Review Abc Hostel – Singapore 3 Jln Kubor

Review Abc Hostel - Singapore 3 Jln Kubor

“Affordable, nice, neat and clean. Rooms are very tiny. But worth as the paid. Will be better if the staffs were more friendly.” or “Good hostel. Clean and very nice staff. You can store your luggage freely after check out.” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about Abc Hostel. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if Abc Hostel is quality.

Introduction about Abc Hostel

Here are some fundamental details regarding Abc Hostel. In terms of , it is generally believed that Abc Hostelis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 3 Jln Kubor, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to , this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

Background Info

  • Phone: 62981611 (+65 62981611)
  • Address: 3 Jln Kubor, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 06:00 to 17:00.

Saturday, Sunday: Close.


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How to contact Abc Hostel?

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Phone number

You can reach Abc Hostel at 62981611(+65 62981611). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can directly come to 3 Jln Kubor, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

Abc Hostel reviews

Abc Hostel is among the best destinations of in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is Abc Hostel good?

To determine whether Abc Hostel is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Affordable, nice, neat and clean. Rooms are very tiny. But worth as the paid. Will be better if the staffs were more friendly.”

“Cheap and convinient. There's a 7/11 nearby, and lots of halal food around it since it located at bugis and kampong glam. The downsize is it takes 15 minutes walk to the nearest MRT station (bugis)”

“It is cheap for bacpackers, and the rooms is comfortable. For breakfast, Hostel Staff only provide butter/jam toast and coffe/tea.”

“Clean room and clean bathroom. But when i check in the staf didn't give us blankets. But you can get the blankets at receptionist.”

“Nice place, clean room also clean bathroom. You also will get simple breakfast …”

“This place consider a clean n comfortable hostel for a relaxation stay nearby bugis mrt station”

“Veryyyy affordable place to stay with good service and yessss it's really near to Bugis Station”

“So comfortable hostel, clean, and near from food restaurant”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 203 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.1 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 67% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about Abc Hostel, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review Abc Hostel – Singapore 3 Jln Kubor

There is a total 203 reviews

4.1 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Putri Kusumawardhani

    Best !!! Great…thankyou

  2. Avatar photo
    Yesi Damaryanti

    Love it staying Here for backpacker.

  3. Avatar photo
    Clerencia Moudy Firsty Pangau

    The location is indeed strategic, walk about 100m and reach the MRT station, the road to Mustafa market is also quite close. The bus stop is also close, there are several places to eat and cafes around the hostel, it’s just that the hostel isn’t very good, needs renovation in several parts and the cleanliness is lacking. But quite worth the price.

  4. Avatar photo
    Bernadette Carpio

    Disgusting! Until now Im wondering how it got the 3.9 rating.

  5. Avatar photo

    not clean

  6. Avatar photo
    arif “van urewa” firmansah

    Cheap hostel for backpackers. Unfortunately, it was under construction so it’s little bit inconvenient.

  7. Avatar photo
    TAN SHAKA Purbaya

    Backpacker hostel in Singapore according to the budget … still under construction and renovation ..

  8. Avatar photo
    Nur Hidayah


  9. Avatar photo

    A place to stay when you want to see fireworks at the turn of 2018 to 2019, the room is small for 6 people, close to the 7 11 minimarket and the mosque, you can find lots of Indonesian specialties around here

  10. Avatar photo
    Yandiko Saputra

    Friendly waiters, strategic location in the Bugis area, clean place,

  11. Avatar photo
    Dita Triarkka

    I don’t know what happened with the staffs? Why they all so rude and annoying? The female staff is never look at you when she talking at you. The male staff laugh at me when I ask him to refill the toilet paper. There’s no rule when you must keep quiet at night. You can talking loud and laughing hard everytime because the staff don’t care about the occupant comfort. For the facilities I’m not complaining because this is cheap hostel. At least I get decent services that is priceless. Think twice before you stay here.

  12. Avatar photo
    yunus kamid

    what do you pay for what you get? if you want more you have to be brave to pay more!!

