Review Aerotel Singapore Above Gate D40

Review Aerotel Singapore Above Gate D40

“The best transit hotel to stay.Neat and very good ambience.The complimentary meals were very tasty.” or “I cannot express how Peter made my layover exeptionally enjoyable. This is a MUST for every layover. Pool, bar staff 11/10 See you again soon !” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Aerotel Singapore. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Aerotel Singapore is quality.

Introduction about Aerotel Singapore

Here are some fundamental details regarding Aerotel Singapore. In terms of , it is generally believed that Aerotel Singaporeis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at Above Gate D40, Level 3, Departure/Transit Area, Terminal 1 Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to , this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 68082388 (+65 68082388)
  • Website:
  • Address: Above Gate D40, Level 3, Departure/Transit Area, Terminal 1 Singapore

Detailed information of Aerotel Singapore

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Here are the operating hours of Aerotel Singapore.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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21.62 km22 minute26 minute18 minute

How to contact Aerotel Singapore?

If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Aerotel Singapore via:

Phone number

You can reach Aerotel Singapore at 68082388(+65 68082388). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Aerotel Singapore via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to Above Gate D40, Level 3, Departure/Transit Area, Terminal 1 Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Aerotel Singapore reviews

Aerotel Singapore is among the best destinations of in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Aerotel Singapore good?

To determine whether Aerotel Singapore is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Very good experience, and especially so nice for the reception staff, Ms Angela, very patient and warm heart. The dinner is also very yummy, highly recommended! …”

“For a transit hotel room actually in the airport, this has to be one of the best. Second time been here and will use again if I have several hours to kill at changi airport”

“I didn't stay here - I just paid for the pool. And I did a great choice, this pool is really good and mostly vacant as people don't want to miss their flights …”

“The best transit hotel to stay.Neat and very good ambience.The complimentary meals were very tasty.”

“Very comfortable beds and rooms are designed so well to ensure you can rest up before you depart again. Complimentary meals which were equivalent to very good restaurant. Totally worth it.”

“Enjoyed my stay here in a solo room. Bloke at the front was cool and staff were nice. They also provide meals included with your stay 2x if you stay 12 hours and it's quite nice actually.”

“I cannot express how Peter made my layover exeptionally enjoyable. This is a MUST for every layover. Pool, bar staff 11/10 See you again soon !”

“A great way to break up long haul flights. Very helpful staff at the front desk - excellent service.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 210 feedbacks with an overall score of 4 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 63% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Aerotel Singapore, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Aerotel Singapore Above Gate D40

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  1. Avatar photo
    Frédérique Irion

    Stayed there twice, the 2nd time we had to wait 45 min for the buggy to pick us up, we were traveling with a 5 months baby and mentioned it again to reception when we requested the pick up so that was terrible.
    Both times the room was too cold and impossible to change the temperature for both stays, every time i asked staff gave me other explanations or solution but none worked, at the end of second stay someone mentioned the aircon is controlled by airport and we cannot change the temperature in the room, seriously ?? Glad I took winter clothes on the way back because we all definitely needed it to be warm in the room. Staff offered extra blanket but it wasn’t good enough they need extra heater.
    Included food was not good.
    Room was very clean
    I don’t recommend this hotel if you are with kids or baby

  2. Avatar photo
    Steve Porritt

    Not happy with my stay. I arrived and asked if they had any available rooms, they told me there wasn’t. While I sat down to check my phone for something else available, the staff tried to move me along. I logged on and found a large double room that was available. When I showed them at the desk, without checking they told me this room was sold out. They then said though that there was another room available (one that wasn’t 5 minutes ago apparently) again without even checking their system, so they always knew it was available. The room that was available, was small and did not have a bathroom, but they were charging me more than the large double room that I found online.

    Some details about that room. It was so small, I could literally touch all 4 walls at the same time. It was pretty much a broom closet that I paid $300 per night for. If not for the airline reimbursing me for it, there is no chance I would have paid this.

    The main reason for my low score, is because the staff flat out lied to me, and then overcharged me for what was a room barely big enough to fit a single bed in it. I feel like I was scammed. I couldn’t recommend staying here unless you’re incredibly desperate. I gave it at least 1 more star that the lowest because at least it was clean.

  3. Avatar photo
    aymen cherif

    Am sorry 3 start because breakfast was a joke ….am sorry but at least something more for the price we payed , it expensive choice but it’s the cheaper in the airport….. Room was clean , bed super comfortable, view very nice and specially when you have kids with you to enjoy takeoff from the room

  4. Avatar photo
    Olli Berst

    Aerotel Transit Hotel has provided my mum a personal 5* service regarding mobility assistance and personal support.

    The rooms are also of high quality, quiet, convenient location and beautiful interior.

    Thank you Aerotel staff!

  5. Avatar photo
    Nick King

    Fantastic way to spend 6 hours between long flights. Delicious 3 hour sleep, swim in the roof top pool, followed by a hot shower. Wouldn’t hesitate to do this again.

  6. Avatar photo

    Good but be aware. Room bookings are for 6 hour blocks. Access can be an issue if you are leaving the transit area. See more below. Room was a good size, comfortable and convenient. We took the complimentary breakfast at the Premium Lounge. We had been told that we could get meals at any time but was told when we arrived at the lounge that breakfast was not available until 6 am. The Aerotel is on the air side of the terminal so if you have to collect your luggage or intend to visit the city before staying at the hotel, you may not be able to get back in. Example 1: You arrive in the morning and your flight departs the next morning and you need to collect your luggage and don’t have a boarding pass for your next leg. You go to the city to do some sight seeing. When you return to the airport you can’t get to the hotel if you haven’t checked in with the airline and most airlines don’t open check in until a few hours before departure so you are unable to access the hotel and can’t cancel your booking. Some airlines do allow early check in so check with your airline but also make sure that the check in counters will be open and manned when you need access. Example 2: You are staying in Singapore but want to stay close to the airport for an early morning flight so you book a room at the Aerotel. You arrive at the airport the night before your flight and go to check in only to find that the airline doesn’t allow check ins until 3 hours before departure. Now you can’t access the Aerotel so you must stay in the terminal all night waiting until morning, or have to go find another hotel nearby and can’t get a refund from Aerotel. My experience: arrived on a morning flight from Darwin on Jetstar. Next leg of my flight departs early the next morning on Scoot Airlines. I clear immigration, collect my luggage and clear Customs. I take my luggage to the bag storage place at the airport and pay to leave my bags there. I catch the train to the city and have a great day of sight seeing and shopping. Return to the airport at 10pm and collect my baggage. I check in at the Scoot counter (Unlike most airlines, Scoot allows me to check in 12 hours before the flight. I can now enter the air side of the terminal with my boarding pass. I check into my Aerotel room for 6 hours, get some sleep and a shower. Go to the premium lounge ( 3 hours complimentary with my Aerotel stay)I have breakfast, a coffee, check my emails and go board my flight.

  7. Avatar photo
    Evan Huang

    Great experience and very comfortable hotel. you will definitely love it! Plus, Hai nan chicken rice is very tasty.

  8. Avatar photo
    Jagadish Kumar

    Quite and comfort hotel to stay for a shorter period of time. I really liked the way they arranged the rooms and it is quite silent and nice environment.

    We loved the 8 hour stay with a good sleep and great breakfast after that. The good thing is they are just in side the airport no visa, no security checks or literally no need to go anywhere for getting the check in. I loved this place and their staff is so helpful and humble.

    I would recommend this hotel if you are planning for a visit in Singapore, you can register for free Singapore tour and then check in before the tour actually starts for some relaxation.

    Enjoy the trip with a small break.

  9. Avatar photo
    Maksud Ibrahimov

    Beds and room are nice and spacious but the Bathroom is ok and missing shampoo and conditioner. The staff wasn’t very helpful. Shuttle/buggy transport is not always available, so you sometimes have to walk which can be quite a distance. We originally booked a queen size bed but when we came to the room realised that it’s two single beds instead which was disappointing. Food is ok.
    Overall not worth $180 for just 6 hours.

  10. Avatar photo
    Jenny Gerstorff

    We had a very good experience with this hotel while transiting through Changi from USA to Thailand. I did not research terminals well first, so this was a bit of a hike (or train ride) from where we landed and departed for our flights (landed/departed T3, this transit hotel is T1). Check-in staff was very friendly and got us in without hassle. Check-out was also very easy. The hotel room was perfectly clean with everything you need for a full comfortable night, even though we are only there for 6 hours between flights. Beds were comfortable, shower was nice, complimentary water and tea, and one free meal per six-hours stay.
    Food was meh. Easily can be skipped (especially if you can access one of the 24 hour lounges for food).

  11. Avatar photo
    Lisa Vaughton

    Lovely place to rest. Pool was magnificent. Water was warm and clean. Not overrun with people. Sheets soft, crisp, clean and fluffy. Meal included was good too. Can have free tea/coffee water in the small restaurant. Views of planes outside the bedroom windows and from the pool.

  12. Avatar photo
    Mark Emery

    Easy and quick check in experience. Comfortable room that are surprisingly quiet and dark.
    Private bathrooms are well appointed.
    The included meal (breakfast) was very ordinary, you are much better going back into the terminal to get something to eat there. Didn’t get to use the gym or the pool, but the outdoor pool looks very nice and relaxing.

  13. Avatar photo
    Mahalia Gorrie

    I stayed here during a 12hour over night layover. The staff are friendly and very helpful and the rooms are spacious and pleasant to stay in. I received a meal included in my stay, free wifi, and use of the pool and gym

  14. Avatar photo
    Eric Duhamel

    Nice hotel for a few hours sleep in the international zone.
    Good service and comfortable rooms.
    I would have liked to see more vegetarian options for the breakfast or even some vegan ones.

  15. Avatar photo
    NYattitude baby (parkday everyday)

    I would give minus stars if i could!!!
    So long story short, this hotel is inside the departure, and my plane landed 11pm. So we booked for the hotel for 12hours and paid almost 300US dollars for freakin 12hours that we never even stepped on due to!!!

