Review 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage, 51 Cuppage Rd, Singapore

Review 8 MediAesthetics Centre Cuppage - Singapore 51 Cuppage Rd

“Been doing Luminous Back Peel for a while now and the service from Jacey and Yuncy has been friendly and great.” or “I have done Luminous power peel for 4 times so far and my skin condition has become better than before. I am looking forward to the next appointment!” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage is quality.

Introduction about 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage

Here are some fundamental details regarding 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage. In terms of Beauty salon, it is generally believed that 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppageis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 51 Cuppage Rd, #06-22, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Beauty salon, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 31575989 (+65 31575989)
  • Website:
  • Address: 51 Cuppage Rd, #06-22, Singapore
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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM.

Saturday, Sunday: 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM.


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If you want to ask questions, get comprehensive guidance, or express any problems you may have with services, please contact 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage via:

Phone number

You can reach 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage at 31575989(+65 31575989). Use the hotline to contact them right away for the quickest help and resolution to your problems.


You can contact 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage via It will react rapidly and assist you with your concerns.


You can directly come to 51 Cuppage Rd, #06-22, Singapore if you have any questions or want to try to experience its services.

8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage reviews

8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage is among the best destinations of Beauty salon in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

Is 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage good?

To determine whether 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage is good or not, not only based on the provided information, you but also need to consider the detailed evaluations from customers who have previously experienced the service here, such as:

“Been doing Luminous Back Peel for a while now and the service from Jacey and Yuncy has been friendly and great.”

“My skin condition improved a lot with the Detox Treatments and Spot Removal Treatments. The staff are extremely friendly and professional. Definitely recommend. Cudos to Jacey and Jerlyn too.”

“i did the back acne treatment w jeannie & rebecca. they are extremely kind and friendly and took great care of me. i saw amazing results for my acne just after 2 sessions!”

“My skin has always been unstable and prone to acne but see improvements after undergoing facial services here, particularly after micro needling. Recommend the beauty therapists, Rebecca, Joyce and Windy.”

“Extremely professional and clean. I’m impressed by the personal attention and care by Joyce and Agatha. Very friendly and polite staff with frequent follow up. Results on my skin issues have been very good.”

“Signing my 3rd facial package with 8Med. Thanks to the experience and hygienic therapists. They are always so friendly and accommodating especially Agatha & Rebecca ”

“I have done Luminous power peel for 4 times so far and my skin condition has become better than before. I am looking forward to the next appointment!”

“Great service by Joyce and Pearlyn. I tried the fat freeze. Treatment result will be seen in the upcoming weeks.”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 249 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.8 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 97% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review 8 Mediaesthetics Centre Cuppage, 51 Cuppage Rd, Singapore

There is a total 249 reviews

4.8 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    Nurul Shazirah

    Went for a trial and signed up for the package. Friendly staff and good service!

  2. Avatar photo
    Chai cinders

    Had signed up for a trial back scrub but found the treatment to be very soothing and considerate. Both Winky and Agatha are very sincere and professional consultants, explaining clearly my skin’s condition and how the treatment they had specified would intentionally target my skin’s issues. I’ve been going to this centre for a few months and can say that my back skin condition has significantly improved (:

  3. Avatar photo
    low li xin

    Here for 6th session of eye treatment . Jerlyn and rebecca did the job professionally. Jerlyn is very detailed and professional in her explaination . Definitely see visible result from the treatment . I felt that my dark eye ring is lighter and my eyebag are less puffy. Felt comfortable and relaxing throughout the session.

  4. Avatar photo
    Ann Ho

    My nano peel treatment was awesome!!!

  5. Avatar photo

    I was super impressed with Joyce and Agatha and the care and attention I received from them. Both of them welcomed me in with a friendly smile. Both of them was very tentative and thorough on explaining with details about my skin. Joyce did an amazing job on my face. They were highly knowledgeable and friendly. The environment was very clean and quiet. They were very professional and personable. Highly recommended place..

  6. Avatar photo

    Great service from Yuncy

  7. Avatar photo
    Kathleen Ping

    My skin feel softer and cleaner after facial.
    The consultant and beautician is very helpful in explaining and treating my skin problem.

  8. Avatar photo
    Kah Yan Leong

    I first chance upon 8 Medi-Aesthetics Centre on social media, so came for a back facial trial. After the trial I signed on another 6 sessions with them at a reasonable rate.

    I approached them with an issue of back outbreak caused by hormonal overactive oil glands. Jearlyn and Pearlyn were my consultants, they were very patient at explaining the various steps, and how to improve my outbreaks.

    They recommended useful procedures, and now I have been through 5 sessions, it is evident that the outbreak has reduced tremendously, and the scars are also healing. Definitely would recommend this centre!

  9. Avatar photo
    Tina Yong

    The therapy – yuancy was good …

  10. Avatar photo
    Adrian Goh

    Been doing Luminous Back Peel for a while now and the service from Jacey and Yuncy has been friendly and great.

  11. Avatar photo
    Smital Runwal

    I liked the facial… I could see the difference after the facial

  12. Avatar photo
    Navin Subramanian

    I can see a lot of difference the collagen facial has made to my skin. A lot of pigmentations have gone. The staff attending are very attentive and accommodating

  13. Avatar photo
    Nessie Ong

    Happy with the staff Agatha abd Jeannie, they helpful and good service quality

  14. Avatar photo
    Han Raj

    Going for slimming stomach treatment. So far so good .

  15. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Yu

    Been with this outlet for a long time, great service and friendly staff. Rin and Agatha have always been wonderful.

  16. Avatar photo
    Thomas Lim

    Very professional services rendered by Rin and Rebecca. I was recommended to the cold crystal treatment due to the marks caused by laser treatment. After few sessions of cold crystal treatments, the marks were visibly lightened. My pores were also tightened and skin more hydrated.

  17. Avatar photo
    Jiayi Dee

    8 medi aesthetics at cuppage road has taken to heart my back acne condition and has also given their best help and advice in assisting me in my condition which i am very grateful for. Now, i can confidently wear bare back top and not feel embarrassed with acne condition on the back. Thank you!

  18. Avatar photo
    JinYi Lau

    Rin was my therapist and Jerlyn was my beauty consultant. Both of them are very friendly and have provided good customer service . My back did show significant improvement after a few sessions of luminous back peel.

  19. Avatar photo
    Mei Sin Fan

    The consultant is very attentive to my skin condition every time in the treatment. They also advised things should be avoided to do and recommended maintenance to do after treatment. My skin condition have improvement continuously.

  20. Avatar photo
    Gvon Lim

    Is a good experience,
    Staff was nice.

  21. Avatar photo
    Peony BB

    Impressed and satisfied with program recommended by Rebecca and Jolene. Thanks!

  22. Avatar photo
    joanne choy

    Enjoy the facial service by yuncy and pearlyn. And the consultancy by agtha. They provide good services and not pushy. Easy to book my facial service and message reminder. Do see improvement after few sessions. The price is quite reasonably. Environment is nice.

  23. Avatar photo
    Gerald Tan

    Reasonable prices and polite courteous staff. Service was professional but the rooms abit small. Price point was okay.

  24. Avatar photo
    Malyn Sanchez

    Thanks to Jerlyn, Rin and Yumi. These 3 ladies are very professional and helpful in providing all the information that I need for my treatment. Since its my first time to have this treatment I felt so comfortable because Yumi are so willing to give me tips on how will I take care my skin. Same with Jerlyn which is very patient in explaining to me all the details/info. I am very satisfied with the cool crystal treatment in fact I avail another 5 more session.

  25. Avatar photo
    Rajaswari Jesraji


  26. Avatar photo
    Ariella TBW

    I did the korean crystal treatment here assisted by Rebecca and Agatha. Super nice people, amazing service, flexible, and very understanding. The facial helps clean my face twice a month as I have acne-prone skin, it has been a great help to maintain my skin health. Rebecca always thoroughly and smoothly does my facial treatment, also very friendly, while Agatha helps me in managing my appointment schedule and suggested what my skin needed.

  27. Avatar photo
    warren neo

    So far had a good experience with visible results. great service from agatha and windy.

  28. Avatar photo
    Sohini Mitra


  29. Avatar photo
    Belle Yeow Pei Boon

    I have very serious dark circles. I can see improvement after 1st session of Tri eye treatment. Windy and Jerlyn are very friendly and helpful. Looking forward to my next session of Tri eye treatment!

  30. Avatar photo
    Agnes Cheo

    The Power Glow facial is awesome. Extraction was great Skin felt SO Clean. Rebecca rendered Good Service

  31. Avatar photo
    Carol Lim

    I was not asked to write this review but I willingly did. Went for Growth Factor facial on Sunday. This is one of the best facial aesthetics centres I have been. I was received by Apply who is friendly and hospitable. My therapist is Yuncy and she did a great job in my facial. Yuncy is thorough, gentle and friendly. Before the facial, my skin condition was explained clearly to me. After the facial, I was asked if she could explain the package to me, I said yes and she politely explained all to me. No hard selling. I was so comfortable and did not feel pushed. I did not buy the package because of various reasons. And what was best? I was still being treated nicely and warmly when I left the place. If I were to buy any packages, it would be them!

  32. Avatar photo
    Hazel Long

    Started in March, and it’s been a great experience so far. Windy is an amazing aesthetician, she works with me closely to make sure my skin is healthy and manageable. The team, especially Agatha, is helpful and efficient. Will recommend.

