Review Alexandra Retail Centre, 460 Alexandra Rd, Singapore

Review Alexandra Retail Centre - Singapore 460 Alexandra Rd

“Free parking on weekends, PH and after 6pm on weekdays. Nice to hang out at coffee bean or Macdonald’s” or “Free parking on weekdays from 12nn to 2pm, and 6.30pm to 11pm. Free parking on weekends and public holiday from 7am to 11pm.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Alexandra Retail Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Alexandra Retail Centre is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding Alexandra Retail Centre. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that Alexandra Retail Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 460 Alexandra Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 460 Alexandra Rd, Singapore
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You can directly come to 460 Alexandra Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Alexandra Retail Centre reviews

Alexandra Retail Centre is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Alexandra Retail Centre is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Chocolates and Heavenly Wang coffee are here!!! My quick stop for coffee and shopping. Love this place. They have several options. Cant wait to go back.”

“A welcome amenity for office workers in the area. Good variety of eating places. Shop directory is similar to other malls in Singapore. Essential shops can be found.”

“July 17, 2021 sunny Completed my 30th half marathon from JLG to Labrador Park. Then detour to ARC to buy drinks at Seven Eleven to quench my thirst. Nice nasi lemak at Makan Place. Tried several times.”

“This is a great place to relax after you spend time at the Labrador Park. The event hall is usually busy, especially those discount books and there's even a shop that cleanse your precious branded bags.”

“Small but okay , has fairprice, pharmacy, atm and Halal foods”

“While they open at 10am most food outlets are open at 11. There is also a FairPrice NTUC here. A short walk on a pedestrian bridge from Labrador MRT.”

“Shenton Medical Group indeed lovely!" COVID19" vaccination! Try ENG Wantan dry noddles.”

“Decent small mall with good food options and has grocery NTUC and many other fast food chains as well. Office crowd primarily.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 245 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 77% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Alexandra Retail Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Alexandra Retail Centre, 460 Alexandra Rd, Singapore

There is a total 245 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    syed Ibrahim yusoff

    Nice place. Many restaurants and shopping . Quite place and travelling of transport is availability of bus n mrt …

  2. Avatar photo
    Victor Phang

    Not too many stores inside but quite a conducive place to chill and have meetups

  3. Avatar photo
    Keira Chen

    It’s a mixed development with Mapletree Business Park. There isn’t much food options there other than fast food, snacks and restaurants. There is no food court.

    Nice if you want a quiet place to have lunch in the evening. The McDonald’s and Kfc seems popular with students who are studying.

  4. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Great place to go if you want free parking. Free parking after 6.30 pm on weekdays and free all day for weekends. Not many shops though. But I like the Peramakan outlet there, as it is easier to get seats. Peramakan has great value meals with one main, 2 sides, dessert and drink. All for less than $15. Try if you like Peranakan food.

  5. Avatar photo
    SC P/L

    A small 2-storey retail mall with more eateries than shops. More crowd on weekdays due to offices around here. Ample car parks.

  6. Avatar photo
    Elfie Samsidi

    Outside nver go into. Massive roads outside

  7. Avatar photo
    Lim Soon Heng

    A very well kept mall with a good mix of F&B and retail outlets. Many of the shops have been there for years. Enjoy the experience, particularly with the good service from the NB shop and liked the shop, selling nothing but socks.

    Had a good coffee session at Curry times, served nice kaya buns abd kopi o with a old friend.

  8. Avatar photo
    MK Tan

    Great that there is still a shopping mall near mapletree business city. Where i can still shop and eat whenever i am at MBC

  9. Avatar photo
    Eileen Tan

    Quiet mall with good variety of restaurants and fast food chains. Free parking on weekends. I will give it 5 stars if there are more retail shops.

  10. Avatar photo

    A small, generic mall. Mostly offers food joints, a couple or retailers, some banking services and a supermarket and convenient store. Probably convenient for workers in the adjoining offices and located just next to the MRT station. Sadly lacking any kind of public indoor seating.

  11. Avatar photo
    Sneha Nair

    Doesn’t have big brands but there are a few nice Chinese restaurants.. you’ll also find 2 Indian restaurants if you need Indian vegetarian food. It is just a small mall with places like Fair price, 7 eleven and few restaurants located for routine purchases..!!

  12. Avatar photo
    Anne Cher

    Quiet small, not many stores.

  13. Avatar photo
    Kia Guan Ng

    ARC is rather quiet in the early evening on a Saturday. I reckon the lack of office crowd to be the reason. There were more people in the supermarket than any part of the mall.
    Got into a Korean Tofu restaurant and was told to limit our time there to an hour. Went into the restaurant and found the tables half occupied. To my surprise, the crowd started streaming in at around 6.30 pm. The set meal or combo meal they called it is quite a big set as it comes with a main (meat), a bowl of tofu and a hot stone bowl of rice. If you add in additional dishes, like kimchi pancake and chap jae, the food is enough to share with another person. Also, the meal also comes with a few dishes of appetisers which include a small fried fish. The fish tasted well but you have to eat it with care due to the small fish bones.

  14. Avatar photo
    Koert Breebaart

    Shopping centre near the Maple Tree Business City business complex on the corner of Alexandra with pasir Panjang. You can reach by MRT, Labrador park. They have a wide selection of shops, including a supermarket, but also some specialty stores. Also it hosts some simple food options on the first and second floor. Especially recommended if you need something quick and combine it with a quick lunch. Parking is easy next door in the garage.

  15. Avatar photo
    Choon Kwang Yeo

    A mall with children enrichment at level 3. Has ntuc and some restaurant. Wangs coffee is at level 2.

  16. Avatar photo

    Good stop for office workers and people who want to eat outside, has the popular restaurant outlets that you would expect, like Macs and KFC

  17. Avatar photo
    Luqman Arifin

    Another mall serving Mapletree Business area.

  18. Avatar photo

    Nice little mall with everything you need.

  19. Avatar photo
    Lowe KL光亮

    Mostly office workers, weekend or night time can be empty. But there is a MRT station just outside the main door. Do not confuse this centre with the other Alexandre Shopping Centre

  20. Avatar photo
    Raj Gupta

    A good place for quick shopping visit during office lunch hours, since it situated in the in the centre of CBD, surrounded by my commercial organisation/office towers. NTUC Fairprice is the icing of the cake, since one can shop daily essentials during lunch hours, to optimally utilise lunch hours and have more time to spend with family. Besides, it has lots of eating options, including many restaurants serving indian food.

  21. Avatar photo
    Hao Zhou

    love the free parking

  22. Avatar photo

    Lots of food variety! Convenience store, supermarket fast food n many more. Quick bites for a quick lunch! Perfect for those working around the area. Walking distance to Labrador MRT, bus stop and taxi service available too. Huge space for parking as well!