    1. My transfer airline was already closed the counter i could not check in.
    2. The hotel didn’t even give any option or alternate way to enter to check in the hotel
    3. I have the check in ticket but because the airline counter is closed, the staff at the departure doesn’t let us in.


    we ended up staying out at the airport floor, but they charged 300 US dollars regardless.


  16. Avatar photo
    mark holland

    We stayed at this hotel due to a long layover when travelling to Australia. The fact that the hotel was airside was a big attraction so there was no issue with going through customs then back through security the following day. The price was really high compared to our normal budget especially as you only book slots in multiples of 6 hours. We decided to book a 12 hour slot to give us the maximum amount of rest during our layover. 5 hours into a deep sleep we were rudely awoken by the telephone which stopped before we had time to figure out what was going on. Then 5-10 minutes later we were woken by a loud knock on the door where a member of staff just wanted to confirm our names? Following these disturbances we managed to drift off back to sleep and as we did so we were awoken again by the cleaner knocking on the door. After this there was no chance of going back to sleep so we just sat in our room for what was the remaining 6 hours. We did go for the food which was included in the price. The food was edible but nothing special. All in all a pretty bad experience. We complained about being woken up 3 times and the company could not care any less. This stay was definitely not worth the money for us and the poor food and lack of customer service was a real let down.

  17. Avatar photo
    rekha nanda

    Very upset with the hotel , we booked this hotel as we were impressed with their lounge . We booked this hotel for 12 hours .
    1. We were told we are eligible only for one meal as we booked through email and not through their website !!!! I just can’t understand how that makes a difference since it’s still through them !!!
    2.We asked if we could have food in the lounge and we were told that it’s booked out for a private event which was never mentioned on the website .
    3. We were given an apple juice to compensate as were not told in advance and we were given an apology but we do feel a bit cheated as one of the big purposes of booking these rooms were for their beautiful lounge
    When we raised our complaints the manager said they cannot tell
    Us in advance if lounge is booked for private events and it was upto us if we wanted to stay or not .
    After paying 750+ we expected a bit more of service .

  18. Avatar photo

    Part 2 Forgot to add that the shower drain was full of hair from previous guests, it was so disgusting. My rating has now changed to 1.

  19. Avatar photo
    Jane Jackson

    Overall good experience.
    Food: 12 hour stay has 2 meals included. Menu has selection of 5 adult and 2 kids meals. Can order at any time but must eat in dining area. All looks like variations of international styles of breakfast.
    Small plates. We had kids food and an English breakfast. Two pancakes and weird overly processed ham roll (& maple syrup & yoghurt) for kids. My big kids liked pancakes (went well w Starbucks Frappuccinos).
    Dr Coffee machine in dining area was self serve. Looked and tasted like terrible coffee. Definitely go to Starbucks.
    Also available is whole menu of food to order (and pay for).
    Bathroom: new facilities. Shower tricky to figure out as 2 taps both control hot and cold for 2 seperate shower heads. Can’t tell which is hot and cold as not labelled. Only 2 towels for 3 people. Spare toothbrush packs etc in hidden drawer in bathroom. Good flush on loo. Hairdryer.
    Bed: two doubles per room – so comfortably slept 3 (I saw a family of 5 squeeze into same size room but there kids <5). Bed firm. Pillow medium. Rated bed 3/5. Back not too sore by morning.
    Comfort: no window but didn’t matter. Really quiet. Absolutely no noise from planes. Really liked that. Did not feel like we were in an airport. Room temperature excellent. Duvet warmed us perfectly with no changed to room temp settings.
    Would recommend staying here.

  20. Avatar photo
    Daniel Robin

    I cannot express how Peter made my layover exeptionally enjoyable. This is a MUST for every layover. Pool, bar staff 11/10
    See you again soon !

  21. Avatar photo
    Kim-Don P

    This was my first experience at a ‘transit hotel’ and I would highly recommend anyone who needs to stay overnight at Changi airport, Singapore for a transfer.

    It was relatively easy to find – there weren’t obvious signs pointing out Aerotel in the airport however there were abundant information desks for directions.
    This place books out relatively quickly for a single room and I would recommend booking at least 1.5-2 weeks in advance.

    When I booked online the only room available was the double deluxe – 2 double beds and a private bathroom.

    Checking in was easy, staff were attentive and quick. Wifi passwords provided only work for 3hours, so you would have to go back to get new passwords to continue internet access.
    Room was modern, clean and tidy. I didn’t have to worry to much about bringing things to freshen up – Towels, toothbrush, Colgate tooth paste and soap were provided in the room.

    There were also USB charging stations available in the room to recharge your devices.
    If you needed anything else such as shampoo or face wash, a 7/11 was a few min walk away.

    Breakfast was also included for the next morning. There were only 3 options, I had the congee and chicken which hit the spot.

    It was a great experience being able to have a shower and a restful sleep in bed before my connecting flight the next morning. I definitely would book again!!

  22. Avatar photo
    Ronny Wijaya

    Very good and convenient.
    However if you need accommodation for more than 4 ppl, better book as early as possible. This hotel only have 1 family room.

  23. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Robertson

    So clean and so convenient. The hotel is inside the airport transit area up on level three above the boarding gates. Beautiful refreshing foof top pool and the hotel restaurant provided a complimentary dinner and breakfast. We will be back.

  24. Avatar photo
    Rob Burley

    Thoroughly worth the money. Very clean, tidy and quiet. Take the time book a private bathroom and meal option. The all day breakfast is very hood. Coffee is not their strong suit though so maybe your own preferred sachet is smart. Also they provide creaming powder not milk so if you’re ok with that then no problem. All in all a great refresh.

  25. Avatar photo
    Dilara Kaymakci

    We stayed here during our layover at Singapore Airport and although the prices are high, it was worth it. The meals they offered were definitely lackluster, so I would recommend going to any other nearby restaurant instead, but it’s a nice touch if you’re trying to isolate during your visit. Modern and clean rooms, good amenities, but the pool was closed and service wasn’t fantastic

  26. Avatar photo
    Adam S

    Highly recommended
    Rest, shower and have a swim.
    Super dark rooms, this room had no window, which was fine for me.

    Excellent large rooms, very clean, cool air conditioning which you can control.
    Express checkout, drop the key in and leave.
    Pool towels free for hotel guests.

    Check in host was not overly friendly
    Pool/ bar host was also not very friendly

  27. Avatar photo
    Evox 1979

    Awesome place to be when after a long flight and night staff is great since we arrived 1AM. Clean rooms and everything is there what we want when you have to spend 21hrs till next flight. Meals are great but one of the day reception staff is rude and she was so confused to provide our meals for kids which are paid. Other than that really good experience.

  28. Avatar photo
    G C

    Did not stay at the hotel, but have used the swimming pool facility multiple times in my transit. The pool is at the Aerobar, just next to the hotel. This can all be found on terminal 1, near gate D41. Look for the signs pointing to swimming pool and transit hotel.

    Hotel guests can use the pool but entry is about $25 if you’re not a hotel guest. it’s a great place to chill out. Pool, Whirlpool spa (not heated), bar, showers, lockers, and towel included.

  29. Avatar photo

    I booked 2 rooms a week in advance. My family and I went to reception to check-in and we were told we were only aloud to stay for a maximum of 6 hrs. This made our trip very tiring as normally we try to sleep for around 8 hrs (also bare in mind we just landed from a flight the same day). Therefore I asked if I could check in later at 10pm so that we could make the most of the hours that were given. However the lady at reception was very rude and said that we could not. So we have to check in 4:00pm, and left hotel at 10:00 pm, have to find another hotel, just wasted my time and money, Overall had a very bad experience at this hotel,.

  30. Avatar photo
    Sally Abbott

    One of my most favourite swimming pools. Great being able to swim here in-between flights, good place to relax, unwind and stretch out. Amazing to be swimming amidst the planes taking off around you! Pool is beautifully maintained.

  31. Avatar photo
    Nigel G

    We had no reservation on arrival, but the friendly staff sorted us out very quickly with a room for 6 hours. This hotel is the perfect way to break a long trip and continue rested and regreshed. The room was very quiet. The free meal was very nice. I’ll be using this much more in future.

  32. Avatar photo
    Tony Baker

    Was OK for a few hours sleep.
    Aircon was noisy, made me think I was back on the plane 🙂 Was a constant rushing air white noise, so could’ve been worse.
    All neat and tidy. Helpful staff. Comfortable bed.

  33. Avatar photo

    Friendly service, good amenities and it’s worth for freshing yourself before a long journey flight

  34. Avatar photo
    Sandra D

    Single rooms are noicy, service including restaurant is terrible!! First time I was here was three weeks ago, the took about 30 min for my food despite saying it takes only 10 minutes. The kitchen wasn’t informed until 20 minutes me waiting. My aim is to come here to sleep. 3 weeks later here again and I wait at the reception making sure my food gets ordered. She said she ordered but did …I wait and wait and the chef comes to clarify what room I am in and what food I want. 5 min later another person comes to check what I had ordered. 3rd world organised place. Check in you give all details online and then at check in they want all the information that you have provided online already including arrival flight details and boarding pass, as if this is relevant. I only came here cos the Ambassador Transit Hotel that I use always and LOVE was booked out. Avoid this place. The single rooms aren’t noise proof so expect to hear traffic of others coming and leaving the room. In summary, avoid this place.

  35. Avatar photo
    Charlie Chandra

    All good but one female cleaner wasnt wearing a mask and talking loudly on the phone. Room 234 9.06am 4th june. I thought this is sg clean?

  36. Avatar photo
    Joanne Banks

    Stayed for 6 hours while in transit to the uk, found room clean and nice the only problem I had was no toilet in the room. Found it very noisy and could not sleep not sure if I’d book again.

  37. Avatar photo
    Shelley Porfiri

    Perfect for transit passengers. We had a good sized, nicely furnished, soundproofed room with modern private bathroom and 2 double beds. There is a comfortable guest lounge and dining area with tea, coffee and cold water provided and freshly baked cookies you can help yourself to. A small outdoor pool and bar area and also a gym are available to use. We had a small meal included for the price – I had the club sandwich which was fine.