  13. Avatar photo
    zacka zacka

    Ok for families

  14. Avatar photo
    apiz epies

    Typical 1 star hostel

  15. Avatar photo
    Dian Hadi Purnamasari

    Quite a budget hostel compared to other hotels/hostels in Singapore. It takes 10 minutes to walk from the nearest MRT station (Bugis). The location is close to Haji Lane. The hostel rooms are cramped, but still comfortable. At that time I ordered a private room (not a shared/bunkbed). Shared bathroom and smell of urine. Maybe a lot of people like to pee not in the toilet. But I lasted 4 nights there because I already ordered online and it was non-refundable.

  16. Avatar photo
    Mun Yee Yeow

    Location good. But cleanliness average. Only 1 sharing toilet, but our double room with own shower. Not standardize bedding. A mattress on top of Wood frame. They are under renovation. I think after they made changes then it will be better. At least the shower and toilet is new. But the piping not good. As we are staying ground floor, upper floor water in the shower came to our floor. Can sighted the foam and water.

  17. Avatar photo
    Mas Asih

    Less broad

  18. Avatar photo
    Rizky Yuwana

    Fortunely we found clean room because the visitor is very cleany. thanks pakcik who keeping the room always clean

  19. Avatar photo
    Sang Petualang Hidup

    Not bad

  20. Avatar photo
    Iwan Ramkar life

    Capsule restroom, location Dul kat buhoa kp arab, 50 neter Con store 24 hours,

  21. Avatar photo
    Febrilla dhien

    Cheap hostel that is suitable for backpackers, besides that the place is quite strategic to go anywhere…

  22. Avatar photo
    Ika Pusparona

    Right in the middle of 3 MRT stations, namely Lavender, Jalan Besar, and Bugis. Close to Sultan Mosque, Haji Lane, Bugis street.

  23. Avatar photo
    Yelly Momo

    Really recommended lodging, good price, great location.
    Great to know this hostel

  24. Avatar photo
    Rosalita Elfazari

    Good for traveler with low budget. Room could be private in order by traveloka. Bathroom sharing but its ok. Breakfast only bread. And it’s close to sultan mosque. Staff was so friendly and keep for your bag or luggage.

  25. Avatar photo
    I M

    There is pray space, sometimes service is playing murrotal in the nights, owner always sholat in Masjid Sultan.

  26. Avatar photo
    Arry Andryani

    7 of us stayed for 2 nights in a shared room with 10 bunk beds for a good price. The room is so comfortable. When we were there, the hostel was still under renovation. However, the general facilities such as bathroom, toilets, washing machine, and the kitchen work well The staffs are sooooo nice, too. We remember the guy who welcomed us warmly and threw a lil joke even if it’s already late at night. It also provides a super simple breakfast and free instant coffee, but if it’s not enough don’t worry, there’s a 711 store nearby. This splace is also close to zam2 restaurant, Sulthan mosque, Malay Heritage Centre and Bugis Village.

  27. Avatar photo
    suyono 1981

    Quite cheap for Singapore

  28. Avatar photo
    Armas Dinik Ayu Andita

    Budget hotel, cold ac, smooth wifi, close to Bugis, near halal places to eat, near 7-11. Complete package hehehe old school room interior

  29. Avatar photo
    Arkam Maulana

    Comfort, Clean, and cheap

  30. Avatar photo
    Wiwin Amalia

    A bit far from the MRT station. But the rate is affordable

  31. Avatar photo
    Pitta Sekar Wangi

    just checked in and checked out about 30 mins later.

  32. Avatar photo
    Umi ati

    So comfortable hostel, clean, and near from food restaurant

  33. Avatar photo
    fitria husein

    Good enough for backpacker

  34. Avatar photo
    Macchua Chua

    This place consider a clean n comfortable hostel for a relaxation stay nearby bugis mrt station

  35. Avatar photo
    Xavi A

    We don’t sleep in it, we use it to store luggage. They have lockers. Good price.

  36. Avatar photo

    A representative place to stay for traveling in Singapore.

  37. Avatar photo
    Joanna Asegurado

    nice place for its price

  38. Avatar photo
    jerine peter

    Clean..neat .. nearby from bugis MRT

  39. Avatar photo
    Quốc Anh Lưu

    Ko đc hiếu khách lắm!

