo Romero

    Happy place for artsy DIY projects. Lots of paper and wood materials too. If you have time, its a great place to wander in.

  25. Avatar photo
    Angelo Maniatis

    Quite frankly this is the mother of all art shops! If you can’t find it here then there’s a good chance that you won’t find it in Singapore. From simple stationery needs to high end art supplies and everything in between they have your art needs covered at very reasonable prices.

  26. Avatar photo
    Bengteck Tan

    Great service , especially Dennis Tan which was very patience with my difficult demand.

  27. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Filmer

    It has every conceivable art supply. Stuff for scrapbooking, plain textiles for painting upon etc. Only issue is patrons of this place tend to crowd in on weekends and safe distancing is not adhered to. So you may want to come at odd times because many socially irresponsible people flock to this place in droves and even as there are markings on the floor for queues at the cashier, people just seem to like getting close to each other enough to smell the other person..

  28. Avatar photo
    Thien Tran

    Smaller size than its Bras Brasah outlet but has almost necessary art supply. Staff is fast and friendly

  29. Avatar photo
    Bella Tan (belllaaa)

    there is a vide variety of things to buy from, staff is extremely approachable and friendly

  30. Avatar photo

    Big shop with a huge variety of art supplies

  31. Avatar photo
    Janice Goh

    Staff are very friendly, patient, and helpful; the store stocks up a big variety of art and craft items.

  32. Avatar photo
    Eugene Ching

    Your typical, very well-stocked, art and craft supply store. Great and helpful service all around, as is standard from these folks!

  33. Avatar photo

    Afforable art and craft materials, great variety.
    But organisation if the products and display can be better

  34. Avatar photo
    Charles Lau

    Good place for art supplies, decorations and even simple laboratory-ware (e.g. beaker, test-tube, stirrer, thermometer). There’s a good stock of paper products, wood, acrylic, styrofoam. However, for textiles, it is better to head upstairs to Spotlight, while Daiso has a better range of plastic containers and budget stationery.

  35. Avatar photo
    deric tan

    Always able to get the craft items that I need.

  36. Avatar photo
    Melissa Foo

    Bought a set of Marie Water Color (chose because beginner level, may give up within short period), turned out some colors already dried up in tubes. very bad experience. Too cheap to waste a trip, but unhappy about money wasted.

  37. Avatar photo
    LEO P

    Complete tools and materials that you can get relating to arts and crafts! You will definitely have something on your hand when you step out of the store.

  38. Avatar photo

    Massive array of art supplies.

  39. Avatar photo
    Christine Alnes

    Huge selection of art materials! This is truly the best shop in Singapore to get all kinds of art supplies. The staff are very knowledge and helpful too. Impressive service all around!!

  40. Avatar photo
    Margaret Ng

    Very convenient location at Plaza Singapura’s Dhoby Ghaut mrt. You can anything arty crafty here.

  41. Avatar photo
    Dan C

    Nice, can get airbrush, paints, metal rods, liquitex, brush, paper, air compressor, boards, tri Square, copic! A in one place

  42. Avatar photo
    neer here

    It has everything you could need!!! The staff is also great

  43. Avatar photo
    Andrew Wilfred

    Everything and anything arts or crafts related can be found in this maze. Get help for navigation from any of the helpful staff

  44. Avatar photo
    Kuhanesh “Aku” Janardanan

    Fantastic array of any and all art supplies you could possibly think of. The price is reasonable and things are laid out in a reasonable fashion. I just wish the aisles are a little bigger but understandably it’s a required sacrifice so that they can have more stuff to showcase.

  45. Avatar photo
    Ananya Pandit

    Need a map to navigate this artsy heavan!!! This place is not just for art students or hard core creative professionals. It’s for any individual who just wants to have fun with colors, DIY skills and discover their crafty side. You can pick up some great stuff to engage your Little ones too – from playdoh to paint your own Easter eggs. Enter this store with an open mind and you might stumble accross a new way to channelise your energy and enjoy your downtime.

  46. Avatar photo
    Biboy Lagapa

    The selection of art supplies is vast… However the customer service is not the best.

  47. Avatar photo
    anim farm

    People who love Art can easily spend an hour or two searching for goods or even just browsing. Rather than hard to find items, it is more of a matter of making choice. When I came back from Nara, Japan with some good branded Japanese art pen my local friend recommended, regretting that I should have bought more. Then I found out here got even more choices. I am happy to have Art friends here in Sg.

  48. Avatar photo

    Great place for me as an Art student to purchase items which not a lot of stores in Singapore sell. The only bane is that the main store at Bras Basah closes too early…

  49. Avatar photo
    Felix Liu

    Excellent art supply store with comprehensive selection.

  50. Avatar photo
    Rahul Chawra

    If there’s one shop in Singapore, located centrally, where you will find almost everything you’re looking for when it comes to art and craft supplies, this would be the one. The shop is just so big and packed with stuff, that it’s a great spot to get inspired by the things you never knew you needed until you see them. And if you’re in a rush, just ask the lovely staff – they know exactly where you’ll find what you’re looking for within the shop. My first stop when it comes to any art materials

  51. Avatar photo

    You can a very wide variety of art supplies and a bit of extra things as well such as model building supplies.

  52. Avatar photo
    Tamara Zinchik

    My favourite shop on the island. I wish the staff was a little bit friendlier.

  53. Avatar photo
    Tripp Lilley

    OMGZ artgasm. This place is amazing for art and drafting supplies of all kinds, and even some hobby and science fair stuff!

  54. Avatar photo
    MK Loo

    You can find almost anything for art and craft and prices are reasonable.

  55. Avatar photo
    Mia Marina

    Still the best place to find everything for your art supplies.

