Amazing Venetian Dining

Amazing Venetian Dining

Venice is known for it’s great and authentic dining options. Nothing is better than delicious Italian food when visiting Italy. Venice, however, can be hard on the pocketbook, although it is not entirely impossible to find affordable dining.

The Italians invented pizza and the pizza culture is strong in Venice. Bruschetta and crostini is also very popular as they are fresh and light. In Venice, you will find delicious little crostini sandwiches in the shape of triangles. These little sandwiches are coved in meats, cheeses to tuna and vegetables. They are served open faced and are absolutely delightful. Cicchetti are finger foods such as calamari rings, speared olives, or potato croquettes. These are traditionally eaten with a glass of wine. There are also several neighborhood bars that offer affordable dining and feature a selection of tramezzino, chicchetti or panino or toast. These are all different types of sandwiches and finger foods. They will generally cost you about 1€ to 3€ each if you stand at the bar. If you sit at the bar, plan on paying double. Many of the bars will have their selections on display at the bar and they frequently run out after lunch.

Acqua Pazza has been hailed as one of the best pizzerias in town. They have delicious thin-crusted pizzas with buffalo mozzarella and extra virgin olive oil. All pizzas are baked in a brick oven. There is plenty of competition when it comes to pizza in this area of Italy. You will want to be sure to find a good pizzeria and avoid the pizza they have in the bars. There are several well-stocked bars that offer fresh pizza that can be found in the Mercerie shopping area. Campo San Luca has several bars including Bar Torino, Bar Black Jack and the Leon Bianco wine bar. Informal pizzerias are everywhere and you will be able to buy a slice and drink for 4€.

Seafood is also very popular in this area of Venice. In fact, the seafood business is such a serious business that restaurants are required to print on the menu if the seafood is frozen. Despite the popularity of the seafood, you will still pay a pretty penny for the fish. The price on menus is usually calculated by the weight of the fish at per 100 grams. This can actually be only a fraction of the cost of the fish. Ask your waiter to give you a better estimate of the total before ordering. Large fish are intended for serving tow. You will also want to avoid eating seafood on Mondays, as the fish was bought on Saturday. The fish markets are closed on Mondays and most seafood restaurants will be closed as well.

There are several family-friendly restaurants located in Venice as well. The Rosticceria San Bartolomeo is a fast food emporio in the Rialto Bridge district. The restaurant features selections in a glass case and you can choose as much or as little as you want.

Pizzeria ae Oche is a vaguely American looking joint. The restaurant serves up fresh pizza pies and rock music.

Ai Tre Spiedi offers family friendly service and good food, making it great for families on the go.

Taverna San Trovaso has a busy atmosphere and a long menu. They offer everything from kid friendly delights to adults wanting to try something new and different.

While in Venice you must try some local wines. There are several good wines to choose from, but you may enjoy the white Tocai and the Fruili pinot. The Prosecco is champagnelike and you will see Venetians who drink it like water. This wine is the basis for the bellini, which is made from white prosecco and pureed peach nectar. There are also several popular red wines from merlots to cabernets. Valipolicella, Italian Bardolino and Soave are red wines from the Veneto region of Italy. Grappa is the Italian version of moonshine. This stuff is strong and definitely an acquired taste. Bacari wine bars are great places to try the different wines from the area.

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