Review Apple Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd., Singapore

Review Apple Jewel Changi Airport - Singapore 78 Airport Blvd.

“Two-storey store located near the main entrance of Jewel Changi Airport. Nice design, great service and not as crowded as the Orchard branch.” or “Very nice Apple store! Great experience if you are into this brand.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Apple Jewel Changi Airport. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Apple Jewel Changi Airport is quality.

Introduction about Apple Jewel Changi Airport

Here are some fundamental details regarding Apple Jewel Changi Airport. In terms of Electronics store, it is generally believed that Apple Jewel Changi Airportis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 78 Airport Blvd., #02-234, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Electronics store, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 18004074948 (+65 18004074948)
  • Website:
  • Address: 78 Airport Blvd., #02-234, Singapore
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Detailed information of Apple Jewel Changi Airport

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Here are the operating hours of Apple Jewel Changi Airport.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 10 AM to 10 PM.


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21.55 km22 minute26 minute18 minute

How to contact Apple Jewel Changi Airport?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Apple Jewel Changi Airport via:

Phone number

You can reach Apple Jewel Changi Airport at 18004074948(+65 18004074948). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Apple Jewel Changi Airport via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 78 Airport Blvd., #02-234, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Apple Jewel Changi Airport reviews

Apple Jewel Changi Airport is among the best destinations of Electronics store in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Apple Jewel Changi Airport good?

To determine whether Apple Jewel Changi Airport is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“The store is very gigantic and has a lot of products to try. Staffs are very nice and always ask what I need but not too often which can make us a bit annoyed. Great lighting and cleanliness is very great. …”

“Staffs are super friendly. Prompt service. There are several interesting events/tours they held here too for free. Went for photographic tour and buying some accessories. They even give me corporate discounts.”

“Two-storey store located near the main entrance of Jewel Changi Airport. Nice design, great service and not as crowded as the Orchard branch.”

“Very nice Apple store! Great experience if you are into this brand.”

“Super kind staffs and also tried to find out customers needs and also attentive when collecting my apple watch, thank you for the awesome service apple (;”

“Wonderful Airport & enhanced friendly experience.. You won't see any harsh security checks. You at least need 4-5 Hrs to just glance at this Jewel..”

“Very good service by staff. Was gonna buy the beats earbuds... But no support for head tracking and spatial audio for Android.”

“Awesome, supportive staff. Explain each details in deep, help to resolve your issues. Never disappointed me. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work. Highly recommend this store.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 211 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.8 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 94% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Apple Jewel Changi Airport, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

If you feel services provided by Apple Jewel Changi Airport are not good quality, what should you do?

If you have had an unsatisfactory experience in Apple Jewel Changi Airport, you can leave a comment below and share your experience.

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Review Review Apple Jewel Changi Airport, 78 Airport Blvd., Singapore

There is a total 211 reviews

4.8 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Joshua Hoe

    Thank you apple for the prompt replacement of my spoilt airpods pro! (Static sounds)

    Gave a call to apple support and talked to an advisor since I am using Airpods Pro with an Android phone and wanted to check its manufacturing date, to see if I can replace the airpods.

    The advisor asked for the airpods firmware, serial number and whether it was purchased from an apple store. I told her it was from a credit card promo Singsaver.

    After a while, she said it’s eligible for repair and set me up for an appointment in Jewel airport apple store.

    Headed down there and the staff just asked what’s the problem with it briefly. He took the airpods without the case and tested it in the backroom.

    Both sides had problems and was replaced quickly for free. Thanks once again for the great service from start to finish!

  2. Avatar photo
    Arindam Dutta

    Nice experience. Different from any other mall. Good spread and mix of retail.

  3. Avatar photo
    peter chua

    Feeling for avatar, Jewel@ Changi a place to be. It’s awesome!

  4. Avatar photo
    La Madame NomNom

    I think every sales person there are good. We were being assisted by Kaysen. Impeccable sale service and fast handling. He help accord my CIS discount after I showed him my staff pass. The process completed in less than 15mins I think …

  5. Avatar photo
    biraj mishra

    I went for my Mac book pro, staff were very friendly guiding u literally step by step where to go where to wait. Good customer experience.

  6. Avatar photo

    Visited on a weekday evening, staff was really easy-going and helpful, managed to verify and gave student discount despite me forgetting to bring my student card. Item was in stock and service was efficient and paperless. Do take note they don’t accept capitastar vouchers. That’s the only downside, the rest is beautiful.

  7. Avatar photo
    đức trí nguyễn


  8. Avatar photo

    Booked an appointment before coming so got a staff to assist me in 1-2mins time. Staff is patient helping me choose the ideal combi & let me tried on after sanitizing for my Apple Watch 7. No ready stock so gotta order online. Bought airpod gen 3 here & forgot to ask for paper receipt so couldn’t get the Xmas redemptions for the mall. By the way, they don’t do iChangi rewards here ~

  9. Avatar photo
    Nu Hkm

    There really isn’t a better customer service experience anywhere else in Singapore than at Apple. I bought an item here and I was given 1-to-1 attention by Earl who taught me how to use my device and even offered me customizations for my apple product to suit my needs. Amazing experience!!!!

  10. Avatar photo
    vijay verma

    Awesome, supportive staff. Explain each details in deep, help to resolve your issues. Never disappointed me. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work. Highly recommend this store.

  11. Avatar photo
    John Seah (sgboys)

    Beautiful waterfall & a great variety of shops & restaurants.

  12. Avatar photo

    Apple rocks – and this place certainly rocks and sets the benchmark for IT retailers here. Having a first-class showroom is a given. The gem on the crown is the total customer experience.

    You walk in feeling a million dollar. None of half-hearted mutters you hear elsewhere. You get eye contact, unbridled enthusiasm thar says welcome to the Apple family – even you aren’t yet.

    I asked a few questions on data migration when buying a new device. They have the answers. Same with time machine and icloud. Impressed and ready to buy – the Apple Evangelist advised me to take my time.

    Yeah. Either the iPhone 13 or MacBook Air 13 or Pro14. But it will be from Apple Jewel of course.

  13. Avatar photo

    I just passby, but looks good

  14. Avatar photo
    TN Lam

    Went in to buy an accessories and was help by one of their staff name Earl. He was very helpful and show me how to set up Netflix by connecting my Apple TV to my projector. Save me from buying something that I actually didn’t need.

  15. Avatar photo

    This week is school holiday and there were quite a lot of school going kids as well as Secondary students. I didn’t visit the Apple shop. Bought a few face masks from one of the gift shop.

