Review Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, 370 Alexandra Rd, Singapore

Review Anchorpoint Shopping Centre - Singapore 370 Alexandra Rd

“A nice place for shopping for those staying around here…. My first time, its not too big, cozy and not so crowded…” or “Good for shopping range of items from clothing to foods. Just opposite IKEA Alexander. DIY, Value Dollar, KFC, Subway, all in.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Anchorpoint Shopping Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is quality.

Introduction about Anchorpoint Shopping Centre

Here are some fundamental details regarding Anchorpoint Shopping Centre. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Anchorpoint Shopping Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 370 Alexandra Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 370 Alexandra Rd, Singapore
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Anchorpoint Shopping Centre reviews

Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Anchorpoint Shopping Centre good?

To determine whether Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Nice place to shop and dine. There we were able to get items at reasonable prices. The vicinity is good and relaxing as there is a place to take some rest and pictures.”

“A great shopping mall with high-end supermarket, stores outlets and restaurants.”

“Small mall but it has a food court and a few other eating places, as well as a Mr DIY hardware shop. The fact that it is just opposite Ikea Alexandra also makes it super convenient.”

“2018-11-16: Happy Fish food court outlet served best tastings fish soup. Perfectly brewed fish soup that infused with savoury fragrance instead of fishy odor. Price range between S$5 - S$10.”

“A little crowded but it's ok.. its Sunday after all!! I managed to get what I need smoothly.”

“Small shopping center but very nice place to shop shop shop till you drop!!! …”

“The aircon is very cold, good for resting and transit point for grabbers waiting for their orders”

“Good clean place. Foods also worth for the price. Good place to enjoy the lunch.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 252 feedbacks with an overall score of 4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 70% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, 370 Alexandra Rd, Singapore

There is a total 252 reviews

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  1. Avatar photo
    Sanjay Kumar Singh

    Very good place to shop and eat. Lots of eating options you will get here.

  2. Avatar photo
    Joshua Ang

    Very nice neighbourhood-style mall, decor is great, food options are great especially the food court (try those beef noodles)

  3. Avatar photo
    Kedar Tembe

    Decent place with a few coffee shops and food court, but no vegan/vegetarian options. Has a cold storage and a few different stores. Convenient place for people living nearby

  4. Avatar photo
    Manirup Sinha

    Nice place to hang out. One thing this mall misses is a departmental store after cold storage was replaced by DIY.

  5. Avatar photo
    Skai Chan

    It’s quite a small but special shopping centre with some brands’ factory outlets that you can grab some cheaper stuffs. During the last time I went there, I saw Mr DIY. Usually when my family go to IKEA and the cafe is packed, we would go over to Anchorpoint for our meal first.

  6. Avatar photo
    T_m my

    A good late night until 2am dessert and snack place, where the product was fine, but the service was a little slow

  7. Avatar photo
    Cindy Warrington

    It has a good variety of options from grocer to clothing and beauty etc
    Food tastes good from the JP restaurant, we picked up some fish head for soup. Will see if that’ll be nice.

  8. Avatar photo
    Meowish Yun

    It is a quiet mall with a few outlet stores such Cotton On, Typo, Charles and Keith, Pedro, Billabong…
    The Starbuck Cafe is rather peaceful on weekdays.

  9. Avatar photo
    samish issac

    Nothing interested in my opinion. Got starbucks, Mr DIY, Cotton on outlet, etc.

  10. Avatar photo
    Shiyi yee

    Not much attractive food at Anchorpoint but thats my usual place to lunch.
    Jack’s place is the most value for money restaurant there. Gong cha is on the basement.

  11. Avatar photo
    MP DC

    This is a small mall without many shopping or eating options. It’s alright overall but the Cold Storage market is very good

  12. Avatar photo
    Dheeraj Kusari

    Very very small mall, not much to see and not much to shop. But if you are hungry, there are some choices here. But cannot be too picky, because choices are very limited. There are hardware shops here too, which can come in handy for the people staying around this area.

  13. Avatar photo
    Data data

    A good place for meeting as it has a lot variety of food

  14. Avatar photo
    Calvin Sim

    There is a good spacious food court at the basement with a good variety of cuisine including Italian, Korean, northern Chinese and of course local Singaporean dishes

  15. Avatar photo
    Priya Sharma

    Nice mall with lots of food options

  16. Avatar photo
    Sundar Senan

    Seriously nothing inside. You can try the yong tau fu inside

  17. Avatar photo
    Paxton Foo

  18. Avatar photo
    rishita changede

    Smallish place with local clothing stores and quite a good food court in the basement. The Thai and Italian have vegetarian options n I found the Italian quite good. Does have quite a few pastrie shops in the mall..

  19. Avatar photo
    Dennis Lam

    Nice small mall if you want a quick bite and grocery. Can find craft beer by the bottle, a few fashion outlet stalls and bakery

  20. Avatar photo
    Sudhir Chaturvedi

    Very convenient with lot of options for all your needs..DIY, Raffels Medical, Japan Home, DIY, Cotton On, 7 eleven and lot of food options including Star Bucks, subway etc..

  21. Avatar photo
    Yan Ng

    Interesting selection of retail and food. Can check it out if in that area

  22. Avatar photo

    Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is a place where you can find everything you need from food, bread, cakes, bubble tea, groceries, home accessories, shoes, furnitures, mattress, keys, educational and enrichment centres.

    There are also shops that caters to children like cotton on kids and some vending machines where you can let the children ride on for fun.

    It serves as a cosy shopping centre for the community in Alexandra area.

    It a place great for families to hangout and dine out as well.


  23. Avatar photo
    syed Ibrahim yusoff

    Very nice place. Quite and there are supermarket and some food beverages restaurants and some shops. The only problem is little transportation available.

  24. Avatar photo
    Stephen James Booth

    Winter with a friend and we had lunch there was quite nice

  25. Avatar photo
    Aditi Srivastava

    It’s a small mall with a lot of factory outlet stores. It houses Charles & Keith, Cotton On, Typo, Pedro and a number of lil botiques. There are a number of food outlets like KFC, Subway, Four Leaves, Starbucks, Koufu and a lot more. I often shop here and grab a bite when I do not have much time to spare. The outside seating arrangement also makes it a cool place to hangout with friends.

