Review Art Friend, 231 Bain St, Singapore

Review Art Friend - Singapore 231 Bain St

“An amazing and wonderful place to buy all types of art & craft products. I am amazed to see such a great place. Currently the products are on sale.” or “Well organised shop. Easy to find what you need. Wide varieties of art and craft materials. Pretty cheap. Love shopping here.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Art Friend. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Art Friend is quality.

Introduction about Art Friend

Here are some fundamental details regarding Art Friend. In terms of Art supply store, it is generally believed that Art Friendis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 231 Bain St, #03-33, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Art supply store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63369920 (+65 63369920)
  • Website:
  • Address: 231 Bain St, #03-33, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 7:30 PM.


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How to contact Art Friend?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Art Friend via:

Phone number

You can reach Art Friend at 63369920(+65 63369920). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Art Friend via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 231 Bain St, #03-33, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Art Friend reviews

Art Friend is among the best destinations of Art supply store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Art Friend good?

To determine whether Art Friend is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“An amazing and wonderful place to buy all types of art & craft products. I am amazed to see such a great place. Currently the products are on sale.”

“The best comprehensive shopping place for so many hobbies!”

“We had a very good experience at Art Friend, definitely your one stop for most of art craft supplies, but missing needle work supplies (beads, strings, wool). Will definitely be back.”

“I like stationeries. Hence, I love to be at Art Friend.”

“Best place to buy easels & other items, staff are all very helpful & makes my shopping of items easier. Great service & good value! Will buy more from them in future.”

“I liked it. They have everything you'd need to start a fun hobby. Quite a big store, it would have helped if there was proper signage to direct people to the appropriate aisles.”

“My go to shop to buy all my art supplies. Even if I have to get just one item, the atmosphere just make me more creative. You can find almost. (cos I don't know all) any item related to art and craft here.”

“I always love art supply outlets...i just feel creative when i m in there. Must come they got almost anything u need to create, affordable too!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 245 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.7 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 94% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Art Friend, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Art Friend, 231 Bain St, Singapore

There is a total 245 reviews

4.7 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Thitikarn Nithiuthai (Mesy)

    A lot of stationary and also crafts stuffs. Paradise for those who love handicrafts.

  2. Avatar photo
    Aparna Dubey

    You can find all your art needs here. They had a great sales bucket. The cashier was friendly.

  3. Avatar photo

    You find everything you need for your art and craft. All my diaries are also from them. It boost your imagination to create something. Whenever I go, I get inspired. My favorite playground!

  4. Avatar photo
    Ranna Seah

    I love this place since I was a art student since 1997 and the staffs had always been very helpful and patience in answering queries and assisting customers to get the right materials.

  5. Avatar photo
    Aaron Derrick

    If you ever need any craft material. This is it.

  6. Avatar photo
    Fei Fei Chiam

    The oldest Art Friend i ever know. It has been here since… forever? Very well stocked.

  7. Avatar photo
    Finy Mathew

    Well stocked.

  8. Avatar photo
    Steph Wong

    Pretty expensive sometimes

  9. Avatar photo
    Jade Le

    Good place for ppl who love art crafts.

  10. Avatar photo

    Best place for all your Art & Crafts needs in entire Singapore.

  11. Avatar photo
    Pierre Chassaing

    Huge choice of graphic supplies, definitely worth checking if you need paint, papers, pencils but also materials for an architectural model.

  12. Avatar photo
    Chia jitkiat

    Good, lots of stuff that I need!!!

  13. Avatar photo
    Cloudy Cloud (카이윤)

    Wide range of supplies, went on a weekday evening and there was barely people

  14. Avatar photo
    Gwendolyn Desker

    I always love art supply outlets…i just feel creative when i m in there. Must come they got almost anything u need to create, affordable too!

  15. Avatar photo
    Jos M

    My go to shop to buy all my art supplies. Even if I have to get just one item, the atmosphere just make me more creative. You can find almost. (cos I don’t know all) any item related to art and craft here.

  16. Avatar photo
    Shante Yeow

    Oh I did not robbed them. But I did a hang them high with old Clint.

  17. Avatar photo
    Jules Hancock

    An epic shop.