  40. Avatar photo
    Arya Krismawan

    It’s so bad that it doesn’t look like it used to be anymore… G recommend

  41. Avatar photo
    Hiram Urrutia

    It’s a dirty place and the toilets are disgusting

  42. Avatar photo
    Tamid Al-Khairat

    Near to sultan mosque and halal foods. Suitable for backpacker. 1 room for 4 to 6 people. Comfortable but not goos for family trip because public services not room services

  43. Avatar photo
    khusnul khuluqi

    24 jun 2014

  44. Avatar photo
    Anita Nursia

    Affordable price…good location..

  45. Avatar photo
    Imaduddien Sobri

    Cheap hostel with enough service

  46. Avatar photo
    Gunawan Remboe


  47. Avatar photo
    eko budiyanto

    Crazy memories..

  48. Avatar photo
    Rendi Kurniadi

    Good services

  49. Avatar photo
    Pitaloka Munajat

    The hotel is clean, cheap and friendly, very hommy, my children like it, if I go to Singapore again I want to stay here again. But the bathroom is outside the room, it’s crowded. But still comfortable.

  50. Avatar photo
    Herlince Sinaga

    Pretty cheap

  51. Avatar photo
    Mestika Rahmah

    It looks good, but not clean

  52. Avatar photo
    Erwis APTNH

    very pleasant … the service is very satisfying plus the staff can speak Indonesian … anyway it is highly recommended to stay at the abc hostel fi

  53. Avatar photo
    Andi Lbs66

    Strategic location at affordable prices, free to use microwave & kitchen utensils. For those who are Muslims, you can still pray at dawn in congregation at the mosque because it is very close to the Sultan’s mosque. Lots of halal food around. Very close to the Bus Station to go to Johor – Malaysia, just walk about 15 minutes

  54. Avatar photo
    Nesha Yudanta

    So so

  55. Avatar photo
    Tiaras S

    Our family stayed 4 days. The place is clean, the price is affordable. There is a kitchen provided for breakfast. Each morning provided bread + butter + sugar, coffee + cream, plates, glass spoons, water heater, toaster. If you want a little or a lot of laundry, you have to pay SGD10.

  56. Avatar photo
    eddy c

    Its only good if you on a very tight budget but dont expect to much from it. The other good thing its very close to bugis road for cheap shopping.

  57. Avatar photo
    Firman Sidik

    Good for back packers

  58. Avatar photo
    Mimas Lee


  59. Avatar photo
    ayush kumar

    Staff behaving very pathetic ..
    I think they dont like indians
    Quite discreminating behave

  60. Avatar photo
    Kira K.

    The hostel is quite run down and smells of mold and train station toilet in many places…Not a pleasant experience….

  61. Avatar photo
    Herybert Setyabudi

    Cleanliness quality according to 2010

  62. Avatar photo
    Puti Andam suri

    Cheap.. Bath room only 2.. Not too recommended

  63. Avatar photo
    Robert Kurniawan

    Comfort place to stay.

  64. Avatar photo
    Namira Arii

    Please replace thin bed with springbed. Its not satandard for hostel

  65. Avatar photo
    Arif hidayat

    One of the cheap hostels in the Bugis area of ​​Singapore… Got free breakfast too… Rooms and bathrooms are pretty clean… Suitable for backpackers… Not suitable for bringing family or privacy

  66. Avatar photo
    Reza Rauf

    Not so very nice experience. 3 nights and 3 times room exchanges. Morning’s front desk is okay, but Night’s shift is suck.

  67. Avatar photo
    Aries Andjar


  68. Avatar photo
    Nur k hamid (Nurkhamid)

    Affordable place to stay in Singapore for backpackers

  69. Avatar photo
    Muhamad Rais Ramdhany

    The hostel is quite clean and pretty good but the rooms are a bit cramped and the location is very strategic, very close to the Sultan Mosque and the Bugis MRT station (250m). The bathrooms here are a bit cramped but there are a lot of them so they don’t fight over each other. There is also breakfast with bread using tea and coffee jam and free refills of plain water, also very close to Sevel. The deposit is only SGD20

  70. Avatar photo
    Megary Zhou

    Worth the price, located near bugis MRT. quite clean and it’s safe

  71. Avatar photo
    Lyndsley Viajar

    Good to stay

  72. Avatar photo
    Tery Astya

    If you’re looking for cheap accomodation for sleep only in Bugis, then this place should be ok. Do not expect for fancy breakfast or other facilities since everything is so basic considering its price. But it’s near to everywhere and very easy to find halal food.