  23. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Tan

    Variety of eateries and some enrichment classes

  24. Avatar photo
    Andy Goh

    Quiet and peaceful at weeknights and weekends. Free parking at weeknights and weekends too. Nice place to chill and just have a relaxing meal

  25. Avatar photo
    Jeffery Lim

    Quiet shopping mall getaway at weekends because few shops opens on weekends and less visitors. Cold Storage and restaurants are open on weekends though. Good for people that dislikes crowded shopping malls. Unfortunately no food court available.

  26. Avatar photo
    Vince Yeo

    Very limited retail there mostly food and nothing else except the usual pharmacy and a small NTUC super market. Free parking during weekends.

  27. Avatar photo
    Pearlynn Tan

    Many outlets for food & shopping. Away from busy noises. Nice place to catch up & dining. Prices reasonable

  28. Avatar photo
    jing teo

    Quite a boring shopping centre with numerous restaurants for the office crowd. Nothing noteworthy. Even the NTUC supermarket here sells things at a more expensive price as compared to other NTUC.

  29. Avatar photo
    Ivanna W

    We usually come here on weekends since the parking is free at the adjacent building. There’s a small supermarket, few outlets and some restaurants and fast food restaurants. Sometimes we just come here for the McDonalds’ drive through service

  30. Avatar photo
    Terrence Yoong

    Small shopping place with a few eateries. It meant more for the office workers working in this area. Weekend parking is free for your info.

  31. Avatar photo
    Joshua F.

    Great variety of restaurants and takeouts. There’s Indian vegetarian, Taiwanese buns, Peranakan, Japanese, almost all the popular fast food joint and more.

  32. Avatar photo
    John Michael

    Nice spot… Kinda small and empty during the day. It does have a grocery store and a lot of food options like McDonald’s and kfc.

  33. Avatar photo
    Sufian Mawasi

    limited shops but always have e promotions and events at ground floor open space. parking is free on weekends, public holidays and during certain hours

  34. Avatar photo
    Steven Tan

    A small selection of F&B and a Fairprice supermarket. Good for a bite after a hike at nearby Hortpark or Labrador Park.

  35. Avatar photo
    Daze Rabbit

    Very convenient for nearby office workers to eat and rest. Though there is not much to shop, most of store are famous food shops e.g Liho, pies & coffee and so on…It is also quite spacious to walk around too!

  36. Avatar photo
    H L

    Not busy or crowded on the weekends. Nice place for grocery shopping @ Fairprice without the crowds. Decent selections of eateries without long lines waiting for a table.

  37. Avatar photo
    Fei Fei Chiam

    Good for evening dinner. Anything off peak. During office hours, especially lunch time is packed with people from all the office building nearby.
    Nice little mall with plenty of parking.

  38. Avatar photo
    Henry Ng

    So have “daily cut” and more new food outlet here.

  39. Avatar photo
    Victor Lau

    Weekend parking is free. Ideal for family with kids. Limited number of brands but thankfully covers most if not all products that anyone may look for.

  40. Avatar photo
    S During

    Serves the business park buildings at mapletree and is livelier during weekdays, weekday evenings. Going up the road are a few standalone business buildings and the lunch crowd comes down here too. Can be a bit dead on the weekend as some restaurants/outlets and stores close early. There is an NTUC and a few food outlets, and of note is that there is a 24/7 takeout place that you can drive through, a bit unusual in Singapore. Not as near the MRT as you would normally find for larger malls, but still close enough.

  41. Avatar photo
    victor wong

    ARC offers quite a number of food variety. It’s a bad choice that we have chosen KFC and Pizza Hut. The KFC food turn out to be not even warm, and the servings from Pizza Hut was quite pathetic.
    The only thing here that the parking is free on weekends.

  42. Avatar photo

    Not much in terms of shopping but if you’re into food, it’s the place!

  43. Avatar photo
    Richard Loat

    ARC is filled with lots of spots to eat if you happen to work in one of the man neighbouring business campuses like Maple Tree, or Alexandra Park. It’s easy to get to with the covered walkway from Labrador Park

  44. Avatar photo
    vivek thakkar

    ARC mall as it is often referred to as, probably serves as a life line for west coast beyond Vivo city. Provides a convenient access to maple tree business city and serve the large crowds working in the vicinity. As for the mall nothing exceptional to boast about strictly very limited shopping options (outside of the fair price supermarket) though plenty of eating options to pick from with variety of cuisines to choose from Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Indian, western Great point to take a break/ breather after you have explored the Labrador Park

  45. Avatar photo
    Nans V

    Nice mall. Excellent maintenance. Great food options

  46. Avatar photo
    Rell C

    This is a good place to go during wkend as wkday will see a big crowd of office workers milling around. There is nearby Hortpark and a good starting place to get drinks and bite before hiking.

  47. Avatar photo

    This place is a popular study spot for many students as it is quite quiet in the afternoon
    During lunch hours on weekdays and almost throughout the day on weekends, the eateries here will often be packed as there are limited choises for office workers who work in adjacent offices

  48. Avatar photo
    Swapna Vahinipati

    Nice outlet with many options for food, gifts shops clothes and even ntuc fairprice. Nice spot for anyone working at MBC or nearby to hang out with friends and colleagues or for some Friday shopping.

  49. Avatar photo
    Zainuden Kosnan

    Many varieties of shops available. Its not crowded

  50. Avatar photo

    It’s an okay mall. There’s not much to do but there’s a variety of food options. there’s also an NTUC, but it’s small.

  51. Avatar photo
    Thaddeus Chan

    First time here. Wife says it look so different now! Lots of nice places to dine in.

  52. Avatar photo
    Reno Cerbolles

    Nothing much but can be a go to place for people working near there.

  53. Avatar photo
    ayu candisari

    Need to find some groceries and your favourite foods at here the place .you can take public transportation

  54. Avatar photo
    felix lee

    Not too crowded but somewhat lethargic, lacking the vibrancy of a large mall. Nonetheless, comfortable for an evening out, with a nice selection of food

  55. Avatar photo
    H 2

    Conveniently located at neighbourhood heartland of Alexandria walking distance to Labrador Park MRT CC27 Labrador with plenty of dinning shopping banking supermarkets groceries sundries Electric Electronic telecommunication postage services household products and amenities nearby. Walking distance to LG service centre. Besides service centre supplying spare parts and service maintenance of varieties of LG Electric Electronic and Telecommunication products, there are popular Emergency Beecroft Vet services Energy Market Authority and popular dinning including Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBG OPIO Kitchen & Bar and Himawari Restaurant. Freshly prepared food with healthy ingredients tender loving skillful cooking spacious lounge aircond relaxing atmosphere comfortable seating and warm services. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families.

  56. Avatar photo
    Mckimo N

    Right outside of Labrador Park MRT. Quite some nice eateries to choose from. Groceries shop, pharmacy, convenience store available etc. but the directory machine is not helpful though.

