5 Sydney Bars Worth a Visit

sydney bars

Bar hopping is great way to spend a night in the city. Whether you’re looking to just have a catch up with friends, have some drinks after work, blow off some steam or meet new people, bars offer great opportunities to enjoy the night. Sydney has every type of bar you could want: great or small, fancy or casual, cheap or expensive, loud or quiet. This guide doesn’t necessarily showcase the best bars but aims to provide a list of notable bars sure to provide you with a great time.

sydney bars

The Ivy

One of the better known bars in Sydney, this bold and extravagant locale is notable for its sheer size and luxury. Described as ‘world-class’ and ‘worthy of royalty’, this multi levelled venue boasts a number of bars and clubs catering to every need. There’s a Pool Club and a Den and a dance floor and a lounge area and restaurants… what more could you want? If you’re looking for a fun night out and enjoy the young crowds and dancing you’d find at a club, then head over early on Friday or Saturday evenings when it gets particularly loud and crowded. If you prefer the quiet chill-out experience of a bar, then week days are better for you.

Bar Century

If all you want is a cheap bar with cheap beer, this is the venue for you. Popular with uni students and young people alike and known for its inexpensive booze, this bar gets the job done. No fancy schmancy décor here. Back-packers, bikies, uni students and other bargain hunters congregate here for a single purpose: $3 dollar beers and spirits. This bar may not have a glamorous feel, but it radiates a cool and relaxed atmosphere. Be warned; check the list of banned pop artists before you decide to play a song from the juke box.

Opera Bar

Outdoor bars are the best in summer, especially those on the waterside. Few things compare to the simple pleasure of drinking a couple of beers with your mates while watching the sun set over the harbour and seeing the city light up for the night. With live music performed nightly and with a wide array of food, cocktails and beers, you’ll never taste everything this place has to offer – or at the least, you won’t grow tired of it. Described as ‘the best beer garden in the world’, it’s worth more than a single visit.

Grasshopper’s Bar

Think small, very small. Grasshopper’s bar is probably one of the smallest bars in Sydney. However it does not stop people from pouring through the doors. It is found hidden among the Strand Arcade and the Hilton Hotel. Their speciality is having cocktails in jars. Be warned come early to grab a seat, even on a weekday.

Shirt Bar

As crazy as it sounds Shirt bar is basically a bar with shirts. Yes you can buy shirts there!  What’s great is they are open early at 8am. Not only can you grab an alcoholic drink there but also a coffee!

While these aren’t the only bars worth a visit, they are certainly crowd favourites and people always enjoy them whenever they’re in Sydney’s CBD. They’re suited to all types of people and whether you’re there to catch up with old friends or meet new ones, these bars are more than well suited.

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