  26. Avatar photo
    Nora Yussof

    They have cold storage, japan home and even petslover. U can also do shopping for clothes. Cotton on, Billabong, Charles and keith too

  27. Avatar photo
    andrian kosasih

    Opposite of ikea alexandra, small outlet mall

  28. Avatar photo
    Sandhya Santhanam

    One stop one shot to purchase small household items.cotton on for kids and adults, other boutique type shops,cake shops.Small and cute mall to step in for an experience.

  29. Avatar photo
    ATL T

    Anchorpoint is a small very small mall with a food court at the basement.

    Nearby attractions are ikea the furniture mall, dawson mall and car showrooms.

  30. Avatar photo

    Still an ok place to find some food without crowd (starbucks, koufu foodcourt- some stalls, KFC, subway, Koi and LIHO bubble tea, bengawan solo, etc).. Note some shops have closed down (valueshop, Mr. DIY and of course earlier cold storage) but cold storage will be returning by 2022 1st quarter.

  31. Avatar photo
    paul adams

    Still haven’t understood this mall after all these years. No personality

  32. Avatar photo
    Michael Ye

    This is a place must go because of outlet stores like Cotton On. Lots of food options, wine shop and even food court. Great location and good place to chill.

  33. Avatar photo
    Cybermon K S

    Seven eleven, KFC, subway, cotton on kids all here

  34. Avatar photo
    Francis Tan

    I liked the food options in a small mall like this, and the Cold Storage supermarket was definitely one of the more upmarket options in the area. Great place for cafes/quick bites

  35. Avatar photo
    Nguyen Phuong

    I like this shopping centre.
    There are few brands’ outlet store such as: Predo, Charles and Keith, Cotton on, Typo, Skechers, Billabong.
    Most of shop in this centre offer discount price.

  36. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Chan

    A mall full of outlet stores for discounted goods/ bargains in apparel, stationery and shoes. Also contains a supermarket and a Japanese food store.

  37. Avatar photo
    Siti Payong

    I am at staying at Queensway road and Everytume I was at Starbucks achorpoint for the past 5 years it always pleasant customer service happy , smiley , friendly faces and service was excellent .I felt home …

  38. Avatar photo
    Milla Gunasagaran

    If want to find cheaper option to buy clothes like Cotton on you would like this place. Quite affordable considering the fact that it’s near Orchard..

  39. Avatar photo
    Waseem Yusaf

    Nice small mall. Limited vendors but you can find outlets for shoes and some clothes brands

  40. Avatar photo
    Yah Ling

    Not many shops, perhaps should bring in some new concepts, new restaurants-BBQ, steamboat etc… even Kou Fu food court also less choices.

  41. Avatar photo
    Jyeo Teow Hee

    Kopi Hive at Basement one selling local food and local coffee, 2 storey building small shopping centre with a few food establishments .

  42. Avatar photo
    Lian Mei L

    A small shopping mall, most shops here could be regarded as outlet stores which sell past seasons items at cheaper prices. Not too bad a place to check. Can even visit Ikea right opposite, or Queensway Shopping Centre one road away for more shopping options.

  43. Avatar photo

    Outdated but home to Ma Maison, a cosy and affordable Japanese bar serving scrumptious meals like Tonkatsu and Beef Stroganoff. Usually empty these days due to Covid but worth a visit if you’re in the area.

  44. Avatar photo
    W M Loo

    Not very comprehensive shopping mall…. Is a small mall wth a few coffee joints and eateries, clothings outlets, Watsons and a food court.

  45. Avatar photo
    Mengkuang Han

    Nice place to shop, small but have good brand of fashion, of course variety of foods, Western to orientals

  46. Avatar photo

    The grand daddy of shopping center in Alexandra Road area. Place is in very close proximity to and forms the holy trinity of IKEA, Queensway Shopping Center, and Anchorpoint. Several anchor tenants are still present: Xing Wang HK cafe, TCC, and Starbucks. Most of the cafes are situated at Level 1 whereas foodcourt and beauty salons are at B1.

  47. Avatar photo

    A small mall opposite of ikea. Has a good mixture of food and retail outlets. Good place to go to escape from the crowds.

  48. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    A nice place for shopping for those staying around here….
    My first time, its not too big, cozy and not so crowded…

  49. Avatar photo

    Small mall majorly for haircut etc. Few small outlets for day to day needs. Location is good. Can visit IKEA outlet bang opposite to it. And good eating joints around

  50. Avatar photo
    Myo Min Swe

    Good for shopping range of items from clothing to foods. Just opposite IKEA Alexander. DIY, Value Dollar, KFC, Subway, all in.

  51. Avatar photo

    definitely one of my favourite malls. usually not too crowded but has many good shops within, and also opposite ikea!

  52. Avatar photo
    Joe Ng

    A utilitarian visit. You’ll find all the usual tenants with a grocery store in the basement. Bottle shops selling beer and wine conveniently located right next door or either side. There are the usual suspects for food, a bakery, a sandwich place and fast food. There is an ATM. Option for overflow parking for IKEA which is across the street and accessible via the overhead bridge.

  53. Avatar photo
    Phoenix Lim Ai May

    An older mall but plenty of sports equipment shops. Comparable prices. Best place for katong laksa and curry chicken rice.

  54. Avatar photo
    Vincent YM Ng

    Good selection of sashimi available.

  55. Avatar photo
    Ma S

    There’re some good restaurant so that You can enjoy Japanese, Chinese or western food at this shopping mall at the basement, there’s a food court which is crowded during lunch time especially on weekdays because there’re a shuttle bus from office/industrial area to this mall.

  56. Avatar photo
    Gayle Amul

    A small mall packed outlet stores (Charles&Keith, Pedro, G2000, CottonOn, Billabong, etc) that have sales all throughout the year. There is a supermarket in the basement, baked goods, Japan Home and your reliable valu$ store. It has a bus stop right in front of it so less hassle with public transport.

  57. Avatar photo
    Andre Karl Misso

    Major improvements made today to the mall. Love how cold storage is open and available.

