Review Aoki, 1 Scotts Rd, Singapore

Review Aoki - Singapore 1 Scotts Rd

“68++ SGD for Tokusen Nigiri Sushi set and 10++ SGD for Otoshi. Total was 92SGD. Luxury lunch ” or “Had a really satisfying sushi lunch. Highly recommended!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Aoki. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Aoki is quality.

Introduction about Aoki

Here are some fundamental details regarding Aoki. In terms of Japanese restaurant, it is generally believed that Aokiis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 1 Scotts Rd, #01 - 19, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Japanese restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 63338015 (+65 63338015)
  • Website:
  • Address: 1 Scotts Rd, #01 - 19, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Friday: 11:45 AM to 1:20 PM.

Wednesday, Saturday: 1 to 3 PM.

Thursday: 7 to 10:30 PM.

Sunday: Closed.


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Phone number

You can reach Aoki at 63338015(+65 63338015). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Aoki via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 1 Scotts Rd, #01 - 19, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Aoki reviews

Aoki is among the best destinations of Japanese restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Aoki good?

To determine whether Aoki is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Still one of my fav japanese restaurant in Singapore. Service is attentive and food is good. When I miss being in Japan, I'll head down to this place. Had enjoyed a nice kiseki lunch.”

“Thou price is slightly higher, it's worth very penny. Their service is top notch and they pay attention to the finest details. Sashimi is fresh and love their miso soup and dessert. Fantastic!”

“Had a really satisfying sushi lunch. Highly recommended!”

“Splendid Japanese meal here at Aoki! We came here for lunch on a weekend. Ordered teriyaki cod fish, fried scallop, sushi and bento set. All were yummy-ly good!”

“Top ingredients coupled with great service. Had the lunch omakase and it was awesome.”

“This place is pretty small and booking especially for the counter is recommended. High class place with quality food. We had seafood set menu. Really delicious. Staff professional.”

“Newly renovated so the ambience is great. Lunch Sets are good, I especially love the mazechirashi and the dessert provided. Expect to be turned away with no reservations. Set meals are around S$50.”

“Lovely place. Great service and always good food. Lunch sets are value for money. Love the sushi or Chirashi set!”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 153 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 80% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Aoki, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Aoki, 1 Scotts Rd, Singapore

There is a total 153 reviews

4.4 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Chin Ong

    one of the best japanese restaurants in singapore. and a rare stockist of juuyong dai sake. $200 barely covers this wonderful sake, if it’s available, food’s not included

  2. Avatar photo

    Fresh sushi although comes with price tag. But you don’t wanna risk yourself when going for raw food

  3. Avatar photo
    Amos Lee

    Cozy outlet with reasonably priced lunch sets.

  4. Avatar photo
    Veronica Karl

    Food was good & service excellent. Worth the money spent for lunch. Will definitely go again.

  5. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    Great omakase lunch experience – portions are generous, quality and taste is wonderful.

  6. Avatar photo

    Amazing food very original Japanese dish and atmosphere, didn’t put 5 stars because it’s overpriced

  7. Avatar photo
    Junyi Zhang

    I had the Omakase lunch set and it was really good.

  8. Avatar photo
    Chiang Yin Wong

    Reliably good sushi

  9. Avatar photo
    Samuel Chow

    The seasonal Wagyu beef don with truffles is amazing!

  10. Avatar photo
    mitsuru tezuka

    i think it’s the best restaurant

  11. Avatar photo
    John Lee

    Chirashi is great, go for the set lunch as it’s more affordable for a good portion.

  12. Avatar photo
    Cheng-Choon Si

    Great experience. Love the blue fish.

  13. Avatar photo
    Red Barker

    Beautiful restaurant, well-located serving delicious, fresh Japanese cuisine.

    The evening Omakasé menu was fantastic from the first of 7 dishes all the way through to the last. Highly recommended. Sakés, both hot and usual options were incredible.

    Alex and the team were warm, welcoming and attentive throughout our visit. I’d come again to try their lunch and other menus.

  14. Avatar photo
    saya b

    Great place for amazingly fresh and good quality sushi. The omakase is GOOD, but really expensive, and ordering a la carte is likely a better quality/price option.

  15. Avatar photo

    It was a worth visiting lunch. Menu has a few friendly small sets, for people who want to have sashimi/tempura/grill/only other than a big signature menu.

    Food was delightful, and we especially liked the grilled cod with clean taste. And I love it that every sets get a salad on the side!

    Dessert was another hit, my friend said she would love to come even for dessert only. Comparing to the usual Japanese desserts, it is a well designed set that three components gave a full collection of flavours and textures.
    Jelly looks plain but it melted with a umeshu taste, ice cream had brown sugar flavour, and the mochi was a traditional spring Sakuramochi with a Sakura leave~

    Service was professional, but only one limitation for the first batch lunch. We have to finish dining in 80 minutes so everything has to be in compact pace.