  38. Avatar photo
    alvie Huit

    Our room was very clean, comfortable and well appointed. The hotel even has a pool and if you want to burn calories on a treadmill instead of getting your cardio walking between shops then you can certainly do so at Aerotel. Our stay came with a complimentary meal and beverage which you choose from a small menu. It wasn’t flash but it was adequate and did the trick of quashing any hunger. As our flight was at ~2:00am and we had about 7 hours transit following a delayed flight, the 6 hours access we had to our room was a convenient and private resting point for us.

  39. Avatar photo
    Jon Haynes

    It was convenient and clean but I found it difficult to sleep due to people constantly walking up and down the corridor, letting their doors bang behind them and doing the same with the bathroom door

  40. Avatar photo
    Valerie Lim

    Clean room and nice breakfast with a swimming pool that closes till midnight
    Allowed for a few hours stay
    Thin walls, can hear the doors open and close very loudly. Hardly slept well. Bathroom is a shared among guests.
    The wake up call i requested was late in waking me up.
    Overall, an ok stay but i dont recommend for light sleepers.

  41. Avatar photo
    mong na Boon

    Booked a room for 6 hours and after a staff contacted me to get more info on my flight, he disappeared without giving me any confirmation. The flight cancelled unexpectedly on the day I was going to check in. Contacted the site for a few times but nobody replied to give a response. As it was cancelled unexpectedly when we’re at boarding gate. I was unable to give 24hours cancellation. I requested for refund but got rejected because I “did not inform in 24 hours “, there is no exception even that it was last minute cancellation by the airline. Well. For those who are going to book this hotel, be sure that your flight is flying especially at this pandemic time, otherwise there is no exception but they’ll Mark you as “no show” if flight is being cancelled or rescheduled at less than 24hours time.

  42. Avatar photo
    Graham Gunn

    Pretty good all round. Great value. Good facilities. Clean. Just be aware that the night rate is only for 5 hours.. not the full night. $20 per extra hour

  43. Avatar photo
    Kylee Corbett

    Great place to sleep most bookings are 6hrs which is great we extended our stay for an extra hr. Breakfast is included with some bookings. View ovwr airport. Where served. Freshly cooked ala carte menu. Slow cooked chicken was really nice dish. Gym and pool also avail. Nice furnishings and fit out. Took awhile for aircon to cool down. Beds are very firm. Easy to find when in right direction.

  44. Avatar photo
    Cameron Duffy

    Been trying to get a refund for 8 weeks. Do not stay here. Avoid them, they take zero responsibility for their actions and do. It reply to emails. They are scammers and unethical.

  45. Avatar photo

    I was expecting a cramped room and was shocked at how large and clean it was. Bed was comfortable. There are many light switches to fit whatever mood you’re in. You’ll understand what I mean when you’re in your room. I didn’t quite know how …

  46. Avatar photo
    C A

    The hotel was spacious, had great service, and had delicious food! Highly recommended for a long transit in Changi airport.

  47. Avatar photo
    Manoj Mathew

    Highly recommended for a few hours of rest and a hot shower if you have a long break between flights. Their food menu is very limited but there are plenty of options at the airport.

  48. Avatar photo
    Jannette Naiken

    Great cubicle hotel for that quick nap before a connecting flight. Only down side was guests slamming their doors which echoed throughout the section one’s sleeping waking you up regularly. May need to put a notice up on doors in several languages to encourage quieter entry and exit. Communal showers, toilets and wash basin was ok. Overall cleanliness was of high standard. Breakfast was a choice of 6 different light meals,also good.

  49. Avatar photo
    San Springwoods

    Room was great. Somewhat hard to locate. People tend to have trouble when checking during midnight and early morning. They have us wait for an hour or so for housekeeping purposes and ready our room when they should already did that before hand. The good thing is, they let us have additional 1 hour of stay for the inconveniences.

  50. Avatar photo
    Manchurian Candybar

    Good, clean place with friendly staff. Comfort rooms.

  51. Avatar photo
    Nick tsimeris

    Great place to stay, very convenient in the airport, clean, modern suits, have stayed here twice so far, the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was the price, 6hrs for $140 sd. Will probably stay again.

  52. Avatar photo
    Shariful Islam Khan

    We’re all about comfort and convenience at Aerotel. Not only are we just a stone’s throw away from where your plane is parked, we offer four types of super-cushy rooms that you can book by the hour.

    We’ve also got cool facilities and extra frills designed to make your stay with us that much better. Get ready to feel right at home even while you’re on-the-go!

    Aerotel Singapore is located within the transit (airport restricted) area at Changi Airport Terminal 1, near boarding gate D41. You must be in possession of a valid boarding pass and travel document to access Aerotel Singapore.

  53. Avatar photo
    Esther Wong

    Haven’t stay here, just walking pass to enquire what are the rates and what does it entailed – staff keep responding to me don’t have availability till 17th July or something. Atleast keep your service level in check when treating your potential customer with some respect. So put off not even gonna consider staying here ever.

  54. Avatar photo
    Randi Kariyawasam

    Very clean. No queuing for showers. Only issue I had was the noise from people opening and closing the doors but ear plugs fixed it nicely. They also do complimentary breakfast. It’s worth it.

  55. Avatar photo

    Decent transit hotel just for a quick rest, in and out. Room was clean and cozy, but the walls are so thin, you can hear the person next to you snoring and when someone slammed their room door; not pleasant at all. Lounge is nice with gym and clean, lovely amenities. I ordered the English breakfast, came only with 1 tiny sausage. Was cold and served on chipped plates. The concierge was quite sassy as well.

  56. Avatar photo
    Alex Davis

    Can be a good one except as described they are only for transient passengers good for 6 hour stay while waiting for your flight.

  57. Avatar photo
    Andy Lawson

    Quiet room, comfy beds, well appointed. Nice shower. Clean and tidy. Staff helpful and polite. Service prompt and efficient, breakfast good.

  58. Avatar photo
    Dave Jenkins

    6 hours in a cool quiet room, 3 hours in a Lounge with food and drinks included. hot breakfast with coffee. Extremely friendly staff. 80 bucks. unbelievable value!!!!

  59. Avatar photo
    Erlangga Ryansha

    Very rude staff, just walked by to find a toilet, but he shouted rudely

  60. Avatar photo
    Antony Loomans

    Good spot for some shut eye before a long flight.

    Rooms are immaculately maintained and the insulation from the rest of the airport is great.

    Only issue is the ebb and flow of people means housekeeping are always making up rooms so the noise of doors opening and closing can be pretty disturbing.

    Still well worth it if you want to escape trying to sleep in a lounge or terminal.

    Would stay again just with ear plugs.

  61. Avatar photo
    Phuong Nguyen

    Nice clean place that served its purpose for the long layover. We booked a family room for 5 people and it had it’s own shower and amenities. It was expensive for the 6 hr timeslot, but I would still use it again just to get good quality sleep before my next long flight.

  62. Avatar photo
    V H

    Overprices but I value sleep so I always stay here. The decorating is nice. The staff at front desk aren’t friendly. The single rooms are small, not noise-proof so wear ear plugs (I was ok as I play white noise), air-con (can’t change temperature but ok for me). Charging points x 2 and USB x 2. Had a small TV (possibly a small desk too? but don’t remember), a kettle, some tea/coffee, 1 or 2 complimentary water bottles, a hook and coathanger. The shared bathrooms were a bit gross, with a bit of past guest hair on floor and dripping shower ceiling. Did have sufficient toilet paper and some shower gel. There was a meal included which was simple but nice. Note, you need to call ahead 20-30 minutes ahead to get it, so keep this in mind, especially if you are boarding another flight soon (all the gates have ANOTHER security line you need to go through before boarding). The chicken with rice was nice but no vegetables. Nice dining room.

  63. Avatar photo
    Budijono Widjaja

    In one bed room, 4 chargers station for smart phones do not work. Extremely inconvenience. The other bed room is ok. In the living room, we can not use the outlet for a provided air purifier. It took some 15 to 20 minutes to take care of paperworks at the front desks when we arrived to check in. Complimentary breakfast does not delivered to the room; compare to Ambassador Hotel, it has room service. Overall, Ambassador Hotel is better.

  64. Avatar photo
    Simon FM

    Simply superb. Large clean, quiet and dark . Without a doubt a superb setup in these crazy times and some long layovers. Lovely large walk-in shower. Swift service at reception, followed with some peace and quiet in the room, you wouldn’t know what time of day it was. A truely lovely area for some timeout between flights.

  65. Avatar photo
    Remus Muresan

    The best thing to do if you have a long layover…. is a very clean and nice hotel. The food is very good included in the price. Refreshing 😉

  66. Avatar photo
    budiono tjahjono

    Small but clean and cool room, shared bath room, inside terminal 1 and no need to pass immigration check

  67. Avatar photo
    Seth Villaflor

    Arrived 1am from Jakarta and need to check-out by 5am for Manila. Good thing is that the hotel is just above gate D41. The room booked by my company was 2 queen size bed. The A/C can actually be adjusted thru its panel on the wall. Wifi is fast. Complimentary meal was superb, i chose japanese bento. Overall stay was excellent though i stayed for 3hours only but! This is luxury for those need for a quick rest/nap while transitting.

  68. Avatar photo
    Andrew Wielandt

    Located at near Terminal 1. Modern facilities and friendly staff. Default is 6 hour stay but I chose 8. To have your own bathroom you’ll need to book a double bed configuration but quite affordable. A meal is also provided. Will use again.

  69. Avatar photo
    Glory Jain

    It was good to stay at airport while transit and everyone can enjoy the complementary swimming pool & a night walk around the pool with good breeze. A bar was available for your convenience

  70. Avatar photo
    Rajiv Ramachandran

    Quiet room airside.

    Patchy wifi.
    Not enough sugar or creamer packets. Just two coffee pouches. No bottled water.

  71. Avatar photo
    Matthew Yong-O'Gorman

    Didn’t need to stay overnight at the Aerotel, but did enjoy the amazing rooftop pool when it opened at 6am. Was sprinkling rain and yet had the absolute time of my life! Can only imagine how good it would be when a beautiful sunny day!

