Review Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food, 665 Buffalo Rd, Singapore

Review Al  Azeem indian muslim food - Singapore 665 Buffalo Rd

“A very unique market, you can do your marketing there and eat breakfast or lunch there. Lots of food to choose from Indian, Malay and Chinese. …” or “So much Indian food can be found here from Thosai, Vadai, Beriyani etc. It really suits my taste. Very nice & reasonable price.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food is quality.

Introduction about Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food

Here are some fundamental details regarding Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food. In terms of Fresh food market, it is generally believed that Al Azeem Indian Muslim Foodis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 665 Buffalo Rd, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Fresh food market, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 665 Buffalo Rd, Singapore
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Monday: Closed.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: 6 AM to 11:30 PM.


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You can directly come to 665 Buffalo Rd, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food reviews

Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food is among the best destinations of Fresh food market in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food good?

To determine whether Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“A very unique market, you can do your marketing there and eat breakfast or lunch there. Lots of food to choose from Indian, Malay and Chinese. …”

“An experience in itself. The market is bustling with cheerful energy. So many unusual vegetables so many types of spices. So many stalls selling fish, mutton, beef, pork ...”

“It must have been over 40 years since I visited Tekka market.The stalls are cleaner and more spacious but still a wet market.”

“Very nice aunty and very helpful too, he always reserved my portion, even I'm only there for course. TekKa Market vegetarian #tekkamarket #vegetarian”

“A jumble up market where you can find diverse things. The food centre is quite spacious and has a variety of foods.”

“Typical Indian Muslim Food. Murtabak ( Mutton stuffed in Large Paratta) was nice.”

“Where you can but all indian grocer, clothing all other indian traditional things.”

“Mutton bone marrow at Tekka Market is $7/kg here while bukit panjang market at $10/kg. So much difference. 5kg at Tekka Market can save you $15. I wonder what else is way cheaper”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 229 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 80% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Al Azeem Indian Muslim Food, 665 Buffalo Rd, Singapore

There is a total 229 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Nur Muhd Razali

    A place full of colours and good mix of hawker food!

  2. Avatar photo
    R M

    Hanifa’s Mutton Briyani and Mee Goreng was delicious, end up buying another Mutton Briyani for take away. Highly recommended.

  3. Avatar photo
    S.K. Low

    Excellent place for Indian food!

  4. Avatar photo

    you will find vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken , mutton and other food stuffs in very hygienic condition in one place

  5. Avatar photo
    Suresh Kumar

    Good for purchase and enjoy yummy foods and drinks bazar street experience

  6. Avatar photo
    Henry Yeo

    Bought bryani for lunch. There was a short queue but the service was fast. Bought ginger tea as well. I would say value for money. Less than $15 for 2 person. …

  7. Avatar photo
    Kok Siew Hong

    Just been there around 11am.for my Whampoa 545 prawn noodles after one over year, $5/ a bowl but everything’s getting less and the whole portion totally shrunk! Tables also very dirty and hardly see any body clean up! I will try not to eat unless take away foods!

  8. Avatar photo
    Jason Ong

    Tekka Market has been around for a long time. This is a large place that houses a wet market in the basement, a hawker centre on the ground floor, and shops selling mostly clothes on the first floor.
    This is the hawker centre where you can find a great variety of indian food.
    There’s also a good variety of local fare like economic bee hoon, fishball noodles, porridge, laksa, etc.
    There used to be some interesting stalls on the first floor; I remember a couple of shops selling antique pipes, dacing, abacus and such. Today most of the shops sell clothes. Every other shop has an in-house tailor.
    It’s a great place to visit if you’re around the area. This is unlike the usual hawker centres in most housing estate. More like the one in Chinatown. Full of activity, sights and smells. Be advised though, it’s crowded.

  9. Avatar photo
    Giuseppe Di Domenico

    Food has reasonable priceds

  10. Avatar photo
    Abdul Karim

    Most the food are Indian food, there also Chinese and Malay food stall. Esp. the wet market are super, selling fresh lamb and mutton, you can also shop it surrounding area for veg., cookies and all the necessary items. It also one roof market, all you can find it here.

  11. Avatar photo
    ayisha Raihana

    2nd floor is where indian wear except saree (both men &women) are sold. However almost all shop doesn’t sell plus sizes for women. Their standard sizes are between “free size” to 46 max.

  12. Avatar photo
    Sudharsan Hub

    Always crowded but the food is tasty

  13. Avatar photo
    Sankara Pandian

    Good food centre for all types of food. Nickname little India. All types of indian favourites available to buy from many shops . Many buses also availability. Take a walk down Tekka, sure u will love to shop.

  14. Avatar photo
    Abhay Kumar

    Great place to surf and snack. Has every type of shop in the hawker center from Indian (south indian dosa to north indian mughlai) and Chinese and Malay food. The wet market is also a must go for home shoppers. Try the local kopi and curry puff combo instead of going to a posh restaurant. Just remember the main entrance near little India bus stop is being used and other entrances are closed.

  15. Avatar photo
    Bryan Plunkett

    Almost Every Food under One Roof. Best Roti Prata, Soft and Fluffy. Just Ask for Prata Sambal Stall. Jasmin Prawn Noodle and 328 Coffee Shop. …

  16. Avatar photo
    Xavier Goh

    There’s so much variety here from raw meats to hard to find food ingredients and also the cooked foods at the Hawker Centre with Apams (any stall is just as good and the recent I tried was Sky Lab) to artisan coffee from Generations! Drop by here on a weekday morning or afternoon so as to avoid the crowd on weekends. You’ll thanked yourself for the special treat without fretting over fighting for seats during the weekends.

  17. Avatar photo
    Stanley Chia

    Well known hawkers center. Mix cuisines allow you to fit your appetite.

  18. Avatar photo

    I tried the mutton biryani at this stall, the masala gravy is a bit on the sweet side n the mutton is not as tender.

  19. Avatar photo
    N.Common Man

    Hygiene in the food court is slightly better than last time cause not much people visiting. last time cleanliness rating would be 1/5 now 3/5. At level 1 you can find a food court and the other half of level 1 is a market. At level 2 will be the traditional clothing stores, tailor , a few thai amulet stores , shoe /slippers store and a few random stores.