  57. Avatar photo
    Dr Ganesh Neelakanta Iyer

    Not too many shops, but decent number of shops. Not very crowded. A few kids enrichment centers are there.

  58. Avatar photo

    1. Has SBI, DBS, OCBS ATMs..
    2. One Indian restaurant still remains.
    3. Nearby Labrador park MRT station.
    4. Singtel wifi ==> not available anymore.
    5. Nearby multiple offices.
    6. No movie theater here to bring in the crowds.
    7. Right nest to the bus stand.
    8. Labrador Park MRT across the street.
    9. Multiple restrooms.
    10. McDonald’s with drive through right next to the bus stand.

  59. Avatar photo
    Ma S

    Not much place to eat and it’s very crowded and really hard to find the seats between 11:30-13:00 on weekday.
    So if you wanna try to go, it’s better to come after 14:00 to 16:00 for late lunch or tea on weekday or morning to noon on weekend

    Fairprice sells the vegetable as well but not much choice and the store itself is not so big.

  60. Avatar photo
    Dennis Ang

    Lovely place for tea break at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. PeraMakan is excellent for a bento peranakan meal, Wok Hey and Stuffed It are good for take outs. The fruit drink stall and Soup Spoon are great too!

  61. Avatar photo
    Jeremy Tan

    Small mall with ok number of F&B outlets and shops. There’s a Fair Price supermarket there but selection of goods is limited. Free parking on weekends.

  62. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan (FireFox)

    A number of great restaurants from Canton Paradise to Japanese, Korean and Indian delicacies. A pity DBS Branch located in: Alexandra Retail Centre (460 Alexandra Rd, #02-33/34 Retail Centre, Singapore 119963) is permanently closed as of this writing in Jan’23. However, a 3 DBS ATMs are located by the escalator to of which 1 is to dispensed new notes for the Chinese New Year! FairPrice here is also big and carries a variety of vegetables including Mint Leaves for your Mojito! Most shops are closed by 9+pm, with the exception of 7-Eleven.

  63. Avatar photo
    Leouel Quinanahan

    Shenton Medical Group indeed lovely!” COVID19″ vaccination! Try ENG Wantan dry noddles.

  64. Avatar photo
    Philip Wong

    Saizeriya is the only restaurant I like in the Mall. The other? No thanks

  65. Avatar photo
    Adeline Alexander

    I would say it’s a very different place..
    Shops here closes early as once its 7plus it looks like dead town.
    It has everything u might need .. Different Varieties of food stall
    Maybe they should make it half hawker which sells half halal food n non halal food and other half as a mall..
    Overall the place is nice to shop as its not crowded . I like

  66. Avatar photo
    Kishor Rana

    It has many stores for general shoppings/dining like…grocery, shoes, indian and chainies restaurants and open shops wheree u can get cheap garments…indian restaurants like servanan bhawan and komlas serves veriety of food…overall its a nice place.

  67. Avatar photo
    W K

    Not much of a shopping mall, but there r some nice eateries, New Balance outlet store is pretty well stocked too

  68. Avatar photo

    Quite a gem of a mall. Canton Paradise caught my eye. But it was full house. There is Macdonald’s, Burger king, KFC, Fairprice and a lot more name brand joints. Parking is easy.

  69. Avatar photo
    pratik gala

    Lot of food and shopping options for people working in ATP.

  70. Avatar photo
    Ling Hoong NG

    Nice and quiet place to meet up with friends after work or on weekends, as it has very low foot traffic. Mainly crowded with the workday lunch time crowd only. Have free parking on weekends and for weekday evenings it is free with spending of $30.

  71. Avatar photo
    P Ho

    A pretty tiny mini shopping mall created primarily to serve the working class in the nearby Mapletree Business Park, as well as PSA, etc. Nothing much to see here, though it’s pretty quiet in the evenings, as well as weekends.

  72. Avatar photo
    Nitin Mathew

    Pretty compact shopping center. Has a fairprice, unity, 7 eleven and quite a few restraunts and fast food places. There are also a few stores selling sports apparel and shoes. The atrium features regular sales events with good deals. The mall is quite close to the maple tree business city for a weekday shopping. Conveniently located taxi stand and pickup/drop off area. Bus stops are also close by.
    No clothes stores.

  73. Avatar photo
    Luiz Pessanha

    Convenient mall if you are at mapletree business city. It has a grocery store (fair price), some restaurants and stores. Not a great mall, but has basic needs. Walking distance to Labrador park met station.

  74. Avatar photo
    ChoongLong Teh

    Vibrant as many office workers during lunchtime, place is not big but cosy.

  75. Avatar photo

    Connected to Labrador Park mrt station. 2 levels of bakeries, food cafes & restaurants to choose from low to high price range. Also hv a small fairprice. Pretty pack during weekdays lunch time becos of office crowds. Overall, mall is clean. Juz lack a little exciting mixed of shops. No string reason to visit unless u work there or happen to be in the vicinity

  76. Avatar photo
    Adeline Lim

    Shops are reasonable. Fairprice, some food places.

  77. Avatar photo
    Danesh Daryanani

    Near my ‘hood and has all the necessities I need. Supermarket (Fairprice), Pharmacies (Guardian, Watsons, Unity), loads of food choices and frequent sales in the open foyer. Free parking at nights and weekends is a bonus!

  78. Avatar photo
    Lee Philip

    Next to beer garden n 24/7 McD’s. Great for millenials

  79. Avatar photo
    Sachin Gupta

    Been there for Sarvanaa Bhavan. . My first bit at Sarvanna out of india .. loved it.
    Alexandra mall has all what you need. Located in the midst of corporate hub.. attracts you to take a break …

  80. Avatar photo
    Junaidi Abdullah

    Great shopping retail with lots of food retailers. A pity we cant eat in store now. Parking is a hassle though and need to walk abit to the store. NTUC is also available inside.

  81. Avatar photo

    The place has few restaurants of Chinese, Japanese, fast food, etc. There are also bakery shops, cafe, supermarket, sports store, bookstore,etc. It is relaxing to shop around, not crowded place.

  82. Avatar photo
    Damon Wong

    Has a variety of choices to compete with the Mapletree Business City restaurants.

    I like that there’s a DBS that allows cheque drop off. Can hardly find these around. There’s also a 10-minute haircut place that’s usually always ready for you to walk in for a trim.

    However, signs pointing to MRT don’t seem prominent enough so may be challenging for people not familiar with the inside of this building.

  83. Avatar photo
    Olga Aristova

    Nice place, good location. You can find there everything you need

  84. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    A mall does caters mostly to the needs of the office workers at Mapletree Business Park.

    All the usual F&B names like McD, KFC, BK, Pizza Hut, Coffee Bean and you also have a Canton Paradise are there plus a FairPrice and Unity. Limited retail and there is a dentist, chiropractor and barber shop too.

    Currently suffering from COVID a mandated WFH.