  16. Avatar photo

    Went to Apple store Jewel to pick up my MacBook Air, was attended by Reh.
    Reh was professional and friendly! asked if its my first Mac, he then went on to introduce some essential features which will help first time Mac users to get started with ease!
    He then intorduced Apple support website and youtube channel which have access to various videos and guides to make optimum use of their products.

    not to mentioned another staff who brought my Macbook to me and verified my details patiently!

    Very pleasant experience picking up my order and made my purchase felt more worthwhile!

    Cheers Reh, appreciate your assistance!

  17. Avatar photo
    Tan Vincent

    Excellent place for photography of the Waterfall @ T1.

  18. Avatar photo
    BrYan LeE

    Not as grand as marina bay sands floating Apple but still look simple n classic as Apple… 2 level of simple classic interior design…

  19. Avatar photo
    Sameer Khan

    One of the best moments in service delivery.
    It’s a shame, I can’t recall the gentleman’s name, at this moment. He was welcoming, pleasant, and helped me collect my online purchase, providing all necessary information. Magnificent experience

  20. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Ong

    Thank you Wayne (Ong) for the Excellent after-sale service!

    Even though we didn’t get the phone thru Wayne, he was really friendly, reassuring and helpful when we went back 2 hours after the purchase with some questions by my teenage niece on her first iphone.

    He even arranged a call back service to be made to my niece to “check” on her next week if she encounters any issues on her new phone. He also reassured us that if we really don’t like the phone we could return it within 7 days after the purchase – but he also added that we will not regret the purchase! Hahaha!! Thank you Wayne for the reassurance and I’m sure my niece is very happy with her iPhone 13.

    My suggestion to Apple: send Wayne to train the staff at iStudio (@PLQ) they are horrible and their bad attitude left stains on your product!

  21. Avatar photo
    Passenger's Lover

    The store is very gigantic and has a lot of products to try. Staffs are very nice and always ask what I need but not too often which can make us a bit annoyed. Great lighting and cleanliness is very great. …

  22. Avatar photo
    Haja Mohideen

    Getting back to normal. Soon it will be crowded with so many options to enjoy.

  23. Avatar photo

    THE SERVICE WAS AMAZING, there were 2 levels in the apple store and i went to fix my airpod pro’s there. ahhhh i cannot describe the service its just very good, so cool …

  24. Avatar photo
    Shaun Siah

    Great experience. Staff were very professional especially in this environment. Kudos to Valmond for his help in getting my phone display fixed.

  25. Avatar photo

    Visited twice and had an excellent experience both times. Staff were really helpful and social distancing measures are enforced quite strictly here. A shoutout to Sam – he was patient and knowledgeable when answering our enquiries about our existing Apple products. It is best to book a shopping appointment on the Apple website to avoid having to queue.

  26. Avatar photo Siena Vernas

    My husband and I were very fortunate to be attended by Voltz. He’s very friendly and sincere to help us to get our Apple Pencil fixed. We were very grateful for his help. Thanks Voltz!

  27. Avatar photo
    James Watling

    Outstanding customer service.

    Thank you to Apple at Jewel and to Jeremy there for quickly replacing a faulty Magsafe 2 charger purchased a few months previously. No fuss, no questions asked just took good care of a loyal Apple customer and switched out the faulty unit for a new one (last one in stock luckily).

    Excellent service and another great Apple retail experience. Thank you Apple team at Jewel!


  28. Avatar photo
    John Nueva

    Jewel and Orchard hands down the best customer experience ever. Haven’t been in Marina but I’m sure is the same experience. Shopping and Genius Bar the best.

  29. Avatar photo
    Phyllis Qkj

    Came down to fix my iPhone. Seamless integration of booking and then appearing with my iPhone. Checked it and got repaired in 2 hours.

  30. Avatar photo
    Victor Oger

    They didn’t give me tax free, because they don’t know how or are too lazy to do it, and I lost money!

  31. Avatar photo
    Shauna Teo

    i went to the apple store in jewel changi airport today (24/06/2022) at around 1230 looking to receive help with my airpods max as i had been experiencing connectivity issues with it for a long time. i was greeted by a staff at the door, who promptly helped me make an appointment for 20 minutes later and when i returned for the appointment, i was approached almost immediately by an apple genius named Mo. Mo was very helpful and very knowledgeable, and helped me send my airpods to their service centre. he was also thorough in going through the legalities of the servicing process and walked me through it every step of the way. the service at the apple store in jewel changi airport is absolutely impeccable and i have had countless of good experiences with the service and the staff!

  32. Avatar photo
    Sujit Patil

    Amazing Experience. Engineering Marvel

  33. Avatar photo
    Lesnar Chen

    Booked an appointment to collect my Apple Watch. Checking in is fast and easy.
    Staff are very friendly, similar to all other Apple stores.

  34. Avatar photo

    Super kind staffs and also tried to find out customers needs and also attentive when collecting my apple watch, thank you for the awesome service apple (;

  35. Avatar photo

    Nice expirence, now it’s really a good time to go but still crowded but not as bad as during precovid

  36. Avatar photo
    Mingli Chen

    Was served by Jeremy as my laptop was having some problems with my display. He was really helpful and knowledgeable. The efficency of the staff was truly amazing as they managed to get the repair for my mac book done within a day and I could collect it the day after.

  37. Avatar photo
    C C

    Was assisted by Azilah, she was so helpful and kind to answer all my questions! Thank you! I gained some insights from her!

  38. Avatar photo
    Abir Bye

    Even though the store is crowded. They managed to assist others.

  39. Avatar photo
    KaiQi Wong

    Bought a new toy for myself
    Thanks to Alexa for the great customer service. …

  40. Avatar photo
    Syahirah Halim

    First time buying Apple products at the Apple store itself. I’ve always bought stuff from resellers. Amazing service, got greeted once I walked in and the guy asked if I needed any help. So I told him I wanted to get an iPhone 11 Pro, he showed me to his colleague who was great, he explained the prices, features of the phone, why I should get AppleCare and recommended me to get the screen protector as well. He wasn’t trying to up sell anything, but gave honest opinions on what is worth getting. 5 stars, I’ll be back to get my Apple Watch in the future. Thank you!

  41. Avatar photo
    Qinxuan Lim

    Great service, staff are every polite and they’ll try their best to fulfill you requirement. I liked it

  42. Avatar photo
    Tommy Tan

    Back here for lunch, the food was great, I enjoyed it very much.