  73. Avatar photo
    Cut Laila K

    Pretty cheap, ready breakfast

  74. Avatar photo
    Mamat Rahmat

    Location in the city center, near the mosque

  75. Avatar photo
    Nhel Fuentes Vlogs

    Well, i had a bad experience on this hostel. The pm receptionist is not that welcoming and rude..

  76. Avatar photo
    mbarong channel

    How much per night?

  77. Avatar photo
    sunsugos asteos

    Clean room and clean bathroom. But when i check in the staf didn’t give us blankets. But you can get the blankets at receptionist.

  78. Avatar photo
    Jenk Dewi Dapurple

    one less dirty waiter

  79. Avatar photo
    Asad Saputra

    Have stayed here several times, nice and cool lodging

  80. Avatar photo
    Rian Yuriandi

    For backpacker-style travel, an affordable place to stay is a reference that is really expected, therefore ABC hostel is the right place for you to try, besides being cheap, a clean and friendly place is the main attraction in itself, besides that a strategic location is one of the advantages of this place.

  81. Avatar photo
    Alifa Lovita

    Unfortunately, there was no time for the condition of the room. It’s clean here, each person is provided with blankets, the bathroom is clean, but no toiletries are provided, so please bring your own. The location is after the Great Mosque, just walk and continue a little to the left. For a key must provide 20 dollars, the second key 10 dollars. When it’s curfew, please don’t press the bell to open the owner, you can get scolded. So make sure you bring your own keys when you go out late at night.

  82. Avatar photo
    Bang Ainul

    I don’t think I can help people haha

  83. Avatar photo
    Rieo Saeba

    Nice, Fast and Comfort budget Hostel

  84. Avatar photo
    381_Anak Agung Ryoma Saputra

    The place is comfortable and clean, the staff is also friendly

  85. Avatar photo
    salman mubaraq


  86. Avatar photo

    Room is too small with dirty facilities and leakage everywhere

  87. Avatar photo
    Ergy Ghulam

    Very messy

  88. Avatar photo
    Ika Sumadi

    good experience stay in this hostel

  89. Avatar photo
    Bintang Biru

    the rooms are quite clean and air conditioned for sharing rooms

  90. Avatar photo
    Achmad aldinata Yazid Bin Achmad avandi

    Abc hostel in singapore

  91. Avatar photo
    Fransisco Gabetama

    nice place, clean, breakfast is available even though it’s only bread with butter and strawberry jam and tea and coffee, you can also fill drinking water here

  92. Avatar photo
    Điện Thoại Giá Sỉ

    Good, i like ‘s it

  93. Avatar photo
    Arinal Haqo

    Affordable, nice, neat and clean. Rooms are very tiny.
    But worth as the paid. Will be better if the staffs were more friendly.

  94. Avatar photo
    Bismo Baruno

    Nice budget for backpackers

  95. Avatar photo
    Haryadi hamzah

    It could be a recommendation for a place to stay if you go to Malaysia again… it’s cheap for a back packer…

  96. Avatar photo
    Heni Sutana

    The room is cramped for 4. So far, if it’s comfortable for sleeping it’s okay. Clean place and access to transportation near the Bugis MRT and lots of halal food

  97. Avatar photo
    Novita P

    The hostel is really backpacker, you can take as much drinking water as you like, breakfast is just bread

  98. Avatar photo
    Ridwan Pratama

    It’s the Second Time Staying at ABC Hostel…
    Nov’2018 & January’2020…
    Strategic, Cheap for the size in Singapore..
    Location in Bugis Area… Near Sultan Mosque…
    Between Bugis and Lavender MRT Stations…
    And very close to the Stanford Raffles Primary School Bus Stop and Opp. Stanford Primary School’…
    Basically recommended..

