Review Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition, 212 Hougang St 21, Singapore

Review Ace Your Econs  JCALevels Economics Online Tuition - Singapore 212 Hougang St 21

“Very comprehensive course, alot of online resources to utilise to help in revision.” or “Mr Teo is a great econs tutor who always deliver results and put his students interests first. Strongly recommended.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition is quality.

Introduction about Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition

Here are some fundamental details regarding Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition. In terms of Education center, it is generally believed that Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuitionis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 212 Hougang St 21, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Education center, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 88910336 (+65 88910336)
  • Website:
  • Address: 212 Hougang St 21, Singapore
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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition via:

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You can reach Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition at 88910336(+65 88910336). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 212 Hougang St 21, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition reviews

Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition is among the best destinations of Education center in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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To determine whether Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Mr Teo is a wonderful Economics tutor and my journey in AYE has been a memorable and fruitful experience. He has made learning Economics worthwhile and helped me improve my grades !! 100% recommend it!”

“Very comprehensive course, alot of online resources to utilise to help in revision.”

“Mr Teo is a great econs tutor who always deliver results and put his students interests first. Strongly recommended.”

“A highly committed economics tutor, Mr Jeffrey is dedicated to delivering good results and great improvement to students from different JCs. Recommended!”

“Jeffrey is a really responsible tutor. Loved the way he makes the concepts easy to understand and remember. would truly recommend him to anyone who needs econs tutoring. Keep it up Jeff!”

“Mr Teo is a very experienced tutor and is able to provide an abundance of resources. With weekly timed practices, it has helped me hone my economic skills.”

“With 10 years of experience in tutoring Econs and good reviews, Jeffrey is very passionate in his work and desire to help students to do well in this subject. Do reach out to him for more details!”

“My 2 JC kids are being taught by Jeffery these 2 years . I thank Jeffery for his kind patience and professionalism in teaching them Economics. Their Economics results are testimony to his effort !”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 206 feedbacks with an overall score of 5 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 100% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Ace Your Econs Jcalevels Economics Online Tuition, 212 Hougang St 21, Singapore

There is a total 206 reviews

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  1. Avatar photo
    Sher Alexander

    I have been struggling with economics for the longest time and lectures in school were not helping because they were usually pretty dull. However, after joining AceYourEcons, Mr Jeffrey has helped me tremendously in the sense that I managed to understand the concepts and are able to draw the graphs better. Lessons here includes some videos to aid in better understanding and make the economics less boring, which I find that is why I have improved in my economics. To sum up, the experience here with Mr Jeffrey is positive one and outside teaching, he is also a very kind person. Thanks AceYourEcons! 🙂

  2. Avatar photo
    Rosalind Ong

    Hi AYE, I’m Rosalind from Fun Language Learning. As a fellow tutor friend of Jeffrey, I’ve benefited from his authentic and selfless sharing especially when it comes to how I can serve parents and students even better. He is well-prepared in his sharing session and I can see his passion in helping students by going the extra mile for them. This is an important quality that I look out for in tutors so I would recommend Jeffrey’s JC Econ tutoring to parents whose children need support in JC Econs.

  3. Avatar photo
    C T

    Got to know AYE through a tutor and my girl managed to get an A for H2 during J1 under his guidance. He’s pretty strict to all her assignments and feedback to us if she didn’t submit in due date. Appreciate his efforts for following up closely so that she keeps in track with her work. Glad to know Mr Teo and we know she will be in good hand with him.

  4. Avatar photo
    H. Ziwei

    Before entering this program, I am not sure of how to study and how much to study for economics. After entering this program, I have more condensed notes which made me more confident when doing Econs

  5. Avatar photo
    Mrs Chew

    I first searched online for an Econs tuition teacher when my daughter could not cope with the subject, failing badly all the way from JC1 to first term of JC2. To add on to the problem of failing to understand concepts and applying them to questions, she was not open to having tuition sessions or clarifying doubts with teachers in school. She wanted to try her best to do a better job by herself, which did not work out. When I saw AYE and Mr Teo’s requirement for parental involvement (parents are requested to fill up a questionnaire and know about the problem on hand) and his experience, I decided to sign my daughter up for a trial lesson. After that session, we had a talk together and I was very happy to know that Mr Teo has a whole online system set up to review and monitor every student’s progress, as well as recorded lessons for students to revise OTOT.

    I was very impressed with Mr Teo’s dedication. He gave feedback on assignments, monitored progress and sent me updates constantly so that I was aware of my daughter’s problems or progress. What he did was way more than a normal school teacher would do. He even held mentoring sessions with my daughter to ensure that she would have someone to talk to, whether it was with regards to Econs or her overall well-being. He even sent her a BD card and encouragement cards when it was close to exam. I am greatly appreciative of his care for students. My daughter felt very motivated through his persistent concern and encouragement.

    My daughter’s progress was a slow one. She had time management issues and could not finish her papers during all examinations. She even had mental block at times during exams. However Mr Teo slowly rectified her mistakes with great patience and pushed her on. She finally obtained a Pass during her Prelims and even got a C for A level exam, which was something we did not dare to dream of. This might not be an impressive grade to many. However, considering we only had less than 8 months to complete revision for 2 years’ syllabus, it wasn’t an easy feat for both Mr Teo and my daughter.

    I am deeply appreciative of the extra effort, time and care that Mr Teo had put in to ensure my daughter managed to achieve what we never thought would happen. And I am glad that I made the decision to choose AYE as Mr Teo is definitely a tutor who will always go all his way out to help students.

  6. Avatar photo
    Javier Chan

    Before joining ACE your econs, I had difficulty with grasping certain economic concepts, but thanks to Mr Teo’s detailed explanations and ability to break down concepts into smaller bits, I managed to gain a deeper understanding of the economic concepts I’ve learnt so far. I have also become more interested and motivated in studying economics as a whole.

  7. Avatar photo
    Lezanne Chua

    Hi, i am a J1 student from SAJC. I was struggling a lot with econs at the start of the year — especially since it was a completely new subject for me. I decided to seek external help to brush up my econs and chanced upon Mr Teo’s centre (AYE) when i was researching for tuition centres online. I decided to give it a shot after reading many good reviews about AYE, and thankfully i did! My grades have definitely improved after joining AYE. Something that sets Mr Teo apart from other tuition teachers would be his effort to get to know each of his students (how their week has been etc.) He also sends encouragement letters or small gifts to celebrate your birthday or when a major exam is upcoming and i think that all these small little things make his students feel more cheerful or encouraged especially before crucial examinations. He also frequently updates my parents about my progress so that they can provide the necessary support as well. Of course, his commitment to his students is an unassailable fact. To all students or parents reading this: put your trust in mr teo!

  8. Avatar photo
    Teh Ru En

    Mr Teo has been a really patient teacher who never fails to guide me through the numerous essay and CSQ practices that we have done. I came into AYE with Us and he has provided so many consults for me, and I am very appreciative of him. Thanks Mr Teo!

  9. Avatar photo
    Jiawei Wu

    Before i joined the programme i had a really hard time writing my essay even though i’m ok with the content. Mr Jeffery taught me how to organise my essay and be on point so i can get higher marks. I really find it very helpful. I encourage people to come to this tuition!!!!!!!

  10. Avatar photo
    Guorui Tan

    Jeffery is a dedicated tutor. He is patient and caring to his students. If you want to ace your Economics, you have to find him.

  11. Avatar photo
    Wee Teck Tay

    Before I joined Ace Your Econs, I had a hard time understanding the skills economics required from a student. Unsure about how to answer questions and how to allocate my time in economics, I joined Ace Your Econs without much of a grasp on how to do economics questions. During the programme, I have learnt many new skills that has allowed for me to understand the programme better, and I am now better equipped to attempt such questions.

  12. Avatar photo
    Charmaine Wong

    Enrolled into this economics tuition after failing twice for microeconomics back in Temasek Polytechnic and thereafter enrolled into SIM to take up the diploma course, business management, i have courses such as microeconomics and macroeconomics, my mum the found this tuition centre & we decided to give it a try, i have just finished my first semester in SIM and am really pleased with my results as i have attained a B from a fail, Mr Teo has been very patient with me through my whole experience so far as i continued engaging him for my macroeconomics module as well. He cleared my enquires as soon as i have issues solving a problem. He helped open my mind to the world of economics as i have always hated economics as im not really a math person. Helping me like economics lesson by lesson and simplifying things and including videos in the lessons to make things less boring as economics is quite a dry subject. Really appreciate his help thus far would really recommend this tuition centre if you are struggling or have been in my position before.

  13. Avatar photo

    Excellent way of providing exercises and information pertaining to the economic syllabus. tutor is very engaging and constantly keeps track of students’ progress. tutor involves students when revising concepts to ensure students retain the information in their head.

  14. Avatar photo
    Rachel Koh

    My son lost his confidence when he attained a ‘U’ for his Econs during prelims. We managed to engage Mr Teo for an intensive coaching during the last 2 months leading to A levels. We are pleasantly surprised that my son managed to achieve a ‘B’ for his A levels in such a short timeframe. Thank you Ace Your Econs!

  15. Avatar photo

    Very knowledgeable tutor, notes and succinct and short compared to school notes yet covers sufficient content. Able to study finish entire syllabus very quickly.

  16. Avatar photo

    I am a jc2 student from Hwa Chong, I really like that Mr Two’s classes are open and interactive! Even for online classes, he engages us and always encourages us to discuss various perspectives in econs. The constant weekly practices have allowed me to consolidate my learnings every week and has definitely made my revision easier as there is little back load! Thank you Mr Teo for being a caring and good teacher, helping me achieve B in my block tests!

  17. Avatar photo
    G. Basker

    AYE was instrumental in helping me improve my Econs. Mr Teo was a firm yet encouraging teacher who not only imparted content but also taught us essential exam skills and urged us to keep up our self-study to continue improving. Under AYE, my Econs skills (and grades) improved greatly, and I owe very much of my good grade in Econs at the A Levels to Mr Teo and AYE. Would highly recommend AYE to anyone who is struggling with their JC Econs and willing to work hard to achieve results!

  18. Avatar photo
    Lizzie Koh

    Prior to joining Ace Your Econs, I had difficulty understanding and interpreting questions, often resulting in slightly irrelevant or lengthy answers. The answering framework I learnt, along with all the practice, greatly improved my Econs, which went from a ‘D’ in MCTs to an ‘A’ in A-Levels. Mr Teo’s commitment and frequent messages of encouragements were also a great contributing factor to my experience

  19. Avatar photo
    Ian Tan

    Mr Jeffrey is precise and clear in his explanations.

    Initially, i was unsure of certain concepts and how to apply them properly. However, Mr Jeffrey was able to clarify my doubts quickly and help me with my learning effectively.

  20. Avatar photo
    Pranav Ghosh

    U (promos) to A (A Levels) in 1 YEAR!

    Mr Teo is a patient teacher who truly knows how to summarise the extensive content that the H2 Economics syllabus demands and break it up into bite-sized chunks that are more palatable and easier to understand. He has always been ready to put in the extra hours, be it through online consultations or speedy Whatsapp replies to help me in my work and has even referred me to multiple other practice questions that were able to reinforce the concepts I were having trouble with.