  43. Avatar photo
    Ed Chua

    Greatest experience here. Customer service was top-notch! Already a fan of Apple using iphone, ipad and MacBook Pro. Coming to this store and experiencing their customer service has made me a lifetime fan! Let’s hope the products keep improving, and customer service remains the same!

  44. Avatar photo
    Gari Tanaia

    Yes the JEWEL CHANGI AIRPORT…, this place…. is must to visit., the place is nice and clean… and I believe every tourist will agree with it.

  45. Avatar photo

    Azilah is an awesome ambassador of Apple @ Jewel. Spent much of her time explaining the products to me. Even though I walked away empty handed because I decided on engraving, she was still professional and friendly throughout. Thanks Azilah!

  46. Avatar photo
    Jyeo Teow Hee

    8 storeys of retails shops, restaurants and cafes of all types of cuisines from fast food, casual to fine dinings
    Extremely Long walkways.
    Basement one leading to public buses to city

  47. Avatar photo
    Helm Zulkifli

    Went down to this store by appointment to have my product checked for some issue. I was 15mins early. However waited for half an hour, realised some came after me even after my scheduled time and got attended to first. I checked with staff but was told they were attended first as their appointment was before mine. I told them i think its not fair to those who came early and on time if those had their appointment earlier timing but came late and still got attended to first. So Amy (if I’m not mistaken) was very apologetic about the situation. Then staff by the Name Mo attended to me. I would like to commend these 2 staff for the service rendered. Their customer service recovery was top notch. They were very polite. Kept apologising even though i told them it’s ok, it’s just a small matter. I understand at times things might be overlooked during peak periods. With such attitude, I believe they would go far. I hope apple should value and reward such staff in certain ways. Thank you for the experience and wish both of u the best.

  48. Avatar photo
    Ong Teck Keong

    Today went Apple Store @ Jewel to change the faulty ocean strap and was served by staff Nick wry polite staff and share with me some of the Apple care products great job Nick keep up the attitude enjoy Apple staff service great …

  49. Avatar photo
    juhi kurup

    staff was super friendly and efficient! had a great experience there

  50. Avatar photo
    Afiq R

    Did a replacement for a airpods pro, super easy transaction.

    Definitely a pleasant experience.

    Booking via Apple website is required for product exchange/ repair.

  51. Avatar photo
    Nur Aishah

    Love the ambience and service as always! ️

  52. Avatar photo
    movies future technology

    Most popular airport in Singapore and Asian

  53. Avatar photo
    Jarrell Raphael

    After going to 2 other avenues for MacBook repair, Nelson pretty much solved the issue in 15 minutes. He went above and beyond in solving the issue.

    He explained the issue, solved it and showed me how I could solve it myself in the future as well. He ran diagnostics to find other issues I might not have caught and advised me how I can maintain my MacBook too.

    He was very professional and clear on top of the fact that he was super nice.

    If any of you are reading this and are wondering if you should go to an authorised service provider, I highly recommend that you GO HERE INSTEAD. Maybe even ask for Nelson. He’s cool. Promote the man or something

  54. Avatar photo

    Customer service is not as good as other outlet

  55. Avatar photo
    Dennis Low

    Arrived here on appointment timing, staff could not fine my appointment on their system. Had to show them the appointment emails as proof of appointment for entry. However was greeted with smiles and served by Alexa. She was very pleasant and welcoming. She was very patient and willing to repeat the same answers for the questions that she had probably heard a thousands times during her shift in a day. Had a great Apple store shopping experience. Even though I spent $1700 on apple products. It’s less painful given the good experience I experienced from Alexa.

  56. Avatar photo
    Felicia Lim

    Apple store at Jewel is the best store to shop in Singapore! Visited the store at least 4 times in the past 2 months and purchased a few of their products. Every shopping experience was fantastic! Staff are very knowledgeable and willing to make genuine connection. Purchase process was easy and able to get the help I want! Deserve more than 5 stars!

  57. Avatar photo
    k s

    i bought a watch series 8, staff were helpful to set it up …

  58. Avatar photo

    Apple’s first Apple store in an airport which is also located in Singapore’s largest shopping mall! Lovely place!

  59. Avatar photo
    Jenny Lim

    The place to spend your time strolling and eating is worth it. The Jewel draws me there with many food outlets to choose from.

  60. Avatar photo
    Manikandan Ramakrishnan

    busy i ,got my online order with out delay

  61. Avatar photo
    Hian Tan

    My first time at the Apple Jewel store. It’s what you would expect: friendly staff on hand to help with recommendations. It wasn’t busy and the staff took the time to help out with the different AirPods. Walked away happy…

  62. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Koh

    Ask for air tag function, one of the assistant ask me to wait but never come back …

  63. Avatar photo
    Sean Kheng

    Excellent service. Took less than 36 hours to service laptop. Staff and their service were super awesome, fast efficient, friendly, helpful. Well done …

  64. Avatar photo
    Tue Linh Nguyen Le

    Two-storey store located near the main entrance of Jewel Changi Airport. Nice design, great service and not as crowded as the Orchard branch.

  65. Avatar photo
    Gek Triana

    While waiting for my boarding time, I go to the Apple store located at Jewel Changi Airport to buy Apple products. The staff is very helpful and friendly.

  66. Avatar photo
    Srd G Bains

    Good although not many shops opened in level B1.
    Business is as usual you can get lots of food n can go shopping.
    Still eating places are very crownded many on weekends .
    Food quality n taste is good .

  67. Avatar photo
    Sheri Mae Berad

    Happy to be here.. Nice people.easy internet access

  68. Avatar photo
    SAAziz S M

    The wow factor happens only in the first visit. After the next couple visits later you just look for good food and big discounts.

  69. Avatar photo
    R C

    Loved the service rendered by all the staff, especially Mr Anand and Mr Jeremy. Help is given promptly and politely. The seamless integration between retail and backend stock, Appointment management, and product display has left me deeply impressed. Will purchase our future Apple devices at this store.

  70. Avatar photo
    Nic Lim

    Great service! All the staff greeted and while waiting, they really focus on customer service experience, approach you to make sure you are ok, will be back …

  71. Avatar photo
    Lakshmanan Palaniappan

    It is a very spacious shop and they follow covid guidelines strictly.
    Very limited number of people allowed inside at any point in time so be prepared for long queues especially in Jewel.
    I went there with an appointment for service and the response was pretty fast and the quality of service is good.

  72. Avatar photo
    Arbi 7

    Humongous and surely has many things for everyone. Wide variety of restaurants and international brands to done and shop at. Many activities to do as well such as the climbing nets and the museum. Fun and exciting for everyone!