  20. Avatar photo

    Early morning breakfast …

  21. Avatar photo

    Very nice aunty and very helpful too, he always reserved my portion, even I’m only there for course. TekKa Market vegetarian

  22. Avatar photo
    Aqsa Zahid

    Great food, lots of halal choices, lower prices. It was an amazing, authentic atmosphere and experience.

  23. Avatar photo
    Jahir Hussain

    Food is cheap. But don’t expect fantastic taste. The idlis are dry and the chutnies are bland. The vadai is hard too. The neibouring shop was crowded. So this was an alternative. May be should have waited in the next shop qué. After all queues can’t be wrong.

  24. Avatar photo
    Deon Omond

    Another must see in the top 10 things to do in Singapore.Lots of very colourful buldings.

  25. Avatar photo

    Variety of local food with reasonable price.Same roof with the wet market.Convinent and easy to go by public transport.

  26. Avatar photo
    Martin Videion

    We got Mango Lassi and a Lychee drinks here and they tasted fantastic, we will return to try the Chendol which looks very interesting.

  27. Avatar photo
    karthik EK

    No where you see bunch of Indian ppl do business except this place. Veg & non veg , Cosmetic & flowers, temple & entertainment, Clothes & deco. Such a lovely place with great set up. Love this “LITTLE INDIA” / “TEKKA MARKET”

  28. Avatar photo
    Rosie ross

    Love the chai teh tarik at one of the stalls and fast service.The Indian rojak stall serve great crispy and tip top gravy.The best in Spore.

  29. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    A very unique market, you can do your marketing there and eat breakfast or lunch there. Lots of food to choose from Indian, Malay and Chinese.

    The market is very accessible with train and public transport just a stone throw away.

    The market sells fruit, meat and seafood and was told that the price is cheaper than most neighborhood.

  30. Avatar photo
    Joe Ravat

    Food courts are great. Lots of choices and lots of shops in and around

  31. Avatar photo

    Get all your Indian food needs satisfied. Has eateries, meat stalls, fish, fruit and vegetables shops.

  32. Avatar photo
    Santhosh So

    Its a good place to buying fresh vegetables and currys Also can buy a groceries.

  33. Avatar photo
    Green Jelly

    My go-to market for fresh and frozen lamb and beef. Prices are reasonable and the meats are fresh. There are various stalls selling lamb and beef at a much cheaper price than supermarkets. The vendors are generally friendly and accommodating. Unlike other wet markets in Singapore, Tekka market is open till the evenings.

  34. Avatar photo
    Caleb Remy Ma (Fat)

    Varieties of good Singapore local food…great place for Indian food. …

  35. Avatar photo
    Singularity Convergence

    Much food to choose from at reasonable prices. Halal and non-halal offerings available. A large selection of South Indian cuisine at everyman prices.

  36. Avatar photo
    Ruel Chang

    Spoke to one of the stall owner. They don’t seems happy . About the increase of food prices. Hope we can help them and maybe speak to people running f&b business. Especially in hawkers center and other small outlets. We all need to work to fight for survival, we need to think for those running f &b , the timing and the crowd .
    During their time , things were so much cheaper and they learn to be thrifty. For example 1 tea cost about $0.10 .

    Now times has changed in Singapore.

    “Don’t educate our kids to be rich , educate them to be happy , so they will know the value of the things and not the price . “

  37. Avatar photo
    Sawaran Kaue

    I working at tekka mist of my time is nice to work there alots of favorite dishes sold there prayers things indian can easily get to buy e over happening

  38. Avatar photo
    Mayank Gupta

    This is a pure veg restaurant situated at little India. It is around 1 Km away from Little India MRT station. During our stay at Singapore for 5 days we had lunch their 3 times. Standard and quality are excellent.But you will find this restaurant always packed. We had a expenditure of around 45 Singapore dollars for 3 persons each time. The items we opted were 1 North Indian thali, 1 tikka and 2 teas along with a extra butter roti

  39. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Hoeden (BENJI)

    Easy convin and everything you need you can get at Tekka market..

  40. Avatar photo
    Selvanathan Vadivalu

    After a long time,today I been there,not much changes,got variety food,price is reasonable

  41. Avatar photo
    Sherry Chua

    Alot of stalls and the market there has fabulous selection of meat, fish and vegetables. The market is rather pack.

  42. Avatar photo

    Not very clean

  43. Avatar photo

    I buy nasi briyani here because they are very good in cooking nasibriyani and some time and go wet market to buy fresh vegetabled

  44. Avatar photo
    nani adham

    I love to eat Sri Lanka food very taste AND delicious

  45. Avatar photo
    ian Salbri

    The most crowded place and hardly to find a seat..In the morning its easy for you to find malay food but late afternoon mostly all indians food..But the foods overall is nice and hot…

  46. Avatar photo

    Nice market.we get all veg and peoples everyday came there.i did go so many times.please everyone try to go there for purchase cooking things.

  47. Avatar photo
    xavier yap

    A lot variety of food to chose for …

  48. Avatar photo
    Athe Ganesh

    Cheap and best price we can get there

  49. Avatar photo
    Alina Meridian

    Messy, unique, and special. It’s is a unlisted spot to visit and experience a portion of Singapore…
    Certainly not everyone’s taste, but a good place to experience something of Singapore

  50. Avatar photo
    Thuy Vu

    Seem their coffee too sweet for me, I forgot told them give me less sugar. Prata is ok.

  51. Avatar photo

    goin for Briani or Teh Masala or any Indian food?..get down to Tekka market…food galore

  52. Avatar photo
    Ajeet Rayakar

    Always some new experience you can find. Discovered a great Coffee place ( Generation Coffee ).

  53. Avatar photo
    Milagros Dizon

    Motso croqdedtoday day time.Some expensive

  54. Avatar photo
    simah yahya

    Will come here every week for good chendol. Look for this shop. And get yourself the best chendol. I love it!

