Review 409 Amk Market And Food Centre, 409 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore

Review 409 AMK Market And Food Centre - Singapore 409 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10

“Had Fishball Noodles on 1/10/22, was ok. Can try the yummy fried carrot cake here.” or “got the best chicken rice that you will ever eat and the sugercane drink was cheap. a lot of cheap and good food here tbh” It is one of the few customer evaluation comments about 409 Amk Market And Food Centre. Let’s read more of this article on to find out if 409 Amk Market And Food Centre is quality.

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Here are some fundamental details regarding 409 Amk Market And Food Centre. In terms of Market, it is generally believed that 409 Amk Market And Food Centreis one of the best places to choose and trust. It is placed at 409 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore. Whether you are looking for a place or a service related to Market, this place strives to ensure that you get the best possible value for your money. From customer service to the actual products or services offered, this place is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all its customers.

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  • Phone: 62255632 (+65 62255632)
  • Website:
  • Address: 409 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore
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409 Amk Market And Food Centre reviews

409 Amk Market And Food Centre is among the best destinations of Market in Singapore, and it merits your consideration.

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“got the best chicken rice that you will ever eat and the sugercane drink was cheap. a lot of cheap and good food here tbh”

“My favourite stall located here is fish soup. After so many years, the quality is still maintained.”

“Rare 24hrs noodles stall in sg. The signature dried mee sua taste fantastic, don’t miss it if you passing by here. There are also many nice food here, will try it some other day.”

“Long Xing Fish Soup serve one of the best fish soup at a reasonable price. Must try if you are at this area.”

“Tasty n affordable food. Affordable veggies n meat too”

“Good old days till now. But everything become costly due to inflatation”

“nice western food, chicken rice, fish soup, hokkien mee, sugarcane”

“One of the best fishball noodles ever. Kway teow + yellow noodle combo is the best for me”

It has won many reviews from customers on the website, including 249 feedbacks with an overall score of 4.2 out of five-star ratings. Out of those, 82% are positive reviews. has provided all the essential information about 409 Amk Market And Food Centre, including address, operating hours, phone number, and feedback from customers.

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Review Review 409 Amk Market And Food Centre, 409 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore

There is a total 249 reviews

4.2 / 5




  1. Avatar photo
    David Ng

    Had been patronising this hawker centre for easily 40 years and had seen some hawkers come and go. Some stalls had been there for decades. Few of the stalls that I’ll highly recommend are:

    1) Long Kee fried carrot cake (breakfast only)
    2) Shi Xian mee rebus and mee siam (breakfast only, operated by Chinese)
    3) Fried oyster at 01-20 (dinner/supper)
    4) Eng Ho fried hokkien mee (dinner/supper)

    There are other popular food like fish soup, chicken rice, duck rice, wonton mee, etc that have their regular followers. You can even get $2 fishball noodle at breakfast (I’m not a fan but there’s always a queue for this).

    Good place to get good and reasonably priced hawker food. Do pay a visit if you are in the vicinity.

  2. Avatar photo
    Lian Hai

    Don’t miss the Eng Ho fried Hokkien mee. It’s really good. The two fish soup stalls are also very good, always long queue. Don’t forget to patronize the mee siam stall, one of the best I have tasted. I have to mention the $2 fish ball noodle soup also. Great value for money.

  3. Avatar photo
    Koh Kheng Joo

    Cheap vegetables $1 a packet, fresh seafood from Ah Choo, pineapple $1.30 watermelon $2 for a quarter cut. Foodcourt cheap and good.

  4. Avatar photo
    Matilda Lieu

    Food’s affordable. Do take note of the peek lunch hour and sometimes, it closes down for washing. The fish soup, mee siam & mee rebus and the vegetarian food are the most popular and have the longest queue.

  5. Avatar photo
    Tony Liew

    Long Xing Fish Soup serve one of the best fish soup at a reasonable price. Must try if you are at this area.

  6. Avatar photo
    Chan Siew Wei

    Hawker center and wet market. There are many shops around it selling all kinds of things. You can find cheap and good food here.

  7. Avatar photo
    Xavier Goh

    Love this place. Two nice fish soup stall, tasty western (afternoon to night), nice satay, good sugar cane stall next to it, vegetarian chicken rice, fried oyster (night) and the traditional drink stall that as those sugary coconut, sourdough, logan and plum drinks! All in AMK! Be there in morning and night and I’m sure you’ll find something that will fill your stomach more than satisfactorily!

  8. Avatar photo

    Its Pretty crowded on saturdays. Quite a few stalls have endless lines => pretty good if the custom is any indicator! Check out the stall selling chinese mee siam on the inside. Adjoining the market, there’s a variety of stall selling veggies, fruits, hardware, herbs. Interesting area.

    Hawker centre: Only one malay muslim stall here, facing the main road; the nasi lemak is quite good, though there’s no fish on weekends, only chicken. The chicken is quite deeply fried, if you like it that way. The coffee stall next to it is quite ok, friendly, too.

    Market: quite good and and large selection of veggies, tauhu, meats.

  9. Avatar photo
    Rachel Tan

    There was a variety of food to choose from. I have yet to try the Hokkien mee which starts biz from 4pm onwards.

  10. Avatar photo
    Teng Johnny

    If you buy fresh , fruits ,fresh meats,fresh fish,etc at409
    If want to eat porridge or rice there is 24hrs business

  11. Avatar photo
    lim kee kwee

    Delicious wanton and swee qiao mein at the food stall. Fresh veg selling at a good price. Many shops available e.g Confectionery shop and. Fruit shop and many others. +++. Easy parking and Teck Ghee Cc is nearby.

  12. Avatar photo
    cpv green

    Fried carrot cake is overrated. Portion small, not enough egg and doesn’t taste good. Not worth buying at all, yet there is always a long queue.

  13. Avatar photo
    clarence tang

    Had this dry noodles, stall is facing the carpark entrance. Nice , very chewy noodles and value for $. Highly recommended.

  14. Avatar photo
    Yeow Meng Ng

    The area is quite big. With one big hawkers centre and wet market. Two convention coffee shops with plenty of eating stores. Surrounded by many shophouses selling all kinds of essentials items. Such as medicals, hardware’s, cake and bread stores, vegetables and fruits, Chinese herb stores and Toto and 4D stores etc. You can get a lot of cheap vegetables and fruits. This market is always crowed in morning and lunch hours. Moreover the whole area is surrounded by huge car park where you can get to park easily.

  15. Avatar photo
    Siti Khalsom

    There’s one malay, Muslim stall that is delicious.

  16. Avatar photo
    Derrick Tan

    Brought my parents for lunch and they enjoyed the fish porridge and Yong tau fu. Visitors should take note that most stalls rest in the afternoon so try to avoid that timing.

