Review Ambur Briyani, 18 Cuff Rd, Singapore

Review Ambur Briyani - Singapore 18 Cuff Rd

“Ambur’s briyani is very nice! Especially the mutton one! YummyI love it” or “The food is always tasty and same quality each time we ordered. The mock mutton and chicken and panner masala were a favourite with all of my guests!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Ambur Briyani. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Ambur Briyani is quality.

Introduction about Ambur Briyani

Here are some fundamental details regarding Ambur Briyani. In terms of Indian restaurant, it is generally believed that Ambur Briyaniis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 18 Cuff Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Indian restaurant, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 92480497 (+65 92480497)
  • Website:
  • Address: 18 Cuff Rd, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 5 AM to 12 AM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Ambur Briyani via:

Phone number

You can reach Ambur Briyani at 92480497(+65 92480497). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Ambur Briyani via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 18 Cuff Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Ambur Briyani reviews

Ambur Briyani is among the best destinations of Indian restaurant in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Ambur Briyani good?

To determine whether Ambur Briyani is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“SOLID! Friendly staff and a lively atmosphere. Food was authentic and portions were great. A bonus with the free flow of onions and curries! Will definitely be back …”

“Ambur’s briyani is very nice! Especially the mutton one! YummyI love it”

“The food is always tasty and same quality each time we ordered. The mock mutton and chicken and panner masala were a favourite with all of my guests!”

“Ordered mutton Biryani in large quantity, the staff so kind to fulfill all the requests. The staff was friendly and delivered food on time.”

“The food was great! All of the boys loved it! Thanks for another successful Lunch”

“Ambur Biryani is the one of the best southern Indian Biryani. I try mutton biryani taste super. When ever I go little india I sure will eat again this Biryani .”

“Amazing food! Authentic taste! And fast delivery! Will order again next time.”

“one of the best indian food ive had in sg, everything tasted great especially the chicken korma. 10/10 bussin would definitely order again.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 217 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 83% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Ambur Briyani, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Ambur Briyani, 18 Cuff Rd, Singapore

There is a total 217 reviews

4.5 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    mani kandan

    Biryani Excellent taste, committed time delivery

  2. Avatar photo
    Sam .Guna

    Very tasty and best service

  3. Avatar photo
    Ethan _

    SOLID! Friendly staff and a lively atmosphere. Food was authentic and portions were great. A bonus with the free flow of onions and curries! Will definitely be back …

  4. Avatar photo
    Uma Krishna

    Very nice ….food so good

  5. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Alfiil

    I had briyani from this resturant twice, the first time i had a take away, reach home, unpack the briyani, ate it , taste was just average, the onion rita was good, the mutton piece size was small.

    Today, i went again to this resturant to have the briyani, dine in. The taste was much better when you dine in. The briyani was served hot, i can smell the aroma from the rice, the rice was flavourful blended with the mutton. service was fast.

    The setbacks, the mutton piece is small for a serving, the resturant should provide at least a free piece of pappadam.

    I will definately go back again to dine in.

  6. Avatar photo
    Abu Waheedha

    Placed order through Grab for “Self Pick-up”
    40 mins after placing order, the owner was like “we didn’t receive the order, do wait for another 15 mins”

    Chicken 65 -Below Average
    Chicken in briyani – Half Cooked
    Only the briyani rice and mutton was good

    Food is cheap but not worthy for a come back

  7. Avatar photo
    Dhakshinamoorthy Moorthytvl

    Not bad

  8. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Thanveer Hasan

    Went to this Ambur Biryani joint at Cuff Road. The ambience is decent but Sundays need to be avoided. From Biryani perspective, I was surprised with the taste of the Biryani as it was good and came close to the traditional taste of the Ambur Biryani, but the mutton was a bit hard which dampened the experience a bit. Overall the Biryani taste was nice and I would go there on weekdays to try it out again.

  9. Avatar photo
    Saravana bhavan


  10. Avatar photo


  11. Avatar photo
    Chinna 786

    The food was great! All of the boys loved it! Thanks for another successful Lunch

  12. Avatar photo
    Ram Ram


  13. Avatar photo
    Giri Dharan

    Good taste

  14. Avatar photo

    Price very reasonable.