  85. Avatar photo
    Sudhir Mestri

    Nice place to visit for Indian food. U can get South Indian food at Kim’s Vilas and Saravana Bhavan and if u want to try North Indian food u can get it in Sankranti. There are other fast food joints like Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut and MacDonald. Plenty of choices. Must visit place

  86. Avatar photo
    Lei Gao

    A small shopping mall but still gets everything I need, fairprice, 711, hair salon and many foods options. The best thing is it rarely getting too crowded.

  87. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Filmer

    Popular and crowded during lunch. Food options plenty

  88. Avatar photo
    koco Striker

    I like to go there sometimes for food. No large crowd. Peaceful and quiet environment. Ideal for those who hate crowded malls.

  89. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Alkathiri

    Excellent service and good quality thanks …

  90. Avatar photo

    Small mall but has a wide variety of shops. Place is clean and air-conditioned as well.

  91. Avatar photo
    Henry Tan

    A perfect refuge from the maddening metropolitan crowds during weekends and public holidays for families with young kids and elderly grandparents!
    You could expect to lead a much slower pace of life and almost stress-free encounters, compared to the crazy hustle and bustle within the same Mapletree Group managed shopping centres like Vivocity and Harbourfront in the southern precinct of Singapore…
    The laxed crowd control within the ARC annexed to the main PSA Centre has of late been given rise to some less civic-minded parents for allowing their young kids to use the main mall as a speeding circuit for indulging in scooter racing in brazen anarchy !!!

  92. Avatar photo
    Sanghamitra Bhoi

    Full of good options to eat here starting from Indian to Korean. Nice bience too.
    The fair price here is a bit cheaper than other crowded ones in Singapore. The bakery is good but limited choices for people like me. Many recreation centers as well for the little ones.

  93. Avatar photo
    Kevin Kwan

    Nice place to do your quick grocery and meal. Great variety of food and the mall is nicely maintained with great spaces. Carparks are ample as well.

  94. Avatar photo
    Akhil Sharma

    Well connected by bus and mrt. Convenient place for shopping for common requirements.

  95. Avatar photo
    Wang Hao Lee

    Ok place. It’s a reasonable walkway/gateway to maple tree business city with free parking on Sundays. Not that many interesting shops though and the Fairprice is small.

  96. Avatar photo
    gary ang

    A quiet mall during the weekends that offers free parking. Weekdays free parking after 630pm. Mainly food at the 2 floors and they have a NTUC there as well.

  97. Avatar photo
    Christine Li

    Small mall attached to PSA building and Mapletree. Mostly focused on restaurants and eateries and has a supermarket as well as a few other shops.

  98. Avatar photo
    Jawn Chang

    I dont shop here but my family does (wife & 2daughters) i think there’s something interesting at ntuc for them. Today we are here for McDonald’s. Drives-in usually long “Q”.. so we drop off our 2 daughters to buy all the food we want – while we wait some distance away that dont obstruct moving traffic. Food’s ready my grown up babies will message “Daddy let’s Go” n its “free n easy” .. go home to eat comfortably.

  99. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lew

    Not a very big place, but it almost has all the things one need. A few good breakfast place and expect to see a sort queue. It’s linked directly to a mrt station.

  100. Avatar photo
    John Khoo

    Very convenient and one stop solution from groceries in NTUC to many fine culinaries from Jap to Chinese local delights. Worth a stop especially during weekends and after office hours for free parking.

  101. Avatar photo
    Team Laki Bini Alang & Saleha

    Had dinner at Dpenyetz. You can choose your Chilli Spicy Level. Food was delicious. We took level 6 which is the spiciest and it was Yummy! There is this Shop selling socks. Got the set of 3 for $6.90. Told the seller that I need more support for daily sports, she recommended the pair in black for $4.90 with green label. Yet to try but material seems good.

  102. Avatar photo
    adrian gian

    If you enjoy F&B, good selections of east-west gourmet, relax and spacious area, avoid 12-2pm (mon – fri) unless you love crowd. Bon apertito.

  103. Avatar photo
    Souryadeep Sen

    Lots of eateries. You will probably find an eatery if your preference. If not, there’s a 7 eleven and fair price. So you probably won’t go hungry. Apart from that, there are quite a few shops. It is located 3-4 minutes away from Labrador Park MRT, walking. Landmark is Maple Tree Business City (Google office).

  104. Avatar photo
    Cherkuan Lo

    Come on Saturday , Sunday and public holidays for free parking for your car . A variety of Asian food here. Pizza hut, Burger King and MacDonald are here too. You could get a quick hair cut , shop for New Balance shoes and pick up your grocery here too

  105. Avatar photo
    Abhishek Soni

    Well connected via Skywalkerfrom labrador park MRT to ARC.
    Has couple of Indian restaurants and lot of other cuisines. Also have Macdonald’s 24×7
    Connected to mapple tree park internally

  106. Avatar photo

    A welcome amenity for office workers in the area. Good variety of eating places. Shop directory is similar to other malls in Singapore. Essential shops can be found.

  107. Avatar photo
    Joseph Lim

    A few years ago, this place was quiet over the weekends. Now it’s busier. Do check out Mapletree business park beside it. Google office is there, with an interesting front art piece.

  108. Avatar photo
    Nikhil Verma (NV7)

    ARC is a shopping mall situated many office towers, which is mainly comprised of a variety of food chains that cater to the many office workers and people living in the vicinity. But it also has many other facilities such as clinics, barbers, retail brands (clothing and footwear), DBS bank, photograph developing/photocopying/printing and even a fair price. I live nearby, and visit 3 times a week at least for a variety of reasons. It is simply close accessible and wholesome for daily requirements.

  109. Avatar photo
    Siew Lin Tuck (xiaold)

    More new food outlets here, more choice! Not so crowded during dinner time, free parking every weekend, good for family with children.

  110. Avatar photo
    Rajiv Dayal

    ARC is a great place for a quick bite on one’s way to work or a meeting… Lots of restaurants and varied cuisines… Buzzing with activity through the day… Shopping choices, are however, limited.

  111. Avatar photo

    Good retail center

  112. Avatar photo
    Khurram Salim

    Place is for people working nearby.

    We have lots of food options in ARC, only missing is a decent food court. But overall a very useful mall.

    We have two bank branches, money changers, hyper mart and loads of fast food local and global. Lots of bus options operating city wide from outside stop. Hard to get a cab in evening after 9pm.

    I find this place very useful and everything is easily available nearby due to this mall.

  113. Avatar photo
    Philip LIM

    Sited at the junction of pasir panjang road and Alexandra road junction. Prominent outlet is NTUC fair price and MacDonald fast food outlet. Remembered there is Nike outlet that is special catered for their own staff purchase. Although it is conveniently located but not a exciting place to be.

  114. Avatar photo
    Arthur Foong

    It has more eateries then shops here. Cause it is inside a business center area, it a good place to have a quiet meal/drink without the hassle bustle of people (outside office hours).