  58. Avatar photo
    Kai Cung Lee

    Good for weekend chill and shopping. Not much choice but good space to shop without many people.

  59. Avatar photo
    Peter Chong

    Small shopping centre. Large range of outlet shops offering discounts. Food court is pricey. Shops cater more to those who stay nearby.

  60. Avatar photo
    Aik Heng Ch'ng

    Anchor point seems very small from the outside but it is actually very big on the inside , there is mostly food stores there with the occasional outlet stores. It is a very conducive place for you to shop at and I would see myself going there again!

  61. Avatar photo

    Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is a place where you can find everything you need from food, bread, cakes, bubble tea, groceries, home accessories, shoes, furnitures, mattress, keys, educational and enrichment centres. …

  62. Avatar photo
    Ian Long

    Mr DIY is pretty big and nice…. the other outlets are nice…..parking is abit tight

  63. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Ng


    Happy Fish food court outlet served best tastings fish soup. Perfectly brewed fish soup that infused with savoury fragrance instead of fishy odor.

    Price range between S$5 – S$10.

  64. Avatar photo
    Yee Howe Wong

    Air conditioned and clean shopping centre, good food choices and variety of shops. Right opposite Ikea as well

  65. Avatar photo
    Jason Chin

    Place with eclectic mix of cafes and eateries. Good place to head for food after ikea shopping.

  66. Avatar photo
    Eugene Hong

    Not many shops to offer for a mall. Visit for the Ma Maison restaurant, and the All The Batter stall for an all avocado and natural foods menu.

  67. Avatar photo
    kitten me

    Quiet mall around neighbourhood. Outlet stores (cotton on, typo, some budget shoes / clothes), decent food choices, great customer service, bubble tea

  68. Avatar photo
    Sam Lee

    The aircon is very cold, good for resting and transit point for grabbers waiting for their orders

  69. Avatar photo
    Alex Chin

    A small shopping mall with a supermarket, cafes, eateries, food court, wine shop, pet shop, boutiques, laundry service, etc. Perhaps satisfy most of your daily household needs. Special mentioning goes to Sakuraya Fish Market – a decent Japanese diner serving fresh and reasonably priced sashimi and sushi, rice and noodle dishes, with a wide selection of sake at very reasonable prices!

  70. Avatar photo
    Jude De Cruz

    It’s different now, gone are a couple of outlets for men’s clothing so it had become more quiet and less customer traffic in the shopping mall

  71. Avatar photo
    Vishnu vardhan reddy vilan

    Very good

  72. Avatar photo
    Dennis Koh

    Typical shopping mall with a few brands outlets. The walkways are a bit tight. There’s a claustrophobic feeling as the mall management tries to pack as many shops into a small sized mall.

  73. Avatar photo
    Vivian Lim

    Great outlet mall! A few good places to eat but not too many choices. However, there are many other places to get good food around the area

  74. Avatar photo
    Tim Wong

    Peaceful shopping mall. Not much crowd on a weekday afternoon when I visited. Weekends should attract more people. Pretty good food stalls and like that Mr DIY shop sells cheap and affordable household items.

  75. Avatar photo

    The place is well kept but quite small so not much stores. Mostly go there to buy food and drinks.

  76. Avatar photo
    R Kumar

    Good location, small place, few varieties

  77. Avatar photo
    Walter Loo

    The place is cool enough to hang around. Quiet and not too many shops around. Shops cater mostly to high end customers.

  78. Avatar photo
    K Tan

    A few outlet stores like Typo, Giordano, Skechers, Cotton On etc. Food wise, there is a food court, TCC, Subway, Jack’s Place etc. The most interesting store is the fish Mart Sakuraya where it is a seafood mart as well as a sit down Japanese restaurant.

  79. Avatar photo
    Blu executor

    Simple mall with restaurants. The bridge connecting to IKEA on the opposite side of the road does not have disabled access, so those who cannot climb stairs will have to make a long trip to the traffic junction a few blocks away

  80. Avatar photo

    Been going to Ikea Alexandra for years – but never crossed over to Anchorpoint.

    There is a linkbridge, yet somehow just didn’t thought worthwhile to walk over. Today, we finally did. Just a minute to discover one of the better malls around.

    For starters, the Mall looks brand-new. Best part is, the place is almost deserted – which is rare and good for shoppers.

    Almost every shop is spick-and-span with racks well stocked and staffed with enthusiastic, non-mobile phone fixated sales personnel.

    Most noteworthy is Cold Storage. Arguably the best I’ve been. Variety and merchandising display are amazing. Aisles are wide and uncluttered. The meat, ready to eat sections are refreshingly well-stocked with items neatly displayed. You should check out the nuts and dried fruit mixes. The new in-house bakery (lots of sourdough) is right at the front entrance, unlike the back like that of West Coast Plaza.

    Yes, we will be back again – especially after being charged $11.45 for parking at Ikea.

  81. Avatar photo

    Niche food options, has a great Japanese Fish Market store that has it’s own little restaurant. Other than that, just has chains like Subway and Jack’s place.

    Would recommend coming here if you’re at IKEA Alexandria for the 10th time and are tired of eating meatballs.

  82. Avatar photo
    Angeline Teo

    A lot of nice eateries and quieter than IKEA opposite. Cold storage is nice to do groceries

  83. Avatar photo
    Sandeep Naayak

    Visited place to buy clothes for baby and was more than happy. haven’t explored it more hence low rating.

  84. Avatar photo
    William Lim

    Lots of changes. No more Cold Storage Supermarket. It was taken over by a D.I.Y. Super Store. More varieties now.

  85. Avatar photo
    Katy Lam

    Here has the super market, food court and some fashion outlet store. It’s not that big so I can walk a while after my dinner.

  86. Avatar photo
    Linda Green

    Other than the cold storage which returned, nothing else is worth visiting in the mall. Jack’s place okay when they have some weekdays offer. The hair salon next to Cold Storage is okay and the people are nice.

  87. Avatar photo
    Amit Ray

    Very well maintained, small, homely atmosphere for essential shopping and eateries

  88. Avatar photo
    Robert Ho

    Many assortment of shops and food joints available. It is worthwhile making a visit here.