  73. Avatar photo
    Jervis Lalramnghaka C

    Beautiful decorations. Good place to shop.

  74. Avatar photo
    Tue Linh Nguyen Le

    Two-storey store located near the main entrance of Jewel Changi Airport. Nice design, great service and not as crowded as the Orchard branch.

  75. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Rizwanudeen

    Awesome smooth effortless experience. From setting appointment with Mr Azman to a Specialist Assistance from Mr Voltz and Mr Marcos! 100% tiptop. Mr Voltz is example of excellent CS! Thank you again. That’s why it’s genius! Special mention to Mr Vell as well!

  76. Avatar photo
    Christina Kong

    Great place, lots to see & good eatery

  77. Avatar photo
    Tom Filochowski

    Family oriented and for, couples. Relaxing and a good choice of play options and food options.

  78. Avatar photo
    Louise T

    The staff at Apple Jewel are friendly and approachable. I’m impressed for the great customer service provided by Aaron, Mo and Afiq. The team did a great job on following up with my issue and they were exceptionally helpful in expediting my case. Many thanks for all the help and service! Very good public relation!

  79. Avatar photo
    Passenger's Lover

    The store is very gigantic and has a lot of products to try. Staffs are very nice and always ask what I need but not too often which can make us a bit annoyed. Great lighting and cleanliness is very great.

    I love this store so much but i think there are 2 more stores are bigger than this one in Singapore

  80. Avatar photo
    Rakesh SP

    Hey, is apple watch series 7 45mm Midnight black available?

  81. Avatar photo

    Had my phone and tablet serviced at this outlet, and the experience was very pleasant and trouble-free. One of my favorite outlets in Singapore.

  82. Avatar photo
    Muhd Ayub

    Store is minimalistic and nice to look at. Items are laid out exquisitely with each type of electronic device in each section of store. Space wise is quite spacious due to simple furniture design and placement.

  83. Avatar photo
    Michele Chen

    Was there before 6am and none of the stores are opened . There are no food or breakfast outlets were opened when my guests have arrived and had clearance from customs. Anyway, shall come back with my guests again to support the outlets as well as visiting the Jewel as we all are proud of it …

  84. Avatar photo
    Ye Moe Hein

    Nice and fast customer service. I got My Mac book from there.

  85. Avatar photo
    CheartC Lyn

    Great place, plenty of good food..good if you have a whole day time to spend there.

  86. Avatar photo
    Yeoh JiaWei

    very good service for Voltz Thx bro for helping my Airpod out …

  87. Avatar photo
    James R T

    Great service and friendly staff!

    Had to replace an iPhone 6 battery, which is considered to be quite outdated at 2021. Only waited for about 10-15 minutes after my online reservation time and the replacement process only took about 35-40 minutes. Staff was very understanding and during the chat at the Genius Bar, they informed me of all the possible causes of error, courses of action that they would take during the replacement process, as well as potential issues that might crop up in the future (good effort on some transparency!). They also shared some stories of other customers who had the same issue as me, and advised me of the choices that I had so that I was able to make a better informed decision.

    Will recommend for those who experience any issues with their Apple devices!

  88. Avatar photo

    I usually don’t remember Staff’s name. But I was astounded by the great service rendered by the staffs there. Self collecting of order was a breeze. They’re very helpful in answering enquires and enthusiastic in providing service. The store has a very clean minimalist look as well.

  89. Avatar photo
    thomas choo

    Got there before lunch as a walk in. Creating an appt for the Genius Bar a breeze. Camellia was friendly and amazing. Although couldn’t resolve the issue as this particular iPhone was a managed device, it was a great client experience.

  90. Avatar photo
    Lee Steven

    My daughter went to service her ipod and got a replacement cos it’s not functioning well. Serviced by a very polite, jovial young man Isaacs. …

  91. Avatar photo
    Faustin Benedict

    This Apple show room has varieties of their brand all in one, very cosy n fast service n friendly service.

  92. Avatar photo

    Awesome people work here.

  93. Avatar photo
    Mary Ong

    After 3 years not moving around is a wonderful experience will come back soon with more time to explore today not much time to explore

  94. Avatar photo
    Aneta Lysáková

    Very nice Apple store! Great experience if you are into this brand.

  95. Avatar photo
    raven Han

    A long hour or more wait before entering the premise is a norm nowadays. On-the-spot booking for appointment will be made upon confirming with ground staffs purpose of visit. Worth the long wait with their excellent service rendered. Patience is virtue for every visit in this premise.

  96. Avatar photo
    DA SC

    Well organized airport, friendly staff, nice Kris lounge but joint of crowded in the morning

  97. Avatar photo

    Really helpful and friendly staff despite them being quite busy. Had made an appt for my computer issue and the staff that attended to me first was really nice and took the time to explain what was going to roll out during my appt. Great thanks to jack, I believe a specialist or comp technician, who patiently arranged and completed my diagnosis. Thank you Apple, for putting your consumers first before products.

  98. Avatar photo
    Francis Ng

    A beautiful place to visit. After sitting there for a while forget that it is an airport terminal. For a moment it felt like I am in a shopping mall. A good place to visit for the elderly as plenty of sitting area.
    Correction didn’t visit Apple shop but visited the terminal. So wrong comment. Apology.

  99. Avatar photo
    DE Wanderers

    Visit by reservation but can walk-in and Apple staff will book you for a specific time then you can come back at that time to be able to come in. Staffs are friendly and the one that assisted me gave his honest opinions about the product and give me some tips about Apple Care.

  100. Avatar photo
    Baru View

    The only apple stores in Jewel.

  101. Avatar photo
    Sven Sorensen

    Very nice airport

  102. Avatar photo
    Satish Lakkavajjala

    Great place to hang out with Family and Friends.

  103. Avatar photo

    Love the splashing of water with the mist that gets on your skin. Many eateries and watering holes to meet your needs

  104. Avatar photo
    Aussie Tours

    Its beautiful like in the movie hunger games. Its not yet open as its2.50 am. It will open by 9 am.

  105. Avatar photo
    Vishweshwara Ramamurthy

    Great service quality. Alan helped me chose an Apple Watch, helped me with the billing for gst refund etc…

  106. Avatar photo
    2babytugs bear

    Kudos to Dennise who was really friendly and gave me a cool intro of the functions and resources for the new device I was purchasing!