  17. Avatar photo
    Clayton Chua

    Simply love the fish slice soup here! Yum!

  18. Avatar photo
    Micheal Foo

    There are many nice food stalls at this hawker centre. We went there during dinner time and saw many people are queuing at the Fish Soup stall. The BBQ chicken wings stall, fried oyster stall, western food stall are the favourite during dinner time. Apart from that, there is also a stall selling the traditional charcoal steamboat which give you the “familiar old time taste of steamboat”. Will go there again during breakfast time as there are so many stalls for us to try out. A nice neighbourhood hawker centre within walking distance from AMK Hub.

  19. Avatar photo
    Zi Lin Sim

    Popular stalls: fish soup, char kway tiao. I see a lot of people getting the mee siam and western food too. Hard to find seats for lunch time, which is expected but definitely to keep in mind.

  20. Avatar photo
    Lee Steven

    Nice vegetarian chicken rice. Value for money.

  21. Avatar photo
    Luxe Print

    It has been quite a few years since I last visited this hawker centre, and there are quite a few good stores then. During a recent visit, I was pleased to find that my favorite food was still available; fried Hokkian noodles and fried oyster eggs. Several were gone, including my favorite Teochew porridge for the night.

  22. Avatar photo

    I went to the area to duplicate a key. Tje first shop could not do it and directed me to another shop in the market. The uncle did it at a reasonable price. All the things in his shop are priced reasonably. He is a keymaker and also sells hardwares stuff, locks, piping etc.

  23. Avatar photo
    Alex Lee

    One of the best fishball noodles ever. Kway teow + yellow noodle combo is the best for me

  24. Avatar photo
    Koh Teng Leong

    Rare 24hrs noodles stall in sg. The signature dried mee sua taste fantastic, don’t miss it if you passing by here. There are also many nice food here, will try it some other day.

  25. Avatar photo
    Terrence Foo

    Generous and thick servings of slice fish at a modest price. A must-eat if near the area but prepare to queue during peak hours

  26. Avatar photo
    Dan Han

    Have some good foods and the wet market price is resemblance.

  27. Avatar photo
    Zehra Diyaa

    Good eatery place for most ppl but Malay food is restricted to only 01 stall out of the whole market. A bit pathetic. No choice of other food to choose except the next blk Indian SriSun food. For Non Muslim, plenty of food choices to choose from. No worries.

  28. Avatar photo
    Roger Lee

    My favourite place to be when I want to buy my cooked food n veggies/meat. The market undergone a few renovations n the environment had gotten better n better. I can get all my cooking needs n satisfied my tummy at the same time! Great place!

  29. Avatar photo
    salty n sleepy

    Very clean though the wait for some food are quite long. There are plenty of chairs and tables too.

  30. Avatar photo
    Tim Wong

    Good food and drinks. Love the fish batang soup and sugar cane drink. The only pet peeve is loads of houseflies flying around.

  31. Avatar photo

    Went there with the intention to try Mee Rebus and Mee Siam sold by Chinese but ate the fishball bak chor mee instead cos went too late. Everything sold out. Fishball BCM is quite good too and coffee was good too.

  32. Avatar photo

    Wet Market n Hawker Centre, plenty of cheap n good foods to try.

  33. Avatar photo
    Siri Thapa

    Good market for fresh things. Good price n affortable. Shopping too

  34. Avatar photo
    Gain Tortoise

    Obviously, one of my fav Food Court in Singapore. Here are the list if you really wanna enjoy a good food.

    1. Porridge
    2. Nasi Padang
    3. Western Food
    4. Prawn Mee

  35. Avatar photo
    Lynette Enoch

    It is cheap, fresh, so clean and everyone is so friendly and the prices cannot be compared to other parts of Ang Mo Kio. Even their hawker centre is fabulously clean, no smoking too! Food is great too!

  36. Avatar photo
    Crston Tan

    Good old days till now.
    But everything become costly due to inflatation

  37. Avatar photo
    Lewis Merchante Koh

    Not much variety of food choices and it really dirty and full of birds dropping, hygiene issue will be a major concern! Poorly maintained hawker center, seriously not sure what did they do to it during the renovation of this place?

  38. Avatar photo
    Tan Kai Wen Willy

    Tried the corner stall steamboat fish, ordered 1 plate of potato leave fried with garlic & a medium size pot with additional yam in it for 4 person & thinking it should be enough but fish meat & yam given too little, soup is great bcos after taken not thirty.

  39. Avatar photo
    T greensake

    Had Fishball Noodles on 1/10/22, was ok. Can try the yummy fried carrot cake here.

  40. Avatar photo
    Md Noor Abdullah

    The dessert stall is my favourite, always enjoy their desserts on my off day.

  41. Avatar photo
    Kumari Nirmal

    I love to go this market, you can get everything here from vegetable meat, flowers, dried goods and you even have other vendors with same item and the prices can be very competitive. I love for thd fact that they even have nonya kueh and coffee shops all around. I normally go about 6.30am where its not so crowded.

  42. Avatar photo
    May Wong

    Barbecue chicken wings $1.4 and satay 70c each fried chicken $1.3 are good. Fried hokkien mee is also popular. Wet market also have discounted vege $5.5 and cheap pineapples nearby

  43. Avatar photo
    HooiChew Tan

    Kway Chap and duck rice is good. Fish soup not bad too. Will visit again …

  44. Avatar photo

    pretty decent food you can find here.
    I have no complains. Serves ready home made dishes.
    Prices are kept really low and affordable.

  45. Avatar photo
    Steven Master

    Not many stalls open for dinner … Kinda short for choices at dinner time … Fish Soup was nice …

  46. Avatar photo
    Jonathan Lim

    Local food available.

    Best time to visit in the afternoon.
    Limited stalls open at night.

    Ample free seatings available.

  47. Avatar photo
    Daryl Wang

    The fish ball minced meat noodle stall that’s facing the main road (not the one facing the road of the carpark entrance) is amazing. But do be prepared for a long queue.
    There are other stalls that are pretty decent too. Just to name a few :
    Vegetarian mee hoon beside the mentioned fish ball minced meat.
    Beside it that opens later. The mock chicken rice is decent but not worth the value for my personal opinion.
    Fried Mee hoon, mee, kway teow, Chee cheong fun and many other breakfast or quick bites stall beside the only fried carrot cake stall (which a lot of ppl like and always long queue. But I don’t find it nice though).
    Hainanese chicken rice.
    Both the fish soup stalls.
    Wanton mee stall facing the road into the carpark entrance. Near the POSB/DBS ATM machine is.
    And a few more in that opens only in the evenings for dinner.
    Like the western food stall that owns two units.
    The BBQ chicken wings!
    Skip the hokkien mee coz the standard drops too low currently to even give it a try!
    And the fish head steamboat that used charcoal.
    Hope that helps, someone at least.