  72. Avatar photo
    CB_ 2512

    The best $200 you’ll spend if you have 12 hours to rest, relax and recharge before more cattle class travel. No frills, but clean, comfortable and affordable in comparison to Business Class. It means you’re not a stinking zombie at the end of your 24h global flight! …

  73. Avatar photo
    Christhu KiranRaj Balaraj

    I did not have the experience, but I had requested them on Compassionate grounds to cancel and refund the reservation and they never budged. I would thank Expedia for it to have done the best job to give back the money as they knew how to be compassionate with circumstances. Singapore has become worst place for tourist now. I lived in Singapore and I wanted to visit back again after 17 years and I thought it would still be a great place. Having a family member in death bed we were not able to take the trip and we requested to have the hotel cancel and refunded but they never budged. Next, time, we will go to Dubai not Singapore. Bye Bye This should go to the Singapore Tourism Authority as they should look into this issue. I booked entire trip to Singapore and also all attractions, and circumstances happen that no one can expect and when your immediate family member is dying and we explaining still they would not refund. Goodbye Singapore, I will never return back again. Wonder why people are going elsewhere?

  74. Avatar photo
    Alan Graham

    Too expensive for 6 hours. I also had to wait 10 minutes to check out while the lone front desk clerk looked after the customer ahead of me. When they finally finished, the clerk did not need anything, I could have just dropped off the key without waiting to talk to her.

  75. Avatar photo
    Jeff Savage

    This is very convenient for people who do not want to leave the secure area of the airport if you’re arriving at night and having an early morning departure. The rooms are small with a TV and a desk but they’re comfortable and serve the purpose. Very handy and you can book your 6 Hour stay and even get a wake-up calls you wish

  76. Avatar photo
    Andrew Belegrinos

    A great way to break up long haul flights. Very helpful staff at the front desk – excellent service.

  77. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Robertson

    Very nice. S$17 for the pool and nice showers. There is also a hot tub. Definitely come when you are going through Singapore. It is located airside by the way.

  78. Avatar photo
    Woj Maskotki

    Just walking passing by, then angry “staff” people jump out hassling us and claiming that this is hotel lobby and we can’t be there ridiculous behavior. …

  79. Avatar photo

    As I had long transit time both go and back, and also wanted to avoid COVID as much as I can I chose the transit hotel stay for the first time.
    It was fully correct my choice of this Aerotel
    They picked me up at the gate by buggy, I could have free meal room service during my stay, the hotel room was clean and modern with window, view of the aircraft ️. They don’t have bathrobe, so better to take your own room wear with you.
    Hair dryer is equipped on the wall.
    I took 6h for going, 24h for way back.
    Actually my way back flight ️ was canceled, but the hotel could change the date for free flexibility. Thanks!!
    I totally recommend this hotel

  80. Avatar photo
    travelling my passion ramadas

    clean and tidy hotel in terminal 1 changi airport. friendly staff at the reception. view from the dining area/ cafe is beautiful. spacious rooms. nice swimming pool and gym.

  81. Avatar photo

    This transit hotel is located at Terminal 1 inside security area. So you don’t need to through the immigration. It is very convenient location. I arrived at 1:00AM, hotel receptionist is very kindly to me.
    It is very stylish transit hotel. The room(I booked) is very small but enough to sleep, and amenity is enough. TV is also equipped.

  82. Avatar photo
    Sam Mason

    Had the pool to ourselves for a layover this morning. Nice chairs and towels and an umbrella for the mix of sun and light rain. $17 Singapore dollars for the pool and shower is a great deal.

  83. Avatar photo
    Tom Martin

    Great pool. 27 SGD per person, includes a towel and sun loungers.

  84. Avatar photo
    Bryan Thekad

    The hotel is very clean and the room also. If you stay for 6 hours, you only get one time meal but if you stay for 12 hours you will get two times meal. The meal is really great, it is very delicious. To get to this hotel, if you arrive at Terminal 3, you need to take train to Terminal 1 and walk to gate 40. Then go up the elevator. So far this is one of the best transit hotel i’ve ever have.

  85. Avatar photo
    Suraj Treebhowon

    Its an ideal hotel for a transit to get some sleep, rest and gourmet food. The hotel is in the airport so no need to exit outside the airport. Food is complimentary if you stay at least 6 hrs and the food is five star. There is a Chef 24/7 so you can order any time. The room is huge with showers and very comfortable beds. We got one with the view on the airport so you can check out all the planes.

  86. Avatar photo
    Mary Rose Fajardo

    Very clean, and quiet. Perfect for a quick nap and shower when you have a long layover. An S room cost me USD 38 for 6 hours, but you can add more for around USD 14 for every additional hour. It’s located in Terminal 1, and if you’re arriving or departing at terminal 2 or 3, Changi Airport’s Skytrain will get you there in no time.

  87. Avatar photo

    Stayed over night en route to Europe was a nice place and a great pool to kick of the holiday swimming! I had a single room which was comfortable enough but would go for an ensuite room next time as the single rooms were shared bathroom facilities and a little noisy for me. Plus the room felt like a cell! Still I slept ok. The pool sold it for me !

  88. Avatar photo
    Chikien La

    The room is nice. The bathroom has some faulty equipments but not trivial. Althought it is located inside the airport but extremely quiet. The english breakfast is very good, the bread was well toasted. I love it

  89. Avatar photo
    Shubham Shete

    Loved the Gym and Pool facility. Nice view from the top. Food was average.

  90. Avatar photo
    George Steel

    On 22nd June Peter and Aerotel Boss Samantha went out of their way to make us welcome after an hour of looking for somewhere to enjoy a cocktail at Singapore Airport. They ended our visit to SIngapore on a high note. Thankyou! George / Carol Steel

  91. Avatar photo
    rajesh nagar

    Convenient place to stay for connecting flights, it’s on level 3 easy to locate. Food was good. Don’t expect any kind of view from the hotel rooms as everything was closed in my room. But in the library and near the pool you can enjoy good view. They also have a gym.

  92. Avatar photo
    Vandanath House

    Room is neat and clean.
    lengthy check in experience.
    Reception staff lack proper communication & needs training

  93. Avatar photo
    Matthew Bode

    I have to say I was completely underwhelmed. $319 SGD for 10 hours in a room with small beds and tepid shower water. I left early. Won’t come back, wouldn’t recommend at this price point.

  94. Avatar photo
    Beatrice Soe

    We had 12 hours stopover on our way to USA, so we booked 12 hours at this hotel. It’s a bit expensive but it’s worth if you had a long layover.

    Clean room, comfy bed and we love the food which is included in our room price.

    We got 2 meals for our 12 hours stay. After we choose our meal time, the staffs will drop our meal at our front door.

    1. It’s located at level 3 inside terminal 1, so no need go through the immigration.

    2. Plan ahead since this hotel always book up early.

  95. Avatar photo
    Zafar Faisal

    I was very sceptical when I arrived with my family at the Aerotel Hotel, we had long journey from Sydney AU, with plenty luggage and less sleep. Then I was welcomed by a very well-manner gentleman at the reception name was Tari, his beautiful words and astonishing body language made me feel so welcoming, for a moment I forgot all my tiredness as he hand me the room key and asked me to get fresh and later collect my passports and other paperwork. My family went into the room within arriving at the hotel, it took away our worries and we felt like we were at home! The level and culture of customer service Singapore has to offer was magnificent and so welcoming. The staff at the Aerotel Hotel was very welcoming and their service was great! They have 24hr kitchen and food selection for a transit hotel was fantastic! I would say it was classy, the bathroom had HOT shower and towels were fresh! I could not find any fault! Also the bed was comfy and my family had slept very well! They had complimentary unlimited bottle of water, tea, coffee also had slippers and many more amenities, my hats down to the team and the management at #Aerotel Hotel. I will certainly book my hotel transit stay with you guys again without any doubt! Thanks for your service and wonderful short time stay! All the best.

  96. Avatar photo
    Vik Radha

    Quick check-in and check out, clean. Very thin walls so you hear every door open and close in every room, bit too quiet to drown out any noise, asked for a fan and then didnt have any.

  97. Avatar photo
    Stevan Vuksic

    Very clean room with comfortable beds. Spacious bathroom. Face masks and sanitiser provided during Covid times which was nice. Complimentary bottled water included. Included meals are similar to what you would get served on plane, and are quite light. Nothing spectacular, but does the job. Good rooms to freshen up and rest during a long transit.

  98. Avatar photo
    Damien Labarre

    Find another hotel, room dirty, customer service awful, smiling or being polite didn’t kill anyone, air conditioning blocked at 20°C with no chance to switch off or change, funny things no even bottle of water to “preserve environment”. At 200$ a night it’s big joke. Take another hotel and pay 25$ for the access of swimming pool which was nice.

  99. Avatar photo
    Sam Ellis

    Great for our stopover with three kids, dumped hand luggage and explored the amazing airport. Back for swim (kids loved fountains in ‘hot tub’) before a shower and change for next leg of trip. Recommend booking ahead and asking for room with window facing runway.

  100. Avatar photo
    J B

    Booked hotel 4 months in advance and was given a room without a window. Had I known the hotel had rooms without windows, I would have booked one of the many airport hotels. There is no wifi specific to the hotel, just the regular Changi airport internet access. The lobby was also filthy with stains all over the sofas and escalators weren’t working.

  101. Avatar photo
    Sanjaya Liyanage

    I had 12 hours transit and it was very safe and pleasant stay in AEROTEL, they’ve taken all the necessary safety precautions to keep their guests safe and rooms hygiene.

    Complementary sanitizer, masks and mineral water. Rooms were super clean and hygienic including bathrooms. Also the comfy bed helped a lot to heal jet lag after long flight to Changi.

    Meals were average, but satisfying during the Covid-19 situation. Highly recommended for long layovers or stopovers.

  102. Avatar photo
    Koen Hartsuiker

    Good hotel if you have a long transfer

  103. Avatar photo
    Guy Gächter

    The room would get 5*, but as I was not able to confirm my stay via email, 2* less. See explanation below.

    + quick checkin (with reservation)
    + good and silent room, with slippers, toothbrush and -paste, shampoo etc. All that you nee for a quick stay.