  56. Avatar photo
    Ashley Meifeng

    Those who loves art will love this place. Lots of products and also budget friendly. Staffs are helpful too. Keep up the awesome good work.

  57. Avatar photo
    Elvira Wright

    Beautiful store in Plaza Sing.
    Well stocked and easily accessible

  58. Avatar photo
    Jolin Ng (Great Eastern)

    Many diy materials.. need to make a card or gift? Best place to go!

  59. Avatar photo
    Desmond Lim

    The best place to buy anything related to art’s supply. Well stocked products and knowledgeable staffs.

  60. Avatar photo
    Amanda Basson

    Everything you need. Great staff help and I really need a budget for Art Friend or I will art all my money away …

  61. Avatar photo
    Charles Ng

    Love the staff here

  62. Avatar photo
    Kamalesh BC

    Great place for art, craft and diy projects. Good variety of products

  63. Avatar photo

    Very good place to buy all kinds of art supplies, wide selection of suppkies to meet your needs they do have three different locations within Singapore, Bras Basah Complex, Plaza Singapura, and Clementi Central. Nice spacious stores stock a wide range of affordable craft DIY products and supplies. Awesome both in terms of product quality and variety.

  64. Avatar photo
    Nigel Chin

    Great selection of items, from paint to modelling supplies. They stock sculptamold as well.

  65. Avatar photo
    Meng Foo Choo

    I bought most of my art material here. They have the most complete art material. One stop shop for anything if I want to get creative. They never disappoint.

  66. Avatar photo
    Dragon Lover

    Art Friend has changed my life, this it will now be called Art Best friend

  67. Avatar photo
    David Tan

    Good place to buy stationary, arts and crafts items

  68. Avatar photo
    Jessica W

    Could be better organised but everything you need for your art supplies can be found here.

  69. Avatar photo
    Parvathi Menon

    I live spending time in this store. Always manage to find the quirkiest of things. Great supply of all kinds of art material and tailoring supplies available too. You can even just go with some vague ideas and end up finding all you need to complete your project/idea. Definitely worth taking a membership. Queues can tend to be long, even when they have all 3 payment counters functioning.

  70. Avatar photo
    Caroline Ng

    Great assortment of art supplies however the staff is not helpful at all.

  71. Avatar photo

    Lots of products and really tough finding it on shelfs luckily for the staff. However great selection of art and craft items!

  72. Avatar photo
    Raiyne Habib

    Love this place cant believe i just found this place in Singapore they have absolutely everything you need for your creative project

  73. Avatar photo
    Paul Warmer

    Into Arts & Crafts? Look no further, this huge store has an amazing collection of materials and tools. Can’t find what you are looking for? Reach out to the staff, they know their way through all those aisles.

  74. Avatar photo
    Tobias Söderblom

    Very wide selection of art materials, ranging from arts and crafts to professional level. Prices are some of the best you can get.

  75. Avatar photo
    Kaushik Sharma

    This store is inside Plaza Singapura. It has a very good stock of art materials.

  76. Avatar photo
    Darrius Lee

    Staff is helpful told me all the information like stocks and the different sizes available. Supplies easy to find and prices are reasonable. Store is easy to find as well.

  77. Avatar photo
    David Chong

    Very comprehensive products. You can get almost all Art related items, writing stuffs, Art frames, stands etc

  78. Avatar photo
    danni cinco

    I couldn’t find the art material that im looking for

  79. Avatar photo
    J Truedin

    Great place. Has lecture pads, notebooks, & a interesting selection of pens. Bought 4 myself… (the pens…)

  80. Avatar photo
    yudi haridianto

    This shop are selling art stuffs and accessories. Best store for art jobs

  81. Avatar photo
    Elijah Lai

    IT’S HUGE I LOVED IT. Find everything you need here. We’ll all your art needs at least

  82. Avatar photo
    Chia Wei Ong

    Good selection of art supplies and really helpful staff!

  83. Avatar photo
    Gia Wahyu

    The best art shop in Singapore. Great place and everything you need for your art is here! Affordable price too. Love it!

  84. Avatar photo
    Lionel Wong

    Huge selection of craft supplies with a huge area dedicated to painting. Too bad they don’t carry yarn.

  85. Avatar photo
    Chinh Tran

    You can find many things needed just with 1 place.

  86. Avatar photo
    Adriana Danish

    I wish there’s more stocks and varieties on the crafts section but other than that the staffs are helpful.

  87. Avatar photo
    Ronnel Cuison

    I was looking for my cat and I found out that it went inside the store. And then I realized I was an artist. So I bought a lot of stuff here. Then I woke up. It was just a dream.

  88. Avatar photo
    Angel Lee

    A lot of different art materials. I love to shop there.

  89. Avatar photo
    tom yunus

    Feeling artistics? Need supplies? Come over here where your arts dreams and fetish meet.

  90. Avatar photo
    wl chew

    The service is excellent, from looking for an item to payment. The item is wrapped in such a way to ease my carrying it. It was a Wow experience!

  91. Avatar photo
    yy woo

    U can pretty much get almost all the art and craft tools u’ll ever need here.. but not cheap tho

  92. Avatar photo
    Mj Susiyati

    It’s art and stationery heaven on earth

  93. Avatar photo
    Jim J. Wong

    An amazing place if you are looking for quality art supplies. They have a good range of products for hobbiest and professionals.

  94. Avatar photo
    Jasmond Soriano

    Very broad selection of art and crafts materials and tools!

  95. Avatar photo
    Felicia Kang Wan Ping

    Best place to get all the art stuff. Can find almost everything.

  96. Avatar photo
    Ema Nai

    Wow! Ended up here by chance but impressed with the huge selection. Art supplies, diy materials, Chinese calligraphy brushes, party supplies, notebooks and pens and pencils…great place to browse.

