Review 888 Plaza, 888 Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore

Review 888 Plaza - Singapore 888 Woodlands Drive 50

“Friendly neighborhood mall with many dining options… shops, fast food and a popular local supermarket is also here.” or “Very big sitting area. Nice to visit here. Can get all types of food here. Mc donalds, kfc etc…” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about 888 Plaza. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if 888 Plaza is quality.

Introduction about 888 Plaza

Here are some fundamental details regarding 888 Plaza. In terms of Shopping mall, it is generally believed that 888 Plazais one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 888 Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Shopping mall, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Address: 888 Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Open 24 hours.


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You can directly come to 888 Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

888 Plaza reviews

888 Plaza is among the best destinations of Shopping mall in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is 888 Plaza good?

To determine whether 888 Plaza is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Very big sitting area. Nice to visit here. Can get all types of food here. Mc donalds, kfc etc...”

“McDonald restaurant is within the complex. Its a newly built restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating spaces. Highly recomended.”

“Nice neighbour Plaza, there is an NTUC Supermarket, McDonald's, KFC & 2 Foodcourts.”

“Malay stall have delicious food. NTUC 24hrs. Love this place.”

“Cravings solved, iceream and croissant. Happy with my meal and the service was great.”

“888 Plaza is a place where I grew up. Although they did some renovations, the tenants there are still there”

“It's near my cousin place where you can get all your need for household and food.”

“abit hard to find best way to enter is go from the front but the staff very helpful when helping to locate the store when i walked in circles searching from the back/carpark side”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 282 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.3 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 83% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about 888 Plaza, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review 888 Plaza, 888 Woodlands Drive 50, Singapore

There is a total 282 reviews

4.3 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Gladys Teo Le Ya

    Great food! Try the bar chor mee at the food court, delicious!

  2. Avatar photo
    Kanchan Mendis

    Nice complex with many food choices.

  3. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Teo

    Live nearby. With 24/7 fairprice and coffeeshop. Highly recommend to try string ray, fish soup, kuay chap and beef kuay tiao.

  4. Avatar photo
    Lamon Ck

    Nice Muslim food, nice Indian food, nice Chinese food. After makan can aircon stroll the NTUC next to the coffee shop ‍️‍️‍️‍️‍️‍️ …

  5. Avatar photo
    Mohamed Kassim

    Limited seating place….lucky will get one table if not have to wait.

  6. Avatar photo
    Christus Vincent

    Nice with all amenities inside

  7. Avatar photo
    Vera Ho

    they have pizza hut, a foodcourt and a store named “itea” that sells really good bubble tea. enjoyed the bubble tea over there! a quite open and huge place for short cycling practices, if you would like to dance, go ahead! joking joking …

  8. Avatar photo

    Neighbourhood plaza that has so many shops from cheap hawker food to familiar fast food brands and from washer/dryer shop to NTUC Fairprice supermarket. There are also a few clinics on both level 1 and 2. Simply put, it is a family-friendly place to eat and/or take out your meal and shop for daily essentials. The plaza is wheelchair-accessible.

  9. Avatar photo
    Abdul Aziz Samsudin

    Please tell them you want a baby with the family doing today and it has nothing but it too but you have the same as you want a baby with the family doing today and it …

  10. Avatar photo
    ZD L

    Most woodlander will know this place, changed a lot over the years

  11. Avatar photo
    Yeo Benedict

    Almost all stall are still open even though it is already pass midnight.

  12. Avatar photo
    Jimmy Khoo

    Nice, plenty of food options. Missing babywares though. Should demolish and build a shopping mall.

  13. Avatar photo
    Alex Leong

    Great. You can find ntuc, pet shop, kfc.

  14. Avatar photo
    Jaya Barathi

    Good place to shop for household items

  15. Avatar photo
    Hououin Kyouma

    New macdonald has opened …

  16. Avatar photo
    Raphael Chew

    It’s not the best around in woodlands as it does not have really good food and the old design does not attract people although it does have a few good shops like 7 11 and pizza Hut for people who are hungry and it is near a bus stop to go to causeway point or north point in yishun but it is good for students who are hungry and want a bite near 800 plus

  17. Avatar photo
    Jay Lim

    Shop outlets are limited. Yet there are certain shop does not fit to end user needs. Council should consider and allocates different trades for consumer convenient.

  18. Avatar photo

    Decent neighbourhood mall. There’s a 24hr Fairprice and foodcourt here. KFC, Pizza Hut and a gaming shop called Game Addict which has really good prices on new and pre-owned gaming consoles and games

  19. Avatar photo
    sahibul hisam

    Newly renovated.

  20. Avatar photo
    珺珺Irene fong

    Midnight need food there is the best place to go to for west area

  21. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Hafizd

    There is KFC, Tender Best, Maybank here. There’s 2 food courts, 7eleven and popular Singapore pools outlets with long queue.

  22. Avatar photo

    Has a lot of stores for different needs from departmental stores to fast food outlets. There are toilets as well. There’s a car park and bike racks. Some of the fast food outlets include KFC and Pizza Hut.

  23. Avatar photo
    Zul Zul

    Easy parking and nice place for shopping and dinning with friends and family

  24. Avatar photo
    Dedy Yongs

    Sad to say that today 26 Oct 2018 the original recipe flavour chicken is not up to standard. Taste quite plain on the inside.

  25. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Wu (Skyred5)

    888 plaza is one of the popular neighbourhood centres. It has 3 fast food restaurants and a wide variety of shops, with a coffee shop that has plenty of seats. There is a central atrium where community events are held

  26. Avatar photo
    W C

    Neighbourhood mall. Fast food, kopitiam, other ships like pet store, chinese herbs, stationary , haircut , drntal n GP, tuition, cake n bread , and a supernarket.

    New McD

  27. Avatar photo
    Rosman RA

    The only problem here is the multistorey carpark. The lots are made to accomodate Morris Minor, Produa Kelisa or Mazda MX5. Now most of us are using MPVs, SUVs and most sedans are now having bigger doors. Your in between spaces are totally rubbish. Please remove 1 lot so that we can park comfortably and I’m sure drivers are willing to park in your designated carpark rather than your alleys or loading/unloading bays.