  99. Avatar photo
    Diana Adnezia


  100. Avatar photo
    Y W

    I traveled all over the world with BP, but this is the lowest level accommodation. The reception desk and hallways look like warehouses, and there are only two dirty toilets for a large number of people, and someone is always using them. A small room that doesn’t look like the same hotel as the photos on Agoda, hysterical response from the receptionist, huge cockroaches, 2 sinks but one was broken, 99th or worst after 100 BP stays.

    Postscript ↑ When I wrote it, the toilet, shower, and washbasin were repaired yesterday, and I went to fix all the plumbing. It’s still dirty, but let’s increase it by one star as a gift.

  101. Avatar photo
    budpackers travel

    Clean and tidy

  102. Avatar photo
    Edmond Khoo

    Very affordable hostel rooms, and they provide breakfast too. location wise it is a stone throw from town, very accessible.

  103. Avatar photo
    Listya Widyasari

    bed bugs infested hostel, especially room number 13. I would never again to return to that place. the marks of bed bugs bite stay on my skin for weeks and I dont like that at all.

  104. Avatar photo
    elvera afriantary

    Comfortable place and according to budget

  105. Avatar photo
    Alfian Krisna Ramdhani

    ABC Hostel is good, located near to Bugis MRT station and other bus stop. I got the cheapest room type for only -+10,5 sgd in Traveloka. Check in in the evening around 7 pm and welcomed by the receptionist girl. she asked 20sgd for deposit and will be give it back to us when check out. since I don’t bring many cash and asked her if I can pay the deposit later when I found atm’s, but she asked me to give the rest of the money deposit with my local currency. When checking in, she gave a blanket and a towel, and key card to access our bed and locker. The bunk bed was ok, to small for me actually, but it’s ok. In the bunk bed, there’s 2 international power socket, so you don’t need to bring your own universal power adapter, a lamp and pillow ofc. breakfast start from 7.30 – 10am is in not mistaken, since i need to catch my morning flight, i skip the breakfast. the shower room is fine, the rain shower have good pressure and the hot water work quite well. this hostel is very close to 7 eleven which is only 200 m away.

  106. Avatar photo
    Juragan Supian

    Very bad service

  107. Avatar photo
    audyta maharani

    good service, clean, and cozy

  108. Avatar photo
    Petualang Tangguh

    Good servise

  109. Avatar photo
    Yunus Anung

    Right in the bag… Not bad lah….

  110. Avatar photo
    rahmat rijal


  111. Avatar photo
    erita diahsari

    it’s quite cheap, it’s best to bring friends or a group so that in one room you can both know daughters or sons. There is a kitchen to make your own breakfast….strategic location, easy to go everywhere.

  112. Avatar photo
    Cita Pertiwi

    Located near strategic Bugis area. Can be accesses via 10 min walk from Bugis or Lavender station.
    There are several choice of room, from dorm to private room. I was choosing private room with bathroom. The room and bathroom is quite clean but small. Look gloomy because the light installation is not bright enough. Maybe bit improve in lightning?
    The amenities is quite standard. Room are air conditioned. Free wifi, and breakfast.
    Charge may apply if you check in earlier than 3 p.m, however if you arrive early, they let you store your baggage before check in time for free.
    Overall, it’s recomended for budget traveller.

  113. Avatar photo
    Panca Prasanna


  114. Avatar photo
    Kicky N

    I have stayed here several times, both alone and with my family
    Most impressive is the super friendly staff
    The average can speak Indonesian

    The breakfast is ordinary, but the environment at breakfast feels really hommy
    The bathroom is big and clean

    For those who find it difficult to stay away from Indomie, they sell Indomie

    If you bring a big bag, the location is not bad from the MRT, but from the bus stop it is very close

    Near here there are places that sell quite a variety of food

  115. Avatar photo
    cahya. n

    This is my second time to live here when I am in Singapore. The service is getting better, the atmosphere of the rooms is good. Clean

  116. Avatar photo
    Rana Khurram

    Staff was not good, showing available breakfast on online status but only bread….. No jam, no egg, no milk for tea….
    Prices are too high
    Not recommended.