    -/+ Location: *be aware*: the hotel is AIRSIDE in Terminal 1, so you have to checkin your baggage first if you do not arrive in T1. And sometimes, (too) early checkin is not available, so you can’t go to the hotel before you checked in your luggage!

    – – For the needed confirmation of my stay, I wrote three emails to two different addresses and did not get a reply until 5 (!) weeks later (at that point I had already confirmed our stay by phone!!! This is not acceptable in 2016! -2*)

  104. Avatar photo
    William YE

    Very good experience, and especially so nice for the reception staff, Ms Angela, very patient and warm heart. The dinner is also very yummy, highly recommended! …

  105. Avatar photo
    Abhi Shek

    Super convenient hotel located in the Changi airport. A complimentary plate of food came with our room (one plate per guest). After a long flight, the food and room were just perfect. You can rent the room for hours at a time depending on the length of your lay over. Make sure to book in advance.

  106. Avatar photo
    Mark Johnston

    + Comfortable bed
    + Quiet, dark rooms ideal for sleep at any time of day
    + Friendly helpful staff
    + Great pool bar, perhaps the best way to get fresh air at the airport

    – Not enough staff at busy times
    – Room bin not emptied and towel left on hook in room was damp, implying it wasn’t fresh. Bed was made but room changeover didn’t appear to have been completed before my check-in
    – Quite expensive for a solo non-ensuite room (shared bathroom facilities)

  107. Avatar photo
    L B

    Whilst very expensive per hour for what I got (a small room with single bed where you hear every door being opened/shut) and having to share a bathroom, the quality of amenities were very good. Clean bathrooms, good quality bedding, and I was able to use the pool for free after I checked out and was then able to get back to the hotel and use their bathroom for a shower. With the shared bathroom, you have an entire bathroom to yourself (you’re not stuck in a bathroom with several other people like I thought would be the case) – though someone else can use that bathroom once you leave hence the ‘shared’ term. Would recommend this hotel but bring ear plugs if you’re a light sleeper!!

  108. Avatar photo
    J. Lyon

    I booked this hotel because I was supposed to transit through Changi airport on my way to my final destination. When I went to check in at my departure point, I was informed that Changi is not allowing any transit passengers due to COVID restrictions which makes me wonder why this airside transit hotel is still accepting bookings. When I called to cancel my reservation due to circumstances outside my control, the agent cited their 24 hour cancellation policy and refused to make any exception and charged me the full amount. She was extremely unfriendly and unwilling to consider my circumstances in a time when we are all trying to navigate some insanely complicated COVID rules and restrictions. This hotel is profiting from these overly complicated COVID restrictions that are making life difficult for all of us. Please be careful about Changi transit restrictions and this hotels cancelation policies before you consider this hotel.

  109. Avatar photo

    The room and facilities were comfortable but
    the shower fittings were leaking and noise comes from adjacent rooms.generally good for a short night break.The accommodation should be offered for at least 8 hours.

  110. Avatar photo
    Christopher Smith

    I booked online a hotel room for one night, smoking room , single bed for my husband. He arrived to be told there was no reservation for him, but that he had been booked a swimming pool for the night!!! Such a scam. I booked a room, not a swimming pool, the email confirms that it was for overnight, smoking, single guest departing the following day, at the bottom of the email it states after those details…swimming pool….they took our money and will not return it after many angry emails. They are well aware I booked a room and when my husband questioned this, the staff member told him that this ‘miscommunication’ happens four or five times a day!!! Do not be scammed…

  111. Avatar photo
    Michael Dumpleton

    Stayed in a twin room on a 9 hour stop over. Rooms were tidy and comfortable. Get place to get some rest between flights

  112. Avatar photo
    Daniel Hearnden

    Good place to spend the time between flights, the room was clean and spacious, the staff where helpful and friendly. I didn’t get to sample the food but there was 1 free meal included , could hear the plans outside

  113. Avatar photo
    Wendy C

    Quiet, clean and very comfortable beds. Refreshing shower. Great place to sleep and freshen up between flights.

  114. Avatar photo
    Jeff Sacco

    I visited the pool area to get in a swim before a marathon flight. Check in was good. Provided a towel and key for a locker area in the washrooms. They don’t provide anything but the towel so you will need to bring your swim trunks. Also they don’t have one of those spinners to get the excess water out so it will be wet. Service was good. Pool was clean. Overall I would return.

  115. Avatar photo

    Aerotel is nicely located in Singapore airport and is close to many shops and food outlets. Great place to sleep while waiting for your next flight. The hotel provides very basic amenities and facilities though. Customer Service is traditionally “Singaporean” in essence (served iced cold).

    The spaces in the Aerotel are sufficient enough to give you peace and quiet before you fly off. Food is so-so as well.

  116. Avatar photo
    Shaleen Gulati

    Very comfortable beds and rooms are designed so well to ensure you can rest up before you depart again. Complimentary meals which were equivalent to very good restaurant. Totally worth it.

  117. Avatar photo
    Dr Andrew Stewart

    If you are having thoughts whether to book this hotel or not, I shall make this easy for you: DONT!
    These are the reasons why I say so:
    1. This is a transit hotel and it is very difficult to find it. You have to check-in for your destination, have a boarding pass before you can check-in to this hotel. If you have any plans of exploring Singapore after checking in to the hotel, you can kiss those plans goodbye because you won’t be able to.
    2. Changi airport has exceptional rest areas for travellers for free and this is much better than what you would get in this hotel.
    3. The hotel is noisy ( you won’t get much sleep), dilapidated and dirty. You will see from the pictures. There was even hair on the bed. Some backpacker hostels are cleaner than this place.
    4. Forget about raising any complaints with them. Their customer service is non-existent. Front desk was un-helpful. You will see from responses to the reviews here, it’s all copy and paste responses and you will get zero response to your complaint, in person or in writing. They really don’t care about your complaints.

    Do yourself a favour- find a resting area in Changi and save your $$$ for better things.

  118. Avatar photo
    G-Bob Rob

    My review is basically the double rooms are great and the single rooms are rubbish.

    The double ensuite rooms have everything you need, are comfy, quiet and spacious.

    The single rooms are tiny and noisy. You get all the noise from the other doors closing, and because flights leave 24/7 this can be constant. If you’re not a light sleeper then you’ll be fine.

    All the rooms are rather (too) cold, so if you’re not used to Singapore Aircon, take your PJ’s or get the twin so you have two duvets!
    None of the rooms have windows.

    The food, although included in the price, is pretty bad.

    You’ll get a toothbrush and toothpaste.

    The pool’s good.

    I’ve stayed a few times, and as you book it in 6 hour blocks, for some reason booking twelve hours is cheaper than ten. The price is always different.

    Check in takes about twenty minutes.

  119. Avatar photo
    Simon S

    Very helpful staff, reasonate prices for a very clean and comfy room. I book it every time when i am at changi airport because it is just best value for my money. Beware, however, do NOT immigrate to collect your bags because you can only go back to rhis area with a boarding pass with your connection flight. You can sleep there and grab your bags at the lost baggage counter the next day without any problems.

  120. Avatar photo
    Mike Burkart

    Great accommodations, especially for an airport. Although they were out of single rooms, the family-sized room I received was very clean, well appointed, and had ample space. I did however have trouble with the wifi as the hotel didn’t have it’s own internet separate from the airport wifi. Neither of my 2 computers or mobile were able to connect to it.

  121. Avatar photo
    Jackson Lee

    Nice facilities, good breakfast. Quiet and comfy. Even just 3 hours of sleep makes me feel refreshed. Would be great if they can provide bottled water in the room

  122. Avatar photo
    Nadir Salman

    A very good transit hotel, The room was spacious with nice comfortable beds. We had a 9 hours layover at the airport and had some good rest at the hotel. Hotel guest can access the pool, my kids enjoyed the pool during our stay. The hotel is at Terminal 1 and can be accessed through sky train incase you are travelling through terminal 3 (which was in my case). The down side for me was food as the hotel did not offer Halal Food and even though meal was included in my reservation I couldn’t avail it. In a nutshell you need a place to crash if you have a along stopover at airport and this place serves the purpose well. Would recommend the place for solo or family traveller.

  123. Avatar photo
    Grania VanHerwarde

    It is not clear from booking that you cannot leave (aka if you made two bookings you can’t check a bag since you need to leave immigration and then get your bag).

  124. Avatar photo
    John-Paul Marx

    Extremely disappointing service. We prebooked our stay many weeks earlier and we provided our arrival flight number and check in time. We ended up waiting for at least 1.5 hours. The shuttle service was super slow (one service every 45 min) and can only take 4 adults. It was very frustrating and tiresome when we had just disembarked from a plane after >12hr flight without finding the service we had booked for ready to pick us up or provide any information. We were basically stranded unable to go anywhere while being falsely promised that the shuttle was on its way. The whole booking became unnecessary anymore because by the time we could actually check in, it would be too late and our next flight would be due soon.

  125. Avatar photo
    Jill Langtree

    Really good rates and perfect for shirt stay between of before flights. Free meal and comfy big room and beds. Cranked air con.

  126. Avatar photo
    John John VN

    I’ve stayed here for a couple of hours only but I had a great time. As I arrived, I was warmly welcomed by the receptionist with her smile and immediately checked me in. What a very efficient check-in experience! I also had my dinner here which was top-notch and incomparable. I love the homey vibe but at the same time with an urban touch. I always use Aerotel every time I travel or have connecting flights and layovers. I’ve already proven and tested their services and I’m definitely using it again. Highly recommended Airport Transit Hotel! See you again soon! -JK of Juan Journey Blog

  127. Avatar photo
    Farouk Mogheth

    Convenient while waiting for a late flight airside. Value for money. Recommended. Smallish rooms without windows but practical. Nice showers.

  128. Avatar photo
    m hallak (OzMoe)

    My experience with Aerotel was not built on a good start or normal hotel stop over booking but real time experience to see the real true customer and guest service.

    Due to a system error The hotel didn’t find my booking, however they did what they can do and went beyond to correct the IT issue by making my stay a memorable one.