  48. Avatar photo

    They got good cheap noodles along with a variety of choices there

  49. Avatar photo
    Anthony Teo

    Many varieties of nice food. Long Xing Fish Soup, good value and quality.

  50. Avatar photo
    KWC 25

    You can find the cheapest fish ball soup noodles at $2. Plenty of food choices at very reasonable price.

  51. Avatar photo
    yenney lee

    Morning: Alot of popular stalls with long queue especially during weekend such as Lai lai heng wanton noodle (their off days are irregular and open till 10am or earlier), fried carrot cake (only white available), mee siam mee rebus stall, vegetarian beehoon.

    If you don’t wan to queue, these stalls are good with fairly short queue: prawn noodle stall, Hup seng huat wanton noodle or the char kway tiao (lunch).

    Dinner: Fish head steamboat from the one and only zechar stall, fried oyster, yummy western food, fried prawn noodle, staty stall.

  52. Avatar photo
    wendy j Chan

    茗香鱼圆面Ming Xiang Fish ball Noodles Stall 01-06.
    This food centre has a number of good food.
    I prefer the fishball and overall soup taste from this stall compared to the other one which I posted.
    I ordered a bowl of Kway Teow Soup. It comes with super duper nice fishballs, a few slices of lean meat. This bowl of noodles makes you feel like Mom’s cooking, like home cooked food. It’s a bowl of noodles that I can eat every day and not be tired of it. Highly recommended.

  53. Avatar photo
    Shirley Leong

    There’s a lot of things to purchase. Market with variety of things to sell, ready made dresses etc. Shoes etv. Also a lot of stalls selling cooked food etc. Coffee shop with variety of food stalls etc. Bus stop nearby v convenient.

  54. Avatar photo
    Rashid Ismail

    Just like other market in Singapore at the residential area. There are wet market, dry market, eateries and so on. Every morning quite busy though. Not many halal food. One malay stall and two mamak’s stall.

  55. Avatar photo
    Bryce Necklen

    Huge bustling market. Thought it was small at first but when you start walking through you discover a lot more

  56. Avatar photo
    Leng Siong Pua

    Wet market.
    Many food stalls are not open during month of December, likely went holiday …

  57. Avatar photo
    Beulah Rajenderan

    King of fried rice wasn’t really that tasty but maybe the other foods may be tastier. I gotta explore more.

  58. Avatar photo
    Wk F

    This place moderately crowded. Hawker food plenty to choose and pricing cheap eg I ate the roast chicken rice cost me $3, elsewhere would hv cost me $3.80/$4.50. Retail shops also plenty. There 2 or 3 household sundries shops. Interesting place to walk around if you hv the time.

  59. Avatar photo
    James Tay

    You can find many affortable and good hawker food..

  60. Avatar photo
    PangOnn Loh

    Food is good, tasty & reasonably priced…stalls and seating areas are clean & tidy…tray return is done… …

  61. Avatar photo
    Wong Kin Kuan

    Just like any market and hawker Centre.
    Market is good, a few stores are very fresh.

    Hawker Centre is good like the carrot cake is good and good. Next to it the prawn noodle is good.
    The Malay rice is delicious.

  62. Avatar photo

    While the food was on the average side, you cannot deny it is definitely value for money.

    Expect longer wait time for the nicer stalls though

  63. Avatar photo
    Michael Cheng

    Must-try hawker stalls are the fish soup and char kway teow. Plus, this place has been recently upgraded so it quite nice to eat here now. The wet market section is what you would expect from a typical wet market. Just be sure to be there early to get the best produce. The most popular market stall is the 116 vegetable stall. Pricer than the competing stall opposite but better in quality.

  64. Avatar photo
    Sunny Tan

    You can get very good food like vegetarian food, fish soup, fried oyster, fried hokkien mee, fried kway teow,

  65. Avatar photo
    Ma-ku Gan

    Think it’s one of the best market in Ang Mo Kio. You can find almost all households things, even those that existed 30 years ago. Price of food in the hawker center is reasonable and delicious. You should not miss the wet market. So many stores and friendly sellers. Unfortunately, the market closes around 2pm and 50% of the hawkers are closed for the day. Shop houses nearby you should not miss too. When you are there, be prepared to spent at least an hour walking around these shops. Great place to go.

  66. Avatar photo

    clean, sanitary and affordable food

  67. Avatar photo
    Nanwuahmitoufu Meow

    Tis childhood mkt lost many old stalls after the folks retired. Now seem aged despite new stalls set up… need some refurbishment.

  68. Avatar photo
    J Seng

    Another great place to sample Singapore local food dishes. Chicken rice, satays, bak chor mee, fish head steamboat, Hokkien fried noodle, fish soup just to name a few. Not just food stalls, there are other shops and wet market besides the food centre too.

  69. Avatar photo
    Hamza Ahmad

    The amk market n food Centre is not so big n it is moderate. Also there is shops around it..

  70. Avatar photo
    Kum Leong Chan

    Wide variety of food stalls and market, plus generally cheaper and value prices. Nearby shops also makes shopping a little longer than the usual neighborhood.

  71. Avatar photo
    ivan gee

    Nice local food choice with affordable price. limited seat available comply to covid SOP

  72. Avatar photo
    Daniel Yeo

    Good chicken chop stall.
    Waiting time is at least 45mins during peak period.

  73. Avatar photo
    Irvin Cheung

    Must go drink the Bua Long Long drink at the corner fruit juice stall! Their mixture of blended Bua Long Long with enough Taiwanese salted plums made their drink less tart and so appetizing to drink! And a big cup it’s only $3!!! MUST TRY!!! …

  74. Avatar photo
    Joseph Yip

    #01-37 Fish all Kway Teow Mee

  75. Avatar photo
    Koo Kam Yin

    Seldom visit this food centre especially during breakfast, very happy to see quite a number of stalls with long queue, no time to try these stalls, will come back again to try as the presentation of the food looks OK and almost all patrons finished their food, highly recommended the 2nd row corner Chinese mee siam stall.

  76. Avatar photo
    Brian Tay

    Love Ang Mo Kio Markets and Food Centres. Packed with great hawker food, and the market are always with fresh produces. Come over regularly for lunch

  77. Avatar photo
    Marken Low

    There is a vegan chicken rice there great for me because I am vegan there is also burger from the similar store really recommend for everybody to try!

  78. Avatar photo
    Gary Lim

    Local food slice fish dishes my favourite must try highly recommend.

  79. Avatar photo
    Silas Tan

    With most of the stalls closed, we can still get some decent food there. Imagine the potential….