  107. Avatar photo
    Li Davis

    The queue was really fast. Separate queue for those picking up paid orders and those wanting to browse in the shop. Less than 5 mins of waiting I got my product and left.

  108. Avatar photo
    Shawn Lim

    “Why pay $75 for a battery replacement at Apple?” you ask.

    Let me tell you.

    Notice your battery life markedly reduced?

    Check Battery settings.

    Status: Service.

    Click on the link and proceed to make an appointment for battery replacement at an Apple store of your choice. Detailed instructions and information for your service request ie backing up.

    They expect you before you arrive, show you to the bar where a Genius comes to you. Warmly welcomes you and promptly runs a quick diagnostic to make sure there are no other issues.

    Gives you a detailed rundown of what’s going to happen next, asks if you had lunch since you’ll need your TraceTogether.

    If nothing else, expect to have your phone back in approx 45 min.

    Sat outside the store, read my Kindle.

    Show up at the specified time, shown to the bar once again.

    Genius shows up with my phone, asks if there’s anything else he can assist with, promptly takes payment with a wave of my card, informs me receipt is in my email and I have warranty for 90 days.

    Fast, efficient, predictable with typical laidback Californian hospitality.

    $75 for peace of mind.

  109. Avatar photo
    Kim Elldee

    This area always full appoinment but i am wanna all booked they here to buy? My kid so sad she was rejected to walk in . Maybe she is still teen so the ang mo seller just close her case telling her full appoinment. When i come to meet her. Her face so sad . I told her i here to buy something i dont thing so Apple open a big shop they not welcome walk in customer to buy stuff. So i come here after my dinner. Another Chinese guy service better at least said anything i can help u. We was told appoinment. Of course i go straight to the point. I am here to buy stuff. So he arrange us to get in. However it might also be due to the fact that My kid never mention the key objective here to buy stuffs

  110. Avatar photo
    Janardhan Narayana

    Wonderful Airport & enhanced friendly experience.. You won’t see any harsh security checks. You at least need 4-5 Hrs to just glance at this Jewel..

  111. Avatar photo
    Xenocide Duke

    It’s always a pleasure to visit any Apple store. Apple at Jewel is, a jewel. It’s big and spacious and well organised. Something you would expect of Apple. The upper care level is even better. Full glass windows where u can peep down to see the crowd below and opposite facing Nike store. Staffs are all very friendly and patient. Added security due to pandemic and strict crowd control is also in place.

  112. Avatar photo
    K.L Jian Wei

    Very nice and relaxing place. Ideal place for some inspiration of ideas or enjoy the sea breeze waves-sound like…

  113. Avatar photo
    Deema Yanni Ma'at

    Overall good visit. Staffs were friendly.

  114. Avatar photo
    Lyndon Lim PC

    Went to Apple Store ready to buy my MacBook Pro. But the service staff “Reh”, asked me about my uses and recommended me a more suitable configuration for my use. Saved me lots of $ thanks brother.

  115. Avatar photo
    Tony Tan

    Love this shopping and food paradise that’s adjacent to the Changi airport terminal 1.
    Lots of brands are located here.
    Great food, reasonable prices, great feeling of the outdoors with the central piece of the cascading waterfall, lots of trees and greenery – that’s what an airport should be like.
    Thumbs up to the architects and management of Changi and Jewel.

  116. Avatar photo
    Samuel Lim

    When there to repair my airpod pro, staffs there are very friendly and have a warm welcome to us as a customer.

  117. Avatar photo
    Joel H

    Visited here today and was served by a staff named Earl. He was friendly, polite and patient in answering every questions that was raised by us. He was also actively sharing his knowledge about the enquired apple products. Excellent service.

  118. Avatar photo
    P H

    Would like to commend kimberley! Friendly and very professional!

  119. Avatar photo
    Pauline Wan

    Lava served me and she is like a walking Apple encyclopedia! That is very helpful when one is in a rush but have not made a decision yet. She was cheerful and works fast. I was in and out within 15 minutes

  120. Avatar photo
    Steven Carlo

    Very good service by staff. Was gonna buy the beats earbuds… But no support for head tracking and spatial audio for Android.

  121. Avatar photo
    Illa J

    I was there to rectify my girl handphone. However due to the major faulty by the user, the repair work expanded my expenditure, im glad that Earl and his colleague rendered their help to advise us what is the best option. After much consideration, we purchased a new iphone as my girl is extremely loyal to Haha … im glad and amuse by the help rendered by Earl and the staff there, they were so friendly, professional, skillful, patient and competent. Overall, compared to other brand, i felt that Apple’s staff are genuine and sincere. The positive atmosphere with it open concept, and especially the positive and professional way of the staff desire me to switch to apple. Thank you so much for making our time less hassle and we felt so comfortable during patrolling at your shop and worth the time and purchase of the product. Salute you guys!!! Thumbsup and keep it up the service excellence. THANK YOU and pls stay safe.

  122. Avatar photo
    Grace Lim

    My airpods pro needed repair so I booked an appointment for the Genius Bar here. Employees are welcoming, bubbly and friendly. I did have to wait a bit for a Genius to serve me due to the number of other customers, but the service was great. Many thanks to Jackie for being patient and walking me through the problems, showed me that the airpods was working fine and answered my questions. Enjoyed the chat and the warmth from everyone!

  123. Avatar photo
    kat world

    Most beautiful airport in Asia

  124. Avatar photo
    Desmond Sim

    Typical Apple store with nicely designed furnishings. Appointment ran a bit late, waited about 20 mins in total but staff were nice throughout although it felt unnatural.

  125. Avatar photo
    Jason Kv

    Not as crowded as before.
    Hope the crowd return so the shop keepers can stay afloat.

  126. Avatar photo
    Elaine Chee

    Bought my first MacBook at jewel tdy. Had great experience with the staff here. Kudos to Shah that provide excellent service . Her professionalism and product knowledge were tip top ! Thank you again for the excellent experience …

  127. Avatar photo
    SC OTS

    Genuinely want to thank this particular staff name “Claire”. She is truely a world class service provider. Every single time she served me , assisting with all my purchases ranging from MacBooks Pro , AirPods Pro and Airpods max and even iPhones Pro max, I feel very satisfied over and beyond . Claire is very respectful, soft spoken , patient, responsible and quick witted. She deserves more than she currently at. Unparalleled, Unprecedented service quality. Hope to continue buying more Apple products assisted by her. I hope Apple Jewel sees this and bring this up to her and the higher up.