  28. Avatar photo
    Shu En

    Convenient neighbourhood plaza, with a 24 hour supermarket and two coffee shops. Has bubble tea, hair barbers, spectacle shops, and bakeries. There’s also Guardian, banks, tuition centres, clinics, coin laundry, and value shops.

  29. Avatar photo
    md afiq

    The place there is quite spacious and sometimes they will organise pasarmalams.There is kfc and 7 eleven and also food centres over there.There is also a bicycle shop to buy bicycle or repair them.

  30. Avatar photo
    Antonio Mc Clyde


  31. Avatar photo
    Min Han

    Near plaza have 24 hour food court and you can enjoy the sea food also there.

  32. Avatar photo

    Good food

  33. Avatar photo
    Venkat Sundar

    Convenient, considering that it’s pretty close by to my place

  34. Avatar photo
    Mohd Shariff Shariff

    Not bad. Variety of shops for halal foods

  35. Avatar photo
    Megalord Ng

    Nearest residential grade food court and grocery shopping out of woodlands industrial park. Food quality generally good

  36. Avatar photo
    Linda Lim

    Fast food, guardian, hawker center Halal and non, bread shop, values shop, japan home, salon, ntuc, enrichment centers, buble tea, atm, what thing they dont have here?

  37. Avatar photo
    Leroy Lim (Yorel Live)

    Many amenities with 24 hours food options and laundromat

  38. Avatar photo
    Gavin Pan

    In dire need of an upgrade as toilets and walkways are quite old

  39. Avatar photo
    Leena Ahmad

    Very shop,ntuc and stalls for buying groceries,stationary shop,fastfood to dine in and takeaway,guardian and more..near bustop to interchange and to mrt stn…what can you ask more from a covenient and easy to shop at all in one 888 Plaza?

  40. Avatar photo
    Lim Steven

    Variety of shops n eating places. Got Maybank ATM n fair price.

  41. Avatar photo

    Got sell 4 d, just take 2 bus stop from my home. Very convenient.

  42. Avatar photo
    Zhuo Raymond

    All in one neighborhood shopping area with 2 coffee shops. Newly added MacDonald is a bonus.

  43. Avatar photo
    YNWA marc mquez


  44. Avatar photo
    Carrie Bradshaw

    Great food …

  45. Avatar photo
    Esah Adam

    This place is the nearest to my place so i always go to ntuc to shop for groceries at least 2 to 3 times a week

  46. Avatar photo
    ST Lim San Teng

    A convenience neighbourhood retails, supermarket FairPrice Supermaket and two big coffee also has Guardian, MayBank and ATMs around. A couple of bakeries too.

    KFC is around present for those who like Fried Chicken.

  47. Avatar photo
    Jenny Ng

    Got ntuc Fairprice, 2 coffeeshops, Guardian pharmacy, KFC, cakeshop, chinese medical hall, 4d shop, bicycle shop, sundry shop, skp, etc…

  48. Avatar photo
    chris Ha

    Just another common plaza.

  49. Avatar photo
    Khong Wei Ooi

    Coffee so so and expensive.. Plus is variety of food available.

  50. Avatar photo
    Yun Foong Chong

    Small neighborhood mall that is currently undergoing upgrading. Business as usual though. There are supermarket, coffee shops, doctors, dentists available. Even have a guardian pharmacy, 7-Eleven and other retail shops.

  51. Avatar photo
    Dave Lee

    You can get pretty much anything basic there. With barber, value store, laundry service, ntuc, 2 coffeeshops and other amenities.

  52. Avatar photo
    Seah Sing Yeow

    Lots of shops, eatery and adequately with variety

  53. Avatar photo
    Yea Yea

    Is there kfc because I need it to buy a ticket back to robloxia

  54. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Lee

    Ha emt been here in 10 years. Yet the food here is still as great as ever. Best thing for 24hrs foodies like me…wanna eat can come anytime

  55. Avatar photo
    Joey Yow

    Huge coffeeshops. Supermarket and family household shops. Several bakeries. Saloon and barbershop. Fast food outlets etc.

  56. Avatar photo
    Naga Venkata AmruthaVani Polasanapalli

    Every thing in 888 is fine but, I cannot find any coconut water, fruits or juices stalls. It would be great if I can find all those

  57. Avatar photo
    Sreejith Mammen

    Small neighborhood mall with good eating options and a supermarket.

  58. Avatar photo
    Leon Loh (ลีออน)

    A lot of good food here… Delicious food also… 24hrs

  59. Avatar photo
    Leo Seah

    There is a bicycle shop here which is good for emergency repair work.

  60. Avatar photo
    Darren “Chunchunmaru” Quek

    Neighbour hood shopping center. Has misc shops and 24 hour supermarket. Late night coffeeshop too.

  61. Avatar photo

    Has almost all the stuff you need in a neighborhood mall; from supermarket, fast-food, coffee shop, hardware, laundry, medical, etc…

  62. Avatar photo
    Francis Soh

    Malay stall have delicious food. NTUC 24hrs. Love this place.

  63. Avatar photo
    Jeralynn Loy

    Great food found here!

  64. Avatar photo
    Ben Raj

    Always a nice place to have supper

  65. Avatar photo

    abit hard to find best way to enter is go from the front but the staff very helpful when helping to locate the store when i walked in circles searching from the back/carpark side

  66. Avatar photo
    Datuk Kay

    A lot of varieties found, food.. home appliances, Healthcare etc…

  67. Avatar photo
    Clarice Khoo

    Everything you need at a neighbourhood plaza. 2 coffeshops, 24h NTUC, KFC, guardian, hair salon…

  68. Avatar photo
    Ann Cinersyura

    Alot of food place and choices to grad a bite

  69. Avatar photo
    zulkifli jumaat

    A very convenient place for most if not all of your daily grocery shopping made possible by a 24hr NTUC Fairprice.

  70. Avatar photo

    2 coffee shops there, one beside ntuc operate 24hrs, Mcdonald newly opened, quite a good place to shop. Recommended

  71. Avatar photo
    David Loh

    It has a 24 hours hawker and 24 hours grocery (fairprice) & 24 convinence store (7-eleven), unmanned laundry store, banks, clinics, childcare.