  80. Avatar photo

    Nothing much to eat in the morning. …

  81. Avatar photo
    George Khoo

    It was much smaller than I had expected it to be. Tried the Long Kee Carrot cake and Shi Xian mee rebus. Both good

  82. Avatar photo
    Albert Poon

    One of most busy and crowded AMK Hub market.Especially during weekends the hawkers centre usually very crowded.There few few foods stall strongly recommended by food analyst..

  83. Avatar photo
    Timezone Watch Trading

    Many nice food here

  84. Avatar photo
    Qiqi Low

    Wet market here is cheap esp the vegetables. Hawker food must try is vegetarian stall and fish slice stall

  85. Avatar photo
    Apple Lim

    Mee Siam MIA HUM ! Mia hum mia hum mia hum…(humming Mr Brown’s song). Yes ! There is nice laksa here ! Nice fishball noodles, v tasty minced pork mee pok/mee knia ! Old school western food. Don’t forget the fried spring rolls, fried yum squares and the fruit juice stall selling the fruit juices, cut fruit platter and coconut agar agar !

  86. Avatar photo
    Kelvin Neil

    Good variety of food despite a few of them being closed

  87. Avatar photo
    Discover me

    Yummy prawn noodles. Well recommended …

  88. Avatar photo
    Sen Tjong

    A standard food market more for morning n lunch crowd. Quite variety to choose from with reasonable pricing. Like the theo chew porridge n rice stall. Cheap n good.

  89. Avatar photo
    Iris Tan

    One of the very delicious Fried Hokkien Sotong Prawn Mee stalls can be found here, and there’s delicious Western meals too. My favourite is the Fish Soup stall but always long Q.

  90. Avatar photo
    Allan Lim

    Sliced fish soup stalls over here try to beat one another and it’s the only thing here worth coming here for, tbe rest are passer-by

  91. Avatar photo
    Yong Meng Leong

    Nice food and lot’s of store’s offering different product nearby

  92. Avatar photo
    saravanaraja rajakani

    Good place to surf. Some users, playing games and making noise to others. They have to control that. All other things are ok.

  93. Avatar photo
    shenee nee

    33 vegetarian chicken rice has to be one of the best around. Fragrant rice,chicken bean sheet good for enough for vegetarian chicken and chilli sauce so far the best.Down side the opening hours.

  94. Avatar photo
    tony koh

    Many Good foods and reasonable prices. A good place for your meal.

  95. Avatar photo
    lawrence wong

    I was craving for Orh luak and my ex-colleague suggested blk409. Just imagine there are 4 orh luak stalls in AMK!..well, I also savoured kway chap. Good old hawker centre food. Yummy

  96. Avatar photo

    I personally like the fried Hokkien prawn mee and fried oysters.

  97. Avatar photo
    Ernest Pak

    Nothing much to expect and explore, HDB shops, old school style, mostly elderlies will go for good bargain.
    Very little fushion of trendy stuff.
    Go when you feel you missed the old times.

  98. Avatar photo
    Jude Hoe

    Char kway teow stall 01-13. Best in d world. The old man s really gd n traditional.

  99. Avatar photo
    joshua hu

    Been there to a few days for work. The chicken rice is really delicious but proportion is small even after upsizing. As for the char kway this i would say moderate and lastly the kway chap also is recommendable.

  100. Avatar photo
    Chin Liap Ong

    Delicious mee rebus and mee siam sold by Chinese couple available in the hawker centre. Also a great place to grab some vegetables on the cheap from the few surrounding vegetables stalls at highly competitive proces.

  101. Avatar photo
    Teo Family

    Theres a HOUSEHOLD & HARDWARE shop (Kak Ngee) in the market.Decent place to look for household hardware (theres practically everything you need). The shop owner is really knowledgeable about the stuffs, on top that, really friendly and approachable. Overall, the products are also relatively cheap!!
    FOOD there is also GR8 esp the western stall!!!

  102. Avatar photo
    Lim Janette

    Good food, friendly vendors and many more good and cheap grocery

  103. Avatar photo
    Patrick Tan

    Quite a lot of nice food choices here. Had the fried carrot cake today. Had been eating this store carrot cake for almost 40 years.

  104. Avatar photo
    HM Yuen

    The cheap supermarket is ang mo mart. The bread sell at discount of 10 cents. One of the coffee shop is under renovation. Food varieties are plenty. So far only one malay stall that sell delicious foods. Not much stall opened in the night.

  105. Avatar photo
    Rynon Ng

    Good variety of food over here.
    Loved the spinach yong tau fu, satay and the fishball noodles with kway teow.
    Haven’t explore every nook and cranny due to being picky but the fish soup is can eat,long queue.

    Satay wise,decent, loved the mutton and chicken, no fats in between for this. Sorry for all fats lover but maybe just to 吃爽。

  106. Avatar photo
    C S.F

    too many pigeons flying about…..some hawkers place their vegetables outside the stall near the tables so hygiene may be a concern…prices of hawker food here seems to be on the rise

  107. Avatar photo
    Surinder Sidhu

    Enjoyed it. Sat down to have plate of Kway Teow. Delicious. Amid all the noise and clutter, I finally felt I’m back home after 18 months in the Covid wilderness. Comforting to see and hear something familiar.
    Hope the reopening continues smoothly. Good Luck and Godspeed. …

  108. Avatar photo
    Koh Eng Ping

    Hawker centre have many good and cheap foods to select parking is no problem

  109. Avatar photo
    Timothy Lim

    The famous Eng Ho hokkien mee is here. There is always a queue here. The fried oyster in this market is good.

  110. Avatar photo
    Benjamin Yeow

    Nice local cheap hawker centre. Be prepared for long waits at western food and the hokkien mee stores.

  111. Avatar photo
    joshua hwang

    Food choices are quite abundant, only issue is the lack of space and available seatings. There might be a need to consider placing self return kiosks so that empty bowls and trays can be returned by patrons of this establishment.

    Other than the physical settings, the food options are delectable; do expect to wait a little if you opt for a relatively popular store. Great for Breakfast and dinner.

    Note: this only reviews the food portion of the market and not the actual selection of fresh produce

  112. Avatar photo
    FK Chong

    Vegetarian store sells curry with rice at $4.50
    But the rice is insufficient, so we bought extra rice for additional S$1. …

  113. Avatar photo
    Ee Siang Fong

    A mature estate market with a wide selection of food and groceries. Nearby parking can be limited on weekends morning. Prices are below average and a few gems can be found here.

  114. Avatar photo
    Erica Chua

    Great variety of food during the day, love the wanto mee, decent chicken rice and duck rice, fish soup is great too (queue for the one beside the fruit juice store is ridiculous) but most stores closes at night.

  115. Avatar photo
    T greensake

    Had Fishball Noodles on 1/10/22, was ok. Can try the yummy fried carrot cake here.

  116. Avatar photo
    Palita Piromtong

    Alot delicious food here

  117. Avatar photo
    Jackie Oh

    Quite a few good foods to enjoy from but at times need to Q.