  128. Avatar photo

    It’s good

  129. Avatar photo
    David Foo

    Shopping at the Apple store in Jewel Changi has been the most outstanding retail experience I have had for many years in Singapore. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by one of the numerous team members, and brought over to view the product I was after ( I was there to buy an ipad). After deciding on the model and accessories I wanted, another team member brought over my items to me, and the original team member never left my side. He then proceeded to process payment for me via his portable device, and offered interest free instalments for 12 / 24 months on my OCBC credit card (I didn’t even know this was an option up till this point). After checking out, the team member brings me to the 2nd floor, to a large spacious area, where he helps me to set up my ipad, set up my accessories, and checks if I would like to learn anything about my ipad. At the end of it, I walked out of the store feeling as if Apple had just given me an ipad. Everything about the experience was so customer oriented. If I could give this review 6 stars I would.

  130. Avatar photo
    Paing Moe Nyein

    Great Service, Nice Experience

  131. Avatar photo
    Lydia Tan

    A big shout out and special thanks to Mr Mo, who was very patient and helpful in assisting me to revive my phone. Thank you for saving the day!

  132. Avatar photo
    Gan Da

    Pleasant experience. Arrived 15mins prior to my appointment, and was directed to wait upstairs for the specialist. To my surprise, the assigned specialist appeared beside me before I even reached the stairs. What efficiency!

    Professional customer service by Afiqah. It almost didn’t felt like I was in Singapore.

  133. Avatar photo
    Joyce H

    Went down to pick up a MacBook and the experience was wonderful. Every staff was friendly and welcoming. I was pleasantly surprised when they gladly allowed my friend to temporarily charge his iPhone that was low on batt using one of the display phone’s charger while waiting. I collected my order within 10 mins.

    While we were there today at 4pm, there was also a live iPhone photography workshop. It was fun and interactive, and the 8-10 customers there were focused on the lady presenter who was very engaging. I think it is a great initiative and could be conducted more often.

    The Apple Store in Jewel Changi is spacious and clean with lots of products displayed on 2 floors and sufficiently staffed to serve every customer. Apple’s customer service is indeed top-notch!

  134. Avatar photo
    Wai Man

    Your average shopping center. So many of these around trying to outdo each other.

  135. Avatar photo
    Harrie Bloom

    Apple has the best customer service in this universe! Many visits to different flagship stores of Apple, always greeted and served by friendly staffs. Very pleasant experience.

  136. Avatar photo
    Gobinath Dharun

    Very nice place to visit Jewel at Changi Airport

  137. Avatar photo
    Elmer Al Adventures

    Very nice place!

  138. Avatar photo
    Henry Tang

    Very helpful staff, went in for a lower range model came out with what we needed, the right model by spending a bit more. Helpful staff, clean and secured environment (against Covid), might have to schedule an appointment if it’s busy period like weekends or evenings but otherwise worth it.

    Downside: cannot collect capital mall and Changi reward points, be aware.

  139. Avatar photo
    Sam Pang

    The experience was inmmersive and fun. A good place for family.

  140. Avatar photo
    Titan KH

    Been there replacing my iphone x battery during a Saturday without online booking.
    overall experience is pretty good, small queue, good crowd control, warm greetings, collection time is on time.


  141. Avatar photo
    Ryan Lee

    Iphone 13 screen display broke, came down to apple jewel , was attended to by Voltz and Ika. Amazing efficient service

  142. Avatar photo
    Sau Yang

    Came to fix my AirPods and the staff that assisted me Voltz was really helpful and friendly and made sure I had a great service

  143. Avatar photo
    YLong Tan

    Great experience fixing my iPhone battery here. Despite Public Holiday (9 Aug), very efficient booking system, staff attending to me friendly and fast (Afiq and Michael). Beautiful store layout inside and outside too! Definitely will come here to buy Apple products in future

  144. Avatar photo
    Ethan P

    Had a reservation at Apple Jewel scheduled for 2.35pm. During Phase 2 of COVID-19 measures – arrived early, queued up for entry, then sat inside at the genius bar for 45 mins after the scheduled time before being able to meet a technician. However, service was still great and the staff were kind and friendly, helping me with all the technical issues I faced.

  145. Avatar photo
    Sony G

    Best place for a weekend get away. Total Relaxation Total Shopping

  146. Avatar photo
    Paul Shim

    Very nice greenery and state of arts lightning technology. Really cool.

  147. Avatar photo
    ian teo

    During Covid 19 this is the go to place to bring my infant son. The place is big even with lots of ppl around. Everyone is educated enough to wear a mask properly. The nursing room is spacious and well equipped. Ventilation seem very good too.

    All types of shops that represents Singapore culture. Basically everything u need in 1 place.

  148. Avatar photo
    Luqman Arifin

    Staffs are super friendly. Prompt service. There are several interesting events/tours they held here too for free. Went for photographic tour and buying some accessories. They even give me corporate discounts.

  149. Avatar photo
    Maung Win Soe

    Good place to grab Apple Products before you go back home if you are a foreigner! Little staff compare to Orchard store. Last but not least Jewel is absorbing GST.

  150. Avatar photo
    Siti Masyitah

    Don’t know the deal with the negative reviews but my experience was pretty good. Waiting time was reasonable and staff was helpful and friendly with my Iphone X issues.

    Has been roughly 5 days after getting my phone fixed and have no longer experienced any issues.

  151. Avatar photo
    Shelli Trung

    As always, ever efficient Singapore has an Apple store at the airport which is amazing! I was in a bit of a panic as my Macbook started malfunctioning on my last flight; I was only stopping over. I work remotely and was due to fly out to an island in a couple of hours – one of those where there would not be any authorised repairers!

    The technician Nelson (sorry I hope I remembered correctly) and the lovely lady who checked me were so incredibly helpful. They managed to pull out all the genuine Apple service and take a look at it straight away for me. It was a huge relief that they could quickly run a diagnostic to determine that the hardware was all good – phew!

    When I was there, the issue didn’t pop back up again when we restarted the Macbook but they were kind enough to let me hang around for 30 mins just in case. Nelson left me with thorough advice on what to do if it pops up again and multiple ways to get around it – all solutions I could do on my own given it was software related. It did come back up later on but with their advice, I have worked it out and resolved it. THANKS SO MUCH again!! Great work from all the team – their kindness, understanding and thorough advice really saved me so much stress. Apple should put more tech support stores in all major travel hubs!

  152. Avatar photo
    Charles Springgay

    Booked an Appointment to have a device looked at. Kudos to Apple for the very friendly staff, well orchestrated system for dealing with social distancing and thank you Ben for Trouble Shooting my devices.