  33. Avatar photo
    Linda Soh

    Their service is good and not pushy. Have been here for more than 2 years and I love their service. Rebecca and Jerlyn has been wonderful.

  34. Avatar photo
    Claudia Seow

    Being a fresh grad, money can be quite tight, but the team at 8 Medi-Aesthetics really provided me with the best options for my situation. They heard and evaluated my concerns, and the treatment showed great results. I’m on my 5th session now and I’m excited to see more progress!

  35. Avatar photo
    Rongrong ZHANG

    I did the cold crystal treatment with Joyce and Jerlyn since the beginning of the year, I see clear improvement on my skins specially on the cheek area, it’s less sensitive and help to even my skin tone. Recommend.

  36. Avatar photo
    Meena Asohan

    Joyce and Agatha were very friendly and welcoming. They were attentive and efficient. They ensured that I was comfortable at all times. Would recommend to friends!

  37. Avatar photo
    Benasher Tan

    I went there for a trial session the establishment has been giving out for first-time customers.
    I would succinctly describe my experience there. The sales executive was overly pushy.
    Lately, for the past 6 months, I had developed adult acne which was rather severe. Instead of the nano peel treatment, the sales executive advised that I purchase for the specialized treatment for clients with acne. I was considering trying to have some peace in making a rational decision. Firstly, it was so improper and avocational to emphasize how terrible my facial condition is to the point of ridiculing, repeating the supposed condition for multiple times throughout the entire session as I was pressurized to buy for a small few treatments session.
    Long story short. Because the advisor was unskilled in providing an assessment my face did not improve and my acne still persisted with greater severity even during the treatment months. The due cause of it being adult acne which requires a different solution in targeting the symptoms and root of the problem.
    It was an unpleasant period visiting this establishment for its services. I have resolved and received better results with topical treatment than spending a few hundreds.

  38. Avatar photo
    Winnie Tay

    After ard 5 session of Growth Factor treatment, I’m seeing good results for my face. Thanks to Joyce, Jerlyn and Agatha for their professional and friendly services. definitely worth recommending more friends.

  39. Avatar photo
    Ari Abdul

    My acne is under control thanks to the hard work of Jerlyn, Rebecca, Rin, and Queenie! Would love to get promos/discounts to further improve skin treatments.

  40. Avatar photo
    Min Chow

    Service is good and it’s really effective

  41. Avatar photo
    Jaslyn Wong

    Really good service by Agatha, Queenie and Jerlyn!! They were really friendly, and explanation was made very clear to me even before the treatment started. Very trustworthy and would highly recommend!

  42. Avatar photo
    kevin Lim

    Excellent service from Agatha, Queenie, Rin & Jerlyn. Highly Recommended

    Excellent service from Agatha,Queenie,Rin & Jerlyn. Highly Recommended

  43. Avatar photo
    Samantha Cheok

    I tried their ispotless nano peel and it was excellent. My therapist’s hands are magic. Rather professional service too. She put in extra attention on my pigmentation areas. The results were amazing. Not only lightened my pigmentation but my whole complexion is more radiant now. Definitely will come back again.

  44. Avatar photo
    Mian Mian

    After 3rd times of cold crystal treatment, i received immediate good results in either toned up in ē jawline, dark circle lighten or open pores tighten. Thanks to Joyce, my beautician which had did a tremendous job all time

    I would also like to thank Queenie who had explained to me patiently on the cold crystal treatment after the trial night which give me a better understanding before I signed for more sessions.

    Thumb up! for the good service

  45. Avatar photo
    Eve C

    Good professional service thanks to Agatha. My skin condition certainly improved after nearly a year with them — kudos to Rebecca. Plus point, they recently upgraded their facilities and it is now bigger and nicer. Will continue with them.

  46. Avatar photo
    Dina Mardiyah

    Cold crystal treatment as recommended by Agatha works like a charm to my skin. It helps my dull skin become brighter and moist. It even shrinks my pores. Thanks also to Joyce, my therapist, for her magic hand. Extraction is not a painful process as I experienced elsewhere before. And I like everytime she does the face message. Add up the suppleness to my skin also.

  47. Avatar photo
    wan ning

    Bacne issues have been a longstanding problem for me and I’m so glad to have found 8medi-aesthetics luminous peel treatment. On my 5th session with Jerlyn and Joyce, could confirm that for every single session, they have been extremely dedicated to explain to me on my bacne situation and progress. After the 3rd session, I also saw drastic improvement in my back condition – less bumps and congestions, AND I could actually see and feel that my scars are getting lighter. Excited to see my back get better and cleaner, all thanks to the 8medi team 🙂

  48. Avatar photo
    Yu Xia

    Just come here twice and I’m already impressed by the result of the luminous back peel treatment. Thanks Agatha and yuncy for their friendly and caring service. Looking forward to complete my sessions!

  49. Avatar photo
    joyce Jiahui

    I’ve never written a review before because I haven’t experienced a facial as Amazing as this one. 8 Medi-Aesthetics is the only one finally I can say I saw the result and improvement for my skin. The staff there is also very helpful and friendly. Big thanks to Jerlyn,Agatha & Rin give me a good advised and help me take care of my skin also. Will continue support them and can’t wait to try out all the service there can make me become prettier.

  50. Avatar photo

    Really happy with the cold crystal treatment on my super sensitive skin. My skin is no longer red and dry after 2 treatments 😉

  51. Avatar photo
    Jen Lau

    Best facial experience by far compared to even the big brands out there like NY or JY…

    I was serviced by Queenie and Jerlyn since I started with them in early 2018. Never have I encountered any hard selling in 8 medi through this 1 year, which was wonderful.

    And most importantly, the treatments do work! I use to have very oily skin (to the extend I had to use oil control product almost every alternate hour, or not my face look like it’s shinning for free!) but now after the treatment with them, the amount of times I have to use oil control pact to prevent my face from shining decrease tremendously! Like maybe just once of twice per day will do!

    It’s really my saviour! I have tried facial in alot of places but as they all mention about hydrating my skin, replenishing collagen or what gold mask.. they all didn’t work for me. But 8 medi it! As they claimed that their product used are all medical grade, I believe that’s what makes the difference.

  52. Avatar photo
    Firas Hamka

    The people here are very nice and lovely. Pretty down to earth I’d say and reasonable.
    My skin is under the care of these lovely staff, Jerlyn, Joyce and Agatha.

    Currently undergoing the Growth Factor Treatment, that was recommended to me after they did an analysis on my skin. I’d say, I’ve seen improvement after my 2nd session and I look forward to coming for my next for better results. Cheers!

  53. Avatar photo

    I originally booked an appointment at 8 Medi for their $27 iSpotless Nano Peel Facial trial, but upon arriving, Rebecca explained that for my face, the Korean microcrystal treatment was more suitable and she was able to let me have that one instead for the same price. I agreed to her recommendation and am glad I did.

    Rebecca was gentle, patient and friendly and the facial was comfortable and comprehensive, with extraction and multiple types of masks applied. At the end, I could actually see my skin glowing and smooth and looked almost flawless. It might be one of the best facials I’ve ever done.

    Like almost every other aesthetic shops, they do try to sell you treatment packages after the trial is done but they were nice and not pushy about it when I declined, which I appreciated. There are only a few shops I would return to after a trial, and 8 Medi might be one of the ones I actually decide to go back for more treatments in the future.

  54. Avatar photo
    Bee C

    I had a great time undergoing my bacne and facial treatment with Joyce, Christy and Jerlyn. All of them exhibits professionalism and reaches out to your needs. I am grateful that they are able to help me decide what’s the best scar treatment for me. Joyce always update me about the good progress of my scar treatment which boosts my self-esteem as well. Great job guys! See you all in my next session. Keep it up!

  55. Avatar photo

    The staff are friendly and attentive, including Dawn who happens to be my contact person there.

    The doctor also ensures the treatment is ok.

    The nurse is polite and friendly too, which is important to make you feel comfortable, and make you come back again in the future.

    They try their best to accommodate to your timing as well (not to mention).

  56. Avatar photo
    Seah Ee ling

    I took up the growth factor treatment because my skin was very dry, had uneven skin tone and clogged pores with occasional outbreak of pimples. After 5 sessions, I hardly get any outbreaks and much lesser clogged pores. My skin tone is seemingly more even and I see lesser lines on my face as it is not dry anymore. Will definitely recommend Rebecca my therapist who is very skilled and makes the whole facial session very comfortable and relaxing.

  57. Avatar photo

    Satisfy their back pigmentation treatment and service. Rebecca and Agatha (Cuppage Branch) both provide their professional service. Friendly team.

  58. Avatar photo
    Shien Wei Lim

    My skin has always been unstable and prone to acne but see improvements after undergoing facial services here, particularly after micro needling. Recommend the beauty therapists, Rebecca, Joyce and Windy.

  59. Avatar photo
    Siti Raihanah

    It has been more than a year since I first came for my 1st ever facial in my life. Was quite daunting but the staffs never make me feel out of place. All of the staffs are accomodating. I am under Rebecca, I can feel that she really cares for my condition. She takes the effort to make me feel like we are friends.

    Treatment wise, at first, i was scared that going through treatments would aggravate my badly scarred skin. Just going through the 1st session and I can see massive improvements to my skin. All I can say is that I wouldn’t mind investing in 8-medi treatments for my skin. They are accomodating to my financial situation which I am truly grateful for.

    I would definitely recommend 8-medi to people who are looking for a reliable facial place.

