4 Reasons Why You Must Visit Scotland’s Most Famous City

Scotland’s Most Famous City

Edinburgh is a city rich in history and a great place to come for vacation. It’s already the second most visited city in Britain and with good reason. There is hundreds of things to keep you occupied in one of the most beautiful city’s in Europe.

The Scottish people are known to be very welcoming as I’m sure you’ve heard. They also like a good party. The restaurants and nightlife in Edinburgh cater to every class and there is a selection for everyone.

When should you come?

If you didn’t already know, Edinburgh isn’t one of the hottest cities in the world. That means it’s always good to visit in the summer months where you can enjoy a picnic in the Princess St. gardens, or walk along the shops without carrying an umbrella.

There is a huge festival that runs during August which is full of acts from all over the world. You definitely want to visit during the festival because it’s the most lively time of the year, and it’s smack bang in the middle of summer.

Edinburgh has some amazing attractions

You can catch one of the tour buses and it will take you around all the biggest attractions in the city. Make sure you have plenty room in your camera because you don’t want to miss the opportunity to capture memories you will have for the rest of your life. Here are some of Edinburgh’s biggest draws.

The Edinburgh castle

The castle is the most visited landmark in Edinburgh and rightly so. It’s an amazing site to see. Each year the military tattoo is held within the walls of the castle and offers one of the biggest shows Edinburgh offers.

The Edinburgh castle
The Edinburgh castle

Every day at 1pm you can hear the sound of the gun as it’s fired from the castle. Luckily these days they don’t actually fire a cannon ball. You can go inside the castle and look around what is one of the oldest buildings still standing in Edinburgh.

Climb a volcano

A little outside the city center lies Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano you can climb to the top of. The volcano has a large pond where you can enjoy lunch while you take in views of the entire city.

Visit the dungeons

A trip to Edinburgh wouldn’t be complete without a trip inside the dark and scary dungeons. It gives you an overview of Edinburgh’s gory past, including the story of the cannibals who used to roam the city at night and take people to their cave to eat, or the famous couple who used to rob graves and sell the bodies.

Visit the dungeons
Visit the dungeons

Take a tipple of the good stuff

Of course one of Edinburgh’s most famous exports is the whisky. You can take one of the many fantastic tours and find out the history of the whisky and how it’s made. Afterwards you can take part in tasting sessions and test them out for yourself. It will help you find the best whisky for you, so that you can enjoy again and again when you get home.

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