  16. Avatar photo
    Max Collins

    Great Service, good Japanese food. I will go again.

  17. Avatar photo
    YJ Low

    Great lunch omakase. Included the uni sushi which was really refreshing. I thought the soup dishes were great too. Clear soup but nicely balanced with flavours.

  18. Avatar photo
    A C

    Tried the dinner omakase here – not bad for the price. None of the dishes blew us away but minimum standard was met. Best dish was dessert. Service wasn’t great, waitress and manager seemed untrained/inexperienced, but generally still fine. Sake was served lukewarm.

  19. Avatar photo
    Pearlyn Chua

    Good Japanese food.

  20. Avatar photo
    Vikki Sim

    Decor is classy.
    Service and attentiveness of the staff is world class.
    The food is superb too!
    Just be prepared for the bill!

    Ordered the following
    Bara Chirashi

    Nigiri Sushi Tokusen

    Ebi Tempura

    Sake (Reishu)

    Kinki Nitsuke
    At seasonal price
    You wouldnt want to know the price paid for this!

    Overall 4.3 / 5

    3 to 3.5 – save the calories cos bo ho jiak
    3.6 to 4 – can try if no queue cos ay sai lah 可以啦
    4.1 to 4.5 – highly recommended cos ho jiak
    4.6 to 5 – Must Try cos jin ho jiak! Mai Tu Liao

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  21. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Phang

    Omakase lunch set is good and worth the money.

  22. Avatar photo
    Milo Nim

    It was my third visit, but not sure visit again or not. Sushi was great, except squid sushi. It was too tough, and hard to chew and swallow, even though there were many scores in the sushi. Service was just good level, not impressive. Felt pressures when they are glaring our tables too obviously for next dishes. Wrong billing was another their mistake. Think there were only two tables occupied at that time, but they gave another table’s bill. Assistant chef was using cell phone on the counter with very boring faces. It was also another disappointing point. Overall not that bad, but maybe other better sushi restaurant for the next time.

  23. Avatar photo
    David Liew

    Great value lunch – chirashi to die for!

  24. Avatar photo
    Gaston Petrocelli

    Aoki san has been on Singapore for 30 years and his restaurant is one of the best places in town. Delicious food and top quality service.

  25. Avatar photo
    Karin Marlies

    The food is slightly above average and $35 for sushi lunch set is not bad. Rating this 3 stars as the restaurant has resorted to charging a non optional $6 fee (mentioned on small letters at be bottom of the menu) for a wet towel, in addition to the 10% service charge.

  26. Avatar photo
    Angel Huang

    In my opinion the sushi Jin under Les Amis group is a better option. Both food and services. Won’t be visiting anymore. Service is cold and food doesn’t worth any mention.

  27. Avatar photo
    Bin Hui Tan

    Always a reliable place for quality Japanese food and sincere service.

  28. Avatar photo

    Best place for sushi lunch. Cozy warm interior, you’re never far from the action behind the counter. Closest to what you get in Japan. Not cheap but what is these days, besides last thing I want is discounted sashimi. A must try!

  29. Avatar photo
    Sophie L

    Fantastic Japanese food. You won’t be disappointed!

  30. Avatar photo
    Liam Johnson

    It was good, but nothing too special

  31. Avatar photo
    Matt K

    Still one of my fav japanese restaurant in Singapore. Service is attentive and food is good. When I miss being in Japan, I’ll head down to this place. Had enjoyed a nice kiseki lunch.

  32. Avatar photo
    Chew Yihao

    Fresh sashimi, great ambience. Highly recommended and will come back again

  33. Avatar photo

    This is my favorite place for high-end sushi. Cleanliness and service are overflowing, and you can eat comfortably. The finely detailed Japanese table setting is always wonderful. Of course the taste is the best

  34. Avatar photo
    Martin Vockler

    This restaurant is the bomb we celebrated a friends birthday here and each ordered a set, which was SGD200 +++ each and was served over many small courses. We had a small private room partitioned by a side screen so not percent closed off. The service was superb and we decided to bring our own bubbles , but I must say that the corkage at SGD60.00 per bottle is rather excessive with no offset provided for other beverages ordered! The night was topped off by some amazing sake that we ordered after our two bottles ran dry. It was super smooth and amazing, all in all a great place to dine, super convenient if not driving with access to Orchard MRT and in an area with plenty of bars to enjoy after dinner.

  35. Avatar photo
    Dino Channel

    Delicious cooking, comfortable place

  36. Avatar photo
    Pin Ko

    Average quality food, pricing is pricey. 6 course entree was a bluff? Seriously one scallop? Anyway if you alftering quality sashimi and Japanese dish I suggest try out Kenji Japanese gourmet restaurant, burwood. Reasonable price and fresh sashimi and dishes. Only issues don’t have range of sake serve.