  118. Avatar photo
    Won Soon Lau

    What’s good – one of the Wanton Noodle shop, fish soup, braised duck, mee siam/mee robus, prawn mee, teochew porridge, carrot cake, soya milk and bean curb.

  119. Avatar photo
    Only Facts

    I like the food there.

  120. Avatar photo
    Magic cofee

    The hokkien prawn is really good. However you have to wait quite long for you orders and the store only opens at 4pm. Its located between two vegetarian stores.

  121. Avatar photo
    Tan Kian

    Fish ball noodle is yummy

  122. Avatar photo
    Richard Lim

    I was there with my sis-ib-law and my wife because they want some vegetarian food. I remember 33 Vegetarian store. Food is good but a bit ex for hawker standard.
    It was about 5pm and many other store were closed. I have not the opportunity to search for other food. I tried the yong tau fu there. The standard is do so.

  123. Avatar photo
    Calvin Ong

    Wide variety of stalls, value for money

  124. Avatar photo
    Nicole Prnthmn

    I love the vegetarian chicken rice, how they used dried bean curd to be the chicken! In the evenings, the BBQ chicken wings are bomb, get that and a glass of sugar cane juice, you’re set! And the western food, delicious and affordable.

  125. Avatar photo
    Raymond Ng

    The wet market is a good and cheap place to get all the fresh ingredients. The hawker has many nice food too.

  126. Avatar photo
    Derek Tang

    Lots of good food at low prices. Lots of stalls open for business in the evening. I tried minced meat noodles. Chilli was awesome!

  127. Avatar photo
    Calvin Khoo

    Many variety of hawker food to choose.All are nice and reasonable price.

  128. Avatar photo
    admen Lim

    Plenty of nice food

  129. Avatar photo
    Audrey Tan

    Vegetarian chicken rice stall. ️️️

  130. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    The fc has changed a lot since last visit. Cleaner and busier. A no of stalls are attracting long q like mee siam, fried prawn mee, satay, economic fried beehoon and ccf. The Malay mee rebus is good cos not too salty and heathier choice of ingredients.

  131. Avatar photo
    Eddie Goh

    Mee siam is nice but very ex

  132. Avatar photo
    vincent lim

    This Coffee Shop at Bk407 next to 409 market

  133. Avatar photo
    Samuel Chia

    Good choice of hawker food. There’s also a shop that sells nice coffee powder inside the market

  134. Avatar photo
    Gulam Jailani Kassim Ali

    Childhood memory. The Malay foodstall was our main source of good and tasty food, since I lived at Blk 403. Cheap and clean place to have your delicious food serving.

  135. Avatar photo
    Sadeesh K

    Got many food stalls especially for vegetarian got 2 shops in the front named, 33 vegetarian and Good earth vegetarian stalls

  136. Avatar photo
    Patrick Ng

    Just came back to Singapore and really enjoy my fishball noodle $3 with coffee $1

  137. Avatar photo
    catherine toh

    Really like the Hokkien Prawn Noodles there, the chilli paste is very unique that gives a spicy punch and tastes heaven when eaten with the wet noodles. Prawns are relatively big and fresh. The stall only opens at specific times, usually in the evening. Place generally cleaner these days compared to 10 years ago.

  138. Avatar photo
    Alex Ang

    My favourite stall located here is fish soup. After so many years, the quality is still maintained.

  139. Avatar photo
    Kah Heng Poh

    Hokkien mee not bad but sometime need to wait for 30-45min

  140. Avatar photo
    Chan Chee

    The table are not clean alot of stains and birds drop.

  141. Avatar photo
    Low Soon Kuan

    I saw long queue at fish soup and minced noodle, that will take more than 20 minutes of waiting. I ordered fried carrot cake and it costs 2.50 quite reasonable. The most famous stall is ckt but it didnt open at 10 am. The fried beehon and nasi lemak are also selling well. A lot of choices for breakfast.

  142. Avatar photo
    Alan Leow

    Vegeterian food stall at corner of food centre. The stall Owner talk are not so friendly and when you eat vegeterian chicken rice sometime the owner of stall will give you a bowl soup. And few day later you go eat again chicken rice and ask for a bowl of soup and the owner stall say no soup and this are the way doing business way?

  143. Avatar photo
    Eng Hwa Chew

    2 nice fish soup stalls, good fry away teow and a few other stalls are above average, can try

  144. Avatar photo
    TAN SH

    Jus wana share the Miss Aiyu dessert stall las Sunday. Ordered 2 bowls of dessert. Something like ice corktail jelly (shown on the poster). Surprised tat the dessert is quite tasteless, only the longan taste sweet (from the syrup can). Was expecting to taste sweet cos dessert ma. Eaten so many stalls. Is a new stall n the stall decorations look v trendy. But y tat dessert we ordered is nt sweet? My fren also said wont eat again. Suspect the boss or worker forgt to add the syrup la. Only she wking there.

  145. Avatar photo
    T S Lim

    Popular market in Ang Mo Kio. You can buy the vegetables cheap n plentiful. Many going for $1 or less per bunch. As for the hawker centre, morning breakfast fare is ok. Special mention would b the stall selling Mee Siam only. Expect a long queue. In the evening, the fried hokkien mee is also nice. Thin bee hoon is used instead of the normal thick version. A wok of hokkien mee will take about 15 minutes to cook and can serve about 20 pax. So if you happen to miss it, a minimum wait of 15 minutes is required.

  146. Avatar photo
    Albert Lee

    Plenty of choices:
    Morning: Braised pork wanton mee etc, Fish ball soup, evonomy meehoon, malay lontong
    Afternoon: Chicken rice, fish soup, nasi padang
    Evening: Western food, bbq chicken wings, fish soup, fry prawn mee, eggs oyster

  147. Avatar photo
    Vivian Foo

    There are a few stalls with nice food, such as the chicken rice, Eng Ho fried Hokkien Mee, grilled chicken wings etc. The dessert stall is also one which we patronise regularly. Has seen the price increased from $1 to $1.50 over the years, extra 20¢ when you takeaway. Love the tau suan. Comfort food. Not too sweet and has the right consistency.

  148. Avatar photo
    Henry L

    Nice food and cheaper price can found here.

  149. Avatar photo
    Ian Bligh

    Busy place with good comfort foods, be prepared to queue about 10 minutes for favorite stalls at lunch hour but definitely worth the wait.

  150. Avatar photo
    Ann Tan

    409 AMK market is another local market in Singapore that comes with a wet market, hawkers, coffee shops and many other shop houses. You can get practically everything you need in this market place. Hawkers serves many yummy dishes. The more popular stalls are fish soup, Malay mee siam n mee robos, vegetarian food as well as fish ball noodles. It is always long queue especially during lunch time. Price is reasonable and Car park is available too.