  115. Avatar photo
    Goh Tang Peng Dustin

    Good place to eat and shop – not crowded

  116. Avatar photo
    Nero Insahn

    A nice balance of fast food and casual dining restaurants, clinics, shoe outlets, etc. There’s also NTUC and banks. Lunch crowd are usually the people who work in nearby offices.

  117. Avatar photo
    Jim Faherty

    A mall mainly filled with food & service retail units (i.e. restaurants and banks) to serve those working in the nearby Alexandra Tech Park and Maple tree Business Park. Not much else for shopping, although there is a deceptively large Fairprice on the ground floor.
    It’s connected to Labrador Park by covered walkway.

  118. Avatar photo
    Samuel Edyson

    A relatively small shopping mall connected by the overpass bridge from Labrador Park MRT Station. Lots of restaurants and some shops for easy shopping, but only has 2 levels so don’t expect too many shops. What’s unique about this mall is the design of a smaller separate building for McDonald’s on 1st level.

  119. Avatar photo
    Sony G

    Its for office workers near Alexandra. NTUC is good for people who do not want to be in crowd …

  120. Avatar photo

    Handy mall for nearby residents and office goers. Small selection of eateries , essential shops and clinics available.

  121. Avatar photo
    Parth T

    You can find shops for medicine, beauty products, saloon, fair price, 7-11, groceries and almost everything. Also, because of large crowd of nearby business park it has good options for food and restaurants including koren, thai, indian veg, indian non veg, McD, Burger king etc. The main attraction is weekly sale. They have sale for different items every week in common area, where you can get lifestyle stuff in cheap price.

  122. Avatar photo
    Deryk Stronach

    A good selection of restaurants and retail outlets. A lot of offices nearby. This is a good place to grab lunch or pick up some groceries on the way home. MRT next door.

  123. Avatar photo
    Joel Teo

    Plenty of stalls. Avoid lunch crowd on weekdays

  124. Avatar photo
    David Fhu

    A pretty tiny mini shopping mall created primarily to serve the working class in the nearby Mapletree Business Park, as well as PSA, etc. Have quite a number of F&B that lead to different choice in food and drinks from different part of the world. It have most of the things that a busy working class need.

  125. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Y

    Self contained place with essential amendities including supermart, phone repair shop, ATMs, DBS bank, fast food outlets and a few decent eatries. Easily accessible from Labrador MRT Station.

  126. Avatar photo
    Nitish Jain

    Nothing to shop much. Good Indian and Mexican Restaurant. Burger King is also there. The mall has all small shops and also has fair price and 24*7 seven eleven store

  127. Avatar photo
    Praveen Shukla

    Tucked at the far end of Alexandra Road, the place has eating joints, Fair Price Departmental Store and few other shops. The place caters to office goers in the area. More food joints in Maple Tree in the adjoining building.

  128. Avatar photo
    Mal N

    Pretty good small mall. Local environment that caters to the masses of office workers in the area. Good choice of food and drink and often a buzzing crowd with various atrium Road shows

  129. Avatar photo

    This is not a recommended retail centre if you mistaken that this is a usual shopping mall which you have seen in orchard or Jurong area. Its more for patrons who work in the neighbouring area. – John 3:16

  130. Avatar photo
    Rosaline Wong

    Quiet place to go to if you like to have a personal time out, eat a good meal on your own and catch up on some updates, news etc…

  131. Avatar photo
    Venkat Chandramoleshwar

    Basic mall with a selection of more essential stores and larger number of F&B given proximity to offices. No major chains like Uniqlo and Harvey Norman but it does have Fair price, Bata and a lot of restaurants, as mentioned.

  132. Avatar photo
    Zapperman Zap

    Great place to lunch and dinner. Bit not much of shopping spree. It’s has many Makan outlets for family bonding

  133. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tan

    Quiet mall not too crowded .

  134. Avatar photo
    Edwin S

    Quite a sizeable retail center near to Labrador Park MRT. There are various restaurants inside, such as Burger King, McDonalds, Stuff’d, among others. The Fairprice is also quite large — even having a cooked meat section.

  135. Avatar photo
    Josh Ng

    Love the weekend quietness here. Most eateries are open over weekends Ichiban, Hock Lam, Delifrance, Paradise group, Wang cafe.

  136. Avatar photo
    Paul T

    Free parking on weekdays from 12nn to 2pm, and 6.30pm to 11pm.

    Free parking on weekends and public holiday from 7am to 11pm.

  137. Avatar photo
    Edwin Goh

    Free parking for 2 hours. for lunch

  138. Avatar photo
    Shitij Singla

    Good food options, good connectivity

  139. Avatar photo
    Joe Tay

    Basic necessities available and childcare and music centre for those working adult with young child. It is a far cry comparing with Habourfront centre and Vivocity, the nearby shopping mall.

  140. Avatar photo
    Khun Chalee

    While they open at 10am most food outlets are open at 11. There is also a FairPrice NTUC here. A short walk on a pedestrian bridge from Labrador MRT.

  141. Avatar photo
    Terry Tan

    Nice locations and looking forward for more dinning options.

  142. Avatar photo
    Colette Tan

    It’s small and practical – good for a quick lunch on weekends and grocery runs. Extremely, EXTREMELY crowded on weekdays due to the working lunch crowd.

  143. Avatar photo

    Small mall but have the amenities for an office worker to shop and eat here.

    NTUC, 7-11, fast foods, Stuff’d. Great to hang out at lunch time when bored of the office environment.

  144. Avatar photo
    CK Tan

    This is a great place to relax after you spend time at the Labrador Park. The event hall is usually busy, especially those discount books and there’s even a shop that cleanse your precious branded bags.

  145. Avatar photo

    Pretty decent food selection for a light industrial/business area. Eateries are open till evening so you can pop by for dinner.

  146. Avatar photo
    Soo Hin Yeoh

    A mall does caters mostly to the needs of the office workers at Mapletree Business Park.

    All the usual F&B names like McD, KFC, BK, Pizza Hut, Coffee Bean and you also have a Canton Paradise are there plus a FairPrice and Unity. Limited retail and there is a dentist, chiropractor and barber shop too.

    Currently suffering from COVID a mandated WFH.

  147. Avatar photo
    Steve Jones

    Good range of shops. Food places are mostly Indian (there is a Komalas place + two others). Food barn is good for western type food and some boutique beer from Japan.

  148. Avatar photo
    Audrey Griselda

    Small mall located at Labrador park. It has a mixture of food, clinic, dental, pharmacy and some kid stuff but not much thing for shopping..

  149. Avatar photo
    Vincent Low

    BUKIT TIMAH is the tallest mountain in the Singapore, beautiful, full of history and nature. Not to afraid of the altitude, I’m a 74 year old retiree still be able to reach the summit. If I can climb sure you can.