  15. Avatar photo
    Aldrin Tee

    Big portions of Briyani! Authentic taste. Delicious and hearty! Love the teh, might be a bit too sweet for most Singaporeans, but it tastes exactly what I would expect from a chai stall in India! Staff are amazingly friendly and polite! A wonderful place to have a good meal and relax!

  16. Avatar photo
    Naveen Kumar

    Biryani taste is ok

  17. Avatar photo
    Elaya raja

    I feel the real taste of biryani

  18. Avatar photo
    bajis Video

    Very Nice Mutton Biriyani..

  19. Avatar photo
    Dhanasekaran Rajendiran

    I tried mutton briyani here and it didnt taste like Actual ambur briyani and the mutton wasnt tender. the flavor was different and spicy.
    2 stars for having a diff flavour and good to eat.
    worth for the price served .

  20. Avatar photo
    Prabhakar M

    Good Taste

  21. Avatar photo

    Serve is good

  22. Avatar photo
    starlin raja

    Ordered Chicken biryani, tasted and aroma good. Packing perfect and delivery on time. Worth for the money. Thanks for the good food.

  23. Avatar photo
    NaveeN Srirangan


  24. Avatar photo
    Kavi Arasan

    Very nice taste and good quality

  25. Avatar photo
    Arthur Yeo

    Unlike all other biryani, this biryani is not oily at all…

  26. Avatar photo
    Durven Naidu

    The food was great. Definitely will order again

  27. Avatar photo

    Typical Ambur biryani with decent quantity and better in taste as compared to other ambur biryanis in that region for the similar price range.
    I would suggest this biryani for takeaway .

  28. Avatar photo

    I love this Ambur briyani and taste was nailed me. I have never eat this kind of taste briyani.

  29. Avatar photo
    Rk Gopi

    Not bad

  30. Avatar photo


  31. Avatar photo

    Our team feel so happy about your 5 star ratings. Its will encourage us alot .keep visiting our resturant. We looking for you here again soon. …

  32. Avatar photo
    Mani maran


  33. Avatar photo
    shan sathish


  34. Avatar photo
    Thasan Karthikesu

    Very tasty food

  35. Avatar photo
    Myakala Jai

    Jai beerappa

  36. Avatar photo
    Afra Benazir

    Mutton biryani tasted good. The mutton was too dry. It is priced at $6. Overall, good for the price paid.

  37. Avatar photo
    Revathi Jayan

    Briyani is ok They should improve on the layout so that they could accommodate more people & needs to improve on cleanliness.

  38. Avatar photo
    Ambur Biriyani

    good service and best food

  39. Avatar photo
    Ethan _

    SOLID! Friendly staff and a lively atmosphere. Food was authentic and portions were great. A bonus with the free flow of onions and curries! Will definitely be back …

  40. Avatar photo
    Gautham Eswar

    Not good

  41. Avatar photo

    Had a take away. Big portion couldn’t finish it. Biryani was good but didn’t get what the hype is about.

  42. Avatar photo
    Manoj kumar Emmadi

    Order large quality. The food was great

  43. Avatar photo
    Kunasundari Suppiah

    Horrible biriyani. Place is dirty. Not recommended for good food cravers

  44. Avatar photo
    Abraham Lourdu Xavier

    Delicious food
    Well Organised Dinner
    Friendly service team

  45. Avatar photo
    John Kennedy Arockiasamy

    Very good taste everything

  46. Avatar photo
    Ramesh M

    Very good

  47. Avatar photo
    Sujatha Paramathayalan

    Had ordered fish cutlets for a small gathering. Unlike most cutlets usually filled with mostly potatoes, Ambur’s cutlets had lots of flaky fish meat- that was great! They were very generous with the size of the patties too. We liked that the crust was crunchy with sesame seeds!