  117. Avatar photo
    Jovan Van

    Not bad lah.. according to the price

  118. Avatar photo
    maulita sutrisno

    So dirty , the recepcionist can’t help anything , i pay for 4 people but i got room for 3 , and i pay for normal , facility like a shower bad , water heater not fuction and manymore..

  119. Avatar photo
    Dewi Mulyasari

    Nice for backpacker

  120. Avatar photo
    Milka Mangesti

    They were renovating, so some things were a little bit messy here and there. I couldn’t find any water dispenser anymore.

  121. Avatar photo
    Claudine Z

    Good place for budget traveller’s! Near Bugis Mall.

  122. Avatar photo
    Yolly Ana

    I’ve stayed at abc hostel 4x,…with a backpacker budget..the place is comfortable, clean bathrooms close to the sultan mosque, mrt, bugis junction, center for bugis souvenirs, queen street terminal….very strategic

  123. Avatar photo
    Maria Clara Schmit

    Have a good experience. But was too crowded. Very little amount of toilets for the amount of people. Wasn’t enough space for luggage in the room so all the things for every guest where all around the place. And construction materials in plain sight in a open room that would be a good place if they use it to put the luggage of the guests.

  124. Avatar photo

    Good price for budget backpacker in strategic location. Near Bugis and Lavender MRT, and many bus stop around here. With just 1 bus you can go directly to Vivo City / Sentosa Island, Orchard Road, Chinatown from bust stop around here.
    The wi-fi also good. Breakfast is simple, toast with jam and coffee or tea. But the room and bathroom not so clean.

  125. Avatar photo

    Not bad

  126. Avatar photo
    Awang Murphy (Oppie)

    Good for backpackers

  127. Avatar photo
    H.Pajar Machmud,SE,MM

    Very clean, lots of halal food around it, which is more special, near the Sultan Mosque

  128. Avatar photo
    Sari Ajah

    I was browsing in Singapore

  129. Avatar photo
    jemon castillo

    nice place to stay.if your looking a place cheaper to stay.this one is for you 😉

  130. Avatar photo
    Dynatha Family

    Cheap and convinient. There’s a 7/11 nearby, and lots of halal food around it since it located at bugis and kampong glam. The downsize is it takes 15 minutes walk to the nearest MRT station (bugis)

  131. Avatar photo
    Jared Ho

    Affordable stay for backpackers!

  132. Avatar photo
    Deny apriati

    Recommended places to stay that are cheap but not cheap for backpackers who are visiting Singapore.

    Hostel rooms here and like hostels in Singapore have bunk beds. AC, sleep light, chargeran works fine. Towels and blankets are also provided for each guest. Clean bathroom. There is a kitchen, and a place to relax to play games. Friendly service and can also speak Malay.

  133. Avatar photo
    wandy hanyudha

    Not crowded. And very quiet here

  134. Avatar photo
    ana Selia

    nice and interesting experience in this place

  135. Avatar photo

    Never, ever stay at this hostel. It’s so horrible place to stay. Rude staff and dirty bathroom, small room. Never try to come here.

  136. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Wijaya

    Cheap accommodation. But fun

  137. Avatar photo
    Arifatun Milah

    Strategic place to stay and quite low budget, suitable for backpackers. It provide toast bread (self service) for breakfast, tea and coffee. It also have refrigerator to fill your bottle with fresh water. Have public bathrooms and 1 toilet in every alley.
    The bedroom itself have AC, electricity socket and bunk bed. Some rooms provide internal bathroom & toilet.

    Quite clean for rooms and facilities also the staffs are nice and welcoming. The check in time is around 3 p.m and check out max 11 a.m.

    When I stay here there are some renovation project, so a little bit messy

  138. Avatar photo
    eka prastyowati

    Strategic location, near MRT & Bugis bus terminal, walking distance to Sultan Mosque, Continue to Grafitti Haji Lane, lots of culinary & heritage property spots, responsive & friendly staff, kitchen area feels like home, unfortunately the room air conditioner is not cold

  139. Avatar photo
    Kristina Ardiyanti

    It has good place for you to stay in Singapure, especially if you are backpacker

  140. Avatar photo

    i was gonna give 1 star because of the staff was rude and the room wasn’t like in the picture. I booked double bed but got dormitory kind of style said it was upgraded while i think it was actually downgraded. but I’m adding one more star because my husband said the owner were nice and friendly..