  55. Avatar photo
    Aravind Kumar

    You can get all indian veggies, groceries and sweets

  56. Avatar photo
    Siti Nur

    So much Indian food can be found here from Thosai, Vadai, Beriyani etc. It really suits my taste. Very nice & reasonable price.

  57. Avatar photo
    Thahirash Nashan

    You can have your foods,Vegs, fruits and meals in lowest price

  58. Avatar photo
    Faustin Benedict

    As I mentioned earlier, it is the best hawker Centre for marketing, eateries, jewellery, shopping, PUBs surrounded neighbours. Jln Besar too have shopping and eateries. Multi Racial eateries n peoples. Prices are very reasonable compare to other areas.

  59. Avatar photo
    Saran Kavi

    Sky lab hot vadas heaven

  60. Avatar photo
    Uganes Varan

    Many different types food and good taste
    Very narrow space table and chair…
    Have some time pegion Bird disturbed you while u eat… U can take away if u like… I not recommend dine their

  61. Avatar photo

    Great place to buy at wet Market , & eat Indian delicious food. …

  62. Avatar photo
    Abinaya Sri

    Where you can but all indian grocer, clothing all other indian traditional things.

  63. Avatar photo
    Sanjeevkumar Nagapah

    Everyone is doing well and buy their own thing and go shopping and buy dress for children and for your family friends and other people u like a lot if you want buy more than Deepavali thing u like can for anyone u like

  64. Avatar photo
    Kun Xiang Chia (Charles)

    Wide selections of famous Briyani stalls.
    Indian, Chinese and Malay even western food are popular.
    Try the Cendol to go.
    Visit Little India heritage museum just down the road at Arab street. It’s a gem.
    PS: there’s aircon and complimentary locker for your food and drinks if you happen to takeaway too much from Tekka market.
    Culture explorers watch out for this space.

  65. Avatar photo
    Kui Liu

    i love the briyani rice in this market. not sure which stall sells the best briyani. i tried a few briyani stalls and all are tasty and of big portion. great memory~

  66. Avatar photo
    p.asokkumar yadav

    I ordered fresh juice.they given us 60 present water mix juice.phineapple three lime juice two.they are doing cheeting.

  67. Avatar photo
    J O

    Love the Indian and Malay food offerings here. And the convenience stores around the peripheral areas have a lot of exotic spices and items for sale.

  68. Avatar photo
    Kannahi Veeraiyan

    Wash basin need soap to wash hands. Extremely dirty

  69. Avatar photo
    Pramod Uppal

    Indian Diwali Shopping

  70. Avatar photo

    awesome food in teka love the food always fev

  71. Avatar photo
    Terence Tan

    A very unique market, you can do your marketing there and eat breakfast or lunch there. Lots of food to choose from Indian, Malay and Chinese. …

  72. Avatar photo
    Tapan Mukherjee

    Very bad smel from car garraige.Water from fish market is totaly clogged inth drain of garraige,causing bad smell.

  73. Avatar photo
    Avtar Kaur

    Food is nice stalls are too close very messy. Next to it is a market very smelly it really stink. But want to find food to eat for multiracial is Tekka market. When I see foreigners coming to Tekka market I’m feeling shame. Food places must be looking clean and neat and spacious no smell around . Tekka is close to orchard road. So show the foreigners that we are clean and we have nice food centers too

  74. Avatar photo
    Ian Om

    Mutton bone marrow at Tekka Market is $7/kg here while bukit panjang market at $10/kg. So much difference. 5kg at Tekka Market can save you $15. I wonder what else is way cheaper

  75. Avatar photo
    Thillai Ambalam

    This place is still in infested with the pigeons, tables are still dirty with bird droppings. Poorly maintained. Congested as before along the muslim stalls area.

  76. Avatar photo
    Dinn Asral

    There were 3 ATM machine just before the back entrance.Another 2 besides(UOB ATM).
    Now with new shelters!

  77. Avatar photo
    Zalina Ismael

    Yummy and cheap local delights. Famous for their Briyani stalls, Appom, Naan, Rojak and the list goes on. Just that it’s a crowded and humid market eating place.

  78. Avatar photo
    Jyeo Teow Hee

    Tekka centre original name was called Tekka Market or 竹脚巴刹。
    It is a wet local market and a hawker centre together. It a fairly large also.
    In the hawker centre, there are a few very good stalls selling great indian cuisine and chinese type hawker Singapore food.
    There are two very good chicken rice stalls there.
    One is call 和平 boneless chicken rice stall and the other is Lim Kee Hainanese bone-in chicken rice stall. Can compared Lim Kee with A1 boneless hainanese chicken rice stall at block 724 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 hawker centre bus closed on every wednesdays.
    The others stalls there are just normal cooked food which can be found in other hawker centres in Singapore except for 和平 boneless chicken rice which is the best in Tekka Centre and in Singapore. Unfortunately, their opening hours indicated in google by some other food vlogger are incorrect.
    The Owner of 和平 boneless chicken rice stall are owned by senior citizen of age group 70 plus and 60 plus. Both are husband and wife.
    I can proved that their style of cooking are 1000% better than TIAN TIAN chicken rice in Maxwell Hawker Centre.
    Tian Tian cooking style are done for foreigners especially Americians, Australians, British.
    Their taste and texture had altered since their Head Chef resigned.
    The Owner’s daughter took over and that was where the change began.
    For those of you who prefer the Singapore flavours, can still go to Tekka Centre for your cravings

  79. Avatar photo
    Rommel Guingab

    The place has a lot of fresh produce from vegetables, meat and fish. I recommend that around 3-4 pm is the best timing to go for market as the crowd is not much. It is the best timings also that stalls especially meat and fish sections brings out the fresh to display. You may try to eat authentic Indian foods which is superb and delicious. The engredient and spices are there and complete.

  80. Avatar photo

    Food: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Taste: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    Time: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Great place to try out authentic Indian food. Ranges from vegetarian to non-vegetarian food. There is both Halal and non-Halal delicacies here . Expect crowd during peak hours especially on weekends. Short waiting time at every stall as they serve customers really fast.Highly recommended place to go to for everyone especially those coming to Singapore as tourists!
    Loads of food to try!!