  48. Avatar photo
    Kumar Kumar

    Mutton biryani very tasty,and delivery timing is , everybody taste n enjoy the Ambur Restrant

  49. Avatar photo
    EQU STUDIOS (யீக்யு ஸ்டுடியோஸ்)

    Not annoys but not worth it

  50. Avatar photo
    ka simbu

    Very nice mutton tum biryani $5.5

  51. Avatar photo
    helen dennisa

    100% every one satisfied with Ambur biriyani. Chicken gravy, mutton gravy . Packing also very good . Keep it up ur good work . God bless you all more and more . ️

  52. Avatar photo
    iyappan mani

    Nice food will try next time

  53. Avatar photo
    Lingesh Kumar

    Absolute stunner with their briyani, argubly the best in town. A must visit, at least to remember how a briyani should be like. What’s best is all are welcome and treated well. The staff take pride in serving and providing hospitality no matter who you are. A rare aptitude in these times.

  54. Avatar photo
    Benjamin samuvel

    Ordered mutton Biryani in large quantity, the staff so kind to fulfill all the requests.
    The staff was friendly and delivered food on time.

  55. Avatar photo
    selvaraj senthil murugan

    Thank you very much,
    Overall food taste,very nice, any way I feel 100% Ambur biryani taste ….

  56. Avatar photo
    Jaya Jennie

    Very tasty

  57. Avatar photo
    Michael Hunter

    Not many choice in terms of entrees or beers. Stop in for some Biryani with a malt liquor.

  58. Avatar photo
    Subash Somasundharam

    Biryani is super …

  59. Avatar photo
    Silva Raj

    GD taste

  60. Avatar photo

    Ambur Biryani is the one of the best southern Indian Biryani. I try mutton biryani taste super. When ever I go little india I sure will eat again this Biryani .

  61. Avatar photo
    Irudaya Raj

    Not good to eat as family

  62. Avatar photo
    Yasmin Ahamed

    The food is always tasty and same quality each time we ordered. The mock mutton and chicken and panner masala were a favourite with all of my guests!

  63. Avatar photo
    Prem Azad

    Your biryani tasted so delicious. it was like eating at home …

  64. Avatar photo
    Bhai Ragu


  65. Avatar photo

    Enough rice and good taste and so for good..

  66. Avatar photo
    Arunkumar Alagappan

    Better if we have chicken biryani separate

  67. Avatar photo
    Vijay jay

    Awesome authentic biryani

  68. Avatar photo
    Sp Raja

    Nice to eating and drinking…
    Good response…

  69. Avatar photo
    Tom Pope

    I tried the mutton and chicken biryani. It is authentic Ambur style. The biryani is made of short grain rice and is extremely value for money at $6.5. This includes an egg as well. I will recommend for anyone wanting to try Ambur style Biryani. You can dine in, but don’t expect fine setting.

  70. Avatar photo
    shanmugavel kannan

    Yummy biriyani

  71. Avatar photo
    Vijay Joseph

    Tastes good

  72. Avatar photo
    Chidambaram Chitrarasu

    Liked mutton biryani

  73. Avatar photo
    senthil kumarkumar

    We always order and eat Ambur Briyani more than 4years bcoz my guys and my self like the taste,
    They service very well on time delivery perfect and excellent …

  74. Avatar photo
    Raja Sekar1992

    The briyani was not hot. Curry not good

  75. Avatar photo
    Sivakumar D

    Nice tasty but place very hot

  76. Avatar photo

    one the best briyani of singapore. i seen i like that best briayani.

  77. Avatar photo
    Jm Bots Bots

    One of the popular biriyani spots in cuff road. Unfortunately ambience is not suitable for family dining. Too many workers consuming alcohol and very noisy environment. Its more a Bar than a restaurant. Hope they change to accommodate wider community.

  78. Avatar photo
    Ramakrishnan Mohan

    Great taste

  79. Avatar photo
    Daniel Haikal

    one of the best indian food ive had in sg, everything tasted great especially the chicken korma. 10/10 bussin would definitely order again.

  80. Avatar photo

    Not same like an Ambur Briyani in Tamilnadu

  81. Avatar photo
    Umesh Ragavan

    Super nice briyani for 15-20pax very helpful. $$ low price with good quality.
    Highly recommend and Mr.Muthu thanks for the great support again .. more orders on the way !

  82. Avatar photo
    Periyamangudi Periyamangudi

    Quick response and packed around 35 Biryanis in very short time. Especially we are in hurry. In our construction project every one appreciate and feel happy with Biryanis taste and texture and quantity.