    Aceyourecons’ learning management system is also not something to be overlooked. With Mr Teo’s pre-recorded lectures and explanation, I was able to grasp concepts way ahead of the rest of my class. The weekly assignments and the extensive other various mock papers that he gives us access to allowed me to practice any topic that I was struggling with multiple times over until I had it mastered.

    Overall, my tuition experience here has been highly effective in not only bringing my grades up from a ‘U’ to an ‘A’ in my A levels but bringing Economics, a subject that most people are new to, to a level where I can enjoy and appreciate the subject.

    10/10 would recommend AYE

  21. Avatar photo
    Yiping Zhang

    Before joining the Programme, I’m unsure about what content to put in my econs essay and organise notes. After joining the Programme, my economics concepts are clearer.

  22. Avatar photo
    Esther Fu

    Mr Teo is an excellent tutor who provides really comprehensive resources and good tips for exams. Although I joined AYE pretty late, I improved tremendously in a short period of time and jumped 4 grades in two months!

  23. Avatar photo
    tom krak

    Dedicated tutor who is keen on getting your grades up. Knowledgeable and Experienced in his field.

  24. Avatar photo
    Khoong Shi Yun

    Econs became easier here

  25. Avatar photo
    juhari halim

    My daugther’s poor A-level results in Economics may had hindered her ability to get to her 1st choice of study in university. She opted then to go for a 2nd attempt as a private candidate while still pursuing an undergraduate study. As a Millennial, she took the totally online lectures and tutoring very easily like a duck to water. Furthermore, Mr Jeffrey Teo is very professional, passionate and knows his stuffs well. With his help and dedication as well as 4-months Intensive Package, my daugther managed to improve her grade from D to A in Economics. Thank-you Mr Jeffrey Teo! I will definitely recommend AceYourEcons for JC students requiring tuition for Economics.

  26. Avatar photo
    Terence Ang

    Having known Mr. Jeffrey Teo for awhile, I can say he has a passion to teach and cares for his students a lot. Plus, he also guarantees As in economics which is another plus! If you really want to improve your results, don’t hesitate and sign up with AYE now!

  27. Avatar photo

    My son enrolled in Mr Jeffrey Teo’s H2 Economics tuition class during his JC 1 (2019) and JC2 (2020). Jeffrey’s Economics tuition programme is very effective in helping students improve their Econs grade as students are required to submit weekly written practices/assignments to Jeffrey who will mark every single assignment, grade them and provide his detailed feedback to students. I had been updated by Jeffrey from time to time should my son slacken in his weekly assignment submission. The weekly assignment practices had exposed my son to different kinds of case studies and essays, hence providing my son with ample practice to boost his confidence in Economics.
    Under Jeffrey’s guidance, my son managed to score an A for H2 Economics in the recent A level exam. Look no further, I would strongly recommend Ace your Econs tuition programme to fellow parents and students without hesitation!

  28. Avatar photo
    Yang Ran

    Before attending ‘Ace Your Economics’ tuition, I have problems regarding understanding basic economics theories thus having trouble answering economic essays and case studies. However, through attending these sessions, I have not only been able to better understand topics i had difficulties with but also am able to answer questions with an effective approach.

  29. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Lim

    So far being in ace for econs for close to a month, i would say my understanding of the basic fundamentals of macroeconomics has improved with real life examples being used as strategies to improve in my learning.

  30. Avatar photo
    Susan Lee

    I am Susan Lee. My daughter sat for her Alevels in year 2022. It has been quite a ride and I would like to share more about our journey taking lessons with Mr Jeffrey Teo. After the midyear exams, we were quite desperate and prayed over this matter. We googled for “Economics Tutor” and Mr Teo’s profile popped up. We were intrigued by how he started teaching and how he had helped so many students. By the time we started our 1st lesson with Mr Teo, it ws already end of July 2022. From the start of the programme, Mr Teo displayed a high level of professionalism, letting us know the level of commitment he was expecting from the student. As weeks rolled by, he kept us all in the loop, with consistent work and reviews for the student. The parents also received regular updates. We appreciate that Mr Teo helped our daughter keep her focus on producing work even though she was super busy . She had a lot of writing practices. We are touched by Mr Teo’s constant encouragements and kind reminders. Building up to the Econs Paper, our daughter felt more encouraged and more equipped to do her revision based on all the teaching and guidance. We were just proud of all the hard work , the improvements and just prayed for the best. We give thanks that our daughter achieved a Distinction for Alevel Economics. Such a grateful moment. Thank You Mr Jeffrey Teo- for your dedication, for helping to boost our daughter’s level of confidence. Our Best wishes for you and your family. Stay healthy and do continue to help the many students out there. God Bless you!

  31. Avatar photo
    Shannon Odermatt

    I got to know of AYE through my family member who had previously attended the tuition class. I particularly like how the number of students online are limited and hence it feels more personalised. Compared to other tuition centres, AYE provides one-to-one mentoring sessions, where Mr Teo will help me with a study plan with specific learning objectives which helps me greatly in me econs since it is tailored to my personal goals. After attending classes at AYE, I have greater confidence before going for examinations and I’ve also gotten better at structuring my essays. I’d really like to thank Mr Teo for the encouragement given which has made learning economics more enjoyable.

  32. Avatar photo
    Rachel Low

    I had a tough time with question analysis when it comes to econs essay, many a times i always tackle the question wrongly due to wrong question analysis. But since i joined AYE, i could see myself improving greatly in this aspect as the lesson focuses on skills alot, but at the same time content is not compromised. I have improved from a C in my first try of As to a B in the second try. I would strongly recommend AYE. It is suitable for both private candidates and people taking As in school! AYE is able to cater to everyone’s needs through constant revision of their methods and getting of feedback from every student! With the level of commitment and the tutor’s passion, everyone who attends will surely benefit greatly!

  33. Avatar photo
    ash x

    very patient and understanding for both admin and academic matters

  34. Avatar photo
    Sarah Low

    it helps me to clear my concepts very well and lessons are very interesting! 🙂

  35. Avatar photo
    Hao Wern Tan

    My initial beliefs on the online classes was that it was going to be ineffective, not engaging and not able to motivate me hard enough when we go online. However, the convenience of the online portal makes it easy to consolidate past scripts and answer schemes, along with tutorial videos to help if you don’t understand what the qn wants for the homework. Mr Teo has also organised monthly mentoring sessions online to find out my challenges and how to cope with it, which really help pushed me harder to overcome these challenges and achieve good grades. Thank you Mr Teo for your guidance

  36. Avatar photo

    I am a former student of Dunman High, and I completed my A-levels in 2022.

    I struggled with H2 Econs for nearly the entirety of my two years in JC despite spending considerable time and effort on the subject. I dreaded lectures and assignments because I found the content overwhelming and difficult to digest.

    It was only in the final stretch to A-levels that I joined Ace Your Econs with Mr Jeffrey Teo. As many others here have echoed, the lessons here place great emphasis on practice. Mr Teo also provided a great deal of feedback to reinforce good habits in my learning. In a short span of time, I transformed my ‘S’ in mid-years to an ‘A’ at A-levels. If you are looking to improve your Econs grade and don’t mind working a little hard, joining Mr Teo would definitely be in your best interests!

  37. Avatar photo
    Hui Jiung Fam

    I was consistently scoring S and U for my econs exam. Under Mr Teo’s guidance, my grades started improving steadily. His concise notes and real life examples made it so much easier to internalize economics concepts quickly. After 6 months of tuition, I managed to score a B during my A levels.

  38. Avatar photo
    Kiba _Owl

    Jeffrey is a people-oriented (or should is say student-oriented) tutor. His passion for economics is reflective in his teaching style, ensuring that his students understand more than just the “academically-required amount”. Economics can be really tough subject without the right motivation. With Jeffrey, you might just be able to kindle that interest!

  39. Avatar photo
    Swapnil Bapat

    Great tuition! Friendly tutor, yet a perfect for those who want to really buck up their econs after failing or not performing well for a long time to then extent of even after J2 prelims. I always had problems scoring well in the CSQ portion as well as missing out on keywords and info in the Essays. Mr Jeffery’s methods of recalling, remembering as well as answering helped me greatly despite me thinking I had almost no time to buck up 2 years worth of content in just 2 or less months before A Levels.

  40. Avatar photo
    Ethan Lee

    Signed up with AYE after a wake up call upon receiving a bad grade for Econs in the mid year results in JC2. AYE was introduced to me by my dad. I’m Ethan, and have just graduated from SAJC.

    Even though it was a short few months leading to A Levels, Mr Jeffrey Teo had been very studious and effective in reaffirming and enforcing complex economic concepts in a clear and understandable manner to me, Ethan. Personally, I could see clear improvement in exam confidence for Econs!

    In hindsight, I, like many other Singaporean students, have been to few other tution sessions before in the past in my educational journey. That said, I found Mr Teo’s way of teaching rather unique; he’s able to create personalized and individualistic methods to ensure economic concepts are taught well and to ensure adequate potential is achieved. An efficient tutor, Mr Teo always seek to maximize time; like a true economist that adheres to the decision making framework haha!

    As a student, I am most appreciate of Mr Teo’s encouraging, dedicated and commitment nature to explain concepts with vigor. He’s not afraid to explain and revisit things that I still don’t grapple well, always desiring to ensuring fundamentals are grasped firmly. Furthermore, he is strict and meticulous in all feedback in my assignments. He’s mannerisms have made me more accountable in all that I do – a characteristic pivotal in the increasingly volatile world we live in.

    Safe to say, AYE has been a meaningful program for me, allowing to secure the elusive A for Econs, as well as obtain decent overall A Level grades in general. To those considering Mr Jeffrey Teo, I’m certain your efforts will be rewarded as long as you yourselves put in equal vigorous efforts. A partnership, after all, goes both ways.

  41. Avatar photo
    Ivan Yu

    Jeffrey is a dedicated tutor and takes pride in his work. I can definitely rest assured I’m in good hands

  42. Avatar photo
    Shermin Ng

    Before I joined Mr Jeffrey’s programme, i had no idea what to expect in econs exams: how to answer essay and CSQ questions etc. Under the guidance of Mr Jeffrey, i was able to understand all those and more! His notes and online lectures are clear, straightforward, and easy to understand (something which i believe schools sometimes lack). Also, his methods are extremely useful in helping students tackle econs questions, and helped me to gain newfound confidence in tackling the econs paper during my A levels!

  43. Avatar photo

    My challenge has always been content mastery + essay skills. AYE is well equipped and prepared to handle this, with digestible notes and a plethora of online resources. Also, Mr Teo frequently conducts ZOOM sessions to help us clarify any doubts and work on question analysis. Furthermore, the online platform makes the whole process of learning convenient, and AYE even provides online consultations which are always useful for any miscellaneous questions. Would recommend.

  44. Avatar photo
    Lydia T

    Mr Teo provides a good structure to answer the econs question and guides us on how to write a good evaluation – rather than just memorising evaluations that may or may not be applicable to the question. He provides a conducive learning environment and highlights important linkages between concepts. I have seen improvements in my understanding of the concepts and my exam results.