  150. Avatar photo
    Kuan Khoon Tan

    Food choices limited in the evening as most of the cafes will close. Avoid Delifrance at this location as they tend to run out of offer items real quick and do not replenish their offers. Parking during weekday evenings and weekends are free though.

  151. Avatar photo
    Amos O

    Small neighborhood mall with lots of food options for working class . Peaceful mall on weekend . Free Parking from 630 weekday till 11pm and weekend 7am – 11pm.

  152. Avatar photo
    ATL T

    Its a weekday mall mainly catering to the nearby working crowd from mapletree and other businesses.

    No cinema here and the crowd mainly comes from private estate on weekends. Or visitors to the nearby parks then drop by for a bite.

    Has nice dim sum here. Another anchor tenant is macdonalds. Other than that, nothing really catch my eyes

  153. Avatar photo
    Satheesh Ilu

    Decent small mall with good food options and has grocery NTUC and many other fast food chains as well. Office crowd primarily.

  154. Avatar photo
    Gareth Chen

    1) Free parking during the weekend
    2) Not as crowded as many of the other Singapore Malls
    3) Has a Supermarket (NTUC Fairprice)
    4) Has a bank (DBS)
    5) Has several eating options from fast food like KFC/Pizza Hut & McDonalds to proper restaurants.
    1) Not many retail outlets
    2) Not all retailers are open during the weekend

  155. Avatar photo
    Chris Tay

    crowded after CB! don’t remember it was so popular, used to be empty weekends! but carpark still lots of space!

  156. Avatar photo
    george ng

    A good variety of food and small shops, DBS and a Fairprice supermarket. Serving mostly office staff from Mapletree Biz. Good for a brief stopover. The Sarawak Kolo is a good choice for a quick meal.

  157. Avatar photo
    KK T

    Very crowded during weekdays lunch hour, be prepared to wait for empty seats at all eateries. Conversely weekend it is like a ghost town without any crowd. Wide variety of food choices. Worth a visit

  158. Avatar photo
    SH Wong

    Nice mall. Not much for a place for shopping. But has multiple food outlets…..vegetarian, halal, fast food, ….

  159. Avatar photo
    Amy Bhimani

    It has good food restaurants and also has a 24/7 Mc Donald’s. It has different outlets for shopping. Also, has Fair Price and a cake shop. DBS bank is also situated on the second floor.

  160. Avatar photo
    Luke Phang

    Small and cozy mall with an assortment of food places and different coffee/tea choices. There’s a FairPrice here as well. Mostly frequented by office workers.

  161. Avatar photo
    Lulu Gestiada

    Chocolates and Heavenly Wang coffee are here!!! My quick stop for coffee and shopping. Love this place. They have several options. Cant wait to go back.

  162. Avatar photo

    Wide variety of food outlets and an NTUC FairPrice supermarket available. Nice mini shopping mall.

  163. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    Not much crowd during lunch time on weekday at here. It seems no one came to office yet. Free carpark during lunch time 12pm to 2pm and on the weekend. Crowd mostly from the office building nearby. The carpark is the multi-storey carpark across the bulding.

    Last time was better crowd but it was before covid hit us.

  164. Avatar photo
    Cybermon K S

    A well located and we’ll constructed mall through which it connects to the mapple business center for a safe walking. As well has shopping options including seven eleven and fair price. And the other end connects to the Labrador MRT.

  165. Avatar photo
    Anand prabhu

    One of my favourite places to hang out. Usually it is quite quiet, except during lunch time. Will say have a couple of shops but not as many as other shopping outlets. However, there are a variety of food options

  166. Avatar photo
    Ralph L

    Not much retail place , but a good place for groceries shopping and a few decent f&b
    Visit after 7pm , Free parking

  167. Avatar photo
    KC Cheang

    conveniently located next to MRT. And also….free parking available at stipulated periods! A good rest or launch point before proceeding to Labrador Park

  168. Avatar photo
    Renny Lim (vooofooo)

    A small mall with a decent variety of shops, banks and personal services like a dentist, barber and a computer repair shop. Mainly serving crowd from the distripark and maple tree business city. Plenty of parking and 5 mins walk from the Labrador train station.

  169. Avatar photo
    Gary Tan

    Quite easy to get seats to dine when dinner time.

  170. Avatar photo
    WeiJie LoveGucci

    There is a Pet Lovers Centre Branch located at Alexandra Retail Centre. The nearest Mrt Station will be at Labrador Park. Since it is near my home, it will be very convenient for me to purchase my dog things. The staff here is very friendly and helpful. Whenever I need help, they will be there and so attentive. The shop is neat and tidy even though is small but is very cosy. There is a promotion corner where the items are on special discount so is worth to buy. There is Christmas toys for dogs too. It is so cute! Will patronize more often. Good Service

  171. Avatar photo
    dan wee

    More restaurants than retail shops to feed the hungry people.

  172. Avatar photo
    Nu Hkm

    Really convenient mall with basic amenities like supermarket, fast food, retail shops, etc. Would love to see a bit more vibrancy to it, although I understand it’s a pretty neighbourhood-ish mall

  173. Avatar photo
    Suryateja Chowdary

    All I can say is 99% of requirements of day to day life can be sourced from stores in ARC.

  174. Avatar photo
    Alok Shukla

    Not be much to do there.. except a few shops to eat. Not many good shops around . But decent ambience, have enough eating places and convenience stores

  175. Avatar photo
    audrey yeo

    It is a nice place with F&B like fast food restaurants (Burger King, KFC cum Pizza hut, McDonald’s), Chinese & Japanese restaurants and some other eateries. The Fairprice supermarket is available there too. If alight at the Labrador mrt station, can walk via the linked sheltered bridge.

  176. Avatar photo
    gary ang

    A quiet mall during the weekends that offers free parking. Weekdays free parking after 630pm. Mainly food at the 2 floors and they have a NTUC there as well.

  177. Avatar photo
    Sajjad Parmar

    Small mall but efficient mostly on F&B with some clinics and supermarket. Usually not very crowded which is great.

  178. Avatar photo
    Vincent Tay

    July 17, 2021 sunny
    Completed my 30th half marathon from JLG to Labrador Park.
    Then detour to ARC to buy drinks at Seven Eleven to quench my thirst.

    Nice nasi lemak at Makan Place. Tried several times.

  179. Avatar photo
    Brilliant Photo

    A lot of nice food. Mostly food stalls. Would love it if they add more interesting non-food stalls by allowing pushcarts.

  180. Avatar photo
    Sherry Chua

    Limited things and stall, only encik tan, ketucty is there if you looking for reasonable food. Rest are restaurant and a NTUC not pretty big inside it.

  181. Avatar photo
    Ian Cheow

    Decent food choices for the working crowd.

  182. Avatar photo
    Santan Maddi

    It has good dining outlets, including Food barn, Greendot, Sankranti, Ichiban Sushi, KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s etc. It is a common place for the employees in the vicinity to grab a bite from here. It is easily accessible from Labrador Park.
    Salon and parlor are available at this place. Books, Soft toys stores are other outlets, besides Fairprice.