  81. Avatar photo
    Suresh R

    They have some of the yummiest North and South Indian, Pakistani, and local food around. Great prices. I can’t sit and eat there as I will not be able to ignore the lack of cleanliness, so I just take away usually and don’t think about that part. The food is worth the risk IMHO!

  82. Avatar photo

    Lot of food options with very reasonable prices

  83. Avatar photo
    Alagamalai Veerasamy

    The place is sparsely crowded with most food stalls not patronised. Deepavali mood is absent. Most patrons queuing were observed to be mindful of their masks n safe distancing. More restrictions can be lifted to bring the festive joy to the community.

  84. Avatar photo
    A Manickam

    Tekka market is very busy market every day so many people visit here and buy the grocery and meats and vegetable and

  85. Avatar photo
    Calvin Yang

    Food centre on 1st floor with many Indian foods and 2nd floor alots of shops selling Indian fashion clothing

  86. Avatar photo
    eshak alli

    The clearness at Tekka market hawker centre is very bad.Tables are not clean properly and on weekend it is worse as left over food plates not cleared immediately.It send that there is short fall of cleaner. Pigeons are all over the places and it becomes very unhealthy to eat over at Tekka hawker centre.

  87. Avatar photo
    Prem Rai

    Great place to buy all Indian vegetables & Indian groceries

  88. Avatar photo
    Thomas Tan

    We were impressed with the kind gentleman gesture as he introduced his congee to us. Well shredded chicken with
    Yu tiao gives us the crisps while the well
    Broth congee tastes real good. Not oily or soggy but real Cantonese balanced
    Congee. The pork porridge gives you and equally marvellous feelings of a real good stuff. My apology for not hv a foto of the stall. Explore the stall opposite Jasmine noodles.
    BUT I m Extremly disappointed with
    The Apom stall that sold us undersized
    Apom at $1.50 each. It’s just a thin slab
    Of flour. Disappointed with my corner
    Indian food stall.

  89. Avatar photo
    Benghwa Koh

    Crowded with ppl coming in & going out of the hawker centre/ marketplace with quite a no’s of stall open 4 business. Now it’s almost popular, busy noisy place for eater to be visiting now.

  90. Avatar photo
    Richard Henry

    The foreigners after eating still not disposing the leftover food.

    Can ambassador be deployed and impose penalty otherwise we cannot achieve our goal.

    The washing basins needs regular cleaning too.

  91. Avatar photo
    yose ng

    It is a market cum food centre on the 1st level. There is a 2nd level with mainly clothes for sale. The market consists of fresh vegetables vendors, fruits vendors and fresh chicken, beef, mutton as well. One will be able find most food items here. It is the largest fresh market. The place is constantly soiled by the heavy foot fall and is rather untidy. Eat and go. There are many indian food and chinese food available here. One must not be put off by the menu and prices as displayed. Able to buy separate items. Eg. Get a plain naan $1 with plain curry $1.50
    All for $2.50 only. The plain naan is wheat. Order what is needed and not to say yes to recommended top ups. It will add on the costs unknowingly. The eating place is well used and is below average. Birds will be seen picking on tables and will venture into the food centre as well. The aisle in the market is rather narrow between the outlets. The food stores are close to each other and one must be abĺe to differentiate each one and the person taking the order is from the correct store. Competition is keen among them and touting is not allowed. It is a noisy place but it is where one can feel the singapore mood . The toilets are below average due perhaps to the heavy footfall. One needs to locate it.

  92. Avatar photo
    Bobilia Tay

    Stalls are very well organised , colourful & easy to reach for items you want. Vendors are warm & helpful to assist too ! Love the gd kampong spirits around the ambience. Thumps up for their gd effort to keep the market clean as possible too !!
    I ️ Tekka Market

  93. Avatar photo
    Jason Law

    The mee siam taste is different from the usual sweet and sour ones. Although they did squeeze the lime into it. However, not as tasty as expected (varies from person to person). You can choose either the bee hoon or mee at $3.

  94. Avatar photo
    Terry Soomc

    This area serves the widest Indian food anywhere in subga it.

  95. Avatar photo
    Jarrard Lourdes

    It’s simple and cosy to chill on a hot day. Alcohol and touch food is available. Should give it a try.

  96. Avatar photo
    soku nathan

    Lunch. Very nice here

  97. Avatar photo
    Jafri Basron

    Different kind of meats and livestock available with economical price.
    Varieties of vegetables includes those exotic from India is available throughout the week and the market is never seem closed.
    On weekend, the place is extremely crowded.
    Not a hype place and various strata of society is doing their marketing at the said place.

  98. Avatar photo
    Presila Sub

    Go there when I need to go. I don’t do my marketing there except for buying mutton. It’s good n fresh. Sometimes buy fruits. U can buy vegetables n spices around the Indian shops there. Some of the hawker’s centre food are nice n reasonable price. Outside the market the restaurants are expensive. You can do some shopping buying clothes n accessories. They are beautiful n nice. Above the hawker’s centre there are a lot of clothing shops beautiful n nice too. They also sell accessories, etc. The prices are quite ok.

  99. Avatar photo
    Prasad Menon

    Great place for fresh vegetables, meat and groceries. Good authentic Indian, Srilankan, Pakistani and Malay food.

  100. Avatar photo
    Junaitha Maricar

    It was so crowded on sunday!i love the naan and tandoori chicken and forget the chendol! …

  101. Avatar photo

    Plenty of choices, Indian, Chinese, Halal, non Halal. Don’t bother to go on Sunday… very busy with most tables occupied with Filipino Maids n their Indian BFs.

  102. Avatar photo
    Mohammad Shouhell

    Food was good and cheap. If looking for no frills then this is the place to go.

  103. Avatar photo
    urmila singh

    Best Indian market in Singapore …

  104. Avatar photo

    Very good place for food and marketing… all the non veg and vegetables can get it. 2nd level available for south, north Indian dress many shop

  105. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Joseph

    Tekka Market was really Tremendously Best Shopping place Awesomely Beautiful.