  37. Avatar photo
    Jamie Tan

    Set lunch is about $50~60 for the cheapest set; and its always full house. Food is exquisite and delicious. Place is elegant. Very popular with business folks. Happy with my meal, although a little small in portion for big eaters.

  38. Avatar photo
    Beat Tachi

    Quality not different from Japan.

  39. Avatar photo
    Henry B.L. Duh

    One of my favorite Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Came back after 5 years.
    Never forgot the taste of on season Italian white truffle. Definitely worth to stop by

  40. Avatar photo
    Ermanno Papa

    This place is pretty small and booking especially for the counter is recommended. High class place with quality food. We had seafood set menu. Really delicious. Staff professional.

  41. Avatar photo
    R L


  42. Avatar photo

    Lunch omakase is $146 w.gst, it was the first Sushiya try in Singapore,so it’s little early to judge this restaurant, but not that impressive and felt not really worth to pay it comparing to one in Japan or Korea (same quality omakase in that places will be only $50-70 with better atmosphere)

  43. Avatar photo
    Kian Chung Ong

    Nice ambience. Good omakase meal albeit rather filling

  44. Avatar photo
    Jinq Lee

    Hidden door at shaw center that leads to Aoki!
    Very nice restaurant! Good food!

  45. Avatar photo
    Y. Chin

    Standard has dropped significantly. Ordered the omakase lunch set. Grilled fish was very dry and hard. Sushi was very average; the fish was OK and the rice was underwhelming. Overall quality of ingredients felt like the restaurant was under a lot of pressure to cut costs. Although the omakase is priced on the lower end of the market vs most other high-end sushi restaurants ($125 vs $120-250) but the overall food and experience failed to meet that minimum bar. The bento sets may be a better option if you don’t want to be disappointed.

  46. Avatar photo
    adrian yeow

    Professional, clean, and zen like experience

  47. Avatar photo
    Chris Quek

    Top ingredients coupled with great service. Had the lunch omakase and it was awesome.

  48. Avatar photo

    Today is not the same as it used to be

  49. Avatar photo

    Nice ambience, food is fresh. Reasonable price for lunch and best is I’m not getting just fruits as dessert. Dessert is nice with a combi of jelly, ice cream n mochi, nice way to end the meal. 2 seatings, abit stress though, but its sufficient to complete the decent meal.

  50. Avatar photo
    YJ MOM

    I visited at lunch time. The reception of the staff is kind and recommend food by choice. I ate it and I was very satisfied.
    I am going to visit again. The atmosphere was nice and clean.

  51. Avatar photo
    best ck

    Decent chirashi. Should go for lunch!

  52. Avatar photo
    Trisha Cabaye

    Great place for amazingly fresh and good quality sushi. The omakase is good, but very expensive.

  53. Avatar photo
    Wanda Wang

    Unfortunately inconsistent and underwhelming.
    Lunch omakase not worth it at $125. The salad has a sauce I couldn’t stomach, sashimi is good, soup is tasty, grilled dish is small and nothing special, tempura course was 2 small pieces of sweet potato plus a shiso pepper which is disappointing, sushi course was also hit and miss because the rice was not tasty but the tamago was interesting with a thin caramel brulee on top.
    The lunch bento sets are much better value, another at my table had the $45 one which was tasty and well presented.

  54. Avatar photo
    S L

    Food is mediocre at best. Went during dinner time so prices were even higher – mistake. Most of the $95++ sushi platter tasted super meh. Service was also awful esp for a place charging such prices. Platter was just dumped in front of me with no explanation whatsoever as to the sushi. Macam sushi tei but at 5x the price. My partner ordered a prawn tempura and it was $40 for 4 pieces, but he felt the tempura at Ginza tendon was way better. Sad that at such prices they can’t even compare.

    Wait staff also very eager to clear after you’re done eating. We were rushed through our meal and finished in an hour, whereupon the wait staff then very smugly asked if we had read the website when making the reservation – my second mistake. Website states $160++ min spend per head. This is only on the booking page and not in the confirmation email but nevertheless I should’ve read. Might’ve saved me a bellyful of meh. So even though the restaurant was super empty and I only saw two other groups when I was there so it’s not like I’m depriving anyone of the spot to dine at this sought after establishment, I now have to order more mediocre food to meet my min spend.

    So we ordered dessert. Musk melon ($30 for one slice) was good. The second star is for this. But the ice cream was icy and frosty within and like the texture was all round horrible like tub ice cream that you shoved in the freezer at the wrong temp.

    Even after this we still haven’t hit the min spend but thankfully the waiter lets us go from their clutches of culinary and service mediocrity. Visit at your own peril. Or maybe just go at lunch since all the people with good reviews seem to have gone at lunch.