  151. Avatar photo
    Hafiz Francis

    Ghee take a many food types for the locale taste bud/s – steamboat fish in floating delight fired by charcoal heat, fields in rendang and lemaks soccered the hunger pang and also oi ! Oi ! Oi ! gimme me ache waiting for the rebus before siaming to shop . Selurp …. …

  152. Avatar photo
    Chester Tan

    Plenty of great food stalls here. Love the mixed vegetable rice stall, and the new King of Fried Rice. Also great is the roast meat.

  153. Avatar photo
    Jen Tan

    My favorite market in ang mo kio, have my favorite prawn noodles stall and 2 dollars fishball noodles for my girl. The fish soup is great

  154. Avatar photo
    Steven Tang

    It is a neighbourhood wet market and hawker .Food is reasonable price Most of the wet market stalls are run by seniors .

  155. Avatar photo

    Lots of things ti buy n eat there

  156. Avatar photo
    Karna moorthy

    Good place to dine am till pm, nice food, Western, Chinese, Indian, Malay- till abt 3pm, nice drinks from aerated to fruit and fresh Coconut, with shops all around, thanks

  157. Avatar photo
    Huin Yoke Lin

    Vegetables stall sells cheap

  158. Avatar photo
    Robin “Slinger” Tan

    This area is a gem. Fresh meat and vegetables at incredibly low prices. And there’s a complimentary of hawker center and shops. You can even buy durians in the morning! Parking might be an issue though.

  159. Avatar photo
    Kheng Hui Song

    An old rustic hawker center, coming to over 40 years. Used to be a food patron in my early 8 years old and some stalls are surprisingly around to serve good and delicious foods including the fried carrot cakes and fish soups and noodle soup too.

  160. Avatar photo
    J Wong

    Cheap food even amidst inflation

  161. Avatar photo
    David Tan

    Good place to go for lunch. Very crowded . Had a variety of local food. The sliced fish soup is very good and the Yong tau foo with spinach was good too especially the curry gravy.

  162. Avatar photo
    Melvin Huang

    Prawn noddle still at $3.5, $4.5, $5.5. portion quite big. More of childhood kind of taste.

  163. Avatar photo
    Lye Huat Teo

    Compare with other food centres, 409 AMK Food Centre has more stalls that sell local food closer to traditional recipe eg fried Teochew kway teow, Hokkien prawn mee, buboh chacha, puloh hitam, etc. Its mixed veg stall n nasi lemak stall also provide more variety of dishes. During lunch time the place is always packed.

  164. Avatar photo

    Nice authentic hawker food here. The vegetarian stall at the corner, western fried rice, fish soup, duck rice and chicken rice all very nice.

  165. Avatar photo
    Celeste Poh

    Satay fabulous. Went on the 2nd day again to satisfy my craving.

  166. Avatar photo
    Sami Sharieff

    The what is the same like other markets but the how is different ! The how comes with people, ambience, affodability & friendliness ! Wide variety of food & a friendly wet market !Western food is outstanding !

  167. Avatar photo
    Grace Yin

    Very crowded on Sunday. Tried the fried carrot cake. Long queue but was worth the wait. Very tasty9

  168. Avatar photo
    Bryan Chai Ming Shi

    Great place for early breakfast. The hawker centre is full of stalls popular for their local food, and the queues that line up for the food every morning represents the quality of the food well.

  169. Avatar photo
    Christopher Goh

    Suddenly got road works at carpark leading to Teck Ghee CC, so no entry. No handicap lot elsewhere. Should do works afternoon, less traffic. Need consideration for other vehicles especially carpark for parking.

  170. Avatar photo
    CW K

    Spacious with lots of seat and a number of good food stalls, Han Jiang Fish Soup, Eng Ho Hokkien Mee, the Mee Rubus/Mee Siam (morning), and western food. Not forgetting the crispy oyster omelette (evening).

  171. Avatar photo
    Bryan Wee

    nice western food, chicken rice, fish soup, hokkien mee, sugarcane

  172. Avatar photo
    Flo Yeow

    Every hawker centre has a special few stalls that dominate the place. Here’s not any different. This hawker is known for the fish soup stall at the corner (Han Jiang Fish Soup), and I do see a lot of old folks ordering chai fan mixed economical rice and beehoon. Their sugarcane juice is also solid (although it will never be the star stall of any hawkers). Parking isn’t tough, although it can be tricky to come all the way here for a select few dishes on public transportation.

  173. Avatar photo
    Dang- Yes

    Since I live near here, I eat here very often. The vegetarian chicken rice stall is the best! Their rice and chilli are a killer combination. If you were to come here, do try it!

  174. Avatar photo
    Mark Cheow

    The hokkien mee is easily one of the best around. The 33 vegetarian sells a mean curry noodle and very good chicken rice.

  175. Avatar photo

    Plenty of food choices. Fried Hokkien mee and Western food are the usual to go choices. Never disappointed once!

  176. Avatar photo
    Ang Shao En

    got the best chicken rice that you will ever eat and the sugercane drink was cheap. a lot of cheap and good food here tbh

  177. Avatar photo
    Simon Ong

    Mee Siam & Mee Rebus is very good. Western food and Satay is highly recommended

  178. Avatar photo
    Ethan Low

    The veg food is very nice..especially the chicken rice & curry noodles.. Theres 2 veg store here. The one that sells chicken rice and curry noodles is the corner store. The orher veg store also sell very good veg food..must check it out.

  179. Avatar photo
    Anne Panal

    when i went there it was quiet becos the dine in is not allowed yet
    but i thing the place is nice… more food to choose from..

  180. Avatar photo
    Jason Chang Wei Jie

    Quite afew decent stalls selling great hawker food. Take note of long waiting time for Fried Hokkien mee and western food during peak hours.

  181. Avatar photo
    Khoo Chong Ping

    Had fish soup for lunch! Big and fresh slices of Batang! Awesome. Only disappointment was the rice which was a little soft for me.

  182. Avatar photo
    Lydia N.

    Convenient parking. Good dining options for dinner. Fish steamboat, hokkien mee, fishball noodles, fish soup, western grill, BBQ chicken, and a dessert store at a corner which serves home made versions of the usual desserts with less sugar. Nice place. Lots of amenities nearby too that remain open in the evening.

  183. Avatar photo
    Billy the Goat

    Er… went there on a Monday morning…. basically many stores are close. Order a laksa and it was just so so. Hmm…. so much has changed…
    Not a good place to dine anymore

  184. Avatar photo
    Its Me

    Foodcourt just like all other Fcourts.

  185. Avatar photo
    Carlson Hong

    Lovely neighborhood food center with local taste

  186. Avatar photo
    Sam L

    Fish soup, vegetarian chicken rice and hokkien mee are good but stay away from the drinks stall at 01-09. The uncle blatantly overcharges (by 33%) despite what the menu says.