    The biggest challenge for me before enrolling in this program is understanding the structure of essays and how to answer CSQs concisely. I improve from an E in promos to B in As

  45. Avatar photo
    Shermin Tan

    Before coming, i did not understand fully what my teachers in school were talking about. After attending, my doubts were clarified and i could understand more clearly as the teacher provided a very clear and detailed explanation.

  46. Avatar photo

    Yay, I received an A for my A-level!! Although my Economics result in JC1 is good (Promos: B) before I joined AYE, I still believe what truly contributed to my A in A -level is definitely the regular practices and professional guidance that Mr Teo had provided for me in this short 1 year. Speaking of my results before I joined AYE, I am pretty sure that my B in JC1 is quite from a pinch of luck. Back then, like many of my peers in AYE, I barely have much idea on what to write, how to analyse and apply the concepts which I had picked out from the questions. After exposing myself to abundance of practices and getting super super knowledgeable about the format and answering techniques, this is then I was able to secure my A in A-levels! Thank you Mr Teo for his year-long and beneficial efforts as well as myself for attempting most of the practices (definitely not the most hardworking student in AYE ).

  47. Avatar photo
    Tiny Delights

    I’m an anxious parent of a J1 student. I get to know ace your econs through my sister as she has known the trainer for many years and is aware of his teaching style. I know nothing about economics , can’t coach my son, so decided to send my son for j1 H2 econs class. My son has been with ace your econs for the whole year. Initially he did not do well for the subject , but improved gradually after he has grasped the concept from the tutor. Jeff is a very patient and organized tutor. Not only he has taught my son on the concepts of econs , his technique has helped my son to score in his recent paper. I strongly recommend this Centre to those who are looking for econs tuition .

  48. Avatar photo
    Teo Xuan

    I was looking for a tuition that assists me in answering economics questions and Mr Teo provides a good structure to answer the econs question and guides us on how to write a good evaluation – rather than just memorising evaluations that may or may not be applicable to the question. He provides a conducive learning environment and highlights important linkages between concepts. I have seen improvements in my understanding of the concepts and my exam results.

  49. Avatar photo
    Berenice Tan

    Jeffrey’s passion to help each and every one of his students truly shows in the dedication he puts into his work …

  50. Avatar photo
    Karen Tan

    My son was doing avg in econs in J1 but grades went downhill as he progressed to J2 mid yr exam…. That was when I panicked.

    My nephew recommended me to Mr Jeffrey from AceYourEcons. Having only a few mths to A level, I enrolled my son in the Intensive Program. Mr Jeffrey is indeed an ‘ace’ educator. Not only did he teach, he encouraged my son, provided routine follow up msg to update me & ask for feedback.

    That PASSION to guide a student is noticeable and that sets him apart from other tuition ctr.

    My son enjoyed his lesson & learnt well, from ‘F’ to B! To my son, Mr Jeffrey is not only his tutor, he is his friend. My only regret is not starting my son with AceYourEcons in J1 . Thank you Mr Jeffrey.

  51. Avatar photo

    AYE has solved my timing and planning problems when it comes to essays and csqs. I have improved alot aft coming here. I would recommend this tuition. I have achieved an A for h2 Econs in Alevels

  52. Avatar photo
    Kirbie Koh

    The best teachers are those with real life experiences. It’s a joy to listen to Jeff’s easy-to-understand Econs concepts. Studying suddenly seems so much easier and enjoyable. And the best part is of course the grades that are ever improving under his guidance!

  53. Avatar photo

    I didnt regret coming to join this tuition. I used to be unable to answer questions because i was unsure of many concepts e.g. what concepts to apply to each different question. But his ACE approach and how he frames his answers now allowed me to find a way to finally answer econs questions!!!

  54. Avatar photo
    Emily Ho

    My daughter Erin needed help in Econs and I googled and chanced upon AceYourEcons. I was deciding which Econs tuition centres to go and small world that my friend knows Jeffrey as a personal friend and gave me his affirmation to put Erin under Jeffrey’s coaching. Even though the initial months of coaching did not fly Erin results high, but from a failing to passing grades. We were patience and put our confidence and trust in Jeffrey. With consistent monitoring Erin’s progress and dedicated coaching, Erin Ace an A in her A levels. Highly recommended AceYourEcons. Thank you Jeffrey and blessed to know you.
    From Emily, mummy of Erin.

  55. Avatar photo

    I joined this program in my second year of JC. They have an online system known as LMS, where you can find all the lectures, questions and answers in one place, which helps me to be very organized. Their online classes are helpful for introverts who don’t face a social barrier during lesson time as they are learning comfortably in their own home. Mr Jeffrey Teo, the econs teacher, is a geniune fellow who really wants to help you get an A for econs!

  56. Avatar photo
    Angeline Chan

    As a parent, I am glad that Jeffery is able to help my son to improve his Economics grade in just 3 mths, thanks Jeffrey!

  57. Avatar photo

    I came across AYE’s online classes when I was googling suitable economics tuition for private candidates. AYE’s online classes is convenient as I can save on travel time and spend more time on other things. It is also easier for me to ask questions during classes and refer to the lesson materials on the LMS portal. The quality of AYE online class is comparable to face-to-face class as Mr Teo is able to deliver the lessons clearly by drawing diagrams or annotating on the digital whiteboard and lesson materials. I would definitely recommend students to take up AYE’s online classes. Mr Teo’s clear teaching has allowed me to pick up the relevant concepts, frameworks and answering techniques quickly.

  58. Avatar photo
    kelly chin

    I was a student who attended Ace Your Econs in 2022. I’m really grateful for the guidance I received from Mr Teo, and I feel that I was able to learn a lot from the programme as a whole – I especially benefitted from AYE’s heavy focus on practices and hands on exercising of skills and content learnt, and from Mr Teo’s insightful feedback and comments on how to improve my answers.

    I was able to score an a at a levels (my previous highest grade was a c) but an integral contribution to that was that AYE taught me to be more accountable, more committed, and better at managing my time, which are things that are also precious to me beyond grades alone. I would recommend AYE to students who are already good at learning about econs on their own and want a way to test their skills and knowledge; but also to students who are confused about how to study for econs, but willing to put in the effort to get better bit by bit.

  59. Avatar photo
    aaccee -

    i attended this tuition the year of 2022. this has helped me tremendously in improving my grades as mr teo has not only spent time outside of the lesson explains to me my misconceptions on economics but also helped me answer other economic related questions outside of the material that he has given me. he has helped me greatly in improving my economic grades and it rose from a e to and a in the course of just one year.

  60. Avatar photo

    Helped me get an A. Comprehensive resources

  61. Avatar photo
    Daniel Loke

    Attended a sharing by Jeffrey on how to boost credibility online. Jeffrey is an effective coach, putting ideas across clearly and quickly. Relevant anecdotes, direct and insightful answers during QnA and also covering topics outside what was required made the session very helpful. I have picked up not only good information, but quick and actionable steps to help boost credibility online. Kudos to Jeffrey!

  62. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Foo

    Jeffrey is a really responsible tutor. Loved the way he makes the concepts easy to understand and remember. would truly recommend him to anyone who needs econs tutoring.

    Keep it up Jeff!

  63. Avatar photo
    Elaine Shu

    1. I’m Elaine , almost adult kids ..
    2. The online classes were versatile, convenient and easily assessable.
    3. Mr. Jeffrey Teo is a very encouraging tutor. He care for his student not only in their studies but also their well being esp during Covid period.
    4. I’ll recommend Ace Your Econs to my fellow parents.

  64. Avatar photo
    dana chiam

    This has been a valuable and helpful platform to learn and improve. Hard to find a tuition environment that helped grasp key concepts within such a short period of time.

  65. Avatar photo
    natalie c

    i am one of mr teo’s j2 students from temasek jc. i joined his class in term4 ish of j1 and managed to see improvements from my S in MYA to D in overall grade! i found out about his tuition from my sister who came here in her j2 year and also saw significant grades jumps and improvements in her 1 year with him. what’s special about AYE is the special website provided, where there is a lot of useful materials like recorded lessons or practices for students to use even outside of lesson time! mr teo also keeps a very useful track record of the students so we can see progress and take note of which areas we should work on from time to time. AYE ensures that we get high quality sessions and that we don’t miss anything out!

  66. Avatar photo
    Chiew Chung

    Jeffrey’s one of the most caring and honest tutors out there, constantly finding ways to improve his students grades. He looks after his tutoring staff at Ace Your Econs well too. If anyone is looking for an econs tutor in Singapore, he should be in your consideration list.

  67. Avatar photo
    zad yahya

    My name is Rohaizad bin Yahya. Father of Muhammad Nazry.
    Mr Teo consistently monitors my son’s progress weekly.
    Mr Teo always encourages us as parents to give full support in our child’s school work.
    With Mr Teo professional tuition methods, our son has scored an ‘A’ in his mid year Exam recently.
    I greatly recommend Mr Jeffrey Teo and Ace Your Econs to students and fellow parents.
    He can help your child to Ace their Econs.

  68. Avatar photo
    Fang Ling

    Lessons are fun and engaging, the notes are short and concise, and practices are rigorous and effective. I used to be weak in economics concepts but with the notes and video lessons, economic concepts are now easier to understand and remembered. In addition to these, Mr Jeffrey’s practices aid in drilling key concepts and answerimg techniques, which all helps greatly (:

  69. Avatar photo
    Z. Junru

    Teaching style well-catered to students, helped alot in my econs

  70. Avatar photo
    Zara Karimi

    Unlike other centres, AYE focuses more on practice than content mastery, and breaks things down into easily understandable processes. The extra practices that I got from AYE with just a little over 4 months of intensive support probably made all the difference in not just my performance, but also my confidence and genuine enjoyment of Econs

  71. Avatar photo
    W YK

    i’m a J1 student from JPJC. I managed to get to know Mr Teo and Ace Your Econs through searching from the internet. What differentiates mr Teo from other tuition centers is the weekly practices and the reviewing of these practices he gives us which allows us to know where we went wrong and improve from there. Mr Teo also consolidates questions from the different schools which makes revision much easier. Under his guidance, I managed to get an A for my promos I would like to thank Mr Teo for his dedicated teaching!

  72. Avatar photo
    Justin Kong

    I was a Junior College student from Raffles Institution. I decided to re-attempt my ‘A’ Level Economics paper while serving in NS, because I was hoping to improve my grade, despite the fact that I wasn’t very strong in the subject. I knew that I needed additional assistance and guidance to keep my preparation on track, especially since I was no longer in school. That was when my parents recommended Mr. Teo, who had been introduced by a friend of theirs. What immediately stood out to me about Mr. Teo was how confident he was that he would help me improve. This confidence definitely gave me a lot more assurance and peace of mind during my preparation. Furthermore, throughout my lessons, he consistently placed a great emphasis on practice, providing me with many questions and papers to do every week. He then helped to make these practices meaningful by giving me specific and insightful comments on how to improve. And while it was a heavy workload, it ultimately paid off, and I ended up seeing a great improvement in my Economics grade during my re-attempt of the ‘A’ level paper! I truly am grateful for Mr. Teo’s help!