    The service is excellent and beyond amazing hotel.
    The pool is the best relaxing experience and I do recommend to definitely come in and try it to relax and rewind after long journey.

    The Aerobar is an excellent for a quick meal foe the kids or adults and feel best outside the Airport.

  129. Avatar photo
    M Pras (MP)

    Finding another amazing feature of the best airport in the world: swimming pool. $17 admission fee. You don’t need to be the hotel guest. So if you have 8 hours and don’t have Entry Visa for the free sightseeing tour; you can have some leisure exercise here.

  130. Avatar photo
    Adrian Cahill

    Pool is great. Book in advanced if coming in late. Can be a little loud when neighbours come/leave. But overall great bed, secluded rest

  131. Avatar photo
    Siraj Munir

    Not accommodating to airport guests. On 18 June, ard 515am. My wife and I was going to use the nearby prayer room. So we wanted to get a seat near the seating area around the front desk. But was chased out. We just wanted to chill.

  132. Avatar photo
    Chris Dobbie

    Room was small but clean, beds comfortable, bathroom ok. But the included food was awful (specifically American breakfast). Only 3-4 options given in the menu for the food included with room booking. Food was much worse than the nearby food court. Room rates are expensive for what you get. Maybe worth it if you use the pool / gym.

  133. Avatar photo
    Tham Charanjit

    Worst management. Allocated already occupied room, took the breakfast order and failed to pass it to the kitchen, and then double charged one through Agoda and at the reception.. bunch of amateurs running this hotel.. new hotel but the management will kill it before even start….

  134. Avatar photo
    Maggie Lim

    Website not clear about what you’re going to get if you book a room for 1 person. Need to navigate around a quite a bit to find out that one a room for one person does not include an attached bathroom. Should make it very clear from the beginning without the hassle of navigating around the website to find out which we sometimes can miss and then find out that there’s no attached bathroom and room is very very small. The hotel is not good if you get the one with attached bathroom. I’ve booked for one person before and they gave me a room with attached bathroom. This time it’s not so need to be very careful when you book.

  135. Avatar photo
    Oek Foh

    Enjoyed my stay here in a solo room. Bloke at the front was cool and staff were nice. They also provide meals included with your stay 2x if you stay 12 hours and it’s quite nice actually.

  136. Avatar photo
    Mark Wheeler

    This is a great place to pass 6 to 18 hours
    Staff very helpful
    Pool cafe good room
    Also you don’t need to waste time going into town. It’s good value considering

  137. Avatar photo
    Iris Cordova

    Staff was rude. Food was pretty bad. Looks better online than reality.

    Room was a shared bathroom which I did not anticipate. Read carefully! Bathroom was not clean.

    Very expensive for what it is

  138. Avatar photo

    Good for a few hours or overnight if you arrive late at night. Its a bit noisy in that all the doors are heavy and are loud when they close. So you end up hearing eveybody’s door close. But the facilities are very clean including the showers. Be aware of a couple of things. They crank up the AC so it gets pretty cold. Second, make sure you don’t have checked luggage since the terminal hotel is at the gates within immigration and luggage retrieval. I had an issue when I booked the hotel via their website. First their website has some functional issues. You have to tinker with the options before it takes the right one. Take your time because its not immediately clear what you have to do if you need to add on additional hours above their default amount. When I booked the website threw an error and didn’t give me a confirmation that the instruction said it would. I spent the next 2 weeks emailing various customer support emails listed on their site but nobody ever responded. I finally made a long distance call and got a hold of someone who eventually told me which paypal receipt to use as confirmation.

  139. Avatar photo
    Michael Garrido

    Initially, I was skeptical since the check in counter or lobby was like something you’d ask for directions in an airport. The rooms are clean, quiet and comfortable. The bathroom are new and showers are great.

    Forget about the food though. Breakfast has very runny scramble eggs. We’ll likely just find something in the terminal.

  140. Avatar photo
    Ka Ling (Drkyling)

    Great place to stay overnight. The room was quiet and had nice beds and showers. The temperature was cold and I wasn’t able to get it warmer with the thermostat. There are single and double rooms, and you can rent 6 or 12 hours. 12 hours comes with 2 meals, ranging from hainanese chicken rice to pancakes. Check out is easy and you can just return the card. There are slippers, toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap available. If you stay between 12-9pm, you can visit the pool as well! Costly but you can look online for deals.

  141. Avatar photo
    Arnaud Sobrero

    Very bad experience as this hotel is nearly impossible to find. I exited the immigration with a few other people and we realized the hotel is actually inside the immigration zone. So do not exit the immigration.
    Plus, the hotel has bad service, dirty shared bathrooms and freezing rooms as you cannot control the aircon.
    I do NOT recommend this hotel at all

  142. Avatar photo
    Byron Boyle

    This review is just for their pool packages. We had purchased a package that included access to the pool, gym, library, and came with a meal and a drink.

    The pool attendant made an otherwise nice experience, unpleasant. He seemed completely unaware that our purchased package was even an option. I asked to sit in the library area and told that was off limits and only for hotel patrons despite being included in the package. I had to pull up my phone and show him the website before he relented and said I could use it. When it came getting our meals and drinks he again said that wasn’t included and again I tried to explain. He sent us to the hotel front desk, which was completely confused and then he told us to go back and talk to the guy at the pool, again. Finally the pool guy let us order our dinner and drinks, but only because he was trying to get rid of us, instead of confirming that we were correct. It was very disappointing service at an otherwise very nice facility.

  143. Avatar photo
    D M

    Rating for 3 hour pool/gym/lounge. Gym is 1 bike and weights. Pool great. Staff are nice but very hard to understand and it was just awkward. I left

  144. Avatar photo

    When booking a “solo room with a meal” I was under the impression I’d be staying in a room with a bathroom, which is pretty standard at hotels in 2022. On arrival I’ve realised I have booked an equivalent of a hostel room with a shared bathroom. This is not clear enough when booking online depending on which website you use. It should be clearer on the confirmatory email to avoid confusion.
    I was repetitively woken up from other guests leaving/entering their rooms for the toilet/shower rooms. Soundproofing the rooms need to be better.
    Very disappointed and too tired to complain to the front desk. I will be tempted go via dubai again next time. Their airport hotel was a similar price with a fantastic size to the room and bathroom included.
    On the plus side, it is a good option to avoid having to check out of the airport if you want a stopover sleep. Reception and meal delivery was very efficient

  145. Avatar photo
    Liviu-Daniel Galatchi

    Worst decision to stay there! I could not sleep!
    It is a strong noise all night long, made by other traveller and by the house keeping.

  146. Avatar photo
    Soudaphone Chanthavong

    Room is clean and good food. Worth to pay. So convenient have a hotel room for long hour transit.

  147. Avatar photo
    Joey JoJo

    Loved our stay here, rooms lovely, kids enjoyed watching the planes from their room and the beds were very comfortable. We enjoyed a swim in the lovely outdoor pool and a meal was included in the cost. Will definitely stay here again

  148. Avatar photo
    Michelle Bourdeau

    Chaotic arrival to Changi Airport to say the least but once at the hotel check-in counter, everything was fine. The night staff were very helpful, kind and accommodating. The next day’s staff not so much. Not helpful nor terribly kind in any way. I had to call several times to order food and nobody was picking up the phone. Short staffed? Maybe. Poorly staffed? Probably. Limited food options available, not for the picky eater at heart and because there wasn’t a mini fridge in the room, that meant that I had to throw away some of the food that I had brought with me. Thankful that I had a comfortable place to stay while in transit but for the price that you have to pay to have it, along with the disgruntled staff while being trapped in your room feels wrong.

  149. Avatar photo
    Ana C

    I booked this hotel and nowhere in the website did they say that you need to have a boarding pass and pass through security control to have access to the hotel. The airline counter doesn’t open until 3 hours before the flight and i cannot access the hotel without my boarding pass. Long story short, I lost my paid night and had to book in the Crown Plaza in terminal 3.

  150. Avatar photo
    Brian Chong (goldfries)

    Finally had the chance to stay and I like the place, although the price is a little steep for 6 hours.

    What I am most disappointed is that my stay was from midnight to 6am and during this time I don’t get to use the pool, basically I felt short-changed.

    I had asked whether I am allowed to use before midnight or after I check out but the staff said no.

    I think they should give a reduced rate for those staying from midnight to 6am.

    That aside, the lounge was good and the food I ordered was delicious. Another thing to consider is that the library lounge and the gym is within the same confines so be prepared to get a not so peaceful time at the lounge.

  151. Avatar photo
    Fa Mawaddah

    I had booked a room under my name. However my flight delayed and my husband (flew from the other country) came earlier to Singapore.
    I had sent an email and call to the hotel as well to informed my flight delayed and my husband will be coming earlier (also informed his name and details) to make sure my husband and my mom can be check in earlier than me.
    However, receptionist have received my email and call but still not gave a smooth check in experience. Receptionist insist that he can’t checking in my husband. Is it poor communication in receptionist? What is the point that i had sent them an email and called them to informed my husband details and asked them to let my husband and mom checking in? It was midnight and my mom got tired.
    I paid lots just for 6 hours but got such a bad experience just cause of poor communications. Disappointed.

  152. Avatar photo
    Phil Beecher

    Small room is ok, but insufficient shower rooms for number of bedrooms so expect a wait. A long way from food and drink outlets. Expensive for what is provided. I won’t use this again.

  153. Avatar photo

    I didn’t stay here – I just paid for the pool. And I did a great choice, this pool is really good and mostly vacant as people don’t want to miss their flights …

  154. Avatar photo
    Nishan Ghimire

    I stayed at Aerotel Singapore on April 8th, 2022 since I had over 21 hours of layover (flight was from Vancouver, Canada to Kathmandu, Nepal)…
    First of all, this hotel is inside the transit. So, no requirement of any kind of PCR test nor visa to access the hotel if you have a transit.
    But yes, please make sure that your airlines is accepted by the hotel as there are only a number of airlines through which you are allowed stay here.
    The hotel has a very comfortable suite. My suite had 2 beds. The service was simply wonderful. All you had to was dial 1 from the internal telephone and you could access the front reception within seconds.
    The staff were very friendly and the interesting thing is that staff will refuse to take any tips from you. Maybe it is because Singapore does not have a tipping culture.
    The staff who served me food at the lounge was so friendly and helpful. She is definitely one of the best hotel employees I have met so far.
    Overall, if I have a long transit in the future in Singapore, I am definitely staying at Aerotel Singapore again. No doubt about that. Thank you so much !