  18. Avatar photo
    Mike L

    Great place to find pretty much anything you need for arts and crafts, and a Gundam/Model store on the same floor around the corner

  19. Avatar photo
    Laura Krajewski

    Have most everything you would need, tons of painting supplies and a variety of different paints, canvases, brushes, etc.

  20. Avatar photo
    Tapia Tapia Wines

    We had a very good experience at Art Friend, definitely your one stop for most of art craft supplies, but missing needle work supplies (beads, strings, wool). Will definitely be back.

  21. Avatar photo

    Arts solution area where you could find ideas

  22. Avatar photo
    Bryan Ong

    Still in business – have most of the art supplies i was looking for!

  23. Avatar photo
    Gerald Burns

    A great place to get anything and everything art/design/modelling kit related.

  24. Avatar photo
    Sunil Pratap

    A very good place to get all types of art materials. …

  25. Avatar photo
    MeltingLove Wattpad

    Okay, well, the place has EVERYTHING related to Art and I mean it. However, they miss out on some really good brands of certain art materials and the place it rather messy.

  26. Avatar photo
    Colin Sim

    Many to buy for art material. Good

  27. Avatar photo
    Thien Tran

    Amazing place to purchase art supply

  28. Avatar photo
    Kinman Cheung

    Widest range of art supplies in Singapore

  29. Avatar photo
    Claire Chua

    I prefer to go to Art Friend for art materials, I can always count on them to find the materials I need with variety of selection

  30. Avatar photo
    Julie Wetenhall

    Fantastic art shop everything for the professional artist to hobbyist. The most comprehensive and reasonably priced actual store, compared to online. With artists materials I prefer to see what I’m buying, particularly if it’s paint, pencils etc. also quality and feel of paper, canvas etc.

  31. Avatar photo
    Thaddaeus Kwok

    A one stop place for all my craft needs. Be it for school or personal projects.

  32. Avatar photo
    Jenny Jeong (Lelle, 렐레)

    It was really very difficult to buy exhibition goods in Singapore City. Product POP purchase success! It’s so happy to be a card!

    싱가폴시티에서 전시회용품을 산다는건 정말 엄청 어려운 일이었다. 제품POP 구매성공! 카드가 된다는건 너무해피!

  33. Avatar photo
    Rui Feng

    It was great

  34. Avatar photo
    Alex Ortega

    you can find almost anything you need that is art related here.

  35. Avatar photo
    Jeannie Jn

    One stop art&craft shop. Can get all i need here

  36. Avatar photo
    Hg Lim

    The merchandise is much better organised and hence easier to find after renovation. Definitely a one-stop must-go place for all sorts of art and craft tools, materials, supplies and small storage boxes.

  37. Avatar photo
    Chou Chui Yuen

    Art material cheaper than other stores. Lots of varieties also.

  38. Avatar photo
    Phill Dunn

    Paint…. Like IKEA… Went in for one thing and came out with a lot more than expected. Lots of fun.

  39. Avatar photo
    suruchi thapar

    Huge collection!! Good quality products

  40. Avatar photo
    James Ong

    A great place for art lover. Plenty of raw materials to choose

  41. Avatar photo
    Bhavna Thyagarajan

    If your looking for any kind of art supplies this is the place to go!

  42. Avatar photo
    Yano Escueta

    Best place to buy Art Supplies!

  43. Avatar photo
    Jothi Lakshmi

    More variety of art materials wide collection

  44. Avatar photo
    Lincoln Lin

    Big, but messy. Hard to find the things you need when the staff are not very friendly

  45. Avatar photo
    Parag Bhatnagar

    Pretty much everything you could possibly need as an artist. This place is massive!

  46. Avatar photo
    hai “im notnhere de” hi

    Found everything i wanted

  47. Avatar photo
    Lee Hy

    Super friendly and helpful staffs. All the supplies you need for art are mostly available here …

  48. Avatar photo
    rapheal azrin

    A great place to get all yr art n craft stuff. Reasonably priced.

  49. Avatar photo

    Pretty much whatever you need abiet a little pricier than what you can get at other places like popular.