    Thanks Ambur Biryani team. Well done.

  83. Avatar photo
    ramalingam vasunthra

    Taste like good but service need to improve

  84. Avatar photo
    Veeramah Kandasamy

    Love the briyani. Not oily. Portion was big for me. Gravy went well. Price is good. Double thumbs up …

  85. Avatar photo
    Abhishek Bera

    Got a Dum biriyani shop priced reasonably cheaper than the other biriyani joints.

  86. Avatar photo

    Good taste, and valuable price..

  87. Avatar photo
    Ranjeet Prabhu Erulappan


  88. Avatar photo
    Bharath M

    Cant give them anything but 5 star. You get tasty home style chicken curry for 3 $. That along with egg dosa is a great combo, making it less than 5 $. Biryani is good too. Staff are courteous. It gets crowded on saturday night and peak lunch hours. Otherwize its good to go even with girl friend or family.

  89. Avatar photo
    Chandra Mohan

    My favorite restaurant …

  90. Avatar photo
    Subra Mani

    Biriyani Taste Is Good And Crab Masala is Wonderful …

  91. Avatar photo
    ganesan c

    Taste good

  92. Avatar photo
    Vikraman vicky

    The dishes are delicious and I like not adding too much oil to the biryani.

  93. Avatar photo
    வேல் தமிழ்

    Super tasty …

  94. Avatar photo

    Wonderful Biriyani in the city

  95. Avatar photo


  96. Avatar photo
    bala shetty

    Great biriyani

  97. Avatar photo
    Redmi 9S

    Fragrance and Tasty

  98. Avatar photo
    Rethish Pillai

    Great service!

  99. Avatar photo
    suresh ariya

    Totally not good

  100. Avatar photo
    வரலாறு அறிவோம் Learn History

    Good and taste briyani like Ambur taste

  101. Avatar photo
    Ashraf Valappil

    Tasty biriyani

  102. Avatar photo
    Muthaiya Muthu

    Excellent taste and good service

  103. Avatar photo
    Ragu Thanavel

    Briyani very tasty.

  104. Avatar photo

    No taste the food.. u thought same we can get Chennai ambur briyani taste but totally washed money also…

  105. Avatar photo
    Jaya Chandran

    Chicken briyani and mutton briyani is very tasty and no adding the too much oil.

  106. Avatar photo
    Sangkar Ganess

    Can give a try..

  107. Avatar photo
    Kumar Sekar

    Ordered Mutton Biryani and Pepper chicken ,after a very long time had a delicious close to home authentic Biryani..Pepper Chicken was yummy too.The best part was the price is very reasonable for this quality of food . Will try again for sure .Only issue is that delivery charge is grab,other than that everything was perfect.

  108. Avatar photo
    Rocky Foodie

    Can eat 1 time .

  109. Avatar photo
    vanthaas waffles

    Can try one time

  110. Avatar photo

    Good food and place.

  111. Avatar photo
    Rajnish Sethi

    Great place

  112. Avatar photo
    Sakkarapani Visu

    Delivered food on expected time and good taste

  113. Avatar photo
    Adhvaith Ravilla

    Very tasty and cheap biriyani

  114. Avatar photo
    Devendhiran Devendhiran


  115. Avatar photo
    Ajai Kumar

    Worth for money that’s tagged to food. I can personally feel that the food is authentic. It is not possible to achieve this standard without the Kitchen staffs lead by the Chefs. Kudos to the whole team.

  116. Avatar photo
    Iskandar Mohd

    No customers services

  117. Avatar photo
    Venky Kumar

    One of the best authentic South Indian dishes genuine South Indian food lovers enjoy it

  118. Avatar photo
    P.S.SivaPalani Pazhani

    Matan Britain is Good.

  119. Avatar photo
    Dass Dass

    Very nice biryani mutton biryani chicken biryani very nice

  120. Avatar photo


  121. Avatar photo
    Brama Silan

    Very tasty foods

  122. Avatar photo

    Thanks to AMBUR BIRIYANI team because of ,they are very specialist for cook biriyani when I eat 1 time their biriyani so testy then I ordar for this new year 120 pack for guest ,price also compatible not too expensive .everybody happy feel good to eat .I hope they can go long with their quality food

  123. Avatar photo
    Green Bangla

    One of the best briyani in Singapore and serve also very good, thanks …

  124. Avatar photo
    T.sathish kumar

    Delicious food I like

  125. Avatar photo

    I loved ambur biryani

  126. Avatar photo
    Chun Kiat Goh

    Great catering service at a wedding dinner. Normally avoid lady’s fingers but the bhindi here was delicious.