  73. Avatar photo
    Hui Yang

    Jeffrey has always been an impressive tutor. I have previously recommended him to my colleague’s son and received thanks for my colleague for the referral. Jeffrey is a patient and meticulous tutor that does his best to tackle his student’s weakness while imparting valuable values in the process. As a friend of his for many years, I can reassure you that anyone who finds him for tuition is definitely in good hands.

  74. Avatar photo
    Shawn Prawn

    Allowed me to understand better

  75. Avatar photo
    JC Kitty

    When I was informed that my friend’s son Hao Wern scored an A for his Econs in the recent A level results release, I just knew that he will score well and make the mark, as he is under the good guidance of Jeffrey from Ace Your Econs.

    It all happened a year ago over a morning coffee chat with my friend, Hao Wern’s mum seeking good recommendation to help her son back on track again with the subject. I was made to understand his grade was either a S or U, and the agony and desperation can be attested being a parent myself.

    Without much hesitation, Jeffrey’s number was immediately shared. The mum and son had arranged for a meet up with Jeffrey. The next moment, I knew from my girlfriend that Hao Wern had decided to engage Jeffrey as he was comfortable with how Jeffrey was able to explain the concept and allow him to comprehend the subject better.

    Fast forward a year on, the result attained is the best testimonial to Jeffrey. Having left a well paid banker job to start his mentoring journey years back, in assisting all JC students to ace their Econs has been his calling.

    I urge all parents and students to approach Jeffrey today if you are still struggling how to conquer the subject – Econs.

    I am sure you or your kid will be in the good hands of Jeffrey to Ace Your Econs.

  76. Avatar photo
    Shawn Ong

    Jeffrey’s programme materials are useful and his explanations to answers is clear to the point. Good job!

  77. Avatar photo
    Kiat Seng, Jason Lee

    I am Jason Lee from Love To Learn Education Hub, an expert in Secondary online math tuition.

    I have known Jeffrey Teo for more than 3 years, and have seen his business Ace Your Econs grow from strength to strength.

    Jeffrey has a proven system that helps many students achieve their desired results. What impresses me constantly is how thorough he executed his program. He is strict, yet his students love him and willingly put in their best effort.

    I’d recommend Jeffrey to any JC students who struggle with Econs.

  78. Avatar photo
    Lim Yong Ping

    Apart from his patience, Mr Teo and his team are able to spread their passion for Economics to the students

  79. Avatar photo
    Dylan Woon

    I’m a J1 student from ASRJC. Throughout the first half of J1, I’ve been failing econs as I could not understand and grasp the different concepts of the subject, hence I could not answer tests/exams questions. Hence, I decided to look for tuition to help and I chanced upon AYE! With Mr Teo’s patience and great teaching, I managed to not only pass my promos, but managed to get a B grade! Really greatful for the consistently drilling and practise Mr Teo gives us so we could do well. Thankful for the team behind the whole centre as well!

  80. Avatar photo
    Jeroctopus Tay

    I’m Jerome, formerly from tmjc batch of 2021. I got to know about Mr Teo and his tuition centre through word of mouth as well as searching from the internet. What differentiates mr Teo from other tuition centres is his dedication to his students and his willingness to go far and do whatever it takes to help his students. He explains economic terms concisely and makes it easy to understand for us. He also takes the time to give us feedback on our work and works out all the nitty gritty details about our answers. From only a few months with him, my grades improved from E to B for h1 economics. He has also given me much more confidence I’m not just economics but studying as a whole. Thank you so much once again Mr Teo and Happy Teachers Day

  81. Avatar photo
    Jaren Chan

    I’m currently retaking my A levels in a private academy and a student with Ace your Econs. I’m very thankful as these lessons have given me the flexibility of having online classes which is very convenient. Mr Teo closely monitors each student’s progress and regularly checks on each student if they need help. The mentoring session have been very helpful which I believe many other centers neglect to go deep into understanding each student’s needs. I’ve developed an interest in Econs thanks to ace your Econs and I went from the usual E to a B in recent school tests. I will definitely recommend Ace Your Econs to any fellow private candidate that is looking for an Econ tutor.

  82. Avatar photo
    Tuyết Mai Nguyễn Thị

    I am an international student who is taking H2 economic. I am really impressed by the online lecture by Mr.Teo. Every video is quite obvious and easy to understand, especially for a non-english speaker like me. Moreover, teacher knows how to make the lecture more interesting and enjoyable. You may not feel boring during his lesson. He is quite experienced on his own field, economic.

  83. Avatar photo
    Shirleen Lim

    I am Shirleen.
    I got to know Mr Jeffrey Teo through website.
    He is a tutor who knows his work very well and make effort to understand his student. His is strict but patient.
    He care for his student and has always update me on my child progress.
    My child has better understanding and improve tremandeously.
    Thank you Mr Jeffrey Teo.

  84. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Leong

    With 10 years of tutoring tucked under his belt, it’s not hard to see why many parents choose to enrol their children at Ace Your Econs. Understanding that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” method for tutoring, Jeffrey has come up with the Accelerated Learning Programme.

    This program allows him to teach your child in accordance to their learning style so that it’d be easier for them to learn, understand and retain information, all while having fun!

    With the customized program for your child in place, you can be assured that lessons are carried out in an encouraging and caring manner as to inspire your child to look at even the most difficult of topics as a welcomed challenge versus something to be frustrated with.

    Jeffrey will also make sure that your child understands one concept before moving on to another, and will make it a point to regularly review past lessons to make sure that your child truly understood and retained what was taught.

    Under Jeffrey’s tutelage, you will be able to see a drastic improvement in your child’s attitude, confidence and academic performance.

  85. Avatar photo
    C T

    Got to know AYE through a tutor and my girl managed to get an A for H2 during J1 under his guidance. He’s pretty strict to all her assignments and feedback to us if she didn’t submit in due date. Appreciate his efforts for following up closely so that she keeps in track with her work. Glad to know Mr Teo and we know she will be in good hand with him.

  86. Avatar photo
    Yoshiki Kaneko

    Before coming to this tuition, I faced difficulties understanding what were the important concepts required of me during econs, but Mr Jeffrey’s classes have helped me focus onto important concepts and link them together and has helped in my answering technique

  87. Avatar photo

    initially felt apprehensive with the cost of the programme, but ultimately the rewards caught up to speed on their own. by virtue of volume alone, the program has been an immensely worthwhile undertaking and taking quality into consideration, i would strongly recommend this centre as the tuition received is top notch and incredibly tailored to each student’s individual needs.

  88. Avatar photo
    Brian TheMan

    The journey has been a fulfilling one. Mr Teo is very encouraging and spontaneous when clarifying our doubts. Resources provided are abundant and complete, and also classes are 2-way. This is something not many classes can provide. Last but not least, I am more confident in my Econs.

    Just a quick update: I am currently a year 2 in NTU, pursuing a degree in Physics and Mathematics. Let me reiterate, Mr Teo has always been connecting with me since 2019, when I first met him as a tutor for my H1 Econs. I was a private candidate back in 2019, while undergoing my National Service as a Specialist in the Combat Engineer unit, coincidentally, similar vocation to Mr Teo himself.

    So knowing that I will have to increase my chances of going to a degree that I am interested in pursuing in NTU, I decided to spend my free time in NS (though I personally find it tough since it I am in an active unit and mostly got deployed out to other unit as a combat support), I spend whatever free time I have in my army bunk (after last parade), to catch up on homework and notes that Mr Teo and his AYE team has prepared carefully for us, to catch up and go to his classes on every weekend.

    The reason why I chose AYE Econs and Mr Teo himself to tutor my Econs was that he brings out the best in each student and personally I find it a unique trait that tutor in our current day and age have. He stays connected with me even though I have graduated from AYE Econs. He is committed to his cause and care equally for both private and non private candidates.

    As I mentioned above, since I undertook my Alevel Econs in my NS day, I was a private candidate that has to fork out my free time, to spend it on revising rather than chilling. This is what I had in mind since I rather not waste another chance and opportunity given. The programme was specially curated by Mr Teo and his team, to help all students whom are struggling but had the potential to learn well and perform well at the end of the day.

    Not long after, I got an A for my Alevel Econs which not only proved the ability of Mr Teo and this team but also how dedicated they are to helping students like myself who are not studying full time like back when I was in my Junior College. I would like to thank him and his team, and recently, I asked Mr Teo to be my referee for my upcoming internship at ASTAR which was pretty strict on their requirements as only 13 interns was selected every year. He was very willing to help me out and personally I find that very reassuring and I would like to once again, thank him for helping for many things, and for staying connected for graduated students.

  89. Avatar photo
    Regina Lee YA

    Before joining AYE, Econs was just like Greek to me! I did not know how to study for it or how to do well in it. Joining AYE taught me how to understand and answer Econs questions in different ways I never knew existed and it also made me enjoy Econs much more than before. 🙂

  90. Avatar photo
    Isaac Nabi

    Before coming to this tuition, I had difficulties in understanding certain Macroeconomics concepts and was unable to answer questions with good diagrams. I learnt how to illustrate accurate diagrams and give answers that will get me the full marks for a question

  91. Avatar photo
    Gerrard Ng

    I’m a J1 student from HCJC. I got to know Mr Teo through my father and his tuition stands out from others thanks to their comprehensive resources and the accessible support that Mr Teo provides. I really appreciated the attention and personalised feedback that Mr Teo provided me with and it helped me secure good grades for my economics tests throughout the year. I would like to thank Mr Teo for all the effort he put into making his lessons as useful as possible for his students

  92. Avatar photo
    Yi Hui

    I found it hard structuring my essays in a way that will answer the exam question directly. After learning Mr Teo’s ACE technique and applying it to the many timed practices, I found it easier to write an essay. Thank you!

  93. Avatar photo
    Muen Huang

    5 star tuition for econs!! Mr Teo’s teaching is very structured and organised and I always look forward to learning new things every week. The timed practices definitely allowed me to gain more exposure to the various types of questions, and be familiar with them.

  94. Avatar photo
    Dynette Ng

    Mr Jeffrey Teo is passionate about teaching his students. His dedication is evident from the get-go, the extra holiday classes, the weekly pre-lesson video conferencing and the additional lessons around exams crunch time. My daughter started to attend AYE after she fared badly for her promos. With Jeffrey’s help, she improved from a U at promos to a B at A-levels. Nuff said.

  95. Avatar photo
    Nicole Kan

    Problem: I didn’t know what the school was teaching because the notes were not concise and had a lot of unnecessary info
    Solution: AYE helped to simplify many concepts and made econs easier to understand

  96. Avatar photo
    Kristy Lai

    great & effective learning experiences which I would recommend to friends.

  97. Avatar photo
    II AngelOfDeath II

    I have difficulty understanding the concepts in school as teachers tend to rush through topics to cover them in time to meet their schedules. Hence AYE helped me to understand the concepts better as they take the time to help students be it in person or through whatsapp and email. ))

  98. Avatar photo
    Ryan Seah

    Problem before coming for AYE:

    I felt it hard to understand Econs concepts and scored rather poorly for my examinations. Got a U for J1 Mid-Years and Promos. Rose to an E for J2 Common Test, C for J2 Mid Years, B for J2 Prelims and finally an A for A-levels.