  50. Avatar photo
    Robin “Slinger” Tan

    The go to place for all your house hold art needs.

  51. Avatar photo
    jared Lee

    Great place for art supplies but watch out for unfriendly staff

    Cashier literally threw me my change across the counter…

  52. Avatar photo
    Sze Mei NG

    Well organised shop. Easy to find what you need. Wide varieties of art and craft materials. Pretty cheap. Love shopping here.

  53. Avatar photo
    Kerry Bunn

    Great store with everything you could ever need for arts and craft. Good variety and nice service.

  54. Avatar photo
    mok chee

    Wide variety of quality art materials.

  55. Avatar photo
    Meenu Kuttan

    Bst place for art material.

  56. Avatar photo
    Charles Ng

    Staff members are always friendly and willing to help with a smile

  57. Avatar photo

    Quality and variety of products.

  58. Avatar photo
    adiputra singgih

    Superb place with wide range of art and craft supplies.

  59. Avatar photo
    Caleb Remy Ma (Fat)

    Friend indeed. Got most art things.

  60. Avatar photo
    Thanathip Moolvong

    This is a place where you find all art supplies. Whether oil colors, canvas, brushes, you can get them from here. Reasonable prices. Staffs are very helpful.

  61. Avatar photo
    Greg Tay

    Every diy art stuff they have it.

  62. Avatar photo
    Foong Seng

    Alot of art work

  63. Avatar photo

    Trying to update my art supplies…
    This time on water colour supply…

  64. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Jumadi Jamaludin

    Imo if u can’t get ur art supplies fron the other branches, this the one you got to.

  65. Avatar photo
    Benoit Ratigan

    Great selection of art equipment and staff are very helpful

  66. Avatar photo
    aleim c

    Cheap acrylic pieces

  67. Avatar photo
    Di Wang

    Everything you need for art…

  68. Avatar photo
    ha mu

    Exciting place for creators

  69. Avatar photo
    Surasak U

    Must-visit stationery shop


  70. Avatar photo
    Shella Herviana

    A shop that sells complete art tools at a relatively low price. Located in the Bras Basah complex. Provides many needs for artwork. I really like visiting Bras Basah because I can find old and new books at very cheap prices. The location is very easy to find because it is located on the side of the road, access to public transportation is very easy

    Toko yang menjual alat alat kesenian yang lengkap dengan harga yang tergolong murah. Terletak di complex Bras Basah. Menyediakan banyak kebutuhan untuk karya seni. Saya sangat suka mengunjungi Bras Basah karena dapat menemukan buku buku lama ataupun baru dengan harga yang sangat murah. Lokasi sangat mudah ditemukan karena terletak di pinggir jalan, akses transportasi umum sangat mudah

  71. Avatar photo
    cindy sim

    good place to get art materials

  72. Avatar photo
    Mei Ling Wong

    Basically you can find any art material you need. Very kind and supportive staff assisting me when doing my payment. Been here for many years, they have been improving in organising their material.

  73. Avatar photo
    Ethan F.

    Offers unqiue product inventory, DIY items not available elsewhere.

  74. Avatar photo
    Muhd Fadzli

    The original place for arts..

  75. Avatar photo
    Ali Chua

    Very wide selection of art related equipment and supplies in a single place. It will really be your friend when it comes to Art! Staff is also helpful, so if you’re unsure about anything at all, reach out to them and you’d probably have an answer from them.

  76. Avatar photo
    lagan chhabra

    An amazing and wonderful place to buy all types of art & craft products. I am amazed to see such a great place. Currently the products are on sale.

  77. Avatar photo

    Great place for arts supplies.

  78. Avatar photo
    Lexelle de Charmaine

    One of my best go tos when I need to get creative~

  79. Avatar photo
    Puvaneshwaran Govintharaju

    Has everything you require for DIY! Fun to just walk around and see all the items

  80. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tay

    Organized items into sections. And there is a sales assistant in each section to help with your purchase.

  81. Avatar photo
    Himanshu Bhagat

    Going now

  82. Avatar photo
    Janet Tong

    Comprehensive art materials can be found here with reasonable price.

    If you a member, you can get 10% off.