  55. Avatar photo
    s f boey

    So enjoyed my lunch!! Super fresh you can really taste the sweetness of the seafood. The ending was epic too with the special ice cream sandwich – crispy wafer, and the soft mochi – amazing! What you pay for your lunch is worth more than it cost. Go try!

  56. Avatar photo
    Karen Karen

    The additional fees of $12 are really unnecessary but good food though!

  57. Avatar photo
    Daniel Quek

    Thou price is slightly higher, it’s worth very penny. Their service is top notch and they pay attention to the finest details. Sashimi is fresh and love their miso soup and dessert. Fantastic!

  58. Avatar photo
    Jason Hu

    Sake and wine menu is awesome

  59. Avatar photo

    The food taste good and drinks are delicious. The service is awful and they take forever to bring the food. Also, food comes at separate times. My husband’s plate and my daughter’s came after everyone else eaten. Then, we order dessert same thing. At last, I ordered a second plate and when they brought the check, I asked for it and they said they forgot to tell me that there was not more salmon or crab (

  60. Avatar photo
    Jessica X

    fancy restaurant and very high quality food

  61. Avatar photo
    S T

    Food is good but service is really a turn off. The waitress serving table seating has a bad attitude – unfit for a high end Japanese restaurant. Unpleasant experience overall.

  62. Avatar photo
    Jayce Lim

    Value for money lunch sets, all normal sets are decently priced at 40+, but the restaurant do charge a extra cover charge of 5/6 per pax.
    Add on $5 and you can get uni for the omakase set.
    The donbinmushi is kinda disappointing, the stock is not as robust as I would had liked, but the 亮點 of the meal is the chicken in the soup. Usually the meat would be overcooked and dry, but the chicken was tender and juicy.

  63. Avatar photo
    James Lim

    Their bara chirashi is always good and the chefs are great to watch. Sit at the bar if you can. Otherwise a booth up top is good for business lunches.

  64. Avatar photo
    Pam Kong

    Simply impeccable. Kudos to Chef Aoki and team.

  65. Avatar photo
    Chin Powit Rungsangthiwakorn

    Recently renovated Aoki. The food was fresh and yummy but the portion is quite small, so expect to visit food court to finish your meal.

  66. Avatar photo

    Good Omakase at acceptable price.
    Lunch is more save than dinner as usual dining promotion

  67. Avatar photo
    Wai Ho Chan

    Top quality Japanese food. Value for money set lunches. But be prepared to pay additional $6-$12 for compulsory cover charge which comes with an appetizer and hot tea. Service was average as they are more prompt in clearing your plates than refilling your tea.

  68. Avatar photo
    Zhi Yan Chiam

    Splendid Japanese meal here at Aoki! We came here for lunch on a weekend. Ordered teriyaki cod fish, fried scallop, sushi and bento set. All were yummy-ly good!

  69. Avatar photo
    CD Ang

    Good customer service , quality is good

  70. Avatar photo
    Patricia Yeo

    This is our 3rd visit and we always go for the $125 Omakase lunch set, which can be very filling – so make sure to have a light breakfast or none at all so you could enjoy the full course.

    Pretty decent and value for money. We like to sit at the counter to see the action taking place into plating our food so we could fully appreciate what we will be eating shortly (except for the cooked food which will be done in the kitchen).

    Service staff are pleasant and friendly, and they clear your plates immediately after you are finished – very attentive.

    Less 1 star as the quality of the sashimi is not consistent – or maybe cos we visited on non-shipment day.

  71. Avatar photo

    Quality and Service level inconsistent given the prices. +1 for being able to order wines from Les Amis next door.

  72. Avatar photo
    Jun-Ichi Sakabe

    68++ SGD for Tokusen Nigiri Sushi set and 10++ SGD for Otoshi. Total was 92SGD.
    Luxury lunch

  73. Avatar photo
    Henry Hariyono

    one of the most creative, yet grounded in tradition, japanese chefs. aoki always deliver delicious, satisfying yet stylish japanese cuisine. the sushi is excellent. the chirashi don is the one to beat in town. beef rice is sublime. the truffled flounder sashimi is iconic.

  74. Avatar photo
    Douglas Seah

    Da bao the Maze Chirashi today. $45+ 7% GST, surprisingly still shiok at home. Will be back for this once in a while to kill the mental stress from CB.

    They have some specials during CB for takeaway. Suggest to call in to check.

  75. Avatar photo
    Angeline Lim

    Still my favourite Japanese restaurant.
    Excellent service from Andrew, attentive but not intrusive.

  76. Avatar photo
    Glenn Ho

    Good food

  77. Avatar photo
    E L

    Fresh and delicious!