  60. Avatar photo

    Extremely professional and clean. I’m impressed by the personal attention and care by Joyce and Agatha. Very friendly and polite staff with frequent follow up. Results on my skin issues have been very good.

  61. Avatar photo
    jyoti a

    Jerlyn,Rin,Agatha is a good service and I’m like the result ,done a good job

  62. Avatar photo
    Sarah Lim

    Did filler for my cheeks last week and I love the result! Professional team and reasonable price. Will come back for more in the future

  63. Avatar photo
    vincent tan

    Jerlyn is well-versed in her recommendations and addressed my targeted problems really well. My beautician is Rebecca. She have a really good handskill , her massage is really superb and always making sure that im well taken care of. Very gd service rendered by both of them. Thank u 8 medi asethetics team.

  64. Avatar photo
    Sataporn Jaktreemongkol

    It provides good services of skin care. All the staff are professional. After 6 months, my back is healed and looks healthier.

  65. Avatar photo
    Joe Lee

    Nice food and reasonable price.

  66. Avatar photo
    J J

    My experience in 8 Medi was incredible! Due to my irregular sleep patterns and regularly being away from Singapore due to work schedules, my skin is consistently dry and dull. The treatments help my skin to look more vibrant, reduce the amount of break outs, hydrates and even balances my PH level. I’m truly content with the results and of course not to forget these amicable staff that played a part in these, Rin, Jerlyn, Agatha and Rebecca

  67. Avatar photo
    sherlyn ei

    Went to this branch for a treatment today. Crystal assisted me for consultation. She explained to me that I have to top up additional amount to trial price for better results to see after one session. I did it as she really sounded genuine. Pearlyn helped me with the treatment. She explained the steps well and very caring. Overall very happy with the trial session. They are not hard selling at all! One thing I’m very glad about. Will consider to go for this branch if I decide to buy package

  68. Avatar photo
    agatha lee


  69. Avatar photo
    wei khang Lai

    Professional consultation and services.

  70. Avatar photo
    Yanling Tan

    Great service from friendly staffs, Rin and Jerlyn. See results in just 3 sessions, wonderful!

  71. Avatar photo

    After i went for several facial treatments, my acne problem and oily skin are under controll now. My skin has better complexion now and has less pimple scars. I enjoy the facial treatments provided by my assigned skin specialist Windy and Rin.

  72. Avatar photo
    Sherlyn Yap

    If you want to pay 3X of market price then go! Saw their ads on IG and did a trial backtreatment with them. The treatment was good (better than not doing any treatment for sure), result is not too bad but it was super hard sell and they are 3X of the market price! The sales consultant will first start the session by accessing your condition and said its really bad (1st phase of psychology emotion inserting into your mind that you need help) and you need at least 10 to 20 sessions to have good results. There is no hard selling during the treatment which was good. After the treatment, the sales consultant came and show you the results and said the result was very prominent and you get a 30% discount off from regular price. She will start selling from a package of 5, then to 10, then push for 20 and lure you with bank installments zero interest. I didn’t do my research well enough and now only I found out that their rate is 3X of market price, so pls think twice before you sign up on anything!

  73. Avatar photo
    Joanne Kuek

    My back had old scar marks and patchy. After doing the luminous back peel, my condition has improved greatly and I am confident in wearing bare back. Thanks to the great service by Queenie, Joyce, Jerlyn and Agatha.

  74. Avatar photo
    Samuel Chia

    I started my growth factor treatment with them for my red/itchy/sensitive skin about a month ago and I am really pleased with the results! I have Jerlyn, Rin and Rebecca to thank for that! Jerlyn was really patient and knowlegable and she took time to explain to me which treatment was best for my skin condition. Rin and Rebecca were the ones who treated my skin during our sessions, they were very professional and easy going, always making their clients feel comfortable. I understand my skin condition better now, and am looking forward to see the end results of this skin is already looking less red and itchy. So for those with red/itchy and sensitive skin, I highly reccomended this place! Give it a shot! *one thing I appreciate is that they don’t hard sell and that they really want the best for your skin. So thumbs up to the staffs there for their great service and results!

  75. Avatar photo
    Khym Kim

    Very clean and professional. For first consultation they did this skin scan that really showed how the skin condition is and they recommended the best facial options. Trial prices are very reasonable. My therapist Windy was really good. Thoroughly cleaned my skin and explained the steps as well as showed me the before and after. Very satisfied with the whole treatment. My skin had visible improvement. They have monthly payment plans as well for signing up for packages.

  76. Avatar photo
    Karen Sng

    Very comfortable treatment and superb customer service. Will recommend!!

  77. Avatar photo
    Sze Ting

    must try their nano peel. good and shiok.

  78. Avatar photo
    Harminder Sidhu

    Christy is very efficient n polite. She is extremely good in providing me the hair n scalp treatment. I would like her to be me personal beautician for all my appts.

  79. Avatar photo
    Andy Tan

    I had a good experience and results too. Thanx!

  80. Avatar photo
    Zarra Sophia

    The clogged on my face not much now. The staff are friendly. After three sessions i can see the results. My face now is less sensitive. Tq.

  81. Avatar photo
    Kolsum Begam

    Facial treatment by Rebecca with magical hands. Entire experience has been lovely. A little expensive but very good experience.

  82. Avatar photo
    siti rina

    I saw 8 Medi-aesthetics on instagram and decided to to get trial for my back treatment. Felt skeptical at first but Agatha was very professional in explaining the process of the treatment. Joyce was friendly and always have a smile each time I came for my session. I always look forward to my visit cause the staff are all very friendly and welcoming. Thank you!

  83. Avatar photo
    Aph Ap

    I had acne back facial with Jeannie at Somerset it was great and good
    Service was excellent
    They clean my back with care then do pricking to remove my back acne. It was painful but worth it within few minutes of pricking she make sure that I’m ok and all tge stubborn acne is pop out and gone….

    She always ask me if I’m ok and search for more acne.
    Once all done she did a shooting mask on the back area to settle the pain. It was calming and I was distressed and feel relaxed.

    It was an hour I fell asleep though
    While I had the mask

    The area was clean with great room temperature, aircon was great and above all the relaxing music was the best.

    The receptionist Agatha were pretty and sweet. She introduced me the package treatments available and it was interesting and I will look forward to continue with them.

    I will come to this same place again

  84. Avatar photo
    Jelemp Longalong

    I’m happy I found a high caliber skin care salon with honest and helpful staffs like Rebecca, Jerlyn and especially Joyce. I had the most wonderful facials. Done with my third session of cold crystal treatment already. These facials have massively changed my skin for the better. It was such a relaxing, informative, and beautiful facial treatment. Looking forward to my next appointment.

  85. Avatar photo
    Cheng Khim Koh

    Overall okays. Worth to try

  86. Avatar photo
    norul izzi

    I had cool therapy session by Rebecca. It was very relaxing after a day at work! My skin feels soft and nourished after 1 session. My adviser Ms Jeryn is knowledgeable she educated me on my skin needs. Would love to come again in future!

  87. Avatar photo
    Dewi Adrini

    Had treatment with Joyce and Jerlyn for my acne scars and breakouts. After 3 sessions of Growth Factor, there’s no more serious breakouts and scars have faded a lot. Thank you

  88. Avatar photo
    Shankar Tanamaras

    Rin your service good treatment good and comfortable

  89. Avatar photo
    Pearlyn Sik

    All along I’ve heard that 8-Medi Aesthetics is a reputable brand, hence decided to give it a try for my back acne woes. The staff there are friendly and provided good service. I was mainly served my Jerlyn and Windy, who explained to me about my acne and also tracked my progress alongside the sessions. Although I’m only halfway through, I can see results where the scars have become lighter and less clustered. The overall experience there was comfortable as well, with a clean environment. As I continue with the treatments, I’m looking forward to seeing more positive results. Thank you 8-Medi Aesthetics!

  90. Avatar photo
    Jocelyn Choong

    After searching a long time for a good facial I finally found it at 8 Medi. The overall experience was amazing!
    I have dry sensitive skin, but after the treatment I can already see the improvement. My face feels alive, fresh and smooth.

    My consultant Agatha and therapist Rin are really friendly, patient and detailed while explaining the entire process. Love it when my therapist massage the face “trigger points” around the eyes. She did a terrific extraction, very clean and no redness at all.

    Always looking forward to my next appointment

  91. Avatar photo
    Uma Maheswari

    Initially, I just came for a trial of the growth factor treatment. But I could see the results after just one session and I decided to sign up for the package. Both Jeryln and Rin were really good and very professional. Their treatments are really good and results are guaranteed.

  92. Avatar photo
    Ira Lynch

    Always have a great time when i set my appointments at Somerset outlet(: My therapists Windy and Jerlyn ensures that i understand my treatment and are ready to answer any queries. They never fail to make my visit feel like home Highly recommended!

  93. Avatar photo
    Crystal Loh

    I first got to know about this place through an online promotion that I came across. When I visited, Agatha first took a look at my skin condition and recommend that I try the growth factor as it was a more suitable treatment. I decided to give it a try and my skin condition indeed improved. Subsequently, I was also recommended the spectra light treatment to lighten my acne scars.

    Pearlyn was the beautician that attended to me each session. She is patient and meticulous. You may not know it but she takes time to review your skin condition each visit and note it down so that they can track and address it if condition persists. She works closely with Rebecca to review my skin and arrange for next appointment date. Rebecca is also very approachable and gives good advice on how to take care of my skin after each session.