  153. Avatar photo

    Friend went there wanted to get ipad air . She didn’t know which color to choose and thought about it for 4 days !! However the staff was friendly and asked her to continue thinking. 10/10 would give this staff a promotion

  154. Avatar photo
    Jumahad Asmat

    I remembered the sales person by the name of Reh – a great guy got advice from him I bought my new ipad pro & new apple series 8 watch …

  155. Avatar photo
    Mohd Nur Muhaimin Bin Abdul Rahman

    Jewel Changi is one of the best place where you dine in and out and it’s very convenient to go groceries store and it’s beautiful to see the rain vortex water fall

  156. Avatar photo

    It was clean and looks cosy….traveller, if u need a sim for the short span travel, you can get it here. The garden like area was good. We reached here in early morning and it did not have those colourful lights. But still it was good. You can go down seeing the sign board to grab a cab.

  157. Avatar photo
    ayoblaza 69

    Very large, and bought an apple watch there

  158. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Lim

    Great service. Less crowded than other Apple stores.

  159. Avatar photo
    Amila Fonseka

    Connecting multiple Terminals to Changi Airport, a must visit for all the travelers and locals as well. Has different Verity of foods and totally great ambiance as well. Totally recommended.

  160. Avatar photo
    Emily Hong

    Voltz from Genius Bar is very friendly and professional! Got my airpods diagnosed and replaced very quickly and efficiently! Highly recommended to visit here for diagnosis and repair! …

  161. Avatar photo
    Kishore Rochey

    Going to the Apple shop is an experience.
    Staff are ever too willing to help you in any inquiry and make your purchase a pleasant experience.

  162. Avatar photo
    wesley tay

    Smooth and wonderful experience. I had my questions answered and got the items I wanted. Ms Kim, the apple store agent, was helpful and friendly.

  163. Avatar photo

    Apple is not handling the covid situation well at all. Was at the outlet Jewel Changi last week for an ipad repair, and the queues were so long, I took 80 minutes to be brought into the Apple store to sit down, only to wait another twenty minutes. When we eventually got the consultation, they basically suggested we should buy a new iPad and offered no reasonable repair services. When we went down, several customers were impatient and one of them was angrily confronting the workers about the waiting time. Mind you, everyone, including myself in the queue had an appointment made beforehand, but were still made to wait at least an hour after our appointment time. There is no option to reserve a position and go for a drink before your turn – you simply have to stand in queue, if not you simply don’t get to see the Genius Bar at all, even with the appointment.

  164. Avatar photo
    Linh Linh

    Good service, spacious area with excellent automated process.

  165. Avatar photo
    amita sarin

    What a great experience of indoor waterfall. Lots of shops to buy products. I recommend to must visit once while you are here

  166. Avatar photo
    AIDIL Johari

    Have a great experience and smooth transaction there.
    Team members were helpful on product knowledge. Helping me out which one should i take and whats the benefits. Even recommend me if im not happy with the current setup, i can always come back to exchange.

  167. Avatar photo

    Friendly staff and very helpful. Very fast buying an Ipad. Thank you.

  168. Avatar photo
    Lela A

    I had an amazing experience at this store. It was big and the staffs there were all so friendly and helpful. I came on a weekend to purchase an ipad so it was very crowded and you have to expect to be placed on a waiting list but it was only for around 10-15 minutes. I would like to commend a particular staff called Nick. He explained everything to me thoroughly and patiently and he was also very cordial. Thank you!

  169. Avatar photo
    Azizhon Rasulov

    Excellent customer service hassle free and fast. especially I want to say thank you to mr.Voltz helped me so much with my phone repair service

  170. Avatar photo
    Alfred Low

    Great place to buy Apple electronic gadgets. Duty free shops.

  171. Avatar photo
    S C

    Look nice. Didn’t go in.

  172. Avatar photo
    Kenia Heng

    Amazing staff who go the extra mile to help you out. Special thanks to Nick & Dell, who were extremely patient in helping my dad transfer his data from his old phone which kept restarting by itself to his new one. Spent about 30 minutes trying to do it by ourselves (and failing) before we approached Nick, who patiently stuck with us for 2.5 hours to get the issue resolved, and Dell, the genius who stuck with us for about an hour and successfully transferred all my dad’s data (and his beloved games) into his new phone. We were on the verge of giving up and just losing all the data, but these two refused to let us give up. Thank you so much, Nick, Dell & Alexa for going out of your way to help us out. Brilliant staff here at Apple Jewel

  173. Avatar photo
    Tengku Abdullah

    One of my favourite airport and place to spent some time and enjoy its ambience and local success.

  174. Avatar photo
    En-lai Chan

    Buzzing place.. everything to satisfy your Apple needs is here. Great customer service as always!

  175. Avatar photo
    Patrick Star

    Great place to grab Apple supplies if you are an Apple fan!
    You can demo the various products too!

  176. Avatar photo
    Mr.Isak Hiro Nakamura

    On the way to return an iPad Mini I felt was redundant to my needs (got an iPad Pro from a few years back and still working great) when I realised the store had closed.
    Manager Leong, his colleague who helped complete initiate the refund process, and the security especially deserved a mention for their outstanding resolution for extra mile service notwithstanding that it was already out of working hours for them.
    A listening ear is all we need for mutual understanding and such exemplary acts goes a long way in ensuring changes for the better can happen.

  177. Avatar photo
    Shobna Sukumar

    It was an Awesome 5star experience! Chris was very well versed with his expert level knowledge about Apple products and provided right guidance in selecting my MacBook. He deserves a raise!! 🙂

  178. Avatar photo
    Rupu Sundar

    Excellent place and very very clean and green

  179. Avatar photo
    Mark Kesavan Ramani

    Apple store pick up was fast and easy. Staff were friendly too.

  180. Avatar photo
    Arunkumar Rajendran (arunr93)

    One of the best shop/service centre/customer service in the world located in the world most tall inter waterfall centre, jewel changi Airport, Singapore.

  181. Avatar photo

    I had issues with my iphone display and Afiqah actually helped me out & offered to stay after her shift just to help me repair my phone. Thank you so much for the help I really appreciate it. Hope to visit the store again!

  182. Avatar photo
    Luqman Arifin

    Staffs are super friendly. Prompt service. There are several interesting events/tours they held here too for free. Went for photographic tour and buying some accessories. They even give me corporate discounts.