  78. Avatar photo
    grey tadcujo

    Had lunch here today. Terrible condescending service staff. Even if the food was good, the experience was completely ruined by the attitude of that one staff that served us today. No matter how young your patrons look, your level of service should remain professional. The staff insinuated that the restaurant was too high class for us several times. Also when we accidentally spilled some green tea, her only concern was if we broke the glass.

  79. Avatar photo
    Su Xin Lim

    Food here is hard to beat in both quality and value. Their lunch sets are especially good and affordable. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good fuss free Japanese fix in town. Advance reservation required.

  80. Avatar photo
    Benat Onatibia

    Great food. Love going on weekends to enjoy their great value meals. The sushi set is amazing and Chirashi-don is picture perfect for instagram lovers (great too). The restaurant is beautiful too.

  81. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    Value for money barachirashi and not compromising on quality.

  82. Avatar photo
    Guan Zhen Tan


  83. Avatar photo
    Angie Nolan

    Excellent quality of food. Taste very authentic. A bit pricey but definitely worth the price!

  84. Avatar photo
    Christopher Davis

    Beef was delicious.

  85. Avatar photo
    Esmond Loh

    What’s good: The food was fresh and well prepared. The space was very cosy and had a nice ambience.

    What’s bad: The quantity simply could not justify the price and I did not leave feeling satisfied. The service was ok at the start. However, the supervisor became less polite to us later, probably because we did not order as much food as other customers. We also noticed that she was rather rude and domineering to the waiters.

  86. Avatar photo
    Peiyi Wang

    This place is well known for its quality sushi. I had the chirashi at lunch and the fish was top grade and really fatty and oily and even comes with uni. Price is around 40 which is quite affordable for lunch.Their omakse runs into the few hundreds of dollars which I hope to get to try one day.

  87. Avatar photo
    Michele Chang

    After so many years, Aoki is still one of my favourite places for Omakase, they never disappoint!

    Personally I find this restaurant quite underrated. They serve really value for money Omakase with fresh wholesome produce. If you do book, try to get the counter seat for the best seats in the house.

  88. Avatar photo
    Cedric Soh

    Food was good, and value for money. The Sashimi rice bowl was really tasty

  89. Avatar photo
    Bernard Chua

    One of the best chirashi bowls in Singapore! Always my go-to for a good lunch

  90. Avatar photo
    Andrey K (Andrey)

    Upscale Japanese restaurant. The best (and most expensive) sushi I ever ate

  91. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn P

    Great quality, wide variety of choices on the menu to choose from for lunch. Omakase seems to be the popular choice for everyone. Abit hard locating the restaurant as it is actually outside the shopping centre, facing the side road. It is right beside Les Amis (3* michelin french cuisine, by the same owner of aoki)

    Reservations required.

  92. Avatar photo
    N L

    Good quality products but dont waste your money on Omakase. They give you very ordinary selection for $300. Very disappointing. Just order what you want from the menu.

  93. Avatar photo

    Long standing high-end Japanese restaurant in Singapore that stood the test of time. Visited on a weekday evening in Apr 2021 and the experience was reminiscent of my last visit 6-7 years ago except that they had a facelift. The restaurant is small with contemporary interior; there are counter seats (which you should definitely op for) and private rooms, sections that provide more privacy. The other I noticed was reduction in price for the omakase. Admittedly, not all dishes were ground breaking (some were unremarkable). They were rather tuna heavy (perhaps seasonal dependent and Covid impacting logistics). The top 3 that we enjoyed the most were: Monk fish liver (foie gras of the sea), charred black cod nigiri, and uni nigiri. Service were top notch with crews explaining every dishes that was served, crews were polite and extremely attentive. To get the best experience, you should go for the evening omakase (remember to book, reservation from 330pm only). For what I’m paying, I think Aoki is still worth it.

  94. Avatar photo
    Mr Tartufo

    Chirashi Bowl was fresh, not much else to say as the service seemed snoobish.

  95. Avatar photo
    James Wong

    Expensive fine dinning but good in quality…. good service…however chef can be more interactive…. a fine dinning experience can come with more a more interactive one for those that sat in the counter. Aokia was serving his regular clients. His assistant chefs can learn more of his interactive skills from him….

  96. Avatar photo
    Huang wenhan


  97. Avatar photo
    Scott Tseng

    A good place for express Japanese fine dining as it ticks some boxes for me on food quality. The missing star is about lacking of wow factor in the dishes… I guess that’s very subjective as the chances will get slimmer as I visit more fine dining restaurants

  98. Avatar photo
    Pamela Loh

    One of the worst omakase experience in Singapore. 2 stars for the quality of food but terrible customer service.

    1. Staff were getting ‘lectured’ and nagged in front of us. Worse, it was right in front of the counter seat. Come on, don’t air your dirty laundry in front of your guests.