    What I really like is that they will take photo of your skin regularly and they will show it to you. It’s useful to track your skin condition and see how much the treatment have helped.

    The staff are all really friendly as well. They usually remember you by name after one or two visits. They are also responsive when I have to reschedule my appointment or have follow-up questions.

    For those who are unsure, I recommend giving them a try before making any decision.

  94. Avatar photo

    I went for the pico laser at cuppage and was told that numbing cream isn’t needed. Started the laser and very shortly I asked if I could put numbing cream as I find it painful and uncomfortable. I was told that numbing cream is chargeable at $30 (and i believe +gst) and I was shocked! I’ve never been to any place that requires me to pay for numbing cream. Doesn’t mean everyone has the same pain threshold. Very disappointed with this. Unfortunately, mine is a 2 session promo so I have to go back again to finish up.

  95. Avatar photo
    Jumaiyah Qrystal

    I have a problems with my uneven skin tone, open pores, white heads & freckles. Been to many places to get solution but to no avail until I came across into 8 Medi-Aesthetics Centre at Cuppage via FB ads. I leave some questionnaires & got a prompt reply for consultation. I was very impressed by the professionals to remove those pesky blemishes & other! The therapists are specialises in gentle facial extractions, using customised extraction techniques to maintain that flawless complexion. The therapists here certainly know their stuff and are conscious of the skin’s fragility; you can expect gentle pressure during each meticulous treatment. Your pores will be left purified with little to no trace of redness; we’re talking immaculate skin that will leave you looking radiant for days. Special thanks to Rin & Rebecca for your patient & understanding on my concern.

  96. Avatar photo
    Warren Neo

    Great results. Good service from windy and agatha

  97. Avatar photo

    My 3rd month here and my skin is improving and under control now. Great professionalism from Rin who is so meticulous and someone you can have a nice conversation with.

  98. Avatar photo
    Fiona Ong

    Thumbs up for Consultant Jerlyn and Beautician Queenie!
    A few years ago, I started having sensitive skin after having delivering my kids. No matter how many places I have been to to cure my skin sensitivity, it remains aggravated by unsuitable products. Soon after I have found 8 Medi Aesthetics, my skin start to calm down more. When Jerlyn and Queenie identified that I have uneven skin tone too, I started to also fix this skin issue by attending to facial sessions that cater for this condition. I saw results of the treatments that encouraged me to stay on further. Thanks for the care taken on my skin issues, 8 Medi Aesthetics!

  99. Avatar photo
    Bella Or

    Facial was adjusted to cater for my skin type – sensitive and red. No allergies/ breakout after that. Skin structure and moisture have improved a lot!

  100. Avatar photo
    Gaaya Kumaran

    I had booked an appointment to try out a promotional facial. Upon consultation I was informed that the facial may not be as beneficial for my skin and was advised to try another facial called Growth Factor. The consultant was very thorough in explaining the reasons for the change and provided useful advise for skin maintenance based on my condition.

    The therapy was very professional as well. Extraction was done with ultrasonic scraper so the marks and pain was much less. I was pleasantly surprised that I could see a real difference and visible results after the facial therapy within 1 session. They did not pressure me too much to buy a package, and were willing to offer options on how I can purchase one within a comfortable range when i expressed interest.

    I ended up signing a package with them and am looking forward to my next visit.

  101. Avatar photo
    Abdul Rahman Abdol Rahim

    The detox remover and the growth factor treatments have improved my skin pretty well after just a few sessions. Will continue to monitor my results to determine how effective the whole processes are.

  102. Avatar photo
    Carol Lim

    I was not asked to write this review but I willingly did. Went for Growth Factor facial on Sunday. This is one of the best facial aesthetics centres I have been. I was received by Apply who is friendly and hospitable. My therapist is Yuncy and she did a great job in my facial. Yuncy is thorough, gentle and friendly. Before the facial, my skin condition was explained clearly to me. After the facial, I was asked if she could explain the package to me, I said yes and she politely explained all to me. No hard selling. I was so comfortable and did not feel pushed. I did not buy the package because of various reasons. And what was best? I was still being treated nicely and warmly when I left the place. If I were to buy any packages, it would be them!

  103. Avatar photo
    Joyce Soh

    Super friendly team, knowledgeable in sharing suitable treatments for my skin with me. They provide great customer service and advices too

  104. Avatar photo
    West F.

    Good service and treatment.

  105. Avatar photo

    Been receiving treatments from 8 medi, Rebecca for 16 months and I’m really impressed with the results so far. My skin complexion have improved with clearer and smoother skin. The staffs are very friendly and professional. Love my experience at 8 medi. Will continue my treatment with them and hope to achieve better results!

  106. Avatar photo
    Melissa Wagner

    I originally found about 8 Medi-Aesthetics via an Instagram ad & I am so glad to have found them! I have been doing the Cold Crystal treatment for months now! I originally came in looking to do another treatment and I’m so glad that they did an assessment to tell me what my skin needed to be improved! Joyce and Agatha are my skincare angels! Looking forward to continuing my facials here!

  107. Avatar photo
    JinXin Lim

    My face get controlled from acne and oil after finish a contract treatment. It enhance my confidence and face value. Beautician is polite and friendly. Please consider their services if you are really need a good consultant and quality beautician.

  108. Avatar photo
    Evril Yu

    Very friendly staff and professional service. No hard selling and can see results after a few sessions

  109. Avatar photo
    Su Qin Tongtong

    Consultant Pearlyn is very professional. Other staffs also very friendly they are very patience to explain the skin condition to customers.

  110. Avatar photo
    Poh Chuan Ng

    Service and treatment provided is great. My skin condition been improve a lot.

  111. Avatar photo
    EnMiMi Michel

    Professional and friendly staff. Comfortable and relaxing environment. Great service and quality of facial treatments.

  112. Avatar photo
    Stephanie Lin

    Agatha and Joyce recommenced me for back facial. So far after 2 sessions results are pleasant and Agatha recommended me for 15 sessions to improve my bacne issues from teenaged years to lighten scars and to prevent more breakouts. Will continue to look forward to results!

  113. Avatar photo
    Jie Ying Teng

    I have gone for 5 facial treatments so far and I must say that my skin condition has improved. I had really really dry skin that produces sebum but I feel that after going for the facial it has improved. My makeup lasts longer without melting or sliding off now. I would like to compliment Rin, my beautician, for being so gentle and meticulous during the session. Also kudos to Jerlyn who gave such a thorough explanation of the various treatments that were available and recommended the most suitable one for me. Thanks ladies!

  114. Avatar photo
    cherie ang

    My overall experience was excellent. The Doctor & Staffs was very professional, reassuring and knowledgeable about the procedure that she was doing on me. I will be returning and continuing my Laser treatments with 8 Medi-Aesthetics. I recommend 8 Medi-Aesthetics to anyone who is considering any Laser or Aesthetics treatments….Love my results!

  115. Avatar photo
    Maria Moreno

    Amazing, Jerky and Joyce did very good job I made a Growth Factor

  116. Avatar photo
    Marie Katherine Tadios

    Thanks to Joyce for helping me find an acne solution that best fits my skin condition

  117. Avatar photo
    Bryna Chua

    It has been 3 years since I first started doing back facial and laser treatment package for my bacne and scars. Have also signed for cryo facial. Pleased with the results as my skin has shown visible improvement. Overall a pleasant experience thanks to Jerlyn and Joyce 😀

  118. Avatar photo
    Daryl Chan

    Very professional service and friendly staff! Enjoyed the session!

  119. Avatar photo
    Mandy Chan

    The treatments recommended by Jerlyn were effective in relieving my back acne and lightening scars. She was upfront and detailed during the explanation of the treatment despite my various doubts. My main therapist, Rin, is a friendly and patient lady who is professional in her work. You will be well taken care of here. =)

  120. Avatar photo
    ns c

    My main issue is the Cuppage branch has 2 clinics for some reason, one on level 1 and one on level 6. I bought a Vanquish package and halfway through they transferred me and all my data from the level 1 clinic to the new level 6 clinic that opened. I was fine with it at first, but I realised the things they started saying didn’t match up. For example the level 1 branch never said anything about sweating after Vanquish but the level 6 staff would check for sweat on my belly every 15min. The level 6 staff also took much longer to adjust the Vanquish equipment compared to the level 1 staff. They also tried to sell me another package at the end but I had to decline because the things they said really didn’t match up with what i’d heard when I went to the level 1 clinic. They weren’t pushy at all and let me go the minute I declined which I really liked.

    I will definitely consider coming back here for facial because of the positive reviews and the lack of hardselling, but definitely not Vanquish – partly because of what I explained above, and partly because I haven’t seen many results from it despite dropping $2.5K on it. (could also be because I had really large intervals between each treatment)

  121. Avatar photo
    Teo cui rong

    I went on a one time oxygen matrix treatment. The consultants (Joyce, Jerlyn and Agatha) very friendly and informative. They did a before and after treatment analyses of my skin. I was very pleased of the results. There were great improvement in my skin being more fine, hydrated and firm. They were very professional and prompt in contacting you both before and after visit. And, not pushy in sales at all.

  122. Avatar photo
    Jian Ming

    The luminous back peel is really good and effective. I signed up for the $58 facebook promotion. They treated my entire back. After the treatment still got mask. First time I had mask on my back lol. It was super shiok! Very cooling, calming and interesting. Really worth it. Reasonable price + can see my back much lesser acne redness and scars. Worth a try. They don’t hardsell.