    Great place with useful amenities for the near by residents

    There is a Mcdonald now and the main podium are sheltered.

  72. Avatar photo
    Steven Tang

    Have 24hour coffee shop and food also 24hour NTUC SHOPPING there also a bank and 4D around

  73. Avatar photo
    DR. speed

    U can get your hoke stuff

  74. Avatar photo
    Drew Goh

    It’s a small neighbourhood mall, with most of the things you may need on a regular basis.

    There’s a KFC, Pizza Hut, two coffee shops with average food, a bike repair shop, a few hair salons, a supermarket. So, it’s terribly ordinary.

    It’s starting to show its age already, having been around for so long.

  75. Avatar photo
    Muhd Faisal Abdul Rahman

    You can find different types of shops from the 24 hours NTUC supermarket to 2 hawker centres and a KFC and Pizza Hut, clinics and pet shop.

  76. Avatar photo

    It has been upgraded to that of an open food center. Very clean. Better lay-out.
    The postal code here ie 733887. Not as shown in google map. Thank you for the correction.

  77. Avatar photo
    J P

    Jus another normal eating place. Nice food n 24hrs NTUC with ATM machine…..not bad.

  78. Avatar photo
    Ivan Tan

    A quite retro place where u can find KFC and pizza hut. Many things u can find here. Stationary, groceries and makan!!!

  79. Avatar photo
    Tommy Lau

    New branch at 888 plaza and MOP HDB Tree Trail

  80. Avatar photo
    gilberto kunihara

    Nice place with good food and also nice environment.

  81. Avatar photo
    Sheliyan S

    2 kopitiam, KFC and Pizza hut. Good for lunch

  82. Avatar photo
    Ho Soon tin

    Few people around at coffeeshop. Not crowdy. Many sat on tables to relax first place.

  83. Avatar photo
    Top reviewer

    Great single storey mall with big variety of shops and alfresco style dining at the open courtyard

  84. Avatar photo
    Maryann Partymama

    If you like Basic Point, you can visit their bigger outlet at Vista Point. The one at 888 is much small hence the 4 starts

  85. Avatar photo
    Sharon Wong (Clover)

    Located in between Admiralty and Woodlands mrt. Heartland mall with NTUC supermarket open 24/7 as well as 2 coffeeshops, several shops are open as per normal office hours. One can enjoy foot / body massage then go to the cafe to have a waffle ice-cream next to it.

  86. Avatar photo
    Devi pooja

    It’s near my cousin place where you can get all your need for household and food.

  87. Avatar photo
    Shawn Chew

    KFC, Pizza Hut
    2 coffee shops (1 is 24/7, the 1 nearer towards NTUC)
    1 and only supermarket (NTUC)
    Value shop and Guardian Pharmacy
    7-11, bicycle shop and for Huat Cai people there’s a Singapore Pools.

  88. Avatar photo
    Yeo Kiong Huat

    A convenience place. Park ur bike, eat and escaped. Got KFC, hawker, coffee shop and cakes bakery too. POSB, UOB, MAYBANK ATM.

  89. Avatar photo

    There are fast food restaurants, foods courts, banks and NTUC Supermarket etc.

  90. Avatar photo
    peter Lee

    Easy to buy lunch at noon time tq!

  91. Avatar photo
    B K

    Place is a nice place for having your breakfast/lunch/dinner cause they have 2 foodcourts

  92. Avatar photo

    Very ordinary place. Nothing exciting. Too hot during lunch time

  93. Avatar photo
    Noman Bhoy

    It is located on the heartlands of hdb enclave which houses fast food such as pizza hut and KFC.There are also food court for different with variety of local food abundance.There are maybank bank branch at this location too.Likewise for daily dry groceries you can patronize Fairprice.

  94. Avatar photo
    angel yong

    Went for lunch on 2 Apr at 2pm to 2.45pm. Sit in front of Halal shop Asia Ghani Jamu Selera. I lost my 916 Gold Bracelet. If anyone see it can help to reply me. Thank you very much. Sit at the same table as per the photo that was post by someone else.

  95. Avatar photo
    H2 O

    Exciting neighborhood Heartland hawker Centre with comprehensive shopping including hardware shops electric electronic telecommunication headphone resales and repairs. Walking distance to Admiralty MRT station and bus stations Admiralty Place Kampung Admiralty. Plenty of local delights international delights shopping banking entertainment groceries sundries postage services and amenities nearby. Walking distance to children’s playground with plenty of greenery and breezy scenery away from busy cityscapes. Friendly fast attentive cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students tourists Expats locals and families.

  96. Avatar photo
    John HERRY

    888 Plaza is a mini hub with 2 available coffeeshops, 2 AXS machines, Pizza Hut, KFC, NTUC, May Bank Office. OCBC and POSB ATM. Also available shops like hardware, barber, hair salon, opticians, furniture shop. Pretty much convenient for those who are nearby and look for what is needed.

  97. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Sayyiduddin

    888 Plaza is a place where I grew up. Although they did some renovations, the tenants there are still there

  98. Avatar photo
    charles kang

    Have the organs soup. And roast duck. Sitting area greatly reduced due to renovation of the outside sitting area. Foods ok from this place. It will very inconvenient during this period due to seating limitations and COVID-19

  99. Avatar photo
    Cedric Eng

    This is a community shops area. Good food options (2 Food Courts, KFC, Pizza Hut). NTC is based here too.

  100. Avatar photo
    Alex B

    Currently there are some renovation of some areas are boarded up. Other than that it’s a good place for everyday needs

  101. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Pey

    A neighbourhood mall tenanted with essential trades like supermarket, pharmacy, two food courts, fast foods like KFC and Pizza Hut (takeaway), clinics, salons, pet shop, hardware shops, furniture shop, laundromat etc.

  102. Avatar photo
    Dan Lau

    A cluster of decent shop houses that can fulfill most of the household needs.