  106. Avatar photo
    Gunjan Kanojia

    Went to Tekka Market 1st time in many years of my staying in Singapore and was taken aback with the variety of clothes, shoes, jewellery, dress material and home essentials. It is indeed the best place to go shopping for all your festival or wedding clothing n accessories. There were many tailoring shops also who do custom stitching amd alterations. Many options for ethnic kid clothing also. Prices were on higher side due to festival season (it’s Deepavali time) but you can always bargain and look for deals.

  107. Avatar photo
    Alfred Loh

    Busy still offer good variety of hawker food Chinese, Indian n Malay at reasonable cheap price

  108. Avatar photo
    Woei Wen Lui

    A vibrant place where food is fresh and sellers are friendly just like the old days. Can get tips on cooking and chat on almost anything. Just learn from a seller than today is Hindu celebration – Pongal day.

  109. Avatar photo
    Ivan Ho

    just finished my banana leaf set meal lunch ! yummy..served with white rice 2 different vegs and masal chicken..go check out stall name Ayya…trick is use your hands to eat!!

  110. Avatar photo
    Natanasabapathy pillai

    Ananda bhavan hotel .good food and service. Best for Tamil speaking people

  111. Avatar photo
    syed Ibrahim yusoff

    Today we’re not much crowded I visited around at 0645 hrs. Mutton and chicken and fish n vegetables are good reasonable prices and fresh. Safe distance ambassador are all on alert. Good to see them.

  112. Avatar photo
    Lawyer To Hawker

    Very interesting place with loads to see but.. hygiene is grossly lacking. Smells like a pig sty at the market part, and loads of disgusting filthy pigeons at the eateries (hawker stalls). Loads of famed good food there, yes, but at what cost.. not for the faint of stomach. Saw a few incidents of hygiene lapses there, and the place has been a Covid cluster several times. The food stalls are tiny, so hygiene is compromised.. and they use bare hands to handle cooked food yuck.
    But if I really wanted a cheap briyani or the famous Indian Rojak, i would buy for takeaway. The briyani is well portioned, but I get icked out eating there.. Authorities need to step up on a revamp and hygiene overhaul! Come on, it’s 2020 and Singapore is not a 3rd world country!

  113. Avatar photo
    nisha sathia

    Tekka market is always a great place for food. Variety of food is available there from, South Indian to North Indian. Malay Makanan, Sri Lanka Variety and ofcourse not forgetting Chinese meals. All so delicious.

  114. Avatar photo
    S P BMY (SP Ji)

    Clean and we’ll maintained, SINGAPOREAN did their part as after eating clear the table neatly let others to use.

  115. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Seow

    To me, it’s an iconic place especially if you want cheap and good Indian food. It has an atmosphere all of its own.

  116. Avatar photo
    Gangisetty Rajesh

    All fresh vegetables/Fruits
    Pooja related items
    Household items
    What not we can get anything here within budget..

  117. Avatar photo
    Ali Ubwa

    Love it nice food try chicken tikka masala and plane naan

  118. Avatar photo
    Veera Manoharan

    Wonderful place to have a variety of food and drinks to purchase Indian vegetables other decoration items, sarees, chudithars etc

  119. Avatar photo
    Amara Greenberg

    Tekka Centre is a cultural attraction for anyone who wish to learn more about the country’s Indian heritage. You will find a variety of Indian cuisine. I enjoyed the tekka centre. There is so much indian cusine to pick from in the food court. Well worth a visit when in Singapore and feel like cheap Indian food.

  120. Avatar photo
    Tan Tian-An

    Classic wet Market shopping experience with sights and smells. Can get crowded but that part of the experience. Open without entry requirements now

  121. Avatar photo
    radhika srinivas

    Once in a while to go to getbmy fish very smelly and cumbersome place

  122. Avatar photo
    Tan Kai Wen Willy

    Went there to try the Indian Rojak which was introduce from U-tube but so so only. In my opinion, West Coast Hawker Ctr is still better.

  123. Avatar photo
    Janice Goh

    An experience in itself. The market is bustling with cheerful energy. So many unusual vegetables so many types of spices. So many stalls selling fish, mutton, beef, pork …

  124. Avatar photo
    Vita Angeli

    A great place to enjoy different kinds of food at budget prices. If you are in the mood for Thai, Sri Lankan, North Indian, Halal, or vegetarian cuisine then this is the place to go to. The place is fairly clean, and cleaning up after yourself is expected. If you are travelling with a child who is used to the Filipino way of eating rice with every meal, no need to worry. Just have a good walk around the food stalls as you will surely find one you can buy for your little one. I bought roast chicken with rice for mine. Then I got iced lemon tea at Shifa Drinks for $2.

  125. Avatar photo
    William Jason

    Hot, noisy, colourful and authentic

  126. Avatar photo
    Firdaus Azizi Abdullah

    Good choice of drinks and naturally made. Highly recommended

  127. Avatar photo
    Ghazali Mohamat

    The appom stall is selling fantastic appom.Pity they are stingy with their orange sugar n no coconut shaving.Santan is not the ideal condiment

  128. Avatar photo
    Abdul Jabbar Kachi

    Still the same flamboyant experience to pass through. Be it festive season or not, this place is vibrant with finger licking good varieties of Indian Traditional and Down To Earth price at some shops.
    Go for it and add on the teh halia…..

  129. Avatar photo
    Gerry Pereira

    Great food all round. But the entire food court is FILTHY. The Deepavali shopping crowd left wakes of dirty tables and floors. Surely the people in charge should be better prepared? The festival comes annually right? Disappointing

  130. Avatar photo
    Umanathan Naidu

    It can get a little crowded and noisy on the busy night, but hey, its part of the charm of the place. Expect to mingle around and try various food options to tempt your taste buds.

  131. Avatar photo
    Narayana Govinda

    This place have a verity of foods and merchandise according Indian culture.

  132. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I like the prawn mee here. I q behind 4 ppl and the ppl behind me ordered 4 bowls for 20 dollars. Soup bowl with beehoon with some prawn and few slices of pork and pork lard. Tasty and umami.

  133. Avatar photo
    Emerald Gal28

    Fresh fruits and vegetables at a low proce, best food stalls and 2nd floor, you’ll get nice indian costumes

  134. Avatar photo
    Nizam Mohd

    Come here to experience unique flavours like Mee Curry, Masala Tea and authentic versions of food such as Chapati and Briyani!