  155. Avatar photo
    Jamie Coyne

    My Travel Agent booked me over night which i paid over $250 for. Only to be told 6hrs only and needed to check out at 4:30am for a 10am flight. My checkin time on my booking was 3pm – 10am the over night rate/hours but they wouldn’t do anything. Had to pay for extra hours and cost over $320 for 8hrs.

  156. Avatar photo
    Margo Lyu

    What supposed to be a relaxing time between two long flights turned out to be a very stressful experience
    Warm water in the shower, no hot water at all
    The coffee machine is Broken and seems like none is going to fix it
    The access to the pool from the lounge is closed even though the pool is actually open, confusing…
    Very very very cold in the room, which is not acceptable. The room temperature could not be changed manually in the room…. Pathetic
    Food is average
    Leaking from the ceiling In the lounge area
    No body lotion or proper soap in the shower….
    The pool is open from 12 pm even though it’s written on the brochure that it’s open from 6 am, which would be much better……
    The guy at the reception was demanding everyone to keep wearing a face mask, but I noticed he didn’t have his own mask on while talking to his colleague who were wearing a mask
    There is no smoking permitted anywhere including the pool area (which is good), but the staff members actually do smoke by the pool…..

    I can go on
    I paid 400 dollars for the room and experience and I regret it.

  157. Avatar photo
    Henry Grant Kerswell

    For the pool only.
    After a night sleeping in a chair in transit this was a great way to get ready for a long flight. Opens at 6am. Easy to reach from any terminal. Took 20min from terminal 3.
    Towels. Bottle of water. Swim. Spa. Shower.

  158. Avatar photo
    Pat Morrison

    Aerotel is great. Down side was lack of skin conditioner and razors. Agoda itself is not a booking system I will use again. I booked a 12 hour stay. Treble checked evetything then paid. Arrive at Aerotel after 23 hour flight to find it was a booking for 6 hours only! I clearly booked on agoda from 6pm – 6am. Cost us another $126 SD and half an hour of sorting things out. In future will book as I normally do direct with any one of the Changi transit hotels.

  159. Avatar photo
    Sakthi Dhinesh

    Located at Terminal 1 near gate D 41. The hotel is only for the passengers who are in transit. Room is good. They also have a pool but it is chargeable at 17 SGD.. the double room is having twin beds. If you are a solo traveler, kindly go with single room which is cheaper. Rooms are quiet, well maintained with nice aircon. Breakfast is poor. They don’t have buffet. Only limited option. Expect breakfast everything is perfect..

  160. Avatar photo
    Wilkan Gautama

    The room is neat and clean and the space is okay for a transit hotel. The food taste pretty good too, just like your regular food court food. We stayed there for our flight during covid and their safety protocol is exceptionally good. It can feel quite strict; but, it also makes us feel safer knowing that they take things seriously.

  161. Avatar photo
    Bryony Lewis

    The room was comfortable and nice and dark. The food was also very good, my only complaint was that the pre-booked baby cot we ordered took 45 minutes to turn up and we wanted to go to bed straight away ater arriving in the middle of the night.

  162. Avatar photo
    Matt Winterbottom

    Very convenient location, and perfect for getting some sleep during a layover. The room was clean and comfortable, and good value for the price. My only complaint is that the hotel relies on the airport public WiFi which is not very fast or reliable.

  163. Avatar photo
    Bobbie Win

    If you are in transit this is the most fantastic option. You can book a room in multiples of 3 hours. Great beds, showers, swimming pool. You get a complimentary meal, which isn’t up to the level of the other facilities.
    Overall 9 out of 10

  164. Avatar photo
    Archit J

    Great room and bathroom. Great experience. Food was decent but better found elsewhere if the option is available. Much needed rest for the family with our young infant who just wants to roll around and stretch out everywhere. We booked a twin room and were able to push the beds together so he could roll around in between us. Will be back the next time we have a long transit in SIN.

  165. Avatar photo
    Dilroop Singh

    Hard to find,
    No room service for food
    Room keys stop working every now and then i have seen few folks waiting outside the room to get the key fixed

  166. Avatar photo
    Dan Eskildsen

    What a wonderful place to spend transit time if you can afford it, the roof pool is great. Cleanliness of the hotel bathroom could have been a little bit better, otherwise an excellent location. We’ll come back.

  167. Avatar photo
    Iza Dorawa

    Love the idea of tiny airport hotel. The hotel has plenty of room but they are tiny. You dont really need more. Just a comfy bed and a small desk and tv. After you can refresh in a shared bathroom all amenties provided. I was told i can also use the pool for 2 hours after my stay but later was told its only 1 hour. Not the best but still enjoyed my experience

  168. Avatar photo

    Exactly what we needed. 12 hour layover in Singapore. Booked room at 7.30am for 9am check in, after breakfast. 3pm checkout. The 6 hours cost $85 AUD. Be sure to get a Double PLUS room as they include the private ensuite. Lesser rooms must share a communal toilet/shower.

  169. Avatar photo
    kenn ng

    Not really humanised when come to cancellation policy as due to pandemic many flight are cancelled, but the cancellation policy must within 24 hour , like people can predicted the flight going to cancel.

  170. Avatar photo
    gaurav gandhi

    Rooms are spacious. Food is amazing.Its on a quiet side of the airport with basic amenities not so far off from the hotel. Price is competitive. Only downside is they don’t have room service.

  171. Avatar photo
    Joshua P Jacks

    Made a huge difference in my travels! It was amazing getting a shower and a few hours in a soft bed after 24 hours of travel. It gave me the gusto I needed for the next day’s worth of air travel. The food was decent and the room was quiet. Only issue was trusting my luggage went to lost and found and was ready for pickup after I checked out. This is only an issue for people that have to change airlines in transit. I didn’t realize this before booking, but the staff was very helpful.

  172. Avatar photo
    Asran Vinsky

    Absolute rip off!!! Paid 150 dollars for 6 hour stay and my room did not have ensuite!!! I had to use the common bathroom outside .. what a joke is this ?? And there was no indicator outside to say if the toilets are occupied … had to knock evertime and find out ….Aerotel … this is disgusting … this is absolute daylight robbery … worst ever experience ….disgraceful business…

  173. Avatar photo
    Nicolo Nisbett

    Great at the price: spacious, efficient. One thing to note though: it is through security. So if, like us, you arrive with checked luggage on one airline and are departing the next morning on another, you have to abandon your bags for the night (they end up in Lost & Found) as no way to pick them up and then get back into the secure area (as check-in closed in the small hours).

  174. Avatar photo
    bayezid hossain

    Absolutely horrible experience. I booked my rooms 3 months ahead on Trip. Their website said check in at 2am. When I arrived at the hotel. They refused to give us our rooms saying that check in is 10pm on the same day but my flight was at 6pm. Absolutely ridiculous. I contacted Trip and they were no help. The staff were god awful and heartless. I had my children with me we had to leave transit and find a hotel outside. We did not even get a refund for our rooms. I hope no one goes through the experience I had with these awful people.

  175. Avatar photo
    Michele Cherry

    Might be okay for a quick nap but wasn’t aware there was no en-suite bathroom and the pool is closed. Pretty expensive at $200USD for what you get which is a bed and no adjustable thermostat to cool room. Also no soap provided for shower so make sure you pack it. It’s clean and a meal is provided. Just don’t rely on pics in reviews. Not accurate representation of what you are getting.

  176. Avatar photo
    Adrian Yong

    Very clean and comfortable rooms. I won’t call it a cubicle but then again, we had a twin room. The beds are super comfy… Breakfast was good… The room next door was getting clean in the wee hours of the morning and the banging on the walls and noise from the vacuum cleaner disturbed our sleep…

  177. Avatar photo
    Ade Kusuma

    Spacious room, more than just enough for a transit hotel. 6 hours (time limit) was spent efficiently to have a good rest during transit in Singapore. Try their outdoor pool if you have more time.

  178. Avatar photo
    peggy wu

    Room was cleam but stuff was very rude. She argued why I book a solo room with my 9-year-old daughter. It was only available room at Changi airport when booking. I did wrote a note to explain solo booking. She also advised me to book a motel in city next time. She was totally inconsiderate of mother and daughter traveling alone with a lot of luggage. In the end I spent $400AUD which is overpaying for 10 hours stay and poor customer service. It’s better to go somewhere else.

  179. Avatar photo
    Hilario Marte

    This is a two star transit hotel. No fuss, just the basics kind of place. Complimentary Coffee, tea and water. Depending how long you stay they offer a basic meal or two. Yes, there’s a three fitness machine center and a pool.

    Check in was bit to high anxiety, as the staff tried to manage a half dozen customers coming in at once. Attempts to communicate the wait turned into loud instructions. I guess everyone has a bad day.

    Common area lounge felt high trafficed and not clean. Staff appears to barely keep up with a few customers.

    40 minutes for meal to be served. This after instructions to call in the meal and be there 15 minutes later. Instead, they waited until we arrived to make the meal. They take the word lounge seriously.

    Note: don’t reserve this hotel expecting a normal size meal, it’s barely adult size portion. You are better off expecting to eat somewhere else. You’ll be left disappointed and hungry.

  180. Avatar photo
    Iqbal Bagus Alfiansyah

    Stayed here solo in December 2018. The hotel is located on the eastern side of T1, just follow the signs. I booked a single room for 8 hours, starting from 12.30 am. However, when I have arrived it seemed my room was not ready yet. I assumed there was a problem with my booking as the staff(s) who handled my reservation looked confused. I was unable to enter my room until 1.30 am. Luckily, I got a double room with an ensuite bathroom. I think the delay was compensated enough and they let me to extend my stay for an additional 30 minutes.

    The double room was spacious and it felt like a proper 4-star hotel. Proper and comfortable bedding, a large desk and chair, TV with international channles, and a spacious bathroom complete with the toiletries were in the room.