  123. Avatar photo
    Chloe K

    I did the bacne treatment with Joyce and Agatha, both whom are both really friendly and professional! Experienced very good results within the first 3-4 sessions I signed with them, and even more visible results in the following sessions. Would highly recommend this treatment, but the only downside for me is that it can be a little pricey. Thank you both for your great service though ◡̈

  124. Avatar photo
    Daryl Goh

    A little heaven found in the premises of cuppage. I signed up for a trail session for my sensitive skin and upon consultation, they recommended a cold crystal and oxygen treatment due to the condition of my skin. From my first session till now, I witness visible and evident results and am very satisfied with the outcome. I would like to highlight that the staff are extremely professional and polite, especially Yumi, Agatha, Jerlyn and Rebecca. Although a little steep with regards to the pricing, but it’s worth the try. Would definitely recommend to my family and fellow peers. Well done!

  125. Avatar photo
    Jesslyn Liu

    I did the luminous back peel trial and it was really good. Although is just $58 for trial but my therapist really go all the way and was very meticulous during the whole session. Extraction was very detailed. After the session I could really see the difference. Really works instantly. You can also ask Jerlyn to show you your before after if you happen to try.The team (Jerlyn, Agatha, Rin, Rebecca, Queenie) is very friendly and nice too. Great skin care knowledge and they provide very good advice too. Thank you and looking forward to my next treatment!

  126. Avatar photo

    Signing my 3rd facial package with 8Med. Thanks to the experience and hygienic therapists. They are always so friendly and accommodating especially Agatha & Rebecca

  127. Avatar photo
    Ho Si Qi

    Jerlyn, Rin and Queenie are always super friendly and hospitable during my visits. They are very thoughtful and gentle with the treatments, always checking on how I am feeling etc. Most importantly, i have seen significant improvements on my skin!!

  128. Avatar photo
    Jun Qi Wong

    Just my 4th session for my Luminous Back Peel. Already seen very good result. Very satisfied with this treatment.
    My back has cleared up a lot. Look here if you are having skin troubles.

    Cheers to Joyce, Agatha and Jerlyn. Who have been very helpful.

  129. Avatar photo
    swati gauba

    Excellent experience at Cuppage Road 8 Medi Aesthetics ! Joyce and Agatha were excellent. The treatment is amazing and I could feel the difference even after my first session. Highly recommend.

  130. Avatar photo
    Yumiko Chung

    Had a very good experience with 8 medi-aesthetics.
    The staff here are nice and friendly. My skin condition becomes better after a few times treatment. Highly recommend.

    My skin used to be very dry, sensitive and prone to redness. Now my skin problems have improved a lot, redness is not easy and pores have become less obvious. After finishing the face, I feel very comfortable and put on makeup more docilely.

    Had a very good experience with 8 medi-aesthetics.
    The staff here are nice and friendly. My skin condition becomes better after a few times treatment. Highly recommend.

    我之前的肌肤非常的干燥,也很敏感很容易泛红。现在我的肌肤问题改善了许多,不容易泛红而且毛孔也变得比较不明显。 做完脸之后觉得很舒服上妆也比较服帖。

  131. Avatar photo
    Ng Hui Ling

    Went for their back acne treatment which is very effective. Jerlyn and Agatha were able to recommend a suitable treatment plan for me that has worked very well over the past 5 sessions. Would also like to thank my therapist Joyce for making sure every treatment session is top notch – comfortable and thorough with the explanation of what steps are being done. I have more confidence when wearing backless clothes now!

  132. Avatar photo
    Muhammad Akif

    Great and professional service by the Jerlyn and Rebecca and the rest of the staff. Efficient result from various treatments including Hydrodeep Skin Booster and Acne Removal. . Highly recommended! .

  133. Avatar photo
    Kwok yt

    On the growth factor treatment to increase/retain the elasticity of my skin and to even out skin tone. I’m on my 5th treatment now, and while there is a slight improvement to skin texture, the overall effects aren’t very conspicuous. I see it more as maintenance now. However, I was also advised to reduce the interval between each session, i.e., twice a month instead of once a month. My therapist Queenie is also very attentive to my skin condition and takes care in addressing my skin issues every treatment. The staff there are also very friendly.

    Packages are on the pricier side and the ambience of the clinic leaves much to be desired.. but if you aren’t fussy about that and are solely concerned about the treatment you’re getting then the clinic does it’s job.

  134. Avatar photo
    Danna Cruz

    Joyce, Agatha and Jerlyn are very friendly and the treatment Luminous black peel is really helping my back skin condition …

  135. Avatar photo
    Navin Chanchlani

    Good service and customer friendly

  136. Avatar photo
    sean ang

    Have been going for cold jet treatment for awhile. Can see improvement over time. Treatment done by Li Jing who was professional.

  137. Avatar photo

    Have gone for a few sessions of luminous back peel. Sessions are effective, but package costs are albeit too pricey. Other than that, i do enjoy the thorough treatment + effective results. (My current therapist is Joyce)

  138. Avatar photo
    H W

    Just signed up for a second package. After the first initial treatments with Joyce and Rebecca I can see my skin condition has improved, its now more clearer than before. Look forward to the next sessions with 8 Medi

  139. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Teo

    Great experience here at 8Medi. I’ve faced acne problems for a long time and after coming to 8Medi, I can see huge improvements to my skin. The extractions and facials are done really nicely and I highly recommend my therapist Rin. Special thanks to Jerlyn and Agatha for recommending solutions to help improve my acne conditions.
    Always looking forward to my next appointment

  140. Avatar photo
    J Ong

    I love 8 Medi. The facial treatments are excellent and the therapists are very friendly and patient. I usually do rf light treatment and the growth factor facial which helped improve my sensitive skin. Thank you, Rebecca and Yuncy for taking care of my face! The place is also very well maintained. It is easy to book my appointments and the therapists always follow up after each treatment to make sure all is good.

  141. Avatar photo
    Khloe Chua

    At first I saw on ig of a free trial that I thought will be beneficial to my face as I have not done a proper facial for a Long time, jerlyn saw my face condition and introduce me to crystal cool. Rebecca was very detailed with the explanation while she did for me. A good recommendation!

  142. Avatar photo
    Michelle Kiong

    Friendly staff who make the whole experience very comfortable. Effective

  143. Avatar photo
    Olivia Lee

    I have been coming here for almost a year and it’s been the best decision i have made for anti-aging skin prévention. Jerlyn has been extremely helpful and honest of the best treatment needed for my facial skin and suggested that i start with the Growth Factor for a couple months before I try the Spectra Light. Yuncy is simply the best facial therapist I’ve ever had! She is extremely detailed and attentive. I always look forward to my facial sessions!

  144. Avatar photo
    Chow Jeannie

    I just wanted to give a HUGE thumbs up to Jerlyn and Rin. My experience thus far has been amazing!!!
    Jerlyn (Consultant) is very friendly and knowledgeable. She does not hard sell and she is very thorough on the explanation of The Cool Crystal Treatment for my sensitive skin.
    Rin (Beautician) is amazing and she explained every step as she worked on my face. She is wonderful and her service was exceptional. My RED, ITCHY, PEELING skin improved after the first treatment. I am very happy with the result and their service.

  145. Avatar photo
    Priscilla Leong

    Previously I had tried a few trials for facial end up I decided on medi8! Always greeted with friendly staff at counter especially Yuncy. Wen Hui and Rebecca had been really very gentle especially during my extractions as I am someone really scared of pain. They used machines and great product to reduce downtime.

  146. Avatar photo
    Charlene Chua

    i did the back acne treatment w jeannie & rebecca. they are extremely kind and friendly and took great care of me. i saw amazing results for my acne just after 2 sessions!

  147. Avatar photo
    Yuri R

    Agatha and Rebecca have given friendly service.
    Treatment was good aswell!

  148. Avatar photo
    Terence Leung

    This place offers very good service. Windy is very gentle and considerate, focusing mainly on the requirements of my face needs. She knows the problem and offers solutions and tips on how to improve the face condition. My face has improved greatly thanks to their service. Would highly recommend this place

  149. Avatar photo
    reka thayalan

    Nice and clean experience . My first session with them and im happy with the outcome.

  150. Avatar photo
    Jaclyn N.

    I’ve been doing the cool crystal facial for some time and my skin has become more moist and less probe to acne. Thanks to Rin and Jerlyn for their good service.

  151. Avatar photo
    Karen Teo

    I have been with 8 medispa for slightly more than a year. Started off with luminous back spa and now I have just signed on cold crystal facial with them. The luminous back spa treatment had indeed lighten the scars on my back and as for the facial, I can feel the moisturising and lifting effect to my face right after the 1st session. Loved the facial massage too! Special thanks to Queenie for the great experience I have here!

  152. Avatar photo
    Hui Ying

    Quite a good experience. The nano peel is really good. My face is super clean now!

  153. Avatar photo
    Magdeline Sim

    Excellent customer service from Jerlyn and Jennifer!!

  154. Avatar photo
    Yining Chen

    I had several issues like oily skin, big pores and would break out easily. Different recommendations were given based on my skin type and i tried oxygen and peel facial treatments. My pores have reduced and skin condition has improved significantly. Thanks to the staff at 8 medi-aesthetics for their service and care.

  155. Avatar photo
    Ivan Chua

    Hair fall treatment is somehow effective here, and the experience is good

  156. Avatar photo
    Miyu W

    I have done Luminous power peel for 4 times so far and my skin condition has become better than before. I am looking forward to the next appointment!