  89. Avatar photo
    Wan-Ling Yeo

    It’s an interesting neighbourhood mall, and it fronts a private condominium project which envelops it from the back. Why is it interesting? Well, it has the standard amenities expected of a neighborhood mall, such as a supermarket, clinic, pharmacy, coffee joint, but it actually has outlets as well. Discount outlets selling off season items from Pedro, Charles and Keith, and fashion brands. I actually do like the Japanese restaurant here, Sakuraya, and it’s interesting (yup again) that they have a section near the cashier’s selling hard to find Japanese snacks.

  90. Avatar photo
    vangie ercia

    Nice place to shop and dine. There we were able to get items at reasonable prices. The vicinity is good and relaxing as there is a place to take some rest and pictures.

  91. Avatar photo
    cybox afbal

    It was ver fun finds out the other day I was thinking you can do it to see if it would love it would love the way I was thinking about a new year old age or not sure I what I don’t want the last year of your help in error message was in a new Jersey shore for you have to get in your help with a great to be in your time I can do that it would you know the way we could you know that would have any attachments to get it would you know how much and a

  92. Avatar photo

    Has normal shops like cafés,food court and NTUC as well as quite a few unique things like a fish market and a few restaurants

  93. Avatar photo

    The natural plants around the entrance is awesome and sets it apart from many other shopping centres. Lots of food and shops, and located in a very convenient place. Great shopping mall go check it out. Thank you Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, very cool.

  94. Avatar photo
    Trond Hon

    Quiet but has lots of good shopping and food.

  95. Avatar photo
    nishshanka sirisena

    Good clean place. Foods also worth for the price. Good place to enjoy the lunch.

  96. Avatar photo
    Bharat Singh

    A little gem of a mall facing IKEA, it’s a good escape for “rest and relax”, and a good stop to refuel your tummy with a couple of F&B options. Browse through the quaint shops, you never know what surprises lay in store for you. Once in a while, you’ll be amazed at what you could find and uncover.

  97. Avatar photo
    Terrence Yoong

    This is a shopping place for the surrounding residence. There is quite a good selection of food available here. A big DIY store that carries many household items.

  98. Avatar photo
    SeraFina Faith

    Quite an interesting mini-mall with enough eateries & other essential retail shops like Mr DIY & Japan Home. There are a few outlet stores like Pedro shoes & Cotton On with huge discounts.

  99. Avatar photo
    Samuel Jeanblanc

    Mall located in front of IKEA and next to The Anchorage with plenty of dining and clothing options.
    7-Eleven, restaurants, KFC, sushi… Choices abound.

  100. Avatar photo
    Anil Nair

    The mall is incredibly “dead” now with tons of empty shops and no real reason to visit. Quite sad.

  101. Avatar photo
    Chris Wong

    The shopping center is a little old and car park lots are narrow. But aside from this, it has nice eateries with a link bridge to IKEA across the street.

  102. Avatar photo
    Joshosaurus Rex

    Good buys good deals all over. Occasional book fairs in basement/ lobby area which I frequent. Also a ValueDollar store in the basement.

  103. Avatar photo
    Dhew Omar Dewi

    One of the oldest shopping centre in the area, better shops nowadays
    Food court need to improve

  104. Avatar photo
    Vera Low

    Great mall which has many outlet shops. Due to limited space, there are limited shops and restaurants. Good for a few hours.

  105. Avatar photo
    Yap Steven

    Small mall. Nothing much but good enough to have some basic shopping needs and restaurants

  106. Avatar photo
    Mt Lee

    Nice quiet place opposite of IKEA. Not much choices for food but can still be a good alternative to IKEA’s food ct sometimes.

  107. Avatar photo
    chong see hau

    Not so busy compare to last time, a lot of shop closed. Seems like lesser ppl there

  108. Avatar photo
    Kokwai Teng

    A small 2 floors of mostly food joints and outlet shops of a few bigger brands. Provides a place for people living nearby or visiting Ikea to head over to for a meal, but nothing really more to keep you there. Would have really benefitted from having a supermarket but Cold Storage is now closed.

  109. Avatar photo
    Tim Cheung

    A basic shopping mall with essentials like a Cold Storage and some cafes. Its uniqueness is the number of outlet shops where you may be able to find a good bargain. A convenient overhead bridge from the main entrance provides good access to the Ikea across the street.

  110. Avatar photo
    Sudhir SB

    This herbal soup shop at KOFU food court is really awesome tasty food. The herbal soup is so fragrant and very tasty. We ordered the set E as per the pic and their pumpkin rice is very yummy! It’s worth trying once and your will know what I mean !

  111. Avatar photo
    Victor Lian

    A small plaza but has many good shops. It is unfortunate that the supermarket has been replaced with other shop. However, it is still a good place to visit. I enjoy finding ideas in DIY shop here and buying low-priced snacks at Values. The food court also has a good selection of food items. For fast food, KFC and Subway are available.

  112. Avatar photo
    Nick Peh

    Amenities was complete, u should be able to find what u need. For info, 7-11 there isn’t 24 hrs.

  113. Avatar photo
    Amar Bayasgalan

    Not the 5 star shopping center you’d find in orchard street but it’s decent. Some cheap local brands such as shoes. Also, cotton on kids was having a good sale. Can’t complain

  114. Avatar photo
    SC P/L

    A small 2-level shopping centre with a basement car park. It features a food court with a variety of choices, many eateries and shops and factory outlets.

  115. Avatar photo
    And Roid (TY)

    Quiet place with just about nothing happening all the time. Good to pop by for a quick meal because most places are not packed on most days.

  116. Avatar photo
    Dåvīd Lãū

    Small shopping center but very nice place to shop shop shop till you drop!!! …

  117. Avatar photo

    very small mall….with few shops only….quite some no of fast food restaurants too…KFC….SUBWAY….STARBUCKS….clean mall….renovated….for small shopping or eating out….it’s a good option….nothing big or fancy though!!!

  118. Avatar photo
    Kisunthi Dass

    Goods are at reasonable prices as this is an outlet store. But there r limited shops. It’s still a good place to go if u r looking for a specific brand. There is a good choice of eateries

  119. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Tan

    Mainly eateries remaining here, with some other shops.