  103. Avatar photo
    You Yuan Qian Li

    This is a neighborhood place for some essentials. Nothing fantastic but it’s got all one needs to get by with daily living. But is a rare gem for woodlands residents as there aren’t a lot of amenities in this estate, unlike the more established towns in Ang Mo Kio or Toa Payoh.

  104. Avatar photo
    Moti Lal Parsad

    Many shops there very convenient

  105. Avatar photo
    Fion Lee

    Went there mainly for the 24/7 coffeeshop, great place to have supper.

  106. Avatar photo
    Boink Bunny

    pretty nice place to hangout, would recommend to go if near to 888

  107. Avatar photo
    Jasper Banana

    It have almost everything except for a vegetarian stall!
    – Swee Heng bakery
    – 3 separate coffee shop
    – ntuc supermarket
    – ice cream waffle cafe
    – mcd (upcoming)
    – kfc
    – guardian
    – 2 barber shops
    – iTea & another classic bbt store
    And etc

  108. Avatar photo
    kasim umar

    Very big sitting area. Nice to visit here. Can get all types of food here. Mc donalds, kfc etc…

  109. Avatar photo
    Sally Eats

    not sure why is there so many presence of banks here….

    the 24hrs fairprice here only bring in selective brands.

    there’s 2 food court here, the one nearer to fairprice has selective shops operating til late hours, however the staffs are too casual, and it pays off as rude, ‘don’t care’ and unprofessional. the fish soup stall is always long Q. the seafood stall will take their own sweet time to prep your food and if they accidentally cooked wrongly they will push the food to you, talk u into guilt and make u accept the wrong meat/fish cooked wrongly.

    the other foodcourt is better. has mala, but expensive as it goes by grams, I think their style is ingredients based on Mala & Singaporean style of chilli and stir fry. seafood stall is more professional here.

    there’s 2 bbt shop. itea serves great choices at cheap price but staffs can be rude when their manager/boss is around and there’s always a crowd especially during dinner. teatime has lesser selections but the staffs here are genuinely nice. but the pearls not so nice like itea.

    u can buy 4D here also, 888 Plaza is famous for lottery fortune and luck.

    there is 3 salons here, the one closer to the Singapore Pools has rude staffs and they don’t take in customer’s concerns and cut styles that are easy for them.

  110. Avatar photo
    Fuji Misato

    A neighborhood mini mall that has almost all the daily necessity and food.
    Update as of October 2022: Macdonald had finally came back to 888 located at the newly created sheltered atrium

  111. Avatar photo
    dan wee

    Good for local meals. Favourite satay and ngo hiang dish was excellent.

  112. Avatar photo
    Tok Htc

    Food are expensive compare to others coffee shop. Coffee standard is low compared to other places. The mix rice store at the far end is the only reasonable and good service food store.

  113. Avatar photo
    soh edward

    Neighbourhood heartmall with the usual food stalls

  114. Avatar photo
    eng annette

    A regular small sized shopping area in a neighbourhood. Consists of Clinics, hardware store, food court, convenience stores, fast food restaurants

  115. Avatar photo
    Adie Kosongtiga

    Many chicken base food avaible e.g. KFC, Asia Chicken Rice and Chicken Delights

  116. Avatar photo
    Suandi Hassan

    Very convenient..a lot of stores.Fast foods such as kfc and pizza huts is available.There’s two designated coffee shop available for our preference.

  117. Avatar photo

    Have a good mixed of shops to get the items required for daily necessity. I am able to get some nice & economical snacks from The VALUE $ shop there.

  118. Avatar photo
    Goh Lester

    24 hours coffeeshop

  119. Avatar photo
    C 12

    Cute neighbouring shopping! Local & Int’l delights tidy clean healthy options. Banking groceries entertainment with varieties. Friendly fast. Friendly romantic cosy fast service aircond with good view. Delicious cake to go with nice aroma coffee.

  120. Avatar photo
    Mohd Radzi

    Fantastic place for anyone to get anything. Food, NTUC Fairprice, Pizza, KFC, Value Shop, bicycle shop, just to name a few. Went there to get some goodies for children day gift. At the same time, we had dinner at the coffee shop within the plaza. Had Nasi Ayam Penyek and chicken spaghetti.

  121. Avatar photo
    Suzanne Chan

    Quite a convenient place to visit. Have 2 coffee shops here. Furthermore it has a leading supermarket operates in 24 hours

  122. Avatar photo
    Angus Yong

    Typical neighbourhood centre where you can have your meals at the foodcourt while getting your essentials around those shops

  123. Avatar photo
    Barny -

    Alot of shops and food court to shop at. Conviniently located near HDB and some distance away from admiroty mrt.

  124. Avatar photo
    Laura Martin

    It is nice to go for groceries and many restaurants to choose it’s cheap and nice food

  125. Avatar photo

    Alot of food and they just added a McDonald’s

  126. Avatar photo
    Veronica Ann Nunis

    I had prata for breakfast at the coffeeshop. The queue was long and took some time. But it was worth it as the prata was really crispy, just the way i like it. And it was served hot.

  127. Avatar photo
    Clarence Kwok

    Has 2 good food courts at reasonable prices. Good basic amenities for this neighborhood.

  128. Avatar photo
    Joseph Tan

    Renovated a couple of times with essential services like NTUC and some household stores with 2 coffeeshops childcare services, fast-food stalls. This neighborhood shopping centre offers nearby residents a quick place to visit for essential items within a residential estate.

  129. Avatar photo
    SK Lim

    Average mini town center….but coffee shops not bad in terms of food choices. Parking multistorey carpark is right for larger sized cars.

  130. Avatar photo
    boon ling Khoo

    Convenient location for hawker food, fast food and many other hardware shops.

  131. Avatar photo
    Samuel Rajendran

    where is that chicken that makes the singapore rice

  132. Avatar photo
    MURU K

    Basic point
    Fairprice large space
    Pizza hut convenient shopping centre

  133. Avatar photo
    David chan

    Two Zhi Char stalls at different corner food court. Not bad can try.

  134. Avatar photo
    Ed “stra'Ordinarie” Goh

    The usual neighbourhood stuff concentrated in a mall-like fashion. Average food fare in the 24hrs food court facing Woodlands ave 4.