  135. Avatar photo
    Siam Kia

    Nice area for food… Market.. N fruits stall around… U can get nice indian… Muslim n Chinese food under 1 roof… Transportation no problem

  136. Avatar photo
    Dinesh V Aravindhakshan

    Nothing like a decent cup of teh halia.

  137. Avatar photo
    Thangadurai Kaliannan

    One place can buy vegetables, fresh chicken, meat & Fish

  138. Avatar photo
    Arun Kumar B

    All in one place for indians’ you will get everything for daily needs

  139. Avatar photo
    G E

    Visited in Oct 2022. Dirty basin. Insufficient hand soap. Tekka Msrket/Hawkers Center. Zham Zham the food was average. Portion were reasonable and price reasonable. Chettinad Parambarium. The food taste better but freshness of chicken and mutton was not good. The Briyani rice was Good and Generous Portions and price cheaper.

  140. Avatar photo
    Maestro Maestro

    If you’re a local – fine. If you’re not, you’ll find it hot, crowded, and dirty. Which is perhaps why it’s the “food tours” itineraries. Local exotics.

  141. Avatar photo
    Ameya Karve

    Found the wet market at level 1 to be better than the mostly Indian ethnic wear outlets and tailor shops on level 2. Plenty of south Asian food options too on in the wet market area.

  142. Avatar photo
    Han Raj

    As usual bustling with ppl. The food n drink stalls are there. One needs to scan the safe entry if one to enter the wet market itself.

  143. Avatar photo
    thomas tan

    Still good with their manifold of food
    Stall delights.
    The new porridge stall whipped up a
    Superb mixture of different ingredient
    And it’s opposite our favourite Jasmin
    Prawn noodles. It’s a must makan foid centre. HOWEVER Our disappointment
    Is our favourite Apom stall which is not
    Only getting expensive at $1.50 each
    But still ok. But it’s also downsized
    In turn if thickness.
    Carry in makan n explore.

  144. Avatar photo

    First time there. Too many stalls to choose from. Taste ok

  145. Avatar photo
    Jay Gun

    A lots of Indian variety food are available.. Delicious

  146. Avatar photo
    Minu Mohan

    The dress collection was too good.. i was expecting only glossy and glittery stuff, but have classy pieces too. Definitely recommended to check out f looking for ethnic dresses

  147. Avatar photo
    Alice Mallet Ventura

    Culturally speaking u have to go.some time and visit tekka. There’s lots of things to see and to try. But it’s a little bit messy for me and the food court is unfortunately not one of the clean ones. Indian food is my favourite, but I prefer to pay more in the restaurants that eat there. Its sad but in my point of view, it’s true.

  148. Avatar photo
    Sharon Holden

    Ok for a browse but food was delicious

  149. Avatar photo
    Janice Goh

    An experience in itself. The market is bustling with cheerful energy. So many unusual vegetables so many types of spices. So many stalls selling fish, mutton, beef, pork …

  150. Avatar photo
    Siddik Mostafa

    Indian and Bangladeshis favourite place.

  151. Avatar photo
    Albert Poon

    This market is one of the popular place where you can find many tourists visited this place.And also favourite place for Indian to do their marketing and patronise their favourite makan stall beside the market.This hawker centre offers the most nice Indian foods such as prata,biryani, mutton soup, Indian rojak and hot Indian ginger tea etc.There also nice Chinese foods on the opposite side.

  152. Avatar photo
    hardeek yagnik

    Wet market where you get veggies fruits and other indian items. Go before 5:00 p.m after which shops shall start closing

  153. Avatar photo
    Jijar Singh

    So many items of food, clothing etc to choose from

  154. Avatar photo
    Mohd Tamin

    Busy as usual but less crowded.

  155. Avatar photo
    Ramani Rajappan

    Now then I found out that you can get decent vegetarian break fast here. Many shops offer good variety. My wife loves the appam from one of the stall. Value for Money.

  156. Avatar photo
    ling ling

    Many shop n food can try

  157. Avatar photo
    Kelly balwant kaur

    Crowded as ever. All Indian shop opened for Indian food.

  158. Avatar photo
    Shahzad Siddiqui

    Best for buying meat, veggies, fruit etc

  159. Avatar photo
    Jeevan Kurup

    Food stalls are back in full operation but prices of food has gone up. …

  160. Avatar photo
    William Lou

    The space is huge for wet market and the food courts. First time coming here and I was only looking for seafood, ended up buying more than just a seafood. However the floor are wet. Well, it is a wet market. My car was having seafood smells after that. Need to bring newspaper for the carpet after finishing the purchase.

    It was just beside Little India MRT station. Quite pack with so many people. There are a lot of goat seller shops.

    The parking space is quite huge, however so many people are coming and causing jam at the road. The car park is quite full at all time.

  161. Avatar photo
    Joraimi Samsudin

    Good to eat for Indian food lover

  162. Avatar photo
    Pinnacle Myanmar

    This is a heaven for Indian food (obviously), where you can take your picks of South & Indian foods, and many briyani stalls hustling for your patronage as you walk past. There are also decent Chinese hawker food here, as well as a Sri Lankan food stall (the jackfruit curry available only on Saturdays is fantastic) with a snaking queue during lunch time. The wet market has a wide variety of seafood that you don’t commonly find in the supermarkets, including baby sharks (see photo). Lemons and tomatoes are cheaper here compared to NTUC. Otherwise the vegetable and fruit prices are mostly similar.

  163. Avatar photo

    Singapore’s largest wet market. Located within walking distance of Little India MRT. This market has many mutton stalls selling good quality meat. However, meat sold here is expensive. Before visiting, be prepared for a strong fishy smell and damp/wet floors.

  164. Avatar photo
    Sebestian Tan

    Many nice food stalls here. If you like Indian food, plenty of choices. The smaller section selling Chinese food has many popular stalls too.