  97. Avatar photo
    Val Tan

    Whether you’re an artist, crafter, designer or architect Art Friend sells almost every commercial art and craft products you need! I purchase craft products from them and many other craft store frequently and I dare say the staff here are always very willing help! In the case where they have limited knowledge they’ll refer you to another staff who could help you. So don’t worry you’ll be in good hands here! Went there at peak hour yesterday and still managed to get the help I needed. They’re also very thoughtful to the very detail of packing your purchases, a staff saw that I had bought thin metal sheets and offered me another bag so it wouldn’t dent my metal sheets.

  98. Avatar photo
    Calista Lim

    The last outlet to close for the day as it closes at 9pm, great for last minute art purchase

  99. Avatar photo

    Great, can get everything that you need related art and model making. Can get sewing stuff and face painting too.

  100. Avatar photo

    Get many items related to arts and crafts here
    Staff will also help you to find things if you can’t find it . Very helpful and friendly staff.

  101. Avatar photo
    Shalin Ng

    – staff was rude
    – place was sufficent with art materials
    – will only visit if i needed an art material that i couldnt get from popular

  102. Avatar photo
    Lim Yin Ru

    Many supplies available, employees know where are items located. Will be great if they can have a label at the top of each row to identify which products are in which row, rather than exploring ourselves or asking the employees.

  103. Avatar photo
    Rheanna George

    It looks small from the outside however like the saying ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ it MASSIVE on the inside and it just keeps going and going

  104. Avatar photo
    shinkai hajime

    Friendly staffs can find my art stuff definitely in here

  105. Avatar photo
    Arya Wirawan

    Cheap price, so many various artworkinh tools, and good store

  106. Avatar photo
    Megan Lee

    Huge art supplies store. Has anything from all kinds of inks, pens, pencils, craft boards, woodworking materials, easels, canvas, DIY materials.

    Anything you can think of that is needed for art, they probably have it. Service staff is friendly too, the space is large enough to walk around without squeezing.

  107. Avatar photo
    Joelyn Ong

    Hands down the most comprehensive art supply store in Singapore. They have also expanded considerably since their first one at Bras Basah. They have very experienced staff who know the products well. You know you can get exactly what you need here and customer service is always pinpoint.

  108. Avatar photo
    T H Ong

    Best place to get your arts and craft stuffs and more.

  109. Avatar photo
    Zack Wragg

    This is an awesome art store. They have everything you could need. Such a good selection of card and paper too. I could spend a fortune in here, there is so much great stuff.

  110. Avatar photo
    Wei qi Iiang

    Perfect place for people who love arts! They have all kind of materials, paints, colours, tools, for art and craft. They provide everything you need at reasonable price.

  111. Avatar photo
    Ian Tan

    Always a fun experience to look at their range of art materials.

  112. Avatar photo
    Faridah Marican Original Me

    I love it. Has all the kind of stuffs I like to explore in my creative work…

  113. Avatar photo
    Himanshu Arora

    Good collection but some things are costly
    But you will get mostly everything related to art

  114. Avatar photo
    dee dee Rakhma

    the good about this branch is how neat it is and how easy to find items or helps. better avoid if you saw a number of queue to their cashier as it also means that it is quite crowded.

  115. Avatar photo
    Shiuwen Wong

    A bit expensive but can get everything we need for my daughter ‘s art classes

  116. Avatar photo
    Shuimu 88

    Good range of products for art project to office stationery.

  117. Avatar photo
    Sudheer Kotni

    Excellent stop shop for all your art needs

  118. Avatar photo

    Good place to get all your art supplies but a lot of pram pushing families coming in for stroll and blocking the aisle.

  119. Avatar photo
    Perry Poehlmann

    Huge selection of art goods. Pens, brushes, canvas, and materials, bring along your student id you could get a discount

  120. Avatar photo
    Panu Phumtabtim

    This is the Paradise of artist equipment

  121. Avatar photo

    My most exciting shopping area.. so.much of crafts here.. bought the copic markers and good sketch papers.

  122. Avatar photo
    Seah Wei Feng

    It’s a one stop shop to get everything arts related! They even sell things like red packets and birthday cakes which makes it very convenient.

  123. Avatar photo
    lia Tay

    The variety is much more in compare to the one in Bain street however I do prefer the one in the Bain Street as the staffs is much more helpful.

  124. Avatar photo
    Eunice “Angel” Wong

    It’s rather big and conveniently located at Plaza Singapura. The staff are nice and friendly, and they can quickly direct you to whatever products you need for your projects.

  125. Avatar photo
    Grace Chew

    Have always liked art friend . Well stocked and polite staff

  126. Avatar photo
    shravika agarwal

    One of the best art store I have visited so far in Singapore.. it has a huge collection ..for artists, painters , sculptures, crafters, hobbyists ,kids and adults alike!!
    An art enthusiast can spend hours strolling here without getting to know about the time!
    From the tiniest to the largest , almost all kind of stationary can be found here ..
    Very well organised sections too with international brands.
    A must visit once!

  127. Avatar photo
    Francis Tan

    One of the best art supplies stores locally. Great selection of brushes.

  128. Avatar photo
    yong Lee

    Biggest shop in Singapore for Art and Craft. Many Art and Architecture related people visit here.

  129. Avatar photo
    Nelly Ng

    Grabbed some art materials for my niece. The quality here is better than elsewhere’s.

  130. Avatar photo
    ALIFFI ehpi

    Art students might want to check this place out, you can definitely get what you need there! And it’s much more accessible as compared to the one at Bras basah …

  131. Avatar photo
    amanda lim

    Love the range of art materials available here. Love that their plastic bags are biodegradable. Good pricing too.