  127. Avatar photo
    Ken TV

    If Indian employees work overtime, they can come to this store to pack, cash and credit card only, I pack 50++ packs of white rice, each time the curry is different, you have to talk to the boss about the price

  128. Avatar photo

    Awesome ambur biriyani, very tasty band really economically priced

  129. Avatar photo
    Kunamail Kunamail

    Hi all,
    Today tried the food at Ambur Briyani Restaurant in Serangoon Road. And their dump Mutton / Chicken Briyani is Worth trying because it gives the taste and the feel of the South India village food. And also tried the Mutton Masala and it’s really very nice with the spicy and delicious.

    My wife really like it, after tried eating so many Briyani food in Singapore she say that she have finally tasted the feeling of the really South India food.

    Must try food and Worth the money because it’s not very expensive compares to the other nearby restaurant in Serangoon Road. Weekend usually can see long que starting from 11am.

    We really enjoyed the food. Well done to all the Ambur Briyani Restaurant team. Thank you very much for this woundful food served.


  130. Avatar photo
    Sudhakar Muthuswamy

    Fantastic dum biryani..

  131. Avatar photo
    Vincent Raj

    Good service

  132. Avatar photo
    arun vicky

    Pakka taste ️

  133. Avatar photo
    Gandhi Sathish

    Good reception

  134. Avatar photo
    Karthick priyan


  135. Avatar photo
    Manoj yadav

    Healthy food & management time to respond

  136. Avatar photo
    Kumar Indra

    Hot n spicy briyani with big servings. Value for money

  137. Avatar photo
    Ashok Kumar

    Excellent. The food was very tasted. No words to say. The place was very clean. Biriyani is my favourite.

  138. Avatar photo
    Aruvin Elam Kovan

    The best mutton biriyani that I have ever had

  139. Avatar photo
    Periyasami Manokar


  140. Avatar photo
    muniraji prabu

    Ordered Mutton & Chicken Biryani . Very reasonable good quality of food . …

  141. Avatar photo
    Vijayakumar Vijayakumar

    C g yyyj f.ஊகி Ztnn, tn

  142. Avatar photo
    Krishna Avatti

    It’s okay

  143. Avatar photo

    Briyani delivery on time and excellent taste with normal price

  144. Avatar photo
    James James

    Good tast

  145. Avatar photo
    balu rbk

    Good …

  146. Avatar photo
    Jen Selvaraj

    If you are craving for authentic chettinad cuisine, look no further than Ambur briyani. Known for their dum briyani, this restaurant also offers popular chettinad dishes. It is a great accompaniment to the banana leaf meal. Choose your pick from gravy based dishes such as Masala chicken or mutton to fried dishes such as Chicken/fish fry. The gravy from the meat is tasty with rice without any additional curry needed & the fried items are cooked to perfection alongside awesome marination. The vegetables served were potato & longbean on the day I visited both were .

    The briyani rice itself is soft & fluffy! Take note that this is a southern Indian style briyani with more spices. It is definitely a different style of briyani but nevertheless still a very fulfilling meal. I’m sure you won’t leave this place without a full tummy thanks to the generous portions!

    Special thumbs up for the chicken curry gravy provided with the meal, it was thick & flavourful! Although it was a LITTLE bit spicy for me, I believe the majority can tolerate the spice! Would highly recommend Ambur Briyani for an no frills, authentic meal!

    Thank you Ambur briyani for the awesome meal, will be back for more!

  147. Avatar photo
    Guhan Vlogs

    Super Biryani…

  148. Avatar photo
    Mr. Thanimaram 46

    Good restaurant and worthy about 7doller briyani

  149. Avatar photo
    raja harini

    super good

  150. Avatar photo

    Best briyani shop with real indian tamil taste in Singapore

  151. Avatar photo
    Rakkiram 1981

    Yummy biriyani biriyani king …

  152. Avatar photo
    Govind Arasu

    The biriyani taste very nice and delivery on time… Highly recement Ambur Briyani..