  165. Avatar photo
    mohanraja k

    Available all kinds of fresh meet & Sea foods. And also available indian traditional food and indian dress

  166. Avatar photo
    Sam K

    It must have been over 40 years since I visited Tekka market.The stalls are cleaner and more spacious but still a wet market.

  167. Avatar photo
    nitin c

    Good place for flowers and masala items

  168. Avatar photo

    You can buy all indian products and jewellery

  169. Avatar photo
    Anthony Goh

    Very crowded and limited parking space. Can take MRT to Little India.

  170. Avatar photo
    Samuel Sunny

    Came to this market for Zham zham Mutton ribs dalce. Super nice . The only place in Singapore to eat mutton ribs dalca

  171. Avatar photo
    Nick Doggett

    Excellent food centre with a wide range of dishes to choose from. I had mutton dum briyani which was superb. Real dum briyani with the mutton cooked in the rice. Beautifully tender – the meat falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. Rice was flavourful and most importantly not oily at all. Parking is easy at the basement. 5 vaccinated people can sit together.
    Visited today 20 April. No entry checks like before but officers patrol regularly to check on vaccination status. There are also announcements to the effect over the PA system.

  172. Avatar photo
    James Choy

    A great variety of food ..A little bit dark and hot . Can improve by adding this two items.Yhamk you .will come again.

  173. Avatar photo
    AnnieNat Sunari

    Just head down here if you have cravings for dosai, apom or Indian rojak. There are more food here but those are a MUST food to eat!!

  174. Avatar photo
    Musa Sulaiman

    Good food n cheaper price

  175. Avatar photo
    Xavier Raj

    Variety of food, Indian, Malay n Chinese dishes, wet Market also sell almost all your need and on the 2nd floor there is India shops selling traditional n modern Indian dresses.

  176. Avatar photo
    Jerome Fernandez

    Assorted and difficult kinds of food at a reasonable price. Many Tourists patronised Tekka market.

  177. Avatar photo
    Eddie Khoo

    Learn more about the history of Serangoon here in front of Blk 663 Buffalo Road….

    If you are looking to buy or sell a HDB flat here do get in touch with me too.

  178. Avatar photo
    Surinder Sidhu

    Used to say, go early to get the freshest. But these days, its practically open all day.
    So go at your convenience. You’ll still get what you want. Don’t stress over time. Naturally to avoid heavy traffic, go at off peak times during the daylight hours. I normally go there to get my red meat and whilst there I have some nice teh alia (Less sugar and hot please) and some biryani after shopping.

  179. Avatar photo

    There is the normal flow back again after the Indian Festive season of ‘Deepavali,’ which just ended on Monday.

  180. Avatar photo
    Freakin' Raj


  181. Avatar photo
    Kesavan Stephen

    Cheap and Good

  182. Avatar photo
    Sony G

    Typical Indian Muslim Food. Murtabak ( Mutton stuffed in Large Paratta) was nice.

  183. Avatar photo
    Karthig Kunasakaran

    Yakader briyani awesome. Not the cleanest place and got a lot of stalls but tends to be a lot of repetition. Like a lot of briyani and drinks stalls. Some unique stalls only. Still a lot of good abd tasty food albeit definitely unhealthy lol.

  184. Avatar photo

    Came to little India today weather nice and warm and then off to Tekka for a great meal of curry

  185. Avatar photo
    Swadesh Bhattacharjee

    Hear Indian food, vegetables, are available, Different kind Sea fish also are there.South Indian & north Indian Restaurants are there.At a waking distance about 150 ro 200 meters you can have Mustafa Mall where all essential things for living can be available. Place is well decorated.

  186. Avatar photo
    Harley Halim

    Good place to get all your market need,meats, vegetables,fruits and dry goods… One place marketing

  187. Avatar photo
    Chye Loy Tan

    This place has got not much
    Shopping to do and most of the shop are empty.
    Honestly nothing much here except basement
    Ntuc fairprice and guardian.
    Not recommended for shopping and browsing around.

  188. Avatar photo
    Jothi Lakshmi

    All kind of non veg items are fresh .we prefer to buy and morning breakfast aappam with coconut milk is delicious dish.

  189. Avatar photo
    Shan Vino

    Best place to buy economy level non-veg….and fish mutton also

  190. Avatar photo
    jonathan hayes

    Awesome food, great market

  191. Avatar photo
    Shanmugalingam Prashanth

    Lot of new south Indian tiffin shops located here. where you can buy freshly made Vaidai, Idly, Thosai, Poori and many snacks in cheaper price

  192. Avatar photo
    Yana Yalito

    Fiza bollywood fashion 02-143 & 02-132 beautiful sherwani designs & all kinds of clothing happy w my purchase look for mr lucky & matal.. best customer service

  193. Avatar photo
    Fariba Talebi

    An interesting place to visit in Singapore.

  194. Avatar photo
    Abdullah Musi Haji Abdul Manaf

    Many selective food available for non and halal food. Wet and dry market at your dispose.

  195. Avatar photo
    Din Neo

    Love the Indian food here. Must try the Biryani. …

  196. Avatar photo
    Sandeep Singh

    Nice food with good portion and less expensive

  197. Avatar photo
    khan hong chiew

    Busy market with vast variety of shops, one could get almost anything you need there including gold.

  198. Avatar photo
    Shriram Jairam

    Tasty home made carrot cake. Stall #01-301

  199. Avatar photo
    Om Prakash Singh

    What’s not to like? Fresh meats and vegetables, good shops nearby, and a briyani heaven to boot with other fare at the hawker centre, it’s the place people should visit for their marketing.

  200. Avatar photo
    Francis Lee

    Full varieties of Indian food if you love Indian food

  201. Avatar photo
    Rosminah Abu Bakar

    Nice place to buy gold, grocery, vegetables, cook food, dry herb, clothing, marketing, alterations your clothes. More restaurants to for you to try… or happy hawker stalls too..

  202. Avatar photo
    Karna moorthy

    As mention before, you can find nice Indian food as well as Chinese food, Indian clothings, wet market, flower shops, Indian sweet stalls, many phone shops with repairs available at reasonable prices, fruit stalls Indian n Chinese, quick bites stalls, etc

  203. Avatar photo
    Alvin Yeo

    1st time at Tekka market. Quite a big place for wet market same hawker centre food, but a crowded place for covid infection.
    Do put on mask when going there, although it’s opened.