  132. Avatar photo
    Musho Pea

    Art stores. This one is convenient! Great supplies! Efficient queue!

  133. Avatar photo
    DiLiP CG

    Everything an art afficionado would want from an art store and some more

  134. Avatar photo
    Gordon Koh

    This is a huge store by any standard in Singapore. If you can’t find your art and craft related items here you probably can’t find it elsewhere in Singapore

  135. Avatar photo
    Aparna Shivakumar

    Visiting there after covid. Felt nice . Staffs are friendly.

  136. Avatar photo
    Faridah Hajarmustika

    A convenient go to art store in a shopping mall in town. Especially after bras basah art shops are closed.

  137. Avatar photo
    Orlando Bley

    Went to Artfriend @ PS today looking for liquid gold leaf. Just wanted to shout out to one of their staff, Uncle Osman who is super efficient and helpful. Felt really touched for his initiative because HE approached me to ask if i needed help. Ps: got his name from the cashier.

  138. Avatar photo
    KK Lim

    Pricey but good quality products. Good place to get art materials. Usually wasted much at cashier. Only one cashier at time. Customer service counter staff, some are really approachable & helpful.

  139. Avatar photo
    Fred Chung

    Bit pricy but they have every craft items

  140. Avatar photo
    Hedges Leo

    You will never leave Art Friend empty handed.. Smaller than the one at Bras Basah but still good selection..

  141. Avatar photo
    Nightfury Matthew

    I couldn’t find what I was looking for (sakura branded markers), but don’t let that stop you from looking at their wide variety of colouring materials available at their location in Orchard! They have multiple coloured papers, canvases, as well as pencils, crayons, markers and much more! I would seriously consider this place as my go to because it just has so much to offer as a store.

  142. Avatar photo
    Noel Boyd

    Possibly the largest art supply store in Singapore but these guys are pricey. I would recommend visiting smaller stores if you’re on a budget.

  143. Avatar photo
    Julia Ng

    I’m not sure if art friend corporate checks this but Peter from the Plaza Singapura branch who was working the shift at around 3pm 23 oct is fantastic! He knows everything about the store and items, and is incredibly pleasant to be around. He put a smile on my face with his jokes and attitude, and I’d just like to leave a thank you note.

  144. Avatar photo
    Mark Stoop

    Art Friend is my favourite art supply store in Singapore, the one at Plaza Sing or Bras Basah are the ones I go to. What do they not have?! Even walking around in the store can give new ideas. If you buy lots get a membership, totally worth it

  145. Avatar photo
    Solomon Tay

    A ton of art supplies. Great place for artists

  146. Avatar photo
    Chris Oh

    V helpful staff at the inventory section. I pre ordered items in bulk and they offered to trolley them to the taxi stand for me.

    Will definitely go back.

  147. Avatar photo
    ZQ Ong

    Everything is arranged neat and orderly. Staff are very helpful! If you need anything related to art and stationary, this is definitely the place to go!

  148. Avatar photo
    Maria Mae

    good range of supplies to choose from. i always come here for to buy things for painting.

  149. Avatar photo
    Lee Teck Leong

    Shop for Art products and accessories. Reasonable pricing.

  150. Avatar photo
    Winston Tan

    Lots of art supplies, but it seems their physical store has been impacted over the years due to online purchases being easier. I remember it having a larger range last time.

  151. Avatar photo
    Felicia Tan

    Good. Has longer operating hours than the Bras Basah outlet. Due to its accessible location, it also tends to have more items go out-of-stock however.

  152. Avatar photo
    Mohsin Khan

    One of the best art supplies stores in Singapore. Not sure how the prices compare to other stores but if you join the loyalty program you can avail a 10% discount on purchases.

  153. Avatar photo
    Loqi ZeKatz

    Love the shop, it’s an art paradise for artlover. However, it was quite cramp, it’s a good thing it was on weekday, so browsing was a lil bit more relax. Have yet to purchase any item from them.

  154. Avatar photo
    Esther Li

    Art Friend is the #1 stop for all artists and crafters. It has practically everything you need. Paper, notebooks, rulers, pens, paint, nibs, packaging, mailing tubes, easels, canvas, and many more. Prices are reasonable too. Highly recommend.

    Tip: it is located down in the basement in B1.

  155. Avatar photo
    Xinchun Hu

    It has abundant supplies of all sorts of art materials that r really interesting!

  156. Avatar photo
    Kristine Khoo

    Everything you need to find for your art and craft supplies,they got it all ! Wide range of varieties!

  157. Avatar photo
    Richard Loat

    The best spot in Singapore to grab your art supplies. Their store is huge and the range of stuff they offer is massive. From pencils, to easels, paints to canvas – they really have it all. Easy to miss as it’s on the ground floor amidst a lot of food joints but really has all you could need.

  158. Avatar photo
    Rekha Krishnan

    This is a go-to store in Plaza Singapura for artists as well as anyone who wants to explore art. A variety of top brands are available like Winsor & Newton, Daler Rowney and Liquitex for painting. You can also find materials for printmaking, sculpture and other forms of art. Craft materials like a variety of glues, boards, threads etc are available.
    A treasure trove for an artist!

  159. Avatar photo
    Sherman TBH

    You can get most of the artist’s stationary here. This is one of the biggest shop around.

  160. Avatar photo
    Shubha Singhi

    Good place for all the art supplies. The staff is very helpful. The place has amazing variety which is sometimes confusing.
    Overall a good experience

  161. Avatar photo
    D D

    Great for art/design related products and they give discounts to design students as well!

  162. Avatar photo
    Juliet Pang

    Before I moved away I always took this for granted, now to buy any art materials I wait 6 months to run my errands. Best.