    Solution after coming for AYE:

    I now have a better grasp of Econs syllabus with ample and intensive Essay and CSQ practice! And I managed to understand concepts better through rigorous practice sessions and bite-sized lectures. To top things all off with a cherry on the topping, I secured an A for my H2 Econs in the 2017 A-levels! 88.75 Rank Points is something I didn’t expect for my results so I highly recommend prospective econs students to leverage on Mr Teo’s expertise to fly high in the national A-levels! Good luck and enjoy econs!

    From Ryan Seah, former AJCian and attendant of Mr Teo’s AYE tuition.

  99. Avatar photo
    Styles Chong

    I have known Jeffrey for a few years and he has constantly amaze me with all the hard work and dedication he put into his students.He cares so much about his students success and their goals to enter their dream school that he is willing to give his all to coach them. Jeffrey is truly a rare and dedicated coach/tuition provider in his industry.

  100. Avatar photo

    I was having difficulties with my Economics module during my final year of study in Polytechnic. Soon after, I contacted Mr Jeffrey Teo and signed up for “AceYourEcons” personal 1 to 1 coaching. Mr Teo taught me all of the necessary economical concepts which I had doubts with previously. In addition, he guided me in my Economics assignment which got me an “A” grade. Mr Jeffrey Teo is an excellent tutor who caters to every individual student needs and wants. “AceYourEcons” is definitely the answer for those seeking help in Micro/Macro Economics ! Thank you Mr Jeffrey Teo !

  101. Avatar photo
    Jessica Lee

    Before coming to AYE, I found grasping economic concepts difficult as it was a relatively new subject. I had great difficulty in understanding any lectures no matter how hard i tried to and could never write a full economics essay within the time limit given. As a result, I continuously got U and S grades for my examinations. However, after joining Mr Teo’s stellar economics tuition, I was finally able to understand topics that i never understood before, such as market structure and macroeconomic policies. This was all due to Mr Teo’s great coaching and most importantly, practices. I found the weekly essays, that were marked quickly and with great detail, really helpful as it really helped to drill concepts into our brains and allowed us to practice time management, which is extremely important! Mr Teo never gave up on me even though i was constantly getting U/S. As a result of his determination and coaching, I was able to improve from a U in prelims to a B in the A levels! Thank you Mr Teo for all the help, support and encouragement! I owe it all to you. Would 10 out of 10 recommend AYE as their program is special and personalised. (Also, free oreos are given out during breaks hehe).

  102. Avatar photo

    Jeffrey is a very committed tutor who is most concerned about his students’ success more than anything else, he is so obsessed in wanting the best out of his every student that he dares to put a guarantee to his programme, something we can hardly see from other tutors. Not only that, he is very close with all his students & tt’s what made so many of them referred new students to him.

  103. Avatar photo
    Rayner Lim

    Before coming to AYE I had problems answering and understanding ECONS. However after attending the lessons provided,I was able to understand and answer questions much easier. Would definitely recommend a friend to join!

  104. Avatar photo
    Yi Min

    I highly recommend ace your econs for a very good place to improve your economics grades. Mr Jeffrey is an organised tutor and has a very unique way of teaching econs and making his students internalise their concepts well. His style of teaching allows me to grasp economics concept easily. Before joining the tuition, I totally didnt understand the economics concepts at all and constantly failing econs exam despite ‘studying’ for the test. After joining the tuition, I was able to pick up within a short period of time and improved from a “U” in J1 promos to an “A” in A level. Thankful for Mr Jeffrey’s guidance

  105. Avatar photo
    rachel chew

    When I had first joined AYE in February of my J2 year, the highest grade I had clinched in school for economics was a mere D. However, under the guidance of Mr Teo and the AYE tuition framework, I had managed to to improve to a B during my midyear examinations and finally an A for the GCE A Levels! I highly recommend this tuition program to anyone who’s currently struggling with economics, be it in content knowledge, essay planning, writing and so on. Thank you Mr Teo, couldnt have done it without you!

  106. Avatar photo
    Hazel Wan

    My daughter knew she needed help, and she actively searched online and found Mr Teo. Other than (of course) the mastery of the subject and his capability to coach, Mr Teo also ensures the student submits their assignments on time. Each session’s progress is made available to the parent, and Mr Teo alerts us whenever need be, this is something I really appreciate. My daughter has improved from before she joined till the EOY exam. She started getting more confident attending Econs classes a few months after joining Mr Teo and in fact, Econs is one of her best subjects now. There was no need to think of whether to continue with Mr Teo for Year 2 or not, it’s a clear yes! I would hereby like to thank Mr Teo for his guidance and patience with my daughter during her Year 1. And I know my daughter is in good hands under Mr Teo

    Hazel Wan
    Parent of Lezanne Chua (SAJC)

  107. Avatar photo

    Simple classroom with great teachers

  108. Avatar photo

    Helped me understand the different types of question tested. The tutor is committed, giving extra help like consults, extra practices etc when needed

  109. Avatar photo
    Thin Lae

    Mr Teo is a very experienced tutor and is able to provide an abundance of resources. With weekly timed practices, it has helped me hone my economic skills.

  110. Avatar photo
    Roger Ng

    Jeffrey is a very dependent Friend when it comes to delivering promises.

  111. Avatar photo
    Teo JM

    I am a J1 student. The thing that sets Mr Teo apart from other tuition centres is weekly practices and the reviewing of these practices, ensuring that we are aware of our mistakes and do not repeat them during the exams. As a student in the online programme, I appreciate that Mr Teo also takes the time to ask about our school life and I also felt more confident attempting the questions in school practices and exams. I would like to thank Mr Teo for allowing us to grasp answering techniques faster and prevent us from learning these lessons the hard way!

  112. Avatar photo

    A highly committed economics tutor, Mr Jeffrey is dedicated to delivering good results and great improvement to students from different JCs. Recommended!

  113. Avatar photo
    Jason Lim

    Witnessing Jeffrey’s growth as his coach is amazing. He has even more love for his students than ever, and has the strongest desire than anyone else in this industry for his students to succeed and enter their dream school. He’s the tuition provider that every parents dream of. Humble sincerely yet strict and loving. It’s every parent’s dream to have such a tutor to be training their kids.

  114. Avatar photo
    Beverley TJC

    Ace Your Econs helped me reinforce what I’ve learned in school, and the additional practice in class has allowed me to better understand how to apply my knowledge.

  115. Avatar photo
    Ritha Low

    Great CSQ Skills and guideline, have allowed me to secure marks for my CSQ.

  116. Avatar photo
    charlotte lee

    Before attending Mr Jeffery’s programme, I had a lot of confusion with concepts and did not understand econs really well. However, all his video lessons clarified my concepts and they are very detailed such that i got to understand econs better.

  117. Avatar photo
    Karis Koh

    I am Karis Koh from Anderson Serangoon Junior College. As I did not perform up to expectations for my preliminary examination results, I was frantic and rushed to search for an Economics tutor. I stumbled upon Ace Your Econs on Google and decided to give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised at how organised and in depth Mr Teo was, not just in teaching, but also in the introduction session with my mother. She was confident that with Mr Teo’s guidance, I would be able to pick myself up and ace the A Levels. Though the practices were intense and time was tight, Mr Teo placed my schedule as top priority and worked around it so as to ensure I can cope with my other subjects. I was given sufficient resources and practices to do and Mr Teo would cover all grounds for me to have a good general understanding of all topics. Before the zoom sessions, Mr Teo would mark all my work and provide me with sufficient time to look through my mistakes. During the sessions, Mr Teo would be lively and cheerful to prevent me from feeling stressed and panicky. He would answer all my questions and give me excess information to clear my doubts. He also encouraged me to jot down areas to improve on so as to not remake my mistakes. After the intensive programme, I had greater clarity and confidence in myself. I am thankful for Mr Teo for this short but meaningful journey to help me achieve my desired ‘A’.

  118. Avatar photo
    Beverley Choo

    Before joining AYE, I felt as though I understood what was being taught in class, but my exam results seemed to suggest otherwise. After being introduced to different question types and the approach to be taken for each type, and having done more practice in the AYE programme, my grades jumped from an “E” in my promotional exam to an “A” in my A levels. Would strongly recommend joining AYE if you/your child is facing the same problem as I did!

  119. Avatar photo
    Astin Tay

    I found out about AYE from my brother as he was previously from this tuition centre as well. AYE’s online classes are different from other online classes in a sense that since there is a smaller class size, there is better engagement and thus it is easier to ask questions during class. Mr Teo is also active in asking his students questions to keep them engaged in the class. The online classes are comparable to onsite classes as Mr Teo uses whiteboard and marker functions to illustrate key concepts and draw diagrams. Furthermore, it is also easy to access lesson materials on the AYE LMS portal. All these together with the weekly practices has helped me to improve from an S to an A.

  120. Avatar photo
    Patricia Shimbo

    I found Ace Econs thru Google search. At that time, my child had just been promoted to JC2 and he was regretting taking H2 Econs. He failed badly and he was giving up hope on this subject. I found him a fresh graduate to help him out on this subject but he was still not able to gain any interest or understanding in this subject. He completely gave up when he scored a “U” .

    I am so grateful that I found Ace Econs and it was during the Covid period so the lessons were conducted online. Even though they didn’t have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, Jeffrey was able to connect with my teenager and befriended him to understand him better. He often updates me on the progress.

    My teenager gradually gain confidence in this subject even though it was tough for him to master the JC1&JC2 topics all in less than a year. As he struggled, Jeffrey was always there to encourage him.
    He passed his Econs for his A level. I am so grateful. Without Jeffrey’s coaching, he won’t be able to achieve a good 3 H2 passes to apply for admission to a local university.

    Thank you Jeffrey for believing in this young man and your patience in getting him back on his feet to press on.

  121. Avatar photo
    Joanna Chak

    This business is professional, great at communicating and coaching both students and keeping parents in the loop.

  122. Avatar photo
    Lynn Lee

    My child enjoys the lessons here despite the rigours of prep work. What matters most is that his grade improves with each Econs exam in JC2.

  123. Avatar photo

    I am Mdm Tham, I got to know the tuition center through word of mouth. After attending Mr Teo’s class, my son’s showed more interest in Econs and has helped him to improve on this topic. Mr Teo also follows up on my son’s progress and updates me regularly. Mr Teo’s dedication to help my son is commendable and I would strongly recommend to others who wish to improve and excel in this subject.

  124. Avatar photo
    Tinker Bell

    i’m from ejc and am currently j1. i joined aceyourecons around may of 2020 because i was struggling with economic concepts and was failing all the tests. my mum decided to find an online tuition for me especially since it was during circuit breaker and she wanted to find a centre experienced with online teaching. through researching, she found aceyourecons and we were quite impressed by the website thus we decided to try it out. mr teo will try his best to help you catch up and understand concepts even if you join later in the year. some elements of his classes that i enjoy are the kahoot games because it is engaging and helps me think quickly on the spot. i also like the learning portal (LMS) and the convenience in submitting my scripts for mr teo to mark and return. after joining aceyourecons for about 1.5months i managed to improve to a C grade in my june common test.

    i will recommend mr teo’s classes because it can really help you if you are struggling to understand econs. he also does a lot of timed practices and provides additional materials. every week, he also will mark your scripts if you submit it.