    I had a proper sleep in the hotel. Knocked one star off for the booking fiasco tho. In case you are wondering, this is only one out of (three?) transit hotels in the airport

  181. Avatar photo
    arjun sv

    Great place for temporary stay at airport. The hotel is located within airport, the rooms are little congested for the price, and they don’t have attached bathrooms, you have to use the shared bathrooms.

  182. Avatar photo
    Jisha Mathew

    The best transit hotel to stay.Neat and very good ambience.The complimentary meals were very tasty.

  183. Avatar photo
    Brendan Berne

    It was excellent solely because of Michelle who was professional, kind, responsive and generous. A true asset indeed when travelling during these COVID times! A haven in the storm!

  184. Avatar photo
    Enrico Anderlini

    The hotel itself is a good, relatively cheap way to spend a night/ a few hours when in transit. However, it is for TRANSIT ONLY.
    In my case I had booked the hotel because I was landing very late (1am) and wanted to sleep in the airport without having to go to the centre. The problem is at Changi you collect the baggage after exiting immigration, which means I was no longer allowed into the airport.

  185. Avatar photo

    Spacious, quiet and adequately clean. That being said some areas can do a bit of more cleaning, behind the door. Also they should provide wifi to the guest, rather than relying on the 3hrs free Changi airport provides.

  186. Avatar photo
    Black Sirius

    【⠀Amazing place to stay if you have a plan to transit 】

    It was a clean and wonderful place to take a rest, and first and foremost, the two receptionists saved me! I can’t thank them enough!
    They served a light meal and I chose one from some options such as Singapore style, American style, Japanese style. They also had kids menu!

    The only disappointment was that the shampoo and body soap were unified and my hair couldn’t get smoothness. Maybe you can bring your own shampoo and conditioner!

    And when some people walk the corridor, it can be a bit noisy.

  187. Avatar photo

    Rude staff, overpriced and quite noisy-people come&go all the time and you can hear the doors slamming.
    Food not that good either and shared bathrooms dirty too.

  188. Avatar photo
    Ron Hamblin

    My wife and I visited for just a shower before a long flight and from the gentleman at the front desk to the rooms and food this place was worth the $18 each, great place to veg for an hour, grab a shower, relax, watch some TV and grab some free snacks.

  189. Avatar photo
    Audi Pascalis Umboh

    Comfortable room,

    I tried the single bedroom for an over night stay.

    The shower room is shared with other travellers who also stays in one single bedroom suites, it is clean, they provide you a fresh towel, and basic toiletries such as toothbrush, soap, etc.

    They also put televisions in room.

    The only complaint was, when I slept suddenly around 2am in the morning I hear loud sounds, such as door slams and people rushing around.

    It keeps going until around 3 am and I checked.

    It was their house keeping.

    Really cant believe, they do house keeping at such late night and it happens to disturb my sleep since the door slams were quite loud

    Aside from it, it was nice

  190. Avatar photo
    Yeonjin LEE

    I had the most wonderful experience with Singapore Aerotel. The staffs were absolutely generous and helpful. I arrived at 1 am with my children and the staff called Igmal was so compassionate and supportive to us. We had a very good quality rest until the connecting flight. Thank you so much for your kindness!

  191. Avatar photo

    Your best choice to catch some sleep during a longer transit at Changi. Most rooms don’t have a window, which is a let down for me. Not many airports also can offer you a swim at the pool with planes at the backyard. Rooms allotted for a min 6 hours, that can be incremented hourly to a max of 24 in total. Very neat and functional with TV

  192. Avatar photo

    Transit through this hotel in Jan 2021. Clean, safe, efficient. Come with one packed meal. Taste so so. Staff friendly. For a transit I think is ok.

  193. Avatar photo
    Alex H

    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Aerotel Changi airport! Having a swim in between long haul flights is a great way to unwind.

    The staff were exceptional. Friendly, polite and make excellent margaritas / food! I highly recommend staying at Aerotel if transiting through Changi airport. 10/10 service.

  194. Avatar photo

    It’s great to be able to freshen up have a decent kip and on your way… rooms are clean and practical. Food could be improved though

  195. Avatar photo
    Marlon Demesa (KingNizza)

    We booked the 6 hour sleep and 3 hour lounge plan. Our room and beds were clean and comfortable. The toilet and shower were nice and clean, but only had an all in one shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. They did provide clean towels, tooth brushes, tooth paste, and a hair dryer, pretty standard hotel amenities.
    6 hours was good enough before my morning flight.
    Although I was a bit disappointed with the longe. At the time the automated coffee and latte machine was out of order, so we just had instant coffee and a hot kettle. Didn’t bother to stay in the lounge for 3 hours. 1 hour for breakfast was enough.
    I wish they had a buffet or snacks like other lounges offer.
    The swimming pool looked nice but didn’t have time to swim.

  196. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Daas

    Very unique place to have some rest, very welcoming staff, definitely clean rooms and paths. Sure I will visit this place again. 5 stars .

  197. Avatar photo
    A Forex 8

    Nice rooms, however extremely rude staff. No bottle water in the room and when asked to management, was told that you have to go to a 7-11. Rather strange to not have bottled water available in a hotel room.

    Also, you can not have your complimentary meals in your room, only in the lounge. This can be a massive inconvenience if you’re travelling with a young family or wanting to rest in your room. The inability to take complimentary meals back to your room needs to probably be reviewed as a policy, suspicions are because of extra work it could cause for staff, but that weighed up against a solid service is the question.

  198. Avatar photo
    Grace Lin

    We had a very pleasant stay on our long layover in Singapore. Nice room and the food was pretty good considering it was a packaged meal. The shower doesn’t get hot, though, just a bit lukewarm.

  199. Avatar photo
    Soohyun Park

    The hotel should either train their staffs not to bother people who are simply going through their lobby (as they claim, which isn’t written anywhere) or indicate that it’s their property (is it even possible? Make a wall maybe) properly to avoid confusion.

    Staffs or the hotel thinks that the airport pathway is theirs. The escalator or pathway to this hotel is just normal airport space. Then, this hotel’s staffs will come to you to go away if you are not a guest, which is absurd as I was going up via escalator for a different reason. Another pathway to here just indicates that it’s leading to a prayer room

  200. Avatar photo
    Tony Halim

    Pretty spacious, nice place to sleep in while waiting for flights. Clean room and clean bathroom. Simple but comfortable furnishing. Counter staff (only 2) could be short handed at times due to several guests checking in at the same time.

  201. Avatar photo
    Yogi Burghart

    Couldn’t book a room online and all booked out . Wouldn’t refer any where else other than on the floor on level 3 c terminal or leave building for outside hotels and laughed . Went for walk the next morning and found another in terminal 3 where I could have stayed , instead of sleeping on the f…..g floor !

  202. Avatar photo
    Chic Geek

    We booked through for one night. Received a confirmation for one room for one night. Aerotel insisted we booked two rooms and charged us accordingly. Refusing to give a refund. Anyone else have a similiar experience?

  203. Avatar photo
    MG Diaries

    Great place to stay. Beds are comfy. Food is good. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a place to stay overnight at Changi Airport. You can also get the chance to visit Jewel at Terminal 3 if you have a long hours in transit. For more interesting places, Follow me on YouTube ‘MG Diaries’.

  204. Avatar photo
    Rochelle Cowie

    Was perfect for a stop over to shower and sleep! Easy check in, room was very large with 2 seperate double beds that were comfortable! Clean and tidy and nice bathroom. Room was very dark and quiet. Also shower gel smells like lavender, so a nice relaxing sent I thought! They did only have 1 towel for a shower when it was booked for 2 guests so my husband and I shared the towel as I was too tired to ask reception for another one, but that was fine

  205. Avatar photo
    Mercedes Fernandez Fernandez

    It’s a great place in between flights. Small rooms but extremely comfortable. Nice to have a shower before the next flight. 3 problems, they didn’t tell me I could not get my check in luggage and get to the hotel until I did my booking, so I have to reduce my luggage till hand luggage after paying for it. The second problem it’s the air conditioning, it’s really noisy on the room and you can not stop it or change the temperature cause is common to the airport. Anyways I was so tired that I slept like a baby with the noise and the bed and duvet were so comfy and cosy that I forgot about the temperature. The third thing ismore a personal thing that I really wanted to have a swim in the pool but I arrived a 22.30 and it was closed. So never got the chance. After all i think I will really use it again in between flights

  206. Avatar photo
    Cicy Zheng

    We had to cancelled the booking 24hr ahead due to unforeseen flight delay.

    We have carried out everything we can do, including 2 phone calls straight away to inform the hotel about the situation immediately. The receptionist was lovely but the hotel manager who decides to not-refund or even credit for future use is not understanding at all and we will not use them at at in the future so we will let our family and friends know so.

    It has been tough years for everyone, but offering no help but fully taken your money for nothing is not kind at all.

  207. Avatar photo
    Dita Desiana

    I travelled from US to Indonesia with an 8 yo and 4 yo and it was so nice to have a place to rest after a looong flight & while waiting for the next flight. The hotel is nice & clean, the bed are soft, the staff are nice. The negatif is, it is a bit far away compare to ambassador.

  208. Avatar photo
    M B

    I had an amazing room with shower beautiful roomy so convenient included a breakfast a little tiny I’m a big eater but they also had ground coffee very good I extended my 6 hour stay to 9 worth it to rest on my journey from London to Sydney . Also included a 3 hour plaza lounge pass which was great as I could have a shower there straight from my flight and they provided free wi fi and decent snacks drinks meals.

  209. Avatar photo

    We stayed here a few years ago. It was part of our holiday itinerary, to stay over in the airport hotel. Quiet rooms, clean bathrooms. The hotel menu has delicious options, we had the Hainanese chicken rice. Breakfast came with a view, it also right next to the airport hotel swimming pool. Lovely experience, I will definitely book a room here on our next long layover.

  210. Avatar photo
    Phil H

    For a transit hotel room actually in the airport, this has to be one of the best. Second time been here and will use again if I have several hours to kill at changi airport

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