  183. Avatar photo
    Shi Jie Low

    Great place to dine in, there a variety of things to do there such as shopping, eating, etc. There are a lot of nice restaurants there such as the Japanese ones. Will be better if they can expand the place, other than that, the place is great! …

  184. Avatar photo
    Mario Ferraro

    Well connected to Labrador Park MRT and offering a wide array of food choices, conveniently linked to even more choices in the adjacent Mapletree Business City

  185. Avatar photo
    Vu Long Tran

    Nice and comfortable mall. An oasis in this area and close enough to the Labrador Mrt. Reasonable selection of goodies like FairPrice supermarket and eateries.

  186. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Lau

    Great range of eateries in this small functional office mall, from the extremely popular healthy food café to extensive yet delectable Chinese cuisine, this mall definitely has something for everyone – and I specifically meant the lucky office workers in the area. There’s great coffee houses to chill, or standard local breakfast thoroughfares and a supermarket to top things up when sundries and amenities are involving. Great place to relax and enjoy.

  187. Avatar photo

    Vibrant, lots of eating places to explore and a very relaxed atmosphere.

  188. Avatar photo
    Joseph Tan

    An interesting place that offers cheap, good food options for workers working around this business park that is slowly growing over the last decade.
    Interesting place to hang out after work for a chill beer.

  189. Avatar photo
    Something InCommon

    It has many shops and several places to eat. Not too big but it’s fine. Specially for families!

  190. Avatar photo
    HC hay

    Hassle-free quick dinner options. Usually end up at Old Street BKT. Howecer decided to try that Has place for a change. Credible sushi, but don’t hope for the spectacular. Credit for convenience too. And did I also mention Free Parking after 7 on weekdays?

  191. Avatar photo
    Eloisa Erive

    Small but okay , has fairprice, pharmacy, atm and Halal foods

  192. Avatar photo
    Chin Seng Yue

    Nice ambience, many good restaurants, free parking on weekends and after office hours on weekdays.

  193. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yong

    Ample parking and some good eateries. Mcdonald’s drive thru is a favourite. KFC closes quite early.

  194. Avatar photo
    Brian Loh

    Small mall but having good quality nice restaurant and shop.
    Parking at MSC beside the building.
    Nicely decorated and busy during weekday

  195. Avatar photo
    Kokthye Lim

    A small mall, mainly on f&b, but close earlier ard 830pm plus. NTUC supermart is available. Great thing is that car park is free during weekends and weekdays after 630pm.

  196. Avatar photo
    Gekhua Tan

    Quite a few choices restaurant and cafe to choose from with easy access through a linked sheltered bridge from Labrador MRT station. There’s even free access to WiFi as you connect to wireless@SG!

  197. Avatar photo
    Foo Joseph

    Nice experience. One of the better Unity outlet with helpful and patient staff. Kudos to the person in charge.

  198. Avatar photo
    Hiroshi Harry

    Convenience and complete (for dining and grocery or household shopping). Plus free parking after 7 pm on weekdays. What’s there not to like?

  199. Avatar photo
    Edmund Soh

    The best retail centre in Singapore. Got tons of things. There’s NTUC, ATM etc. All kinds of amenities and go-to places for the nearby patrons from PSA and mapletree business city.

  200. Avatar photo
    GR and Others

    There is air conditioning and great cleanliness and amenities at the mall. There are multiple food options. Great mall to go to spend some time.

    Great if you want a quiet place to have your meals any time of the day. The McDonald’s and KFC are popular with students who wants to study.

  201. Avatar photo

    Good place to visit if you worked or stay around here area. Tons of food choices around in this mall with one Fairprice and 7-11 around. But the KFC here opening hours is quite late compare to other branches. The bakery on level 1 is good freshly baked bread when you visit them at 8am.

  202. Avatar photo
    Aesphirities “Micaqi” McNamara

    Quaint little mall with multiple fast food joints, supermarket and retailers. Not crowded but nothing much there here either.

  203. Avatar photo
    Bharani K

    Lots of Indian restaurants and other coffee shoppers for hang outs to have a nice talk with colleagues and friends..not a great place for window shopping and other things. You can find Indian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and other food joints

  204. Avatar photo
    Perry Poehlmann

    Small collection of shops, conveniently located near Mapletree business park and Labrador park. And can get busy on a Saturday

  205. Avatar photo
    Shuren Lin

    Mostly standard food places to cater to office workers.

  206. Avatar photo
    Yazid Rawi

    Nice and convenient shopping place, kindergarten n eating out for residents around west of Singapore and for office staff working there.

  207. Avatar photo
    Praveen Shukla

    It’s a local shopping centre for office goers at the end of Alexandra Road. Remains busy during weekdays. There are few restaurants, a Fair Price, few cafe and few other daily utility stores. Nothing fancy but enough to cater to daily needs.

  208. Avatar photo

    The mall management is very intelligent to attract footfall by waiving parking charges for every weekend. As a result, I’m surprised to see human traffic on weekend afternoons. The FairPrice supermarket, McDonald’s, KFC, Canton Paradise and Coffee Bean stand out among the mall tenants.

  209. Avatar photo
    Tan Wp

    Nice shopping mall with NTUC and a number of fast food restaurants like McDonald, burger king, pizza hut and KFC. Also has more high end restaurants and affordable food.

  210. Avatar photo
    W Beh

    Free parking from 7am to 11pm on weekends, great for those looking to drive and have a meal or get groceries!

  211. Avatar photo

    Indians hotels are not there….. But Chinese and other dishes are served and good too …KFC pizza hut

  212. Avatar photo
    Aditya G S

    Good for office workers looking to grab some food. Not too much shopping selection.

  213. Avatar photo
    Ali Chua

    Many shops and restaurants in a compact little mall. You can get your meal fix from fast food to fruit juice stalls, to proper chinese restaurants. Shops and supermarkets are also readily available, so you can always grab what you need on the way home from work.

  214. Avatar photo
    Lionel Tan

    Very good browsing experience due to a good mix of shops and free parking at certain timing.

  215. Avatar photo
    Megha Banerji

    Small but functional mall. Mainly serving the office population at Mapletree business city. Crowded during lunch hours and mornings. Plenty of eateries and a fair price if you need to pick up groceries.

  216. Avatar photo
    Alexander Wang

    A pretty small shopping for people working around there. Taiwan embassy locates next to this shopping center. There is a fair price supermarket. If you need to buy a envelope for Taiwanese visa, you can find it in a printing shop.

  217. Avatar photo
    Kiagos Mohamed Faizal

    Tends to be crowded during lunch , dinner time and weekends. Good spread of restaurants offering good and delicious food.

  218. Avatar photo
    Bharat Singh

    A small yet almost complete one-stop destination of food, drinks, shopping. It’s always great to meet friend here over the weekend, for a good conversation over lunch.