  83. Avatar photo
    Shafwana Shafeek

    The best place to buy all the craft needs under one roof. Compared to outside shops, here its pretty cheap and the quality is soo good. They have different brands so its easy to pick what you need. Shelves are properly organized so you can easily get to the right place. Sustainable materials are available there. If you are a member, you will get discounts.

  84. Avatar photo
    Mo Fayas

    Well Classified but slightly expensive

  85. Avatar photo
    Randhir Prem

    Buy paint ok la

  86. Avatar photo
    gumtae jang

    Recommended for those who are looking for stationery from overseas

    해외에서 오신분들중 문구류를 찾으시는분 추천

  87. Avatar photo
    Jerry Brownell

    The best comprehensive shopping place for so many hobbies!

  88. Avatar photo
    Cheah Susan

    DIY Easter decorations are up for sale.

  89. Avatar photo
    Johnny Be Good

    Art student’s paradise

  90. Avatar photo
    Trevor Teo

    Very well stocked with helpful staff.

  91. Avatar photo

    So many art supplies to choose from

  92. Avatar photo
    sengjin sia

    Always able to find what I want for my arts need.

  93. Avatar photo

    Best store for crafting/handmade items. But expensive

  94. Avatar photo
    Arjun Khara

    Excellent place for stationery and graphic design hardware. Good prices (10% off for members) and good service too.

  95. Avatar photo
    Faridah Hajarmustika

    Friendly & helpful staff. Wide range of art products

  96. Avatar photo
    Dave Holland

    An Artist’s dream. Lovely cashiers

  97. Avatar photo
    S Q

    Best stocked as compared to their other outlets.

  98. Avatar photo
    JinxHead Jo

    Convenient to find any art or just some house hold related stuffs.

  99. Avatar photo
    Jane N

    *The* place in Singapore to get art and craft supplies. It’s the largest of the Art Friend branches too. It’s worth signing up for the membership if you buy supplies regularly – it gives you a 10% discount.

  100. Avatar photo
    amit pawar

    One stop shop for all your art and school needs

  101. Avatar photo
    igor celli

    A bit pricey, but wide range of goods

  102. Avatar photo
    Jennifer Gregory

    Excellent customer service. Can’t beat their selection of products

  103. Avatar photo
    Rudy De Rozario

    Whatapp service is awesome

  104. Avatar photo
    Tze Pin Foo

    Some tools to use can be found.


  105. Avatar photo
    Tamara Zinchik

    Greatest art supplies store in Sg!

  106. Avatar photo
    Saumya Bhargava

    I am a BIG FAN. It is like a dream. They have everything that you need to aid your creative juices. They have everything you need to let those tings running. Located in Bras Basah complex.
    I think I go bersek if I go here and I am learning how to control my urge because I feel like becoming like vincent Van Gogh when I come here. If only I had access to all this stuff when I was a child. This place is JUST AMAZING. Staff is really helpful and gives very usefull advise if you are confused.
    Enjoy your time here. I can spend hours here.

  107. Avatar photo
    lagan chhabra

    An amazing and wonderful place to buy all types of art & craft products. I am amazed to see such a great place. Currently the products are on sale.

  108. Avatar photo
    Kaiyan Leong

    Wide range of items. Was looking for picture frames but the selection of frames were quite limited and dated.

  109. Avatar photo
    ian C

    Best place to get all your arty fix

  110. Avatar photo
    Emilia Ksenia

    This place has EVERYTHING.

  111. Avatar photo
    Anto Noel

    Always find what I need for crafts

  112. Avatar photo
    Jayson Wan

    What I’m looking for is out of stock… …

  113. Avatar photo
    Jason Chin

    Art supplies galore!!!

  114. Avatar photo
    Piqued Wanderer

    Anything u wana get for art related projects, this is the place to go.

    Be it for home or project with friends, this is definitely one of the places u need to go to, at least once. If u have the opportunity to drop by, do drop by. From fine tip pens to pens with brushes, from single colour palettes to multi and more.

    There are alot of choices of foams and wood types too. From circular, egg shapes and even rectangular shapes.. These are just some of the items available.

    So ya, do drop by and make sure u get ur art fixes here..