  153. Avatar photo
    Yuna Bai

    Ambur’s briyani is very nice! Especially the mutton one! YummyI love it

  154. Avatar photo
    M Ramanathan


  155. Avatar photo
    Dhinakaran S

    reasonable price but the briyani not bad

  156. Avatar photo
    Pratyaksh Khurana

    Delicious Biryani.

  157. Avatar photo
    radha kumar

    Very nice taste same like home made .

  158. Avatar photo
    Sultan Iskandar

    Abt 3.30pm noon today i walk pass this restaurant
    I juz get in n grab a portion of mutton briyani
    It was superb
    Very nice
    U guys should try this briyani too

  159. Avatar photo

    Briyani is really taste. Recommended.

  160. Avatar photo
    Boopathy Subbaiah

    Original Biryani …

  161. Avatar photo
    mani mani

    Tast is very nice semaya uppma GOOD TIME delivery TQ

  162. Avatar photo
    Babu Natarajan

    Fantastic Food and Good Service. Thanks to All.

  163. Avatar photo
    Kejenthran Jayakrishnan

    Food was delicious and the amount was generous. Highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for good food.

  164. Avatar photo
    C. Santhosh Kumar


  165. Avatar photo
    sumi sumi

    Taste very nice

  166. Avatar photo
    Jernise Wong

    food bus bru

  167. Avatar photo
    sangeetha kumar

    Chicken briyani was good and tasty

  168. Avatar photo
    Nizar Ahamed Abubacker

    Not consistent in taste.

  169. Avatar photo
    Raja Sahib

    We had chicken biriyani it was so good.

  170. Avatar photo
    Elangovan Prakash

    Ambur briyani really awesome, I was order large quantity of briyani, They provided so good quality packing & taste for reasonable price.

  171. Avatar photo
    deva dinesh

    Very wonderful Good taste and comfortable price
    And fast service

  172. Avatar photo

    Mutton biryani is quiet good…not too spicy….mutton not so tender but good when consumed fresh n hot

  173. Avatar photo
    Veera PB

    Very nice and tasty food.

  174. Avatar photo
    Chandra Sekaran Karuppiah

    On 27 June 2021 at 11.00 am, I had visited this restaurant for the first time. The experience was immeasurable because it promised the ultimate taste of a briyani meal whether it was mutton or chicken.

    With the added authentic Indian spices, every mouthful was an unforgettable taste, richness in texture, continuous urge to ask more and deliciously prepared meat. It is a must try and repeated visits in future.

    A sensational and a memorable experience!

  175. Avatar photo
    Neethi Neethi

    very tasty biryani

  176. Avatar photo
    Piotr S-a

    Excellent food for good price.
    It’s a must – not only in Little India, but in Singapore

  177. Avatar photo

    The briyani is different. Basmati rice cooked with spices and meat. The colour of the rice is slightly brown-greenish. The curry is filled with spice. Please do not mix directly with the rice if you are not used to spicy food. It is chilli spicy, but spices spicy. The heat just builds up but your tongue craves for the spicy assault. The meat is on the tough side though. Perhaps that’s the only set back. If you can look past that, this place will give an awesome well deserved spice bomb.

  178. Avatar photo
    Pradeep K

    Not even close. Do you even know what is ambur briyani ? It was okay. You can get the same briyani even cheaper in desker / Rowell Rd.

  179. Avatar photo
    maniyadav yadhav


  180. Avatar photo
    Thithi Mirasu

    I love food

  181. Avatar photo
    siva prakash

    Yummy and teasty briyani .
    We order 265pax briyani for my labours .all my labours enjoyed.

  182. Avatar photo
    Raja Irana

    Not nice in environment

  183. Avatar photo
    siva kumar

    Good quality…

  184. Avatar photo
    venkatesh ponnada

    mutton biryani one of the best place…..

  185. Avatar photo
    Fayasudeen Suguthu

    Mutton briyani was not tasty as I expected.

