24 Hours in Rome


Whether you actually only have 24 hours in Rome, or just want a whole day packed with things to do in this beautiful Italian capital city, then this is the guide for you. From morning through to night, here is the best way to spend 24 hours in Rome.

Get up early to start, yes early! If you want to experience the best of Rome without the hustle and bustle of tourists then make sure you get up in time for sunrise. Head over to the Pantheon for your first stop and watch the sun come up around this mathematically perfect structure. It is one of the most famous places to see in Rome, which is why it can be packed out with tourists. If you get there early though you can see the Pantheon in all its glory without thousands of people milling around.

You will find that a whole morning can be spent in the Pantheon and surrounding areas, so before you know it your tummy will be rumbling for lunch. It’s time to head over to the Piazza di Spagna, or Spanish steps to me and you. This vibrant square will be filled with people, but don’t let that put you off. There are dozens of local restaurants and bars surrounding depending on whether you want something substantial or a more liquid lunch. Don’t forget to check out some of the Italian cuisine at one of the hundreds of Pizzerias around Rome, you won’t regret it!

Afternoon to Sunset

Once your hunger has been sated, it is time for the Vatican City. Famous throughout the World for being the home of Catholicism and a truly stunning place to visit. Mill around the museums or go on an organised Vatican tour to experience everything this spiritual part of Rome has to offer. Wait until the sun sets to see the City light up, it is guaranteed to take your breath away. If the Vatican City does not tick your boxes then visit the stunning ancient architecture of the Colosseum instead.


Rome comes alive at night time, with the various squares playing host to hundreds of restaurants, bars and clubs. Via Veneto is the place to go if you have cash to splash, it is known as one of the most expensive streets in Rome for shopping and eating. If you are still near the Vatican City then St Peter’s Square is the place to visit and look for somewhere pleasant to eat or drink.
Finally, you must visit the Trevi Fountain, the most famous fountain in Rome, perhaps even the World! Legend says that those who throw a coin into the pond will return to Rome and have their wish come true. A perfect end to a perfect 24 hours!

If the thought of booking all of these different activities in Rome has got you in a bit of a worry then consider using an expert to organise everything for you. Whether you want to use this 24 hour guide, or create your own, a good Italian holiday company should be able to tailor make something special just for you.

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