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I can’t imagine anyone not loving to travel. Sure, it can be a pain when it is done for work. But even professional trips can hold a chance for a new experience if you just give yourself a bit of time to enjoy yourself. It is all about being driven to see a place you never have before, or discover the wonders of a place where you have. The excitement of the unknown is ultimately what drives us.

But what about when you want to travel, and you even have the money and time, but you don’t know where to go? This happens all the time, and it is more about there being too much choice than too little. There are so many places to go, so much to see, so many people to meet. How can you settle on just one when you could go anywhere in the world?

Sometimes, it helps to have a little inspiration to point you in the right direction. Here are five great sites that provide just that, so you can plan your next trip knowing exactly what you want.

Travel Muse


Plan the perfect vacation by narrowing down your options based on preference. Put in the number of travelers, time of year, duration, accommodation class, budget per person, theme and activities, maximum flight time and it gives you a list of choices for your perfect vacation. You can also look at the destinations page, which shows you popular vacation areas, as well as lesser known places you might enjoy.


Going to a new place can be daunting for even the most experienced travelers. It helps to have as much information as possible. Where do you get that? From people who have been there as tourists themselves, of course. Find out what friends have said about a location, or others on the web. From luxury travelers to backpackers, you can learn from there experience and find the best hostels, hole-in-the-wall eaters, attractions and more. Ask questions or share your expertise of a city.

Last Minute


This is a nice site for English travelers. Choose a departure point, tell them what you want to do and put in how much you want to spend. Last Minute does the rest. They will show you the best travel deals for – you guessed it – last minute travelers.


Here is another UK based travel helper. You put in your airport’s city and a few details like how much money you have. Then zoom in on the map to see different travel ideas in regions all over the world. There are preset vacations you can check out, or customize your own. All with a unique interface that is more intriguing than many I have seen.


You have two options with this site. Either you can pout in the destination you want to go to to find rates and vacation ideas in the area. Or, you can find a place to go by deciding whether you want to fly or drive, how much to spend and what kind of activities you might be interested in. It works by putting in the level on interest for each section on a sliding scale. You can also check out their useful guides, such as a guide to teaching English abroad, or traveling for students.

Do you have a good travel planning site that can inspire a trip away? Let us know in the comments!

Hello everyone, I’m Anthony Jackson, a passionate traveler always eager to explore the fascinating corners of our world. I joined this team with a mission to share my travel experiences and tips, aiming to provide you with memorable and exciting journeys.
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