    2. Dishes served should be properly timed but we found ourselves rushing to finish each piece of sushi. To the extent that we have 2 pieces of sushi placed on the sushi plate at one shot. No interaction and introduction to what fish we are served with until we asked.

    3. miso soup came to us hot. Opened the lit, took a few sip and wanted to let the soup cool, but service staff came and asked if he can clear our soup already.

    4. While consuming the last piece of dessert, with food still in my mouth, the service staff came in between us and asked if we can pay the bill already. I couldn’t even answer him and just handed him my card.

  99. Avatar photo
    Johnny Chen

    Good dining experience

  100. Avatar photo
    Pearlyn Sin

    Excellent service and amazing mazechirashi bowl! It comes with fish broth miso soup and dessert. Love the ambience too, a nice environment for special occasion! Will definitely come back again to try other food

  101. Avatar photo
    Bobby Sumarkho

    Top notch japanese restaurant in town

  102. Avatar photo
    Albert Marzuki

    Fantastic place, fantastic food

  103. Avatar photo
    Eric W

    Good lunch place, we went for the Omakase lunch. Sashimi and sushi had very fresh ingredients, you can opt to pay extra to get some uni sushi. Overall, we had a good lunch, next time we will just go for the sashimi/sushi dishes instead.

  104. Avatar photo
    CL W

    The lunch sets are five star experiences. Fine dinning in an exquisite setting. Affordable and quality and service expected of a very good restaurant.

  105. Avatar photo
    JC Chen

    Food is good but menu choice limited.

  106. Avatar photo
    Colin Kwan

    Meh. Not a fan of adding truffle to sushi.

  107. Avatar photo
    M Name

    Little pearl of Singapore! Quiet, the menu offers various sets including: miso + Maki or chirashi sushi and dessert + salads. Reasonable prices for lunch.
    Extremely attentive and discreet service.

  108. Avatar photo
    Christian Eber

    Good Privacy for working lunch meetings, food is of high quality

  109. Avatar photo
    Chye Huat Lim

    My second time here and this place do not disappoint. The quality of the sushi are top notch and very fresh, skill of sushi chef is reflected in the dish served – beautiful plating, well pressed sushi, and the use of just right amount of wasabi elevates the taste significantly. Price here is higher than your average Japanese restaurant but definitely worth the money and experience. Go try it if you haven’t, highly recommend this!

  110. Avatar photo
    Julian Foo

    A meal to remember. Order a wide range of dishes for 4 people to share. What really struck me was the chirashi rice bowl and the assorted premium sushi selection. The chirashi to be honest is really value for money – going at about $40+, it really packs a punch and they aren’t stingy with the portion of fish. The assorted premium sushi was the killer with uni and otoro standing out for me. Highly recommend this place!

  111. Avatar photo
    KP Chen

    had lunch here on a weekday with a friend. they have a regular menu and a seasonal one. as we weren’t that hungry (i.e. not in an omakase state of mind) we ordered the Taian Bento ($98++, photos below) while my friend ordered the Mazechirashi ($42++). Otoshi was $6 per person.

    food was of great quality, the sashimi was fresh, cod was delish and vegetable tempura was well-made. dessert (sakura-based) was sublime. portion was good and I was full at the end of the meal.

    ambiance was great (we made reservations and had the counter seats) and the service staff was very attentive.

    4-star as I think it’s relatively overpriced.

  112. Avatar photo
    H Y Lee

    Aoki is a very consistent and reliable Japanese restaurant to go to. The set lunches can be great value.

  113. Avatar photo
    Alwi Halim

    They have 2 different kind of omakase, sushi and mixed omakase. I tried the later one and they are pretty good. They have a long list of good sake.

  114. Avatar photo
    Junichiro Aoki

    Upscale, nice atmosphere.

  115. Avatar photo
    Kris Trimoeljo

    This fine dining Japanese Restaurant is the 7th restaurant in Les Amis group that we visited. The ambience is pretty nice . We reserved sushi bar counter as we planned to enjoy the omakase . The pricing strategy for lunch is unique. They serve sushi set lunch of 7 nigiri at <$40 but they also have omakase at $130. Another super interesting observation is, for omakase diner , the sushi is made and served by the head chef and if you order set lunch is made by other chef. This is a restaurant for diners to eat and enjoy good quality food, not to relax and chat as the restaurant limit seating for around 1 hr 45 mins . Having said all the above, are superb, great quality of fish . I like the balance test and texture of sushi rice . Will come back again for sure.

  116. Avatar photo
    Juri Suzuki

    Had a really satisfying sushi lunch. Highly recommended!