  157. Avatar photo
    Teh CiZhuang

    Have been doing cold crystal treatment with 8 Medi Aesthetic. There’s significant improvement in my skin condition. Love the outcome! Joyce is very sweet and professional. Thank you Jacey, Joyce and everyone in 8 Medi Aesthetic for your hard work!

  158. Avatar photo
    sherlyn ei

    Went to this branch for a treatment today. Crystal assisted me for consultation. She explained to me that I have to top up additional amount to trial price for better results to see after one session. I did it as she really sounded genuine. Pearlyn helped me with the treatment. She explained the steps well and very caring. Overall very happy with the trial session. They are not hard selling at all! One thing I’m very glad about. Will consider to go for this branch if I decide to buy package

  159. Avatar photo
    Serene Lim Li Juan

    Went there to maintain my face complexion. Professional service and good advice from them. How to take care face. Easy approach and is friendly. Environment is good.

  160. Avatar photo
    Sherlyn Chua

    Great and professional service provided by Jerlyn and Queenie. Am suffering from back acne and scars for few years. Did treatment here and saw improvement after the first few visits. Would definitely recommend anyone with back acne to seek treatment here!

  161. Avatar photo
    heng tong sheng

    Great and professional service by Agatha and Rebecca. I tried a few other places before to treat my back acne but most weren’t effective.
    However after my first few treatments here, I saw great improvements even within the first session.

    Their facial treatment was impressive as well, my skin has improved tremendously after their treatments. Thank you!

  162. Avatar photo
    oli jr

    I’m a male currently in my mid twenties, always had a history with bad acne and scarring. My past treatments includes facials in New York Skin Solution (NYSS) and even took doxycycline for years but it wasn’t sustainable.

    TLDR: I decided to take a risk and looked for pricier solutions, after speaking to a few aesthetic centres. I chose to go with 8 Medi, and never looked back.

    I recalled speaking to Agatha sometime in Oct 2020 and explained about my situation – a student that is in debt with bad skincare history.

    I was pleased with our initial interaction. Despite being a walk-in, Agatha was patient and accommodating. She suggested a few solutions that was best suited for me and even squeezed in a time slot for a paid one time Hydro Deep Skin Booster trial which I eventually took up.

    That’s was when I met Pearlyn, my aesthetician. Pearlyn was meticulous and knowledgeable. During the procedure, she always ensured that no spots were missed, often took time to explain why my outbreaks were always in the same area, and gave advice on how I should better nourish my skin.

    After the trial treatment, I was very satisfied with the results. I could see that my skin became firmer and smoother. I decided to go with 15 sessions of the Growth Factor Treatment. Agatha was thoughtful because she knew I had difficulties paying in full and proposed an installment cycle for me.

    Fast forward a year, the PH (health) in my skin saw improvements and I am now left with a handful of sessions. I have plans to take on another treatment with 8-Medi that is more catered towards Scaring and Healing.

    Why? The services and people, especially Pearlyn, Agatha & receptionists, has always been consistent – jovial and welcoming. I look forward to sharing my new results!

  163. Avatar photo
    Jean Tay

    Had back acne treatments from 8-medi aesthetics and it was really effective in reducing my bacne, could see actual results. Was served by Agatha, Queenie & Jerlyn, who were really friendly and nice!

  164. Avatar photo
    Mary Anne Tibay

    Excellent service and treatment done by Joyce. She explained the procedure very well. All the staff are friendly and accommodating. I went for treatment Growth factor and cold crystal and happy with the result.

  165. Avatar photo
    Marcia Veles

    My personal therapist is Yuncy & Joyce from The Cuppage outlet. Both were extremely professional and dedicated to their job. I have nothing but the best positive experiences for every time I had my appointments. Not forgetting, Jerlene who is also exceptional with her customer service who’ve helped me to understand better on my area of needs for treatment. I am grateful that she also tried her very best to accommodate to my budget so that I wouldn’t waste any penny unnecessarily. Keep it up girls! I’ll definitely recommend 8-Medi Aesthetics. Please read them up to know more! Kudos!

  166. Avatar photo
    Anita B

    Beware that a number of the reviews/ratings for this place is by fake accounts. I was misled by this but now I see that the accounts are not real. They were friendly and nice but not very forthcoming with information of their products and really hard sold their packages. They don’t take no for an answer which was not only annoying, wasted about 20 mins of my time. The facial itself, was okay but my skin seemed to be producing more oil after that, hence I had a break out. Usually facials calm skin but this seemed to do the opposite. Would only recommend this place is you don’t mind hard/up selling and have a few thousand dollars to spare.

  167. Avatar photo

    First time there for trial. The consultant, Agatha analysed my skin condition and explained patiently to me. During the treatment, the beautician, Queenie frequently seek feedback on my feeling and she handled my skin carefully. After the treatment my face feels relax and conform. Recommended for visits.

  168. Avatar photo
    madeline tjang

    Did a few sessions of hydro deep skin booster at cuppage outlet. And I love the result, all thanks to my beautician Agatha and Jerlyn. I would highly recommend to my friends and family

  169. Avatar photo
    Sam Chang

    I was attended by Windy. She is conscientous and caring about my facial condition. Besides the treatment, she has recommended steps I could take to improve my facial condition.

    The treatment of Cold Crystal at Medi Aesthetic has helped to reduce skin sensitivity and dryness on my face. I am happy with the treatment.

  170. Avatar photo
    Marcel Cybon

    Very professional treatment, but a bit annoying to try to sell packages and top ups.

  171. Avatar photo
    Foo Jackie

    Excellent .. my skin tend to be dry and sensitive. However when I started treatment with 8 Medi, my skin improved alot and make up tends to last.

  172. Avatar photo
    Ashley How

    Very good experience. Very friendly staff. Would be back for other services as well. Recommended. Luminous Back Peel is very effective. Love the results.

  173. Avatar photo

    I was recommended to take up the growth factor treatment since my concern is on my laugh lines. Over a few sessions I do see some improvement. It’s not drastic changes but the staff did say that it would take some time to see the improvement. My therapist is Joyce and having the treatment under her is very much enjoyable. She pays attention to details and takes good care of your needs during the treatment. Overall wonderful experience but their pricing are on the expensive side.

  174. Avatar photo
    Brenson Soon

    They are well trained, professional and friendly.

  175. Avatar photo
    Janice Tan

    Jerlyn and Yuncy are both very professional and friendly, and I’ve seen my skin improve greatly. Yuncy is very attentive to even the smallest details! They are knowledgeable abt different skin issues and I’m confident they will be able to recommend the most suitable treatment for you. I love the cold crystal treatment, it has made my skin less dull, less irritated, and more qq!

  176. Avatar photo
    Leow Shawn

    At first I saw their promo on Instagram and came down for the trial. But they advised me not to because of my acne and pimple, so they introduced me to the growth factor package, i was a little skeptical about signing the package due to the price, yes I have to agree that the price is a little steep for a facial package, so actually they ask me to try out for 5times first. Thanks to the staff and great service, especially jerlyn n rebecca. The process is slow for me, but the facial really did help alot.

  177. Avatar photo

    Gave me a really mixed experience because of a few reasons. Since I paid for the treatment, I shall be very honest.

    So one day I found an advertisement online somewhere stating that they are offering skin booster at $169 (you have to add the GST which is not included by the way) and made an appointment which was supposed to be at 1pm but was later changed to 12.30pm (as requested by them).

    I reached on time at around 12.30pm but waited till 1.30pm?? According to the staff there was someone else before my treatment so I need to wait. ‍️‍️

    Since my next appointment was only at 3pm, I thought I’ll just wait.

    But Guess what time my treatment ended? Close to 3pm ‍️

    So.. skin booster that takes 2.5hrs.

    The most shady part is when I asked for the brand of the booster, they simply said “Korean brand”. I googled “Korean brand” and nothing came out. Of course they also tried to convince me to purchase a “better” grade which was obviously more expensive.

    I’m not sure if other people had a better experience here, but I’m definitely not coming back

    2 stars for a not so expensive “Korean brand” booster.

  178. Avatar photo
    dani deneb


  179. Avatar photo
    Eva, Xiu Fang Chua

    I did the o2 jet and cold crystal treatment at 8medi and have been patronising for sometime. Yuncy and Jerlyn have been really attentive, professional and approachable. Service is good and everyone’s friendly!

  180. Avatar photo

    Cold crystal treatment. Good service from Joyce, Rebecca and Agatha.

  181. Avatar photo
    Yu Lun Teo

    I have been receiving treatments at 8 medi for some time now and thanks to Rebecca and team’s delicate care, my face condition has tremendously improved over the years.

    Definitely would recommend anyone to give then a try if you have persistent and chronic facial issues.

  182. Avatar photo
    jacinth moh

    Have a good experience at the centre. Service is nice and staffs (Joyce and Rebecca) are always friendly. My back acne problem has improve tremendously. Center will also send reminder 2 days in advance of appointment.

  183. Avatar photo
    Sing Ling

    Great service with promising results at affordable price. Definitely seen an improvement in about 6 months! If you have acne prone skin, will recommend to utilize the Cold Crystal Treatment, it definitely helped me reduce the amount and severity of pimples.

  184. Avatar photo

    Just my 4th Oxygen treatment and there has been quite a vast difference in my uneven skin tone and clogged pores!! As I dont usually wear make up… thus having a bright bareface is important!

  185. Avatar photo
    Halfy Hamzah

    They provide great services and friendly, professional consultants to advice and guide towards your skincare journey. My skin condition have improved tremendously throughout my sessions. I truly recommend 8 Medi-Aesthetics to others.