  187. Avatar photo
    Luke Phang

    A combination of wet market and hawker center that is typical of Singapore. Food sold at the food center is one of the cheapest at around $2 to $3, but not much of a variety with only 3 rows of stalls.

    Good for your pocket but not your taste buds.

  188. Avatar photo
    Poh Ivy

    .. extremely dark and dirty tables .. clear tables ourselves..yucky pigeons flying past

  189. Avatar photo
    Steven Tan

    Many choices of local fare for dinner.
    Steamboat a great idea in this cool weather
    Unfortunately, dinner ambience was ruined by a lady stallholder berating another woman ..either she was seriously upset or plain drunk from the 4 bottles of beer on her table (shared with 2 other men).
    Not wearing a mask and throwing her droplets everywhere

  190. Avatar photo
    CHEW Mok Lee

    Had the mushroom pork rib noodle which was tender. The wet market has a good variety of products. Bought the yong tau foo for cooking. Very fresh. The bunch of cherry tomatoes cost $1. Good value for money. Stallholders are friendly.

  191. Avatar photo
    Sabrina Quek

    Great hawker food. Must try carrot cake, duck rice, fish soup, bak chor mee, mee siam, mee rebus for morning. Afternoon try Western food, bbq chicken wings, satay, hokkien mee and ban mian. There is also a new aiyu dessert stall opened. It is quite refreshing. They sell bubble tea too.

  192. Avatar photo
    LEE YI

    Old and quite dirty market with lots of old uncles ard, feels creepy …

  193. Avatar photo
    Koh jorine

    Good market for seafood, meat, chicken, vegetables

  194. Avatar photo
    Monsieur Snow

    Many delicious foodstalls here. Hot favourites are Fish Soup, Oyster Omelette, Western.

  195. Avatar photo
    Lawrence Poon

    There are many people ordered the satay and able to wait for at least 15 mins and above..

  196. Avatar photo
    Larry Z Liu

    Vegetarian/Vegan food stall specialising in chicken rice and noodles at this food centre in Ang Mo Kio Blk 409 Ave 10.

  197. Avatar photo
    Radiance Ong

    Fish soup is a must try here but come early as the queue can be very long. Ban mian and porridge stall is also very nice but opens a bit later

  198. Avatar photo
    Derick Teo

    Great place with nice varieties of food. The Malay stall selling lontong is one of our favourite stall. Do check out the vegetarian chicken rice.

  199. Avatar photo
    Mah Siew En

    Came here for Sumo Prawn Mee twice. My first experience was really good. Couldn’t stop myself from drinking the soup. But I can’t say the same for the 2nd time, which is after their renovation. Soup tasted different.

  200. Avatar photo

    This hawker centre never fails to satisfy the palate of many Singaporeans who are food lovers. From the famous Hokkien mee (that you need to queue for some time) to fried oysters, satay and chicken rice, you will be spoilt for choices!

  201. Avatar photo
    Gurjit Kaur

    Tasty n affordable food. Affordable veggies n meat too

  202. Avatar photo
    Jason Lee

    Lots of good food and opened till late. Be sure to try the chicken rice, fish soup, western and the fish head steamboat.

  203. Avatar photo
    Manuel Toco

    Sunday coffee / tea time drinks.

  204. Avatar photo
    Paul WA Chin (David Azreal)

    A usual hawker centre with many varieties of comfort foods to choose from. Cheap and affordable to most common folks. Peak hours that are between 11:30am-2pm and 5pm-8am can be too crowded.

  205. Avatar photo
    Cheng Joo Tan

    Plenty of good food here to savour. Seating may be a bit of a problem due to the crowd. Two stalls of fish soup noodles on the same side of the hawker centre. Long Xing (龍兴) Fish Soup is better than Han Jiang (韓江).

  206. Avatar photo
    Wilfred Ho

    Good variety of food. Tasty too. Not very crowded. Prices also economical.

  207. Avatar photo

    Just go to this Teochew fish soup to tapau. Seafood are fresh n soup is superb. This stall is beside cut-fruits stall.

  208. Avatar photo
    Simon Wee

    Late night Market for eve of CNY.

  209. Avatar photo
    Ang Shao En

    got the best chicken rice that you will ever eat and the sugercane drink was cheap. a lot of cheap and good food here tbh

  210. Avatar photo
    Jerome Lim

    the long xin fish soup not bad. if u see from the hawker center from the road side, there are 3 fish soup stalls and the middle one next to the bread shop is very good. portion is big an try their fish oil. it is so full of omega3, it is worth eating at the price u pay.

  211. Avatar photo
    Jessie Liu

    There is a stall selling fish soup, very popular ad the fish is fresh and price reasonable,

  212. Avatar photo
    yip wai Cheong

    Fish soup is popular, two stalls, one further from main road has longer queue.

  213. Avatar photo
    Soon Joo Kuo

    It has been around for more than 30 years and the last upgrading (overhaul of seats, flooring) was just less than 2 years ago.
    Ventilation is good, but try to avoid seats near the ceiling fans as your food may be blown off. Long queues and waiting can be expected for the hokkien mee and seafood soup stalls at night.
    Not recommended for elderly to come for breakfast in the morning if they have limited mobility, as it can be difficult to manuveur due to narrow spacing between the seats.

  214. Avatar photo
    Simon Lee

    Really nice hawker centre with lots of yummy local Singaporean hawker food. Especially Eng Ho Fried Hokkien Noodles and also the Fried Carrot store which has been there for a long long time. These are my 2 most favourite stalls there. Other really nice stalls are ones that sells Mee Rebus & Mee Siam, and a fish porridge which has perpetual queues in front of it!

  215. Avatar photo
    Russell Li

    our go-to for cai png when we end work late. dishes still freshly prepared even when you get there at 8pm.

  216. Avatar photo
    William Mok

    satay, chicken wings, and western were ok. you can also wash down the greasy food with a yuuuuuuggeeee cup of sugar cane juice!

  217. Avatar photo

    Variety of shops selling noodles and rice. Flame charcoal fish slices with cabbage and preserved plums. Fried kai lan slightly oily in garlic. Sambal was nice & spicy. Further down is another stall selling fish slices with bitter gourd is another popular spot

  218. Avatar photo
    Thaddeus Thomas

    Reform Party’s usual meet up place, prior to walkabouts.

  219. Avatar photo
    George Cheu

    Bought fish soup for lunch. Value for money as got big portion of Batang fish with beehoon… …

  220. Avatar photo
    Jenny Leong

    Fish soup at unit #01-01 is cheap and nice.

  221. Avatar photo
    Amelia Koh

    This place is crowded, many shops. This particular 116 vegetable store is very popular, cheap price and many varieties..