  135. Avatar photo
    H 2

    Neighbourhood heartland shopping mall with breezy greenery away from busy cityscapes instead of usual aircond enclosed shopping mall. Facilities including several hawker centres Kimly Handmade Tim Sum Wan Shan Food Court Multi level carpark Maybank POSB ATM Fairprice KFC fried Chicken supermarkets Valuedollar Housewares store electric Electronic appliances telecommunication IT Computers repair shop groceries sundries postage services and amenities. Freshly prepared food with healthy ingredients tender loving skillful cooking and warm services. Walking distance to Woodlands Primary School Woodlands Skatepark Treetrail Mandai Tekong Park Woodlands Admiral Garden. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families..

  136. Avatar photo
    Qodlizaka Ali

    One of the best nasi ayam penyet stall there ( Asia Ghani ). Service rendered can be better though.

  137. Avatar photo
    just dave

    Food court, McDonald’s, NTUC daily necessity supplies etc. The parking are is pretty tight so best to park at the HDB MSCP beside it.

  138. Avatar photo
    Shivaram Somasundaram

    Excellent place to buy all our homeneeds. 24HRS NTUC. Hardware Shop, Bicycle Shop, Clinic, 24hrs Coffee Shop. Singapore Sweep 4D/Toto outlet. Etc

  139. Avatar photo
    Rexton Jarvis

    Has most of the shops u would want in ur neighborhood

  140. Avatar photo

    Wonderful experienced especially over the weekend…. plenty of food varieties… won’t be disappointed… trust me…!!!

  141. Avatar photo
    Chua Ban Cheng

    Rice too dry and hard at night and morning porridge too wet.

  142. Avatar photo
    W L

    Very nice place to shop. With 24 hrs NTUC and coffeeshop.

  143. Avatar photo

    Mini amenities centre where residents in blocks 8xx and 5×× hang out in the 2 coffeeshops. 24 hr NTUC fairprice supermarket. Pizza Hut, KFC, 7-11 and hardware stores

  144. Avatar photo
    Kafihan Raj

    Good food at this place but it can get really crowded..

  145. Avatar photo

    Available all the items which you looking in cheap price.items like food, household, electronics,past food.
    Well spaced.not so crowed

  146. Avatar photo
    Vision 2050

    Population increased but shops are very limited especially Ntuc too small

  147. Avatar photo
    Oliver Ng

    They just officially opened a Mac Donald’s with a kid’s carnival and lion dance troupe. You’ll be spoiled for choice as it’s centrally located and has everything you need. It provide a vital service to the community and a gathering place for people of all ages

  148. Avatar photo
    Safaruan Bin Jamari

    Phewwww, the place offer you; a Bank, 2 food courts, 2 Barber shops, a Laundry facilities, a NTUC Fairprice supermarket, a Mom and Pop furniture shop, 2 hardware shop, a Pawn Shop, a Value shop, a car park and many small business. I frequently send my suits for dry cleaning, have breakfast and support the business there. …

  149. Avatar photo
    Rajesh Rajendran

    Many restaurants & food court available.

  150. Avatar photo
    Jeremy koh

    Has a variety of shops. From convenience stores, coffee shops furniture shops and so on. It’s a decent place.

  151. Avatar photo
    Goh B B

    Ongoing renovation, hence not a very pleasant environment. Coffeeshops look big, but not really many choices. Prices are not typical of heartland coffee shops, and are comparable to those in Aircon foodcourts.

  152. Avatar photo
    Daniel Teo

    Nice neighbour Plaza, there is an NTUC Supermarket, McDonald’s, KFC & 2 Foodcourts.

  153. Avatar photo
    Ambrose Rodrigues

    Had a great door massage at Spa Zone after 2.5 months

  154. Avatar photo
    echam Sammiri

    Family friendly location. Fast food such as Pizza hut and KFC can be found at the location. Try out the kopitiam theres alot to choose from in the menus such as Chinese cuisine, Malay cuisine and Indian cuisine. Doctors and Chinese Senei too can be found here. There even afew trift shops where money concern it really help out on our monthly budget..

  155. Avatar photo
    Manimaygalai letchumi

    A convenient place to grab urgent items. It can be better if cyclists are not allowed to ride inside the mall.

  156. Avatar photo
    MK Hasbro

    Good place for quick bite

  157. Avatar photo

    Its a nice place to buy foods,cut your hair and buy some everyday beverages.Also,the is popular shops that sells chicken chop

  158. Avatar photo
    HK Lim

    Good neighborhood market~ 24hr NTUC~ but food is pale, expensive and not much choices

  159. Avatar photo
    Richard Aw

    Still partially under construction. Shops running as usual.

  160. Avatar photo
    Charles Wijaya

    Not bad have everything

  161. Avatar photo
    Richard Pang

    New McDonald’s coming up soon!

  162. Avatar photo
    Nicholas Chan

    Some stalls open up till 4am. Good for a quick bite at night.

  163. Avatar photo
    Aaron Ong

    Friendly neighbourhood with NTUC to satisfy my daily groceries needs.

  164. Avatar photo
    Balaganesha B.V

    Please do not be fooled. I ate there assuming i will be 3 times lucky. However, I am still waiting for my crush to call me or look my way.

  165. Avatar photo
    Zamri Rasheed

    Nice place got lots of food courts

  166. Avatar photo
    Michael Tay

    Very busy at the food court. Each table of 4 limited to 2 diners, side by side instead of diagonally across. Find it hard to share table when eating alone. …

  167. Avatar photo
    James Chong

    Good food variety n reasonably priced

  168. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Friendly neighborhood mall with many dining options… shops, fast food and a popular local supermarket is also here.

  169. Avatar photo
    Herwan Surudi

    Newly completed upgrading shops with all our daily needs everyday

  170. Avatar photo
    Richard Chia

    Convenient neighbourhood centre with fast food oulets, Pizza Hut and KFC, 2 coffee shops with good Western food, Fried Hokkien Mee, Satay, Roti Prata etc. Good stop over for coffee breaks and meals.