  163. Avatar photo
    Kim Chern Kuok

    Truly grateful for Kerri’s (ground staff) help in finding and recommending me the materials I need despite her looking pretty occupied.

  164. Avatar photo
    Colin Hong (googlercolin)

    Good art and craft supplies store! There’re many craft needs you can get here, from paints to acrylic rods. However, this branch isn’t as big as the one at Bras Basah.

  165. Avatar photo
    Molly Coddle Her

    Large variety of art supplies catering for young kids and adults alike.

  166. Avatar photo
    Mukund N

    Very friendly staff helped my mom find her paints quickly. Have an excellent collection,a must visit if you are passionate about painting.

  167. Avatar photo

    Most art material can be found here for relatively decent price

  168. Avatar photo
    Faizur Rahman

    Has tons of useful & creative stuff for your arts & craft dreams!

  169. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Ibrahim

    This place is a good place to visit as it have plenty of arts & craft accessories such as water colour paint, multi-coloured paper, Styrofoam, and even DIY kit for making a fancy clock.
    This period, it have plenty of CNY decorations that are unique.

  170. Avatar photo
    RG Soma

    Fantastic place for DIY, Art lovers.

  171. Avatar photo
    Beardy Hulk

    Best place for all art products.

  172. Avatar photo
    Siok Hwee Koh

    Wide variety of art material and staff are super helpful and friendly.

  173. Avatar photo

    This store has a diverse range of content and helpful staff. With their sheer depth of content, their pricing could have taken advantage of desperate customers. But the prices are kept fairly affordable and reasonable.
    Keep up the great service!

  174. Avatar photo
    Delphine Hong

    Lots of art and craft supplies available. Also stock materials u need to build you own DIY

  175. Avatar photo
    tejesh kinariwala

    Great place to find anything art supplies. A bit on the expensive side though. Just walk in there and you will find some interesting medium to work with. Helps with inspiration

  176. Avatar photo
    Danny Lee

    Friendly staff and of course – brilliant place to hunt for your DIY stuff …

  177. Avatar photo
    Yeong Huei Chew

    Excellent place to get all your art and craft supplies. The place is loaded with tons of stuff, might wanna need some assistance to look for what you want

  178. Avatar photo
    Keith Tan

    One of the best places to head to for supplies friendly and knowledgeable staff. Items are value for money. Just be wary, you might just buy more than you bargained for. This is a place I visit at least twice a month, even though I don’t need anything. It’s joy to walk into the store and chat with the sales staff

  179. Avatar photo
    Joren Refuerzo

    This is definitely the place you would want to visit here in SG if you have art and diy projects… they have almost all the supplies that u need.

  180. Avatar photo
    Gary Lim

    Its has everything you probably need for your arts and craft and then some more

  181. Avatar photo
    Indira Jordanio

    For me, this shop offers you the best price for the complete collection of art supplies that they have. Covers all type of arts supplies and you definitely dont want to miss it.

  182. Avatar photo
    Damian Chang

    Well stocked with everything you might need for your art, and prices are reasonable.

  183. Avatar photo
    Wenhao Wong

    Great shop for crafting materials. While smaller than their Clementi store, it still seems to be able to squeeze almost everything and you’d definitely find something interesting during every visit.

  184. Avatar photo
    Elyse Afandi

    This place is my all time favourite because of the wide variety of art supplies they provide. You can find printibg/textiles, paintbrushes, paints, palettes, sketchbooks, paper, copic markers, canvas, papermache and many more! The materials are amazing good quality and despite the prices, it never fails you with the quality.

  185. Avatar photo
    Martin Cropper

    Probably best Art Shop in Singapore because it stocks almost everything you need. Pricey though. Becoming a member gets you a discount that helps make it more reasonable.

  186. Avatar photo
    Rossane Putri

    a lot of choices of art supply, reasonable prices, also super friendly staff

  187. Avatar photo

    Great place to get lots of art supplies! A bit pricey but join as member to get discounts …

  188. Avatar photo
    Andy William

    Alot of art stuffs.. many many Varieties for Designers, Visual Artist and also for Art Painters.. you can find almost anything there.

  189. Avatar photo
    R L

    Every Art needs under one roof. HUGE!

  190. Avatar photo
    Myoga Kaiware

    Can find anything

  191. Avatar photo
    Vivek Aggarwal

    It’s one stop shop for all. Ur art needs, it’s better to take membership if u need art supplies regularly, they keep all different qualities and sizes of products.

  192. Avatar photo
    Derek Goh

    I can find all my needs there…comprehensive 1 stop shop for interior design needs

  193. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ang

    Plenty of art supplies to choose from. But can be a little pricey though.

  194. Avatar photo
    Mail On The Go

    One of my favourite places to go to , though they are expensive they have a wide variety of goods and the staff are quite helpful too!

  195. Avatar photo
    Ch Mu

    Art lovers paradise. Very good place for people who want to shop for art work. Huge collections. They also have some sale going on currently

  196. Avatar photo
    Deepthi Udupa

    Stocks a very good range of art supplies. Lacks printmaking paper varieties though. But great collection of different varieties of paints, craft materials, art materials, easles, canvases, etc

  197. Avatar photo
    C P Wong

    I am a hobbyist artist and find Art Friend sufficient for my needs. One thing though, some if their items are not in very good condition because of excessive browsing by visitors. Art friend should remove those.

  198. Avatar photo
    dee lemon

    I have nothing but praise for this branch. Called up in advance to check if the items I wanted were available. A lady staff patiently looked through her records for me for 3 items. When I went down, the staff on duty felt like they really knew their products well and had genuine passion for their job (at least the vibe I got was that). I really wished I knew the 2 female cashiers names, the nice uncle who helped me test the spray finishings I bought and the lady on the telephone. It’s a DIY craft hobbyist dream place!