  183. Avatar photo
    RaeEn Sim

    Even if it’s just to window shop or grab a meal, always a pleasant experience to be at Chnagi Jewel. Really enjoy the atmosphere and can’t be compared to being at CBD

  184. Avatar photo
    Vincent Figueroa

    Try to check if you have corporate discount.
    Next, make sure you bring your passport for GST because they will not accept soft copy.

  185. Avatar photo
    Danial Dan

    I was approached by Elaine on helping me decide to get my macbook air on 08/09/2021. She was very knowledgeable on the products and was totally not pushy at all to get the higher end macbook. This is how customer service should be! During the sale, she went through on apple care and education discount thoroughly as well. After sale was also good as she provide on ways to contact apple for servicing. Overall i was very happy with my purchase with her.

  186. Avatar photo

    Update: Apple Gal Cecilia was outstanding tonight. She sorted out my iphone issues this evening thurs 20 Oct 2022. I walked out a happy man!!! Another happy experience….

    A fantastic Apple experience… staff were so welcoming and helpful. I did my battery replacement and the downtime was less than 1hr. Apple gal Iqa attended to me and was very polite and detailed in her explanation. Really good customer service and the battery comes with 90 days warranty. A happy apple customer.

  187. Avatar photo
    James Poon

    excellent service, fast and efficient

  188. Avatar photo
    Sakti Devi

    Hi, Do you still have I Phone 13 Pro Max?

  189. Avatar photo
    The Brown Girl

    I visit to apple store for my phone service the staff here name voltz he is very nice and helpful we love his service he knows about his work very well …

  190. Avatar photo
    Derek Tan

    Quite place to relax your mind

  191. Avatar photo
    Edmund Choy

    Best airport in the world, one of the few places where citizens of the nation would flock to for leisure. It has a nice mix of everything.

  192. Avatar photo
    clara koh fuqiang

    Had visited Apple Store jewel this morning regarding about my AirPod and Apple Watch , and I am greet by the staff Isaac. He is a super friendly guy with very professional advice and guidance about how to troubleshooting my apples device, thank u for your advice and guidance on my device, …

  193. Avatar photo
    Jennifer (Jenny Jen Jen)

    Excellent. Come early check in relax at airport. Eat at hot tomato for excellent food and service.

  194. Avatar photo
    Matnor Abubakar

    An amazing place to bring the family to see the stunning view. Lots of fine dine, shopping arcade, will recommend friends to visit jewel changi airport.

  195. Avatar photo
    Y S

    Great support as always. Located near the airport for your last min shopping.

  196. Avatar photo
    Celest Tan

    Wanted to get an Ipad but wasn’t sure which one to buy. Nick was superb..knowledgeable, patient, understood my needs and showed me features relevant for my needs as well as comparing between models. Impressed with the good experience at Apple store Jewel !

  197. Avatar photo
    Jervis Cat

    Always a pleasant experience buying from this Apple store. Staff are all friendly and the process of getting your items is so efficient.
    They even give tips and tricks of the Apple product you’re interested in. Good ambience!

  198. Avatar photo
    Estrella Chong

    Good shopping experience with friendly staff. Take note of slight crowd during weekend. Overall worth the wait.

  199. Avatar photo
    Rainn Cloud

    4 days ago, I experienced a 1.5 hour wait time even though I made a call to Apple support to make an appointment for the Genius Bar. Today, I’m back again for another repair for my mum’s device (because they wouldn’t see 2 devices at once) and I thought things would improve, but Apple seems to have not taken any obvious measures to improve the situation. Customers are still made to wait in queue long after their appointment time, and there is no option/system to leave the queue and come back later when they know they are already running at least 30 minutes over time.

  200. Avatar photo
    Andrew Koh

    Went to the Jewel Branch of Apple Shop to solve my iPad charging issues. The wait was long, but we didn’t need to wait around because they will alert you through SMS when your turn is nearing.

    After confirming the problem, the Apple Bar Genius was decisive and replaced the iPad as it was confirmed that there was a problem with the charging. The whole process was fuss free and smooth, and Voltz (the person who helped me) clearly knew what he was talking about. He’s familiar with how the system works and why it would be hard to repair.

    Greatly appreciated his help, and with this experience, Apple just guaranteed a loyal customer!

  201. Avatar photo
    Riana Oberoi

    Very good service. The staff were very helpful. Went there to fix my ipad. Whilst waiting for an update on it, the staff even introduced us to various online activities available! In the end the matter was also solved.

  202. Avatar photo
    Jie Min Sun

    Gisele was extremely friendly, helpful and patient in sharing more about the Apple Watch. The pleasant experience made my day!

  203. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ibrahim

    I walked into the store already having decided that i wanted to purchase the Ipad Air. I was assigned to Jean who went the extra mile. She further elaborated on how the Ipad Air can possibly help me with work and she did additional comparisons with Airpad Pro and the Macbook. This was to ensure that i was making the correct purchase. Along with that she also taught me a few ipad tricks that i wasnt aware of and informed me of the youtube Apple channel whereby i can learn much more about how i can use the ipad to my advantage. She also told me about the apple care and how it can benefit me should something unforeseen happen to my Ipad. Overall, an amazing experience and I would like to thank her for it. She is extremely professional and knowlegable about Apple products. Thank you Jean

  204. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ramadan

    Dumb store for dumb people buying overly priced electronics product with specs that were considered great 3 years ago. Hipster gonna hate

  205. Avatar photo
    Lene Re

    Service personnel were attentive!

  206. Avatar photo
    Syuhadah Asenan

    Even as a local leaving in the far west, I travel out to the East just to spend time at Jewel. Love its architecture and everything else. Doesn’t help that I can do some shopping around too.

  207. Avatar photo
    Milap Kankotiya

    Excellent airport

  208. Avatar photo
    Ah Hao

    Giving 3 stars is because of the place, the store but not the service.
    When I stepped in the store, no one was greeting even though there was 2 rows of staff standing at the entrance. When I was walking around to look for some products, there was no one approached to me as well.

    Is this the way or the standard how Apple serve the customer? Please don’t judge the book by its cover. Simple as that.

  209. Avatar photo
    Kumari Nirmal

    Went there with family as they served veg and non veg dishes. Not bad Violet Oon restaurant. Food was good and service was excellent.

  210. Avatar photo
    Gnanashanker Shivasankar

    Bought an Apple watch and had to return it the very next day for personal reasons. All the staff was super sweet when i bought the watch and most importantly sweeter and understanding when returning it. Keep us the fantastic service.

  211. Avatar photo
    Junior Hsu

    Beautiful and relaxing . The jewel is a masterpiece

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