  171. Avatar photo
    Samuel Goh

    KFC if you want air-conditioned eating place. Other wise there are 2 coffee shops (or food centres), one of which is running on 24 hours basis.

  172. Avatar photo
    Athena Tan Yi Min

    There’s a 24 hours coffee shop and a 7-11 here for those who desire midnight munchies, a NTUC, as well as a few clinics,and miscellaneous shops, but not much in the form of entertainment.

  173. Avatar photo
    User User

    I did not know that it was 24 hours. Very good. All the food shops are open.

  174. Avatar photo
    Syed Syafiq

    Lots of variety for food and daily needs. Had my haircut there at the barber.

  175. Avatar photo
    Ismail Hassan

    Well it’s strategic location once there is a bank but it has moved out but there ntuc supermarkets ok …

  176. Avatar photo

    Various of shops available including food, kids needs & pharmacy available.

  177. Avatar photo
    Andrew Chew

    Small mall with many small shops whatever you need.

  178. Avatar photo
    Diving 2018 Bali

    Good Coffee w plenty choice of food option , 24 hours

  179. Avatar photo
    Mohd Nor

    More vareity for makan place, shops Banks n NTUC mall n big coffeeShop convenient for parking etc…

  180. Avatar photo

    Non airconditional plaza with KFC and pizza hut take away. Anchor tenant NTUC Fair price supermarket

  181. Avatar photo
    Terence Ho

    Food there is nice. But don’t understand why now the coffeehouse now only can sit two per table.

  182. Avatar photo
    Eric Chan

    Friendly neighborhood mall with many dining options… shops, fast food and a popular local supermarket is also here.

  183. Avatar photo
    Woon Fong Cheong

    Convenience Place for finding Food. 2 Coffee shop, NTUC, 7 eleven, pizzahut, KFC is there

  184. Avatar photo
    Joseph Tan

    Neat and Clean.Coffeeshops and 4D Centre practicing good distancing.I went there for lunch

  185. Avatar photo
    Azman Hassan

    Parking is very narrow and tight corners. Excellent choices for food , supermarket, and many other things.

  186. Avatar photo
    Winston Tan

    Nice heartlander place. With a 24 hours coffeeshop. Good for residents.

  187. Avatar photo

    Its 24/7 omg dim sum quite ugh….. hor fun ok …

  188. Avatar photo
    Molla Faruk

    Very good place

  189. Avatar photo
    Gaurov Dalvi

    Great and simple place to find good 24hrs food.
    You have a supermarket as well so makes it easy to get anything you need.

  190. Avatar photo

    As a resident near this place, food here is decent but not too great

  191. Avatar photo
    ShahAry Hassan

    Try the Nasi lemak and smashed chicken rice(NAsi ayam Penyet) at the Malay Store, delicious

  192. Avatar photo
    samantha starrina

    The Teochew Noodle stall don’t go and patronise when you see this guy around he would refuse to even give abit of chilli to you bad service will not recommend

  193. Avatar photo
    Sonder POV

    Now got new area. No idea what its gonna be for, but it looks like an MRT exit lol
    Probably gonna be a stage where the ahmah and rich ladies come to go for their yoga classes. Idk. Other than that 888 is just another mall. Got NTUC all la.

  194. Avatar photo
    Ying Xian Chua

    Conveniently located in the heartlands of Woodlands, the mall serves its function if one needs to get their grocery fix and their meals at fast food chains as well as coffee shop. Can get crowded during the weekends, and maintenance of the restrooms can be improved.

  195. Avatar photo
    Sumit Varma

    Very convenient place. It has a very big food court with multiple options. It also has a fair price and POSB ATM. You also repair your cycle at the cycle shop in 888 plaza

  196. Avatar photo
    Shathirul Mumtaz

    Convenient place there’s 24/7 hawker center.

  197. Avatar photo
    gladys lee

    Food is not bad , there two coffee shop

  198. Avatar photo

    888 is a small mall with some fast food restaurants and bakery and a fair price supermarket

  199. Avatar photo
    HD Door

    A lot of nice food and has 24 hour coffee shop and NTUC!

  200. Avatar photo
    Gilberto Kunihara

    A very decent and nice environment place to eat and drink

  201. Avatar photo
    Amri Hakim

    Their western from tenderfresh was awesome. The chickens were well-cooked. Been there multiple times and their cooking are always up to standard.

  202. Avatar photo
    Terence Goh

    A neighbourhood shopping area anchored by Fairprice supermarket. Also has two big coffeeshops, a children’s enrichment area consisting of tuition centres and such. There’s Maybank. A bicycle shop. A dental and a medical clinic. Good mix.

  203. Avatar photo
    Koh Fuqi

    Small neighbourhood mall well serviced by a good variety of services, including 2 coffeeshops, a supermarket, bank & ATMs.

    There’s also a handful of barbers, a few bakeries, mobile phone shop, furniture retailer, packaging shop, value shop, etc.

  204. Avatar photo
    Maricel JM

    Cravings solved, iceream and croissant. Happy with my meal and the service was great.

  205. Avatar photo
    jayaseelan cannadi

    Good place to eat. Few good food which you can enjoy eating. There’s NTUC Fair price and ATM are there too.

  206. Avatar photo
    Jin Jan

    There were many shops inside.

  207. Avatar photo
    Lydia Tan

    Teochew Noodle at 888 24.hrs coffee shop is tasty. The soup is pork base. The cheapest in te menu is number 3 @$2.80
    Indian food at 888 like Roti prata/set rice is good because the curry is not dilute.

  208. Avatar photo
    Thomas Khoo

    Neighbourhood shops such as bakery, salon, optical, 4d shop, NTUC, etc. Besides KFC, there is also Macdonald with a big outdoor sitting. There are 2 hawker centres to enjoy our local dishes.

  209. Avatar photo
    Tengku Abdullah

    This neighbourhood mall has lots of shops and eateries. You can probably get what you looking for here as its also quite large.

  210. Avatar photo
    ravi Dixit

    Good location. Can find all basic shops with ntuc and large food court.