  115. Avatar photo
    Jason Hang

    There are two big specialist art supply shops in Singapore. This is one of them. The other one is Overjoyed.

  116. Avatar photo
    Ramesh Ramakrishnan Iyer

    One of the best places for buying art materials for creating artworks.

  117. Avatar photo
    Jim Tan

    Great art material one stop shop, here I can always find anything I need.
    Great one stop shop for art items, everything I need here.

    Great art material one stop shop, here I can always find anything I need.

  118. Avatar photo
    Ethan P

    A one-stop shop for a lot of art and experiment supplies/materials. Very friendly staff but sometimes may be a little expensive.

  119. Avatar photo
    Allen Wittert

    Good art stuff

  120. Avatar photo
    Teoh Yi Chie

    This is the biggest art supply shop in Singapore. Prices are quite affordable.

  121. Avatar photo
    malik badaruddin

    anything you need for your next art project can be found here

  122. Avatar photo
    Aparna Addanki

    You need to update your website please. Its been 2 years since there has been nothing in it and everything i want is sold in your shop. Staying away, here in india, you need to update at least the website for prospective customers like me. Thank you.

  123. Avatar photo
    Salehuddin Mohd Said

    It’s your convenient one stop shop for all your arts nic-nacs.

  124. Avatar photo
    Julian Ang

    Got everything I needed

  125. Avatar photo
    mydollccq CCQ

    Excellent! Thanks to the staffs there especially David who has helped me with lot of my questions. Thumbs up to their knowledge and for being very helpful! Thank u! …

  126. Avatar photo
    John Anthony Dassen

    Good u can get all your handicraft needs.

  127. Avatar photo
    Lim Kian Boon

    Very neat.

  128. Avatar photo
    Nigel Mills

    Great store with knowledgeable staff. Huge selection for serious artists as well as a great stuff for a hobbyist like me. If you’ve been trying to find something here in Asia and it has been hard to get if it is not here it’s not possible to get

  129. Avatar photo
    Qi Han Sun

    Alot but not all

  130. Avatar photo
    Fun With Artz



  131. Avatar photo
    Colin Chng

    Pretty big, lots of selections but sadly, didn’t managed to find what I needed.

  132. Avatar photo
    Ran Zhuo Ling Duscha

    I love the art materials there, and the staff were helpful and informative at the items I wanted to get

  133. Avatar photo
    Alan Yip

    Chance upon this place by accident. Not really an art person but found it to be well organized and reasonably priced. Intrigued enough for me to decide on becoming a member. Valid for 2 years and discount on all purchases.

  134. Avatar photo
    Mark Chan

    Still one of the best places to go for all your commercial western art supplies. The staff are helpful and the range of materials is very large. If you are looking for Chinese art supplies, the surrounding shops in the complex are a better bet.

  135. Avatar photo
    Sen ___

    Always a pleasure to go there. It has all of my art need

  136. Avatar photo
    louis loo

    Very comprehensive for people who needs art related accessories.

  137. Avatar photo
    SC MAK

    Nice place

  138. Avatar photo
    Chris Tan

    All your arts and craft supply needs will be found here.

  139. Avatar photo
    John Choo

    Huge art supplies store. Not the cheapest, but the wide variety makes it a one stop shop for all your art needs.

  140. Avatar photo
    Faridah Marican Original Me

    I like stationeries. Hence, I love to be at Art Friend.

  141. Avatar photo

    Big space. Very complete selection of art and craft and design materials

  142. Avatar photo
    damienn foo

    the place was filled a variety of materials that you can buy for ur architecture models, arts & crafts, and any handicraft projects that you plan to start. The place also has excellent customer service, with staff catering your all your needs. They are very friendly, making sure to answer any questions that you have. However, While they do have everything, the price of the materials can be pretty expensive.

  143. Avatar photo
    Truong Nguyen

    Good place for buying art supplies!

  144. Avatar photo
    Jeulia L

    Best place to buy easels & other items, staff are all very helpful & makes my shopping of items easier. Great service & good value! Will buy more from them in future.

  145. Avatar photo
    Philip Goh

    Always avail w good stuff for many creativity people who visit.