  186. Avatar photo
    Каныкей Асанова

    It’s been a 3 years visit 8 MEDI-Aesthetics for my facial treatment and I’m always happy with results. When my skin condition get better, Im naughty and stop visiting here. But I always come back, cause I don’t know how to maintain my skin well.
    I really Appreciate Beautician Joyce️, for always welcome me back with charming smile and make my skin condition better.
    Thank you for all the 8 MEDI- Aesthetic team for hard work

  187. Avatar photo
    Eva Chua

    Good service – my aesthetician Rin and Windy were friendly and professional.

  188. Avatar photo
    Joanne Chua

    First time to try facial treatment with 8-Medi Aesthetics Centre. Result is good. Fiendly and facial Service is good. Thanks to Jerlyn and Rebecca. See you on my next treatment. Highly recommend this!

  189. Avatar photo
    Solo Lane TV

    Joyce, Rebecca and everyone is nice, accommodating and pretty at Cuppage Road Branch. Tried their cold crystal and its awesome, nice results

  190. Avatar photo
    Gwendeline Lee

    Have been doing facial and back treatment here for more than a year now and I can see the improvements in my skin condition. The staff here are really professional too. Special thanks to Agatha and Rebecca for the great service!

  191. Avatar photo
    Christopher ho

    Went there last week with my gf for their ispotless nano. The results are fantastic and you can really see a difference. The staffs are also friendly and makes you feel extremely warm and comfortable throughout the entire process.

  192. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Just did my nano peel treatment and it was great! My skin feels super refreshed! Really friendly team there too!

  193. Avatar photo
    Gina Peh

    I’ve been enjoying the back treatment so far, improvements are slow but noticeable. The staff are very friendly and approachable. My aestheticians, Queenie and Rebecca, pay close attention to my condition and really help to make me feel comfortable during the sessions. This is a clinic that provides good results but only if you have a loose budget because the packages can be quite costly.

  194. Avatar photo
    Shweh Fern Loo

    Been doing growth factor facial with Jacey and yuncy in 8-medi aesthetics at cuppage branch for over a year plus. Extremely happy with the facial treatment and professionalism. Very relaxing and comfortable. My skin condition has significantly improved and very thankful for it! …

  195. Avatar photo
    Lee qi han

    Staff were very efficient and polite! Tried the iglow face therapy, and the overall experience is very pleasant as well

  196. Avatar photo
    Haylie W

    Meticulous and conscientious service by Rin, Agatha and Jerlyn. Trying out IPL for the first time, I was a little apprehensive and afraid. Grateful to Rin who reassured me and made the procedure a fast and painless one. Results were also quick to show in 3 sessions.

  197. Avatar photo
    Jessie Tan

    The pixel glow facial is good. Worth a try…

  198. Avatar photo
    Amal S

    Great service by Joyce and Pearlyn. I tried the fat freeze. Treatment result will be seen in the upcoming weeks.

  199. Avatar photo
    Nurshahirah Abdul Gaffor

    Great professional services and friendly staffs. They keep track on your treatments and will make sure you get the results that you need. Thank you Agatha and Rebecca.

  200. Avatar photo
    Cherry Tang

    Jerlyn and Christy took really good care of my today. Christy did a good job of making my face feel very hydrated

  201. Avatar photo
    Cynthia Teo

    Professional and friendly staff. Has been getting facial service from Rebecca. Oil seed on forehead has improved. Good environment for facial session.

  202. Avatar photo
    Koh JeeHui

    I have been facing back acne issues since secondary school days. The persistent acne just didn’t want to clear off especially when I’m having my periods. Thus I was looking out for a back acne treatment and that’s when I found out 8medi Luminous Peel. I have contacted one of the staff to arrange for a trial.

    During the trial, they cleanse my back and followed by application of the peel which gave me a tickling sensation on certain areas of my back. The staff was very professional to inform me that there will be a tickling sensation. After which, they started extraction of my back, which I could really see alot of clogging of my pores. Lastly, they applied a layer of soothing gel and a mask to sooth my back.

    After the entire treatment, although my back was red from the extraction, but it looks much clearer! There wasn’t much downtime from the extraction too as the redness was gone in one or 2 days!

    Although I really like the treatment, I didn’t really purchase the package on the spot due to financial reasons. However I came back after a year to purchase it! Was really happy with the results on my first treatment after a year!

    Really hope to have a beautiful looking back for my wedding!

    Consultants like Jerlyn and Rebecca were really professional I would say!

  203. Avatar photo
    Junnie June

    Great service provided. All staffs are so kind and friendly. The result is quite efficient.

  204. Avatar photo
    Wang Wenyang

    Great experience with 8 Medi-Aesthetics so far! Glad to have Rin as my therapist, appreciate her professionalism and friendliness during the session.

  205. Avatar photo
    Joanna C

    I’ve been going to 8 medi aesthetics for more than a year. staff are all friendly, and the place is clean. the facials have helped my skin become more hydrated and clearer. the only thing i don’t quite like though is that i find it rather noisy especially when people are walking around or talking loudly. the place could do with better sound proofing so that it’s a more relaxing experience.

  206. Avatar photo
    leeKrich ing

    Service is nice and staffs (Agatha & Rin) are always friendly.
    Gee, I felt relaxed after Esther provides massage professionally.

  207. Avatar photo
    Semi Lee

    Agatha is very friendly and helpful, and the beautician Yuncy is awesome! I’ve done 3 sessions in total so far, and already can see the difference. Just purchased few more sessions to keep improving my skin. I highly recommend this place.

  208. Avatar photo
    Wan Jun

    Reb and Christy’s service is very thoughtful, making customers feel very comfortable, and the skin quality has improved greatly after treatment, and they will want to continue the treatment.


  209. Avatar photo
    Jervis Jia-Xiong Yeo

    Shout-out and thanks to Jerlyn who is genuinely friendly, and for the great service and honest business, no pressure.

  210. Avatar photo
    Ristika Dara Ninggar

    I’ve signed up for Growth Factor treatment package and I’ve seen some improvement on my face. Price is reasonable for treatment and result that you get. The staff and therapist are super friendly (Jerlyn, Christy and Joyce) and really take a good care of me in every treatment session!

  211. Avatar photo
    Rowena Domingo

    First time to try facial treatment with 8-Medi Aesthetics Centre. Results are positive. I tried Growth Factor. Thanks to Agatha and Joyce for explaining and has good hands on me. See you on my next treatment. Highly recommend this!!

  212. Avatar photo
    Nur- Farhana

    Wrote in about my combination skin concerns to 8 Medi and received very prompt response from them. Been undergoing treatments for 7 months now and I’m very happy with the treatment and service rendered! There’s definitely improvements on my skin and it’s no longer dull as before. It feels healthier, brighter, hydrated and fresh after every session. One of the best thing I like about the treatment is there is no downtime from the extractions and lasers. The customer service and staffs are also very professional and commendable! You’re definitely in great hands with them!

  213. Avatar photo
    Wai Keat Leong

    My skin condition improved a lot with the Detox Treatments and Spot Removal Treatments. The staff are extremely friendly and professional. Definitely recommend. Cudos to Jacey and Jerlyn too.

  214. Avatar photo
    Maimai Mama

    Rebecca . Pearlyn, Agatha as been attending to me every visit Enjoy there service. I DO LIKE The Facial I had good customer sevice..

  215. Avatar photo
    Angeling Yang

    I’ve had great experiences here at 8 Medi Aesthetics.
    Rin and Windy made my facial sessions enjoyable and comfortable. They are both gentle and thorough in cleansing and taking care of my skin.
    Agatha is knowledgeable and only recommended me treatments that are suitable for my skin condition.
    Thank you team for taking care of me!

  216. Avatar photo
    Angelia Ong

    Have been going for facials for about a year.. Queenie my facial therapist knows that I am deathly afraid of pain…so she is always careful and gentle with her massuase Esther has skillful hands and her lympathic massage never fails to soothes my body aches away.. 2 thumbs up!

  217. Avatar photo
    Jun Rohmat

    I am pleasantly surprised at the results of the Growth Factor after just one session. The hyperpigmentation lightened and overal skin texture felt very supple and be soft. Windy took great care to ensure i was comfortable as it was my first visit. Jerlynn was very thorough in explaining the procedure and helped me understand the package. I look forward to a make up free face and to be taken care off by them!!!!

  218. Avatar photo
    Mei-Lin Loh

    Have been 8 Medi since last September 2020. My skin has pigmentation but also dry and sensitive. So Jerlyn recommended Cold Crystal treatment to plump up and tighten the skin first. After 6 months, my skin has brightened and now starting Light Therapy to treat pigmentation. Thanks to Joyce’s care and conscientious treatment, my face is much better and ready for Light Therapy.

  219. Avatar photo
    Corinne Wilkinson

    I went for a trial, intending to try a laser treatment. I was taken to an examination first and advised to take the cold crystal treatment as I have sensitive skin. The team are attentive and caring for what suits you. I’ve had 2 treatments now and can really feel the difference in my complexion. So happy to have taken their advice.
    Great experience so far.
    Looking forward to my next treatment.

  220. Avatar photo
    Alice Yeo

    Jeannie and Rebecca serive is fantastic and kindly, for treatment is good and great , i like to come facial and enjoy. Thank. you.