  211. Avatar photo
    陳澤廣(Allan Tan C K)

    Okay …

  212. Avatar photo
    XunMing Ng

    Plenty of food and beverage choices. You can also get your groceries here as well. Overall good hygiene.

  213. Avatar photo
    razli nor

    Ntuc fairprice supermarket as anchor with coffee shops harbouring good foods with decent prices tag. Fast foods includes Mcdonald, kfc and pizza hut are welcoming.

  214. Avatar photo
    Muhd Khairil

    You can get almost everything that you need here, there’s fast food restaurant (KFC & Pizza hut), coffee shops, dental & gp clinic, game store, stationeries, bicycle shop, saloons and even a 24h grocery store.

  215. Avatar photo
    Abu Torab

  216. Avatar photo
    Ye Tun Aung

    Nice place to eat. A lot of variety .

  217. Avatar photo
    Jack Kiki

    Normal necessities can be found there ,kfc is there, pizza hut for take aways only and there’s guardian, and 2 coffee shop,pet lovers is there too,pawn shop Chinese medical herbal shop and more!

  218. Avatar photo

    There is ntuc and my favourite porridge stall there

  219. Avatar photo
    Nagendra Kumar

    Quite a good place to fullfil all the day to day needs for whole family.
    Good to hace a 24hr Ntuc fairprice, hair cut, atms, multiple DIY shops.

  220. Avatar photo

    Just like any other neighbourhood centre in Singapore, you’ll find a sufficient array of shops available e.g. a retail bank (Maybank), a supermarket (NTUC), food courts, clinics etc.

  221. Avatar photo
    Neo Er Jyn

    Neighborhood shops. Dirty place. But sufficient to get your daily necessity and food

  222. Avatar photo
    Jj Cheok

    24 hrs amenity close to home. Easy and convenient access to groceries and late night snacks!!

  223. Avatar photo
    VC Kannan

    Renovation done and revamped with Mcdonald

  224. Avatar photo
    P Z O U T

    Triple 8 have served Woodlands residents well over the year. Food court, supermarket, Singapore Pools, value dollar shop… all the necessary shops are there …

  225. Avatar photo
    Hikigaya Hachiman

    Had the Nasi Padang at Wanshun Food court. I enjoyed the food. I was told the western food was above average and would come back for a try again. 888 plaza was fun and lively with many residents around creating a great place for gatherings with family and friends.

  226. Avatar photo
    Nur Insyeerah

    everyone should try the Asia Ghani food stall there’s a wide variety and one of the best ayam penyet I’ve ever tasted the prices are all ok!!!

  227. Avatar photo
    Jason Liaw

    2 coffeeshops in that place,plenty of stalls selling nice food like wanton noodle,tim sum fried kway teow,western food like spring chicken,roasted pig n duck rice,malay food nasi briyani…

  228. Avatar photo
    Shahiran Abdul Rahman

    Went there to buy brkfst. My friend liked d lontong, n d mi soto that I had was v.nice

  229. Avatar photo
    Fang Leow

    Many shops, many food court , great place for a lunch at affordable price.

  230. Avatar photo
    Amen Wolf

    The variety of food here is awesome.
    Even during late nights there are stalls that runs up till 3am.

  231. Avatar photo
    Xenocide Duke

    Very good neighbourhood shopping with good food, NTUC and necessities stores. Have a couple of clinics as well

  232. Avatar photo

    Try the bbq chicken wings at the coffee shop beside ntuc, it’s amazing

  233. Avatar photo
    Kannan Veerappan

    Has may bank ntuc hardware shop Chinese medicine shop hair saloon 7 11 bycyle shop and stationary shop. That I used.

  234. Avatar photo

    Very good people nice chicken rice nice place. The lift very clean, toilet don’t need pay 10 cent. I will come back

  235. Avatar photo
    Edie Tan

    This is a regular hangout for my family when we want our meals. There are always parking lots during any meal period. There are two food courts which serves good range of food. However, I will always eat at the food court near the main road as there are always seats and the economic rice is one of the tastiest, at a very low price and lots of ingredients. 2 vegetables and 1 meat at less than $3.50. Wonton noodle and congee is tasty too. There are KFC and Pizza Hut too. There is a hardware shop which sell almost anything you need for DIY stuff.

  236. Avatar photo

    My favourite heartland shopping spot. Basically everythingnis avail here. From 24hrs supermarkets to hardware stores and even banks. Not to mention clinics, opticians and etc.

  237. Avatar photo
    Mytiqly O

    There’s a supermarket, 2 coffee shops of which 1 is 24 hours, a KFC, a Pizza Hut take away, and most other amenities required.

  238. Avatar photo
    Choon Huat Tan

    A shopping centre with two coffeeshops and some shops.

  239. Avatar photo
    Kee Pheow LEE

    You find dim sum and wide variety of food, products and supermarket for household food and general items

  240. Avatar photo
    Roger Chia

    Pretty good neighborhood shopping place, multiple hardware store, NTUC, convinient stores, and 2 food court

  241. Avatar photo
    Iskandhar Shahril Safari

    Heartland mall with lots of stores and makan places. The chicken rice from the Malay stall next to NTUC is very tasty and also should try the Chinese rojak stall next to it!!

  242. Avatar photo

    Easy to hunt for food from Indian or Malay cuisine.Even bakery from Swee Heng is ok.Western food from Tenderbest or grab something to heat up from 711.So many barbershop to choose from.Heard that McDonalds opening soon.KFC & Pizza Hut is there to serve your cravings.

  243. Avatar photo
    sengchee Ng

    More stuff than woodland north plaza. Gt 2 iTea shop. One of them is not affiliated with the big brand.

  244. Avatar photo
    Sek Fai Wong

    I like as the place has got satay – pork satay!

  245. Avatar photo
    Pung Andrew

    2 24 hours food stalls.. can be quite crowded.

  246. Avatar photo
    Loh Chan Keong

    very nice place ,have many food must try

  247. Avatar photo
    Mohammed Mudassir

    Home to the best Barber shop (Sizziors) and best chicken (TenderFresh)

  248. Avatar photo
    Chia Sk

    Found nice food with reasonable price.