  204. Avatar photo
    yose ng

    It is a market cum food centre on the 1st level. There is a 2nd level with mainly clothes for sale. The market consists of fresh vegetables vendors, fruits vendors and fresh chicken, beef, mutton as well. One will be able find most food items here. It is the largest fresh market. The place is constantly soiled by the heavy foot fall and is rather untidy. Eat and go. There are many indian food and chinese food available here. One must not be put off by the menu and prices as displayed. Able to buy separate items. Eg. Get a plain naan $1 with plain curry $1.50
    All for $2.50 only. The plain naan is wheat. Order what is needed and not to say yes to recommended top ups. It will add on the costs unknowingly. The eating place is well used and is below average. Birds will be seen picking on tables and will venture into the food centre as well. The aisle in the market is rather narrow between the outlets. The food stores are close to each other and one must be abĺe to differentiate each one and the person taking the order is from the correct store. Competition is keen among them and touting is not allowed. It is a noisy place but it is where one can feel the singapore mood . The toilets are below average due perhaps to the heavy footfall. One needs to locate it.

  205. Avatar photo
    Zahid Allapitchay (ZACH/BOTAK)

    Many food stall was closed @ The Indian HALAL food section
    The lighting seems gloomy
    Definitely needs an upgrade in e lighting segments. Easy access now ease of SMM
    Perhaps I would recommend a refurbishment in e food Centre would serve Singaporean better + foreign visitors too
    Clean as u go image is key for all
    Social responsibility is almost important too

  206. Avatar photo
    Ms. Suchi

    Unlike other public places ,just like Little India Archade opposite it where Safe distancing measures are being followed , here at Tekka Market, there is nobody who checks if visitors are checking in properly by scanning their tokens and trace together app or not.

    The scanners are placed just behind the bus stop which is a busy place and some people might not scan and enter the premises.

  207. Avatar photo
    YS Koh

    Very nice food here, Indian, Chinese, Malay. Yum yum.

  208. Avatar photo
    Michael Samy

    Variety of stalls is great for grocery shopping. Food at the hawker Ctr is fantastic.

  209. Avatar photo
    Siva Ramasami

    Her sambar rice is the best

  210. Avatar photo
    Jasmine Adams

    It used to be the very best place for south indian . However the various months and year long closures for renovations of Tekka Market caused much disruption resulting in vendors and customers seeking various locations in the housing estates.
    With the drop in custom and volume from the locals, most of the custom is from the foreign Indian workers , there is a big shift in the proprietorships of the stalls .
    There are still some original stall holders such as the pisang goreng, prata and nasi brani.
    However, the Indians stall holders also have their patrons.

  211. Avatar photo
    William Win

    The food stalls are busy serving the customers at this time of lunch hour. For me, the place is a good location to find whatever food you might like, Indian, Chinese and Malay plus several others ethnic variety.

  212. Avatar photo
    ybanfong John

    If you are looking for fresh veggies, herbs, spices, beef, chicken lamb and mutton. This is the place. For seafood, I preferred Chinatown wet matket.

  213. Avatar photo
    lay hwa chong

    Great place for seafood, all kinds of shellfish imaginable! Chicken, beef and lamb, no pork. Fruits and vegetables galore!!!

  214. Avatar photo
    Muralimohan T

    Very nice place. Got all vege, meat, good varities of food. 2nd floor got dresses.

  215. Avatar photo
    Nathan Kaliappan

    To me I think the Tekka Center is the best place in Singapore, for shopping, dining, sightseeing for everyone. …

  216. Avatar photo
    Jeshua Jaymesh

    Can buy almost everything that u can get in India. But the shop assistants n cashiers of many shops are foreigners and they are not customer friendly.

  217. Avatar photo
    nperumal sathiamurthy

    Orderly arrangement of garments help customers to pick their choice. Sales staff does not coherce customers. Better tha my last visit 6 months ago.

  218. Avatar photo

    Coffee and roti Plata, very nice.

  219. Avatar photo
    Leesa Pillai

    Love it to the max, good food so many choices and all authentic cooking methods, Tosai Naan Vadai Nasi briyani and the Teh halia Teh Yaris is super duper marvelous taste, we love all of the food ! One thing that the price is different from stall to stall. The naan you must try as it’s the traditional way of baking it ! Go go go !

  220. Avatar photo
    Arthur Toh

    Place for choice of biryani so many stalls. Although you will find good prawn noodles, duck rice and chendol too.

  221. Avatar photo
    Agus Wiwanto

    A jumble up market where you can find diverse things. The food centre is quite spacious and has a variety of foods.

  222. Avatar photo
    tim ng

    Best authentic Indian food in Singapore. And some Malay & Chinese food too.

  223. Avatar photo
    peru peru

    This is one of the place you must go if you are in Singapore. It is located in Serangoon Road right in the heart of Little India, Singapore. You have lots of shops selling a variety of indian items, food and clothings including sarees and punjabi suits. Tekka market upper floor is famous for its stalls selling punjabi suits and below a variety of stalls selling indian foods. The chapati, roti prata, mee goreng and briyani is well known and much sought after. This is one place I do not miss when i go to singapore especially the mee goreng as it is different then those we bought from the mamak shops in Malaysia.

  224. Avatar photo
    frederick meng

    Many nice food stalls

  225. Avatar photo
    Luis Reynoso

    Very busy hawker on a Sunday afternoon. Impossible to find seating. Food looked good at most stalls.

  226. Avatar photo
    Yosaicko Rui (ICKO)

    Beautifull shopping market. Identic with Indian’s culture.
    I love it. Be tourist place

  227. Avatar photo
    Mohd Suhaimi Rais (Haimi1719)

    Not much changed same as old time nice food reasonable price good to do marketing as the same time having breakfast at the fod centre..

  228. Avatar photo
    pimbilika pilabi

    We can get varieties of vegetables in that market at a reasonable price

  229. Avatar photo
    Justin G

    Great place to buy non veg in a vast range with fresh quality

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