The best beaches in Asia (according to us)

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The best beaches in Asia

In a totally unscientific study we decided to choose and promote the best beaches in Asia that we have had the pleasure of visiting. By looking through our choices the two main common denominators are: 1) The water quality, 2) The sand. Which pretty much sums up a beach. Unsurprisingly, The Philippines come out on top. If you are looking for empty white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, The Philippines should be your choice.

Koh Ngai, Thailand

We spent two amazing days over Christmas 2010 on Koh Ngai and we have been yearning to go back ever since. The island is located in southern Thailand just over from Trang. The beach has beautiful white sand, crystal clear waters and karst formations scatter the horizon. It is the quintessential Thai beach.

Unknown Beach, Palawan, Philippines

We have no idea of the name of this beach. In fact we are not even sure it even has a name. We jumped on a boat in El Nido and the boat captain dropped us off with our mates and said he would pick us up in a few hours. You can only access the beach by boat so we were the only ones on it. It was perfect. We took with us a picnic and a bottle of local rum and lived out our Robinson Crusoe fantasies, including near starvation when Karen fell in the sea, with our bag of food!

Sipalay, Philippines

Another entry from the Philippines. What we loved about this beach was the green hills that dotted the background. We went exploring on this beach and came across a beautiful cove where you could jump in the sea from a small ledge. Again, we were the only two there. As I write this my wanderlust is kicking in which says it all.

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is the opposite of Siquijor. If nobody goes to Siquijor then everybody goes to Boracay. It is the gem in the Filipino crown. Most of the beaches we have chosen are empty, secluded and serene. Boracay is anything but. With a party happening every night the beach on Boracay is not a place to lose yourself. We loved it though. Sometimes you want to sip cocktails, have a nice meal and stay in clean accommodation. When we visited Boracay we were blown away at the clarity of the water. It was like a swimming pool even on overcast days. Now over to you. I am sure you have your favourite beaches in Asia. Please share them with us in the comments below.

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