  199. Avatar photo
    Nawal Kishor

    Wide range of art items for art enthusiasts .

  200. Avatar photo
    Lance Yeo

    Lots of art material to choose from

  201. Avatar photo
    Raghu Aditya Pulavarthi

    One stop shop for art supplies in SG
    If you are gng there for a second time
    Do take the membership… It’s a great benefit

  202. Avatar photo
    Nadiah Basheer

    Prepare to spend your money not very wisely. Everything a teacher or student or art fiend need is here.

  203. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Sahota

    It’s a one stop shop for all art and craft and DIY requirements. The staff is very friendly and helpful. Super fun shop and it’s very centrally located at plaza singapura with easy access to the dhoby ghaut mrt interchange.

  204. Avatar photo
    Emily M

    An amazing store that will spark your creativity and imagination! Staff are always courteous and helpful!

  205. Avatar photo
    Santa Treats

    Huge place full of art materials. Wide selection but beware of long queues!

  206. Avatar photo

    Have quite a good range of art & craft materials .. at least I got what I needed

  207. Avatar photo
    Paul Welsh

    Well stocked and knowledgable, just wish the isles provided more space to move around, often crowded

  208. Avatar photo
    Zulkhairee Sulaiman

    all your art needs are here. got some citadel paints and they’ve got a wide selection too.

  209. Avatar photo
    Fudge Meister

    Staff are super knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Not as wide a variety as the main store but for one in town is good enough.

  210. Avatar photo
    William Lim

    Great place to search for your art materials to bring out the creative side of you. Lots of raw materials for you to create your own design, decoration and creations.

  211. Avatar photo
    April Hui

    Love this place, helpful stuffs and friendly as well,but I need to say one of the female stuff at the counter are EXTREMELY rude, I was asking her if I could join the member and I don’t know what offended her she almost slam the application form on the table and asked me to fill in with a really bad attitude.

  212. Avatar photo

    there’s this one old man staff and he’s a godsent from heaven. he assisted me because I was confused about where to find my stationary.

  213. Avatar photo
    Sen ___

    Has everything one need for their art journeys from brush to paint to even styrofoam items

  214. Avatar photo
    Peter Wee

    The most complete art and craft supplies store recognized all over the World. Well stock and organised. Easy to browse, shop, and gather ideas when you are in the store. Accomplished artist buys their stock here to promote their master pieces. Come and see to experience the world of creativity Art Friend has to offer

  215. Avatar photo
    Mark B

    It has everything you would need. Get to Plaza Singapura early. The parking is challenging!

  216. Avatar photo
    Abbiey Lim

    The staff are very helpful and cheerful despite every customer is so troublesome.
    Large variety of art stuffs to choose from

  217. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Arif

    My one stop shop for anything and all things arty. I can usually find everything I need here. Do checkout the discount bins too some real gems in there if u look hard enough

  218. Avatar photo
    Mikhail Kennerley

    Easy to get to location and has everything u need for art supplies.

  219. Avatar photo

    Smaller and more compact than the one at Clementi but has most, if not all, of what you’ll need for art supplies.

  220. Avatar photo
    Magic Flower

    its a huge shop with lots of sections, mostly they have everything to start your own business. I found copic markers with great price. its located in basement of the mall.

  221. Avatar photo
    Emmeline Foo

    Good range of some art materials. Price range from affordable to pricy.

  222. Avatar photo

    It has a wide range of art supplies and materials on sale just like the other two stores. However, unlike the other two outlets in Singapore the counter staff and assistants here seem perpetually stressed and not as friendly. That is my observation.

  223. Avatar photo
    N.20 Zee

    My go to place for my resources.
    This time round, i bought fabric paints. These paints last for years of tumbling in the washing machine. I’ve tried on tee shirts and canvas. Colors stay vibrant.
    Art friend has many selections to choose from with a range of student prices. The ones i bought were about 3sgd each.

  224. Avatar photo
    Plu Pully

    Lots of products for draw like glue tap, stickers or large kinds of paper

    But stuff so slow and always need wait long time to pay…

  225. Avatar photo
    Wulan Tilaar

    Artist & crafters heaven! Everything you need, they have it! (Almost ) Love this place …

  226. Avatar photo
    Kartikay Doval

    Wide range of art supplies and friendly staff, in and out in 10 mins!

  227. Avatar photo
    Andrew Khng

    A very good place to shop for art and craft materials as this store is well stocked with supplies.

  228. Avatar photo
    Chia keia seang

    Go place to get all your creativities materials.

  229. Avatar photo

    Don’t let the cashiers pressure you into getting the membership, it’s not worth it.

  230. Avatar photo
    Buddhika Wimalasena

    Best Art supplies , everything under one roof

  231. Avatar photo
    Duncan Yeong

    Able to get all ones needs as far as art/ stationary are concerned. Staff are helpful in helping to locate items / provide directions to find the stuff we wants.

  232. Avatar photo
    Junyang Chen

    A large variety of art supplies, conveniently located in Plaza Singapura

  233. Avatar photo

    A truly one of a kind art shop but the best part is Copic markers! I have always wanted to go to Japan to get Copic markers but it is not easy to go to… But this shop is a life changer! THANK YOU

  234. Avatar photo
    Ray Tay

    Art Friend was the store to go to for art supplies in the 80s. It preceded Straits in terms of variety and pricing. As with most business, its being preceeded by other budding companies like Popular, Overjoyed, etc.

    The store in Plaza Singapura is not as inviting in terms of its setup, lightings, layout and customer service. Also, most of the the pricing of the items sold is definitely not comparable to stores around the Bras Bersah area.