  125. Avatar photo
    alicia n

    Coming to this tuition centre helped me understand certain areas of econs that i wasn’t sure with. The explanations are clear and the lessons are not boring at all, the opposite of my image of tuition lessons. …

  126. Avatar photo
    Eddie Tang

    10/10 auntie downstairs sell good bak chor mee

  127. Avatar photo
    Ryan Tan

    I’m Ryan from HCI and I was a student here. I appreciate AYE’s help in my JC Economics as they held effective online lessons where Mr Teo constantly tried to engage us with fun activities like Kahoot quizzes or showing us his pet Corgi whenever we looked sleepy or zoned out, something few teachers would take the effort to do. Besides caring greatly for his students, Mr Teo has high expectations from us to push ourselves in and out of tuition, and his confidence in our ability to do so has helped me to put in effort in my studies. I would recommend AYE to others searching for Economics tuition.

  128. Avatar photo

    Teachers are very understanding and caring and this makes learning economics easier and more fun

  129. Avatar photo
    Joo Heng Goh

    As my maths student did badly in his h2 econs, I referred him to go for econs tuition with AceYourEcons. His econs improved from 32.9 (promo) to 84.3 percentile (J2 MYE). Very impresive!

  130. Avatar photo
    Lemon Honey

    The online lecture videos are a perfect way for revision and also ensuring discipline and consistent effort in learning! Weekly time trials are also very helpful in managing time, which is something that schools do not provide adequately sometimes. The entire regiment is how it’s suppose to be required for A Levels, which is very helpful for students to do well!

  131. Avatar photo
    Math Nuggets

    I’m a fellow tutor and I teach Primary Math. Jeffrey is a selfless individual. He is professional, very passionate with what he does, knowledgeable and is also very systematic in his approach of doing things.

    Strongly recommend his JC Econs tutoring!

  132. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Ng Qi Yao

    Mr Teo is an excellent economics tutor, he is very passionate about teaching the project. I learned alot in my stay as I was constantly exposed to different types of questions as well as well-written full answers to accompany each session. The e-portal is also very helpful with additional assistance in studying and brushing up with key concepts. Overall had a very value-added time here and I would recommend it

  133. Avatar photo
    Kenneth Leong

    I knew Jeffrey during my NS. Knowing he had set up a tuition school teachibg econs, I had recommended my cousins to attend tuition. Thanks to his guidance and teaching, they managed to Ace their econs! Big thanks to Jeffrey!

  134. Avatar photo
    Jia Xuan

    although i joined quite late, i would say that AYE has helped me in consolidating my concepts. it has comprehensive resources which has benefitted me in many ways such as mastering the answering techniques for different types of questions as well as question exposure.

  135. Avatar photo

    I have difficulty understanding concepts from school but AYE helped to resolve that issue.

  136. Avatar photo
    TeeHong Ser

    My daughter was struggling with economics during the entire J1 and was constantly scoring Cs and below, affecting her confidence. We approached Mr Teo for assistance at start J2. Thereafter, we noticed a sharp turnaround in her various test scores and also achieving an A in her recent A-Levels.

    Mr Teo has this ability to turn the grades around. I believe it is attributed to his teaching framework and his passionate approach of motivating and instilling discipline in his students to discover and organise the concepts and to apply them effectively in various scenarios. He took it upon his own personal responsibility to ensure the well being of his students through many in-class timed assignments and 1-on-1 coaching sessions. A BIG Thank you to Mr Teo and team for helping my daughter re-establish her confidence and interest in this subject.

  137. Avatar photo
    Bob dolan

    Mr Teo is a friendly tutor who privides clear answer keys and consults. If you are willing to work hard and practice you will see inprovement.

  138. Avatar photo
    Bosco Lim Hearted Moments

    Met Jeffery in a business networking setting, and he have good communication skills and business ideas. Shared with me how gathering reviews for my own business will increase credibility, which is very important. Thank you so much for the sharing!

  139. Avatar photo
    Karyn Tan

    before coming to AYE, i found it very difficult to know what the examiner’s were looking for and also what the scope of the questions were – in addition to that, the lack of timed trials and exercises in school caused a lack of exposure for me in terms of CSQs and essay writing. in AYE, the fact that there are tips such as ACE approach as well as the STEAL method meant that i was far more able to tackle the questions with a better understand of the requirements and scope for the questions. the increase in exposure through weekly essay writing and CSQ homework meant that i was more comfortable in answering the questions and i no longer had the fear of the unknown regarding the topics and questions that would come out. especially with the new AYE learning portal, lesson videos and tutorials are more accessible to me wherever i go. the patience and guidance that mr jeffrey has given is also something important to note, where he provides a comfortable and conducive learning environment in which questions can be easily asked.

    while i haven’t taken my A levels as of yet, i received a D for my Block Test 1 paper in J2 from an overall U in J1 which is a large improvement going by the fact that i only joined AYE in January 2018.

    all in all, i would highly recommend AYE for students who are struggling with Econs or need more exposure with questions or simply need a guidance in the right direction for questions!

  140. Avatar photo
    Justin Chuah

    Excellent place to brush up and improve your economics knowledge. Being a former student there, I used to struggle with answering economics questions. However, with Mr Jeffrey Teo’s top notch teaching methods, it helped me achieve an A for my A level examinations. Thank you very much, Mr Teo!

  141. Avatar photo

    The most interesting thing about this tuition programme is the ACE approach where it teaches you how to tackle the CSQ and essay question.
    there is also additional value adding teaching style whereby there are online lectures prepared in advance for the students for students to consolidate their learning even after the lesson has ended. It is definitely a must go programme for students who want to improve their grades or each ace their A level economics.

  142. Avatar photo
    Chevon Tay

    comprehensive resources, with an abundance of timed practices. weekly markings and feedbacks are useful in allowing me to gain insight into my past mistakes and learning from it. thank you

  143. Avatar photo
    Syazwani Hasrol

    After attending Ace Your Econs class, my understanding of intimidating economics concepts improved. I learnt to draw diagrams better within the time constraints. Overall, it help me to grasp concepts better.

  144. Avatar photo
    Koh Geraldine

    My son was initially struggling with his econs, but after attending the class at the centre, the lessons have helped him to build a better understanding and be more confident in the subject, which resulted in an improvement in his grades. The results speak for themselves, before and after. Thank you!

  145. Avatar photo
    Jinchao JiG Liu

    A long time friend and classmate for more than almost 20 years… Seen him fail his Econs to literally Ace his Econs in Junior College! LOL…

    Impressed by his good reviews and articles about assistance scheme to NSF and low income students. Keep up the good work!

  146. Avatar photo
    Keith Loh

    I’m keith and I studied in HCJC, currently just finished A levels. I got to know Mr Teo through the recommendation of a friend who was previously taught by Mr Teo. Mr Teo is an extremely patient tutor and constantly encourages students to recap concepts and participate actively in class to gain a further understanding of the subject and clarify their doubts. After being taught by Mr Teo, my grades significantly improved from a E/S grade to a A grade.
    Rly would like to thank Mr Teo for his dedicated teaching and his interesting lessons

  147. Avatar photo
    Oi Hoon Chong

    Very knowledgeable tutor! He uses alot of real life examples to make the students relate and understand the subject better. At the same time demonstrating application of the subject outside of the books.

  148. Avatar photo
    Raisha Aulia

    I am a J1 student in RJC. I decided to join AYE because my elder brother was an ex-student of Mr. Teo, and I am very glad that I did. Mr. Teo provides a very individualised learning experience and genuinely cares about the well-being of each of his students, which is something you cannot find in other large tuition centres. He closely monitors each student’s progress, and ensures that each student receives timely and in-depth feedback so they can improve. The weekly homework practices allows us to try questions before they even come up in tutorials, so we are always one step ahead of lessons. The class timed practices also trained my timing so I can complete my papers in time, which is something many of my classmates struggle to do. Even though econs is a new subject in JC, Mr. Teo has helped me tackle the subject and even helped me achieve my A just by the end of J1. I am very grateful for Mr. Teo and the AYE team!

  149. Avatar photo
    Azz Za

    Before I join the program, I was having difficulty doing my practices as per scheduled in my study plan despite my weak understanding of ecoms topics. Joining the program have forced me to practice and better my understanding in the various topics.

  150. Avatar photo
    Rachel chew

    My number one challenge before attending AYE was that I had trouble grasping the concepts for certain graphs and had difficulty applying knowledge into my CSQs and essays. With AYE’s notes, effective teaching and structured program I have been able to improve from an U to a B for my internal exams. Would definitely recommend AYE to people struggling with economics!

  151. Avatar photo
    R I

    Enrolled my son in Ace Your Econs in J1 after hearing about it from my friend. Am glad that there are practices during lessons to drill him, better preparing him for assessments. Am satisfied with the promo results and will continue with Mr Teo in J2. Hopefully, he can do even better next year under the continued guidance of Mr Teo.

  152. Avatar photo
    Constance Lau

    I’ve been with AYE since the start of JC1 last year. I have never failed Econs and my grades are constantly improving

    The transition from physical to online classes was very smooth and lessons were not disrupted. Since the materials are all easily accessible on the LMS, I can even refer to past lessons, or read ahead if I want to.

    Online classes are convenient as I can save on travelling time. The quality of interaction has not suffered as the online classes are still as interactive as physical classes. Mr Teo will call on us to answer questions, and we can ask him questions anytime.

    Mr Teo is clear in his explanations and will leave no questions unanswered. His experience in using online materials has been invaluable especially in the current climate.

    I will definitely recommend attending his classes. Your grades will thank you.

  153. Avatar photo
    Gladys Koh

    Before coming to AYE, Economics was so foreign to me and pure regurgitation definitely did not work for me, as I did really badly for Econs scoring barely an S in school tests. After coming to AYE, economics concepts became much more easier to understand, and I came to value the importance of economics in our daily lives. I could plan and write essays, complete case study questions with so much more ease. I also learnt a lot more about the importance of time management. Mr Jeffrey played a great role in guiding me consistently throughout a year and a half, giving me unlimited consultations and constantly reminding me of my areas for improvement. Despite me not scoring well in school exams (never gotten above a D), Mr Jeffrey did not give up on me, and always encouraged me on and believed in my abilities till the very end. Thankfully, I eventually scored an A in my A-levels I strongly recommend AYE as I believe that Ace Your Econs would bring as much help to you as it has to me and make a difference in your learning of Econs

  154. Avatar photo
    Inul Jariah

    I was looking for a tutor to coach my sons A level econs which he was very weak at. I got introduced to Jeffrey by another tutor of my son. Jeffrey coach my son with patience. After his tutoring my son showed improvements in his class work. He proved interest in that subject too. Jeffrey is a very helpful person in all ways. He takes pride in his coaching . He givers extra help to those in need and make sure his students are physically and mentally prepared!

  155. Avatar photo
    Yat _Pang

    Comprehensive lessons with sufficient practice to help you internalise what you have just learnt!