  141. Avatar photo
    Elza Rifki

    Cheap, clean, A/C is ok, friendly

  142. Avatar photo
    zandy keliduan

    Small place, quite strategic, bathroom is outside, breakfast is just bread, laundry is paid at a low price, etc. But it’s nice to be able to stay here for a few days.

  143. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Ridho

    Reasonable. Decent service. You can leave it when you get home. There is a kitchen and table area at the back of the house. Thick backpacker atmosphere. Reasonable

  144. Avatar photo
    Tri Reski Atsumori

    Cheap but cramped

  145. Avatar photo
    R.A. Gudytha

    THE BEST. A great deal for a cheap price, 24 hours receptionist, AC, free breakfast from 7.30-10.00, private locker, 1 public toilet, 2 shower room, 3 washtafle with a big mirror, 1 ironing table, excelent wifi, private charging dock, private bed (separated with some kind of curtain for every bed so you can keep your privacy ). They also providing a blanket and a towel (don’t bring them home even though they smells so good! ). It’s located near 7 Eleven (only less than 50m away!)

  146. Avatar photo
    Wei Kiat Lee

    Great for budget backpackers.

  147. Avatar photo
    Moh Erwan

    The location is near the mosque and Bugis street as well as places to eat with Indonesian tastes
    Beds and bathrooms can be improved in cleanliness and up to date

  148. Avatar photo
    ade bahtiar

    Recommended for backpackers

  149. Avatar photo
    Rani Fitrian

    Delicious for lodging that is minimally buged

  150. Avatar photo
    Syueb Abuhanifah

    Not too bad for backpack Travellers

  151. Avatar photo
    Vanni Ika Wulandari

    The hostel so clean

  152. Avatar photo
    Ravi Arora

    Good hostel

  153. Avatar photo
    maria rinta putri

    Lack of attention to facilities

  154. Avatar photo
    Mae DelaCruz Vlog

    I’d like to ask if this room is available

  155. Avatar photo

    Backpacker hostel in Bugis area

  156. Avatar photo
    Sajjad ali

    Its average !

  157. Avatar photo
    KW Lee

    The receptionist is rude!

  158. Avatar photo
    Hilza Novita

    The hostel is clean, it’s just a bit of a turn just to find a bathroom and toilet. There is a pantry for breakfast, you can brew popcorn or just make coffee or tea

  159. Avatar photo
    angga wijaya

    Very satisfactory

  160. Avatar photo
    hoang dung

    Khu người Ấn Độ ở quá bẩn thỉu

  161. Avatar photo
    Fian Candra Purnomo

    Very disappointed. Breakfast was only bread and blueband, for the receptionist it was very impolite that it wasn’t time to check out and had been told to leave with the reason that the room was filled with more people even though it was only preparing for the morning flight.

  162. Avatar photo
    Ludhfie Yusnan Yusuf

    Nice place to rest

  163. Avatar photo
    Zulaikha Alim

    Friendly staff,

  164. Avatar photo
    Monkey Wong Two

    Mice place. Mice location

  165. Avatar photo

    A budget hostel for backpackers or those who come with family, it’s nice that there is a kitchen and laundry room here.

  166. Avatar photo
    Simon Siregar

    Affordable places… breakfast ready.. near to bugis department store…

  167. Avatar photo
    naz escobar

    Cheap and affordable Hostel in the heart of Bugis.

  168. Avatar photo
    leonardo londoño duque

    They are under construction and everything is messed up… the rooms have electric cables in sight, the lights in the rooms hanging… we asked for a room on leg 3 and they gave us a room with a double bed and then another bed that comes out from under this one when you take it out you can hardly move in the room…very bad the truth

  169. Avatar photo
    Cecilia Natalie Liuviann

    Cheap and strategic

  170. Avatar photo
    intan shukri

    strategic & value for money

  171. Avatar photo
    VJ Kumar

    More like a dorm. Saw many Indonesians stay there.