  146. Avatar photo
    Alias Hanns

    A must visit for all art enthusiast. Your one-stop place for all your art materials.

  147. Avatar photo
    Joanna Wong YJ

    If there is specific item you are looking for, good to check stock before going

  148. Avatar photo
    Wei Song Teo

    Need materials for your next DIY project? This is the place to go

  149. Avatar photo
    V K

    An art and craft paradise, one-stop shop for almost any craft hobby supplies available in Singapore.

  150. Avatar photo

    Large craft store. Easy to spend loads of money.

  151. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    You will probably find most of what you need at this place. Super comprehensive collection or art related equipment and tools. If you’re not sure of what you need, you can always approach the staff who are also super helpful with offering suggestions on what you may need. Been visiting Artfriend since my secondary school days for almost everything and anything.

  152. Avatar photo
    Dharma Arif Nugroho

    Provide various types of office stationery and many more

    Menyediakan berbagai macam jenis alat tulis kantor dan masih banyak lagi

  153. Avatar photo
    片野祐斗 Yuto Katano

    Found all my art supplies there and I could get lost in there with so many things to buy..if you love arts & crafts, everything can be found here!

  154. Avatar photo
    Samuel Edyson

    Really the most complete art shop, favorite visits for art students. But even then you will still not be able to find certain items, which you have to find by going to other Art Friend branch. Walkways are cramped and difficult to navigate of the shop is crowded.

  155. Avatar photo

    Art Friend has a really wide variety of reasonably priced supplies for all kinds of arts and crafts. From oil painting to papier-mâché to silkscreen printing, they have it all. (Unless you’re looking for dip nib pens and modern calligraphy related stuff. They don’t have much of those.) Overall, still a great place to go if you’re looking for art materials.

  156. Avatar photo
    s f boey

    Good place to get your general art and craft supplies. There are a good selection to choose from…if you need more up market range then this may not be where you find them.

  157. Avatar photo
    Ellie Chung

    Big selection of materials and good prices for members

  158. Avatar photo
    Drew STH

    One-stop art supplies store. Some stuffs can be a tad pricier.

  159. Avatar photo
    Svetlana Boeva

    Lots of choice for art and hobby projects

  160. Avatar photo
    Rex Haozhe Zhang (Rex)

    I love this place and miss it sooooooo much.

  161. Avatar photo
    Prathipraj Devaraj

    Good place for all art supplies.

  162. Avatar photo
    The Green Explorers Singapore

    A wonderful selection for the artist in you!

  163. Avatar photo
    Jone Chong

    A bit small to navigate

  164. Avatar photo
    Lee Yamashita

    Staff are super friendly and helpful! I was able to quickly pick up what I needed with their help.

  165. Avatar photo
    Jean Ho

    High end art products

  166. Avatar photo
    Owen Jones

    Large art store with helpful staff and reasonable prices.

  167. Avatar photo
    Belinda Goh

    You can find all sorts of arts & craft stuff

  168. Avatar photo
    Shela E.

    Helpful staff, can go crazy if you’re a fan of arts and crafts …

  169. Avatar photo
    Bao 阿宝日常

    Huge place with lots of Art and Craft materials , Tools . One stop for all that you need

  170. Avatar photo
    Maria O

    Buy so much art supply

  171. Avatar photo
    kevin beitler

    So much art supplies …

  172. Avatar photo
    Doris Ng

    What a lovely place to shop for art product as they have everything under 1 roof. I’m impressed by the staff Ms Liza Tham for her service. She approached us with her sunny smile to find out what we are looking for as we looked lost. Will definitely be back again!

  173. Avatar photo
    Haikang Tan

    A huge superstore of your art-and-craft needs.

  174. Avatar photo
    Rizkika Rodzan

    Best place for art supplies. Cheap too actually.

  175. Avatar photo

    The go to place for your crafting.

  176. Avatar photo
    Jason Ng

    Friendly staff. You can find all things related to set and craft there.

  177. Avatar photo
    Shafwana Shafeek

    The best place to buy all the craft needs under one roof. Compared to outside shops, here its pretty cheap and the quality is soo good. They have different brands so its easy to pick what you need. Shelves are properly organized so you can easily get to the right place. Sustainable materials are available there. If you are a member, you will get discounts.