  186. Avatar photo
    muniyan mullainathan

    We are very much satisfaction with the outcome of delivered delicious food. I’m strongly recommend the Ambur Briyani for those who wanted to a try… They’re are very serious about customer satisfaction, positive approach and follow-up….

  187. Avatar photo
    Pounraj Bala

    We eat motton briyani is very tasty & they will delivery perfect time ⏲…

  188. Avatar photo
    Prasanna Siva

    Cheap and best…..

  189. Avatar photo
    Sasi Mona

    What a wonderful taste. I did not expect this in this restaurant. Thank you very much for providing us with a wonderful lunch today. Definitely I recommend to everyone.

  190. Avatar photo
    Ramanesvary Tharmalingam

    The food was delicious n good service

  191. Avatar photo
    Laks NK

    Good food, okay ambience. No AC, but fans are plentiful. Good strong beer, some soft drinks available, and yummy kulfis

  192. Avatar photo
    Nathan Palani

    Great taste. Worth for price.

  193. Avatar photo
    priya satish

    Tried their Thonai Briyani at Street finger food fiesta on 09/09/2022. It was really good.. Always a fan of their mutton dum briyani.. the briyani has its flavourful unique taste.

  194. Avatar photo
    Prakash Rao

    Nice food

  195. Avatar photo
    maygalan menon

    Taste really delicious.. yummy yummy

  196. Avatar photo
    mani puli ти 55


  197. Avatar photo
    Ramasamy Vairavel

    So good ️️️

  198. Avatar photo
    pavithran pavi

    Taste is good..

  199. Avatar photo
    Sujatha Paramathayalan

    Had ordered fish cutlets for a small gathering. Unlike most cutlets usually filled with mostly potatoes, Ambur’s cutlets had lots of flaky fish meat- that was great! They were very generous with the size of the patties too. We liked that the crust was crunchy with sesame seeds!

  200. Avatar photo
    Maxmillan Louie Francis

    Fantastic service and wonderful food, it was more than I expected. Ambur Briyani adorned our event with beautiful fruits cutting decor & excellent service. Really appreciate and would strong recommend everyone to try their food and service. …

  201. Avatar photo
    CHANNEL 10M.

    Tasty but serving not good..

  202. Avatar photo
    Nagu Koppula

    Sunday is tasty biryani

  203. Avatar photo
    Kumaresan Dhanapal

    Yummy mutton Briyani…can get chilled beer well. Cheap and best in little India, Singapore.

  204. Avatar photo
    Naga Rethinam


  205. Avatar photo


  206. Avatar photo
    Michel P

    Thank for service, really i feel orignal ambur briyani taste.

  207. Avatar photo
    siva raj

    I eat 6pm. Briyani was very cold & dry. This is called ice briyani. Not worth 7 $. server only consentrate serve beer drinkers only. Not ambur briyani .,Ambur beer bar

  208. Avatar photo
    Ramasamy K

    Nice to eat indian food

  209. Avatar photo
    Rajasuguna Suguna

    the food is very nice , delivery on time ,food packing well done and my family enjoyed …

  210. Avatar photo
    Aaron Tan

    Very tasty especially their curry salmon head it freshness

  211. Avatar photo
    Mani Kandan

    I liked Biriyaani and dishes.
    Tasty and repeatable mind . Surroundings , environment clean and neat. Morning tiffin Indian food like it.

  212. Avatar photo
    Vijay Vemuri

    Taste is okay. Those who want more quantity biryani, they can go and enjoy the food. This place get more customers from Indian workers. People take a beer along with biryani every time as part of their meal. May not be suitable for family.

  213. Avatar photo

    Amazing food! Authentic taste! And fast delivery! Will order again next time.

  214. Avatar photo
    Harikumar Sunmugham

    Great tasting indian food at an good price point, the cooking had really brought out all the many flavours. Do try their briyani!

  215. Avatar photo

    Best biriyani I ever had in Singapore… No harm to stomach… will order again.. …

  216. Avatar photo
    madan mohan Rayguru

    Value of money is what you will get…. don’t expect a fancy and aromatic experience….One thing for sure, you will be full and happy

  217. Avatar photo
    Nesan Jeyakaran

    Very authentic biriyani from a person from Chennai

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