  235. Avatar photo
    lightning snorlax

    Art is gud, and this place seels you reasonably priced stuff to make the gud art

  236. Avatar photo
    Shahar Shani

    Has absolutely everything for art, designing, etc

  237. Avatar photo
    Eunice Tan

    A lot of art supplies here. Love to come here to get my design supplies!!

  238. Avatar photo
    Mail On The Go

    One of my favourite places to go to , though they are expensive they have a wide variety of goods and the staff are quite helpful too!

  239. Avatar photo
    Pavith Charlas (PC)

    Great place for all your art supply needs and all the creative equipments. Friendly stuff that’ll assist and answer your questions to the best of their abilities.

  240. Avatar photo
    Khanisen K

    Best place to get all ur art stuff. Friendly staff who explain on items and recommendations

  241. Avatar photo
    Cordelia Wang

    Staff happily shared her experience as a child making lanterns when I asked for directions to cellophane paper.

  242. Avatar photo
    Mrs Maisel

    One of my favourite places to go stock up on my craft supplies. Staff can be helpful on certain days and most times find you to be a bother when asking about products, stocks etc. The prices aren’t that cheap but it’s the convenience of getting most of your stuff under one roof

  243. Avatar photo
    Sofia A

    Fav place to shop. Ribbons are quite limited in shape and colours. But other than that, they hv everything.

  244. Avatar photo
    Konstantine Stowolosow

    Art friend has all you need for a variety of artistic endeavors. Worth the trip.

  245. Avatar photo
    Esther Li

    Art Friend is the #1 stop for all artists and crafters. It has practically everything you need. Paper, notebooks, rulers, pens, paint, nibs, packaging, mailing tubes, easels, canvas, and many more. Prices are reasonable too. Highly …

  246. Avatar photo

    Great place to get your art supplies. Wide choices of paint, brushes and other artsy stuff

  247. Avatar photo
    David Troncoso

    Good selection of papers and pencils but no strathmore paper. Excellent pricing in fabriano cream sketch

  248. Avatar photo
    Vincent Huang

    Soo many art things, not too expensive, good to search for an art project in one shot, recommended with 10.70 membership for 2 years if often doing arts.

  249. Avatar photo
    Mustaffa Hussain

    I was there to buy some scenic trees for my model trains layout.

  250. Avatar photo
    SY Tan

    Had a good experience buying the items I need at the store. Staff are friendly and knowledge and gave me good recommendations.

    Would come back again if I need anything.

  251. Avatar photo
    Elaine Quek

    Love the range of items. Prob the best for art supplies in Sg

  252. Avatar photo
    Rica Ying

    Overall, the selection is awesome and everyone’s pretty friendly except for this one girl. This afternoon we went to buy some art supplies, I received many help to search for items from three Other staff. However, my experience turned sour when I made payment at the cashier where I was given a bad attitude from this girl with spec and bangs.

  253. Avatar photo
    Marco Savini

    Very big choice of all sorts of artsy utilities, from paper sheets to colour or pencils. Sometimes it’s somewhat hard to orient and find oneself, but chances are you’ll find what you need.

  254. Avatar photo
    Salleh Yeo

    Staff was very helpful in explaining different types and brands of acrylic paint to use on my Crocs.

  255. Avatar photo
    April Gregorio Vblog

    Stationeries and all other art & crafts are almost complete. Only sometimes the staff are rude. But over all is good. The quality of the product is good.

  256. Avatar photo
    jennifer hoang

    Thank you for helping assemble the easel and for Kerri Leong helping me carry it out to the taxi stand! Super friendly service!

  257. Avatar photo
    Peter Kakulas

    A great place to shop for any arts materials and supplies …friendly staff and well stocked. Good prices too!

  258. Avatar photo

    Excellent place for Art shoppers ….. mostly all required stuff available.

  259. Avatar photo
    sean ho

    Friendly Staff and a Wide Variety of Art Materials at their disposal.

  260. Avatar photo
    Shirley NKL

    Great selection of art supplies especially for art enthusiasts like yours truly! Members get a 10% discount off total bill. During their sales period which is now (18 Jul to 14 Aug) the discounts range from 15 to 70% on selected items. Prices are competitive. …

  261. Avatar photo
    Khad B.

    Paradise on earth for art needs. Great selection. Just a bit cramped. Well stocked. Staff very helpful. There is a gentleman working at PS Artfriend who knows his stuff. Will get his name next time. ^_^

  262. Avatar photo
    Andrew Lee

    Art Friend is a friend who offers anything and everything you ever need for making art. The most comprehensive shop selling all things necessary for artworks.

  263. Avatar photo
    KS Lee

    One of the best places for art supplies in Singapore. Reasonably priced and very extensive range of brands and products. Store is well arranged and service is prompt.

  264. Avatar photo
    David Lim

    Great Variety of Art Supplies plus Friendly and Helpful Staff.

  265. Avatar photo
    Ryan Wong

    An excellent place to find special stationery for art or work

  266. Avatar photo

    Some of the items I can find in bras bash, I cannot find in Plaza Singapore . So sad, as I thot I would be able to get them all at Plaza Singapore. Hope they replenish their stocks regularly at Plaza Singapore as this place is more accessible for me.

  267. Avatar photo

    Great place fr art :& craft supplies.

  268. Avatar photo
    Ranna Seah

    It’s a nice and convenient place for art students and art hobbyists. They carried mainly Daler Rowney and Winston Newton materials for paintings but I am seeing a much wider variety of paper selections other than the 2 main brands.

  269. Avatar photo
    shah nadh

    Staff was approachable. Although they have a wide variety of products, they may not have all the products. Best to ask beforehand.