  219. Avatar photo
    Tan hang chong

    Quite a few vegetarian choices including Komala Vila

  220. Avatar photo

    Not a very crowded or cramped place. Some of the cafes and coffee shops (especially Spinelli on L2) has an aircon problem, so check ur levelnof comfort before you order and settle down. Spinelli was the worst in the last several visits tested with no aircon, which leads me to think they just turn it off to save cost. The coffee bean place was good though and all the rest of the f&b and retail places.

  221. Avatar photo
    Manjuke Fernando

    Good mall to dine. It has many eateries, coffee shops and a supermarket (fair price). The FP is opened till 10pm. Ideal for people working nearby to grab few groceries while going home from work. Also it has many shops to grab a quick bite for breakfast. …

  222. Avatar photo
    Donald Clark

    Big bright and clean. Singalore does shopping well and this pace is no exception. Just be aware that the taxi line when leaving can get very long. Consider getting an Uber or local equiv.

  223. Avatar photo
    Phani Bolloju

    Good place to shop; Getting a cab here could be tricky. Although there’s a taxi stand, the cab has to come in and there’s usually a long line at peak hours when you need it. Need more taxi’s here!!. Few restaurants, couple of pharmacies, clinics, food places etc ….convenient place for quick shopping. Best way to get out is taking a bus across the street.

  224. Avatar photo
    Rameez Javed

    Good mall that attaches itself to mapletree business city. With good grocery shops and eateries, it provides the community with a space to hangout and tend to their immediate needs or cravings for food.

  225. Avatar photo
    Lim Yang Song

    Less crowded 2 storeys, shopping mall

  226. Avatar photo
    Peter Chong

    Mainly filled with food shops and related. Houses a decently stocked Fairprice Supermarket that is convenient to shop at given it’s convenient attached carpark. Mainly caters to the office crowd from Mapletree Business City.

  227. Avatar photo
    Pinnacle Myanmar

    Relatively boring 2-storey shopping centre focusing mainly on eateries to serve the office crowd. Usual range of shopping-mall food available: MacDonalds. Stuff’ed, Wok Hey, Encik Tan, KFC, Pizza Hut etc

  228. Avatar photo
    Dennis Koh

    Pleasant small sized mall with a small range of eateries to satisfy most visitors. Adequate for shopping essentials like groceries & pharmaceuticals.

  229. Avatar photo
    linda s

    Convenient mall for offices in the vicinity. There’s a good size NTUC to grab groceries DBS bank for banking needs, a number of footplaces and restaurants to fill our tummies.

    Rexommend: Korean restaurant at level 2 serves decent Korean fare!

  230. Avatar photo
    Don Saw

    Free parking during weekends is good, however if the mall can be bigger with more varieties of shops and restaurants would be nice.

  231. Avatar photo
    Neo Sree (NeoSree Stories)

    A small mall but has some special food options that’s not found commonly, while also having the usual franchisees.. there is a large atrium giving some positive vibes for this small mall.

  232. Avatar photo
    Kumar Pi

    Lovely place to do shopping and dining, drinking …

  233. Avatar photo
    Geetika Saraswat

    A good place for those who work in the region. Best part is one can do grocery shopping as they have NTUC. Vivocity is near by. ARC is well connected by bus & circle line so commute is not a problem

  234. Avatar photo

    Convient location if you work around the PSA building area. It has all the necessary shops to run your errands such as a doctor, banks, haircut and a fair price for grocery. It offers a lot of cheap lunch options as well for the working folks. Basic, simple to the point mall.

    Overall I would rate this place with the following:

    Location: 10/10
    Ambient: 7/10

  235. Avatar photo
    T LJ

    Any mall without a food court is not a good mall in my opinion. The assortment of stores is not very good either. A miss unless you work in the area.

  236. Avatar photo
    Anne Yap

    Free parking on weekends, PH and after 6pm on weekdays. Nice to hang out at coffee bean or Macdonald’s

  237. Avatar photo
    Nick Kao

    A little mall with lots of food options. If anyone wants to be away from the crowded major malls, this is the place to be.

    There are lots of restaurant selections, a supermarket and lots of other retail and service shops. It is also conveniently located along the Alexandra Road stretch, where lot of people can visit after work.

    Another great perk is the free parking after 6.30pm, so that we can spend more on food instead. Highly recommended place.

  238. Avatar photo
    Najid Natasha

    For a more quiet and intimate dining experience, this is a perfect place. It’s not too busy and There are alot of options as well! There’s always some promotion going on in the center of the mall. Check it out, there might be something you fancy.

  239. Avatar photo
    Quinn Lee

    Despite its small range of shops, this mall has a mix of anchor tenants (NTUC/DBS Bank) and specialty/boutique shops that continue to draw small crowds to it. I particularly find the Old Street Bah Kuh Teh Restaurant and Vanilla muffin shop the highlights of the mall. The female boss of Vanilla muffin shop can be found there baking muffins from scratch almost every day, and you get good taste/value for just $1.2/$1.3 per muffin (their muffins taste comparable to those ridiculously priced $3 muffins from Twelve Cupcakes, although they are lacking in presentation). For a hearty and reasonably priced meal that is sure to leave you feeling filled to the brim, visit Old Chang Kee’s Curry Times for large servings of chicken served in various styles (Curry, soya sauce, curry mint, etc.).

  240. Avatar photo
    Hameed Aslam

    Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC), the redeveloped podium of the PSA Building, offers amenities and convenience shopping to the working population and residents within the vicinity. Other than dining outlets and convenience services, the three storey retail centre also houses a variety of lifestyle and retail tenants. Set amidst offices, schools and residences, ARC complements the amenities centre at Mapletree Business City. It is also easily accessible to Labrador Park MRT station on the Circle Line via a sheltered bridge.

  241. Avatar photo
    amadea yee

    Love the quietness of the places esp during non peak hours or days… May not consider a place that you can shop alot but a place you can at least get some food and take a break from the busyness of life… Esp when there is ichiban etc

  242. Avatar photo
    Cybermon K S

    A well located and we’ll constructed mall through which it connects to the mapple business center for a safe walking. As well has shopping options including seven eleven and fair price. And the other end connects to the Labrador MRT.

  243. Avatar photo
    Saifu Angto

    Small but very good shopping mall. Conveniently close by Maple Tree business center and Labrador MRT station. It has plenty of variety of restaurants and coffee shop, medical centers, a Fair Price grocery.

  244. Avatar photo
    Ruchir Srivastava

    It caters more to the office goers so don’t expect to find a lot of shopping options here. Better check the directory first. But you can get the essentials and you have a few good eateries as well.

  245. Avatar photo
    Roland Seh

    Slowly bustling with people. There is a child enrichment level as well as two floors of food outlets. NTUC is on level 1. Weekends are normally not too crowded.

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