  156. Avatar photo

    I am Inez Ang from SAJC currently in J1 level. I heard about AYE’s online class from a family friend, and I find it very engaging despite it being a online class. Mr Teo makes great effort to engage each and everyone in his small class size and I feel quality is not compromised in anyway despite being an online class. I benefit greatly from his many practices, feedback and 1-1 consultations. I have been doing well in school as a result from all of AYE’s practices and lessons and got an A for my promos. Special thanks to Mr Teo for always looking out for me and being encouraging.️

  157. Avatar photo

    Had a great time at AYE, learnt a lot and clarified many economics-related doubts and misconceptions I had in school. Would and have recommended to friends. Plus the switch is a great addition

  158. Avatar photo

    My JC2 son got a S in Econs for mid year exam. I googled and found many good reviews about Mr Jeffrey. He assessed my son and tailored a package that suits him. My son started the programme in Aug and managed to improve to a D in his prelims. I am glad I have made the right choice, he got an A for his A levels! Thank you, Mr Jeffrey.

  159. Avatar photo
    Carrie Lai

    Mr Jeffrey Teo is very effective and passionate about teaching. You won’t be disappointed. He’s extremely organized and very responsive. He offers many additional tools to help with the process and definitely goes out of his way to ensure his students are achieving and acing their econs!

  160. Avatar photo
    Samantha Law

    Both my girls (in different years) had Econs tuition with Jeffrey Teo. He is a very dedicated teacher, always ensuring that the girls understand the concept. He follows up with them frequently and it really has the 1-1 feel even though it’s a group class. He gives them mock tests, and follows up on where they did well/did not do well…..With Online tuition (because of COVID-19) I think there’s even more effort put in by Jeffrey. My daughter can select the timings of the 1-1 to fit in with her other schedules. My daughter can wake up 10min before the online class is scheduled to begin . Prior to COVID-19 she has to be up 45min before as we will need to reach the centre in time for class…

    With Jeffrey’s dedication, both my girls got to boost their results from D (Despair) to an A (Awesome) for their A Levels! Thank u, Jeffrey!

  161. Avatar photo
    Bryan Hong

    I’m a JC2 student from Hwa Chong and I really like how convenient the online classes were this year as it can be troublesome to leave the house especially on rainy days and it saves a lot of travel time. When switching to online lessons the quality of lessons also did not fall. I particularly find that the extra consultations and mentoring sessions really sets him apart as it shows he cares not just for the grades but for the student and the consultations really help to ensure further consolidation of knowledge and clarification of questions.

    Mr Teo is a very caring and energetic tutor who always goes the extra mile for his students and is very understanding, as long as he is informed before hand he will do as much to accommodate any requests. He never fails to bring an energy to his lessons which help to make learning that much easier. Thank you Mr Teo for helping me jump from a U grade to a C grade!

  162. Avatar photo
    Alistair Chean

    Economics is one subject that many jc tutors fail to make students understand and execute properly in the exams.
    AYE however, takes notice of this problem and offers to counter any deficiencies in knowledge by teaching the right techniques and skills needed for economics in almost every scenario.
    Fantastic job

  163. Avatar photo
    Danny Ung

    Notes are concise and Mr Teo is very good at explaining concepts which I couldn’t understand in school. My grades improved tremendously upon learning his answering techniques for essays and CSQs. Conducts tests and mock exams to Ensure that students understand. Thank you Mr Teo!

  164. Avatar photo
    Muhd Nazry

    I’m a student in JPJC. During the first term of my J1 education, I had struggles with H2 Economics as it was a new topic and I had difficulty understanding the topics. Hence, I decided to search for an Economics tutor through the internet and I’ve managed to find out about AYE. I then decided try it out as I desperately need help with Economics. Mr Teo has immensely assisted me in understanding the subject better and has made learning very enjoyable. One thing that made AYE unique as compared to other tuition centres is that it provides online lessons for students living far away from the centre’s location which is convenient for us. Also, another thing that I appreciate about Mr Teo is his willingness to assist his students with any questions that they have. Moreover, Mr Teo will take the time and effort to provide us feedbacks on our assignments and provide answer keys in the AYE website in order for his students to take in the key points and learn from them. Therefore, I want to express my gratitude towards Mr Teo and his team for making Economics a fun subject to learn.

  165. Avatar photo
    Yi Juan Chan

    AceYourEcons provides ample resources, more than most if not all JCs. The one-on-one online consultations and flexibility in tuition make up classes also cater to those with irregular schedules. The weekly timed practices and homework target effective answering techniques and time management skills critical in, well, acing econs. One group of students I would highly recommend this centre to is unguided private candidates who are looking for a structured academic system.

  166. Avatar photo
    Chan Ro

    I am retaking my macroeconomics this sem and I came across AceYourEcons on the net to help me secure a pass. So far, the lecturer, Mr Jeffrey, has been very helpful and clear. I understand my econs a lot better now and I have the confidence that I will pass it this time. I would highly recommend AceYourEcons.

  167. Avatar photo
    GMM Lim

    My child didn’t like econs but it was too late to change subject. Initially she got a U during a class test, and it was difficult to look for tuition as we have logistics issues. Luckily we found Mr. Teo and after a long chat with him to understand our child’s problem, we decided to register my child for a trial. He even arranged for a short session after the trial to give us an idea on what weakness my child has and how he can help to bridge the gap. We signed up for his program immediately right after the chat. Within a few weeks, I can see my child regaining confidence and some interest in the subject. Mr. Jeffrey also organised mock test to ensure his student is well prepared in an exam setting. She just got her latest test back and she has improved from a U to C after about slightly over a month into the program!! Particularly appealing to us is that this is all done online, as we find that a lot of time and energy is expended if on travel for tuition. we had worried about how an online class can be as effective as onsite, but this has proven to be unfounded.

  168. Avatar photo
    Gina Chua

    I was looking for an Econs tutor for my J1 daughter and chanced upon Ace Your Econs website. Read the reviews by other parents and decided to sign up for Jeffrey’s lessons. We are very glad that we made this decision as Jeffrey proved to be a very patient and dedicated tutor. He made sure my daughter understood the concepts and pushed her to strive for better grades. After about 4 months with Jeffrey, my daughter passed the Econs promos. Highly recommended Econs tutor!

  169. Avatar photo
    Phang Vi Shen

    My 2 JC kids are being taught by Jeffery these 2 years . I thank Jeffery for his kind patience and professionalism in teaching them Economics. Their Economics results are testimony to his effort !

  170. Avatar photo
    Olly Joviadi Aulia

    I’m parents of 2 children who had and has been learning with ACE Your Econ. Beside the knowledge, Mr Teo is really engaging with the student and keep an excellent communication with me on the progress. We work together in motivating the children and addressing the challenges in order to take the best out of their potential.

  171. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Odermatt

    I was struggling for econs throughout my J2, constantly getting U and S as I had a lack of practice and I didn’t know how to approach CSQ and Essay questions. 2 months prior to A levels, I decided to join AYE and I wasn’t confident at first that I would be able to improve within such a short period. However, Mr. Teo’s teaching approach, constant timed practices and the accelerated learning program during the September holidays helped me jump from an S in prelims to an A for the A levels!! I highly recommend this program to anyone struggling in JC econs!!

  172. Avatar photo
    Timothy Hombre

    I am a student who has graduated from Junior College. I got to know about Mr Jeffrey Teo and Ace Your Econs (AYE) through my mother, back when my Economics grades were unideal, and we have decided on finding tuition.

    AYE offers different types of programmes, which brings about flexibility. Mr Teo’s tutoring style includes reflections after each session, which allows students to take the chance to remember what are the mistakes they should not make again.

    I am glad that my experience in AYE has contributed to an improvement in my grade from ‘E’ in Prelims to ‘B’ in A’ Levels. Being someone who has decided to attend tuition only weeks before Prelims, I was actually not expecting to see a tremendous improvement over such a short period of time.

    I am thankful to Mr Teo for his dedication in mentoring students who have attended AYE. I believe that students who have the will to improve themselves in Economics will be able to achieve their goal when they attend AYE.

  173. Avatar photo
    hwee yong tan

    Econs is a new subject for my son Gerrard in JC1 and he needed help to better understand the concepts. Hubby knows Mr Teo and recommended that he joined AceYourEcons as there’re good reviews. Mr Teo is strict on the boy with weekly assignments and frequent tests but we all agree that hard work is needed to reap good results. Mr Teo also checked in regularly with me to understand if Gerrard is coping well. We are happy that Gerrard has done well in his promo and would like to thank Mr Teo for his guidance and hard work

  174. Avatar photo
    Lee Hui Min

    I was a student at Ace Your Econs in 2015 when I was JC2 and I’m now in my final year of university. My initial challenges were that I couldn’t consolidate all the information that I got from my school and it was very hard for me to put what I had learnt into writing out essays. I also had difficulty structuring my essays to make it more coherent and to brainstorm more easily.

    In that case, Mr Jeffrey gave me very clear-cut and a very logical ACE technique of organising and planning my essay. And because we had so much practice, by the time it was A levels, it was second nature to write so quickly with time management and very good planning as well. That helped me pull my grade from an ‘E’ in prelims to an ‘A’ in A levels. Time flies!

  175. Avatar photo
    Learning Out of the Box

    I have been following the articles written by the founder and have been deeply inspired and impressed by his knowledge in the subject matter. I have learnt something too. Certain that his students will benefit a lot from his teachings and guidance. …

  176. Avatar photo
    Catherine L

    Signed up with AYE for my son Timothy after a wake up call upon receiving a bad grade for Econs in the mid year results in JC2.

    Even though it was a short few months leading to A Levels, Jeffrey has done an excellent job to explain complex economic concepts in a clear and understandable manner to Timothy. There was clearly a positive improvement in Timothy’s understanding and confidence in the Econs subject.

    Timothy has since obtained a satisfactory grade for his A Levels. Thank you Jeffrey!

  177. Avatar photo
    chuah sean

    Before attending classes i was struggling with simple econs concept, but after attending and the teachers clear explanation and showing me some useful examples understanding the concepts became easy!!

  178. Avatar photo
    Lite Tutors

    Jeffrey is a rare type of passionate tutor who specializes in JC Econs, always going the extra mile for this students, those students whom i’ve referred to him gave very good feedback about his online sessions & consultations! =)

  179. Avatar photo
    Veronica Tan

    Jeff is a dedicated person to his trade and his passion is contagious!

  180. Avatar photo
    J.K. Tang

    I am a student currently attending lessons at AYE. I got to know about AYE through a recommendation from another tutor, and i was part of the class that experienced the transition from onsite classes to online classes. One thing i can say is that AYE’s online classes are more effective than other centres due to the Learning Management system, which provides easy access to questions to allow us to hone our skills. It also allows us to submit our work online to gain feedback, a feature which most centres do not possess. I feel that onsite and online classes are largely similar in that the interaction between the teachers and students still maintain a similar level. The way the lessons are conducted are also similar where students are given time to practice questions and later gather feedback. I would highly recommend attending AYE’s lessons, no matter online or onsite, as a high quality of teaching is maintained.