  221. Avatar photo

    This being my 5th backache treatment now has definitely gives me the result beyond satisfaction because compared to the first trial of the treatment, it has cleared up so much that I can feel my back is smooth and well hydrated. The pimples and blackheads are getting lesser too and now I am confident to pull off off-shoulder and backless outfits. Furthermore, the staffs here are friendly and warm. On the first trial, the consultant, Agatha gave me an analysis on my back and also suggested a proper treatment rather than what I initially saw the promotion on ig. Not forgetting the staffs, Rebecca and Queenie who did the treatment for me. They would update and take photos of my conditions on every visit. Thank you 8medi-aesthetic!

  222. Avatar photo
    Ma Song Kuan

    Good service, friendly staff, satisfying results after few sessions.

  223. Avatar photo
    jason tan

    Appreciate the assistance of Jeannie and Agatha. It was a pleasant experience to have Jeannie provide descriptions on the procedures done. Hopefully will see good and noticeable effect after few sessions with them. Looking forward.

  224. Avatar photo
    Sarah Wong

    Been doing my monthly facial treatments here for a few months now! Agatha and Rin are my Therapists and they have always been nothing but friendly and super professional! My skin has always been sensitive and dry and I’m glad to say that it has improved tremendously from the facials I’ve been doing here.

  225. Avatar photo
    Jean Teo

    The luminous back peel is really good. Peels away all my scars and acne. Good to try.

  226. Avatar photo
    Nur Aisyah

    I will like to say a big thanks to Dr. Wu,Dawn & Hazel for their professional service rendered.The experienced by far was the best.I had acne removal treatment for a total of 6 sessions & it works wonders.
    I am overly happy with my face now.
    Highly recommended & thank you for all the staff located in Cuppage!

  227. Avatar photo
    Wee Liang

    Tried the luminous back peel & the healing treatments and I could see improvements after a few sessions. Special thanks to Jerlyn, Agatha and Queenie for the great experience and service. They are extremely friendly and are there to provide advice if you have any doubts.

  228. Avatar photo
    Brian Cheong

    Had a good experience at this branch particularly with a facial trial’ that was booked on Fave App.

    Consultant Agatha was professional in giving a layman explanation on the skin condition and what sort of treatment will be suitable for the skintype/issue.

    The staff were very courteous and “on task”.

    The whole process is seamless and comfortable.

    Would recommend to friends that are looking for a facial treatments

  229. Avatar photo

    I am still currently with them for the luminous back peel. I have experienced back acne since my school days. I have went a few sessions and so far I can see some difference on my back. Hopefully by the end of the package, my acne and scars are gone! Queenie and Jerlyn both are friendly and making sure that I am well taken care of throughout the treatment.

  230. Avatar photo
    Shukran Bonaparte

    Jerlyn & Rebecca very welcoming and makes me feel very comfortable. Consultation and Facial are excellent and looking forward again soon !

  231. Avatar photo
    Toh Annie

    We always hunt for best beauty treatment that promise brighter and clearer skin. If u are looking for an extraction focused facial they can never fail you. Rebecca was extremely thorough My skin was always tired and dull due to the hetic lifestyle juggling both work n family. Under her 2hrs treatment especially on firming facial massage I could feel my muscles relax as every part of my face was firmly stroked. Thumbs up

  232. Avatar photo
    QinYun Wong

    The service is good! They would do some scanning to explain your skin condition before and after treatment and I learnt a lot about my skin condition. I did cold crystal treatment here with Joyce and I can see visible outcome. Joyce is really nice and I enjoyed the treatment. Thank you for the good service! …

  233. Avatar photo
    Yu Xian

    Tried their back treatment and it was good. Rebecca was my therapist and she is very skilled. The place is clean and well maintained as well.

  234. Avatar photo
    Shi yun

    My therapists in charge are Agatha and Windy at cuppage branch. Chance upon their advert on ig. Agatha is the one who brief me on my first trial visit and did my skin scanning and analysis. Was recommended to go for growth factor treatment instead of hydrofacial as i had serious sensitivity on that day. Growth factor is use to build up on skin fundamentals to stimulate collagen and increase metabolism in our skin.Windy is the one who does the facial and took photos of my skin before and after treatment and could see visible result right after and lasted for 5days!.They even had a follow up call the next day to check on you. They have interest free installment plan for you to lock in the first time price as well. What i like here is emphasis on your skin fundamentals before going for targeted treatment.
    Overall im happy with their service and a satisifed customer.

  235. Avatar photo
    Anita Belani

    I’ve been going to the 8 Medi-Aesthetics at Somerset for almost a year now. I was recommended to do the Korean Crystal and Micro-needling treatments. It has been a pleasant experience from the first time I stepped in here. Jerlyn has been great in explaining my skin type and the recommended treatments to me. Jacey is my friendly therapist and she knows my skin well. I enjoy our little chats and she always checks in with me to ensure I’m comfortable throughout the treatment. I’ve seen a difference since I started the treatments here and my skin is no longer as dull and dry as it used to be. The place feels clean with a nice ambience and all the staff are very friendly. Would definitely recommend 8 Medi-Aesthetics to anyone looking for a credible, professional, effective and overall pleasant treatment.

  236. Avatar photo
    Raju Sudhakar

    Good Day, All my facial treatment were very good. 8Medi-Aesthetics team is very professional & friendly. My consultant Ms. Yuncy is very good. Thank you to everyone
    Raju Sudhakar

  237. Avatar photo
    Amirah Illyana

    i am currently undergoing the luminous power back peel treatment and although it is on the more expensive side of life, i have seen a vast difference between my skin condition before the treatment and shower the 4th session. the branch manager, jerlyn had very patiently explained the condition of my back on my first session and recommended me the following treatments that i should take up 🙂 may (therapist) attends to me every week and meticulously does the treatment on my back very delicately. she prioritises my comfort beyond anything else and makes me feel very much at ease every week. i highly recommend may for her genuine and great service <3 the other staff are also very friendly and never fail to look after the welfare of their customers. additionally, the clinic is very nicely scented and the appropriate relaxing music allows me to fully rejuvenate during my 1 hour session every week 🙂

  238. Avatar photo
    Shobi Pillai

    Came here with my mom because of an offer she saw on Facebook, glad my mom decided to respond to the ad!

    The facial service provided was really good and my mom and I could see a huge difference in skin right after the treatment. Jeannie and Pearlyn who did our facial (separately of course), was really nice and pleasant.

    Yuney who was our consultant was also very patient with us in going through the treatment and package.
    Will consider signing up a package with them in the future because their stuff works and the staff are really friendly. (:

  239. Avatar photo
    Veron Tay

    Professional services provided by Queenie and Jerlyn. They will give detailed explanation before the treatment started. Very trustworthy and would highly recommended.

  240. Avatar photo

    Great experience with Joyce and Jerlyn, who customise recommendations according to your skin condition. My skin feels refreshed and rejuvenated after the Korean cold crystal session.

  241. Avatar photo
    katherine tan

    One of the best I’ve been. Have been seeing improvements every treatment. Wanna thank windy and Jerlyn for your care! Will definitely recommend!

  242. Avatar photo
    T Kh

    My therapist is Windy! I have started my acne and acne scar treatment with Windy for around 6 months now. The treatment helps to improve the overall health of my skin allowing faster self recovery with every treatment’s boost. I see my skin having less breakouts, slightly lighter scars and still looking forward to a cleaner skin as my scars are a stubborn bunch. Windy is always polite and professional in her services and always gives her best advise. She is good and I feel lucky i got her! The price is pricey here…they have range of treatments available. Dont mind give it a try if u are looking for help to your skin!

  243. Avatar photo
    Belle Kaur

    I did the cold crystal for about 1 year and the vendors were very good, I could see the results within this year. My therapist Pearlyn was excellent, always caring, kind and sharing all nice things with me. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends.

  244. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Sing

    Tried out both their Korean Crystal Facial and Spectra Light Treatment and I could see results after just 1 session for both treatments. Would like to thank Isabelle, Rin and Agatha for doing a really great job. Their consultant, Jerlyn was really nice and friendly too! Highly recommended! …

  245. Avatar photo
    Mrs Wang

    Good & effective facials.

  246. Avatar photo
    Cheryl Goon

    I have gone for cool crystal facial treatments twice so far, the treatments are really great. My skin condition has improved. Great and proffesional service provided by 8 Medi-Aesthetics therapist– Rin. A good recommendation.

  247. Avatar photo
    Irene Luku

    I’ve been with 8 Medi (Somerset branch) for the past 1.5 years, my experience with them was good. The beauticians were so friendly and professional, they patiently explaining and analysing my skin conditions then recommended me a treatment package that best suit for my skin.

    I’ve acne and acne scars problems which troubled me so many years. After 1.5 years treatment, I can see my skin conditions improve and stable a lot than before treatment. Although, the acne scars problem is not completely healed, but its in the process of healing.

    I would definitely recommend facial treatment in 8Medi as in why not since they helped me improve me skin conditions!

  248. Avatar photo
    Meera Nair

    I have been accumulating oil seeds under my eyes and it was getting worst. The treatment at 8 Medi Aestheticc really helped. My skin lacked hydration in the first place so that was what i was put into. Then slowly added the laser treatment and i must say that it worked. The staff here are all professionals , very friendly in nature. I am under Rin and she really follows up with me on my progress. Here i would also like to mention Rebecca and Jerlyn. They have also been supporting me with great advice.Thank you!

  249. Avatar photo
    su C

    Had the indiba heat facial and the warmth of the machine was extremely relaxing. Hope the effects would be lasting as well.

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