  172. Avatar photo
    ika jayanti

    For backpackers it’s really suitable… 1 room can be eight, the wifi is fast too… make your own breakfast of toast… ok for backpackers

  173. Avatar photo
    Kenny Kelvin Medina

    Place stinks. Lots of room but only 2 bathrooms available

  174. Avatar photo
    Martha Kurniawati

    Nice place, clean room also clean bathroom. You also will get simple breakfast …

  175. Avatar photo

    Save and just right for a break….

  176. Avatar photo
    Andry Kurnianto

    good enough

  177. Avatar photo
    Feby Shorea Lubis

    Close to Bugis, Sultan Mosque, halal restaurants.

  178. Avatar photo
    dhika dinovan

    Strategically, near the mosque, there is breakfast in the form of bread, tea/coffee, make your own in the kitchen, because it is already provided. The reception is 24 hours.

  179. Avatar photo
    Ekky Pratama Waliagam

    It is cheap for bacpackers, and the rooms is comfortable. For breakfast, Hostel Staff only provide butter/jam toast and coffe/tea.

  180. Avatar photo
    Lutfi Retno Wahyudyanti

    Cheap place to stay. Only 20 dollars a night. But the facilities are too few. Just for sleeping

  181. Avatar photo
    Rasheed Bustamam

    ABC is very central to Arab street. Stayed in a 4B room, very small,but good if you’re just backpacking. Rates were $100/n for the 4B. However, be aware they only accept cash.

  182. Avatar photo
    akbar indrasukma

    Comfortable place….good for resting after walking around Singapore city

  183. Avatar photo
    Kartika Prasasti

    Air circulation was poor but i like the location and the breakfast. The staff were also nice people. I stayed here for 3 times hope they would do somehing about the AC, sometimes it made noises.

  184. Avatar photo
    annie See

    The boss is kind and friendly, the waiters are very polite and polite, the room price is very economical and there is internet access, the transportation is convenient and it is close to the subway station. Like Like Like

  185. Avatar photo
    Rizki Fahrurrazi

    I was going for study trip on 2012, and stayed in this hostel for 2-3 days. It was quite good, the service was ok, the room was nice, the wifi was super fast at that time, and not too crowded, you’ll got a very nice breakfast, breads with fruit jam. I really love it. Didn’t have a bad experience at all thankfully.

  186. Avatar photo
    Kiiroi Al Fatih


  187. Avatar photo
    Mahira Jakarta

    The rooms are not good, the blankets & sheets are worn out, the bathroom is dirty

  188. Avatar photo
    Muh. akhmadi


  189. Avatar photo
    Putu Galih Perdana Putra

    unsatisfactory service, staff tend to be ignorant

  190. Avatar photo
    abu fajar rudiyanto

    Cheap hostel in singapore

  191. Avatar photo
    Suryawedia Ranasti

    Quite helpful for a place to rest while in Singapore, close to halal food centers, close to Bugis Street, also close if you want a City Tour

  192. Avatar photo
    Risha Uci Romawati

    Poor service with really small and smeel room.

  193. Avatar photo
    Nita Fitri Amalia

    Veryyyy affordable place to stay with good service and yessss it’s really near to Bugis Station

  194. Avatar photo

    The location is good. Nice breakfast for backpackers. But the place and the room quite small. Especially the public bathroom.

  195. Avatar photo
    Si Kambing Wangi

    Was here twice in 2019 with friend and family, a budget hotel for 1 or 2 nights with sharing bathroom, small passage, free breakfast, affordable price. Surely will return again in 2023.

  196. Avatar photo
    Anggi Maulinda

    Good hostel. Clean and very nice staff. You can store your luggage freely after check out.

  197. Avatar photo


  198. Avatar photo
    Hikam Wisdom

    Not suitable for families

  199. Avatar photo
    4dr1n r1v41

    I used to be a regular guest, the place has many ups and downs over the years, now it’s quiet comfy and the staff is nice and helpful.

  200. Avatar photo
    Joravar Singh Bhatti

    Get you want

  201. Avatar photo
    ebi ebi

    wednesday , day two , raining is falling down

  202. Avatar photo
    Wira Surya Dhini

    Cheap and convenient

  203. Avatar photo
    Sony Adam Saputra

    Remembering from 6 years ago… This hostel is inhabited by many migrant workers who work in this lion country..

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