  181. Avatar photo
    Catherine Thia

    I recalled the first time when I made enquiry with Jeffrey (AceYourEcons) for my son who wanted to retake his A-Level as private candidate after his National Service (2 years aftee leaving school) as my son did not do well in his 1st A-level attempt when he was in JC.
    Jeffrey was very kind to help my son analyse his situation and explained to both of us that 2 possibilities can happen if he choose to retake his A level as private candidate – (A) resuks will be worst than 1st attempt or (B) did very well if he is very disciplined and willing to work very hard under his guidance. Jeffrey alo highlighted to my son that the chances of option A is very much higher and he must think carefully and if he wants option B to happen, he must be made his sacrifice.
    My son made his decision to join Jeffrey’s classes, followed his structured lesson plans, complete numerous & demanding assessments on time. Jeffrey conducts his lessons professionally, expects his students to be serious in his class and have to participate actively to answer questions or give comments. In addition to normal weekly lessons, Jeffrey also hv 1 on 1 mentor session with my son at least once a month to give him feedback and personal advice, as well as checking how he is coping with other subjects besides Econs. Jeffrey’s caring and teaching approach has inspired my son to love Econs and find the right way of learning. He was very disciplined and plan his own study calendar so as to balance his time allocation for rest of the H2 subjects as well. Jeffrey will share meaningful materials fm time to time in group chat for students / parents to read and organise sharing sessions from his former students to help motivate current students.
    My son received his A-Level results today and we are very pleased with his good results. He scored A for H2 Econs, a big jump from his last attempt of E.
    We are very grateful to Jeffrey for his very “personalised style” approach and never forget to check on students’ progress and morivate them all the time.
    A big THANK YOU to you Jeffrey. You have successfully influence your students by giving them the right guidance and lead them to the next level to pursue their degree.
    All the Best to you!

  182. Avatar photo
    Karen Hoe

    By the middle of JC Year 2, my daughter was still barely coping with understanding and applying Economics concepts. After stepping down from her CCA, we chanced upon a holiday programme on Economics at AYE and went to find out more. What I liked was that Mr Teo took time to attend to us in between his packed schedule to personally find out where were my daughter’s weaknesses and gaps in the subject. That’s where she also decided to attend Mr Teo’s weekly lessons over and above the holiday programme. After a few lessons, I could tell that Mr Teo’s teaching pedagogy suited her and she had regained confidence in the subject even though she was still struggling with Class Test and Prelim Exam in the subject with poor grades. Access to online resources allowed my Daughter to learn outside the weekly lessons during the time leading up to her A Level exams. I am thankful for AYE and Mr Teo for helping in no small way and enabling my Daughter fo score a Distinction for Economics in her A Level Exam. Thank you Mr Teo.

  183. Avatar photo
    Tan Hui Xin

    First of all, I would like to thank Jeffrey for his constant guidance and support during my preparation for the A level examinations. I have only started joining Jeffrey’s lessons after my school’s prelims around June. Back then, I scored a U for Economics. I knew I had to figure a way out to improve my grade, thus, I decided to take up Economics tuition at AceYourEcons. Jeffrey’s approach in teaching Economics concept was very different from what I experience in school. He taught me that there was a structure in writing essay and tackling case study questions. Initially, I find it very difficult to do well in Economics as I did know know the correct answering techniques, and often find it difficult to understand certain Economics content. But after attending tuition with Jeffrey, I started making improvements gradually, and eventually attain a C in my A level examinations! I would highly recommend AceYourEcons to those who is currently struggling with Economics as Jeffrey is definitely one of the best tutors that I ever had!

  184. Avatar photo
    Levona Lee

    Had problems understanding econs concepts before but the online tutorials helped me to understand the topic better

  185. Avatar photo
    Tan Peng Luan Ivy

    Jeffrey offer good advice and help my girl to get grades from S to B. Appreciate his help. Strongly recommend his classes.

  186. Avatar photo
    Michelle Tan

    A level preparation is gruelling & Mr Jeffrey Teo journey thru with my son. Mr Teo is precise & systematic in his coaching. My child scored an A! I highly recommend Mr Jeffrey Teo to anyone looking for an effective Econs coach! Thank you so much, Mr Teo!

  187. Avatar photo
    Catherine L

    Signed up with AYE for my son Timothy after a wake up call upon receiving a bad grade for Econs in the mid year results in JC2.

    Even though it was a short few months leading to A Levels, Jeffrey has done an excellent job to explain complex economic concepts in a clear and understandable manner to Timothy. There was clearly a positive improvement in Timothy’s understanding and confidence in the Econs subject.

    Timothy has since obtained a satisfactory grade for his A Levels. Thank you Jeffrey!

  188. Avatar photo
    Charissa Wong

    My son Dylan has attended Mr Jeffrey Teo’s class since Aug/Sept 2021.

    Dylan’s failed his Econs H1 in J1 very badly. When I chance upon Mr Teo’s class, I called to enquire. As he does not conduct J1 Econs H1’s group lessons at that point on time, he recommended we do 1 to 1 lessons for Dylan, especially since his results was way below passing grade. Of course, I agreed to his proposal as well; my choices were limited afterall.

    The experience we have with Mr Teo was amazing. His professionalism in handling teens and his lessons from home, ie virtual teaching have demonstrated great results. Not only he delivers great understanding to the subject, able to interest/fear Dylan to do the needful, he provides encouragement and motivate the kids. On our end, we could save a lot of time for not having to travel to & fro for lessons!

    By the time my son took his examinations in Oct/Nov, he made it to grade B. I told everyone, it’s from zero to hero. Kudos to Mr Teo, he has delivered his mentorship with excellence and evidentially it works!

    Thank you for the effort Jeffrey!

    Charissa, mama of Dylan.

  189. Avatar photo
    lin lijun

    With 10 years of experience in tutoring Econs and good reviews, Jeffrey is very passionate in his work and desire to help students to do well in this subject. Do reach out to him for more details!

  190. Avatar photo
    Julian Liaw

    I was a JC2 (Post-Prelims) struggling with H1 Econs with a grade ranging from U to D. Mr Teo’s expertise is extraordinarily good. His teachings and resources were the key factors that led me to getting an A at the A Level examinations. I had great difficulty putting all the ideas and topics together in order to formulate an elegant answer. Mr Teo solved all of my Econs problems and his techniques in doing so are truly unrivaled. Mr Teo’s feedback and criticism on all of my assignments were straightforward, informative and to the point without the need for further clarification.

    Thank you so much to Mr Teo and his team at AYE!!!

  191. Avatar photo
    Daniel Tay

    Mr Teo is a great econs tutor who always deliver results and put his students interests first. Strongly recommended.

  192. Avatar photo
    Oracle Sage

    Dedicated and responsible in carrying out his tasks. His teaching passion is commendable

  193. Avatar photo
    chinaik low

    My son’s mid year result for Economics was affected by the circuit breaker as he is not use online lecture. He took an intensive package from AceYourEcons for about 4 months and managed to get A for his Economics. The tutor is very professional and passionate about his work. I strongly recommend his service if your child need tuition for Economics.

  194. Avatar photo

    update: scored a B at my A levels after getting U & E in school!

    i used to be unsure of how much to write & whether diagrams were necessary in CSQs, on appropriate length & scope for essays

    AYE generally gave me timeline details and scope planning, but i found mark analysis the most useful in helping me understand mark distribution

    i haven’t sat for A levels yet but i scored a U for J1 promos but have been a C student as far as mock exams and texts go

  195. Avatar photo
    15Y6C12 QUEK ZI YI

    When i first joined Ace Your Econs after my year 6 prelims, my results were abysmal and i was constantly scoring S and Us. Jeff’s lively approach in class managed to allow me to understand economics concepts and apply them effectively, resulting in my improvement to a B grade for A levels, even though i scored a U only a month and a half before.

  196. Avatar photo
    Jake Muller

    Mr Jeffrey is a very profound, professional teacher who is well-versed in the Economics syllabus. He has assisted me greatly with the macroeconomics aspects and has helped me with my difficulties with fiscal, monetary policies such that I can better understand them

  197. Avatar photo
    Zidane Low

    Mr jeffrey is a great teacher who knows how to manage students well. Before meeting him I subpassed a common test but i was able to improve and get a B for promos. Under his practices, I was able to internalise most of the concepts of economics and also appreciated this subject more.
    Zidane Low

  198. Avatar photo
    Blessed Resplendence

    though I’ve never experienced Jeff’s Econs teaching before, he’s willing to share tips and his Econs coaching is reliable

  199. Avatar photo
    Hazel Wan

    My daughter knew she needed help, and she actively searched online and found Mr Teo. Other than (of course) the mastery of the subject and his capability to coach, Mr Teo also ensures the student submits their assignments on time. Each session’s progress is made available to the parent, and Mr Teo alerts us whenever need be, this is something I really appreciate. My daughter has improved from before she joined till the EOY exam. She started getting more confident attending Econs classes a few months after joining Mr Teo and in fact, Econs is one of her best subjects now. There was no need to think of whether to continue with Mr Teo for Year 2 or not, it’s a clear yes! I would hereby like to thank Mr Teo for his guidance and patience with my daughter during her Year 1. And I know my daughter is in good hands under Mr Teo

    Hazel Wan
    Parent of Lezanne Chua (SAJC)

  200. Avatar photo
    Ziyi Ling

    I have been struggling with economics and was always scoring an S for it. I understood the concept being taught at school but somehow the comprehension never translated into grades for me. After attending Jeffrey’s tuition, I realised that my problem lies within the application process because I didnt know the requirements for writing an econs essay. The Ace technique has helped me greatly in crafting essays and ultimately pulling up my grades!

  201. Avatar photo
    Elijah Shimbo

    Very comprehensive course, alot of online resources to utilise to help in revision.

  202. Avatar photo
    Amirul Abdullah

    A problem that I have faced before I joined the programme was that I didn’t know to approach essay questions which often caused me to not answer the question directly thus not getting good grades. However, after entering the programme, i was introduced to the ACE approach, a structured way I can apply to answer my essay questions.

  203. Avatar photo
    bertrand yang

    Have been coming to AYE since the start of 2020, and was recommended by a senior in my school who had a very big improvement in economics in 1 year of attending AYE. The online portal AYE uses has been instrumental in facilitating the online classes i am attending, as resources are accessible, homework submission is not compromised and the video recordings allow me to catch up on my work easily. My CSQ has seen an improvement, as Mr Teo has helped me be able to squeeze out as many marks as possible from the question, and i look forward to seeing the same improvement in my essay questions in the time to come. Will definitely recommend AYE to anyone looking for economics tuition.

  204. Avatar photo
    marcus hu jun hao

    my number one challenge was that i didnt know what to write for my essays although i had a fairly decent grasp on content. the number one learning solution was that i was given lots and lots of practices for both essay and CSQ. this consequently gave me lots of opportunities to gain confidence. i strongly recommend

  205. Avatar photo
    Kevin Kam

    Before consulting AceYourEcons, I was struggling with understanding what my lecturer was teaching in school due to the fast pace. Jeffrey caters to people like me who needs their own pace of learning. He has his own sets of notes that are much easier to understand with simple explanations that really aided me in my learning.

  206. Avatar photo
    Regine Tan

    Mr Teo is a wonderful Economics tutor and my journey in AYE has been a memorable and fruitful experience. He has made learning Economics worthwhile and helped me improve my grades !! 100% recommend it!

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