  120. Avatar photo
    Yu Yu

    I always drink sugar-cane there whenever I go to Anchor point ,
    I try Avocado milk ball at B1

  121. Avatar photo
    Eri Rahmat

    This is just a 2storey small shopping centre. There is only the 1st floor and basement. Most of the store available there are outlet stores. Brands like Pedro, Billabong, Sketchers, Typo, Cotton On and Cotton On Kids.

    I gave the mall a rather low rating because the halal food option available is really limited. You got Subway which just got it’s Halal cert and KFC. And there is Coffee Hive on the basement level that serves no pork no lard but we can’t be certain whether the meat were slaughtered in accordance to Islam’s syari’ah law.

  122. Avatar photo
    Doreen Tan

    Place hasn’t changed much since the last time I was here 2 years ago. Carpark is small and tight. Shop selection so so.

  123. Avatar photo
    Praveen Shukla

    Nice neighbourhood mall on Alexandra Road. It has factory outlet. The mall is built on historical Anchor Beer brewery. It has a supermarket, medical clinic, cafés, food court and few factory outlets. Check it out. It’s small but provides sufficient for daily needs and occasional shopping when the pockets are tight.

  124. Avatar photo
    mae dalene villeno

    suitable for the clean freak people, the goods are reasonable prices, and most of all not so crowded.

  125. Avatar photo
    Stephen Sim

    Used to visit regularly as i eat at the foodcourt quite often. However asmany shops including the foodcourt are currently under renovating,find not worthwhile visiting.

  126. Avatar photo
    Thang Huynh

    Have decent selections of shops, generally the price here is very reasonable. However the Koufu place is slowly dropping in quality while the price there is about S$1 more than similar food else where

  127. Avatar photo
    Su Lee

    A good mix of shops that basically have what you want/looking for

  128. Avatar photo
    Emily Ng

    A lot of eateries n place very clean

  129. Avatar photo

    Lovely local shopping center , we always go there for food and Starbucks in the weekend

  130. Avatar photo
    Neela Desai

    If you want to pick up just 1-2 items of household, still have to pass through one way jig saw puzzle way. End of wasting so much time to buy a few items. Really tiring!

  131. Avatar photo
    William Win

    A great shopping mall with high-end supermarket, stores outlets and restaurants.

  132. Avatar photo
    Simon Y

    A small residential mall with some outlet stores that distinct them with other similar malls. Ikea is just opposite the mall and also nearby sportswear specialty Queensway Shopping Centre.

  133. Avatar photo
    Tony Foo

    This is shopping center offer a graet selections food outlets in a comfortable setting for this area around queensway.

  134. Avatar photo

    small mall with not much crowd. recently renovated and has the standard shops, supermarket and foodcourt. please do something about the dying plants lmao

  135. Avatar photo
    Kirby Poh

    Other than a few fashion outlet stores like Charles & Keith, Cotton On, and Billabong, and fast food restaurants, there’s not much else to shout about, really. You could still pay Anchorpoint a visit if you’re at IKEA or Queensway Shopping Centre though.

  136. Avatar photo
    Yong Meng Tan

    Small but convenience shopping centre for those who working or staying nearby. And you can find almost all your routine need there.

  137. Avatar photo

    A small shopping center across the street from Ikea. Not much here, except for a Starbucks and a small food court. Can come here from Ikea via a sky bridge if it’s too crowded at the Ikea restaurant.

  138. Avatar photo
    Luisa Li Gan

    This mall is neat because it has a vast array of stores and food venues. Come here often because there’s almost everything without it being crowded or too big to navigate: from groceries to household items, to a few apparel stores and knick knacks, to coffee shops and sushi, and an ok food court.

  139. Avatar photo
    ian Salbri

    Well its quite a quiet place..not much store but you can have your meal or a cup of coffee in peace..

  140. Avatar photo
    Mellissa Lim

    Shop at the outlet stores to save you big bucks! Mall is rarely crowded so take your time to find yourself the value deal.

  141. Avatar photo
    Fei Fei Chiam

    A simple shopping mall, two levels i.e. Ground floor and basement. With carpark. Opposite of IKEA, this mall enjoys the spillover crowd from ikea.
    It will be good if you are their mall’s member, free parking and gifts can be claimed periodically here during festive Seasons.
    The food centre on basement sells very good western food. Saloon, pet shop, money changer, household products shop, Cold Storage supermarket, wines, GNC, bakery, Japanese restaurants, charcoal BBQ, western food and cafe.
    Sistic authorised agents is also here.
    This is a basic mall that can fulfil all your necessities, with no extra fancy stuffs to confuse you.
    Above the mall is residence.

  142. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I like the place as there are many shops selling clothes and food and sundries household items. Many children’s clothes and sports shops. There is food court and Subway and Japanese restaurant and Benganwan solo cake shop.

  143. Avatar photo
    Venkataramana Rao Nott

    Great snack. Late night Hong Kong cafe. Great discount shops. Good brands. Ultra Convenient. Too Good.

  144. Avatar photo
    Pris L

    The chicken so crispy n juicy nice …

  145. Avatar photo
    Win Yongrattana

    A local mall in Queestown neighborhood. A hidden place of outlets store which offer you discount price. And they have cold storage as super market at basement.

  146. Avatar photo
    Kathryn Loon

    A small mall. Sadly to say many stalls are closed in the food court.

  147. Avatar photo
    CT Yeo

    Much better managed place compared to last time. Offered another choice location for families outing and meals within the Ikea, QWSC zone.

  148. Avatar photo

    Good mall. Has most of the popular stores around here(e.g. Starbucks, Mr Coconut, etc). However mall size is pretty small

  149. Avatar photo
    CH Loh

    Few shops but quite well curated. Also Ma Mason being there is great!

  150. Avatar photo
    Donald & Mei Leng Koh

    Had a satisfying lunch at Jack’s Place – nice, clean and quiet.

  151. Avatar photo
    Eden Lok

    The mall is small but satisfies as a pit stop to central or south of Singapore.