  117. Avatar photo
    Chili Pedi

    Hosted clients at this restaurant. Unfortunately we were not very impressed.
    Food: found the grilled cod dry, unpleasant fishy and too salty. The grilled eggplant had thick layers of some kind of paste on them which was also too salty. The vegetable tempura was sufficiently crispy but it’s selection was quite limited.
    The three flavours of ice-cream were innovative, especially the tofu ice-cream (soya bean flavour) and sakura. However they were served a quarter melted.
    My dining partners also had the omakase sets which they found sufficiently tasty.

    Service: terrible service for a restaurant of this calibre under Les Amis group. Fine dining service it is not. We had to ASK the servers to explain each dish of the omakase courses, because they would deposit the dishes on the tables and then walk away with is looking at the food not knowing what was served. Shouldn’t this be part of their routine?

  118. Avatar photo
    Ivan Lew

    Excellent food and service

  119. Avatar photo
    Louisa Z.

    More like 3.5 stars. Chirashi set was good with nice stuff like uni, and very generous portions but not cheap ($40++). Sushi set (9 piece) was ok, but a bit pricey ($55++).

    Nice intimate atmosphere.

    Didnt like it that they charged a cover charge of $6++ per pax for “tea, towels”.

  120. Avatar photo
    Imanuel Masman

    A little bit over rated. But it’s good.

  121. Avatar photo
    Lidwina Gertrudis Sidharta

    The best bara chirashi in town!

  122. Avatar photo

    Lovely place. Great service and always good food. Lunch sets are value for money. Love the sushi or Chirashi set!

  123. Avatar photo
    Red Barker

    Beautiful restaurant, well-located serving delicious, fresh Japanese cuisine.

    The evening Omakasé menu was fantastic from the first of 7 dishes all the way through to the last. Highly recommended. Sakés, both hot and usual options were incredible.

    Alex and the team were warm, welcoming and attentive throughout our visit. I’d come again to try their lunch and other menus.

  124. Avatar photo
    Eric W

    Good lunch place, we went for the Omakase lunch. Sashimi and sushi had very fresh ingredients, you can opt to pay extra to get some uni sushi. Overall, we had a good lunch, next time we will just go for the sashimi/sushi dishes instead.

  125. Avatar photo
    Nigel Kong

    Exceptional. Their chirashi is the best in town. Give it a go over lunch.

  126. Avatar photo
    Su Xin Lim

    Food here is hard to beat in both quality and value. Their lunch sets are especially good and affordable. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good fuss free Japanese fix in town. Advance reservation required.

  127. Avatar photo
    T S

    My go to sushi place in Singapore. We usually pick the omakase and a few a la carte dishes to share. Waitresses are very attentive without hovering. Accessible location and great for business lunches as well. It can get busy and the restaurant seats around 30 people only so do call and make a reservation in advance or you might not get a seat during lunch hour rush.

  128. Avatar photo

    Chirashi looks good for hipsters to take photos but average for the experienced tongues. Japanese chef only talked to the super rich Chinese regular the entire session. Even Japanese customers that were eating the cheaper sets were ignored.

  129. Avatar photo
    Ask Trabble

    An elegant restaurant serving Japanese haute cuisine. Reservations are highly recommended.

  130. Avatar photo
    S C

    The simple looking sushi set was actually done rather well. The pairing of fish/eel and vinegared rice provided a subtle pleasant dining experience which was not expected. Each piece was served at the right temperature, taste and texture except for the tamago which was much too cold. The macha tea was also too strong as it had been steeped for too long. The chirashi don came with beautifully bite-size seafood and vegetables. It was delicious, and would be better had the rice been cooled more. The trio of jelly, mochi and crispy wafer ice cream desserts were a nice combination to end the meal.

  131. Avatar photo
    Sharon Chan

    I had their Nigri sushi for lunch. Food is okay but nothing special. Could have gotten better quality food with similar price elsewhere.

  132. Avatar photo
    Zhiting Tan

    Called at 11.50 am to make a reservation. Guy on phone said and I quote: Can you call back at 3.30 pm? We are having operations now so we cannot take reservations.” Errrr ok? So you don’t have an online reservation platform but you don’t take reservations within your operating hours? Quite bizarre.

  133. Avatar photo
    Thanapol Puntastan

    Very good sushi bar.

  134. Avatar photo
    Fei Xiao

    Very nice restaurant with good environment and good food

  135. Avatar photo
    Tsuyoshi KIMURA (glenkimkim)

    Great quality edomae-sushi experience in Singapore.

  136. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Leong

    Fresh sushi, knowledgeable chefs, friendly staff

  137. Avatar photo
    Bryan Stewart

    Wonderful sushi here. Pictured below is the spider maki. Fresh and subtle taste. Also had the teka maki and it was super fresh. Highly recommend.

  138. Avatar photo
    Stanley Lak

    Horribly overpriced for mediocre food, and bad service to boot

  139. Avatar photo
    Kevin Hee

    Good sushi and ambience. Good value for what it is.