  178. Avatar photo
    Adrian Leong

    Get all your art stuffs here

  179. Avatar photo
    Shen Chen

    You can find most arts and craft supplies here, though a wider variety of materials (wood, metal) would be nice.

  180. Avatar photo
    Joanna W

    Awesome art shop, my favourite in Singapore!

  181. Avatar photo
    Edward See

    Place for all art related items

  182. Avatar photo
    iamcrab piyu

    Bought too much stuff…haha

  183. Avatar photo
    Dominic Cordeiro

    Wide selection of paints and art stuff

  184. Avatar photo

    Warm despite air-conditioning

  185. Avatar photo
    Robert Kosan

    My favorite place to browse around and find unique stuff. However, for common supply, go upstairs to Popular for better $$

  186. Avatar photo
    Ming Johansson

    Need time to browse and look for what you need. If u come during your lunch break, maybe not be enough time if you are not familiar with the layout where things are displayed.

    The aircon is not strong so a bit under the collar

  187. Avatar photo
    Douau Putri Fana

    Very good service and easy to get art stuff

  188. Avatar photo

    A amazing place for art lovers

  189. Avatar photo
    Frank Cheung

    Love it!

  190. Avatar photo
    Tracy Tan

    Good service.

  191. Avatar photo
    Wen Xin Chua

    Great selection of art supplies

  192. Avatar photo
    Khengyau Yeoh

    Somewhat overpriced though there is great selection available

  193. Avatar photo
    Siti Nurnashartika Taslim

    The store have almost everything art related.

  194. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Ng

    Wide selection of art stuff

  195. Avatar photo

    Very responsive and knowledgeable staff, well priced art supplies

  196. Avatar photo
    FLW Zizi

    You can find all arts things der

  197. Avatar photo
    Jason Adams

    Everything you need for your art project in one place. Easy to browse and helpful staff.

  198. Avatar photo
    Jay Tan 01


  199. Avatar photo
    Daniel Long

    My latest fave place..

  200. Avatar photo
    Dhev C

    Best place for all Art Supplies

  201. Avatar photo
    Thiew Reagan

    Great place to shop for art supplies..although could be cost a bit more than market price but you are guaranteed the quality and range of products available.

  202. Avatar photo
    Or chee koon

    Still can find things that i need for my acrylic work, many things available for art n craft

  203. Avatar photo
    Melvin Chew

    Good variety of art and craft items.

  204. Avatar photo
    Sha joel

    The staff are always helpful! And definately a one stop centre for me to find all that i need!!

  205. Avatar photo
    Foo Sia Yong

    thank you very much

  206. Avatar photo
    Stefanus Du Toit

    Fantastic art supply store. There are several Art Friend stores in Singapore but this is my favorite due to its size, selection, and central location.

    They have everything from brushes, markers, etc. to a wide array of bristleboard, cardboard, foamboard, to modeling supplies. If you can use it to craft or paint or draw something, you can probably find it here.

  207. Avatar photo
    Patrick Henry de Dios

    For those people who loves to do arts and crafts and happen to be in Singapore, this is place has a large inventory of art supplies and materials which could satisfy your artistic heart at affordable prices.

    This is also a cosplayer’s best friend.

  208. Avatar photo
    Eugene Tan

    Still the best place to go for all your art related equipment.

  209. Avatar photo
    JT Lai

    Alot of art stuffs.

  210. Avatar photo
    Seifer Ikari

    Do try to visit the shop in person for inspiration and art supplies. Not all products are available on the website.

  211. Avatar photo
    kiki amano

    Has everything you need for your art project

  212. Avatar photo
    Tim Lim

    Great place to look for stuff for art and craft. Price wise, slightly on the up side but since their stuff cannot be found anywhere else.

  213. Avatar photo
    Theresa Song

    Need Art things just come to Bras Brasah .

  214. Avatar photo
    Jami “Mdm Jay” Abdu

    Prices here are reasonable. Staff is very helpful and friendly. They really know their products well and have info at their finger tips.