    Close proximity to a IKEA store and hotel with numerous Hawker centres in the vicinity.

    Mall has a food court, several cafes and restaurants. There are some brand outlets here like Charles and Keith, cotton on and typo.

    You would most likely spend an hour or so here and head over to your next destination.

    This mall also has numerous enrichment centres for families with children.

  152. Avatar photo
    Ken Lai

    A good place to buy sports related stuffs like shoes and racquet. Be sure to compare the prices and make a good bargain though, or you might not get your money worth.

  153. Avatar photo
    Lim Soon Hock

    Cold Storage has recently open back the store there. Many of the items are without the price tag. There are not many fresh fish and meat items in the shop, hopefully more can be added.

  154. Avatar photo
    woelly william

    2 storey small shopping mall with many cafes. Self service laundry machine is in the basement. Cold storage and values shop can also be found here

  155. Avatar photo
    Shao-Horng Yong

    Small shopping mall but good for food – Maison, Jack’s Place, Starbucks, TCC and Xin Wang are available.

  156. Avatar photo

    Small old mall @ Anchorpoint.
    Next to the Bus stand.
    Relatively clean toilets.
    Houses subway, starbucks and mcdonalds among others.

  157. Avatar photo
    Wisbeam Wong

    No Dbs/POSB ATM any more Other than that, ambience is good. Not very crowded

  158. Avatar photo
    Tan Li Teen

    Most delicious ever pineapple fried rice set found at food court for $5.80, that sour spicy soup is awesome!

  159. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Foo

    Love the ‘Pizza Pazza’ located at the food Court. Always here for their great pasta.

  160. Avatar photo
    Chantal Walker

    A very convenient and alternate place for dining when you cannot find a seat in ikea. It is limited variety of shops.

  161. Avatar photo
    Joe Vu

    Rude service from Kou Fu staff, esply Chinese cleaner who behave like a thug & elderly lady dispenser at the coffee counter!
    Mall is small & nothing special!

  162. Avatar photo
    Greta Willis

    A good array of small shops here, covering all needs. Helpful staff keen to sort out queries.

  163. Avatar photo
    Allos Kostas

    A very small mall but quite good with a few outlet stores offering great prices and value for money. Has a serious disadvantage and a major asset. Minus: lack of a supermarket; horrible. Plus: Sakuraya market.

  164. Avatar photo
    Heman Chong

    Very functional place with a lot of outlet stores. It really can do better, considering it’s right across from IKEA, and there’s usually like 5000 people across at any time… The food court here sucks!

  165. Avatar photo

    A small ‘outlet’ type shopping mall opposite IKEA Alexandra.

    Offers several outlet stores. Key tenant is Cold Storage in the basement.

    Various eateries and fast food is available.

    This mall offers alternative parking if IKEA Alexandra is full. A bridge linkway is conveniently located outside the mall that connects directly to IKEA on the second floor.

  166. Avatar photo
    Stefan Kwok (stefk)

    Used to be an outlet mall but it’s no longer considered so. Quite small, with all the basics. Mr DIY is a plus to me

  167. Avatar photo
    Kunal Gurnani

    A very convenient place for dining as well as basic shopping. Good location near Ikea.

  168. Avatar photo

    Being right opposite Ikea Alexandra is an advantage. If you can’t get a seat in the ever popular Ikea restaurant, pop over here for lunch. I sound greedy by saying this but at times there are some promotion kiosks introducing new products or services, they give you free gifts for listening.

  169. Avatar photo
    shashwat shukla

    Compact small mall with some good shops likes cotton on, Charles and Keith, kfc, subway, etc.

  170. Avatar photo
    Secret Sisters!!!

    There is the Charles and Keith outlet pretty good bargains ranging from 20 to 50% off. There is a typo outlet doing major clearance. Cotton on is doing a massive clearance of $5 buys. Billabong outlet has many bargains dresses around $25. Pretty good shopping.

  171. Avatar photo
    MImi Koh

    There is a new shop called Shi Li Fang that sell steamboat which is nice

  172. Avatar photo
    Nurida Kuswati


  173. Avatar photo
    A 3

    Small shopping centre but clean and in good modern condition.
    2 levels with assortment of shops.
    Lots of food outlets.

  174. Avatar photo
    Lai Jia Ying

    Its a very quiet place to shop. Very convenient mall to go but very few shops.

  175. Avatar photo
    Aaron Chan

    A pleasant and enjoyable dining experience at the restaurant. On confirmation of our booking reservation, we were allocated to a spacious dining room, which was made-up of fanciful sea-themedornament decorations giving us a perfect ambient to indulge in the sumptuous foods. Will definitely come back again.

  176. Avatar photo
    Under the White Night

    Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is a place where there are a lot of food, and you could also have a rest here after browsing at the nearby outlets like IKEA. It is recommended to come here during non-peak hours as there would be a lot of people there, especially the food court. A really good experience there.

  177. Avatar photo
    Peter Lee

    Coldstorage is been a new tenant.

  178. Avatar photo
    W C

    Good with own n nearby shopping. Some shops closed now otherwise would be better.

  179. Avatar photo
    Jesslyn Ng

    nothing much here, just an alternative place to eat other than IKEA

  180. Avatar photo
    Terence Fong

    Small cozy mall with a couple of nice restaurant. Go there if you enjoy a quiet afternoon. Good place to eat before going over to Ikea, too.

  181. Avatar photo
    CJX Michael

    Food and amenities. Quite a small mall. If you are driving, do beware of the out of spec hump before the slope that leads you to the carpark.

  182. Avatar photo
    Sriram R

    It has a good selection of restaurants and fast food outlets but doesn’t really stand out compared to other malls in the area.

  183. Avatar photo
    Lian Jye Su

    Great place for fashion bargain hunters. Outlet shops for G2000, Charles and Keith, Pedro and Cotton On all located under one roof. A great variety of food options too!

  184. Avatar photo
    Shirley Soh

    This small shopping mall is a bit more atas than other neighborhood malls. There are some small cafés and interesting shops. I like the food court here but it is now closed for renovations. Looking forward to a better food court.