  270. Avatar photo
    Pratik Shah

    Great collection of art supplies, very knowledgeable staff. Would have preferred if the aisles were labelled as well

  271. Avatar photo
    Marvin Lee

    A place that you can find all art related items! Beware,one can get lost in there for hours

  272. Avatar photo
    Slicing Frost Blade

    A very good place for getting art items and lots of varieties to choose from, not sure of the price is considered reasonable/cheap for those high-ends products? But still affordable for most of the things there if you are creative with your work.

  273. Avatar photo
    ヒス / Hissu

    My go-to art supply store. A massive variety of different materials and staff are always open to questions or assistance.

  274. Avatar photo
    GV R

    Singapore’s largest shop to buy any staionary realted to Art. Located at Plaza singapore B1. Very friendly staff

  275. Avatar photo
    Flo Wong

    Overall is good. Should add more varieties on Chinese Caligraphy.

  276. Avatar photo
    Yeo Yu Xin

    Get what you want here for your arts & crafts. Friendly staff that are more than glad to assist you!

  277. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Moi

    They really have a wide range of tools for you to purchase for your own diy projects. The friendly staff that helps you find what you need is a real bonus. They are really professional about their jobs. Highly recommend to come here first and then proceed to spotlight at lvl 6 if you really cannot find what you need.

  278. Avatar photo
    Bryan Obright

    This store has a full selection of art and craft supplies. It carries well known brands from Europe and Japan as well as lesser know but quality products.

    There is a wide variety of paper sizes, types, and quality at reasonable prices.
    Plenty of brushes, paints, and, canvas line the aisle to serve artists in water colour, acrylic, or oil.

    The marker selection is reasonable. It includes the necessities but is a bit lacking in choices at a mid-price point and quality, especially as a set.

    There are quite a few isles for crafters as well, and what this store lacks in options the store next door nicely compliments.

    This is a busy store popular with students in the area, but the staff do a good job checking people through the queue.

  279. Avatar photo
    Samantha Chan

    Usually go here to get supplies for projects and because of its central location. Has a decent range supplies. However, prices are slightly high, items sell out fast and the queue can get quite long.

  280. Avatar photo
    sit handel

    I am an amateur artist and I used to buy drawing and painting materials on line, occasionally I come across problems like quality not as good, or quantity short, or damaged item etc., so I went over to this Art Friend and surprise to find that they have almost everything you need relating in art, you can browse the real stuffs and compare price with various brands etc. It would be wonderful if they could have an ambassador or a PR walking around the shop, offering help and guide to customers!

  281. Avatar photo
    Chloe Lam

    Well stocked art supplies shop with wide range of products for all your art and crafting needs. Staff is helpful and efficient too

  282. Avatar photo
    Choon Ng

    You can find almost anything to do with arts and craft. A comprehensive selection. A little messy and you almost always need help to navigate the aisles.

  283. Avatar photo
    jessy Singh

    They have somethings arts and somethings crafts and everything else in between.

  284. Avatar photo
    Éva Gál

    You can find everything and anything here you may need for your creativity from panting through beads, drawing, sawing and much more

  285. Avatar photo
    Diya Joju

    Alright, just a point of clarification, I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVE Art Friend. It’s so great that they have so many arts and crafts supplies, friendly staff, and you-know-whats. But here’s the thing, the first Art Friend I went to was the Bras Basah one, and while it may seem small, boy is it one huge shop. It had EVERYTHING I ever wanted, including Copics! You could test them out, and while that’s not quite good for the person buying it, you could get a good feel of what you’re working with, and that’s perfect if you’re going to, you know, buy it. So I’d actually give the Bras Basah one a full 5 stars. But, the Plaza Singaura one? Not so much. They have unfriendly stickers all over the place telling you to be considerate to the buyer, and to not scribble and draw and what-not. I get where they’re coming from, I really do, but what if I’m the one who’s buying their products? I need to test it out! But if you’re someone who knows exactly what they want, for example, an E54 copic sketch marker and a Titanium White Daler Rowney watercolor tube, I guess it shouldn’t really matter. I just don’t like the unfriendly feel of the whole place, it’s like a library you can’t read in

  286. Avatar photo
    Dex Goh

    Everything art related, you can get it here. Paints, brushes, DIY to professional equipment are all available.

  287. Avatar photo
    Dheepa Christopher

    Amazing experience with the friendliest staff ever ! Kudos to Mr. Othman, who guided me proficiently through my shopping at the plaza singapura outlet.

  288. Avatar photo
    Pierre lee

    Good place to get my gift box!

  289. Avatar photo
    Lionel Tan

    Lots of stuff in a compact space. Very useful shop to have in Orchard Road. You can find almost any art material you want within the confines of this shop!

    Even if you’re not getting anything in particular, it’s still fun to take a stroll through the aisles to see the wares they have on display.

  290. Avatar photo
    Benedict Teo

    If you are trying to find more obscure items, better to visit their bras basah outlet

  291. Avatar photo
    vincent ng

    Good place to go shopping, can lose track of time if not careful, fascinated by all the cool stuff, didn’t realize was in there for 2hours already

    Got acrylic, plastic sheet, copper pipe, packing peanuts, styrofoam sculptures, fountain pens, hell, they even sell air compressor for sculpting work, truly a one stop shop

  292. Avatar photo
    Ann Lynn Tan

    The size of the art friend is pretty decent. Still not as big as Clementi’s art friend but it had all the things i needed

  293. Avatar photo
    Melissa L

    My interaction with the staff at this outlet has always been a pleasant one. Never sighing or getting frustrated when I ask them for help in looking for stuff. One of the best place that has almost everything I’m looking for!

  294. Avatar photo
    Yilin Tan

    Many art stuffs but abit pricey if not professionals

  295. Avatar photo
    Aditya Sud

    Good place to get all yr Art stuff

  296. Avatar photo

    Great and huge selection of at supplies and other items. A wonderful place to have a look.

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