  215. Avatar photo

    The store is still great, but the things are expensive. I saw that the price of a set of color pens on the Internet is half of the price in the store. I am sad. I want to look at watercolor paper next time.


  216. Avatar photo

    Lots of art stuff to choose from.

  217. Avatar photo
    Carol Toh

    Wide range of art suppilers.

  218. Avatar photo
    Aashish Ghosh

    I liked it. They have everything you’d need to start a fun hobby. Quite a big store, it would have helped if there was proper signage to direct people to the appropriate aisles.

  219. Avatar photo
    Chinna Gunda

    Great selection of art work.

  220. Avatar photo
    AI AG

    It’s many years never been to Bras Basah Complex. Good to see ART Friend is still a round. I did not go interested the shop just pass by only. A lot of changes to the BBC. Yesteryears shop that are necessary must stay on this challenging times.

  221. Avatar photo
    Chys Chia

    Great place for all your art work needs!

  222. Avatar photo
    ridz dr

    All your art needs available..

  223. Avatar photo
    Mork Heng

    Everything about art & even home DIY deco

  224. Avatar photo
    Moon Rabbit (Mad Hatter)

    Quite big place to get art supplies, other stores around also may have supplies you need. Check around Bras Basah complex.

  225. Avatar photo
    Hui Hui

    If you want to buy art supplies in Singapore, go here.
    The building looks like a shopping center in an old public corporation…
    You wouldn’t normally notice that there was a large painting material inside.
    Good selection.
    Kuretake’s brush pens and other Japanese products are available, but the prices are so high that it can’t be helped because they are imported.


  226. Avatar photo
    boon siong ng

    Everything art…….available here.

  227. Avatar photo
    mervin oh

    Every art n creative materials you need, it has the range. Helpful staff

  228. Avatar photo
    Nash Tan

    You can find art materials and equipment/tools for your creative art work.

  229. Avatar photo
    Lee Jessie

    Good service and good price

  230. Avatar photo
    Shirley NKL

    A place to meet the varied needs of an art enthusiast like myself. If you frequently need to replenish your art materials, it would be ideal to join as a member to get 10% off your final bill. While I was there recently, the place was rather messy (hence a 4-star) as the outlet is undergoing renovation works. However, the staff were helpful in contacting other branches at Plaza Singapura and Clementi to reserve the items that I needed. Kudos to the staff!

  231. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Chan (J-Chan)

    My “Go To” store for any art supplies

  232. Avatar photo
    Brett Dawkins

    Fab place for kids to pick up loads of arty things… brilliant selection and very affordable

  233. Avatar photo
    Jie Han

    If you can’t find what you want for your art project here, good luck finding it in other shops. They have almost every art supply imaginable. Can spend hours browsing.

  234. Avatar photo
    Le Rock Steady

    The go to place for art and craft supplies. Wide variety with reasonable prices.

  235. Avatar photo
    Una yunita

    Everything about art is here

  236. Avatar photo
    Erina Lau

    Renovation going on right now. Get most of my art supply from here

  237. Avatar photo
    muhammad samsudin

    Variety art and craft supplies

  238. Avatar photo
    Rosaline Lew

    Get what i need

  239. Avatar photo

    Best place for arts and crafts tool!

  240. Avatar photo
    Annabelle C.

    Staff are mostly friendly to help you with your queries. A great place to purchase art materials!

  241. Avatar photo
    Danny Valentin

    Art supplies aplenty

  242. Avatar photo
    Paul Welsh

    Great selection, lots of people around to help, isles are just a bit tight for easy navigation. Backpacks? Fogedabouded.

  243. Avatar photo
    Arun K

    A world for crafts and fine arts. Project items for schools, painting materials for artists, Sewing essentials, Embroidary materials and stationaries for kids – this place is pitstop for these requirements. Its present in 3 places island wide.

  244. Avatar photo
    Magic Flower

    huge shop , has lots of sections. variety stuff ; mostly you’ll find everything you need to start your own business.

    i bought copic markers-36 colors box- with great price, since i was looking for these colors online, but the prices were high. so i bought them from this shop and i got discount after i signed for membership.

  245. Avatar photo
    Johari Muhamad

    Best… Cant find all your art needs there.. Good job

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