  185. Avatar photo
    Its Me

    First time in this 2floors mall. Clean n interesting w Value store, Mr DIY a number of eating outlets. Surprisingly only one floor carpark!!

  186. Avatar photo
    Pratap Vasipalli

    Not so great for shopping, but superb place for food..

  187. Avatar photo
    Roy Chua

    A nice place to chill since early 2000! Nice place to walk if you wanna get away from typical shopping malls.

  188. Avatar photo
    Paul Ryan Soh

    Fishmart SAKURAYA Always enjoyed eating their fresh sashimi with sake.. crab meat pilaf is nice too.

  189. Avatar photo
    Junaidi Abdullah

    Nice Shopping Centre which offers some different types of confectioneries you can’t find at other shopping centres. Best of all, it’s halal. Only a few eateries though. Lots of shops selling clothes and other stuffs.

  190. Avatar photo
    J Seng

    Not many shops and the outlets do not have good offer and with limited choices only. Expensive parking too.

  191. Avatar photo
    Taoism 32

    It is a small mall. There some outlets. The Cold Storage is decent size. There is a Mmmmm for cheap meats and a pretty cool Japanese restaurant and it is right across from Ikea’s.

  192. Avatar photo
    Zam Zam

    Only one halal food KFC.Rest not at all.. even though there’s koufu food court.One thing good about this place is that a good few shop are gather here.

  193. Avatar photo
    Miss Queenie

    Went to Anchorpoint last week and I can say that alot of shops are gone. (Eg: Typo,Mr DIY) Some shops are relatively new but doesnt seem to have any sales. There used to be a POSB atm in the mall itself but they removed it and have to go to Queensway Shopping Centre to withdraw cash. Koufu is still the same except for most of the stalls are closed. Only 2 or 3 stalls are open. For Fast Food options, only KFC & Subway are available.Im short,not much food options are available.But I like to go to this mall as its not crowded and it can tend to be quiet at times and its peaceful. No long queues as well. It used to be abit crowded during peak hours but now its quite quiet and I guess maybe alot of ppl are WFH. And also it can be inconvenient since its not near to MRT Stations.Plus,its no longer under Frasers as well. But overall,its 1 of my Fav Mall.

  194. Avatar photo
    Venus Chan

    Cute local boutique mall, has a decent supermarket, laundry service, Starbuck and massage shop.. all I need for a walking distance..

  195. Avatar photo
    M. Tay

    Small shopping centre that is very long and narrow, mostly useful because it is opposite Ikea. You can eat here and do supplementary shopping after small-piece furniture shopping. There are some outlets, and some groceries. Cakes and pastries. Also ok to park here instead of Ikea.

  196. Avatar photo
    P Chong

    Not really a place for serious shopping but it’s a good place for eating after shopping in IKEA. Had a very nice burger at TCC coffee place.

  197. Avatar photo
    Kai weng Wong

    At the cross rd of queenway shoppin centre, park hotel, opposite is ikea, mitsubishi. Location is very idea. Traffic is also convenient.

  198. Avatar photo
    M C

    Small mall, some upgrades completed. Cold Storage is back! Mr DIY too! Basement looks n feels more spacious. Like! Koufu Mee Rebus is great here.

  199. Avatar photo
    Jerrick Lim

    Great for a small meal, with some good but limited selections. The stores here slew toward the outlet mall but it’s a decent neighbourhood mall. Cannot complain.

  200. Avatar photo

    A small comfy mall.

  201. Avatar photo
    Irni saini

    Not really a good place to shop. Not much choice especially the food. The only 2 great shops to visit are Cotton On Kids and Typo as they offered a lot of discounts compared to other outlets.

  202. Avatar photo
    Eddie Chen

    Value Shops, Mr. Coconut and many more shops are doing well.

  203. Avatar photo
    Jojo Cruz

    Hidden gem. Some outlet stores here — Giordano, Cotton On, etc. Sakuraya restaurant is a very good Japanese restaurant here.

  204. Avatar photo
    Johnny Teo

    Have a major supermarket at the basement finally! Making it a great place to go for families around the area

  205. Avatar photo
    Pearl Lee

    Personally, I felt that the check in and check out stuff, as well as all the safety measures were really efficient, hence making my shopping experience a really fruitful and convenient one! Would recommend shopping there one day …

  206. Avatar photo
    Zikang Soh

    Can consider adding new store like Boost, Din Tai Fung, KOI, NTUC.

    It’s getting boring.

  207. Avatar photo
    Thulasi nathan

    Not much crowded on the public holiday also. The building does not attract the crowd, feel like private property should not enter inside, I did not explore much inside. No guidelines and shop info. I was looking for my favourite food but could not locate easily

  208. Avatar photo
    Ace Shimizu

    Mothing much to see here. Feels so much empty other than food places like subway and kfc

  209. Avatar photo
    Under the White Night

    Anchorpoint Shopping Centre is a place where there are a lot of food, and you could also have a rest here after browsing at the nearby outlets like IKEA. It is recommended to come here during non-peak hours as there would be a lot of people there, especially the food court. A really good experience there.

  210. Avatar photo
    Greg Cinco

    if you are tired walking and browsing at IKEA, or just bought your new pair of shoes from Queensway Shopping Centre, just across the opposite road you can find Anchor Point for a coffee break before heading back home. There is a bus stop …

  211. Avatar photo
    Gio K

    Decent food selection, opposite Ikea and a couple of outlet stores. A decent mall in the west side.

  212. Avatar photo
    Nikhil Pritmani

    Small local mall home to a few local clothing labels & factory outlets for Giordano, Cotton On. Decent food court in the basement along with a lot of bakeries & pastry shops. Cafes at the mall include Starbucks & TCC.

    Ma Maison offers 10% off your bill if you’re a resident of the adjoining condo (anchorage). Just gotta show them your access card.

  213. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Fazuddin

    Not enough F&B choices. Toilet was not clean. It’s an above middle class families hang out spot.

  214. Avatar photo
    David Doff

    Cold Storage just opened where they used to be located. MR DIY is now at the location where Valueshop was located. These 2 are at the basement. There is a KOI bubble tea at level 1 as well.