  222. Avatar photo
    steve gerrd

    The CKT is decent but if you like yours with chilli better BYO. Stingy owner/cook ignores communication n eye contact even if you want to customise and top up ingredients. Very hoa lian

  223. Avatar photo
    Li Fern Goh

    Nice hawker food including hokkien mee, western food, bbq chicken wings, handmade noodles, fish ball noodles & more. Love their sugar cane drinks too! Wet market available in the morning too!

  224. Avatar photo
    Sam L

    Fish soup, vegetarian chicken rice and hokkien mee are good but stay away from the drinks stall at 01-09. The uncle blatantly overcharges (by 33%) despite what the menu says.

  225. Avatar photo
    Ashim Ahmad

    Regular covered wet market with a wide range of daily cooking raw ingredients/materials available; k.e. veg, fish, meats, dry ingredients, fruits, etc. However, like most markets, there is less offerings available on Mondays.

  226. Avatar photo
    Vinson Han

    Good vegetarian food at stall #01-33

  227. Avatar photo

    A go to for many people who lives nearby for supper and chill, the KPT nearby with the Teo chew porridge and the hokkien mee here are awesome. Sitting is ample and sparse so you won’t feel stuffed like many places nowadays. Public rest rooms are clean and there’s always a breeze because of the location. Pricing is affordable as it’s a wet market and heartland

  228. Avatar photo
    Trevor Looi

    More variety than the chong boon market ,I like the char kuek teow but operation time uncertain, the coconut syrup drink also nice ,have a famous fish soup stall also a 24 hrs fish ball noodle stall

  229. Avatar photo
    Ricky Says

    Lot of nice food around. Fish soups, prawn noodles, vegan food, western food, chicken rice and many more.
    Cheap vegetables and fruits also.

  230. Avatar photo
    venkatesan sivakumar

    Veg chicken rice as close to real thing!no333
    Meesiam and Mee rebus by Chinese couple at its best

  231. Avatar photo
    Wee Kiong Ng

    This food centre has the best mee siam I’ve ever eaten. Hawker hack: If you crave for soya bean milk, buy from one of the dessert stalls.

  232. Avatar photo
    Linda Quek

    Love the oyster egg omelette. Also, there are quite a number of other choices.
    Fish soup stall always attract queues and so far no chance to taste it yet.

  233. Avatar photo
    Jess Marie

    The Best Fish soup ,managed by two uncles ,is The BEST.its worth the patience to wait.if you are a small eater and there are two $7.00 portion is enough for 2. my wife and i will go for the $ msg in soup.clear,thick portion of sliced fish and if you are lucky you get bitter gourd.its really really nice.

    other well known food,try the desserts stall facing the wet market. Hokkien mee /Chicken rice/Western Food and the bread kiosk and also the steamboat choice of favourites.

    the best or the super hest THE FISH SOUP ..stall 115..the 2 uncles .worth the regrets

  234. Avatar photo
    Dawn Lim

    Wide variety of food. Satay and char kway teow were very good.

    The hawker centre is clean too.

    Depending on the time, a number of shops may be closed. Hence, one less star.

  235. Avatar photo
    Amore Marciano


  236. Avatar photo
    Serene Tan

    Ate the popular mee siam here. The sauce is nice but just luke warm. Its better if it was hotter. All the popular stalls have long queues.

  237. Avatar photo
    Mano Lingam

    We love this market especially during the circuit breaker period. Its clean, spacious and airy. No problems with social distancing as there is enough space for everyone.
    Seafood, vegetables, groceries and fruits are very fresh and reasonably priced.
    Highly recommended.

  238. Avatar photo
    Evelyn Tan

    Went there to see the mural drawings on the walls everywhere. All very impressive but sadly most of them were obstructed with tables, chairs, bins and shops some luggages and the shelters along the front of the murals and obstruct the beauty of the drawings to take photos.

  239. Avatar photo
    Saleiha Wahid

    Like the Amk market ,many variety of veges,fruits are fresh and the wet market is clean ,also the foodstall has many good food and many dishes to choose from chinese,malay,thai.italian,indian etc..My favourite market …

  240. Avatar photo
    Tong Yun whee

    It was overall satisfactory. The food there was great but hawker centres being hawker centres, it’s not very clean with the birds flying around and food remnants.

  241. Avatar photo
    Tee Kim-Teng

    Large variety of local delicious food selling at affordable prices. During weekends, the waiting time can be as long as 45 min.

  242. Avatar photo
    Cress Tan

    This is the first time I ventured into this place looking for good and interesting food. Yes this food court is just like any other foodcourt in town. Here you can find many various kind of food to feed your hunger. I have a plate of mee siam for just $3.00. The store was very generous with their hard boiled egg to go with it. My hubby went for his favourite prawn noodle which is OK. The chilli is not hot enough otherwise it will be very good. But still good enough to filled your stomach. see I happened to take a photo of it and it is quite a big bowl of noodle for $4.50…Good enough for my hubby…..hee..hee
    Will come back to try other stores…

  243. Avatar photo

    Really wide variety of food, although without aircon. Wouldnt mind to break a sweat to take a seat and enjoy the food there!! except it ISN’T open during covid peroid, however the mixed vege rice nearby is pretty good too

  244. Avatar photo
    Mohamad Firuz Mohamed Noor

    Love the old school hawker centre/wet market environment… …

  245. Avatar photo
    Simon Ang

    Foods price reasonable.Very tasty and nice. To have station pts. to clear empty food utensils. empty tables by customers others wise birds wil flock for foods around the tables. Be the most cleaniless hawker ctre in spore.

  246. Avatar photo
    J H

    Good selection of good food! Love the breakfast Mee siam and Mee rebus from shi Xian and hokkien mee from eng ho.

  247. Avatar photo
    Laabi Cook

    I know this place is famous for the Hokkien mee but I personally think it’s overrated.

    I recommend the Pork Rib Noodles but the stall seldom opens nowadays.

    Economic fried bee hoon, get the egg fried bee hoon and ask them to fried it with the side dishes. It’s very affordable and good.

    Fish soup, not the one near the fruit juice stall but the one at the other end.

  248. Avatar photo
    Patricia Liew

    Alot of things available there. I love going there for marketing at least once or twice a month.. I have to travel 1 to 2 hrs to reach there.

  249. Avatar photo
    Christina Yeo

    Overall is good except for the hawker stall tables. They are super dirty!!! Those facing the HDB block. The part at the gantry entrance. There is this 24hrs stall noodle stall & the popular long Q fish soup stall. The cleaners OMG…they are so HORRIBLE!!!!!! One of the the cleaner even swept the rubbish to me & the rubbish almost got onto my food!!! Anyway I heard it’s useless to complain bcoz there has been many but no improvement at all.

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