  140. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Ng

    A toasty chamber in a Nagano suburb, almost

  141. Avatar photo
    Shane CPS

    I had a lunch set Omakase (1.30pm sitting).
    The food quality is worth a four stars rating for sure. Freshness of the sashimi is a thumbs up.

    Sushi variety is great as well.

    Clam soup is packed with the natural sweetness from the shell fish and is so yummy till I finish the last drop.

    Tempura is very normal or I should say less than normal. With just a vegetable and a sweet potato. That’s all I got.

    Desserts are well thought of with 4 tasting portions. Taste good and not too sweet. Especially the plum wine jelly!

    Service however is very very disappointing!
    Staffs don’t know what is being served and can’t explain properly what is on the plate. Manager is equally clueless on the sake and quality of service. Precisely we r the last sitting for lunch. I was given the bill not very politely in front of my guests. After credit card being swiped, the whole chunk was rudely passed back to me. Instead of apologizing, I was “told” they are closing soon and please leave!
    I was shocked by how they value their customers and the acceptance of their service!
    I will not visit this restaurant again!

  142. Avatar photo

    Beautiful taste with great ambience. Quality of sushi is fantastic!!!!

  143. Avatar photo

    Been frequenting Aoki since 2015 – & go whenever I crave for quality Japanese food which is most of the time! I love their lunch sets, which are of good value.

    Dining may seem a little rush, but still ample time to enjoy your meal.

    EDIT: my last two visits have been rather disappointing, in particular their mazechirashi. The uni that came with the bowl on my most recent visit was hard and tasted fishy. Also, there is barely any hotate or amaebi found in the bowl anymore. Standard has dropped & it feels like the meals are lacking heart.

    However, I must commend the service. Although rushed, the manager and waitress (Doris) work hard and fast in order to ensure that dining ends within the stipulated time, which may feel impersonal but they are very caring and genuine. I think the chefs could be nicer to them (especially when they give customer feedback) as I can see that they are trying their best to please customers and their bosses. Keep it up!

  144. Avatar photo
    Ed Su

    Came with a fren and to be honest I did came with some expectations since some frens swear by their food.

    However the focus of my review is not really on the food but more on the service. For a place selling omakase, I would expect the servers to be able to articulate the dishes especially on the ingredients/cut and the best way to dine to better appreciate the flavours. Out of the dishes serve only 3 were articulated and only one of the servers (dressed in lighter top) was able to articulate.

    Second for a fine dining establishment, the decorum of one staff did left a sour taste as she made frivolous comments on a regular who had just entered. The exact words as she served our tea and said to another server was “老顽童来了啊” whether in jest or that regular has that reputation and gladly embrace that monicker I still think these “back talks” should not be done within the earshot of customers.

    I am not sure if Aoki has always been like that but for a place that was praised well I would think it did not have those issues before and if I was the unlucky few that had encountered those service lapses then I guess bad luck on me. But if it is something systemic I highly suggest the management to look into it.

    Oh love ur dessert it did end off well albeit all that experience ~

  145. Avatar photo
    Grace Seah

    Newly renovated so the ambience is great. Lunch Sets are good, I especially love the mazechirashi and the dessert provided. Expect to be turned away with no reservations. Set meals are around S$50.

  146. Avatar photo
    Danny Tan

    Good sashimi salad. Fresh and tasty. The price is on the high side though.

  147. Avatar photo
    Mark Kim

    Great place to Sushi. I usually dine in, but since we are not allowed too now I have been taking out their Sushi and other take out items. They are just as good! Hope we can enjoy dining in again soon. Visit their website for the take out menu. You can order in advance and pick up at the time you choose.

  148. Avatar photo

    High end Japanese restaurant… Personally I feel it’s nothing unique and overpriced.. Can get same quality at much cheaper prices elsewhere

  149. Avatar photo
    Anna Rodnarine

    Highly recommended. The food is heaven!

  150. Avatar photo
    Shumei Lam

    Starting at $125 for the omakase lunch makes this a reasonably priced place for the quality and quantity of food. I wouldn’t rank it as the best sushi around but there is the standard you’d expect from the Les Amis group. Sake is priced a bit on the higher side. Service is attentive. Good place for a business lunch.

  151. Avatar photo
    Jim Choi

    CAN TRY place .. among the better

  152. Avatar photo
    Natalia Mai

    Aoki has got Japanese cuisine right. With an impeccable selection of the finest Japanese delicacies and excellent service, it is my go-to restaurant for a treat. However, do remember to call in advance to book a seat so that you would not be disappointed!

  153. Avatar photo
    H N

    The sushi set we had was fresh & food presentation was decent. The service however wasn’t up to standard for a fine dining restaurant.

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