  215. Avatar photo
    J T

    Quiet place. Nice retails and eateries. Parking places easy to find. Close to Ikea .

  216. Avatar photo
    Andrew Ng

    A condo with 2 level of shopping with a foodcourt mainly serve the tenants staying there.

  217. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Wu (JHW)

    Clean and compact with many quality shops and not overly crowded at peak hours. Close to IKEA a plus, too.

  218. Avatar photo

    Nice shopping centre! Lately the mall has sort of got a makeover(?) as it looks much better now. Like the Cotton On (both adult CO and Kids) here as many things are on SALE all year round. (I.e. I bought a cap that used to be $31+ at $7!) Lots of furniture aesthetic decor shops and bubble tea shops!

    Also Cold Storage is back!
    Would recommend ️

  219. Avatar photo
    Victor Gascon Moreno

    Nice cozy mall in front ok IKEA but for the food and beverage avoid the office lunch hour because all the places are overcrowded including Starbucks

  220. Avatar photo
    Adam Sim

    A shopping centre with a neighbourhood feel. My wife said that prices there tend to be lower than the shopping centres in town. A nice mall to go to on Sunday mornings for a relaxed and unhurried shopping for groceries.

  221. Avatar photo
    Farah Kusairi

    They’ve got good factory outlet prices for some shops. It’s a good deal to go for Cotton On, Charles & Keith and other brands for these low prices.

  222. Avatar photo
    Angus L

    Well, it is a bit quiet nowadays. Covid-19 is of course to blame. Cold storage moving out makes it worse.

  223. Avatar photo
    Hsbs Nsnd

    Indians foreigners stay in this condominium majority … There is swimming pool here and small gym … tons of birds such like pigeons love to perches at their windows to made nest at their aircon ledge areas…

  224. Avatar photo
    Ashish Katre

    This is shopping center located opposite IKEA.
    This has koufu, value dollar store, tcc, Starbucks, KFC and 7-eleven

  225. Avatar photo
    manish kandpal

    Great place.. small .. good food. Lots of options to buy good and reasonably priced clothing .

  226. Avatar photo
    Praveen Shukla

    It’s a small shopping arcade tucked within Anchorage Condominium. Most of the routine stuff is available here at reasonable price.

  227. Avatar photo
    GK Soh

    Anchorpoint has always been quiet, with low footfall, this hasn’t changed, it’s just a nice shopping centre to go if one is looking for a nice quiet uncrowded cup of coffee

  228. Avatar photo
    Donny Poh Renjie

    Still consider ok it’s old shopping mall

  229. Avatar photo
    Crosby Ong

    Visibly making efforts to attract anchor tenants. However, footfall here is average. Cold Storage has return. Food court has limited options, and some possibly new stall are sprouting.

  230. Avatar photo
    Marcus Krogh

    Not that many super interesting shops inside but they are cheap and pretty good. Has all necessities (cold storage, billabong, subway, etc.)

  231. Avatar photo
    Ivanna W

    Small mall across the IKEA Alexandra. There are some clothing outlets here (Giordano, Cotton On, Pedro). A food court and a supermarket at the Basement level. There are some cafes and restaurants too.

  232. Avatar photo

    Limited shopping shops but adequate for basic neighbourhood range of services.

  233. Avatar photo

    Small mall but has many shops and a good place to shop and relax as not many people come here.

  234. Avatar photo
    Centrepiece furnishing

    Loving their new decor after the renovation.

  235. Avatar photo
    Diamond Tan

    Seems to be a dead town during my time of visit. Not many service offering. Sad

  236. Avatar photo
    Gerald Chan

    Odd that you can find an outlet mall in this location but apart from that the mall has plenty of dining options and a well stocked cold storage for your groceries as well

  237. Avatar photo
    Iulia Manda

    It s a nice mall. They have clothes outlets with really good prices.

  238. Avatar photo
    Ben Tan

    Not too crowded. Koufu food court was clean and conducive. Will visit again

  239. Avatar photo
    Adrian Rayco

    Small but neat shopping area

  240. Avatar photo
    Eva Chia

    Always dropped by here after IKEA, good variety of small restaurants, with a decent size Cold Storage supermarket and a laundry mat.

  241. Avatar photo
    Nurhidayah Muhamad Nor

    Rarely crowded and very slow paced mall. The basement is a great place to cool down and have a rest with a nice, cold drink from LiHo or Mr Coconut.

  242. Avatar photo
    Edward Zeya

    This is a great place!!! A great place to do some casual shopping since there are so many factory outlets. You can easily reach there from Queenstown MRT station after 10-15 minutes walk.

  243. Avatar photo
    Erlina Rahman

    They have revamped the place i love that it is spacious and not so crowded..

  244. Avatar photo
    Zaharuddin Ismail

    Great ambience! The MR DIY store staff were very nice and responsive

  245. Avatar photo
    Karnex Ko

    few shop are still renovating hence not much place to move ard

  246. Avatar photo
    Morten Bjergstrøm

    Nice small shopping mall located just opposite Ikea, Alexandra. A supermarket, eateries, cafees, clothing and shoe stores etc.

  247. Avatar photo
    Zi Lin Sim

    Has a bunch of small eateries in the basement and a cold storage. Everything was pretty much shut by 10:30, but good to know that the Xin Wang cafe is open till 2am I think!

  248. Avatar photo

    A little crowded but it’s ok.. its Sunday after all!! I managed to get what I need smoothly.

  249. Avatar photo
    Rafael Tan (Kai Pin)

    Decent size mall with speciality restaurant. Supermarkets and some fashion outlets have closed

  250. Avatar photo
    Vincent Chow

    It a small place with plenty of outlet shops to get cheap n decent clothes and shoes, it’s a nice place to go. Nothing much else to differentiate it from other small shopping complexes and nearby.

  251. Avatar photo
    YH F

    Small mall but it has a food court and a few other eating places, as well as a Mr DIY hardware shop. The fact that it is just opposite Ikea Alexandra also makes it super convenient.

  252. Avatar photo
    John Smart

    I went for shorts at Bilabong. Found a pair and picked up a t-shirt too. I also visited a toyshop that had quite a range of products. I think the centre is starting tonpick up.

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