  249. Avatar photo
    M Razor

    Nice neighbourhood shopping point. NTUC, foodcourts, clinics, provision shops, and DIY shops are available

  250. Avatar photo
    Afi Hafiz

    One of the nearby shopping/food spot, they have good variety of services and shops to check it out.

  251. Avatar photo
    Azhar Kamar

    Great eating place – there’s a KFC, Tenderbest, 2 coffeeshops with a wide range of halal cuisine. POSB and MayBank ATMs also available. Cheap parking too.

  252. Avatar photo
    Joshua Sham

    Moderate crowd as its just after the lunch rush. Having the porridge here as its the only decent one around the vicinity.

  253. Avatar photo
    Melvin Tan

    Caipng stall there at the NTUC side is by far the most popz. Nothing can win it. The kopi there also very power

  254. Avatar photo
    Tan Ming Sen

    A great place to go for cheap and affordable dining, hardwares and other services

  255. Avatar photo
    Velavan Muthukumar

    Very nice place and here have a lot of food courts,small shops, clinics and ntuc supermarket etc

  256. Avatar photo

    Not bad they build MC Donald there and I’m waiting to try it and very good food but a lot of old gangster from last time in the 90s

  257. Avatar photo
    H 2

    Neighbourhood heartland shopping mall with breezy greenery away from busy cityscapes instead of usual aircond enclosed shopping mall. Facilities including several hawker centres Kimly Handmade Tim Sum Wan Shan Food Court Multi level carpark Maybank POSB ATM Fairprice KFC fried Chicken supermarkets Valuedollar Housewares store electric Electronic appliances telecommunication IT Computers repair shop groceries sundries postage services and amenities. Freshly prepared food with healthy ingredients tender loving skillful cooking and warm services. Walking distance to Woodlands Primary School Woodlands Skatepark Treetrail Mandai Tekong Park Woodlands Admiral Garden. Friendly cosy comfy welcoming ambience for romantic intimates groups students expats locals visitors and families..

  258. Avatar photo

    Love the food here. There are also some shops here that are quite useful for getting what you need if you live nearby. Btw i like the bubble tea from the place next to the glasses shop.

  259. Avatar photo
    ballsywallsy _

    Open 24 hours. Quality food and decent late night atmosphere.

  260. Avatar photo

    During covid19 lock down

  261. Avatar photo

    Neighbour place.. coffee shop 24hrs beside Ntuc.. But Tze Char stall is quite expensive and taste normal, the 7pcs of small sweet and sour pork with egg cost $7.50

  262. Avatar photo
    Raizan Jaafar

    McDonald restaurant is within the complex. Its a newly built restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating spaces.

    Highly recomended.

  263. Avatar photo
    Moonshee Ismail

    Nice Malay stall selling old time favorites of nasi lemak, Mee Soto, lontong and more.
    The prata shop serves a generous portion of chicken gravy with the prata as well.
    The $2 fresh orange juice vending machine is ideal for the health buffs as well.
    No worries about drinking at the kopi tiam.

  264. Avatar photo
    Gabriel Wu (Skyred5)

    888 plaza is one of the popular neighbourhood centres. It has 3 fast food restaurants and a wide variety of shops, with a coffee shop that has plenty of seats. There is a central atrium where community events are held

  265. Avatar photo
    Haleena Wosaini

    My workplace. Very convenient and accessible to a lot of amenities

  266. Avatar photo
    Mathavan Rajendran

    Lot of small useful goods have in this shop.
    Onetime visit here.

  267. Avatar photo
    Hting Khoo

    2 food courts. the one nearer to KFC has good caifan, fishball noodles. the one nearer to ntuc has generally nice food

  268. Avatar photo
    Daniel Aqeem

    Quite a few places to choose from to eat. Parking os easily accessible

  269. Avatar photo
    Rayan Kong

    It has many shops but a part of the plaza is being renovated.

  270. Avatar photo
    Zack Mok

    Current under massive renovation. Soon there will be a McDonald’s outlet.

  271. Avatar photo
    Alvin Wong

    There are quite a few services available besides food. Opticians, hardware store, tuition centers, ntuc fairprice etc. Overall a nice place to have a meal with family in the neighborhood. There is even Pizza hut and KFC there besides local food.

  272. Avatar photo
    Ahmad Noraini

    This is a place that I always visit because it’s around the neighbourhood in my place with a lot of variety and affordable

  273. Avatar photo
    Hola T

    Decent neighbourhood place with a ntuc Fairprice and shops to serve your daily needs. Families will find this a convenient place to grab all their groceries, hardware and fill their bellies with fairly decent food.

  274. Avatar photo
    Toh Meng

    Can find nice food such as juice Ayam Penyet , their chilli source very nice, but price has increased from $5 to$6 another stall at this coffee shop is Tender Best , nice and cheap .

  275. Avatar photo
    Dickson Ong

    2 dining area here, and some stall are 24 hrs to fulfil your supper needs

  276. Avatar photo
    Raymond Yeo

    Free parking during lunch time. Who does not love it?!!! The food is great and reasonably price. A few coffee-shops and a few outstanding stores. Would recommend them to add more fans as some locations are very hot. Spend some on the facilities and more will come

  277. Avatar photo
    Dennis Wan

    Best place for computer repairs

  278. Avatar photo
    Jeevan Arumugam

    Very busy place. Lots of eateries and household shops. ATMs are easily accessible.

  279. Avatar photo
    Othman Abdullah

    Almost all food shld try.. Near to NTUC Supermarket 24hrs & ATM machine too!

  280. Avatar photo
    E K Goh

    After the renovation, the coffee shop looks cleaner and brighter. Same stall owners and Same food.

  281. Avatar photo
    Slime Jules

    Great mall for people living in east Woodlands. It has many fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut. There is also a huge NTUC FairPrice grocery store within the mall with connections to the Woodlands Regional Center via 900 and 912 and Admiralty MRT via 912. If you live in this area, this mall is a must visit for you.

  282. Avatar photo
    Jaser Yap

    Most of my daily essentials and food comes from here. Maybe there’s 2 food court the choice is ok… Even during this COVID-19 time… Still can manage with rhe choice of food and essentials.

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